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Activity Log

What is the best to produce user activity log ? Using triggers (insert, delete, update) is rather heavy (?) operation. Has anyone used SQL Profiler for that ? In log should be: who, what, when, workstation, table, changed fields, some data key values.


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How To Log Any Activity
Dear friends,
I'm working on an entity relationship diagram about a mice farm.
Let's say we have a very very basic diagram like this:

MOUSE "is in" CAGE

For example, this gives

Mouse "n°1500" is in cage "AAA"
Mouse "n°1501" is in cage "BBB"

One operator can take one mouse and put it into another cage, for
example the first line becomes

Mouse n°1500 is in cage CCC

Now, I was asked to track any movement... I ask myself: do I need to


so that I have

Operator "John" moves Mouse "n°1500" on "Monday 3rd, 2007" at "5 PM"
from "AAA" to "CCC"?

or this kind of logging is provided some way by SQL server?

Thanx a lot for any hint.

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SQL Activity
I have just set up the following

and for the performance

So i run my results and get

select * from v_sysperfinfo

and get ...
Workfiles Created/sec                    Oct 16 2006 11:54AM 632531
Index Searches/sec                       Oct 16 2006 11:49AM 106329443

Values seem high....for the COUNTER
Is there something that needs to be reset when using this tool


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Old && New Values For My Activity Log ??
I have a requirment to create a activity log to log all changes that
take place in my tables as they happen. All my Inserts,updates & Deletes take place inside stored procs. A windows .NET application calls the stored procs and passes the data set to the stored procs to execute them on a Sql server 2000 database.

When an update statement is run inside my stored proc, the dataset only passes me the new values. but,i will need the old value from the database before the update takes place to report in my activity log. What is the best way to do it ?

My activity log shold report a description like this

"Name Changed from 'Robert Johnson'(old value) to 'Bob Johnson'(New Value)"

Though i can do a select from the tables to get the old values and match the new values to get the differences before running the update statements, it is too much work as i have well over 100 stored procs in my application and i have to check for every single field value in a table. If only one column changed in a table containg 20 columns, i would still have to check for 20 columns before determining which fields changed.

Can any one suggest me a better solution to report the old values and new values for all the updates that take place in a database through stored Procedures.


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Current Activity Not Available? 6.5
When viewing Current Activity, nothing shows up.

If i run sp_who, the return is normal.

If I run sp_who2, the following message is returned. (it also is returned randomly while using function in EM such as Backup/Restore.)

Msg 268, Level 16, State 1
You cannot run SELECT INTO in this database. The DBO would have to run sp_dboption to enable this option.

What is it??? It's buggin me......


p.s. I remember a similar problem in the past, it had to do with turning truncate on checkpoint in one of the system databases msdb/master/tempdb or something like that. I turned off all Trunc. and Select/Bulk options on these...

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Current Activity
I have registered a server on to my client machine successfully,but I am not finding the current activity item in the management folder on EM.How do I see the current activity on the server.Do I need to be SA for that server?My machine has NT workstation with SQL server 7.0 on it.Any one to help?

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Current Activity
If I get pageiolatch_sh wait type periodically, what does it mean ? Is
tuning required ?


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User Activity
Hello All,

I am new at this site and new at using SQL also.... I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my prob...

I have set up an SQL 2000 server and made some accounts which my friends are using to log onto my server.. Is there a way I could keep a check on who is doin what or maintain a user log....

Many Thanks,

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I usually run this command in SQL 2000.
Which tells me what is running with all the sql code statements.

Is there an alternative command to run in SQL 2005...rather than using the Reports - i find it easier to execute sp i called this sp_now.

set nocount on
declare @handle binary(20),
@spid smallint,
@rowcnt smallint,
@output varchar(500)

declare ActiveSpids CURSOR FOR
select sql_handle, spid
from sysprocesses
where sql_handle <> 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
--and spid <> @@SPID
order by cpu desc

OPEN ActiveSpids
INTO @handle,

set @rowcnt = @@CURSOR_ROWS

print '===================='
print '===================='
print ' '
set @output = 'ACTIVE SPIDS: ' + convert(varchar(4),@rowcnt)
print @output

print ' '
print ' '
print 'O' + replicate('x',120) + 'O'
print 'O' + replicate('x',120) + 'O'
print ' '
print ' '
print ' '

select 'loginame' = left(loginame, 30),
'hostname' = left(hostname,30),
'datagbase' = left(db_name(dbid),30),
'spid' = str(spid,4,0),
'block' = str(blocked,5,0),
'phys_io' = str(physical_io,8,0),
'cpu(mm:ss)' = str((cpu/1000/60),6) + ':' + case when left((str(((cpu/1000) % 60),2)),1) = ' ' then stuff(str(((cpu/1000) % 60),2),1,1,'0') else str(((cpu/1000) % 60),2) END ,
'mem(MB)' = str((convert(float,memusage) * 8192.0 / 1024.0 / 1024.0),8,2),
'program_name' = left(program_name,50),
'command' = cmd,
'lastwaittype' = left(lastwaittype,15),
'login_time' = convert(char(19),login_time,120),
'last_batch' = convert(char(19),last_batch,120),
'status' = left(status, 10),
'nt_username' = left(nt_username,20)
from master..sysprocesses
where spid = @spid
print ' '
print ' '

-- Dump the inputbuffer to get an idea of what the spid is doing
dbcc inputbuffer(@spid)
print ' '
print ' '

-- Use the built-in function to show the exact SQL that the spid is running
select * from ::fn_get_sql(@handle)

INTO @handle,
close ActiveSpids
deallocate ActiveSpids


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Activity Monitor
Hi experts,
I just want to know how can i kill all the processes of a database
if the database have more than 100 connections.This is for the purpose of restoring a database.


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Activity Monitor
Is there a way to allow a user to run activity monitor without making that user system admin

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Last Activity On A Table
How to find a last activity happened on a table?

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Activity Monitor
Is there a way to give access to non-admins on ACTIVITY MONITOR?

I think, therefore I am - Rene Descartes

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Activity Monitor
We have a problem with our website. It uses SQL express.

After restarting the website etc., SQL Express starts out ok, but after a while it seems to react slower and slower.

SQL server takes a lot of the cpu resources it jumps up and down to 100%.

It might be some stored procedure behaving bad....

How can I find out which one is causing the problem.
I've checked the activity monitor, and see some processes with high cpu loads, but how can I find out what this process is....

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Job Activity Monitor
I have a problem with Job Activity Monitor.
I have a SSIS which copies data from a table to a flat file. The connection string of this file is variable and the file is reused if not exists and is created if exists.
When I run the SSIS manually from my microsoft visual studio it works properly. However, when I run this SSIS from the Job Activity Monitor, I get the following error:
Executed as user: REDCAMadminsql2k5. Microsoft (R) SQL Server Execute Package Utility  Version 9.00.3042.00 for 64-bit  Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-2005. All rights reserved.    Started:  8:41:10 AM  Error: 2007-09-10 08:48:04.99     Code: 0xC020200E     Source: Crear Historico Historico [1]     Description: Cannot open the datafile "\srvnfileHISTORICOSCAJEROSOFI3210C01OFI3210C01_2007-7X.txt".  End Error  Error: 2007-09-10 08:48:04.99     Code: 0xC004701A     Source: Crear Historico DTS.Pipeline     Description: component "Historico" (1) failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0xC020200E.  End Error  DTExec: The package execution returned DTSER_FAILURE (1).  Started:  8:41:10 AM  Finished: 8:48:53 AM  Elapsed:  462.234 seconds.  The package execution failed.  The step failed.

Any idea?

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Logging Table Activity
Hi peeps,

We have a great big database (90gb) which has been populated (monopolised) by our finance team, and its full of tables that probably aren't being used at all. But know knows whats being used and what isn't or they don't have the time to go through it with me.

So I have decided to implement a procedure that logs table activity on this database, and if for example a table isn't used for a month then it will be archived off and zipped up.

I have a few ideas in my head how I can acheive this, but I am looking for some opinions and ideas from you guys?

Thanks in advance

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Audit User Activity
Hi All,

I'm an Oracle DBA that has inherited some SQL Server 2000 databases.
Can you audit a particular user in Sql Server 2000. We need to know exactly what a particular user is doing, (i.e. creating/dropping objects, and what data he is accessing)

what is the best way to do this??


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User Activity Query

I'm trying to produce a user activity table out of a table that contains rows on when users log in or out. However, I can't seem to get the query to 'pick' the right date time in the join.

So, I have a table like this:

7107/30/06 12:30PM
5107/29/06 11:00AM
4117/29/06 10:30AM
3205/03/06 6:30PM
1205/01/06 9:30AM
0215/01/06 9:15AM

And I want to make it into this table:

17/29/06 10:30AM7/29/06 11:00AM30
17/30/06 12:20PM7/30/06 12:30PM10
25/01/06 9:15AM5/01/06 9:30AM15
25/03/065:30PM5/03/06 6:30PM60

Here is what I came up with, but it doesn't seem to be working right :eek:

distinct (userin.changeid),
userin.createdate as LoggedInDate,
userout.createdate as LoggedOutDate,
DateDiff(mm,userin.createdate,userout.createdate) as Duration
from userChange userin
inner join (
select * from userChange
where loggedin = 0
) userout on userin.userid = userout.userid
where and userin.loggedin = 1 and userin.createdate < userout.createdate
order by userin.createdate desc

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Activity In One DB Causes Time-outs In Another
We have several SQL 2000 databases on one server.
One of the applications I'm responsible for has batch jobs that run for an hour; all activity is on the database. During this hour, other applications that use other databases on the same server experience time-outs. One of my coworkers did a count(*) on an empty table and it took 11 seconds.

We pay people to keep our servers up and running. Is this something they might solve by reconfiguring the server? It seems strange to me that a single database is allowed to hog all server resources.
We are meeting with them later this week, and I'd like to have some knowledge about this; we don't want to BS'ed into buying a new server.

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The Current Activity Window
Is it possible to open the current activity window from EM
for NON SA users? Any tricks about it?

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Current Activity Tool
Hi there!
in the ms-enterprise manager , the current activity.. under server menu
does not display anything in one of the server in EM but in other
servers it is okay.

any inputs?



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Current Activity Window

On sql server 6.5 running on a win/nt platform my Current Activity window comes up blank when I click on it. Everything else seems to be working fine. This is a new problem, it just stopped reporting any info when I click on it.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Current Activity Blank?
THere is not current activity showing in EM.

sp_who works fine,
sp_who2 returns.

Msg 268, Level 16, State 1
You cannot run SELECT INTO in this database.
The DBO would have to run sp_dboption to enable this option.

Something has gone wrong. Any ideas?
SELECT INTO can't be set in Master. What database does Current activity information come out of, what system tables.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Trace User Activity

Does anybody know how to trace user activity after they log off from the SQL Server 6.5? I know SQL Trace is able to trace the user activity in real time.

Many thanks in advance!

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Lase Database Activity
Is ther any way we can know the last database activity.I mean when was the last time the data base used/accessed

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Cannot View Current Activity In EM
Trying to view current activity in EM however get error 1222 Lock request time out period exceeded, this also occurs when trying to view tempdb database.

Is this a EM Gui error or locking issue and hwo do you resolve?



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Can&#39;t Open Current Activity
On one of my SQL 7 servers, I am suddenly unable to open current activity. I get the error message 1222 "Lock request time out period exceeded". Does anyone know what caused this and how I correct it. Monday I was able to open current activity, Tuesday morning I started getting this message. Nothing was changed between Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks so much for any help on this,

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Current Activity Window

Is there any good source of information available on how to interprete 'current activity' window?


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Monitoring Of User Activity
When using Windows NT authentication, is it possible to track the activity of specific SQL Server users if they are granted access through a NT group profile?

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Monitoring User Activity

Can anyone guide me besides any third party tool is there a way to find out all the activities of the connection till it got connected.



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Capurting Activity(Very Urgent)

A developer is running sql transactions from the application and needs to know how it is executed from database, I know I have to run Profiler Trace, but not exactly which traces , Can you please guide me?



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Logging Activity/connections
Good morning all... first time poster here.

Very new to SQL server, and the database world in general. We're an old Oracle shop, and our Oracle dba's are pretty set in their ways and aren't too excited about supporting SQL server. Understandable, change is tough sometimes. Being the new kid in town, I have made it my goal to wrangle our SQL 2000/2005 environment and carve out my own little niche.

My first order of business is to do some general cleanup and documentation. So, my question is this... is there a way to determine when the last few user connection to a database were? I have a host of databases that I suspect are no longer in use, but no one can seem to identify them. Before I delete them, I definitely want to make sure they aren't being used by some off-the-beaten-path app that I am unaware of. I did a search here and a general Google search that was fruitless. I'm not the beast Googler though. :)

Any advice here will be greatly appreciated!


edit: My idea of a solution would be a query to show, say, the last 10 connections to a particular database. Username, date, time, etc. would be spectacular.

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Lots Of Transactions, But No Activity
Hi all,

I have a strange situation. Performance monitor shows that SQLServer:Transactions Transactions value is 125, but SQL Server Profiler does not show any activity.

I ran sp_who2 and I have a bunch of processes with SUSPENDED status. Would those be counted in Performance monitor?

When does a transaction get suspended?



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Job Activity = Slow, Non Job = Fast
I have created an integration services package with a script-source reading data from Active directory. Pretty much data is read and written into a sql2005 database.

I have notised that when I run the package via right-clicking the package (Under stored packagesMSDB) and selecting "Run Package" it takes about 45 minutes for it to complete successfully. The same goes if I run the package from inside Visual Studio. However, when I create a job and put this package as one of it's tasks the task takes about 1h 40min. This is more then double the time! In neither case the server is occupied with soething else. And I have tried it several times so it wasn't just an "accident".

Any idéa of what this depends on?

regards Andreas

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SQL Activity Monitor Logs
Hi All,

I want to analyze server (SQL 2005) activity at a specific time in the past. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a log file reflecting the information in Activity Monitor. Knowing that the sysprocesses and syslocks tables feed Activity Monitor, I thought about doing a log analysis on the master transaction log, but I'm not sure that's possible.

Is there a (different) way to achieve this?

Or is there a better approach to identifying processes that cause performance bottleneck/deadlocks?

Any input would be appreciated.


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Reporting Off Of User Activity
I would like to be able to identify "who does what" such as who deleted records or merged them and when.  How would I best get at that type of info?

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Massive Out Going Activity On Network
After installing SQL Server Express on Vista Ultimate, I noticed a tremendous and continous amount of traffic on my internet connection.

This disturbs me as I have a cap on how much data I can transfer by my ISP and have also noticed that any other application that requires the connection, suddenly slows down the transfer of information. To the point that most sites now come up as timed out due to server not responding, and even Windows update times out.

Is there a way to configure SQL Server Express so that it does not send out so much information over my Internet Connection. or is it just part of the process?

I did not activate any of the check boxes that come up when asking if I wanted to share usage stats etc. after installing the server and the management tools.

Any help on this will be appreciated.




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No Disk Activity During Database Restore
I am trying to restore a 200 GB database on to a newly formatted SANvolume. The restore has been running for hours but there doesn't seemto be a lot of disk activity on the disks I'm restoring to and I'mwondering if that's anything to worry about.Using perfmon I'm monitoring the % Disk time for the disk I'm restoringto. It will show around 99% for a minute or so and then drop to zerofor 3-4 minutes. Is this normal? I know that since I'm restoring to anew volume that SQL Server needs to zero out the 200 GB before itstarts the actual restore but I would expect to see 100% disk timewhile it does this.Any insight appreciated.Thanks!

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Processing User Activity Table
Hello,I have an application that will be logging to a SQL Server 2000database user user activity from several Windows 2003 terminalservers. This information will be retrieved by monitoring theSecurity logs of these servers (this part I know how to accomplishalready).A table in the database, tblLogEntries, will contain the followingfields:- ID = autoincrementing int- LogTime = Date/Time the user activity was recorded in the securitylog- Username = User's login ID that the activity was recorded with- Type = int, referencing a lookup table with the values of Logon,Logoff, and possible other future items- Server = The name of the server the activity was recorded on.The only question I have is, can you offer a way to process the totaluser login time during a given range using T-SQL.For Example...Given the table data:ID LogTime Username Type Server1 10-10-2003 8:30:00 Tom Logon SERVER-A2 10-10-2003 8:45:00 Sarah Logon SERVER-A3 10-10-2003 16:45:00 Tom Logoff SERVER-A4 10-10-2003 17:00:00 Sarah Logoff SERVER-A5 10-11-2003 8:30:00 Tom Logon SERVER-A6 10-11-2003 8:45:00 Sarah Logon SERVER-A7 10-11-2003 16:30:00 Sarah Logoff SERVER-A8 10-11-2003 17:15:00 Tom Logoff SERVER-AHow would you receive the output:User Logon Total Time for SERVER-ATom 17.0 hrsSarah 16.0 hrsI know I can handle this type of processing on my ASP.NET front-end,but I'm curious as to how easily it can be done by the database,itself.Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Current Activity - Process Info
Hi, please i need to know where sql save (table) the info that i see in Managment/Current Activity - Process Info
thanks so much

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Help! Unusual SQL Server Activity With Sp_dbrename.
I recently renamed a database with sp_renamedb and created a new db with the same name as the old and restored the data into the new db. I put the old renamed db in single user mode to prevent data from becomming violated. After cycling SQL Server to flush the cache, I opened the floodgates for users. Our support line was full of calls from people saying "I'm getting the error 'Single User Mode in database DBORGINALDBNAME'. Any ideas why the application would be hitting the old database after I renamed and recycled the server?

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