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Pick List

I'm trying to get a form to display a pick list so I can choose a staff name from the whole database and the form will go to that record. In the after update of my combobox I have:

Private Sub STAFF_ID_AfterUpdate()
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset

Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone
rst.FindFirst "LNAME='" & STAFF_ID.Column(1) & "'"
If rst.NoMatch Then
MsgBox "The selected record can not be displayed because it is filtered out. " _
& "To display this record, you must first turn off record filtering.", _
Me.Bookmark = rst.Bookmark
End If
Set rst = Nothing
End Sub
and this works OK except when I try to make it pick on 2 columns I can't get it to work. E.g. if I select Joe Smith it just goes to the first Smith. I thought if I used AND on the findfirst line and put in the first name it would work. What am I doing wrong?

I also need to make it so if I type a letter the list will go to that part of the list but I'm not sure how to do this.

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SQL Failing To Pick Up List Box Value
Hi all

I have a form which is used for entering holiday requests.

It has fields such as name, type of holiday, date from and date to but it also has a list box value. This list box contains the number of days between the date from and date to and exludes weekends and bankholidays using data from a table. The data from the form is inserted into a table using an sql string when the submit button is pressed. The problem I have is that the sql does not pick up the number of days from the list box unless I click on the list box before I click on submit. It is almost as if the value is in the list box but it is simply not recognised by the sql unless I select the list box using the mouse. I have tried to select the list box using code when the submit button is pressed but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas how I can over come this or perhaps how to physically select the list box so it is highlighted when the submit button is pressed??

Thanks all


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Multi Pick List Within A Table
I have a master table with several pick list columns. One field in particuliar has 3 options(fed from a separate table):
But, the user will have a need to select more than just 'a' for example. they will need to select 'a' and 'b', or 'b' and 'c'....etc

Can this be done in a table within Access?

Thank You,

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Select Where Not In Doesn't Seem To Pick Up Data
I can see which records are missing from the table I want to import to but this query picks up no records:
SELECT [Field1] FROM Table_Linked WHERE [Field1] NOT IN (SELECT [Field1] FROM TableA);

Yet, when I run them separately, all fields are displayed.

Am I doing something wrong with the NOT IN part of the sttement that access doesn't like? If you run this in SQL server it works fine.

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Query Doesnt Pick Up All Records, Please Help!
I have a query which picks picks up all records from a table. One field however seems to randomly not pick up data from certain records even though the data is in the table.

This has been puzzling me for some time now, does anyone have any ideas / suggestions?

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Randomly Pick Records For Each User
I have a query with a list of Customer SSNs and Claim Rep, I want to randomly pick 5 Customer SSNs for each of the Claim Rep.
I can't figure out on how to do that, I was able to create an SQL code to just randomly pick the customer SSN.
I don't know anything about Visual Basic codes, but if that is the only solution, please go ahead post it.
Thank you very much in advanced.

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Pick Dates At Two Week Intervals

How to produce dates at specific intervals


user inputs

February 6 2004

and a time frame like

26 dates

Id like to auto gen a list like

Feb 20 2004
March 5 2004

etc etc

any idea on the coding for that?

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Pick Latest Record From Query?
I am trying to pick the latest record from "" field but I keep getting syntax errors. I am thinking if the "" = Count('') then that will show the most current record as it will count and match the last record correct?

Another problem is if I put it into the WHERE section, it will give a conflict. So I don't know where to put it. Below is the SQL, if anyone can help it would be great.

SELECT DISTINCTROW tblEmp.position, tblEmp.fname, tblEmp.lname, tblEmpWorkHistory.region, tblEmpWorkHistory.[current store], tblEmpVac.current_year,, tblEmpVac.entitlement, tblEmpVac.days_taken, tblEmpVac.days_carryover, [days_carryover]+[entitlement]-[days_taken] AS total
FROM ((tblEmp INNER JOIN tblEmpVac ON tblEmp.ssn = tblEmpVac.ssn) INNER JOIN tblEmpWorkHistory ON tblEmp.ssn = tblEmpWorkHistory.ssn) INNER JOIN tblEmpWorkHistoryData ON tblEmpWorkHistory.ewh_id = tblEmpWorkHistoryData.ewh_id
WHERE (((tblEmp.position)<>"Terminated") AND ((tblEmpVac.current_year)="2005"))
ORDER BY tblEmp.position, tblEmpWorkHistory.region,;

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Create A Randomise List From A Table And Save The List For Each Month
Hi All a newbie here so any help will be appreciated,

sorry for the long post but trying to give you all the information you might need.

I wrote a basic access database for my Church to aid in a paperwork audit for a charity food drop which we do monthly to give free food to the needy.

But each month it gets harder to find out who was in line first so I thought with all your help we may be able to randomize the names each month in a different order as to avoid confusion and also avoid people waiting in line as they turn up at 5am and we don't start until 9am.

So if this will work in access they can all come for 9am

I don't mind creating a new database and adding the additional information, if that's what it would take.

My Background I have created basic databases from scratch not using wizards, But I don't know much about code or how to implement it so any help in where code goes it would be very much appreciated.

Database details (Microsoft Access 2002 version)

Table Name = details
Field name = ID (auto-generated)
Field name = FirstName (text)
Field name = Surname (text)

If possible it would be nice to keep a record of the randomized lists (in the database somewhere ?) each month in case anyone wants to see it or disputes the lists, where I can just create a report to show the details.

There will be approximately 90 to 125 names.

Thank you in advance for all your help in this matter


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List Table, Limiting Field List..

The subject is probably confusing but I'll try to explain.

FieldID = Number
FieldName = Text

FieldID = Number
FieldName = Text
T1_ID = Number

Table1.FieldID 1-> * Table2.T1_ID (one to many)

Now, I'm trying to create a 3rd table that has field populated by Table1 and a field populated by Table2 but I want to limit the field populated by table2 by what is selected in the field populated by table1.




Table1Field = Number, ComboBox-Source: Table1, BoundColumn=1
Table2Field = Number, ComboBox-Source: Table2, BoundColumn=1

If Table1Field = 1st then
Table2Field Will only allow January, February, or March as selections, since ONLY they are a member of the "1sr" group via the table1 list.

Is this possible, or do i have to do some run-time checking or something?
Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner

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Preventing Combo List Opening On Not In List

I have a combo box to enter a staff name.

For most people the staff name will be entered from a sheet using a bar code reader, but I still want the combo box to be there in case the reader breaks down.

I have the limit to list set to yes, and am trying to write some error code in case they read a different type of barcode.

I am catching and processing the error OK, and ask them to scan the staff name if they got it wrong.

My problem is that after they click OK to enter the correct name, the combo box shows its list of staff members to be selected from.

I don't want this to happen, I just want to see the empty box for them to try again.

Does anyone know how to stop the list opening by default.

This field is the first to be filled in for the record, (all others are hidden at this point) so I could just throw throw the record away and start again. Can anyone tell me how to do this.



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List Of Manufacturers & A List Of Their Distributors
I have a list of manufacturers & a list of their distributors. The relation is many to many. How to build one or two tables & to select correctly the primary key.


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List Box Values Updated From Another List Box Value

I am having trouble getting one list box (Field Office) to dictate
what values are coming up in another list box (Employees). I am
trying to do this on a Data Access page. Can anyone help me here?Thanks,


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Field List In List Box
I have a list box which contains a Field list of all the fields in a query in my database. Is there any way in which I can exclude a column from this list? Each record has an AutoID which I don't want the user to see, but this appears as a field.

Thanks in advance,


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