How To Combine Two Column In One Table Using SQL Statement ?

Feb 16, 2005

Could you write the simple SQL statement from 'Combine two column in one table '?

I try to use 'Union' which combine two column in two table . thx

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Combine Two Statement

Mar 25, 2008

Help please!

I have two statements getting data from two different tables.

1: select dataDate from table1,- gives ‘20080325’

2: select count (recordNumber) from table2,-- gives ‘4566’

Each table has one row but more than one column. The columns are not the same in each table.

Question. I need to combine two statements to give the outcome in one row as '200803254566'. '2008032' from first statement and '54566'from second statement. How do you combine them?


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Combine Fields And Text In Select Statement

Jan 1, 2007

Is it possible to combine fields and text in a select statement?
In a dropDownList I want to show a combination of two different fields, and have the value of the selected item come from a third field. So, I thought I could maybe do something like this:
  SELECT DISTINCT GRP AS GroupName, "Year: " + YEAR + "Grade: " + GRD AS ShowMe
I hoped that would take the values in YEAR and GRD and concatenate them with the other text. Then my dropDownList could show the ShowMe value and have the GroupName as the value it passes on. However, when I test this in the VS Query Builder, it says that Year and Grade are unknown column names and changes the double-quotes to square brackets.
If this is possible, or there's a better way to do it, I'd love some more info.

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Transact SQL :: Combine Two Views Into One Statement Or One View

Oct 15, 2015

I'd like to get results from ZTest_Contract being my result set, and would like to combine the subquery (which gets the Max) into the primary view ZTest_Contract.

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[ZTest_Contract] AS

[Code] ......

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Combine To 1 New Column

Dec 18, 2013

I have data as below:

IDJourneySegmentType Depart Arrive 1st2nd

How can i make it to 1 row for 1st and 2nd column?


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Using A Variable To Specify Table Column In Sql Statement??

Feb 6, 2008

Hello everyone,
I'm still quite new, Visual Web Developer 2008, and SQL. It has been a fun learning experience so far. Anyways, the site I am designing needs to allow its users to extensively search several different databases (MS SQL databases).  I have followed many of the tutorials and have found it rather easy to add table adapters, gridviews and other data features that use basic SQL Select statements. One of the major database tables contains several columns which I would like to include as a search parameters from a drop down list. I was wondering if there is any way I can write a select which will pass a variable to be used as a column name to the statement?  For example:
This obviously doesnt work, but thats the gist of what I want to do. Any suggestions? I need this to be simple as possible, Most everything I'm doing is done through the visual design mode. Im still slow to learn C# and apply it in the codebehind files unless I have very detailed step by step instuctions.

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Combine Two Different Columns Into One Column

May 30, 2008

Hi Guys,
I have twotables(Employee and Borrower). In Employee table have EMPID and Borrower table have BorrowerID. I want to comebine these two columns into one column as EMPID  in Employee table. Can  any one help?

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Combine 2 Column In 1 With Comma

Apr 29, 2015

I want to combine 2 column to 1 with comma,

How to remove the comma if the second column is empty or null.

select col1 + ', ' + col2 as a from table

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Getting Data And Combine Two Column

Oct 3, 2006

I have a table Table, there are two set of Number and store in Tel1 and Tel2

I want to get all the number of each reacod that start with '1' on each record, the number I need that may in Tel1 or Tel2, I want to get the result like 'Result' table how can I do it ?


| ID | Tel1 |Tel2 |
| 1 | 12223 | 92269 |
| 2 | 12269 | 97789 |
| 3 | 96636 | 13369 |
| 4 | 12259 | 97781 |
| 5 | 92889 | 12263 |

| ID | Tel |
| 1 | 12223 |
| 2 | 12269 |
| 3 | 13369 |
| 4 | 12259 |
| 5 | 12263 |

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How Do I Get The Actual Name Of A Column Or Table In A Sql Select Statement?

Jul 12, 2004

Hello fellow .net developers,

In a website I'm working on I need to be able to put all of the user tables in a database in a dropdownlist.

Another dropdownlist then will autopopulate itself with the names of all the columns from the table selected in the first dropdownlist.

So, what I need to know is: is there a sql statement that can return this type of information?


Table Names in Database: Customers, Suppliers

Columns in Customers Table: Name, Phone, Email, Address

I click on the word "Customers" in the first dropdownlist.

I then see the words "Name", "Phone", "Email", "Address" in the second dropdownlist.

I'm sure you all know this (but I'll say it anyways): I could hardcode this stuff in my code behind file, but that would be really annoying and if the table structure changes I would have to revise my code on the webpage. So any ideas on how to do this the right way would be really cool.

Thanks in advance,


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Is There A Way To Combine The Results Within A Column Into One Cell?

Jan 16, 2008

I have a simple sql select statement that looks like this. Select   Column1+ ' ' + Column2 As SpecFROM   Table both columns are varchar's and the output i get is something like this.Spec-----------------------AaBbCc What I would like to return as my results is this: Spec--------------------AaBbCc I hope this makes sense. I can I accomplish that?Thanks!   

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Combine Two Column In Select Statetment?

Apr 28, 2008


I have a staff table and it has columns like firstname, lastname etc

I did the query and it works. but firstname and lastname are too close

SELECT (FirstName + Lastname) as fullname
FROM StaffList

I need the format "firstname , lastname " so I write the second query

SELECT (FirstName + " , " + Lastname) as fullname
FROM StaffList

But it doesn't work.Please help me and let me know how to make the second query work.

Thanks a lot


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Combine Column Fields Together Into One Field

Jan 24, 2007

Hello to All,

I needs help to combine these together but how would I eliminate necessarily zero in front of "PropertyHouseNumber".

Table: DirectHome

Column fields.......
PropertyHouseNumber, PropertyStreetDirection, PropertyStreetName, PropertyMODE

0000001091 , W , 000026TH , RD

Thank you


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Check For Column Existance Before Alter Table Statement

Feb 14, 2000

Hello all,

I am trying to add columns to several tables in a singular database. I want to check to see if the column exists in a given table first before executing the alter table command so that I can skip that command if the column already exists, and avoid aborting my script prematurely. I can't seem to find a way to check for the column's existance. Any suggestions?

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SELECT Statement To Return Table Column Names

Aug 16, 2004

Is there a SELECT statement that will return a the column names of a given table?

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Insert Statement That Pulls Column Data From Another Table?

Nov 3, 2006


i cant get this quite right.

i have a table and i need to insert one column with data from another table. it goes something like this (although i know this is wrong, just here for a visual explaination) :


(list_date, email_address, list_status, list_email)
, ''
, 0
, SELECT emailAddress FROM Users WHERE id = '72'

so, list_email needs the email address from the Users
table. i tried messing around with inner joins but, well,
here i am...

thanks in advace.

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SQL Statement Not Producing Any Error For Invalid Column In A Table

Sep 2, 2006


I am using SQL Server 2005 with SP1 patch update.I have tow tables

X table fields:


Y table fields:


If i run a query for X table:

SELECT RegisteredNumber FROM X it produces the error like this

Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Invalid column name 'RegisteredNumber'.

But if i run the query for X,Y table:


(SELECT RegisteredNumber FROM X)

It's not producing any errors.

Why this? Is this the SQL Bug or my query problem?

Can anyone explain how to solve this?


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Combine Multiple Rows To Single Column

Jul 8, 2014

With the below query iam able to retrieve all the tables invloved in a stored proc. But, what I want to display the table names as comma separated list for each table.

;WITH stored_procedures AS (
SELECT, AS proc_name, AS table_name,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(partition by, ORDER BY, AS row
FROM sysdepends d
INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON
INNER JOIN sysobjects oo ON
WHERE o.xtype = 'P')
SELECT id,proc_name, table_name FROM stored_procedures
WHERE row = 1
ORDER BY proc_name,table_name

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Transact SQL :: Combine Multiple Rows In A New Column

Jul 16, 2015

I have the table below and like to combine the rows to create a single link row in a new column. The rows should be combined based on the job number columns which is the same for the rows to be combined.


[Code] ...

Output should be as below

16/7/15 called tenant and she thought we would just fix for free - advised her I can get a quote how ever she may have to pay - she will call back  

16/7/15 called tnt said no report number. Said she will speak with her husband and call back with her decision and 16/07/15 the work order was sent to agent ...

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INSERT Statement Conflicted With COLUMN FOREIGN KEY SAME TABLE Constraint

Aug 1, 2006

For some reason, I'm getting this error, even without the DBCC Check:

INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY SAME TABLE constraint 'Category_Category_FK1'. The conflict occurred in database 'mydb', table 'Category', column 'CategoryID'.
The statement has been terminated.

The very first insert was working fine before:

DELETE Category;

-- Now, insert the initial 'All' Root Record

(ParentCategoryID, [Name], [Description], DisplayOrder, DisplayInExplorer, Keywords, Active, CreateDate, CreateUserID, UpdateDate, UpdateUserID )
SELECT 1, CategoryName, '', 1, 1, '', 1, GETDATE(), 1, GETDATE(), 1 FROM CategoriesStaging WHERE CategoryName = 'All'

(ParentCategoryID, [Name], [Description], DisplayOrder, DisplayInExplorer, Keywords, Active, CreateDate, CreateUserID, UpdateDate, UpdateUserID )
SELECT 2, CategoryName, '', 1, 1, '', 1, GETDATE(), 1, GETDATE(), 1 FROM CategoriesStaging WHERE CategoryName = 'Store'

/* Finally, insert the rest and match on the Parent
Category Name based on the CategoryStaging table

(ParentCategoryID, [Name], [Description], DisplayOrder, DisplayInExplorer, Keywords, Active, CreateDate, CreateUserID, UpdateDate, UpdateUserID)
SELECT c.CategoryID, s.CategoryName, '', 1, 1, '', 1, GETDATE(), 1, GETDATE(), 1
FROM Category c INNER JOIN CategoriesStaging s ON c.[Name] = s.ParentCategoryName
WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Category c WHERE s.[CategoryName] = c.[Name])
AND s.CategoryName <> 'All'

Here's the schema:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Category](
[CategoryID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[ParentCategoryID] [int] NULL,
[Name] [nvarchar](255) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,

[CategoryID] ASC

USE [mydatabase]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Category] WITH NOCHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [Category_Category_FK1] FOREIGN KEY([ParentCategoryID])
REFERENCES [dbo].[Category] ([CategoryID])

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Select Into Statement Without Taking Auto Increment Of ID Column To The New Table

Mar 7, 2011

Due to localization I have the need to make child tables, where there is a composite Primary Key, between the Id column and the LanguageSign column. On the parent table the Id column is Identity column with auto increment.

The problem is that during the select into query to copy columns from parent to child, this auto increment behaviour of the parent-Id is copied to the child-Id. However I do not want that, because the same Id will be used by different LanguageSign entries

Is there a way to use 'select into' without copying the auto increment, or is my only option to make a whole new column without auto increment on the child and copy the records?
btw I have used this statement


ON , so that inserting into the Id column is possible. I can see however that this does not take away the auto increment...

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How To Combine Two Cloumns And Display As One Column In UI ? How To Write Query For This?

Mar 14, 2008

I have 2 Columns FirstName and LastName but i need to show it in UI as User Name ,that means i need to combine both First Name and Last name and display both as 1 field namely UserName ,How to query tht ? What shld i use?

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Need To Combine String Data From Multiple Columns Into One Column

Aug 31, 2007

When quering a table with given criteria, For ex:

select notes, jobid, caller from contact where status in (6) and jobid = 173
I am getting this:

This job will be posted to Monster for 2 weeks. 173 906
Waiting for full budget approval 173 906
TUrns out we're uppin 173 906

What should I do so that these three columns for the same jobid from the same caller appears in only one column, either separated by a comma or semicolon?

Please HELP!!!!!

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How Can I Combine Values Of Multiple Columns Into A Single Column?

Oct 8, 2007

Suppose that I have a table with following values
Col1 Col2 Col3
P3456 C935876 T675
P5555 C678909 T8888

And the outcome that I want is:
P3456 - C935876 - T675
P5555 - C678909 - T8888

where CombinedValues column contains values of coulmn 1,2 & 3 seperated by '-'
So is there any way to achieve this?

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Random Selection From Table Variable In Subquery As A Column In Select Statement

Nov 7, 2007

Consider the below code: I am trying to find a way so that my select statement (which will actually be used to insert records) can randomly place values in the Source and Type columns that it selects from a list which in this case is records in a table variable. I dont really want to perform the insert inside a loop since the production version will work with millions of records. Anyone have any suggestions of how to change the subqueries that constitute these columns so that they are randomized?


Declare @RandomRecordCount as int, @Counter as int
Select @RandomRecordCount = 1000

Declare @Type table (Name nvarchar(200) NOT NULL)
Declare @Source table (Name nvarchar(200) NOT NULL)
Declare @Users table (Name nvarchar(200) NOT NULL)
Declare @NumericBase table (Number int not null)

Set @Counter = 0

while @Counter < @RandomRecordCount
Insert into @NumericBase(Number)Values(@Counter)
set @Counter = @Counter + 1

Insert into @Type(Name)
Select 'Type: Buick' UNION ALL
Select 'Type: Cadillac' UNION ALL
Select 'Type: Chevrolet' UNION ALL
Select 'Type: GMC'

Insert into @Source(Name)
Select 'Source: Japan' UNION ALL
Select 'Source: China' UNION ALL
Select 'Source: Spain' UNION ALL
Select 'Source: India' UNION ALL
Select 'Source: USA'

Insert into @Users(Name)
Select 'keith' UNION ALL
Select 'kevin' UNION ALL
Select 'chris' UNION ALL
Select 'chad' UNION ALL
Select 'brian'

1 ProviderId, -- static value
'' Identifier,
'' ClassificationCode,
(select TOP 1 Name from @Source order by newid()) Source,
(select TOP 1 Name from @Type order by newid()) Type

from @NumericBase


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Combine Two Table Records By First Name?

Feb 15, 2012

I have 2 tables First is Student_detail and another is Employee_detail. Student_detail have 14 fields like (stud_Firstname,stud_Lastname...) and Employee_detail have 17 fields like(emp_Firstname,emp_Lastname...).there is no relationship between these two table and also not in a relationship with any other table in my database.This is a structure of my db. but i want to get the records from these two table whose first name is same for both the well as the result of this query will first show me Student_detail record first and then Employee_detail record.but not in a one should be display in one by one.

Like this way:

HTML Code:

Student_detail :-

stud_First_name stud_Last_name std_city ........
Shrikant Joshi Jalgaon ........
Yogesh Trivedi Malkapur ........


emp_First_name emp_Last_name emp_city ..........
Tushar Patil Mumbai ..........
Shrikant Rane Nasik ..........

Result of a query:-
First_name Last_name City ..........
Shrikant Joshi Jalgaon .........
Shrikant Rane Nasik .........

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How To Combine 2 Query From Different Table

Apr 5, 2012

I have write two query but its only work one at a time need your expertise what i am doing wrong.

[Category].Category AS project_type,
[SalesManager].SalesManager As Manager,
FROM [Category] INNER JOIN (Projects INNER JOIN [MO/FSC] ON Projects.ProjectID = [MO/FSC].Project)
ON [Category].ID = Projects.Category
FROM [SalesManager] INNER JOIN (Projects INNER JOIN [MO/FSC] ON Projects.ProjectID = [MO/FSC].Project)
ON [SalesManager].ID = Projects.SalesManagerID

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Combine 2 Columns From Different Table

Apr 29, 2015

I want to combine 2 columns from different table.

let said my table1:

id: A1 customername: WesternDigital
id: A2 customername: Sony
id: A3 customername: Samsung

my table2 :

id: A1 customername: Rose
id: A3 customername: John

My output is like that:

WesternDigital, Rose
Samsung, John

my sql as below:

select table1.customername + table2.customername as customername
from table1
inner join table2 on =

how to make the table1 sony appear also even it does not exist in table2?

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Update One Colum With Other Column Value In Same Table Using Update Table Statement

Jun 14, 2007

Hi,I have table with three columns as belowtable name:expNo(int) name(char) refno(int)I have data as belowNo name refno1 a2 b3 cI need to update the refno with no values I write a query as belowupdate exp set refno=(select no from exp)when i run the query i got error asSubquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when thesubquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used asan expression.I need to update one colum with other column value.What is the correct query for this ?Thanks,Mani

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Combine 2 Queries To Produce One Result Table

Jan 9, 2014

I would like to pull all the columns from a table where the date column is within 6 months from the max date (i.e. Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, & Dec). In addition to that, I would like to pull another column -the summary column - from the same table where the date = max(date) (Dec only).

I have written 2 queries and they produce the correct data. However, I don't know how to combine them into one resultant table. I tried to do a left join and had difficulties dealing with the different where statements from the 2 queries..

Here is query #1:

select investor, full_date, month_end_summary, category, loan_count
from cust_table
where datediff(month,full_date,(select max(full_date) from cust_table)) < 6
group by investor, full_date, month_end_summary, category, loan_count
order by investor, full_date

Here is query #2:

select investor, full_date, month_end_summary
from cust_table
where datediff(month,full_date,(select max(full_date) from cust_table)) =0
order by investor, full_date

Can they be combined into one query to produce one result table??

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Nice Problem: How To Combine Different Columns Into A Table

Jan 18, 2004

It's rather easy to combine resultset from the same table structure...we can either insert the entries or union the results.

But let's say you select different columns from different tables and want to combine them to form a new table, how would you do it (assuming you can't join those tables since they are not related), assuming they all return the same number of rows.

select col1 from table1
select col2 from table2

Now I want to combine them so table3 is made of col1 and col2.

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Query To Combine Two Tables Based On Third Table

Feb 18, 2015

I have three tables A, B, C respectively. Table C is used to map table A and B. Three tables are below:

Table A:

Table B:

Table C:

So what query do I need write to have table like below?

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Combine 2 Rows From Derived Table Into 1 Row W/o Repeating Query?

Aug 1, 2007

I'm trying not to use a temp table, but i may have to do so..
I'm using sql2005 for this case.

i have a derived table that makes the following results:

ID Status Name

2 1 "A"

2 2 "B"

I want to get the following:

ID Name1 Name2

2 "A" "B"

but like I said before, I can't repeat the query that gets the first 2 rows, as it's pretty invovled. a temp table is the best route I see right now, but I just wanted to be sure I'm not missing something. If I've aliased it as 'results', is there a way to alias results again as something else? or maybe a trick with CTEs? I will try that! It seems promising.

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