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Add Timestamp To The File


I am moving a file to another folder after processing. I want to append the month, year and time. I have been able to append yr and month using this

(DT_STR, 2, 1252) Month( @[System::StartTime] )+ (DT_STR, 4, 1252) Year( @[System::StartTime] )

How to append the time to this?


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Timestamp Ans Status Of Database File
Our database is running in full recovery mode and we backup the logfile every hour and the database file every night. I notice thetimestamp of database file *.mdf remains unchanged a few days. Forexample one database has its timestamp at Apr 15 while it is Apr 20already.I am wondering if this is acceptable. How do I force the system toflush the data and dirty blocks to the disk more frequently? What isthe downside to this?Thanks for any idea.

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Capture Date And Timestamp Of A File?

I am pulling files from the FTP site using the FTP task. I want to also capture the date and timestamp of each of these files so that I can insert the values into a database and track when are these files get created normally on the FTP server.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Data Source File Name Has A Timestamp
I have 2 years worth of data that are stored in individual .dbf files for each day. Is there a way to 1 quickly import all of these tables into one and 2. move the timestamp from the file name to a date column?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Retrieving And Storing File Timestamp
I have apackage that processes aflat file, which is generated by a separate system each weekday around 3:30AM. I would like my package to store the timestamp of the input file and compare it to the timestamp of the next day's file. If they are the same, then the package can exit without reprocessing a particular file again.

So, my first question is whether a package variable can be updated so that its valuewill persist from one run to the next?

Second, what is the syntax to retrieve the file's timestamp, either directly from the file connection manager or within a script task?



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Generate Text File With Timestamp

I am trying to generate a text file with current timestamp uisng SSIS. What is the best way to do this? can you show me some examples?

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How Can I Include A Timestamp On A File Name In A Stored Procedure???
ok...i give up.....
can this be done? (sql server 2000)
all i want to do is have my stored procedure output some data to a file and i want the filename to include a time stamp.
here's my current working file output code:
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'bcp "select * from CEData..employee" queryout "c:employees.txt" -c -Usa -P'
i'd like it to be something like this:
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'bcp "select * from CEData..employee" queryout "c:employees" + datetime + ".txt" -c -Usa -P'
but nothing seems to work.

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Importing DATE With Timestamp(In A Flat File) Column Using SSIS

SSIS is brand new for me.. Playing with since a few hours..

Iam trying to import a Flat File into the SQLSERV DB using SSIS..
One of the column is in this format -- "YYYYMMDDHH24MISS"

How do i get around this to import the data in a readable fashion into the Destination?


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Error While Converting Oracle Timestamp To Sql Server Timestamp (datetime) - &&"Invalid Date Format&&"
I am populating oracle source in Sql Server Destination. afterfew rows it fails it displays this error:

[OLE DB Destination [16]] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description:
"Invalid date format".

I usedthis script component using the following code in between the adapters, Howeverafter 9,500 rows it failed again giving the same above error:

To convert Oracle timestamp to Sql Server timestamp





End If

End If

I don't know if my code is right . Please inform, how i can achieve this.

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Unable To Rename File Append With Timestamp While Downloading Exported Data Into Excel/pdf In SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service.
hi fiends,
Can any one help me on this issue please. I am new to this SQL Reporting service.

I am Using SQL Sever 2005 , windows 2000 professional.
Not able to rename the file , when i export the data into excel/pdf format. I tried with Subscription properties. It's giving the RDL name only.
My requirement is need to display filename appending with timestamp.

1. I created RDL
2. Opening the RDL data into my GWT application with new IE window
3. Exporting the data into excel/pdf.
4. Able to popup Download file Dialog.
5. Asking the File to save. ( Here by defualt it's giving the RDL File name only. I want to display with RDL file name with timestamp)
Can you please help me.


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For Loop - Iterate From Older Files To Newer Files Based On File's Timestamp
In the For Loop, Howto Iterate from Older flat files to Newer flat files based on File's Timestamp. If there are some older files in that folder, it should be processed first and then continue with the newer one.

Any Suggestions?

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Get Row Timestamp With No Timestamp Column
For starters, please feel free to move this if it is in the wrong forum.

The issue I have is this. I have been asked to delete all information from a table that was inserted beforeMay 12 this year. The issue is that when the DB was created, whoever designedd it neglected to add a timestamp column for the user data table (the oneI need to purge). Does SQL, by default, happen to store insert times? Would it be something that might hide ina log file somewhere?

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I am retrieving data from a database, and have been noticing some really strange timestamps.  Has anyone ever seen a timestamp that looks like this: 16777215Karls 

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Db Timestamp
I have a timestamp in a date field of a table I have but when run it does not enter the date automatically and all I get is system.byte[] display where the dtae and time should be, how can i get it so this field places the date in automatically.???

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how to insert a value into table where the fieldname uses a datatype timestamp.(asp.net2.0)

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SQL TimeStamp Help

I just started using SQL and i don't really know too much syntax.

I have an ASP page that is inserting data into a table called YellowAlerts.
The first field in this table is AlertDate. I thought I read somewhere that there is a timestamp feature. If anyone could help me out that would be great.


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TImeStamp Or Not
Is there any reason to have a TimeStamp column onto a table that has aPrimaryKey when using SQL Server and an Access front end?I read that doing so will always eliminate that write conflict error.But I notice that when pulling a recordset of 10K records, it takes 3Xless time if I delete the timestamp column on the table before runningthe SP.lq

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Is there any chance to get the content of a timestamp field?I am trying to get the content via Visual Objects and I am receiving onlynothing.Not NIL but "".Is it possible to get any useful information out of this field in anylanguage?(btw I know that the MS-Timestamp is not a timeformat)THXJens

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Is there any reason at all to use a timestamp column in a table havinga primarykey column???lq

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If i have a table with a 3 fields and one of them has a timestamp as a field type and I want to do an insert or update what is the value I am inserting for the column timestamp.

Help appreciated

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hello I put a time stamp in one of my column and it says binary data in the field. How do i make that binary data turn into a real date and time. If this is possible how do I separate the date from the time in the results or would I have to do this myself. Also, I need to sort the results by date can this be done?

Sorry for the stupid questions my sql book (sql demystified) does not elaborate. Thanks

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I have inherited a table with a timestamp column. I would like to call a stored procedure (within another sp) based on the timestamp reflecting the current day. Does anyone have any suggestions on reading the timestamp data and doing a comparison to todays date ? Do I have to convert the timestamp data first ?

Thanks in advance
Clea Boe

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Bcp And Timestamp?

I am new to SQl Server 6.5. We have a new application and just got the
application code. Howver, I notice that each table has a edit_timestamp
with the datatype of timestamp. During our testing, I will have to use bp
to take data in and out of the tables,

My questions are:

1) Will the timestamp datatype be difficult to use with bcp?

2) Would I be better off asking the vendor to change the data type to
datatime rather than timestamp?


DAvid Spaisman

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Hi All,

I believe that all created tables have got by default a timestamp field.
I tried to find out how to read this field with a Transact-SQL statement.
And so I don't know the syntax, is anyone can help me ?



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How do I "disable" the timestamp so that when I copy my data into a new
database it will use the timestamp from the last time the table was effected?



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How to find the maximum or the current inserted or updated data from timestamp column in the table...?

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Hello all,

I've just taken over a database on sql 7 that contains the timestamp column. This a binary datatype column. From what I understand, the timestamp column is a unique sequence value. How can I or if can I determine the date of the change from the timestamp value?



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How can I add a timestamp column to a table that will let me know when
a record was inserted? (perhaps by setting a default to that column?)

For some reason, @@currenttimestamp gives me
some binary garbage.

Please help with any suggestions.

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Hello I'm not a SQL Expert but i'm using it for a few months. Now i need to use a variable that everytime that is called to a select into it gives the timestamp (or Stamp) to put on a specific field. The problem is that i need this variable not in bd conotation (like 2007-02-12 12:00:44:33) but like this 2007021212004433. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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About The Timestamp
m new to sql server.can any one tell me is it possible to insert only time value in timestamp datatype.
i have table which have datatype datetime.and i have to insert only time.i can't change the datatype datetime to any other one.p
plz any one can suggest me the solution..


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Hi there,

When inserting into a table with a timestamp column without explicitly setting the column_list you get the following.


insert into Table_A

select *

from Table_B

Cannot insert a non-null value into a timestamp column. Use INSERT with a column list or with a default of NULL for the timestamp column.

I was wondering if there's a way to overcome this without specifying the column list?


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SQLDataSource And Timestamp
Hi folks, I am binding a gridview to a SQLDataSource that contains a timestamp column. My SQLDatasource contains an update method (via a stored procedure) that takes all of the data fields from the grid as input parameters.  I am getting an error stating 'sql_variant is incompatible with timestamp' .  The parameter definition for the update method specifies the timestamp column as type 'Object'.         <UpdateParameters>             <asp:Parameter Name="timestamp" Type="Object" />            ...        </UpdateParameters> When the data is initially retrieved, the timestamp column is converted to a System.Byte[] however I cannot specify System.Byte[] in the parameter definition (different error) I have read other post with this issue but none seemed to have been solved (while still using SQLDataSource and binding).I have tried other datatypes and they do not work as well. Any help would be greatly appreciatedThanksTom   

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Timestamp Database
HI every one
I have a timestamp column in my database. I want to use this column to get current changes but i am not able to get desired results when i use to compare that field in C#.
 Thanks in advance
 Take Care

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Timestamp When Updating
Hi world,I would like to know how to maintain a table with a "timestamp" column. I mean a column that automatically set the current datetime when the row is updated.I don't want to go trought my application and set that in the update or insert command. I would like to know if there is a possibility of putting a trigger or something.thx

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Using Timestamp With / SQL Server
I have a database that I don't want to lock. I decided that before any updates can occur I would check a timestamp value and ensure that nobody else updated before I did (avoiding the 'last update wins' scenario).

I have a problem, I can read the Timestamp from the db when I read the record. I currently use the data to pre-fill a form (gee go figure ;) ) and the user changes some values and updates.

I don't know what to DO with the timestamp value while I am holding it. I have tried putting it into a hidden field on the form but the value does not seem to translate back and forth.

Do I have to store it as in memory as part of the session or can I somehow convert to and from text??

I have about 0 experience working with byte arrays so the best answer is one with an example.


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Timestamp Problem!
Hello Group,I am having a really weird problem... Can anyone tell the differencebetween Query 1 and Query 2 below? Why Query 2 excludes '2/28/2005'?Many thanks!create table a(ApplicationID int,timestamp datetime)insert into a values(1111,'2/26/05 3:24')insert into a values(2222,'2/25/05 19:03')insert into a values(1111,'2/4/05 14:54')insert into a values(2222,'2/28/05 23:10')--Query 1--select year(timestamp) app_year,month(timestamp) app_month,day(timestamp) app_day,count(distinct applicationid) numappsfrom awhere year(timestamp)=2005 and month(timestamp)=2group by year(timestamp),month(timestamp),day(timestamp)order by year(timestamp),month(timestamp),day(timestamp)--Query 2--select year(timestamp) app_year,month(timestamp) app_month,day(timestamp) app_day,count(distinct applicationid) numappsfrom awhere timestamp between '2/1/2005' and '2/28/2005'group by year(timestamp),month(timestamp),day(timestamp)order by year(timestamp),month(timestamp),day(timestamp)

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Timestamp Via Java
hi all and sorry for my englishI write into a SqlServer2000 database via jdbc using a PreparedStatement(pstmt) and one of fields is a TimeStamp, my code is:qwdum=System.currentTimeMillis();pstmt.setTimestamp(8 , new Timestamp(qwdum));sometimes the field on table is correct (the milliseconds are the same oflast 3 digits of variable qwdum), other times it has a difference of 1 o 2millisecondsthe same code with jdbc Oracle or iSeries works fineany idea?thanksRoberto Nenni

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PK And Timestamp In Same Table?
Is there any reason to have a row that is the PK/Identity and a rowthat is datatype Timestamp in the same table?Does this in any way help speeding up row updates?Thanks,lq

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Timestamp Precision
I am using ASP and SQL 2005 Express.I am inserting a timestamp from an ASP page using <%=now%into asmalldatetime field. All of my timestamps are appearing without anyseconds (e.g., 1/21/2008 4:02:00 PM or 1/18/2008 11:32:00 AM).When I view the source for my page is shows the date/time as 1/21/20084:27:31 PM, but for some reason the seconds will be converted to1/21/2008 4:27:00 PMHow do i get more a more precise timestamp?Please help.

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Timestamp Conversion
I am working with an application that is returning a second basedtimestamp. It returns values based on the 86440 second day in GMT.Is there an ability within SQL Server to convert the value into anhour time value?I need to take this value and convert it to a hour value for the timezone the client is in.Thanks,Dave

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Timestamp Curiousity
Hi all,

I'm developing a Java-application in which I read data and update a series of documents from several tables in SQLServer 2000. Now - finally seeing the benefit of timestamp columns - I want to only update the the documents where the data in the SQL tables has changed (performance and so forth).

I started out by reading the timestamp column as a String object thinking that if I saved this value in my documents I would have something to compare the value against. But it seems to me that this value changes everytime I query the table (its string-representation anyway). So now I'm curious: Event though I do not update the tables (my query is defined as READ_ONLY) does that change the timestamp value. Or should I convert the value to something else that a String. Or is it just plain imposible to do any calculus on a timestamp-column ??

Any help will be greatly appreciated....

Regards - and thanks for your time

Kim Hansen

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TimeStamp Issues
i'm using a starttime, stoptime, duration combination of columns. i'm using datetime for the first two to get a time stamp for the start and stop. the issue is that i want to display "00:00" for start and stop time if the session has not been started yet.

is this possible??? what is the best course of action to tackle this problem??


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Replication Timestamp
from the url---;en-us;820675 I did the steps to implement the replication. However, i did not include a timestamp column in the tables. Is it important as to what would happen if i did not include this? I have the rowguidcol though. I thought this could would help to identify the various row.
Help pls?


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Row Insert Timestamp?
Just a quick question: Does SQL server 2000 store any identity information for tables in terms of the time a row gets inserted or are you forced to track this yourself? Thanks!

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Date Timestamp
i am creating a DTS package that will query a table and move data to another table daily on same DB/SERVER. i want to be able to timestamp previous date into date column in destination table. There's no date on source but i need timestamp on each import and date for previous day b/c importing data are for previous day.

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How To Retrieve Timestamp
Can any one please tell me how to retrieve values from timestamp column.
I am getting 1900-01-01 00:02:09.457. It is not storing current timestamp when record is created or modified.

Is there anything I need to set it up.


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Timestamp Columns

Is it possible to add timestamp column to an existing table?
Any considerations, precautions etc. dealing with timestamp columns?


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Timestamp Problem
I have a table in SQL server 6.5 which has two columns. One is a timestamp column and another is an int column. Now I need to change the int column to numeric (16). For this I cannot use the alter table statement as it is not there in sql server 6.5. I tried creating another table with two columns- one as numeric(16) and the other as timestamp. I transferred the data from he old table to the new table and dropped the old table and finally renamed the new table as the name of the old table. But the problem is that the timestamp column now contains data that is different from the data that was there in the original column. I cannot update the timestamp column as that is done automatically neither can I insert the values. How do I make sure that the data in the timestamp column remains the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Timestamp Data
I have timestamp column and as you know the data there is not in readable format. what should I do to get normal date to find out when row was updated by user.

Thank you in advance,

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DTS Rejects Timestamp
I would like to transfer all the tables from one database to another. I am using DTS. All goes well as long as a table does not contain a timestamp field. DTS says that the table contains fields that are read only.

Also identify fields lose their 'Identity" flag.

Can't I just make a mirror image 'copy'? I just want all the data in the tables transferred (copied) to another database.



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