Table TempMSysAccessObjects Already Exists

May 18, 2006

I keep getting the error message "Table TempMsysAccessObjects already exists" when I try to compact/repair my database. The only help I've found in the MS knowledge base just says to delete the table. I keep deleting it, but it keeps coming back. I've tried the decompile cmd line option, no change. Do I need to just rebuild this db, or what?

Access 2002.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Compacting Problems: TempMSysAccessObjects

Feb 11, 2005

I store this database on a flash drive and when I tried to compact and repair it, it said there wasn't enough room, so I got rid of some files on the drive and tried again, and now I just keep getting the message:
Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists. But I don't find that table anywhere!!!

Barb :confused:

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Checking To See If A Table Exists.

Dec 12, 2005

I'm running the following line:

dbs.Execute ("DROP TABLE [tbl_No Certs]")

the problem is that sometimes the table doesn't exist... Instead of trapping the error code, is there a way I can check to see if the table exists? If it doesn't I'll simply skip this step of my code and move on.


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Checking If A Table Exists

Dec 13, 2005

I have tried the attached code from a previous post but some of the code doesn't work on Microsoft Access Project.
Does anyone have any ideas how I would amend this code so that it works?


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Drop Table If Exists?

Jul 31, 2006

I have a java app connected to a MS access database. I need to run an sql command like
"drop table if exists"

You know, so it only tries to delete the table if its actually there. Im not sure how to do this with an access db.

Also what is the difference between delete and drop.

thanks v much for any help!

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Drop Table If Exists

Aug 9, 2006

I know this can be done i MySQL and with SQL Server but is there a way to drop the table but check if it exists first in Access before running a query ?

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Check If Value In Table Already Exists

Nov 20, 2006


I have a problem where a user would enter a project code eg 113-099. I put in a list box that filters all the project codes for instance if the user enters 1 it will show all codes starting with a 1 and every additional number they enter it filters the list box to show which codes already exists! I hope this makes sense.

The problem i have is i need to check when they enter the project code that it is a unique value. The Database developer we got in didnt index this field as no duplicates allowed and as result we have large amount of duplicate project codes.

I have started to experiment with Dlookup but with no great success.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as i dont have much experience with access.

The field name on the form is

[forms]![projects_frm].[project_job_number] and the table which stores this information is [projects]

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Delete Table If Exists

Feb 1, 2006

How to delete table if exist using VBA. I know this was in forum but I can't find the answer. Please help its urgent.

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How To Check If Table Already Exists

Aug 12, 2012

Is there any way to check if a particular table already exist in MS Access Database using ACCESS VBA?

Actually I'm creating temp table on the file but I want to check if temp table already exits then need to delete before creating.

e.g. I can check if query defniniton already exists using below code:

If .DCount("[Name]", "MSysObjects", "Left([Name],1) <> '~' AND [Type] = 5 AND [Name] = '" & strTempQueryName & "' ") <> 0 Then
.DoCmd.DeleteObject acQuery, strTempQueryName
End If

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Help Needed :If Table Exists, Then Delete Table

Jun 6, 2006

I need urgent help, I am required at my job to come up with a command that will check to see if a table exists, and if so, delete the table. The whole process goes like this:

There's a form, and a listbox. 2 buttons...1 is import a file and 2nd is generate report. In the listbox theres 3 excel files. You select one excel file then click on Import, followed by clicking on Generate Report button.

The whole technical process is this:
1. A csv file is imported into a temp table
2. A temp table is created and named "_ImportedSKUS".
3. An append query is exectued to add the data from the "_ImportedSKUS" temp table to the final table, "Imported SKUs".
4. Then the temp table, "_ImportedSKUs" is closed and deleted.

I have a delete command at the end of the sub, which goes like this:

DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "_ImportedSKUS".

But I'm also need to generate an If statement before the loop that will check to see if the "_ImportedSKUs" table exists, if so, delete it (using same code listed above) and end if.

Can anyone help me out here???

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Excluding A Field Which Exists In Another Table

Mar 10, 2006

Hi All,

Say you've got 2 tables and you want to extract data from table 1 but exclude all records from table 1 which have a field value existing in table 2?

Table 1 fields:

Table 2 fields:

Therefore, I would like to query out from Table 1 all Test_Code values which do not exist in Table 2. Any ideas please?

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Check If Record Exists In Table

Feb 6, 2013

I am trying to check if a record exists in a table.

Dim cert As String
Dim existingRec As Variant
existingRec = DLookup("[Certificate]", "[Fire]", "'cert' = 'cert'")
If existingRec = Null Then

MsgBox "The Certificate " & existingRec & " is in the database"
End If

Note - Certificate is a column in the table "Fire"

Problem is that existingRec only finds the first value in the Certificate column, How do I get to check the entire Certificate column?

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How To Verify A Linked Table Exists

May 25, 2014

I have a group of databases, with one that I keep global values in (among other things).On initial load, I link the table to other databases, but the linked tables pile up.How can I verify the linked table exists, so I don't have to link it again?

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Save Record Only If Same Exists In Another Table

Jan 7, 2013

table A has 10 records where 1 field is set as REQUIRED/UNIQUE. the table B does not have any record but have a same field like table A. what I want is that if user insert the record in table B it should first check whether record is already present in table A or not, if already exists it should not accept insertion. and if not already there in table A it should insert record in table B.

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If Account Number Already Exists In Linked Table

Oct 9, 2006

I have a table called tblAccounts and a form called frmEnter_new_accounts. In my frmEnter_New_Accounts form is a Text Box for Account #. I want to have it so that when the user enters an account # it checks the tblAccounts table for a duplicate account # and then displays a message box (or Pop-Up form) to tell the user that the Account Number entered already exists. I would also like that box to offer the user the option to either Close that form without saving or return to the form to reenter a different account #.

I know I would probably do this in the LostFocus event or BeforeUpdate.

Does anyone have any ideas or samle code to assist me in this adventure?

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Modules & VBA :: Distinguish If Data Already Exists In A Table

Aug 22, 2013

I currently need a way to check to see if a a field already exists. To be exact I have an access application that imports data from multiple sources and saves the file name of these imports into an import tracker table. The table has four fields, file name, Date Imported, Import Type, and Number of Records. I am writing some code that checks a Boolean given by a form. If the Boolean is true It skips over checking.

If it is false It needs to check my import tracker file names to see if the file was already imported. If it was then it will skip over the file and the algorithm will check the next file given by an array. So I was wondering..How would I go about making it check if the file already exists in the table. I was thinking of turning the File Name Field into a primary key, since there will only ever be one File Name of every type.

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Tables :: How To Check That Linked Table Exists

Apr 16, 2013

Background: In my Access FE, I have created a "linked table" to a file on our AS400 database. I know I can check the MSysObjects table for the linked table name, but sometimes the file actually does not exist on the AS400.

The file can be in one of three states.File exists with data.

File exists, but is empty.

File doesn't exist.

Question: What is the best way to determine the status of this linked table (file)?

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Tables :: Check If Client Name Exists In Table?

May 28, 2013

Using VBA (in Access), what code should I use to check if a client name already exists in a table.

Say, client name is "Smith", my table is called tblClient and the field name in the table is called fldClientName.

I just need to do the check, that's all.

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Table Record Entries Exists But 0 Shown In Form

Jul 23, 2005


In the current db there are some tables and queries, forms designed around them

With one table Test

That has 3 records in them

Just won't show in form anymore, at this stage

The Form was working previously. This is the second time this problem has came up, I thought it would go away if I made a new form and pasted all the controls and codes. It indeed went away for a while until this problem hit me again...

This db is in Access 2000 format and designed using Access 2003

I would appreciate if anyone is willing to point me to the right directions, many many thanks in advance

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Tables :: Prevent Adding Records If Already Exists On Another Table

Jan 2, 2013

Table in my access 2010 is configured to have a unique records (no duplicates)which has now records more than 2000 so i copied the table and pasted Structure only. what i would like to have is that new table which presently is empty should not add any record which is already available in old table. While entering data in new table i would like users to see the error if they try to enter the record which was previously entered in old table.

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SELECT Query To Not Include Record If Already Exists In Another Table

Aug 25, 2015

I have 2 tables:

Query_Rates (Actually this is the result of a query):


So what I want is a list of all the records from the Query_Rates table where the absolute differences between the sold rates between Query_Rates & [Sent till date] (matching the unit # and the dates) is greater than 1 and the record shouldn't be displayed if it is already present in the [Sent till date] table. But if you notice the first record which has unit A is already mentioned in the "Sent till date" table and shouldn't be repeated again in the query result.

The desired out put should be:



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Modules & VBA :: Query A Table To See If Record Exists With Particular Field Blank

Mar 14, 2014

I am trying to achieve the following - I want to query a table to see if a record exists with a particular field blank. If so, I would like to prompt the user for data.

In real world terms, when assigning an item to a user I would like to first make sure that the item is not already assigned to somebody else. I have 4 fields, UserName, Item, IssueFrom, IssueTo. So when an item is assigned to a user, the first 3 fields are populated and the IssueTo remains blank, until that item is assigned to somebody else.

At the minute I have nothing in place to prevent a user from assigning the same item to multiple users and having multiple records for the same item in the table.

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Dec 23, 2004

Hi a problem here....

I got a query which joins two table....



Tables join using fQSRegno.
Scenario is
Tbl Individual contains all the members info.Tbl Point contains point given to members who attend courses. Problem is when I created a query...

fQSRegno *from tblPoint

the data shows only members who got points. Is it possible to include member who don't have point like new registred member to show in this query....


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Select [...] (not) Exists

Jul 14, 2005

I have 2 identic tables: T1 and T2 which contain only one field NR.

T1 contains the data:

T2 contains the data:

I want to select all the records found in T1, but not found in T2. So, I wrote the following SQL query:

(select T2.NR
from T2);

Unfortunately, this query doesn`t return any record. And the strangest thing is that the query:

(select T2.NR
from T2);

have the same effect like:


I mean it returns all the records of T1. I mention that the query was written in Access. What I have to do? Can anybody help me? What solutions do I have? I need a query, not a VBA code!

Thank you in advance!

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IN Criteria/Exists

Oct 13, 2005

I need to make a query that only selects data that is in another query/table.

I have tried to do this using a query with IN criteria as follows.

SELECT fldOne,fldTwo,fldThree,
FROM tblOne
WHERE (((tblOne.fldOne) In (Select fldOne from tblTwo)) AND ((tblOne.fldTwo) In (Select fldTwo from tblTwo));

But that isn't working. Any ideas as to why?

I think that the answer might be using the EXISTS reserved word, but I don't know how.

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Add Record If None Exists

Mar 23, 2006

I have a table (tblSales) with these fields (RecDate, Code, Type, OrderCount).

I also have a linked table (lnkSales) with these fields.

Daily I append the data from the lnkSales to tblSales.

The tblSales table must have a record for each code daily.
These are the codes (01,02,05,07,09,10,15).

I need to automatically add a record for each code that wasn't appended.

For example,

lnkSales contains:
03/22/06 01 Mc 3
03/22/06 02 Mc 1
03/22/06 05 Mc 1
03/22/06 07 Mc 2
03/22/06 10 Mc 1

When appended to tblSales there is no record for code 09 or 15.

I need to add these records to tblSales
03/22/06 09 Mc 0
03/22/06 15 Mc 0

Can someone explain the best way to accomplish this?


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