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How To Insert Date Format Mm/dd/yyyy In MySQL Database

Hello every one,
                  I have a problem while inserting the date format like  mm/dd/yyyy in mySQL. It is showing the date format error.and my requirement is to enter like this format from front-end(,C#) and i am using mySQL as database.

                  any help would be greatly appriaciated.

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Set The Date Format To Be 'dd/MM/yyyy' For An SQL Server Database
How can I set the date format to be 'dd/MM/yyyy' for an SQL Server database (to apply in all tables' dates) ?
Thanks a lot in advance! 

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Date Format 'MM/YYYY'

I need to format a date like this:

01/2004 -> 'MM/YYYY'

I know that I can do this....

SELECT CAST(datepart(mm,getdate()) AS VARCHAR) + '/' + CAST(datepart(yyyy,getdate()) AS VARCHAR)

but , Is there is another better solution?

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How To Update A Date With Dd/mm/yyyy Format
How do I update a date with this format?  I put HTMLEncode = false and dataformatString = {0:d} so I can just have the date and drop the time.  Now it's not updating in the database.
Here's my stored procedure:
CREATE PROCEDURE [UpdateRtnDate]  @loanrequestid int, @returndate datetime  AS Update LibraryRequest
set[returndate]=@returndatewhere loanrequestid = @loanrequestid 
It doesn't go into the database what am I misisng?

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How To Default The Date Format As Dd/mm/yyyy
Dear all:

Anyone knows how to set the default fate format at SQL server as dd/mm/yyyy. Thanks for the help!

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Returning A Date In This Format DD/MM/YYYY
I basically want to return a date in DD/MM/YYYY format.

SELECT firstname, dbo.FormatDate(registrationdate) from T_Users

Is there an SQL Function that allows date formatting?


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Date Format : From Mm/dd/yyyyy To Dd/mm/yyyy
Good afternoon,

Does any1 know if it is possible to change the format of date (in TSQL) from the american version (i.e. mm/dd/yyyyy ) to dd/mm/yyyy.

Thanks in advance for any help


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How To Diaplay Date In MM/dd/yyyy Format
how to display date in mm/dd/yy using select query ( i have dates which are in mm/dd/yyyyy format but when i run a query it displaying yyyy-mm-dd format).i want to display date in mm/dd/yyyy format so how to write select query for that

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Date Format: Mm/dd/yyyy Does Not Work
I have a date field I am trying to format so it does not show the minutes,sec's.  Seems the obvious way to do this would be to put mm/dd/yyyy in the format property.  I tried this and the day and year seem to work, but the month is not showing month. rather it appears to be showing minute.  Does month use a different letter?

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Current Date In Format Yyyy/MM/dd
 How can I return the current date from sql formatted as 2007/10/05 ? (year/month/day)

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Parameter Date Format - Change To Dd/mm/yyyy

Hi All,


I'm using report with a date parameter (user enters a date) and all transactions before that date are displayed.  I don't know how to set parameter date format on the displayed report to dd/mm/yyyy.

If it's not a parameter I usually use sql " convert(varchar(10),datefield,103)" but don't know how to use this with parameter.





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How To Stored A Date Having Dd/MM/yyyy Into The SQLServer 2005 Having MM/dd/yyyy
Anyone please suggest me that , I have a text box where I am entering th date in dd/MM/yyyy format.
But the default field in my SqlServer2005 is MM/dd/yyyy.
How can i insert it into the database. or how can i change the MM/dd/yyyy of database to dd/MM/yyyy
Please, its urgent.
Thanks in advance

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Datetime Format Setting --&&> Mm-dd-yyyy Instead Of Dd-MM-yyyy In SQL Server 2005 / Expre(is It With Sql Server Login Language ??)
I€™m getting a datetime format problem(mm-dd-yyyy for dd-MM-yyyy), when I install SQL Server 2005 Express. {The exception is: The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.}
My windows Regional and Language options €“ English (United Kingdom), Sort date format is dd-MM-yyyy.
When converting the date time in Sql server is using the mm-dd-yyyy format. But I€™m supplying the dd-mm-yyyy format date time.
I tried number of things none of them worked for me

1. Tried changing the default language and get the date time format
- exec sp_configure 'default language', 2057
-  did not work
EXEC sp_defaultlanguage 'my user name', 'British'
- did not work
2. Tried a registry hack by opening regedit, and get the following 3 language keys and change it to decimal 2057:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsClientSetupCurrentVersion]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsSetup
- did not work
3. Every thing in the Regional and Language options to UK and British with the date time format input language keyboard and every think else I could think of, which could link to US English or US date format  --------- Did not work
4.              even went into the extend of modifying the date format on a Windows machine for new users account by editing the HKEY_USERS registry key and creating a new user  - Did not work
(Ref: )
5.              Uninstall and reinstall SQL server express several time and did the steps 1 €“ 4 where applicable €“ did not work€¦.
If anyone has any idea of what I have to do to change the date time format in the SQL Server 2005 to use the dd-mm-yyyy format for dates....
Please help me or point me in the direction in which I have to look for an answer.
Thank you very much€¦.

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Convert '' String To Mm/dd/yyyy Date

Is it possible to convert a '' string into an mm/dd/yyyy date using convert or cast?The date format set on the sql server is mm/dd/yyyy...


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Date Convert From Yyyy-mm-dd To Dd/mm/yyyy
Hi to ALL
Here I am using .net 2.0 and MS SQL 2K. In our database table DateTime saved as in the format of 2007-01-31 8:33:19.000(yyyy-mm-dd) to access to this records by searching based on Date, when we are searching based on Date that Date format would be (dd/mm/yyyy). How we can convert the date format.

Data Base Date Format: 2007-01-31 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Search Criteria Date Format: 31/01/2007 (dd/mm/yyyy)

I have written following Code: Pls suggest me whether its correct r not
Select distinct tbl_adminuser.adminUserName,tbl_adminCategory.Name, COUNT(dbo.tbl_outbox.msgUserID) As


FROM dbo.tbl_adminuser,dbo.tbl_AdminCategory, dbo.tbl_outbox

where tbl_adminuser.adminUserID = dbo.tbl_AdminCategory.CatID and tbl_AdminCategory.CatID =


and tbl_outbox.msgUserID <> 0 and Convert(varchar,tbl_outbox.msgDate,103)>=@fromdate and
group by tbl_adminuser.adminUserName, dbo.tbl_AdminCategory.Name

Thanks in Advance

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Insert To Recordset Gives Different Date Format To Table Insert ????????
Help please!


I have an asp page with some simple vbscript to add a record to a table, the record has a datefield (dob).

the insert results in a US formated date if I add a record to a dynamic recordset but a UK formated date if I insert direct to the table ?????


if request("dob") is "01/11/2007"       (1st november 2007)



set conn = server.createobject("adodb.connection")

set rs = server.createobject("adodb.recordset") "tez", mc, 2, 2 rs.addnew

rs("dob") = request("dob")



11 jan 2007 stored in table




set trs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")

qfn= "insert tez values('"+request("dob")+"')"

trs.Open qfn,mc


results in

1 november 2007 is written to the table.

Both of these methods are used in the same asp page.


This is on a windows2003 server, sql2005,iisv6, asp.netv2


I have tried every setting I can find in iis,asp,sql server to no avail.

I need the recordset method to work correctly.





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Insert Date As Dd/mm/yy Format
Hi all,

I have an application that receive date input from user in the dd/mm/yyyy format. When I tried to insert the record into the SQL Server with an INSERT statement, I received an error message indicating the date index is out of range. I guess, the SQL Server is expecting the date format to be mm/dd/yyyy. Is there any way that I can input the date into SQL Server in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Thank You

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Date From Yyyy-mm-dd To Mm/dd/yyyy
I have created a ssis package to export data to a flat file. How do I get the file to export from yyyy-mm-dd to mm/dd/yyyyy?

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Format = Yyyy/mm/dd H:m:s ?
How can i store the dates in a DateTime Columns in format = yyyy/mm/dd h:m:s --> 2005/01/21 18:40:21 ?

I have tried to write it in the formula field but it doesn't work .. it works in access 2000

for MS SQL 2000 database

thank you

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How To Insert/format A Date In My DB Table?
Hi. I am sitting here as a newbie programming my first web application.I have in my tables a column ‘Birthday’ declared as a  smalldatetime (I only want to store year, month and day).Where Year, Month ans Days are dropdownlist. 
Inserting the data I use this code:
Dim Birthday As New DateTime(Int32.Parse(Year.SelectedValue), Int32.Parse(Month.SelectedValue), Int32.Parse(Days.SelectedValue))-and then I use Birthday in my stored procedures.
 Whan I look into my tabel is ses the value is stored like this: 12.01.1996 00:00:00
This is also the result if I change the column declaration from smalldatetime to DateTime.Is 12.01.1996 00:00:00 (mm.dd.yyyy) the correct value in my DB. I whould have expecetd or ?
Please avise.

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Need Javascript For Mm/dd/yyyy Format
 I need to dispaly 'mm/dd/yyyy' on a text box(aspx page) by default.
When the user enters the date(only numerics) in the text box it should take the date in that order.
eg.. if the user enters 01012008 on that text box, it should display 01/01/2008, adding '/' by itself.
      if the user enters 12312008 on that text box, it should display 12/31/2008, adding '/' by itself.
I am having tuff time,Can anyone, please provide the code for this solution.

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DATETIME To Format Mm/dd/yyyy Hh:mm Am/pm

I have a column in a database set as a DATETIME datatype, when I select it, I want to return it as:

mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am or pm.
How in the world can I do this? I looked at the function CONVERT() and it doesnt seem to have this format as a valid type. This is causing me to lose my hair, in MySQL it is just so much easier. .
At any rate, currently when I select the value without any convert() it returns as:
June 1 2007 12:23AM
Which is close, but I want it as:
06/01/2007 12:23AM

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Conversin From String Dd/mm/yyyy Format
i have a problem.
i m inserting data in "dd/mm/yyyy" string format and i want to ocnvert in "dd mon yyyy" format.
for eg-- i m entering 30/11/2007" and i wnat in this format "30 Nov 2007"

if any body knows please help me.

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I Can't Store Dates In The DD/MM/YYYY Format.
ok so this is my table structure
 [odcCode] [int] NOT NULL ,
 [insCode] [varchar] (11) COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NOT NULL ,
 [odcQty] [int] NOT NULL ,
 [odcCostoUnitario] [numeric](18, 4) NOT NULL ,
 [odcISV] [bit] NULL ,
 [odcStatusInsumo] [varchar] (3) COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NULL ,
 [odcInsArrivalDate] [datetime]
INSERT INTO OrdenCompraDetalle
(odcCode, insCode, odcQty, odcCostoUnitario, odcISV, odcStatusInsumo, odcInsArrivalDate)
(697,'MIN-000028',1,22.3250,0,'PEN', '18/10/2007 12:00:00 a.m.')
and when I run, the insert command I get the next error:
Syntax error converting datetime from character string.

The date is taken from a standar DateTime Picker control from Visual Studio 2003 and I can't change the regional settings on the computers (that's not an option)
What can I do to fix the problem and be able to insert the date in any format?

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How To Convert Long Date Format To Short Date Format In Store Procedure.
E.g, i have a store procedure. The start date is long date (4/15/2007 3:00pm). i want to select the start date with a particular date (short date format 4/15/2006). Thanks in advance.

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Date In Mm/dd/yyyy
Folks I need help with a date: I would like to get One month old date in mm/dd/yyyy format. The data stored in the table also has timings and for archving purpose I need only mm/dd/yyyy format so that I can specify where TableDate <= 'mm/dd/yy' instead of TableDate <= DATEADD(mm,-1,GETDATE())

Thanks !

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How To Have DATE Formate YYYY-MM-DD ?

I am having a procedure and try to get the date (current date)as 'launchdate' in the output. So how do I get the right date format as below?

YYYY-MM-DD - if this is difficult then how do I get the below format


Advance thanks

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Convert ISO Date To Dd/mm/yyyy
Is it possible to convert a varchar variable that contains a date in ISO format (yyyymmdd) into a varchar variable dd/mm/yyyy?
I'm looking for a TSQL function of some kind (convert, format or sth).
Thank you!

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SQL's America Date Format Conflict With Australian Date Format


I am trying get my VB6 application to insert a record into a table (SQL Express) which has a datetime column but it would not process if the data format is differ to *American Date format*.

The date() function in VB returns 15/11/2006 which is in Australian Date format (DD/MM/YYYY) according to my setting in "Reginal and Lanuage Option-> Locale 0> English (Australia)" setting.

I get the following error:

Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Server KITSQLEXPRESS, Line 1
The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
The statement has been terminated.

My computer's locale is set to English (Australia) and I expect the datetime format would follow what is set in system locale

I've read an article somewhere on the net about how SQL 2005 eliminate the confusion of date conversion when read/write datetime records into a table...but it seems to me that it is still as in-flexible as MS Access

Is there a setting in the database that takes care of it?


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Convert INT YYYYMMDD To Date Mm/dd/yyyy
I can't seem to find a way to convert an INT type in the form of YYYYMMDD toan actual date form of mm/dd/yyyyCan anyone pointt me in the right direction?Thanks

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Convert A Gregorian Date In Mm/dd/yyyy
I want to convert a gregorian date in mm/dd/yyyy format in MS SQL 2000.

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Best Way To Get Just Dd/mm/yyyy Part From Date Field?
I would like to know the best way of returning just the Date part (dd/mm/yyyy) of a DateTime field using T-SQL. I know that some methods mean that you lose the indexing if the field is indexed. Which is the best way to do this in T-SQL whilst preserving the indexing? I'm using SQL Server 2005.

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Date And Time Together Conversion To Yyyy:mm:dd Hh:mm:ss
I have 2 fields with data like
20040201 and 122235

Combined they need to make
2002-02-01 12:22:35

I can convert them separately to dates just fine. But when I try to combine them and convert missing something. here is what I have so far

select convert(datetime,(convert(datetime,[Dateproduced],112)+'
'+(left(timeproduced,2) + ':'+ substring(timeproduced,3,2)+':'+right(timeproduced ,2),120)))
from Demographic_staging

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I Want One Of My Database Store Date In Dd-mm-yy Format
in my local sql server,i want one of my databases store date in dd-mm-yy format,currently it stored in mm-dd-yy format,and i want this format specific to this database only,it should not affect on my other can i get this?? 

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Reporting Services - Convert Date To YYYY/MM/DD
I need to convert  date type from MM/DD/YYYY(report parameters: date type=datetime) to  YYYY/MM/DD. How do i do that?
Thanks a lot.

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Db2 Database Running On AS400 To Sql Server(problem With Date Format)
Hi guys,
i am getting data from db2 database
on AS400 system in CSV files and i need
to use this data and build a dataware
house in sql server 2000.
the date formatt coming from AS400 is
YYYMMDD(eg:- 1011223
101---stands for year
11--stands for month
23-- stands for day of the month

can anybody advice me how to
encounter this problem.

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Convert Date Time(string Format) To Database Timestamp
I have two fields DSRHADTI which is an isodate and DSRHTIME which is 8 char time field in format 10.31.00. I want to take both these fields and put them into a field that is database timestamp so I have converted DSRHDATI to 10 character field.  I am then trying to use substring to put both into 18 character field using derived column transformation editor. but it does not like the below.  It's red syntax error what am I missing.
One I get the above to work I plan on convert 18 char to datetimestamp.
Am I on the right track on how to do this?

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Converting SQL Date Format To Oracle Date Format

I have a column date in my database which I should send it to Oracle database. The Date format in Oracle is number. I don’t know how should I convert the date to that format?
Example :
SQL FormatOracle Format
02/16/05 105046


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Datepicker Transposes Dates From Dd/mm/yyyy To Mm/dd/yyyy
We are having problems with a new PC, we have installed oracle 10g client, Toad, and SQLServer2005 BITools
PC regional settings set to en-NZ( we need date format to be dd/mm/yyyy)
BITools/tools/options/international settings  language = Same as Microsoft Windows

Ran a simple query(against oracle db) using between with 2 date parameters one parameter is datatype string the other datetime. When previewing report string is entered 01/03/2008 and datetime param is entered by choosing from datepicker, when view report button is clicked the datetime param is transposed whereas the string param remains unchanged.

The problem seems to be the datepicker not picking up on regional date format.
This is a new PC with xp-sp3  and the above software installed.

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Date In String Format Has To Be Changed Datetime Format
I have date coming to one page as a string in the following format"May 4 2005 12:00AM"
I need to query one of my tables using this date in combination of other nondate values. How can I convert this date into valid sql server datetime format before I query a database tables
Please help

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Insert Date Into SQL Database
This is a simple n00b question, but how can I insert the current date time into a datetime field in a database when submitting a form?
 I'm using the SQL DataSource control to do the inserting: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSourceMiguel" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:SQLDataConnectionToInsertMiguelsTips %>"
InsertCommand="INSERT INTO tblMig(TipTitle, TipBody, TipExcerpt,TipDate) VALUES (@Title,@Body,@Excerpt,@varDate)">
<InsertParameters><asp:ControlParameter ControlID="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder3$txtTitle" Name="Title" PropertyName="Text" /><asp:ControlParameter ControlID="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder3$txtBody" Name="Body" PropertyName="Text" /><asp:ControlParameter ControlID="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder3$txtExcerpt" Name="Excerpt" PropertyName="Text" /><asp:ControlParameter ControlID="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder3$txtDateNow" Name="varDate" /></InsertParameters></asp:SqlDataSource>
 Thank You

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Insert Date Into Database
I am trying to insert the current date into my database here is the code I am using

sql = "Insert into tblguestbook(date, name, city, state, email, Url, Comments)Values ('"
sql = sql & Request.Form(Now) & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("nametxt") & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("citytxt") & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("statetxt") & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("emailtxt") & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("urltxt") & "','"
sql = sql & Request.Form("commentstxt") & "');"

When I review my table the only date that will go into it is 1/1/1900.

Please help

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Auto Insert Fro Date In Database
how i make date field in database auto updated,some one told me to use '" Now "' in insert command, but it dos't work, i think it's for asp. regards

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How To Insert Date Into Database SQL 2000?
How to insert date into database SQL 2000 that the date read from server ?

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How To Insert Date In Sql Server Database
How to insert date to the sql server database.I am getting input from the HTML form and store it to database to store date field, what datatype needed and what conversionneeded.Thanx & Regards,SSG

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Insert Date And Time To Sql Server Database
hi guys
im having real problems and dont know how to solve it at all
i have a web app which allows users to enter information through edit boxes
when they submit the imformation it gets added into my SQL database. 
does anyone know how to get the Date and Time when they insert the information  and store in another column of type datetime in SQL database
the web app is written in C#
hope someone can help

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SQLS7&&VB6 Date Update Gives Syntax (Not Date Format) Error In Stored Procedure
Hi,I have a problem with updating a datetime column,When I try to change the Column from VB I get "Incorrect syntax near'942'" returned from [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]'942' is the unique key column valueHowever if I update any other column the syntax is fineThe same blanket update query makes the changes no matter what isupdatedThe problem only happens when I set a unique key on the date field inquestionKey is a composite of an ID, and 2 date fieldsIf I allow duplicates in the index it all works perfectlyI am trying to trap 'Duplicate value in index' (which is working onother non-date columns in other tables)This is driving me nutsAny help would be appreciated

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Help Needed Little Urgent---how To Convert The String Date To Standard Date Format In SQL Table
Using DTS package in 2000 version, I am dumping TXT file contents into SQL Table,

I have one column having date in format YYYYMMDD(20070929) and corresponding column in SQL is datetime, but it fails on data type mismatch.

I have no choice of making date column in SQL to string or Varchar etc,

is there any way to make that date column in SQL to convert the value upon transformation from  format (YYYYMMDD) to M/DD/YYYY (9/29/2007).

many many thanks,

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