Pass Value Between Forms

Oct 24, 2006


I want to pass a value between two forms. I created a text field in one of the forms and tried to access it using:

aVariable = frmSearch.txtQryName.Text

It's not working for me. Is this correct?

Thank you,

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Procedure Works Great First Pass, But Not The Second Pass

Jul 15, 2005

Good afternoon, I have a form with a subform and in the first txtbox of the subform in the GotFocus event I have a little procedure which checks the txtboxs on the parent to make sure that there is data in all four of the txtboxes. This works great the first time and it pops up a msgbox and it even setsfocus on the txtbox with no data in it, but if I tab into the subform a second time and there still is no data in one of the txtboxs on the parent form, nothing happens, no message and no setting focus on the txtbox with no data in it. Does anyone know of a way to get this procedure to re-set everytime a user tries to enter the subform? Thank you in advance to anyone offering and ideas and suggestions.

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How To Pass Value Between Two Forms?

Feb 11, 2005

I have a big problem. I have form A which display list of user errors. I need to pass selected error from that form A to another form B which contain user data in main form and error data in subform (this is error which I want to pass from A).
Form B tells me which error was reported from particular user. Errors are predefined in separet Form (A).

I hope you will understand me. I need help, because I am losing my maind with this one.....

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Forms :: Field Value Does Not Pass Into The SQL

May 30, 2014

totalold = total
total = amhrs + pmhrs
Debug.print totalold, total
DoCmd.RunSQL "update hoursbilled set hours = (hours - totalold), extended = ((hours - totalold)*45) where customer=cust AND employee=empl AND friday=grabfriday;"

The Debug shows the actual value in totalold, but when the query line executes, there's a pop up asking for a value for the totalold field?

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How To Pass A Company ID Thorughout All Forms

Jul 5, 2005


I have a database that controls donations for a Charity. There is to be a sister charity added to the database and a lot of the previously created objects can be used to provide for the new Charity.
My idea was to create a "company" ID and label the categories of the donations. I could then use this company ID to identify to whom the data captured belongs.

I have used the switchboard manager to enable navigation, in this I have a ONload event procedure that requests the Company ID (1 or 2).
That's as far as I have got.

How would I get Switchboard to open each form (some being based on queries - a couple direct on the tables) and filter the data on the company ID?

If there is a better way, please enlighten me!! :)

Many thanks in advance


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Forms :: Pass Listbox Value To Query?

Jan 14, 2015

I just got stuck with the following. I have a listbox where I have some values. I want to use the value of the first listbox to pass this to a query. I have the below code:

Private Sub List28_GotFocus()
' Limit the subject emails in the list box
Me.List28.RowSource = "SELECT [Subject] " & "FROM tbl_eMail_Archive " & " WHERE [FolderName] " & "Me.List23.Value"
' Refresh the list box
End Sub

why it is not working?

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Using Forms To Build Sql WHERE Statement For Pass-through Queries

Mar 17, 2006

Hi all, i'm currently working a MDB project that aims to develop a front end access solution for users of the sql database. The system is used only to made adjustments to the WHERE clause of the SQL pass-through statement. The SELECT and FROM statements are pre-determined and users won't need to update this. The result is a read only. You might be wondering why i don't use ADP instead, well one of my limitations is that i won't have write access to the database. They are afraid i will corrupt data...

I want to use a series of text and combo boxes to build my WHERE statement, which will be added to the main SQL statement and then pass-through to the server, making use of its much beta processing capabilities. However as i'm trying to read up on VBA, i still have very little knowledge on how this can be done. Its actually similar to the Filter By Form option in datasheet view when i open a pass-through query. However, conditions applied through here means the processing is done on the user's computer, through testing i found this to be unreliable as it causes access to hang frequently. I would love to have this filter by form view available up front to the user before he even executes the query. As i mentioned, he keys in the criteria/conditions and access builds an sql where statement and appends it to the main SQL statement.

any idea how to do this? how do i capture user input and make access construct a WHERE statement from it For example

textbox daterange
Enter range of dates in here: date 1 and date 2
the where statement would then be "WHERE date BETWEEN date1 AND date2

Or is there other more efficient alternatives? sorry i'm very new to VBA and form development, would appreciate lots of advice and answers.

Many Thanks

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Forms :: How To Pass Listbox Name As Parameter In A Function

Mar 5, 2014

I've a method **querylistboxitems** and i want to call this method in several click events, only difference is listbox,dropdown values change based on the event i call.


Public Sub querylistboxitems(lstbox As listbox, dropdown As ComboBox)
Dim drpdwnvalue As String
drpdwnvalue = dropdown.Value
With lstbox
//do something
End with
End Sub

And I'm calling this in the buttion click event by passing the listbox names as **List_Compare** and **Select_CM_Compare**

Private Sub Command_compare_Click()
Call querylistboxitems_1(List_Compare, Select_CM_Compare)
End Sub

But the values passing to the function are not control names, control values i.e corresponding control selected values.
I want to use listbox name in **lstbox**, not the value.

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Forms :: Pass Field Into Hyperlink / Button?

Mar 19, 2013

.I'm trying to pass a field ([txtUPRN]) in a form to a hyperlink or button on the form.

e.g. [URL]

I thought I could add a hyperlink and simply change the part 'jlocation = 26800' to 'jlocation = Me![txtUPRN]' but this would be too easy as it doesn't work. THe URL still opens a web page but displays no data. Do I have to be more explicit as to what I'm passing in i.e. use the full form name or am I going about this the wrong way?

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Forms :: Possible To Make Pass Through Table Editable After Filter It?

Jan 8, 2015

So what I have created is a form with 4 combo boxes which filters a subform with a click button by running a sql query.It was working great yesterday but then when I made the subform a pass through query it seems to no longer run (or just runs so slow it takes a large amount of time to query). To get a better sense of what I'm talking about I basically have a button and inside of the button it takes this query template:

SQL = "SELECT * FROM queryname WHERE 1=1"

concats with if statements to the end of the Where clause with the values in the combo box and then sets

subFormName.Form.RecordSource = SQL

how I can get this table to query...Also, for my second question, is it possible to make this pass through table editable after I filter it?

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Forms :: Select Record After Two Months Pass After It Was Added

Jan 15, 2014

i have the database with records of blood donor names, addresses, phone numbers, blood group and that is main with date when blood was taken. I want to select that donors whose blood was taken 60 days ago or more. I want to select them somehow.

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Forms :: Pass Count And Sum Value From One Table To Not Linked Control In A Form

Jan 12, 2015

In Access 2013 I have 2 tables


The tbEntities, have a fiel called tbPresent (yes/no) to register the presents in a condominium meeting.

Table Name: tbEntities


tbEntId...tbPresent (yes / no)..........tbVotes

In the form is the table tbAssembleias, but I want to put from the other table which is not present in the form:

1. a control that count how many are present (= yes)Ex: Appearances 22. a control that sum the votes of those presentEx: Votes 9I already have a query that count how many are in the meeting, but cant realize how to pass the information to the field in the form..This is the SQL view of the query with the real field names - and working:
SELECT Count(tbEntidades.tbAssPresente) AS ContaPresentes, tbEntidades.tbAssPresente
FROM tbEntidades
GROUP BY tbEntidades.tbAssPresente
HAVING (((Count(tbEntidades.tbAssPresente))=True) AND ((tbEntidades.tbAssPresente)=True));

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Forms :: Option Button And Date Fields To Pass Parameter

Oct 4, 2014

I have a form with option group (two option buttons) and date fields (to select a date range). The form should pull/pass parameters from the query. There's a form button that generates a report based on the query.

Issue: I can't figure it out how to link option buttons and date range to the query so when the button is clicked it generates the report with chosen criteria. The form is for the user to enter parameters.

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Forms :: How To Pass Value From One Navigation Subform To Another Subform

Mar 29, 2014

I use to Navigation form called "frmMain" and it's subform is "Transactions" and "frmTransactionsDetail". I just want to pass value from a field in "Transactions" Subform to other field in "TransactionsDetail" Subform by command button with vba syntax.

And Other one thing I want that, when I click a button Subform will refresh with vba syntax. How to refer.

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Forms :: Pass Value From Form To Calling Form

Apr 21, 2015

I have Form A that is bound to tbl_Member (MemberId, LastName, FirstName, and some other fields).

On Form A is a combobox [cbo_Selector]. The combobox shows LastName and FirstName from tbl_Member, but when a name is selected, it returns the member's ID to Form A and causes that member's record to show in Form A (along with other data pertinent to the member). This works fine until I type a name into the combobox that does not exist in the underlying table.

I use the NotInList event of the combobox to pop up another form (Form B) in the DataEntry mode. Form B is bound to the same table as Form A. I enter the LastName, FirstName, and exit Form B. What I am trying to do is to have Form B pass back the new MemberId to Form A and specifically to add that record's data to the combobox on Form A.

I have tried several things to accomplish this. When Form B updates, the table has the new member added, but when I try to requery Form A or the combobox, I get errors. how do I communicate to the combobox in Form A the information from the newly added record?

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Forms :: Pass Parameters From Form To Sub Form Without Vba

Jul 15, 2013

i have a form with a sub form and combobox, when i select item i want that the sub form will be update with new values according to parameters from the combox.

the data of the sub form is from query with criteria


and the combobox (Client_ID) "After Update" event set to macro- requery (the sub form)

so every time that item selected in the parent form combobox the sub form items /data will change.

*i attached a screenshot

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Pass A Parameter...

Aug 18, 2006

Hi there

When using parameters from one form to the next I normally hide the form and then reference the parameter textboxes in the next form to the hidden form. Is there a better way of doing this as I saw threads here mentioning passing a parameter. How do I do this? Thanks!


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Pass-Through Query Help

Jul 13, 2007

I'm trying to create a PTQ and just cant seem to find the source table.

The name of the source table is PRM1_ORG_MTRX3_N

If I write my query like this, I get an error code that states username.PRM1_ORG_MTRX3_N is an undefined name. It adds my userid to the beginning of the table name.


PRM1_ORG_MTRX3_N as T128

T128.AS_OF_DATE like '1/1/2007'

Then I rewrote the query like this, and I got and error code that said PRM1.ORG_MTRX3_N is an undefined name. Does anyone know what else I can try here to get this query going? Thanks


PRM1.ORG_MTRX3_N as T128

T128.AS_OF_DATE like '1/1/2007'

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Pass The Value To DataSheetView

May 25, 2005

How to pass the values from the first page to the second page? The first page contains the lists of Area_Code. After selecting the area_code and the button being clicked the second page automatically call the Query1 (where the area_code's Criteria is Forms!MainForm!SubForm!txtAreaCode) and get the data back on the DataSheetView on the second page.

I found many people use the comboBox and AfterUpdate() to requery the data. But my case is different. Because on the first page, I have a list of area code which has the button to check the authorisation before continuing to the second page.

Thank you very much!

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Pass Parameters

Aug 30, 2005

I need some help please on passing parameters such
as a recordsource to a report but not using OpenArgs
I heard that this can be done using a hidden form.

I have a calling form (form1) which opens a preview snapshot
form (form2) which in turn brings up a rptCurrentRecord (form3)
I can't get the openargs RecordSource SQL from form1 to form3

For arguments sake, Form3 in this case is really the report itself.

Hope this is not too confusing.

Thanks for any help

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Control Won't Pass

Dec 21, 2004

So I have a function (TradeRoof_AfterUpdate) inside my form (frmCustomers) that calls one of 2 functions (ActivateConditions or DeactivateConditions) in a module (modRender). ActivateConditions is then supposed to call on one of 2 functions, Activate or Deactivate, also inside modRender. None of these functions are supposed to return a value, just change visibility of a control and true to false or vice versa.

i don't know why, but for some reason, i can't pass a control from ActivateConditions to Activate or Deactivate. Here are the functions (DeactivateConditions and Deactivate are nearly identical to their counterparts):
Code: Public Sub ActivateConditions(Sticker1 As Control, Condition1 As Control, Optional Condition2 As Control, _Optional Condition3 As Control, Optional Condition4 As Control, Optional Sticker2 As Control) Sticker1.Visible = TrueIf Not IsMissing(Sticker2) ThenSticker2.Visible = TrueEnd IfIf IsMissing(Condition2) ThenActivate Condition1ElseIf IsMissing(Condition3) ThenActivate Condition1Activate Condition2ElseIf IsMissing(Condition4) ThenActivate Condition1Activate Condition2Activate Condition3ElseActivate Condition1Activate Condition2Activate Condition3Activate Condition4End IfEnd Sub

Code: Private Sub Activate(ActiveCondition As Control) ActiveCondition.Visible = TrueActiveCondition = FalseEnd Sub

when i hit the trigger on my form, i get this error: "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set," and then it highlights "ActiveCondition.Visible = True" in my Activate function.

Why can't I perform this action? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Pass Through Queries

Jan 6, 2005

Is it possible within Access to use a pass through query that joins tables from two different servers?

If not I have a workaround solution though this is a more intensive effort.

As always, you are all great here and any help is appreciated.

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Pass Through Query

Jun 30, 2006

Can you do a pass through Query to a pivot table when your query has parameters? I'm reading like you can't, but nothing has been said concretely yet. When I do it, it gives me an error "Trouble Obtaining Data" when I try and set the layout.

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How To Pass A Value From One Form To Another

Nov 26, 2013

So I have 2 forms, an Edit Lot Form, and an Add Run Form. Each lot will contain several runs. What I want to do is be able to add a run associated with the specific lot by pressing a button "Add Run" in the lower right corner of the edit lot form (see attached images). So the information for the lot will carry over to the run form and autofill the fields pertaining to the Lot in that form.

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Pass Through Over Timestamp?

Jan 10, 2012

I have a table with timestamp as one of the columns. I am having to use a passthrough query on this table to get a few other fields which are not available on the access front end. Now i am trying to filter those records based on a date range. But the passthrough wont let me give the date range! This is what i tried:


SELECT intake_taken, staff_7, accept, Reason_for_Rejection_party
FROM DBA.case_intake
WHERE matcode = 'S S' AND accept='N' AND intake_taken BETWEEN '06/01/2011 00:00:00 AM' AND '12/01/2011 00:00:00 AM';
2nd try:


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Pass Arguments To Access

Sep 1, 2005


I want to be able to pass arguments to an access file on start up. I want to be able to grab this value and then perform an action based on this.

The program will send an email with details for a change request, the recipient will then need to click on a link to accept or reject this change. So I want them to be able to click the link which will trigger the program to save accept or reject.


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