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Grant All Privileges To A User

Is it possible to grant all privilege for all tables of a specified database through script? Because i have to send the script to user side and i can't do it manually in Enterprise Manager.


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Grant/Revoke Column Privileges
How can I set / view column privileges.

I want to remove the select privilege from a salary column to a certain group of users.


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User Privileges Ms Sql
 Basically to defend against SQL injection I want to be able to stop basic users or admins from being able to drop tables or doing other damaging activities. I'm using ms sql express, how can I do this? A friend mentioned that he uses MySql and user privileges can be set up in this way.

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How To Pass The Privileges From One User To Another?

I created a View,like the following:
Create View viewSecure
as select * from sales.customer
Grant select on viewSecure to Andrew
Exec as login='Andrew'
Select * from viewSecure
Alter Authorization On viewSecure to Jerry
Exec as login='Jerry'
Select * from viewSecure
but, I received the error 'SELECT permission denied on object 'Customer', database 'AdventureWorks', schema 'Sales'.
Meanwhile, I re-granted Select Privilege to Andrew, I got the same error.
I know Alter Authorization command means to change the owner of an object. I got 3 questions need your help.
1. An user owned an object, if he may have no any privileges to this object?
2.Why I got the same error after re-granted Select privilege to Andrew?
3.How to pass privileges from one user to another?

Thanks a lot.

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Retrieving User/Role Privileges - How ?

I need to read and subsequently modify the privileges (rights) of a certain SQL Server user / role from within a Visual Basic Program.

Modifying seems to be easy using standard statements like GRANT/REVOKE. But what about reading all the rights a user has ?

I have researched SQL-DMO, but didn't find what I'm looking for.

Any idea ?


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Can A User Be Granted Read Only Privileges For Stored Procedures
Can a user be granted the ability to create stored procedures with read only capabilities? I wouldn't mind be able to UPDATE but simply need to read only.


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Sql User Grant.
so here i go explaining my problem: I create an empty database. then I use the .net aspregsql tool to make the tables and the procs and everything, and it does. when i view my database it has the 11 empty tables the sprocs and the roles and everything. BUT when I open up the "asp website configuration" to add some users, it gives the following error:EXECUTE permission denied on object 'aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion', database 'masfeni_fakebetsdb', owner 'dbo'. 

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Can I Grant All Privilege To User?
it is possible to grant all privilege (CRUD) to specified table to user. But, now, i want to grant all privilege (CRUD) of all tables, views, sp, ... of database to the user. is it possible?regards,

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How To Grant Permission To User?
I newly created one database (using creat database testdb ). After that i created login name and password for that database ( using create login login1 with password = 'pass1'; use testdb; command) and i created user for that login name ( using create user user1 for login login1 command).
Then i connected testdb database using login1. But when i trying to create table in that database, it thrown error. Anyone please tell me that how to assign all privileges to the user user1?

Sathish kumar D

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Grant Showplan To &&<user&&>

I was trying to review some query statisticsand received the following message:

SHOWPLAN permission denied in database Test
I gave the user permission by the following command:
Grant showplan to user.
I am curious as to how much perfomance does this effect? Is there an alternative?

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Grant Server Role To A User For A Particular Job
Hello All,

Trying to run a sqlserver stored procedure which requires the user to have the 'System Administrators' server role.

Is there anyway to grant access for this user to this server role by using SQL GRANT command or so.


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T-SQL - How To Grant Public Access To A DB For A User
I need an example of how to grant access to a SQL user to a DB. For the life of me I can't seem to get my syntax correct. My database name is TEST and my username is LEMME_IN and I want to grant the user "Public" access to the db with db_datareader, db_datawriter database role membership.


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Grant Permissions In All User Databases
Hello together,

can anybody help me. I'm looking for an easy way to grant permissions to a user in all user databases. I already have a script which grants permission to all views and userdefined tables within one database, but since I have to run it in about 100 databases it's still quite timeconsuming.
Is there a way to execute that script in all user databases at once ???


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Command To Grant Sysadmin To The User
what is the command to grant sysadmin to the user?


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User Without Login : Grant Problem.
Hi to everybody,

I have a permission problems with user create for service.

I created an user without login in a database. I use this user for service broker activation procedure.So, this user have a certificate to exports in other database.

To generalize activation procedure of many service broker queue I try to use this piece of code :

DECLARE @QueueName nvarchar(MAX)
DECLARE @queue_id int

SELECT @queue_id = queue_id FROM sys.dm_broker_activated_tasks
WHERE spid = @@SPID

SELECT @QueueName = [name] FROM sys.service_queues
WHERE object_id = @queue_id

To use this DMV user need VIEW SERVER STATE grant but this is an user DB and I can't give this grant to user.

How I can do it?

Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance


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How Do I Grant User To View Folder
We have a custom security working with forms authentication. Whenwe browse tohttp://servername/reportsthe UILogon.aspx page comes up, and loginwiththe Admin account is fine we can reach the report manager andseethe folders.But when we loginwithaccount User1 , whichis not an admin account.Login is fine butUser1 does not see any folders in report manager. Sohow do iassign roles to User accountwhen using custom security extension.


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Grant User Access To Project
How do I grant a user access to a particular project? I have set up some reports and want other users to look at them as a template to build their reports and keep getting projectname.rptproj.user is denied.

Thanks, Iris

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How To Grant Permissions To A User In A Different Database

I have a larger stored procedure that is running, but I am gettingstuck onwhere I need to grant permissions to a user in a a different database on various functions and stored procedures. For example:

Code Snippet

use [Database1]
grant exec on [Database2].[dbo].[MyFunction] to bob

returns this error: Cannot find the user 'bob' , because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

However, I know 'bob' exists, plus when I change the use statement to Database2, the line of SQL works correctly. Given the nature of the overall stored procedure this will be running in, I won't have the ability to just change the use statement. Is it possible to grant permissions to a user on a different database without explicity having the use statement set to a particular database?

Thanks for any advice!


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Grant Insert Access To User
I am build an application that able to update insert delete an entries from my sql server, i create a new account in sql server management studio express so my app can connect to the database thru SQL Server Aurthentication. Delete & update method work well but my insert dont.

I change to the connection string to localhost ( WindowsAurthentication) and it works so i conclude that the problem lies on the sql user access. However I had already ticks everything on object explorer > security > logins > my user properties > Server Roles & User Mapping. What should i do inorder to grant insert/create database access to my sql user? Thanks.

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How To Grant Sysadmin Permission To SQL Server User ?

I'm trying to run the Bulk Insert statement but in order for me the run it, i need to have the sysadmin permission. Can someone show me how to grant sysadmin permission to my SQL Server user? This is really urgent. Thank you in advance.

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How To Grant User Permission To Create Other Users?
There's something I can't quite figure out about user creating

The application that I'm currently working on is interacting with DB, therefore every time you use application you need to login as user which is fine. The problem is that certain users should be able to create new users and the new user mayeven have the same level of permissions as the one that's creating it ( like admin creating another admin acount or some like that).

Question is how can I allow users to create these user with giving them as few permissions as possible.

If there's is somewhere a code sample on the net I would appreciate the link.

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How To Grant Permission To A Specific User To Run SQL Scheduled Jobs?
Hello Everyone,

I have an web application where the users has to run SQL scheduled jobs from the webpage. How to assign permission to a specific user to run specific jobs without making them a member of a Sysadmin role?

Any ideas you all smart people?
Thanks in advance!


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How To Grant Create Procedure Permission To Database User?
Can somebody tell me without pointing to any other link how to grant Create Procedure permission to DB user.

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Issue On SSRS2005 To Grant Permissions To User Are Insufficient

I have a problem to execute report (.rdl) inmy web application. it says that"
The permissions granted to user 'SYSTEMAIUSER_SYSTEMA'are insufficient for performing this operation.". Actually am working on two systems which are SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB, SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB are having reportingservices and my web project. when i try to access web applicationand reporting services (whichmapped withlocalserver)from SYSTEMB to SYSTEMA am getting the above error. Please any one help me to come out from this issue.

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Howto Setup My User In Order To Grant Him The Drop Privilege
Hi. Thru a sproc, I drop & re-create some temp tables.When I call that sproc from the client, though, I cannot drop thetables.I need to allow the user, say "Alex", to drop/create tables (actually,that would be DDL). Which role should "Alex" assume ? How do I do that?I run the following sproc named, say, "CREATE_TABLE" (SNIP):__________________________________________________ __________________Set @StrSQL = 'if exists (select * from dbo.sysobjects where id =object_id(N''[dbo].[' + @TableName + ']'') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id,N''IsUserTable'') = 1) drop table [dbo].[' + @TableName + ']'Exec (@StrSQL)Set @StrSQL = 'CREATE TABLE [dbo].[' + @TableName + '] ([GROUP] [varchar] (6) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,...........[Stuff] [varchar] (20) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL) ON [PRIMARY]'Exec (@StrSQL)Set @StrSQL = 'GRANT SELECT , UPDATE , INSERT , DELETE ON [dbo].['+ @TableName + '] TO [Alex]'Exec (@StrSQL)__________________________________________________ __________________As you can see, it is dynamic, because I need to repeat it for many@TableName values - that means, further more, that I will be executingthis in the context of the current user, Alex, and therefore I have togive Alex rights to both executing the sproc and to the tables referredto by the sproc, as specified by @TableName.I created a _TEST sproc which contains only the following:_______________________________________________CREATE PROCEDURE _TEST ASDROP TABLE [dbo].[SomeTable]RETURN_______________________________________________When I execute it from the client, thru ADODB, on user Alex, I get"User does not have permission to execute this operation on tableSomeTable"The table has been created thru "CREATE_TABLE", abovePlease help, I have to finish this tomorrow, and I'm under tons ofpressure.Thanks a lot,Alex.

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User Without Login : Grant To View Server State Problem
Hi to everybody,

I have a permission problems with user create for service.

I created an user without login in a database. I use this user for service broker activation procedure.So, this user have a certificate to exports in other database.

To generalize activation procedure of many service broker queue I try to use this piece of code :

DECLARE @QueueName nvarchar(MAX)
DECLARE @queue_id int

SELECT @queue_id = queue_id FROM sys.dm_broker_activated_tasks
WHERE spid = @@SPID

SELECT @QueueName = [name] FROM sys.service_queues
WHERE object_id = @queue_id

To use this DMV user need VIEW SERVER STATE grant but this is an user DB and I can't give this grant to user.

How can I do it?

Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance


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Question About Create Database,login,user,schema And Grant Permissions.

Icreated a database,login,user and schema like belows.

-- 2. create database

-- 3. create login
CREATE LOGIN MyTempLogin WITH PASSWORD = '#mytemplogin$',

USE MyTempDatabase;

-- 4. create user

-- 5. create schema

The created user,MyTempLogin, must have permissions thatcan create tables,drop tables,select,insert,delete,update and bulk insert.

How can I grant permissions to the user?(or schema?)

I failed to grantby T-SQL query.

Additionally, what is purppose of the ROLE? Should I create or use it?

I'm confusing in security concept(login,user,schema,role).


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What Permission I Need To Grant To A User If He Need To Read Or Write A Link Server Tables

What role or system privilege do I need to grant to a user if he need to read the data from a table which is in a link server object? where I can findthedocument about these commands.


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How To Grant 'Network Service' Or 'ASPNET' User Accounts Permissions To Connect To Database
set up asp .net user account on sql server 2005Question:

I've read the instructions in this article: do not know how to do this:You can grant 'Network Service' or 'ASPNET' user accounts permissions to connect to database.Please provide example on how to do this, thanks!

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How To Grant Rights For The Anonymous IIS Web User IUSR_.. To Execute Scalar Function In Assembly
Dear all,

Basically I want to set chain up the rights so that the anonymous web user IUSR_ .. can execute the new .NET subs, functions etc in the assembly, just as the anonymous web user can execute Stored Procedures when granted. In this way, it should be possible to call the .NET assembly just as classic stored procedures from ASP/ASP.NET.

I have written a .NET function which I can successfully execute if I log on to the database as an administrator by sending this T-SQL query; it returns the result of a given string:

select dbo.CLRHTMLString('abc')

The scenario is now to try to grant access to this assembly for a different role (webuser), which the classic IUSR_MYSERVERNAME is a login of, so that I can call the .NET Assembly when I am authenticated as the anonymous web user (e.g. via ASP, etc.).

To test access, I created a login (webusertest) for a user (webusertest) in the same role (webuser) on the database. But when I use this login, which supposedly has the same rights as the IUSR_, execution right is denied:

EXECUTE permission denied on object 'CLRHTMLString', database 'adt_db', schema 'dbo'.

Note: The 'webuser' database role has Execute permission on the Assembly.

I have also tested this from my actual web page, with the following results:
(1) IUSR_MYSERVER member of db_owner role: Web page has right to call assembly.
(2) IUSR_MYSERVER not member of db_owner role: Web page does not have right to call assembly.

Further test results:
(3) Function can be called when making the user "webusertest" member of the "db_owner" role, which is too much rights to grant for the anonymous web user.

(4) When adding the user 'webusertest' to get 'Execute' permissions on the assembly, it does not get added. After clicking OK, there is no warning message, but when opening the Assembly Properties -> Permission dialog box the same time, the 'webusertest' user does not appear in the list.

Thankful for any advice on this matter.

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GRANT SELECT ON [dbo].[TblAreaCatmap] TO [admin] Prevent Grant From Being Automaticly Add To Each Column

GRANT SELECT ON [dbo].[TblAreaCatmap] TO [admin] prevent grant from being automaticly add to each column?

Is there a way when you issue a grant select to a table or a view to not also grant select for each column.

The problem is when you use the grant command it automaticly adds the grant command to each column. I want to grant the permission at the table level so when the table is scripted it only has a single grant command instead of a grant for the table and a grant for each column which is not needed.

The sql managemnt studion interface will allow you to do this but onlt by using the interface. If you issue the above command from a query window it also creates A GRANT FOR EVERY COLUMN. How can I stop this behavior.

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How To Grant Create View Access Without Grant Alter On Schema::
In SQL Server 2005 SP2 I want to grant the ability to create views to a user but in order to do this it requires that the users has the ability to grant alter on a schema.

Is there any way to grant this privilage without granting alter on schema also?

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Sa Privileges.
in mixed mode,
is there a way to prevent access from user SA to a specific database?


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DBO Privileges
I have just noticed something very discomforting.

I was told that a user with DBO privileges is able to alter their own database. A conversation of course began to where I was in disagreement with him. The ultimate test of course would be setup the scenario. To my surpise he was right!

I checked the BOL documentation and my concerns were verified.

I have checked permissions on the user I created as well as on a user that previously exists on the MSSQL Server. Only DBO permissions were given to the tested users.

I thought maybe this had something to do with the autogrow setting which is a setting we would enable on a dedicated MSSQL Server but not on a shared MSSQL Server. I toggled this option and the DBO was still able to make size changes to their database.

This is very upsetting as we charge for additional reserved database space. Aside from that, we wouldn't want to have a user with unlimited resources to the server. I could easily fill up a hard drive if I were to update the autogrow setting of the database as DBO and run an infinite loop that would insert data into tables.

I then tested the ability for a user to restore a backup and to my surprise it worked without error for the DBO only privileged user. The DBO user was also able to restore previously dated databases assuming that they knew the file name which would not be hard to guess since it is appended with a date stamp (My_Database_20042905.BAK).

Why is this? Is there a way to correct this and prevent the DBO user to only have access to their database but not the above mentioned type privileges?

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DTSRUN Privileges?
I am trying to get a DTS package to be run from the command line withthe dtsrun utility. The DTS package is stored in the database. The userI supply is a user in the database. I get an error stating "SQL Serverdoes not exist or access denied." It looks to me like the SQL Serverinstance does exist because it tries to start the package. I get"DTSRun: Executing". If I put in a server that is non-existent, I do notget that message. I also know that my username and password are correct.Here is output from my attempt to run dtsrun for my DTS pkg (server,user, password change to protect my db security):C:>dtsrun /Sserver_name /Uuser /Ppass /Npkg_nameDTSRun: Loading...DTSRun: Executing...DTSRun OnStart: DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1DTSRun OnError: DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1, Error = -2147467259 (80004005)Error string: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Serverdoes not exist or access denied.Error source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL ServerHelp file:Help context: 0Error Detail Records:Error: -2147467259 (80004005); Provider Error: 17 (11)Error string: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Serverdoes not exist or access denied.Error source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL ServerHelp file:Help context: 0DTSRun OnFinish: DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1DTSRun: Package execution complete.I suspect that my user I am connecting to the database with does nothave privileges to execute the DTS package. I cannot determine, fromBOL, what privs I need to grant to this user to let them execute thispackage. Any ideas?TIA,Brian--================================================== =================Brian PeaslandJoin Bytes!http://www.peasland.netRemove the "nospam." from the email address to email me."I can give it to you cheap, quick, and good.Now pick two out of the three" - Unknown

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Execute Privileges On Sp
Hi. I'm trying to test something on a test db I have installed on my pc, but I am unable to process as I'm doing it. So, basically what I want is to give execute privilege on a procedure to a user, so the user can execute this procedure without having the privileges explicity granted on it (what this procedure do is to truncate a table on which the user has no access). As I've read, SQL Server stored procedures privileges runs with the definers permissions, not the one that is actually executing the procedure. So, what I'm doing is this: in query analyzer, logged in as sa, I did

use test

create table t ( a integer )

create procedure can_truncate as
truncate table t

sp_addlogin 'jmartinez',''

sp_grantdbaccess 'jmartinez','jmartinez'

grant execute on can_truncate to jmartinez

Then I went to connect again, as jmartinez and did:

exec can_truncate

and I get

Server: Msg 3704, Level 16, State 1, Procedure can_truncate, Line 2
User does not have permission to perform this operation on table 't'.

So, I wonder what more permissions would user jmartinez need in order to execute this procedure successfully. I hope you all understand what I am trying to achieve.


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Which Of The Two Or More Users' Privileges?
I am very new to the SQL database. I have the following query. I would appreciate if someone could clarify this for me:

I have created two users (user1 & user2) under the same login name test1 in SQL Server 2005 Database. Further I used the login name (test1) & password (******) of SQL Server in connection string to connect to database.

Now I want to know that how & where can I refer the user name (user1 or user2) to use its previliges.

How will I know that which user's privileges level is used in the connection.?

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Privileges Problem
I`m having a privileges problem when I go into enterprise manager.
I am unable to do things like create an index. I believe every time I open enterprise manager it is logging
me in as a user other than sa. How can I change this setting so that when I open enterprise manager I`m loggged
in as sa?

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Table Privileges
Is there a way to alias a table such that a particular user with privileges on that table (created by another user - not 'dbo') does not have to qualify it with the owner name? I am seeking a database level solution. Thanks.

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Privileges To Run Trace
Is there any way I can give a user read only access to the database, yet have privilges to run a trace.

Any suggestions and inputs would help


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Issues With Privileges
I am having trouble with providing the minimum security to a user. After issuing the following:


I test the permissions with

exec as login = 'skillsnetuser'

exec prcElmtList 1, 1, 102268


and receive this message

Msg 229, Level 14, State 5, Line 2

SELECT permission denied on object 'Org', database 'SNAccess_Dev', schema 'dbo'.

The principal that owns the dbo schema is dbo and is the principle for all procedures and tables in that schema.

What can I do to shed some light on what is causing this access problem?

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Insufficient Privileges
After installing Express, I tried running the QuickStart utility and received an error that I have insufficient privileges to create. I am the administrative user on my laptop and don't understand why I am unable to run the utility.

I did have an instance previously and had no problems with it until it was corrupted somehow.

I am running on Vista.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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SQL 6.5 had the capability to grant column privileges such as update on a particular column out of the graphical interface. I dont see this capability in the SQL 7. I can give update on a column through the grant statement but this is not self documenting for anyone that may come after. Is there a better way or at least a self documenting way to give column level access in SQL 7.

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