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Good Online Resources For Teaching SQL For SQL Server 2000

my freind asked me to look for him for online book or something very good that teach SQL for SQL server 2000 ... what i need is something like hands on examples that will take user from level 1 to level * .... i have seen alot of stuff in google but i think some of you might know what i need and can direct me to better resources as i could not find someting specail !!!

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Books/Online Resources For SQL Server 2005?
Could some body suggest some good books and online resources for:
1. T-SQL Intermediate level/Advanced
2. SQL Server 2005
Thanks a bunch

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SQL-CLR Links - Looking For All Good Resources
Guys and Girls,

Can everyone please post any links to articles, blogs, sites, podcasts, screencasts, etc featuring SQL-CLR?

I am trying to collect them for a site which ill publish this weekend.



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Good SSIS Resources On The Internet?
I am new to SSIS and am looking for any good websites, screencasts, podcasts, etc on the subject to help me learn. What would you guys recommend? All links welcomed.

I am already a big fan of Jamies site ( and this forum but am looking for more resources.

Update: Before someone says I dont pay attention...I am aware of the post at the top of this forum with some links by Phil Brammer. I am simply looking for additional resources.


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Good Site For Data Mining Resources
Friends,We have created a good web site for various resources related to theprocess of knowledge discovery in data. The site is in its early stagesright now, however we expect it to mature over next few months.Please visit us at, this site will serve as a good resource for you. Please dovisit it on a frequent basis.Please do provide your constructive feedback by sending an email toJoin Bytes!Best,Admin at Eruditionhome

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A Good Online Resource For ANSII
Iam looking for a good resource for ANSII standard SQL. I understand as MSSQL evolves, only the standard will survive!


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Trouble Finding A Good MS SQL And TSQL Tutorial Online
Does anyone know any good MS SQL or TSQL tutorials? I know the basics of SQL, such as joins, functions such as COUNT, SUM etc so I do not need one of them. Problem is I am using MS SQL at a new role in work and finding it difficult. I write the statements how I would in oracle of mysql but find that they refuse to work, and I can not find/use the MS SQL Help to find what I want.

Cheers, Mike

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Deadlocked On Lock Resources. SQL Server 2000
Hi, i am getting this error when i am running a stored procedure.

Transaction (Process ID XXXX) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.

i think so it is getting this error becasue it blocking it self at one point in the SP

SELECT Country FROM TB_Country

declare @cty varchar(2)

OPEN cty_Cursor;
FETCH NEXT FROM cty_Cursor into @cty;
FETCH NEXT FROM cty_Cursor into @cty;
CLOSE cty_Cursor;
DEALLOCATE cty_Cursor;

i think so it calls the SP then before SP finsih its working it calls it back from cursor with other argument.

how we can make it sure it finish it execution before it is being called again. i think so we need some sort of lock here but i am not able to find right solution . please anyone suggest something.



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Find SQL Server 2005 Teaching Material
Who has SQL Server 2005 teaching material? Anyting is ok. thanks. :)

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Free Online Book For Sql Server 2000
i am new to sql. plz let me know from where can i get free book to study sql server 2000.

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How Do I Make An MSSQL 2000 Server Database Go Offline/Online Using VB 6
Does anyone know how to do this? I am in the middle of writing a server side program, and this is one thing that I cannot do without.

Also, if anyone can answer that, how do I do the same with an Exchange 5.5 Email account?

Thanks ahead of time!
Cash Coleman

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SQL Server 2000 Exam #70-229: Good Book?
I'm currently taking an online class for SQL Server which is aimed atteaching you the information you need to pass exam #70-229. However,concerns exists on my part on how good this web based class really is. Isthere a good book out there that anyone would recommend getting foradditional study? I would prefer one that had questions at the end of eachchapter that are geared towards the exam, or something like that.Also, the class I'm taking is on Does anyone know if thatclass is any good? Has anyone taken this class then gone taken thecertification exam? Did you think this online class had you well preparedfor the exam? Comments please. I haven't taken a MS Exam before and I'mlooking to start going for an MCAD or MCSD certification. I would like sometips please. Thank you.Chris Smith

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Any Good Books For SQL Server 2000 Administration ???

I am an Oracle DBA with over 7 yrs of experience.I am new to sql server 2000 and am given the responsibility of sql server 2000 production databases in a few weeks.I already have the sql server 2000 DBA survival guide.

I would like to know if there are any good books out there for

a)backup and recovery

b)General DBA tasks

c)Performance tuning.


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A Resourse Good For Problems Replication In Sql Server 2000
i want a good resourse for to learn replication in sql 2000 inoder topractical learn and implemetion replicat

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SQL Server 2000 Book Recommendations? Including Good Coverage Of Reporting Services
What up-to-date books on this topic can people here recommend? Thanks.- Bob

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Learning Resources For Newbie To Advance Programmers Regarding The SQL 2000 And Yukon
Hello Members

Please if anybody know where I can get central hub for all information regarding the SQL 2000 and Yukon for newbie and advance programmer excluding the Microsoft and MSDN website.

Praveen Kumar Pandey

CoVisible Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. - Offshore Outsourcing Mart (

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Problem With Connecting With Online Mssql 2000 Database
dear all  i tried to connect to online mssql2000 database from enterprise manager,but i can't as i have a proxy can i overcome this proxy server during connection ?

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Sql 2000 Reporting Services - Reports Will Not Render Online
Hi all,

i got through the installation of the Sql Server 2000 Reporting services evaluation and managed to deploy a couple reports and a shared data source to my reporting server on my DEV box.

Now im trying to view the reports i made online and they never render, all i get is the animated gif that always says "Report is being generated". This goes on and on with apparently no end in sight.

I CAN preview the reports in VS 2003 and they render almost instantly. there are no differencesthat may affect the connection to the databasebetween my development computer (with VS 2003) and the server that the reporting server is on.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening ?



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SQL 2000 (SP 1) - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...
All -

I was wondering if anyone has any SP1 horror stories (or success stories) to report, I haven't installed the SP yet, but was hoping to find constructive feedback from those who have...


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Releasing Resources On The Server
I am using .NET Remoting for interaction between client/host. When my app.starts the aspnet_wp process goes from approx. 3mb to ~20mb. Each round-tripto the server adds anything from 6kb to 2.5mb to this process. The troubleis that when the client closes down IE (ie. 'closes' the client app), theresources are not released. This means that over time and with multipleclients, the server will 'fall over' pretty quickly.I am new to this stuff so if someone could tell me the proper way to releaseresources i'd appreciate it.The building blocks are:-Client Web App (resides on client):Web.config used to specifying remoting clientaspx as UI with databound controls. Calls methods of remote classRemoting Class (resides on server):Default constructor instantiates sqlconnection to dB on serverSingle method to return dataset to clientHost Web App (resides on server)No UI.Web.config used to specify remoting serverThat's about itThanks in advance of any guidance.Phil

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SQL Server Deadlock On Resources??
We've got a 3rd party application that periodically runs SQL commands throughout the day. We've been getting issues with this application showing a sql error:

Transaction (Process ID 71) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.

In checking the processes on SQL Server, there were a lot, and process ID 71 was actually hitting a completely different database.

Is there a way to streamline how SQL Server handles processes, and what's the limit at any given time?

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SQL Server,SQL Server Agent,SQL Analysis Resources Failing In SQL 2005 Cluster
I have installed an SQL 2005 Failover Cluster on a Two Node Active Passive Windows 2003 Cluster.If i am trying to failover from the Active node to the passive Node,The Sql Server,Sql Server Agent and SQL Analysis resources fail,However if i reset the passowrd in the services tab of the above three services on the pasive node,the resources come online.
Below is the brief of my setup
1.I have two Active directory domain controllers running Windows 2003 R2 Standard edition with SP2.
2.i have installed a Windows 2003 Two Node Active Passive Cluster as NODE1 and NODE2.
3.The Domain account used to install WIndows 2003 A/P Cluster is Clusteradmin.This account is the member of Administartors on the Domain as well as the Local Admin on NODE1 and NODE2.
4.SQL 2005 with SP2 is installed on both the Nodes as SQL 2005 Failover Cluster.The account used to install SQL 2005 is sqadmin.This account is the member of Administartors on the domain and the member of Local Admins on NODE1 and NODE2.
5.SLQ 2005 has four domain groups for 4 SQL Services.The Services are SQL Server,SQL Server Agent,SLQ Anaylisis Server and Full text Search.
6.Each of these servcie has a seperate service account created for them.All these service accounts areb the members of domain admin and the member of Local Admin on NODE1 and NODE2.
7.Each of these servcies is running under these servcie accounts in the Servcies tab in NODE1 and NODE2.
8.If i fail the resources from NODE1 to NODE2 ,The SQL Server,SQL Server Agent and SQL Anaylisis resources are failing.on going to the service tab ofNODE 2 I reset the password for these services,the services come online.
10.The Cluster resources and MSDTC Resources are Failing over successfully.They are coming online successfully.
11,I have a problem with the SQL Server Resources,even if i failback to NODE1 from NODE2,the same resources are failing again.

Plz Advice.

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SQL Server Express Learning Resources?
I am new to SQL Server 2005 Express, where can I find some tutorials on developing web applications with this product?

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Report Server Queue Not Fully Utilizing Resources
We've set up a report farm with two servers, both 64 bit with 4 CPUs each. One has 16Gig and the other 8Gig of memory. We're using Windows NLB and the load test software confirms that the NLB is working. When we run a number of concurrent reports, both servers get utilized, but they only work on a few at a time. The report server queue doesn't seem to be fully utilizing the hardware. From a prior post I've learned that the report server queue automatically runs 4 reports per CPU. This is not occuring for our setup. Has anyone else experienced the same? Are there any configurations that need to be set to open the queue up? The reports are heavy (300,000 records grouped and summed). Does this affect the queuing process?

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SQL Server Runs Out Of Resources Or Is It My Client Application. Handle Count = 96k
SServer PC: Win SBS 2003 with 2.6 GHz processor and 1GB RAMSQL Server 2000 v 2000.8.00.76 (sp3)MS Office 2k3MSJet ms04-014 (latest ost sp8)MDAC v2.8 RTMADO 2.1vb6.exe / ADO 2.0I think this is a SQL Server/ADO problem as I have 2 applications withsame problem.My access database uses a timer based function to insert records intoSQL Server using ADO and stored procedures. Access also uses DAO ,Jet/ odbc to linked tables on SQL Server for many other tasks/forms.All is well when Access 1st run but after a few hours or so the Accessapp grinds to a halt.Upon checking the task manager the mem usuage upto 160MB and handlecount upto 86,000 ! (cpu process % is low).After the "Access Fail" if I stop/start access only, performance isnot returned, I have to stop/start SQL Server.It would seem that allconnections from this PC to SQL server are badly affected, it is nottied to the client application that had the problem.As I could not work out where the problem was I took the Accessfunctionality into a VB6 app, using ADO 2.0, thinking this shouldsimplify matters with Jet and ODBC out of the way.I now have the same problem with the number of handles increasing withevery new timer based function.* code snippet example *If Not OpenConnection Then 'we have not been able to open aconnection to SQL serverCall procLog("Connection failed to SQL server")Exit FunctionEnd If'gVar.cnnSQL is my public ADODB.ConnectionSet cmdSQL = New ADODB.CommandWith cmdSQL.ActiveConnection = gVar.cnnSQL.CommandText = "MyDB.dbo.insert_tblMyData".CommandType = adCmdStoredProc.Execute RecordsAffected:=lngRecs, _Parameters:=Array(lngID, dtDate,intCategory,strNationality,strNotes,strName)End With* code snippet *** After the "Access Fail" if I look at one of my clients, running thesame Access app on another PC, it seems normally responsive when usingone my bound forms to browse the data from same SQL Server **Any ideas anyone ?

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SQL Server Down: Process ID 121:406 Owns Resources That Are Blocking Processes On Scheduler 4.
The following question applies to SQL Server 8.0.2187 (2000 + SP4+916287/914384/898709/915065/915340):

We have now twice had an incident where the same SQL Server has stopped responding. The only workaround is to restart the SQL Service. After this occurs, the log is filled with the following messages:

2007-09-10 16:42:14.29 spid3 Process ID 197:320 owns resources that are blocking processes on Scheduler 1.

2007-09-10 16:42:14.31 spid3 Process ID 74:324 owns resources that are blocking processes on Scheduler 5.

We haven't been able to pinpoint a cause or reporduce the problem on a dev server. I've seen several posts about this issue online but not many answers. Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue?

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SQL Server CD/online Courses
I want to take an online or CD course for SQL Server. Distance education is what I want. Does anybody have good recommendations ?
Which SQL Server CD/online courses are the best ?

Thank you in advance.

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Register Online Sql Server
Hi, here is my problem

I am trying to conncet to an SQL Server that is on the net. The name of the server looks like : sqlServer.TheCompanyOwingIt.Com and it listens to port 2433

I am opening enterprise manager and trying to connect ,giving the name of the server and the credentials but no luck. I also tried opening hte client Network utility , created an alias for that server, specifying 2433 as the port but no luck again. Finally i tried to change the port of my sql server to be 2433 (instead of 1433), no luck again !!! Any ideas ? (there is no firewall running on the PC, but there is a router which might (?) cause the problem ? (i tried to port forward 2433 , but i am not sure if i did it correctly).

Any ideas, suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Thx in advance


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Moving A SQL Server 2005 Database From The Local Network To An Online Server.
Hi All, first post.

I have done a bit of searching around and cant find a clear answer to this question.

Current Setup
Desktop application (c#) that connects to a SQL Server 2005 express database on the same local network as the application (currently 3 users)

It is only a very small company and has just taken on their first remote worker, but expects to take on another 6-8 over the next few months. They have asked for the database to be moved online.

The application was written in such a way that everything has been done using no stored procs, or views, it is all native SQL.

This will be my first DB hosted online and before I go ahead and do anything I just wanted to make sure what I have to do is correct, sorry if this is a very basic question, although I have been programming for a long time, I have never had the chance to do any online databases before.

Will this work.
1.Find a SQL Server 2005 Hosting company.
2.Move the database to the server.
3.Setup the users permissions.
3.Alter the connection string in the application to point to the new location.

So the only thing that would change would be a new connection string in the application preferences?

Or am I living in a dream world, because nothing is ever that simple.

One thing I am worried about is the security/visiblity of the database and data as it travels from the server to the client and back.

Thanks for any advise you can give.


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Is There An Online Remote SQL Server I Can Test Against?
HiI am trying to connect an application to a remote sql server database, however it does not appear to eb configured for remote connections. Does anyone know a connection string of a database I can connect to , soem sort of learnsers database sort of idea ?Thank you.

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Online Connection Between Access And SQL Server
Hello,I am trying to develop a database solution for an organisation inIndonesia.This organization has a number of offices and users throughout thecountry. They all need to maintain their own data, but I also need tocreate a central database, to store all of the data, and share databetween the individual users. The problem is that the internetconnections are not reliable, so a online solution isn't possible. Iam planning to implement stand alone databases in Access, which "sync"with the central server. This sync could happen automatically (maybedaily), or could be initiated by the user. This Sync would/could takeplace when the internet connection is working.I am very familiar with Access, but I suspect that I will need to useSQL Server for the central database. I have not used SQL Serverbefore, and have a few questions:Is it possible to host a SQL Server, so that it is "Online"? What do Ineed to do for this? Does this need to be hosted by an ISP, or couldit been hosted on a computer in our office? What are the securityconsiderations?Is it then possible to connect to this SQL Server from the Accessdatabases in the various locations to "Sync" the data? If I could runSQL statements from the stand alone databases which could access theonline SQL Server I could write the code for the Sync procedure. Thebit that I am unsure of is how to connect to the SQL Server?Could anyone point me in the right direction? Examples? References?What sort of technology to use?I know VB and how to write SQL statements, it's just the connectivitythat I am unsure of.Thanks in advance.CheersMichael

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SQL Server T-SQL - Bring Database Online...?
Hi there, i would please like to know how to get a database online in T-SQL, I managed to get it offline in T-SQL, but know I can't get the database back online.

Please help.

If someone can please help me with the T-SQL command.

Or direct me to a link where I can get more information.


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Online Get Data From MS Acces To SQL Server

Hi All,
Ihave MS Access 97 database and SQLServer 2005 ExpressEdition (or SQL Server 2005Developer Edition).
Iwant online getdata from MS Access and upload to SQL Server.

Help me, which way Iselect ?

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SQL Server Express Books Online
are a mess, reminiscent of the structurless "goto" programming of days past.One of you brainiacs need to erect a "real" getting started section, with procedural steps on how a first time user can successfully download, install, and use SQL Server Express. Not all of us are working in corporations where the guy in the next cubicle can answer questions for newbies.

I will try once again, nicely, to ask a question about installing SQL Server Express Edition SP2 onto a Windows Vista machine. That drama will take place in another post.

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How Do We Work With Development And Online Sql Server Databases ?
Hello,I am working with VS2005pro and sql server 2005 (tables, SP). Nothing online yet but it should be soon for tests, and it will be for me the first time with sql server...I have a very basic question about the way we can keep on adding tables, stored procedures... when the application is already online.I'll try to explain: once online my users will enter data in the database (good point!). But on my side I have to keep on developing new features (new tables, new stored procedures...) and why not add new rows in tables, and I would like to add them to this database on the server once I have finished my development.So what's the best way to work ? Do I need to work online directly on my .mdf database (which I wouldn't like to do) ? Or do I keep on developing on my own computer, on a development database, and then is there a way to update/synchronize with the database on the server in order to add the newly created tables and SP ?Thank for you help.   

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Online Query Tool SQL Server 2005
Hi,I was wondering if someone could help advise me.Basically i have a client who wants to upgrade from a desktop msaccess solution to a web based system using MS SQL Server 2005.Basically their main concern is in losing the ability to write ad-hocqueries using the MS Access query manager. I can obviously writestatic reports etc but whats the best way to give them someflexibility ??Can anyone advise me if there is any product that can do this for SQLServer 2005 (which im sure there is) but will work in a webenvironment.Or does anyone have any helpful ideas ???all help / advice greatly appreciatedCG

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Installing Sql Server 2005 Books Online
I am trying to install sql server 2005 books online but I am failing and I am getting this message
"This installation pakage could not be opened.Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package"

am I doing anything wrong or has the version of books online changed? Do I have to install anything else before installing it? or does my operating system not support it?


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SQL Server 2005 Books Online (May 2007)
I downloaded and tried to install the file "SqlServer2K5_BOL_May2007.msi" and got a message:
"This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."
Please advise.

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SQL Server 2005 Books Online - How To Install?
Can some one give me detail instruction to installing the SQL Server 2005 Express Books Online.
I am new to SQL Server and want to install the MS training material.

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Job On PROD Server Using Dev Server Resources?
I created several packages on DEVSERVER and migrated files to PRODSERVER. I created a job on DEVSERVER and then modified the job script to create the same job on PRODSERVER. When I schedule the job on PRODSERVER it seems that there is some connection to the DEVSERVER that is using up its resources. Shouldn't the sqlsvr.exe process be running on the PRODSERVER? I DID schedule the PROD job from SQL Management Console on the DEVSERVER. Does that have something to do with it? The PRODSERVER does not have the Management Console on it so I cannot create or schedule the job directly from the PRODSERVER. Do I need to do this in order to leave the DEVSERVER out of it completely? ANY input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Working With An Online And Office SQL Server 2005 Database
I'm not experienced with SQL Server 2005.I've got a live copy of my database running on the web server.I've got another copy running on my desktop that I make changes to.Whats the best way to sync between the two so:1. I don't have to take the application offline2. I don't loose any data from the live database3. But I can implement changes to tables and/or add new tables 

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SQL Server Books Online January 2004 Update
Hi,I have been trying to download the latest update to SQL Server BOL forquite some time without any success. I have tried downloading around3-4 times. Every time (size of msi file would be around 25 KB) I try toextract the msi file, I get an error message to the effect that 'it isnot a valid windows installer package'. Has anyone come across thisproblem?Have been trying to download from this URL -,Harish*********************************Long way to go before I sleep ..*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Does Offline Database Come Back Online When Server Is Restarted?
If you take a database offline to prevent users from accessing it, and then restart the server, will the database be back online when the server starts up?

If so, is there an option to prevent this from happening so that a database taken offline will remain offline until it is manually put online again by an administrator?

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MS SQL Server Is Good With ...?

I'm about 6 weeks into SQL and SQL Server (7) - I was wondering whether you could share your opinions about which language to use as a programming tool for developing apps for & with SQL Server. I'm choosing between C++ (Visual) or JAVA.

I already know C and the DB-Libe contains a lot of it but I'm kinda trying to expand some horizons. I'm ok with either C++/VC++ or JAVA but I only have time to learn (or be good at) one.

Any suggestions? (I'd like to hear what you think even if you say neither C++ or JAVA - maybe VB? What's easy and marketable is what matters most.)


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Check If A Remote Server Is Online/available Before Executing A Series Of Sql Statements

We have unreliable circuits connecting our office to remote sql servers. At our office I need to delete/insert a bunch of records from those remote locations. Since the connection is unreliable what is the best way to check if a server is available before executing delete/insert statements. A few points to consider:

1. I want this to be done in SQL
2. I have a cursor that cycles through a tabe that contains the name of the linked servers. The cursure is used to delete/insert a bunch of records from each remote server.
3. If one server is unavailable the stored proc should continue to the next sql server (next record in the cursor.)


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Which Is A Good SQL Server Editor
Hi,I am looking for a good SQL Server Editor which can be used forwritting stored procedures, doing queries etc. It should have featureslike autocomplete and so on. Any recommendations.Thanks !

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