How To Rename A File In SSIS

I want to rename a file that is a variable to a fixed file name in a specific folder in SQL Server System Integration Services using the File System Task Editor.
Example: File1.txt to Users.txt or File2 to Users.txt.    The source file is a variable the destination file is not. Here is an example of the File System Task Editor

File System Task Editor
Properties                              Value
Destination Connection
IsDestinationPathVariable       True
DestinationVariable                User::ArchivePath
OverWriteDestination              True
Name                                    Rename a file
Description                            File System Task
Operation                             Rename file
Source Connection
IsSourcePathVariable           True
SourceVariable                     User::ImportFilePath

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Ssis - Export To A File And Rename File

I have a table, that has a column which determines the file name. Iwant to export a file and rename it immediately.For Ex:Select Id, count(*)from Mytablegroup by IDgives the following:ID Count1 1002 2004 50Now in my SSIS package, I am able to create a Execute SQL task (Selectdistinct ID from MyTable), followed by a For Each loop container.Inside the For Each loop container, I have a OLE DB source and a flatfile destination. OLE DB source has the following: select top 10 *from MyTable where id =?. I am able to eport file for ID=1. Thenit gets replaced by file for ID=2 which then gets replaced by file forID = 4. So I want the test.txt to be renamed to test1.txt, test2.txtand text4.txt. I tried using File system task or Execute processtask. It did not work. Please let me know how I could make it work.Thank you for your help.

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To Rename A File By Attaching Date Stamp Using SSIS

Hi All,

I have a dataflow task that creates a text file and posts it in a FTP share.
In need to rename the file attaching datestamp(current date of package execution) at the end of filename.
For ex: My dataflowtask creates a file called 'Samplename.txt'

I need to rename it to : 'Samplename20080225.txt.

I think it can be done using the File task...I see an option to rename the file but not sure of how to configure the task to attach current datestamp.

I see some suggestions online, but complete steps on how to implement the above would be highly appreciated.


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Help Getting Error When Using Operation Rename A File In The File System Task Editor?

Does anyone know how to do this using variables?  Everytime I try it, I get the

Error: Failed to lock variable for read access with error 0xc00100001. 

 I also tried it writing a script and still the same error.  If I hard code the values into the variables it works fine but I will be running this everday so that it will pull in the current date along with the filename.  So the value of the variables will change everyday.  Here is my expression:

@[User::Variable] +(DT_WSTR,4) YEAR( GETDATE() )+"0"+(DT_WSTR,2) MONTH( GETDATE() ) + (DT_WSTR,2) DAY( GETDATE() )

The result:

C:Documents and SettingsmroushDesktopOSU20060818

the 20060818 part will change everyday ie.(tomorrow will be 20060819, next day 20060820 and so on.)


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Hi there,
I have inherited a databse and am building a new website to go wiht it.
There is a file upload page which will upload images to a directory.  I need to insert into the database retrieve the id just added then upload the image renaming it in the format locID(QueryString)_ImageID(retrieved from database).jpg
The page has a file upload control and a button.
I am trying to write my code behind so that when the button is clicked it inserts location id into the images table retrieves Image id. Renames the file and uploads it to the images folder.
II think i need to call the routine from another routine for the button click but the signatures are different, where am i going wrong? or for that matter have i been pissing into the wind for the last 4 hours?

Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.SqlClientPartial Class admin_Add_Images
Inherits System.Web.UI.PageProtected Sub UploadImage(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e As SqlDataSourceStatusEventArgs)
Dim LocationId As String = Request.QueryString(ID)

' create a new SqlConnectionDim NewConn As New SqlConnection
NewConn = New SqlConnection("server=desktopsqlexpress;uid=xxxxxx;pwd=xxxxxxx;database=MYLOCDEV") 'OleDbConnection i
' open the connection
NewConn.Open()Dim MyInsert = New SqlCommand("INSERT into image([LocationID]) VALUES (@LocationID); SET @NewId = Scope_Identity()")
If Not File1.PostedFile Is Nothing And File1.PostedFile.ContentLength > 0 Then
'RENAME THE FILEDim newid As Integer = e.Command.Parameters("@NewId").Value
Dim fn As String = (LocationId & "_" & newid & ".jpg")Dim SaveLocation As String = Server.MapPath("oicImages") & "" & fn
File1.PostedFile.SaveAs(SaveLocation)Response.Write("The file has been uploaded.")
Catch Exc As ExceptionResponse.Write("Error: " & Exc.Message)
End Try
ElseResponse.Write("Please select a file to upload.")

End If
End SubProtected Sub Submit1_Click(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Submit1.Click

UploadImage()End Sub
End Class

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Move And Rename File With File System Task


I want to move and rename a file and embed the date/time into it, so that each time the package runs a new file is created. For example MyFile_20060712_150000.doc.

Can someone give me a hint how to do this with the File Systen Task SSIS Control Flow Item?

Thanks for an early reply



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Rename File Using File System Task Editor

Could someone please instruct me on how to use the File System Task Editor to rename a file? I place control on control flow tab, change the operation to rename, from there I am not sure what to do.

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How To Rename The File Using File System Task.

Hi there,

Can some one tell me how to rename the file Dynamically using file system Task.

I could able to rename the file and couldnt do it dynamical renaming.

Please let me know if anyone have an idea.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Rename Dos File Name

Just a shoot in the dark here...

When SQL Server exports procs to individual files, it creatin them like


Needless to say this filename is causing fits...

I've tried to do a rename to no avail

any suggestions?

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Rename A File


I have a DTS process to import data from txt file to the sql.
The File name I import is LLEEOD.txt

and the directory is from a d:ftpewdata

When my import process completes, I have to rename that file to the current date, lets say 01-11-2006.txt

I was trying to create another DTC (txt to txt) , but I have to provide a name myself. which is a problem, since this is a weekly process.

Is there are other ways to rename the txt file>

Thank you very much.

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ASPNETDB.MDF I Need To Rename This File

I need to rename this db and be able to set a path to it. This is because my webhost places all SQL databases on a seperate drive. This is a shared drive with alot of other databases. There fore my ASPNETDB.MDF needs to be renamed and have a path assigned. This doesnt seem tro be taken care of in my web.config file? Can some one help in reasigning the default database name and pathway. my other databases were pretty straight forward.

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Rename Export File After DTS

Hi everybody,
I am running DTS export data evry night, where my MyTable is being transformed into MyTable.txt.
In my MyTable which sits in sql 7.0 I have a field which shows today's date as julian date ( today julian date is 109).
Is there a way to write a procedure/trigger which will rename MyTable.txt on daily basis into MyTable109.txt for today;
MyTable110.txt for tomorrow; etc...
Kind of stuck with that..
Thanks alot,

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ActiveX To Copy And Rename File


I'm looking to use ActiveX in a DTS to copy a file from on elocation to another.
I have the code for this (attached below kindly supplied by a colleague), so that's cool.

dim filesys
set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If filesys.FileExists("D:CreditsCredits_MTD.mdb") Then
filesys.CopyFile "D:CreditsCredits_MTD.mdb", _
End If

But what I'm looking to do is go one step further.
As you can see, it renames the file to yyyymm, but this is hard coded, and I'm looking for a coded solution so I can rename the file with yesterday's date.

Can anybody help me please?

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Is It Posible To Drop Log File Or Rename It ?

How to drop transaction log file and create another one
or change logical name of transaction log file?
Thank for any help

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File System Task Rename Files

I want to rename files in a folder using filesystem task. My files are like these:

C:FOLDERDatabase120080225.bak etc

I want to remove this datepart and put in a C:FOLDERDatabase.bak file.

I am not quite sure about the string functions usage here...I think I have to map the destination variable to a string function output.

Any other ways to do this job ?
Thnaks for your help,

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Rename Tabs In Excel File Created By SSRS

I love SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), but it doesnt let me name the tabs when exporting to Excel. The feature is well documented as not being available.

So I figured I can use the cell(1,1) on each tab to contain the tab name, and have an SSIS job poll a file share, open the file, read the cell, rename tabs, rename the file, and then email out the file. Polling the directory and emailing is a piece of cake, but I can't find any way to rename a tab without having Excel loaded on the SERVER. Not to mention instantiating an entire instance of Excel on the SERVER every time I want to do this.

I want to leverage SSRS, and preserve the formatting of the excel file, which is why I don't just dump the data in with SSIS to begin with.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Unable To Rename File Append With Timestamp While Downloading Exported Data Into Excel/pdf In SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service.

hi fiends,
Can any one help me on this issue please. I am new to this SQL Reporting service.

I am Using SQL Sever 2005 , windows 2000 professional.
Not able to rename the file , when i export the data into excel/pdf format. I tried with Subscription properties. It's giving the RDL name only.
My requirement is need to display filename appending with timestamp.

1. I created RDL
2. Opening the RDL data into my GWT application with new IE window
3. Exporting the data into excel/pdf.
4. Able to popup Download file Dialog.
5. Asking the File to save. ( Here by defualt it's giving the RDL File name only. I want to display with RDL file name with timestamp)
Can you please help me.


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How To Specify Multiple File Types In SSIS Foreach Loop (File Enumerator)?

I want to enumerate all *.xls and *.csv file. How to fill the Files box? I tried

*.xls, *.csv

*.xls *.csv


all doesn't work

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SSIS FTP TASK (sending File Appends Underscore To Front Of File)

I'm attempting to use the FTP task to send a .txt file to OPEN VMS. The file is successfully PUT, but an underscore is appended to the front of the file. In SQL 2000 DTS, I was using a cmd file to conduct the FTP and this worked properly. I wanted to eliminate the cmd file in SQL 2005 SSIS.

original file:


when put on VMS:


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Read Text File From Flat File Connection Manager SSIS

Hello Experts,
I am createing one task (user control) in SSIS. I have property grid in my GUI and 2 buttons (OK & Cancle).
PropertyGrid has Properties like SourceConnection, OutputConnection etc....right now I am able to populate Connections in list box next to Source and Output Property.

Now my question to you guys is depending on Source Connection it should read that text file associated with connection manager. After validation it should pick header (first line of text file bases on record type) and write it into new file when task is executed. I have following code for your reference. Please let me know I am going in right direction or not..
What should go here ?
->Under Class A

public override DTSExecResult Execute(Connections connections, VariableDispenser variableDispenser, IDTSComponentEvents componentEvents, IDTSLogging log, object transaction)


//Some code to read file and write it into new file

return DTSExecResult.Success;


public const string Property_Task = "CustomErrorControl";

public const string Property_SourceConnection = "SourceConnection";

public void LoadFromXML(XmlElement node, IDTSInfoEvents infoEvents)


if (node.Name != Property_Task)


throw new Exception(String.Format("Invalid task element '{0}' in LoadFromXML.", node.Name));






_sourceConnectionId = node.Attributes.GetNamedItem(Property_SourceConnection).Value;


catch (Exception ex)


infoEvents.FireError(0, "LoadFromXML", ex.Message, "", 0);




public void SaveToXML(XmlDocument doc, IDTSInfoEvents infoEvents)




// // Create Task Element

XmlElement taskElement = doc.CreateElement("", Property_Task, "");


// // Save source FileConnection

XmlAttribute sourcefileAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute(Property_SourceConnection);

sourcefileAttribute.Value = _sourceConnectionId;



catch (Exception ex)


infoEvents.FireError(0, "SaveXML", ex.Message, "", 0);



In UI Class there is OK Click event.

private void btnOK_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




_taskHost.Properties[CustomErrorControl.Property_SourceConnection].SetValue(_taskHost, propertyGrid1.Text);

btnOK.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;


catch (Exception ex)






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SSIS - Data Flow To Flat File - Insert At Start Of File

Hi all,

In a foreachloop, I am inserting records into a flat file which is working fine. But the thing is that as the file grows, it takes longer for it to locate the EOF(End of File) of the flat file so as to insert the records.

I have around 70-100 lines written to the file at each loop and there are more than 20k records to be looped. wihich means that at the end I should be having 1400k - 20000k line in the text file.

One solution would be to insert the records at the start of the file itself so that it does not has to lookup the EOF each time before writting.

Another would be to generate separate files and then merge it.

Any idea how can this can be done?

Beside this I have to zip the file and then SFTP to a given address.

Any suggestion or help would be welcome.



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Use Of SSIS In Reading And XSL File. Should I Use SSIS Or Just Straight C#

I need to build an application to read values from an Excel spreadsheet. Once the values are read from the spreadsheet, the C# code will do some elementary statistics on the values read. Then the values read and their computations will be written to a sql server database.
My manager suggested that SSIS might be a good candidate technology for doing this type of work. Does that sound correct? My only hesitation with using SSIS is that I want to keep the application as simple as possible, so that the code can be more portable. Maybe might argument is not a good one, but maybe someone can help me out here.

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SSIS - Get ServerName From A XML Or TXT File Into SSIS Package

Dear Friends,
I store several configurations in the main database of my SSIS packages. I need to get the servername from a xml or txt file in order to get those configurations stored in my database.
How you think is the better way to do that?
Using a FlatFileSource to read the file and a script to save the value into a SSIS variable?
Using the package configuration I cant do that... maybe I dont know, but I can save the SSIS variale in the configuration file, but what I need is to do the inverse, read the configuration file and save the value in the SSIS variable.
How the best way you suggest?!

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How Can Unzip File Text File Using SSIS


I am pulling text files in gzip format from UNIX system. I want to unzip these files and then import data from these files into database using SSIS.

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Hi,I'm running a SQL Server 2005 instance and a SQL Server 2000 instanceand I'm looking to transfer data i've played with written in T-SQL(takes Data from a table, clean it up, and inserts it into a temptable)I was wondering if I could do a SSIS transformation using an OLE DBSource (the 2000 Server) process the SQL and then map and insert theresults into a table in my 2005 DB?Otherwise I will have to use DTS to put the data into a file.(No i cannot detach and attach the DB, etc etc etc) hehe hence why i'masking.

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SSIS Log File Name

Originally in my DTS, the logfilename property is assign by a variable in a dynamic properties task.

After migrate, it appear commented in the script task. So may i know how can i assign the logfilename with the variable value?

Please advice, thank you.

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Using .ds File In SSIS


Can we keep a database connection information in .ds (datasource) files. Is it possible to use these instead of the standard approach of putting the connection string in the configuration file.

Furthermore, when they run the SSIS package from the command line (using DTEXEC), is it possible to pass the .ds file as a parameter?

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