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Setting A Default Value
I'm trying to set a default value to field in a form. The field relates to Table 1 and I need a value from Table 2 as Default!
I've tried entering an SQL query:
Select Max(ID) From.... ;
But it doesn't work! Maybe It's just a question of syntax??
Thanx for your help.

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Setting Default Value
I am trying to set a default value in a date field. I would like for the default value for this field to be the date thirteen days from the last date entered. How would I go about doing that... Any help would be greatly apprecated.


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Setting A Default Column Value Using SQL
I am not sure if I am even able to do this, but I am wondering how to set the default value for a field when creating a database using SQL. I am doing everything with coldfusion and I havn't been able to figure out what code needs to be there. I have tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.

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Setting Default Values?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure how to do this, and I can't find any info about it, but is it possible to set a value for my date field to accept either

1) date
2) "TBD"
3) null

Is there a way to allow and exception of "TBD"?

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Setting Default Value Within Form
Hi, im new to the forums - this is my first post.

On a form i have a text box which holds the date that a file batch was taken to be processed. Each file holds the date of when the batch it originated from was taken. At the moment for ease of use the 'Default Value' of the text box is set to the batch's date.

I want to set it up so i can change the default value of the cell, so that when a new batch is to be processed the new date becomes the default value.

I am invisaging a button which brings up another form with a text box into which the new date can be put. when the form is saved and closed, the date recieved cell on the master form assumes the new default value.

gawd... methinks that was an awful explanation.

please help!

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Setting Parameter In A Subform
This is my first post...

Anyway, I have a form, frmTest, with a subform, frmTestResults.

The subform displays the results of a query which has a single parameter, "TestID".

Using VBA, I want to open frmTest in response to a button press on another form, using DoCmd.OpenForm, and setting the OpenArgs property to the TestID I want to display.

In the VBA, how do I set the parameter value of the subform so that it automatically runs the query and displays the correct results?


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Setting A Field Default Value Through Code
High all.

I would like to know how to set a fields default value on a table.

Eg - i have a Yes/No field that and i want the default value to be set to 'Yes'.

I cant use the front end application because the form its on is a generic form used by about 30 other tables.

At present it is not set to anything and so always defaults to 'No' on the form.

Thanks in advance.

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Setting Default Value To Access User ID
I am having some problems setting the default value of a field to the user name of the person logging on to the database.

I have created a *.mdw for my individual database and would like to include the current user id of the user creating a new record.

Anyone out there have any ideas how i would go about doing this?


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Setting A Default To Equal Another Field
I have a membership database. A number of members go by their middle names or a nickname rather than their first name. I need to keep track of their real full names, but I want the new-record default of the preferred name field to equal the contents of the first name field. How do I set this in the table design? The table already has 1400 records, and it would be quite a job to manually copy each first name to the preferred name field, a job I would rather avoid.

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Setting Combo Box Default Selected Value
i have a combo box on my form that uses UNION query to put "<select>" as part of the list items.right now "<select>" appears on top of the list but what i mtrying to do is when the form loads i want the combo box to have "<select>" selected and not just show blank unless someone click on the down arrow. i m sure there is a way/propoerty to do it but i cant figure it out. Also how can i make my combo box so user cant type in a combo box but select from the list.

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Setting Parameter To Query In VBA Code
Hello Friends,
I have Query1 that should get one parameter , how to set this parameter in a code.

Below the code.

Private Sub Command0_Click()

Dim MyDB As Database
Dim MyRS As Recordset
Dim objOutlook As Outlook.Application
Dim objOutlookMsg As Outlook.MailItem
Dim objOutlookRecip As Outlook.Recipient
Dim objOutlookAttach As Outlook.Attachment
Dim TheAddress As String

Set MyDB = CurrentDb
Set MyRS = MyDB.OpenRecordset("Query1")

' Create the Outlook session.
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Do While Not MyRS.EOF

Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
TheAddress = MyRS![EmailName]

With objOutlookMsg
.To = TheAddress
End With


Set objOutlookMsg = Nothing
Set objOutlook = Nothing
End Sub

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Access Alters Default Printer Setting
When opening Access, the default printer changes from "Letter" to "User-Defined". The output is then unreadable. I then change it back to "Letter" and all is fine until I reopen Access with the same result.
I'm using Access 2003 with a Brothers HL1440
How can I make Access leave the printer's default setting as it is?

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Default Date In A Parameter
I have a query which prompts for two dates in the format of -
BETWEEN [Enter the start date] AND [Enter the end date]
How do I provide a default date for one or both of the dates?


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Setting Text Box Default Value Based On Query Version: 2000 (9.0)
I am creating a database that should be fairly simple. The database is for a local racetrack and I'm stuck on how to entering race results. I have four tables: Driver, Rank, Home, Class. The form to enter in the results contains a main form with a subform. On the main form there are two combo boxes, one to select the Class of the race, and one to select the Heat of the race: i.e Finals, 1, 2, 3. The subform currently has a text box containing the rank of the driver for that race and the driver's name. I want the Rank to automatically start at one and increase by one each time a new driver is added. The rank field is part of the primary key but cannot be an autonumber field because there will be multiple ranks in the rank table. The rank table contains a primary key of: Class_ID, Rank, Heat. Therefore, each class/heat combo needs to start at 1 and increase. I created a query that finds the max rank value of the class/heat combo and I thought I could use that value +1 for the default value of the Rank field but I'm not having any luck. I have attached the database so that you can see what I all have as there isn't any sensitive information. If it would be easier doing it some other way than using the query that is fine to. I'm open to anything that works. I also want the Driver combo box in the Rank form to be limited to only contain drivers whose Class_ID matches that of the selected class in the main form. I have the row source set up sot that it works when I make my first selection when entering the form but not when I change the selected class and I do have an After_Update event set for requerying. It seems this should be so simple but I'm just missing something. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Setting Default Values In Combo Box To Match The Value Of Previous Record
G'day. I've been browsing the forum trying to find a solution to a problem, without much luck, and am hoping that someone might be kind enough to help me more directly.

I'm a biologist and a newbie to access: with the distinction of being completely clueless about VBA. Nonetheless, I have been tasked with creating a database for storing data obtained from biological surveys of juvenile salmon and harvest/spawner surveys of adult salmon.

The bones of the db are in place and functional. The problem I have is streamlining the data entry process to minimise keystrokes/mouse clicks.

I have a subform for entering fish records with attributes such as 'species_name', 'fork_length', 'count', 'presence of tags, etc. The idea is that fish can be entered as individuals (count=1) or groups (count>1) with attribute data at the appropriate level (eg, fork lengths only entered for individuals. We typically measure the fork lengths of the first 20 individuals of each species and then tally the remainder).

One problem I face is that fish often occur in schools, and it becomes quite tiresome to click and select the same species_name combo box value for each record when entering multiple individuals of fish of the same species.

What I would like to do is set the default value for that combo box (on the fish subform) to match the value entered for the previous record.

I suspect that you could use the after update trigger to execute some code to change the default value each time something is entered manually into the combo box. Unfortunately, I know nothing about how to write the appropriate code.

Can anyone offer me some guidance?

Thanks in anticipation.
Craig Dolphin

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Default Combo Box Based On Default Table Value
Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help.

I have a form with a combo boxes and a table with relevant list and additional field, fldDefaultDrive (Yes/No Field).

Currently in order to set the default value, I have used the following code for each default;

Private Sub Form_Load()
Forms!frmMediaLabeller!CboDriveName.DefaultValue = """D"""

End Sub

However, I want users to be able to go into the table and change the default value if thier CD player default Drive is anything but D: Drive. I have tried to replace the D above with an SQL statement but with no success.

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim Drivename As String

Drivename = SELECT tblMediaDrive.fldDrivename FROM tblMediaDrive WHERE (((tblMediaDrive.fldDefaultDrive)=-1));

Forms!frmMediaLabeller!CboDriveName.DefaultValue = """Drivename"""

End Sub

This is definetly not working, can anybody help, I have a feeling it is syntax but not sure where? :confused:


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Capturing Parameter From Parameter Query
I have a form whose data source is a select query, q3, that is built from 2 other select queries. I'll call them q1, q2, and q3. q1 is a parameter query where I enter a "Cutoff Date" that the 3 queries manipulte and generate the desired results that appear in the form. The problem is that I don't know how to capture the parameter "Cutoff Date" from q1 to display on the form.

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Parameter Query Asking For Parameter More Than Once!

I have a query that requires a Start-Date and an End-Date to be input by user for the Where clause. It is asking for both over and over. I've had it ask from 1 up to 4 times! :eek: Shouldn't it store the input and only ask for it once? I'm thinking that the way my query is arranged may be causing it to have to loop through that section more than once to find the data, but that's just my theory. Any help would be great!

Here is my code (abbreviated slightly):

FROM Pen AS C1 INNER JOIN Jobs AS C2 ON C1.subno=C2.[Jobs Acct]
WHERE ((C1.typ="SS" Or C1.typ="CC" Or C1.typ="PP" Or C1.typ="TT") And C1.stdate>=[Enter Start Date] And C1.stdate<=[Enter End Date] And C2.[Type]<>"EE" And C2.[Type]<>"QQ" And C1.entdate<=C2.[ChangeDate]+60);

I'm selecting rows from "Pen" and "Jobs" that have the same subno/Jobs Acct numbers (text), then there are criteria for "Pen" types, user inputs criteria for date range (Start Date and End Date) and there are criteria for "Jobs" types. Finally, there's a cross-table criteria based on a date field ("Pen" entdate should not be more than 60 days past the "Jobs" ChangeDate). Tables are in quotes in my explanation here.

So running the above, it asks for user input "Enter Start Date", then again for "Enter End Date"...but then it asks for each again...and again...and sometimes again!

Help! :confused:

P.S..I didn't notice this repeating until I made it user input (parameter query) because it was using whatever dates I hard-coded in there before.

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Setting Up A New Db
Hi Guys,

ok I work a lot on databases but have recently been asked to set up an access database for my team. We are a marketing team within a large insurance company and need a small access database for MI and project management.

I have made a start on this and going well so far but there are some things I need it to do that I dont know how :P

Ive never messed about with Acess before so bare with me :P ok so this is what im looking for, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have set up various tables for look up wizards for some of the menus on another table I designed for the raw data entry.

I need two tables, two forms - one table for very basic generic data such as

- Job Number
- Description
- Business Unit
- Owner
- Due Date
- Completion date

I then need to drill down into this to add more information, so its basically two tables on top of each other with co-dependencies.

So for example one of my team enter a new project at the very basic lvl, they have a job number, they know what business unit it is for and they know the date its due, as time goes by and work is done on the project I want them to be able to click on a button that takes them to another form where they can enter information that is linked to the original information.

So they search for job number 00000 and come up with the above data on the first form, I want them to then click on 'Project Information' button and be taken to another form that has a lot more stuff on there, like a description, complications, notes, links to documents etc etc. I tried to do this linking two tables together but it doesnt work as the two forms/tables are not co dependend and are irrespective of each other.

Does this make any sense ? and does anyone know how I might make this work ? Please let me know if I am not clear and I will try to explain as best I can

I would also like to change the form 'theme' aswell and have my companies logo transparent behind the data fields etc, anyone know how to do that as I only have the option to use the standard themes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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F11 Setting
hi there,

Hiow can i make my access database to open the database window on pressing F11?


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Setting References
Is it possible to set which VBA reference boxes are ticked each time a database is loaded?

A problem is created when a person amending the database to the person using it has different setups and so some of the references show as "missing" and so compile errors show on loading.

We are using Microsoft Access 97.

Any help most appreciated.


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Setting Out A Report

I have 6123 records in a database.

I need a report that prints the Customer ID and the Postcode

I have managed to do this but it comes to 196 pages!

Is there n e way i can format the report so instead of it being like this:-

Customer ID Postcode
2334 LS89 8UJ
2333 BD67 990

It displays multiple lines on each page .eg

Customer ID Postcode Customer ID Postcode
2334 LS89 8U 2354 LS69 8YH
2333 BD67 990 7899 BH78 6NQ

Can anyone help??

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Setting A Value To An Option Box
I made on option box on a form called Status. The 2 radio buttons are marked Open = 1 and Closed = 2. Is it possible to open a query based on what the user selects. In the query I want open to stand for Is Null and closed would be Is Not Null. I know this sounds unusual but it works in the query they way I want it to. Is this possible? Thanks...

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Setting AutoNumber
How do I change an AutoNumber that will output 1, 2, 3 to output 0001, 0002, 0003??


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Odd It A Setting?
I tried various searched and came up empty handed.

I have a user that is using a database that is on a network. When she enters records using her computer and exists the database, they don't save. If she goes back in, they aren't there. However, if she uses another computer, they save.

I can assume that it's not user error because it's the same user on two different computers.

Any ideas?

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Setting Up Tables
I am confusing myself more and more as i read on normalization and queries and everything else. I am trying to create a database for parts that our company sells and am having trouble deciding how to lay out the tables. I figure I should use the part number for the primary key as it will not repeat. from there though, i have a problem, each type of part has different fields nessesscary to decribe its attributes. for example, one part number may be for a box and its describing fields might be brand, width, length,load rating, and height. but another part number might be for a circuit breaker which would have completley different describing fields like brand, amperage rating, voltage rating, connection type, and trip type. Should i create 1 table for everything even though many fields would be blank depending on which type of item it was or should i create seperate table for each type of item with only the required fields to decribe that item?

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