Can I Access SQL Login Users In ASP.Net Application

Sep 28, 2005

Hello All,

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Data Access :: Login Failed For User When Run Application In Network

Jun 9, 2015

When i wanna run Application in other computers in network. The following error occurs.

error : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'Suren-PCGuest'.ConnectionStr = "Data Source=SUREN-PCMSSQLSERVER,1433;Initial Catalog=WorkFlow;Integrated Security=True";

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SQL Security :: Users Are Able To Login To Server Without Any Login Names Or Being Part Of A Group

Jun 5, 2015

I have a server that has 20 databases . I have tested with few users with different level of access and all of them were able to connect to the server and also see, select, update , delete from a particular database which is kind of weird because they do not have a user login associated or mapped to that database. I checked and no user is part of any group in AD that would give them permission to connect . I need a query that would find the permission path of a user. I already queried with xp_logininfo but I am not getting any thing.

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Secure .NET 1.1 Application From Users

Jan 20, 2006

Hi all.

I am developing an distributed VB.NET 1.1 application with a TripleDES capable socket layer for communication with my server app.

I need to secure the distributed app from the users within the organization I am developing it for (a franchise).

I do not wish to store any encryption keys in the source code as these would be obvious to any seasoned hacker through decompilation of my binaries (even with obfuscation). I have decided to use the windows DPAPI (under machine storage mode) to secure manually entered (at installation) encryption layer keys in the registry. The salt values for this DPAPI mode also need to be secured, as a disgruntled franchise owner may be the hacker (and hence would have admin privilege on the machine the software is installed on). Not as far fetched as you think !

This is the beginning of a vicious cycle. How do I secure and where do I store this salt value safely ? With it a hacker with admin privilige can easily decrypt my keys if they know I am using machine mode DPAPI. Can I use ACLs to protect the keys with an account I set up manually on the machine ? If so then I would need to be able to switch account identities in my code (which I haven't researched as yet) and then would need to store the password to that somewhere.

If anyone could offer any insight or direction it would be much appreciated.

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Users' Access Linked Table From ACCESS To SQL 7.0 By ODBC

Jan 12, 2000

Hi Everyone,

I have set up a link from ACCESS to a SQL 7.0 database using ODBC (File DSN saved on a shared DRIVE). The link works well only from the workstation where the link was created. But How can I create a link so a group of users can view the linked table in ACCESS without type a password? Any suggestion is appreciated.


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See Application Users (View Server State) Within A Stored Procedure

Mar 17, 2008

Hello, i have a problem regarding stored procedures and view server state.

I have an application with a lot of stored procedures, one of them checks data of the connected users.
In SQL 2000 i had no problem getting this information, but in SQL server 2005 i do.

my stored procedure looks like this:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dba].[applsp_GetConnectionInfo]


@DBName varchar(100)





DECLARE @sCollationMaster VARCHAR(128);

DECLARE @sSqlString VARCHAR(900);

-- Determine collation from master database because collation from master and ultimo database may differ

SELECT @sCollationMaster = CAST(databasepropertyex('master', 'Collation') AS VARCHAR);

SET @sSqlString =

'SELECT max(status) AS Status, max(isnull(SCISUSENAME, ''ULTIMOLOGIN'')) AS Login

, MAX(Rtrim(Rtrim(convert(varchar(255), nt_domain)) + nt_username)) AS NTUser

, max(Rtrim(hostname)) AS Host, MAX(Rtrim(program_name)) AS Program

FROM master.dbo.sysprocesses JOIN dba.SCONNECTIONINFO on SCISPID = CAST(spid AS VARCHAR)

AND ( SCISUSENAME = ISNULL(loginame, '''') COLLATE ' + @sCollationMaster + ' OR ISNULL(loginame, '''') = ''ULTIMOLOGIN'')

WHERE ...... AND DB_NAME(dbid) = ''' + @DBName + '''

GROUP BY hostprocess





I've granted view server state permissions to my user 'dba' which is the db_owner.
When i execute the query in the stored procedure seperatly as dba i get all the info i need, but when i execute the stored procedure i don't see anything.

I seem to have the same problem with sp_who2
Executing it gives me information about everyone but when i put in a stored procedure like this:

alter procedure test

with execute as owner as


EXEC sp_who2

I just see information about myself

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Can An Authorized User Like SA Create A Table Which The Owner Is Any Users Who Use The Application?

Aug 20, 2007


autorized user: sa
any user : nuran
temporary table: birtablo

I need a stored procedure will execute by sa and it will create some required temporary tables for each users. For example table name is birtablo. I mean sa will create table for nuran, and when I checked the owner of the table (birtablo) I want to see nuran not dbo.
sa will execute following command:

create table nuran.birtablo (...........)

Is it possible to cerate a table by sa on behalf of any user? If it is, could you please explain?



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List Groups That Have Access To Application And Use Grid Format To Show Access To Specific Tables

Jun 23, 2014

i am currently working on designing a database for a bank as a school project for my database class. We have to draw up an entity relationship diagram, Sql tables, database size estimate etc. I am currently working on the security portion of the project. I need to list the groups that have access to my application and use a grid format to show access to specific tables.

I am currently working on designing a database for a bank as a school project for my database class. We have to draw up an entity relationship diagram, Sql tables, database size estimate etc. I am currently working on the security portion of the project. I need to list the groups that have access to my application and use a grid format to show access to specific tables.

Role Loans Payments Transactions Accounts Customer Emplo
Internal Auditor S S S S S S
Loan Officer SUID SUI SUI S S
Tellers S S S S SU
Customers U

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Users And Login Restoration

Jul 24, 2002

SQL Server 7 or 2000.

I restore a database on a different server from a device file. This database has a user defined for it. In this case, 'privuser' is the name. No login has been defined.

I can add the privuser login but cannot grant db access because privuser already exists in the db. I cannot drop 'privuser' because the user owns all the user objects in the db.

How can I make the privuser login I create access the db using the privuser username in the db? Would having the login created before restoring the db as a new db work?

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Multi Users On One Sql Login

May 27, 2008

can there be multiple users on one single sql login?

I keep getting errors from my users randomly about the server timing out and i am wondering if they are trying to submit append queries at the same time.

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Unable To Map Users To The Login

Apr 9, 2008

I am new to this, so, I will be greatful to anyone who can clarify the following:

qn 1:
In login properties under Logins of Security, what does creating mapping to the different databases mean ?

For a given login, I notice that I can login / execute DDL statements alike for the databases which are checked and also for the ones that are not checked.

Then, what does
Security -> Logins - > Login Properties -> User mapping -> Users mapped to this login -> checking the database - accomplish?

qn 2:
For a perticular login, say 'Bob' which has server admin rights, I wish to include two more databases. For this I 'checked' the databases, which I wish to include, in the

Security -> Logins - > Login Properties -> User mapping -> Users mapped to this login

When I clicked 'OK', I get the following error and the two databases are left unchecked.

User, group, or role 'SQL1AGENT' already exists in the current database. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)

How can I include the databases ?

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Does MS Access Installation Is Required For Running Application That Uses Access Mdb File

Nov 28, 2006


I am developing an application that uses Access database (mdb file) to store the user data. The user of this application is not interested in the database file (to view in MS Access Environment). Does the user machine requires MS Access installation to run my application or just some couple of dlls (OleDB driver, Access DB Engine,..) should be enough to run my application?



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Users & Login After Restore Of DB--URGENT!!

Jul 22, 2002

I made a backup of a production database and copied that backup over to a development server and restored the database. Now I have users saying that the application is failing on development. I have users that have NT authentication and some with SQL authentication.

What is the best way to get everything to sync up again?????

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Restoring DB (users/login Problems)

Apr 11, 2007


I have a few db's that I am backing up from an old sql2000 system and moving them to the new sql2005 server. The first db's restored without any problems but now I am getting some problems with users and logins.

I am restoring in the following order

1.) Creating empty db "123"
2.) Restoring database from file to database "123"
3.) Creating Login to this database (error happens when linking it to the database, "user exists")

When connecting thru QA I get "Cannot open user default database login failed"

I only have 1 login per database and I don't mind manually deleting and recreating them all but it doesnt seem to be working :S

Any suggestions much appreciated!! :)


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Parameter Selected By Users Login

Oct 22, 2007

I'm trying to set up my reports with parameters, to select the paramater by the users login. For example, if someone from the Northwest Region accesses Report mangers and then a report. Instead of them clicking the drop down, for the report parameter. The report automatically generates from the login that gave them access to report manager. So it diplays the information for the Northwest Region.

I know how to do this for Data Driven subscriptions.Such as creating a table , with Region, login, email, and all the information relevant. But how do i do this for users accessing the site theirselves? Is this possible?

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Force RS To Use Database Login For Users

Apr 3, 2008

I am in a situation where I would like to use a SQL login instead of adding individuals windows login to the server. Is there a way to force a login instead of having the report server not give rights at all??

I hope that makes sense...


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SQL Security :: Adding 3 Users To A Login?

Oct 28, 2015

I have to give three users read access to a database.  My manager told me to map them to a User called "".  I scripted  the User and got this...


I don't see a Login at the server level named, so this is confusing.  Where is this login in SSMS?

How do I map my three users to user Or am I not understanding correctly?  Do I just add there windows login to the database as Users and configure them the same as

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SQL 2012 :: Secure Login To Database For Web Users?

Feb 21, 2014

We build up a new website in .net mvc 4.0 on a w2012 server with MSSQL 2012 database.We use windows autentification and normal anonymous access through NT AUTHORITYIUSR who is also a login in the database.But we make extra login possibility for users who are registered and they can insert and modify data in some tables in the database. And I'am afraid of giving NT AUTHORITYIUSR insert and update for some column in tables.I think of set up a new login for the database. Run a new connection string on login and set up special permission for that extra user on the database, and let the user become a member of the ordinary user on the database.

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SQL Security :: Domain Admin Users Cannot Login

Jun 12, 2015

Is SQL Server sensitive to Domain group name? Like "Domain Admin"?

I have user that belong to "myDomainDomain Admin" group. Group is in SQL as sysadmin but user cannot login using domain credentials. When I move that user to a different domain group which that group is in SQL again as sysadmin my user is able to login. 

Environment: SQL 2008 Standard Edition. 

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SQL 2012 :: Migrating Database To New Server - Map Login To Users

Mar 10, 2014

I am migrating a database TESTDB from SQL 2008R2 to a new server running SQL Server 2012.

Management has decided the current sql users should have "better" user names. So the login and username "BadUsername" on the old server should be called "GoodUserName". Goodusername should have the same permissions as Badusername.

I have now restored a backup from the old server to the new server.

I used the following script for creating the login:


Then I run the following script:

ALTER USER Badusername WITH LOGIN = GoodUserName, NAME = GoodUserName

But the results are not what I wanted. I now have two database users: Badusername and GoodUserName. I would have preferred if BadUserName was "replaced" by GoodUserName, but it won't be a problem if I have to delete badusername manually. Worser is that GoodUserName have NOT "inherited" any permissions from Badusername.

Is there an easy way to transfer permissions or do I need to loop through the permissions of badusername and apply those to badusername?

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SQL Security :: Restricting Users To Login To Database Using SSMS

Jun 9, 2015

we have an application which lets users connect to production database with windows credentials, They are able access the sql tables too with windows login. I want to restrict them from accessing the sql tables. How do I do that.?I tried a db_deny but that prevented them from accessing the application too.

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Application Login SQL Error

Oct 24, 2006

I created a 2.0 application using C# on VS2005 The application access several database on a remote SQL Server 2005I recently added Login functionalties  to the application, this created a MDF in the app_data folder.Everything works fine on my local desk top... I can access my remote SQL Server 2005 and the local MDF file works fine, I can create account, login and all that fun stuffSo I Published the site to my target server:Which is the same server running the SQL Server 2005 The parts of the application that does not require login works fine, I can access the SQL server 2005 with ease..see data, update, everythingHowever when ever I try to login or create an account from the application(MDF file) I get this:An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server.  When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified)I can only assume that the problem is with the MDF file. Can anyone point me in the right direction?Thank you Andre

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Login To SQL Server For Web Application

Jan 2, 2007

Hello everyone,I am currently developing a web application that retrieves and updates contact information in a database.  I am coding the application with VB.Net and ASP.Net with a little bit of javascript.  It is accessing a SQL Server Database.Everything is working fine when I run the web application from within the VS.Net environment.  However after publishing the website to our local Intranet (where the app will be stored) I get the following error:Server Error in '/ollodev1/RIC' Application.

Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. Description: An
unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web
request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the
error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the
current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of
the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. I assume that this message appears because I am not retrieving setting the proper access rights from the DB but I don't know how to go about doing this.  Could someone provide me with a link to a few examples to help resolve my issue?Thanks,Eric 

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How To: Determine If Current Windows User Has Login Access, Database Access And If They Are A Member Of A Specific DB Role.

Mar 25, 2008

I need to determine the following about the current authenticated Windows domain user who is trying to access a SQL Server via a trusted connection.

1 Has the current user been granted login access to the trusted SQL Server?

2 Has the current user been granted access to a specific database?

3 Is the current user a member of a specific database role such as (DB_ROLE_ADMINISTRATORS)?


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How To Authenticate Users Using User Login And Password Stored In SQL Database?

Feb 2, 2007

Hi. I have a DetailsView with Bound Fields "Login" and "Password". This informations are stored in SQL database. How to solve such authorization? How to compare password stored in database against passowrd typed by user? Is this a good idea to use CustomValidator control to write some checking procedure?. Regards. Pawel.

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Diffrence Between Roles, Accounts, Login, Users Permissions And Groups?

Dec 20, 2000

I have jsut started using SQL server 7 and am having problems with accounts permissions, users,roles, groups, owners etc what are the differences?

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Generate Script For Current Sql Server Login And Database Users

Dec 12, 2007

Hello Everyone
How do you generate a script for all the current sql server logins and generate a script for database users for each database.? You can script operaoers, tables, databases, and a lot of other objects by using the All Tasks shortcut menu option, but I havent figured out to script logins and database users. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Im using sql server 2000 and Enterprise Manager.


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Application Login Failure After SQL 6.5 To 6.5 Migration

Jan 16, 2001

Over the weekend, I attempted to move six databases from an older server to a newer one. I have installed SQL 6.5 on both with identical configurations. After migrating the data, bringing down the old server, renaming the new server and configuring the ip address, I ran into a problem. Two applications that access databases on the server were unable to login using any id other than the system administrator id. Each of these applications have been tested on a test server with the same configuration as the new and old production servers. Each installation is on an NT server with SP6 and each SQL install is using SP4. One of the applications gives an OLE DB error. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Application Login And Integrated Security

Aug 8, 2007


We're having a bit of a problem getting Integrated Security to work with a .Net 2.0 application and SQL 2005. While we're tweaking permissions on the SQL-side, we came across an account "Application Login" and wondered what its role is. First, our problem:

Currently, the users in the AD group get a connection error. This group is defined as follows at the instance level:

role: public
user mapping: to the database without any default schema
securables: none
status: grant and enabled

At the database security level:

general: none
securables: execute on all (100+) stored procedures

And we gave them "Execute" on the database itself.

A little background: we had detached and copied this database from one server to another. So we suspect that the Application Login may have been modified/corrupted, even though it appears to be identical between the original and the copied databases. So we redefined it on the copied DB to match the original.
Another group, which is defined as dbo on the database, has no problem at all connecting and running the application.

The Application Login has Execute permissions on all stored procedures and Delete, Insert, Select, Update, and View Definition on the ChangeLog table. It also has db_DataReader, db_DataWriter, and db_ddlAdmin roles associated with it.

Is there another SQL login required for initial connection to the database even though Integrated Security=SSPI is used in the connection string?

Does anyone see where we may be missing a security setting for the non-dbo user group to connect to the database?

Thanks very much for any suggestions, ideas ....

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SQL Security :: User Login Failed For Web Application

Nov 19, 2015

We have a Web application that requires user authentication.  We have a Login Page for user's to login and be authenticated.  We also manage the user accounts using SQL Server Membership Provider.  We created aLogin user in SQL Server and used this user's privileges to connect to SQL Server in our website's connection strings.  Example, in our Web.config file, the connection string is:

Catalog=MyDatabase;User Id=TUser;Password=MyPassword"providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

The problem now is when a user logs in, it's throwing an error that TUser's password has already expired.  We did not enforce the password policy and expiration date for this user.  So, I'm wondering why it's giving me this error.

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Login Failed For 'user' (Application Role)

Oct 16, 2006

I've created a database in SQL Express and I have a Windows form attempting to connect to it through SQL Authentication. Connection string:

private string connString = @"Data Source=.sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=SQLTestDatabase;User ID=SearchAppRole; Password=password;";

The role I have added to the database is an Application Role. It has been added to the Database permissions with Grant checked for "Select" and "Authenticate".

If I test this with query analyzer, it returns expected results (if I remove Grant from 'Select', it fails)

sp_setapprole 'SearchAppRole', 'password'

select * from recipe

If I edit my connection string (for testing purposes) to use the sa account, the application can connect and run the Select statement:

private string connString = @"Data Source=.sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=SQLTestDatabase;User ID=sa; Password=sa_password;";

However, I cannot get the application to successfully logon and run the select statement when using the user id and password of the Application Role. I get error:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'SearchAppRole'. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection) at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.ThrowExceptionAndWarning(TdsParserStateObject stateObj

I can't find much information on Application Role...I just want one basic permission for the application as a whole. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Problem Login Failed With Installed Application

Feb 15, 2008

I have an application that uses an MDF file as a database. Debug mode of application on developing machine works fine.
I synchronize my project to my home computer so that I can work home too. (I use AllwaySync for synchronisation, it copies newer file from the old location overwriting the old ones).

I also have a setup project in my solution for that app.

When I create and install the application on my local computer everything works fine. But when I install it one a different computer and then run it, it cannot connect to database. The error occures while conencting to database saying:

Code Snippet
Unable to open the physical file "C:Program Files........VBDB.mdf". Operating system error 5: "5error not found)".
Unable to open the physical file "C:Program Files........VBDB_log.ldf". Operating system error 5: "5error not found)".
Cannot open user default database. Login failed.
Login failed for user 'EKAROMAEka''.
File activation failure. The physical file name "C:Program Files........VBDB_log.ldf" may be incorrect.

the second time I try run my application I get the following error (and all following tried where resulted in this error):

Code Snippet
Cannot open user default database. Login failed.
Login failed for user 'EKAROMAEka'.

These exceptions are caught by "try catch" when feeding data into DataGridView om my main form.

I have the sam username and password on my Home and Work computers.

I'm not very good at MSSQL security. I don't know how to solve this problem. I can't even understand wheather this is a security that's built in an MDF file or some kind of a Database server issue.

the connection string that I use for connecting to SQL Server is this:

Code Snippet
Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|VBDB.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=False

Thanks in advance.

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Sql Server To Access An Application In MS Access

Dec 6, 2000

Can anyone tell me how i can access an application or open tables in MS sql server that are in MS Access. Its urgent and any help will be appriaciated.

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