Pull Data For Each Day Of A Given Month


Writing a report that displays total hours, etc for each day in a given month and I'm having trouble comking up w/ an elegant solution. Tables are set up like this:

table1 (id, start_date,end_date,submitter)

table2( id,table1_id,start_time,end_time, etc)

Each record in table2 is a child to a parent record in table1 and there may be multiple children for each parent. The "start_time" and "end_time" fields are datatype "datetime" and are stored with actual times (not 12:00:00 AM"). I need the report to display the values for each day in a gridview, etc so I can act upon them from the "RowDataBound" sub (more math, etc). The problem that I am running into is that for records that have multiple children for a given day, I need to sum those results and display the summed data as a single row within the GV - can't seem to work that out - I keep getting every child record displaying as its own row in the GV.

Any thoughts? I'm sure it's probably fairly simple but I am still a beginner...thanks as always

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Parameter Selection Of Month, Showing Selected Month And Sum Up To That Month In Another Row

Hello what I'd like to display the following in a matrix report:

Parameter selected: 3 (March), 2008 (Year)

Monthly TO Summed up
ArtNo March <=March
1210 20,500 50,900
1220 21,200 64,000
1230 15,400 40,300
... ... ...

So, in the rows I have the articles and in the column the selected month via parameter. In another column I need to sum up all monthly values up to the selected month, meaning in this example the sum of jan, feb and mar per article.

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RDA Pull Problem: Command=PULL Hr=80040E4D Login Failed For User 'test'

Hi all,

I have following problem:

I'm developing a Windows Mobile application, which is using RDA Pull for retrieving data from SQL Server 2005 database to PDA. Please, see the example:

Code Snippet

using (SqlCeEngine engine = new SqlCeEngine(connStr))




serverConnStr="Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=.;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=Demo;Password=xxx";

using (SqlCeRemoteDataAccess rda = new SqlCeRemoteDataAccess(

Configuration.Default.SyncServerAddress, "", "", connStr))


rda.Pull("MyTable", "SELECT * FROM mytable", serverConnStr, RdaTrackOption.TrackingOffWithIndexes, "ErrorTable");


Everythink works fine, when I use 'sa' user account in serverConnStr.

But, when I change conn string to:

"Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=.;User ID=test;Initial Catalog=Demo;Password=test"

the sqlcesa30.dll cannot connect to SQL Server database.

In the sqlcesa30.log then I found following line:

Code Snippet

2007/04/17 10:43:31 Thread=1EE30 RSCB=16 Command=PULL Hr=80040E4D Login failed for user 'test'. 18456

The user 'test' is member of db_owner, db_datareader and public roles for the Demo database and in SQL Server Management Studio I'm able to login to the Demo database with using the 'test' users credentials and I'm able to run the select command on 'mytable'.

So, what's wrong? Why the sqlcesa30.dll process cannot login to the Demo database, and from another application with using the SAME connection string it works?

Please help.

Thank you.


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Pull Data From Two Tables

I am new to SQL, as old as it is. I am not new to programming Inormally just use Access.I have two tables for a little project manager I made. After updates Isent an email to the user. I need to populate the user based on the"Assigned To" field I use, but I only log the username and not theemail address. Is there a way to associate the "Assigned To" to theUser's account in the "User" table so that I can pull thier emailaddress through code?ThanksChuck

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Pull Data From Sql Express...

I have the report sever running on windows2003 with sql standard server 2005. However, I' m trying to create a report that pull data from a different server with sql express. Could I do this? If so...any links, examples, suggestion I can take a look at.


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RDA Unable To Pull Data

Hello -

I am trying to pull data from SQL Server 2000 database onto my Pocket PC and the simple query works on Northwind sample database but does not on another custom build database. I did test the statement in the SQL Query Analyzer and it works.

The error I get is: "Failure setting up a non parameterized query, possible incorrect SQL query."

I know the code is right - thanks to Rory B's screenscasts. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!



Here is the code:

private void RdaPull()




//Create the database

if (File.Exists("\My Documents\Test.sdf"))

File.Delete(\My Documents\Test.sdf);

SqlCeEngine engine = new SqlCeEngine();

engine.LocalConnectionString = localConnection;



//Initialize RDA Object

SqlCeRemoteDataAccess rda = null;

rda = new SqlCeRemoteDataAccess(rdaUrl, localConnection);

rda.Pull ("Customers", "select * from Customers", rdaOleDbConnectionString);




catch (SqlCeException ex)




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Pull Back Data Using A Dataset

Hello, I am trying to pull run this sql statement but it's bombing out at the comm.ExecuteNonQuery();. ..
Could someone help me figure this out..
 Ex.System.Int32 bum = System.Convert.ToInt32(Request.QueryString["dum"]);
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=**********************");SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand();
comm.Connection = conn;SqlDataAdapter myadapter = new SqlDataAdapter(comm);DataSet myset = new DataSet();
 comm.CommandText = "Select * from Order_Forms where (Order_Num = " + Session["dum1"] + " ) ";
comm.ExecuteNonQuery();myadapter.Fill(myset, "Order_Forms");
Can yo usee the problem???

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User Defined SQL Data Pull With ASP

Good Afternoon,
I have recently been tasked to come up with a means by which to create SQL data pulls based on user entries.  What I mean by this is, I will have a pre defined SQL data pull set up and the user can then select the criteria upon which to pull said data.
So, say I want to display a table where one of the colums has is the "Year".  I dont however want all years of data pulled, only 2005 - 2006.  So, in form field 1, I could select start year as 2005 and in form field 2, I could select end year as 2006.  This would then give me all data from this table based on that year range, or whatever year range I select and submit.
Is there a way to do this in ASP?  I have been reading up on UDF with SQL, but I cant find anything about linking it through the use of web forms or through ASP.  Or if there is another way to accomplish this?  Any assistance is very much appreciated!

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Pull Data From Different Database Server

  In my application i am storing the data in a database(server A). And i have a scenario where in a middle server(server B) is there in which i need to create a table and pull the data from one of the tables from my original database server(server A) into second database server(server B). Where can i get the code to write a job script which can connect from server B to server A and pull the data from the table and delete that data from the table in server A. Can any give me the code or link where i can find the code. Please help.

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Pull Olap Data Using SQL Commands?

I have an OLAP server and would like to use my Chart FX software without having to purchase the OLAP extensions on the server due to budget restraints (ouch).

I've heard that it is possible (although limited) to attach toan OLAP cube using SQL select statements (not MDX).

Basically, I would like to pull the OLAP data in the relational sense.

Is this possible? If so, are any good articles on this subject?

I'm new to OLAP and would like to transition slowly.

Thanks in advance :)

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How To Pull Isolated Data From Two Tables?

Hi, I am trying to pull e-mail addresses of certain users from a list of all the users in our company. I have two tables. One contains a single column of only the users I need. The other table contains every user and their e-mail address. Could someone tell me how to pull this data from these two tables. I am new to SQL Query and have been trying to figure out these JOIN statements, but nothing I am doing seems to work.

Thank you,

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Data Pull From Dissimilar Tables

i am completely new to sql but have a need to create a sort of check registry.
the data comes from two separate files like



i would like something like this as a result

(1st group - tmz1)
09/17/07 1747 companyA tmz1 87.50
09/17/07 deposit tmz1 100.00
09/18/07 1748 companyB tmz1 99.24
09/18/07 1749 companyC tmz1 103.54
09/19/07 deposit tmz1 300.00
09/20/07 1750 companyD tmz1 87.12

(2nd group - tmz2)
09/17/07 deposit tmz2 200.00
09/18/07 9326 company1 tmz2 9.65
09/19/07 deposit tmz2 400.00
09/20/07 9327 company2 tmz2 55.01

but when i form my statement with an inner join, i miss records, with the outer,
i get a ton of records (more than both tables combined).
i have been working with sql for about week now and can do simple queries but this is
beyond me at this point. any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

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AS400 Data Pull Fails As Job

When I execute the package in Debug mode, it works.

I then import the package into SQL Server 2005 and it is showing under Stored Packages --> MSDB - AS400Package

I can right click and Run Package from there and it works fine.

When I set the package up to run as a job, it fails. What I have noticed is that the Sign On that I use in the package shows that there was in "invalid login" after the job fails.

I hope I have this post in the right place and hope I have left enough information behind to help. If not let know what else I need to post. I have only been using Business Intelligence Development for a couple days and SQL Server 2005 for about a week or so. All of the SQL DTS packages that I have created seem to be working fine with their jobs as well as my stored procedures.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Can I Pull The Data To An Existing Table?

I am building RDA process between SQL server and SQL server CE. Since when we use the method 'SqlCeRemoteDataAccess.pull()', the data will be pulled down from SQL server to CE server and a new table is created with some addtional columns. As I only intend to pull the data and never push it back to SQL server, if I pull the data down for the second time, there will be an error saying that table is already existing. I wonder whether I can pull the data to an existing table everytime I do the RDA?

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Question On Data Retrieval Using RDA Pull

Hi All,

I am working on an application to retrieve data to the windows ce 3.0 handheld from the Sql server database. I am able to retrieve the data from the server using RDA pull method and able to see the data on the local handheld database. To display the retrieved data in the dialog to the user, it requires to query the local databse and get the information and then display the information, which is taking some time.

My question is, to reduce the time and improve the performance , instead of pulling the data to the local table, is there any way to pull the data and have it in memory and display the details to the user?

To develop the above application, I used some of the code to pull the data from the server from the sample application C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server CE 2.0SampleseVCeVCReplRdaHPC. I am developing the application for windows ce 3.0 device using eVC 3.0


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Reg:Error In PULL (RDA) For Data Sync

Hi Darren & All,

              Thanks! As per your guidance, i have tried in the pull method.Now i am getting error "The LocalTablename parameter is already specified".

Coding as follows:

string rdaOleDbConnectString = @"Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=PRASSANAPRASANA;Initial Catalog=master;User Id=sa;Password=master";
            SqlCeRemoteDataAccess rda = null;
                rda = new SqlCeRemoteDataAccess();
                rda.LocalConnectionString = "Data Source=E:\SampleTest.sdf";
                rda.InternetUrl = "";
                rda.InternetLogin = "IUSR_PRASSANA";
                rda.InternetPassword = "PRASSANA";
                rda.Pull("company", "Select * from company", rdaOleDbConnectString, RdaTrackOption.TrackingOn);
                MessageBox.Show("Pull Method");
            catch (SqlCeException)
                // Dispose of the RDA Object
Please  guide me in detail, what mistake i have done in this method.

Thanks ,


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Remote Data Access (RDA.Pull)


I am trying to use RDA.pull to pull data from SQL server 2000 to sql mobile, but it fails when some columns are included in the SQLSelectString, though the datatypes involved are only char, float, smallint and smalldatetime, and nothing is longer than 30. Since there is a very large number of columns, it is difficult to isolate the guilty one by trial and error! Coud someone please help?

- Nag Rao

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Pull Data From Cache 5.0 To SQL 2000 (fast?)

I'm currently working with a 10 million plus row database with the dataresiding on a Unix box with Cache 5.0. The problems is that it can take fivedays to pull one table from Cache to SQL 2000 using the ODBC connectionprovided by Cache in a SQL 2000 DTS package. I think the real problem isconverting the data from the post relational format (Cache) to a relationalformat (SQL 2000)???Does anyone have any ideas / suggestions on how to speed this transfer ofdata? I'm very new to Cache and any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,-p

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General Syntax To Pull Xml Data From A Web Server

Could someone give me the general syntax to pull xml data from a web server that I have access to? I do know that I can not use an ip address, I have to use the hostname, etc.

I was using something like


instead of using SERVERNAME I am user http:\www.mycompanyname.commycompanynamestoredata.xml

I do not understand why this does not work. I hope I gave enough information for this.

Please help.

Thank you

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Use SSIS To Pull Data From A BASIS Database.

Hi All,

Anyone have any experience in connecting to a Basis database?
I want to build an SSIS package to ETL data out of a Basis database and into a sql server 2005 db.
I have downloaded the ODBC driver, but am not usre how to plug it in to SSIS to do teh extraction.

Also I am totally new to Basis...it is not an RDBMS at all but the literature says it supports SQL queries, so I am not sure about where to start.



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Problem Pulling Data Using HTTPS -SQL CE RDA Pull

Hello All,
I have an application pulling data from SQL Server 2005 which is running on windows mobile 5 devices, and RDA is setup and working perfectly over http and this is in the production for long time, but we have decided to implement SSL for transportation recently and we have a certificate installed to the server and i am trying to pull data using https and getting "the request to send data to the computer running IIS has failed" message, only RDA stopped working over SSL, i can access scripts and other resources from the device using https (I made code to trust any certificate for any web requests) the link to the dll is accessible from outside, i have installed the root certicate on the server, the virtual directory has been changed to communicate via https on web synchronization wizard, then problem occurs, otherwise it will work ok, i am totally stuck at this point, is this a problem with port setup port 443 is opened, the issue is clearly a SSL issue. any help would be appreciated..what are the things to be done to implement SSL for RDA, i don't see anything more in msdn.
thank you so much!

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Using Stored Procedures To Insert And Pull Data From Database

I have my database: "RequestTrack"
My table (with its columns): "Request"RequestKey (automatically generated)..and the Primary KeyEntryDate  (datetime)Summary (nvarchar)RequestStatusCodeKey (bigint)EntryUserID   (nvarchar)EntryUserEmail (nvarchar)I am wanting to create a basic web form where my user interface has 3 text boxes and a Submit button:
**After I hit the submit button the information will then be inserted into the database. Also the RequestStatusCodeKey will be MANUALLY typed in so that will not require the user to add that. Please please please help ! I've been searching online for days and looking at various websites and still havent found anything. I've found somethings but they went into too much depth with too much information. I am just wanting to stay basic but w/o using SQLDataSource Controls. I would like to be able to store a lot of data. Thanks for your help!!!

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Trying To Pull Data From Server But Getting A Blank White Screen

Hey guys, i finally connected to the db fine however for some reason i cannot pull the data.  I was hoping somebody here might be able to help me.  The code is below
    Function MyQueryMethod() As System.Data.DataSet        Dim connectionString As String = "server='xxxx'; user id='xxxx'; password='xxxxxx'; database='wel"& _            "sh_indiv'"        Dim dbConnection As System.Data.IDbConnection = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(connectionString)
        Dim queryString As String = "SELECT [test12].[name], [test12].[grade] FROM [test12]"        Dim dbCommand As System.Data.IDbCommand = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand        dbCommand.CommandText = queryString        dbCommand.Connection = dbConnection
        Dim dataAdapter As System.Data.IDbDataAdapter = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter        dataAdapter.SelectCommand = dbCommand        Dim dataSet As System.Data.DataSet = New System.Data.DataSet        dataAdapter.Fill(dataSet)
        Return dataSet    End Function
 im kinda new to programming with vb for asp.net pages so please bare with me.

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RDA Pull Method Not Creating Tables/inserting Data

I can't see what is going on, this is the situation:

I call the Pull method, specify the table to be affected, the query to be used, the connection string to the remote SQL server, the tracking options (On) and the Error table. The pull method executes with no errors however, no table is ever created. I don't know why, here's what I have done so far:

I read the SQL BOOKS ONLINE help on preparing RDA, I set up the IIS virtual directory for anonymous access and on the connection string I send in the user name and password for the SQL server, I went into the SQL Server and grated access to the user name to the database that I am going to access and I made the user a db_owner.

So, according to SQL BOOKS ONLINE I have everything right however, it won't populate, so right now I am open to suggestions on how to get this to work, heres the code:
string rdaOleDbConnectString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=<Server>;Initial Catalog=<DB>; User Id=<User>;Password=<Password>"; (it's not exactly like this, but in it has the proper values)
string connectionString = "Data Source="\Program Files\client\db\MobileDB.sdf"";

SqlCeRemoteDataAccess rda = new SqlCeRemoteDataAccess("",

IList _tableNames = new ArrayList();
IList _queries = new ArrayList();

Code that prepares tables and queries

for (int counter = 0; counter < _tableNames.Count; counter++)
rda.Pull(_tableNames[counter].ToString(), _queries[counter].ToString(), rdaOleDbConnectString, RdaTrackOption.TrackingOn, "MobileError");

the For loop runs with no problems but no data is ever put (or tables created) into the Mobile DB.

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How To Pull Data In The Inline Code Block Inside A Template?

The code block is embedded into a grid view item template.    <ItemTemplate> <% if ((bool)Eval("isNew")) { %> New Post <% } %></ItemTemplate> but as per rule Eval and Bind can be only use bind the data. How would i pull the information from sqldatasource in the template like this? 

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How To Pull Data Into A Datagrid From The Same Table, 2 Fields, And Display Them As 1 Field In The SqlDataSource?

Hi, Im trying to pull data from 2 fields in the same table into a SqlDataSource that feeds into a GridView, and display them as 1 field in GridView? I have a database table that has entries of users and their friends. so
this tblFriendUser has a column called UserName and another column
called FriendUserName.
I am trying to get a list of friends for that particular user. Note
that if User1 initiated the friend request, he will be listed as
UserName and his friend as FriendUserName, but if his friend initiated
the friend request, it will be vice versa: him being the FriendUserName
and his friend the UserName. So I want the following 2 queries run and merged into
one query in order to return 2 columns only: UserFriendID & UserName, is that
possible? Is my design bad? Any suggestions/advice would help! Thanks a lot!

SELECT UserFriendID, UserName
FROM tblUserFriends
WHERE (UserName = @UserName);

SELECT UserFriendID, FriendUserName AS UserName
FROM tblUserFriends
WHERE (FriendUserName= @UserName);

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ODBC Error When Running Stored Proc To Pull Sql2005 Data Into Access 97

I have a stored procedure the runs a query and loads data into a access 97 table. We recently upgraded the sql server database to SQL2005. If I check my odbc connection when creating it is test successful. however when I run the query in access to kick off the stored proc it gives me a ODBC Connection failure message. Neither the stored procedure nor the access database have changed. I am able to run the stored proc successfully from sql query analyzer. is there are compatability issue with Access 97 (they refuse to upgrade) and SQL2005??

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Select Last 6 Month Data In Sql

select * from tbl where nmonth between datepart(mm,DATEADD(month, -2, getdate())) and datepart(mm,getdate())
this query is returning my data  between 1(jan) and 3 (mar)
if i change my query to get all datas between nov to mar
select * from tbl where nmonth between datepart(mm,DATEADD(month, -4, getdate())) and datepart(mm,getdate())
this query is not returning data since the month between 11 to 3
Guys,Help me out to correct this syntax.

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Group Data By Month

how can i group data using specified date like for example per month.
here is my sample data.

fielddate | fieldnumber
january 1, 2007 | 1
january 5, 2007 | 2
February 2, 2007| 3
March 4, 2007 | 3
March 5, 2007 | 4

i want to sum all fieldnumber by month
result will be:

resultdate | resultnumber
january 2007 | 3
February 2007 | 3
March 2007 | 7

thnx for the help in advance.

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