Determine Table Names And Column Names At Runtime?


I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how we could find the table names and column names of the tables in our Sql server database at runtime/dynamically given our connection string? Please let me know.


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How To Determine Table And Column Names In A Trigger?

Hi all,

I'm new to this whole trigger 'thing', so forgive me if this question has been asked and answered a few times already.

I'm in the process of writing a trigger that will send an e-mail to an application admin when any table within a given database is altered (IE, a column is added or deleted). I can get the e-mail to fire off when that happens without any issue, but I'd like to be able to let the admin know which table was tweaked and what new column was added.

Is this a relatively easy thing to do and I'm just not finding the right built-in variable name, or does something more need to be done?


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Table Names And Field Names

I'm trying to do an update query that looks like this:







It's erroring out on the Employee prefix B.EMPLOYEE saying:

..."does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query"

Is it wrong or will it cause problems to have a field name the same as the table name?

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Know Ing The Table Names When I Know Column Name

Hi all,
By using below query i can get no of tables having the give column name in a particular database,
SELECT COUNT(*) AS CounterFROM syscolumnsWHERE (name = 'empno')
but i want to know the table names too?
any one please suggest me how to find table names too......
In other words i know the particular column name and right now i want to know the table names in which this column name exists. 

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Get All Table Names With A Given Column Name

All, is there a way of getting all table names that contain a columnname?I'm looking at a DB that has 125+ tables and I'm interested in findingall table names that contain the column order_date.How can I do it?TIA,Sashi

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Get Column Names From Table

Hi All,

I was wondering how would I get the column names from a table? Not the results just a listing of column names. What is the command to get this information? I am using MS Access, but I posted here because MS SQL is the closest thing on this forum and the syntax is usually similar.

Thanks a bunch.


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Retrieving All Column Names From A Table

Is there a stored proc or systable that holds the actual names of the columns of a specific table? I know there are for foreign keys but I need the varchar names of every column of a table.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Nye

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Prepending Column Names By Table

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in the .NET or MsSQL forum, mods please move accordingly.

Say I have two tables: Store, and Area that have the following columns:
AreaID, AreaName, Description

StoreID, AreaID, StoreName, Description

When I run the following query :
SELECT * FROM Area, Store WHERE Area.AreaID = Store.AreaID, the following columns come back from the .NET SQLDataReader

AreaID, AreaName, Description, StoreID, AreaID, StoreName, Description

Even though the Description fields are different there is no differentiation between which one is which (other than an integer index)

Is there a way to form the SQL query so the columns come back
Area.AreaID, Area.AreaName, Area.Description etc...

I was hoping to do something like the following
Select Area.* as 'Area.'.* ...

but that wasn't liked by the SQL server, any ideas?

Note: The actual tables are more complex than this, and the table names aren't static. Individually aliasing columns won't work, nor will checking the alias.


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Hi all,

Is there a way i can write a script that will sort the column names of my table?


Table 1 columns:

I want to write a script that will sort them like this:


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List Column Names Of Sql Table

I know it is basics, just slipped out of my mind, How do we list or print the columns names of table in sql server 2000.

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Extracting Sql Table Column Names

I am using the following to extract the column names of a table. I would like to do this for the whole database. Currently I am cutting the results into an excel spread. Is there a better way of doing this? Here is the query

FROM syscolumns
WHERE [id] = OBJECT_ID('tablename')

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Table Column Names = Dataset Column Values?!

I need to create the following table in reporting services

PRODUCT April March Feb

2008 2007 2008 2007 2008 2007
chair 8 9 7 4 4 4
table 3 4 5 6 4 6

My problem is the month names are a column in the dataset, but I dont know how to get it to fill as column headers???

Thanks in advance!!!

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Use Column Names And Not Positions When Inserting From One Table Into Another

/*Code below raises following errors:Server: Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 6Syntax error converting the varchar value 'a' to a column of data typeint.*/create table #x (i integer, c char(1))create table #y (c char(1), i integer)insert into #x VALUES (1, 'a')insert into #y SELECT * from #xdrop table #xdrop table #y--CODE COMPLETEIs there a way to use the column names as the basis for the insert asopposed to column position? The key here is that I DO NOT want toSPECIFY COLUMN NAMES (i.e. 'insert into #y (i,c) SELECT * from #x')Regards,Ty

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Export Table To Txt File From DTS With Different Column Names

I have SQL Server 2000. I am trying to automate a process that runs a pivot table then exports the results to a text file. Because it's a pivot table it could have different column names every time it runs.
Does anyone know of a way to do the export in a DTS package?
When I do a straight export it always wants the column names to remain the same as when it was first set up.


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Extracting Column Names From The Sysprotects Table

I'm working on a C++ project(MSSQL 6.5) to dynamically create permissions on tables based on previously existing permissions. Right now I'm querying via cursors in C++ and reading the responses. I need to get the column names that are stored with the permissions in the sysprotects table. These names are stored as varbinary.

Does anyone know any tricks to extract the column names from the binary data either on the tSQl side or in C++?

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List Table Names In A Database Having A Particular Column.

Can anybody tell me how to find out whether a particular column exists in any of the tables of a database and if it does, display the table names?


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Variables As Table Or Column Names In A Stored Procedure

I would like to use variables to set the table name and some column names of a SQL Query in a stored procedure (the variable values will come from a webpage)... something like this:ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.usp_SelectWorkHours
@DayName varchar,@DayIDName varchar
BEGINSELECT @DayName.InTime1, @DayName.OutTime1, @DayName.InTime2, @DayName.OutTime2 FROM @DayName
INNER JOINWorkHours ON @DayName.@DayIDName = @DayName.@DayIDName
INNER JOINEmployees ON WorkHours.WorkHoursID = Employees.WorkHoursID
RETURN this possible?? if so how?

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SQL Question: Change Column Names Of Temp Table In SP

I have a SP which returns a select query on a temp table so I get to choose column names
when I create the #table.

Can I determine column names myself based on the results of another query (in the SP)
before, or (preferably) after I create the #table and populate it.

My query is used to bind to a datagrid so I could use....

dataGrid.Columns[index].HeaderText and set it to a particular output parameter, but I want
to keep the code in the SQL.


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Exporting Sql Table Into Csv Format Retaining The Column Names

HiI have been working since 2 days to device a method to export sql tableinto csv format. I have tried using bcp with format option to keep thecolumn names but I'm unable to transfer the file with column names. andalso I'm having problems on columns having decimal data.Can any one suggest me how to automate data transfer(by using SP) andretaining column names.ThanksNoor

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Ambiguous Column Names In Multi-Table Join

Hi all,A (possibly dumb) question, but I've had no luck finding a definitiveanswer to it. Suppose I have two tables, Employees and Employers, whichboth have a column named "Id":Employees-Id-FirstName-LastName-SSNetc.Employers-Id-Name-Addressetc.and now I perform the following join:SELECT Employees.*, Employers.*FROM Employees LEFT JOIN Employers ON (Employees.Id=Employers.Id)The result-set will contain two "Id" columns, so SQL Server willdisambiguate them; one column will still be called "Id", while theother will be called "Id1." My question is, how are you supposed toknow which "Id" column belongs to which table? My intuition tells me,and limited testing seems to indicate, that it depends on the order inwhich the table names show up in the query, so that in the aboveexample, "Id" would refer to Employees.Id, while "Id1" would refer toEmployers.Id. Is this order guaranteed?Also, why does SQL Server use such a IMO brain-damaged technique tohandle column name conflicts? In MS Access, it's much morestraightforward; after executing the above query, you can use"Employees.Id" and "Employers.Id" (and more generally,"TableNameOrTableAlias.ColumnName") to refer to the specific "Id"column you want, instead of "Id" and "Id1" -- the"just-tack-on-a-number" strategy is slightly annoying when dealing withcomplex queries.--Mike S

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SELECT Statement To Return Table Column Names

Is there a SELECT statement that will return a the column names of a given table?

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Exporting A Table With Changing Column Names To An Excel File

I'm trying to write an SSIS package that exports a table that has changing column names to an excel file. The column names change due to the fact that the table is created by a pivot daily. the only thing I'm missing is the ability to dynamically map the tables' columns to the excel destination. Is this possible?

I read in another thread that
"It is not possible to create packages or new objects within packages using SSIS."
I also read in the books online that "The input and the input columns of the Excel destination have no custom
properties." To me this means that I cannot programmatically create or remove columns in the excel destination. Please tell me I'm wrong.
So, to summarize my research so far. In writing an SSIS package, I cannot programmatically create a new excel destination object and I can't manipulate an existing one. I hope I'm wrong. Can anyone help me? (and please correct any wrong assumptions I may have stated)

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Copy Table Column Names From SSMS Object Browser To Use In A Query

I thought I saw this done once before. So today I hunted around inBooks OnLine and did a Google search. So far I have found nothingclose. So if you know how to do it, please tell me or if cannot bedone, I'd appreciate know that too.Thanks in advance,IanO

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Are Duplicate Instance Names A Problem If Physical Server Names Are Different?

If I restore the master database from ServerA to ServerB and start the SQL Server services on ServerA and ServerB, the master databases will be identical and running sp_helpserver and @@ServerName will indicate the SQL Server instance for both instances is ServerA. Is this ok considering the physical server names are different?

If this is ok, how does SQL Server advertise on the network who it is? Does it append the physical server name to the SQL Server instance name during network communications?

Thanks, Dave

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DB Mirroring: Different Server Names With Same Instance Names

I'm going to be setting up DB mirroring between two SQL Server 2005 boxes. Since these are on two different servers, can the instance names be the same? Is there any reason NOT to do so if the mirror server is going to be used exclusively for DB mirroring?

For example: if the my primary DB is located on SERVER1INSTANCE1, can the mirror be SERVER2INSTANCE1 or do the instance names have to be different even though they're on different boxes.


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Server Names Or Instance Names

Hello there. I'm trying to populate a drop down box with a list of all available instances of SQL server (express or not) available on a network. To list all instances I'm using EnumAvailableServers() in SmoApplication.

The issue is that the Instance column in the returned data table is always empty, and both the Name and the Server columns contain the same string -- the name of the computer the SQL server is installed. Locally I have SSE installed, the instance name is <computer_name>SQLEXPRESS, however, using Smo I can't seem to get to the either full instance name or just the instance name. I can't assume SQLEXPRESS, since there may be more than one installed.

Alternately I used EnumRegisteredServers() in SmoApplication.SqlServerRegistrations and that, while returning instance information (can be retrieved from the RegisteredServer in the returned collection), doesn't always return the remote SQL servers in the list.

Any idea how can this be done? Maybe I'm going at it the wrong way, maybe there's another class / method I need to use to retrieve all instances?

Thank you

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Get Column Names

Hi,How do I display the column names from my Sql server table?In asp3 the recordset allowed thisforeach key in rs   ColumnName =   ColumnValue = key.valuenextHow do I do this in .Net?I want to use a DataReader so I can read through each record and only display the ones I want.TABLE_ONEColumn_OneColumn_TwoColumn_Threethanks,

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Getting The Column Names


Im trying to get the column names from a database and display them in textboxes. someone has already helped me by tellnig me that i need to use the FillSchema command. Which works just fine and I can see only the colum names in a datagrid when i bind it to that.

The problem is that I do not know how to extract the name of a column and put it in to a textbox ?

does anybody know how I can fo this ?

Thanks a million


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I Need Column Names !!

Hi, i need a query to have the columns names !!
If you have another solution, let me know !!

superj !!!

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