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Could Not Read And Latch Page (1:1370) With Latch Type SH

Ben writes "Dbcc checkdb showed a database to have consistency errors, however running repair_allow_data_loss resulted in the following error

Server: Msg 8966, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Could not read and latch page (1:1370) with latch type SH. sysindexes failed.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.

Please could you tell me how to fix it, and how it occurred in the first place?


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WARNING: EC 259683c0, 0 Waited 32100 Sec. On Latch 807133b0. Not A BUF Latch.
During a bulk insert I am receiving this error message in the sql log. It appears to have caused the server to reboot the other night..

I am running SQL 2000 8.00.760 (Service Pack 3)

2004-04-07 12:57:52.82 spid8 WARNING: EC 259683c0, 0 waited 32100 sec. on latch 807133b0. Not a BUF latch.
2004-04-07 12:57:52.82 spid8 Waiting for type 0x4, current count 0xa, current owning EC 0x70899570.

Any ideas???



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MSG 845, Buffer Latch Type 2
I have been looking at Books Online and I'm trying to figure out how I can resolve this error.

MSG 845, Level 17, State 1
Time out occured while waiting for buffer latch type 2 for page.....


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Latch Time
Hi All,

This might be a bit of a question like "how long is a peice of string" however here goes.....

What is considered to be a high average latch time?

We have a SQL2000 machine which has:
700-900 ms average latch time
100% Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
No memory pages / second
Very low (almost always below 5%) cpu usage
Next to no disk transfers / sec
0 average lock time

I am surprised that the latch time is so high. Any ideas, whether I should be looking at something in particular?

Cheers in advance.

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Help On Buffer Latch Timeout
Time out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 2,bp 0x18b7d40, page 1:11558916), stat 0xb, object ID 9:1842105603:2, EC 0x5862D9C8 : 0, waittime 300. Not continuing to wait.

What does this mean any reason and fix for it..?


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What Is The Latch Waits/sec Value On Your Servers....
Hi DBAs,

just wondering what are the values on your SQL servers for these counters:

Average latch wait time (ms)
Latch Waits/sec

We set up two servers, both are quad machines (4 cpus) with SANs devices as a HD space (RAID5) that operate via fiberchanels (can't be faster).
Both server have 4 Gb of RAM. Both have SQL2000 Ent and Win2000 Advance Server. The only difference between them is that the first one is clustered the second one is not, so.

The clastered Server has values:

Average Latch Wait time - 2782.285
Latch Waits/sec - 62.065

The non clastered Server has:

Average Latch Wait time - 550.108
Latch Waits/sec - 21

There are two similar databases located on them and the same application (two separate instalations) with a similar load utilizes the DB.

I wounder whe could be a reason for such a different values?


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Causes For Latch Wait Time
I setup a SQL Agent to send me an email when the Average Latch Wait Time is greater than 300ms. Now I receive an email every 15 seconds stating that the current ALWT is 3916ms. That value never changes with the emails. However, the perfmon shows nothing at all (shows zero).

I also have a Buffer cache hit ratio of 2848.00.

These numbers are when there is NOBODY on the DB at all It is just sitting there. When I reboot the server, as soon as SQL starts it starts to send the emails again.

Server: Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.66
RAM: 4GB (with /3GB in the boot.ini)
RAID 1: Data (DB and logs)
CPU Utilization: 0-1%
RAM Utilization: 527MB
OS: Server 2003 R2 With SP2
SQL: 2005 Standard with SP2

How can I determine if the ALWT is really 3916?

I executed 'Select * from sysprocesses where SPID>50 and waittime>0'

Which showed;

program_name=DatabaseMail90 - Id<3780>

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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Error 845: Buffer Latch Timeout
More of an FYI in case anyone has run into this problem...We were running into the infamous "timeout on buffer latch type 3" error andwas caused by the autogrow in tempdb. Apparently when SQL Server is gettinghit pretty hard and tempdb is taking a timeout to auto-grow, SQL servercraps its pants and times-out. This combined with the fact that tempdbshrinks down to its last set size after a restart, you'll hit this errorpretty regularly after a SQL Server bounce. (If tempdb auto-grow from a set1GB to 10GB, after the restart tempdb will be 1GB again. - Just how gay isthat?) Anyway, we just manually set tempdb to a respectable level to resolvethe problem.

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DBCC CheckDb Latch Errors
we''re currently performing a dry run of migrating some large (100GB+) SQL Server 2000 databases from a SQL 2000 cluster onto a new 2005 mirrorred database pair.  The new configuration has completely separate database servers and a new dedicated SAN.
Upon restoring our largest database we are seeing the following errors recorded in the log after setting up mirroring and then trying to run DBCC CHECKDB:
"Unable to read and latch page (1:1323852) with latch type SH. 21(The device is not ready.) failed."
We are currently investigating the SAN hardware logs to determine if this might be a physical issue as it would seem to indicate, however has anyone any experience of this or insight into what may cause this error?
Thanks in advance!

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Time Out Occurred Waiting For Buffer Latch??
Hi Guys,

One of your SQLSERVER 7, Server throws the below error message into the log file. It won't go away until the server get rebooted. When this error start showing up.. customers have hard time connecting to the Server, eventually we have to reboot the server.

Time out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 1, bp 0x18b9200, page (1:50859), stat 0xb, object ID 17:1954106002:1, waittime 500. Continuing to wait.

Any help is greatly appericated.


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Recovering Data From Broken Tables (latch Errors)

Is it possible to generate a script, that extracts every bit of data it can, from tables which suffers from latch errors;

Msg 7985, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

System table pre-checks: Object ID 4. Could not read and latch page (1:403) with latch type SH. Check statement terminated due to unrepairable error.

So bad news on that one. There are no backup available that I know off, so all bets are off on that part of the recovery process.

The "good news" part of the problem, is that it is possible to extract some data out of the table, before SQL server 2005 returns the error. So what I want to do, is get every bit out I can, doing it somehow automatically, so I don't have to run bcp on 180 tables :).

Presumeably, this is quite possible, but how?

NB. If I do a complete basic SELECT * FROM tbl1, it returns data, then errors out, but what about the data after the last row SELECT returns? Is it possible, that there might be data in the table that are recoverable after the 'broken row(s)'?

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&"Waiting For Buffer Latch&" Error
Does anybody know what might cause the following message to show up inthe SQL Server Error Log?:Time out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 2, bp0x12260f80, page (5:77914), stat 0x40d, object ID 7:421576540:0,waittime 500. Continuing to wait.I've read several articles about what to do about this situation onSQL Server 2000, but I'm running SQL Server 7.0. Specifically, I'mrunning version 7.00.842. Is there a way to resolve this problemwithout upgrading to some flavor of SQL Server 2000?

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I/O Error (torn Page) Detected During Read
we are running a maintainance plan on sql 2000 standard edition, got the error,

[2] Database db_source: Check Data Linkage...
[Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)] Error 8928: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Object ID 1221579390, index ID 0: Page (1:197116) could not be processed. See other errors for details.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Table error: Object ID 1221579390, index ID 0, page (1:197116).
Test (IS_ON (BUF_IOERR, bp->bstat) &&bp->berrcode) failed. Values are 2057 and -1.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 2 consistency errors in table 'xxx'(object ID 1221579390).
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 2 consistency errors in database 'db_source'.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]repair_allow_data_loss is the minimum repair level for the errors found by DBCC CHECKDB (db_source noindex).

when i run query on anlyzer select * from xxx, i got the error
Server: Msg 823, Level 24, State 2, Line 1
I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x000000603f8000 in file 'F:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLdatadb_Data.MDF'.

Connection Broken

please help. thanks

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How Can I Read From Image Data Type
I want to store my MS-Word documents and Excel sheets in the database. So, i have used
the image datatype. Iam not able to download the documents from the database.
i have used getBytes() method. But when i try to download excel sheet document, i get
a error message saying, "File error: data may have been lost".
Can i get some help. can u say how can i put word and excel docs in the database and
retrieve it.

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How Can I Read Type Of All Fields In Joined Query?
How can I read type of all fields in joined query?
Is there a stored procedure method to use for this purpose?

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Excel Type Report Not In 'Read Only' Format

When we export our tabular report in EXCEL format, we can change the values of the report data.
How can I export the report data in read-only EXCEL?

Awaiting some reply.

Thanks in advance!

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ResultSet Can Not Re-read Row Data For BLOB Type In SqlServer 2000
I am using SqlServer 2000 and Jdbc connectivity in my application on windows.So, when i execute a query on Sqlserver database as :

Select * from DBO.RS_TABLELOB where Rep_sync_id > 15 and Rep_server_name != 'replicator' order by Rep_sync_id;

This problem is only with the BLOB data types in table RS_TABLELOB.

Then i got an error as:

[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]ResultSet can not re-read row data for column

1.'.'.at tion(Unknown Source)at n(Unknown Source)at mnIndex(Unknown Source)at known Source)at known Source)

Please help me out, if you have any idea!!!

Thanks in advance
John Berry

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Is Ssis The Only Technology That Can Read/write Raw Data Type Files?
I'm contemplating a sql server archive strategy that rolls really old data off any sort of dbms and onto low cost media like dvds in a non relational archive format.  I dont want to ever worry about these archives spanning different versions of sql when i go to retrieve a range of data that happens to span sql versions (eg one disc was sourced from 2005 another by 2008 but my report needs a union of both). 
So I'm thinking about neutral/efficient formats for these archives and a live homegrown catalog that can determine exactly what disc(s) need to be mounted based on passed from and to date parameters...all so that the data that might span discs (and versions and maybe even schemas) can be merged and loaded into my sql version d'jour's "throw away" archive database for a one time report or other unplanned activity.
I remember raw data types being very convenient as an ETL format for our customers who have ssis, but wouldn't want our sqlexpress customers to be left without the archiving capability.  Do the "things" that read and write raw data files really originate in some special T-SQL command that all sql editions can use, or is it strictly an ssis thing?    

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How Do You Assign A Data Source To A Page And Which Type Sqldatasource, Objectdatasource Or ?
Using ASP.NET 2.0, Sql Server 2005.
I have a simple page (NOT a formview) with some entries textbox's , checkbox and dropdownlistbox's
I want to link a datasource to the 'Item  Page' and bind the datasource's values to the page
The select statement is
Select a.IssueID,
x.TaskID as TaskID,
x.DESCRIPTION as TaskDescription,
CONVERT (char(9),z.TaskAssignedDate, 3) AS Workflowdate,
z.StaffID as StaffID,
from issue as a
Inner join ProjS b on b.ProjectId=a.ProjectID
Left Outer join Version OldVersion on a.VersionID=OldVersion.VersionID
Left Outer join Version ToIncludeVersion on a.VersionID= ToIncludeVersion.VersionID
Inner join TypeOfEntry d on d.TypeOfEntryID=a.TypeofEntryID
Inner join Priority e on e.PriorityID=a.PriorityID
inner join workflow z on z.issueid=a.issueid
Inner join (select issueid,max(workflowid) as latest_workflowid from workflow group by issueid) y on y.latest_workflowid=z.workflowid
Inner join task x on  x.taskid=z.taskid
Inner join staffls w on w.StaffID=z.StaffID
Where a.IssueID= @IssueID
I hope I have made query clear, if not I don't mind explaining more.
Thanks in advance

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Code Page Translations Are Not Supported For The Text Data Type. From: 1252 To: 950.
Code page translations are not supported for the text data type. From:1252 To: 950.I would like to know what this message means. I also installed thelanguage packs in advanced settings, Everything is set to English. Mywindows XP computer is XP English. For some reason I cant get an updateto go thru using ADO. like Recordset.UpdateAlthough other routines using .update workAny ideas?

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Error [I/O Error (bad Page ID) Detected During Read At Offset 0x000001ad65a000
When we try to run aggregation or purge queries on some tables
we are getting following message:

" error [I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read at offset 0x000001ad65a000 in file 'E:MSSQL2KDataGenesys_DataMartGenesys_Datamart.mdf '. Severity 24, State 2, Procedure 'PWMGENESYSDB1 n u! ll', Line 1]"

After this we executed DBCC CHECKDB. Attaching the output obtained after executing this command, to fix these errors we executed DBCC repair_allow_data_loss. I am attaching output for this also. Pls go thru the logs and pls let me know what could be the problem and how it can be addressed.

Thnx & Rgds

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To Show Like An Index Table On Every Page That Read From Table, Not Static
Was wondering if anyone could help. I'm trying to put, kinda like a code index that read from a table (basically just show the index and the description, very simple), to appear on every page. What happen is, in the report body, I have two table properties that read from two different datasets. The one for the index (for my case, I put in on the right side of the report), I need it to appear on every page, but just can't figure out how to do it. I tried to put the index on the Header or Footer section (not static text), but I guess you are not allowed or can't put subreport in there.
Is there any other trick to do this? I saw something in the Help about RepeatWith .. anybody know how or what this can do? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Isham Hamin

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Report Builder - Read Data From SQL Server With Ntext Data Type
Hi all,
I have a column in SQL server which is of type ntext. Selecting the specific column to view it in report builder, an error message appears with the following description:
- Cannot run this report. The grouping expression 'nameofcolumn' returns the datatype binary. The Grouping Expression cannot return binary data.
Report Builder recognises this as if it was an image...
Thanks in advance!

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Read XML Data From SQL Server XML Data Type Field
Hi,does anyone actually use the XML data type for SQL Server database columns? I can't really find any help for my problems.In my database there is a table with personal data such as name, telephone and so one. One of the columns is of type XML, because I need to store multilingual data in there, something like:<career>
    <careertext lang="en">My career</careertext>    <careertext lang="de">Meine Karriere</careertext></career>I'm using a Stored Procedure to retrieve all data from the database and in my data access object there is a SQLDataReader reading results from the Stored Procedure. But how can I use something like XQuery to read specific data from this result? I thought about something like:Dim txtReader As New IO.StringReader(dr.Item("Career"))Dim myXPathDoc As New XPath.XPathDocument(txtReader)Dim myNavigator As XPath.XPathNavigator = myXPathDoc.CreateNavigator()Dim xQueryLanguage As String = "//career/careertext[@lang='en']"Dim xPNIterator As XPath.XPathNodeIterator = myNavigator.Select(xQueryLanguage)But this doesn't seem to be the right idea because xPNIterator.Current.Value always returns "My CareerMeine Karriere" What am I missing here?

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Reset Database Files From Read-only To Read-write
I have two database files, one .mdf and one .ndf.  The creator of these files has marked them readonly.  I want to "attach" these files to a new database, but cannot do so because they are read-only.  I get this message:
Server: Msg 3415, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Database 'TestSprintLD2' is read-only or has read-only files and must be made writable before it can be upgraded.

What command(s) are needed to make these files read_write?

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Read Text File From SQL Server, Read Its Content, And Load It In RichTextBox (Related Component: Context.Response.BinaryWrite(), And StreamReader)
OBJECTIVE: I would like to read a text file from SQL Server 2000, read the text file content, and load its conntents in a RichTextBoxTHINGS I'VE DONE AND HAVE WORKING:1) I've successfully load a text file (ex: textFile.txt) in sql server database table column (with datatype Image) 2) I've also able to load the file using a Handler as below: using System;using System.Web;using System.Data.SqlClient;public class HandlerImage : IHttpHandler {string connectionString;public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {connectionString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["NWS_ScheduleSQL2000"].ConnectionString;int ImageID = Convert.ToInt32(context.Request.QueryString["id"]);SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);string Command = "SELECT [Image], Image_Type FROM Images WHERE Image_Id=@Image_Id";SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(Command, myConnection);cmd.Parameters.Add("@Image_Id", System.Data.SqlDbType.Int).Value = ImageID;SqlDataReader dr;myConnection.Open(); cmd.Prepare(); dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();if (dr.Read()){ //WRITE IMAGE TO THE BROWSERcontext.Response.ContentType = dr["Image_Type"].ToString();context.Response.BinaryWrite((byte[])dr["Image"]);}myConnection.Close();}public bool IsReusable {get {return false;}}}'>'>
<a href='<%# "HandlerDocument.ashx?id=" + Eval("Doc_ID") %>'>File
</a>- Click on this link, I'll be able to download or view the file WHAT I WANT TO DO, BUT HAVE PROBLEM:- I would like to be able to read CONTENT of this file and load it in a string as belowStreamReader SR = new StreamReader()SR = File.Open("File.txt");String contentText = SR.Readline();txtBox.text = contentText;BUT THIS ONLY WORK FOR files in the server.I would like to be able to read FILE CONTENTS from SQL Server.PLEASE HELP. I really appreciate it.

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Set READ UNCOMMITTED (dirty Read) At Login.
Is it possible to set READ UNCOMMITTED to a user connecting to an SQL2000 server instance? I understand this can be done via a front endapplication. But what I am looking to do is to assign this to aspecific user when they login to the server via any entry application.Can this be set with a trigger?

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I Need To Pass Data Entered /created On The First Page To The Next Page And Populate The Next Page With Some Data From The Fir
Hello I have a project that uses a large number of MS Data access pages created in Access 2003 and runs on MS SQL2005.

When I am on lets say my client, (first page in a series) data access page and I have completed the fields in the (DAP), I am directing my users to the next step of the registration process by means of a hyperlink to another Data access page in the same web but in a linked or sometimes different table.

I need to pass data entered /created on the first page to the next page and populate the next page with some data from the first page / table. (like staying on the client name and ID when i go to the next page)

I also need the first data access page to open and display a blank or new record. Not an existing record. I will also be looking to creata a drop down box as a record selector.

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
I am some what new to data access pages so a walk through would be nice but anything you got is welcome. Thanks Peter€¦

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Page Border Breaks At End Of Page/top Of Next Page
I have a variety of bound textboxes placed on the page with a bunch of conditional formatting for each one.  I want all of these textboxes to be eclosed by a border on the entire page.


If the data needs to extend onto the next page, the border breaks at the bottom of the screen and then at the top of the screen on the next page.  Anyone have an idea on how to get my page borders to show correctly?

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Come On Help.
OK, I'm using VS2003 and I'm having trouble. The page works perfectly when I created it with WebMatrix but I want to learn more about creating code behind pages and this page doesn't work. I think it has some things to do with Query builder but I can't seem to get change outside "please register". I have the table populated and it is not coming back with "login successful" or "password wrong" when I've entered correct information. Enclosed is what I've done in VS2003. Can you see where my error is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.

Imports System.Data
Public Class login2
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

#Region " Web Form Designer Generated Code "

'This call is required by the Web Form Designer.
<System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThrough()> Private Sub InitializeComponent()
Me.SqlConnection1 = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
Me.SqlCommand1 = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
Me.SqlConnection1.ConnectionString = "server=LAWORKSTATION;user id=sa;database=test;password=t3st"
Me.SqlCommand1.CommandText = "SELECT pass FROM Customer WHERE (email = 'txtusername.text')"
Me.SqlCommand1.Connection = Me.SqlConnection1

End Sub
Protected WithEvents lblUsername As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label
Protected WithEvents lblPassword As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label
Protected WithEvents txtUsername As System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox
Protected WithEvents txtPassword As System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox
Protected WithEvents btnSubmit As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button
Protected WithEvents lblMessage As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label
Protected WithEvents SqlConnection1 As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
Protected WithEvents SqlCommand1 As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand

'NOTE: The following placeholder declaration is required by the Web Form Designer.
'Do not delete or move it.
Private designerPlaceholderDeclaration As System.Object

Private Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Init
'CODEGEN: This method call is required by the Web Form Designer
'Do not modify it using the code editor.
End Sub

#End Region

Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'Put user code to initialize the page here
End Sub

Private Sub btnSubmit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSubmit.Click
Dim dr As SqlDataReader = SqlCommand1.ExecuteReader
If dr.Read() Then
If dr("password").ToString = txtPassword.Text Then
lblMessage.Text = "login successful"
lblMessage.Text = "Wrong password"
End If
lblMessage.Text = "Please register"
End If
End Sub
End Class

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Local - Including Page Header Forces Viewer To Expand To Page Size
If I have a report that includes a page header, the report viewer will render the report at the full width, but if I hide the page header and show only the body it will use the absolute width of the report.

I have a 7" wide report, with .75" borders set on each side. 

Interactive & Print size are set to 8.5x11
Changing these sizes has no effect on the behavior of the viewer, which appears to ignore them.

When I view this report in the local viewer the contents fill the window if there is no page header.
If I enable the page header then the report is drawn at 8.5" wide, leaving a _big_ white border on the right side. 
Any comments or workarounds that anyone knows?  I know the local viewer is not a standard configuration (at least it seems) but it is what we need to use.Thanks,//Andrew

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Fit An Intere Table In Same Page Without Page Breaks Excel Export In A Single Sheet.
Fit an intere table in same page without page break for save the excel export.

My table has a Group for order my dates.

I need to have the intere table in the same page, i don't care about blank space at the end of the  page.

I can't use the page break beacuse i need an excel export in a unique sheet..
I have tested.. every page'll have a different sheet in your excel export

I need something like this

page 1


page 2


but an unique sheet in the excel export

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Expression After Table Object Forced To Display On The Last Page Even There Are Still Spaces At The Bottom Of The First Page.
The following objects are placed on the Report body  of the Report pane of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services :

    <textbox: expression1>
    <textbox: expression2>

    <table:table1 with at least 30 columns and 30 expressions>

    <textbox: string1> - considered as the Title in the Footer section of the report

    <texbox:string2> <textbox:expression3>
    <textbox:string3> <textbox:expression4>
    <textbox:string4> <textbox:expression5>

I can't find any explanation why is it string1 and string 2 of the footer section of my report displayed separately from the expression3 which is aligned on it and the rest of the object on the second page.

The expected design is that all Footer items should be displayed together of whether it is placed on the first page or on the last page.

As a workaround of this, I converted string 1 into an expression (Added = and enclosed the string with double quote).. As a result, all of the items in the Footer section are now placed together on the last page of the report.

I also remember one of the issue I encountered before where the Footer items where placed together on the first page and still have space at the bottom of the page, but then expression 6 is forced to display (alone) on the last page of my report.

I can't find any discussion related to this,  I wish somebody could give me an idea why RS behaved like this.

Thanks in advance

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How To Access A .asp Page Or .aspx Page From A Store Procedure In Sql Server 2000
Hi, I wanted to know that can we access a webpagefrom a store procedure in sql server 2000 like we run a exe file from sql server. Bye.

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Removing The White Space In Between The Image And Page Border Of The Page Header
Hi Team,
   When i view the Report from SSRS Report preview Tab it's working fine, But when i deploy that and try to view in the IE
I am seeing the Body background color in between the image and page border of the page footer how to solve that?

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DBCC SHRINKFILE: Page 4:11283400 Could Not Be Moved Because It Is A Work Table Page.



I issued this command on Tempdb but it doesnot shrink the file.


dbcc shrinkfile (tempdev_3,1)





DBCC SHRINKFILE: Page 4:11283400 could not be moved because it is a work table page.



I have  checked that there are no tables associated with any user in tempdb. Any help is appreciated.




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How Can I Print A Field That Is In The Dataset On Each Page And Show The Table Hearder On Each Page?
How can I print a field that is in the dataset on each page?  I added a textbox in the Page Header and use =Fields!ProjectName.value in the value property.  I got an error "Fields cannot used in page header and footer."


How can I have the table header shows on each page?  Currently if the data goes to the second page, there is no table header.




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Single Page Report In SSRS Is Printing With The Second Page Blank....URGENT

Hi All,
          In my SSRS report. I have a report which has only one page. In preview it is showing as only 1 page but when I am printing the report. I am getting two printouts with the second page as a blank.. Please help me in printing the page that contains report. Intially I used a Page header, at that it used to print the blank page with a header only. Now as I removed the header it is printing the page without header i.e Blank Page.. So please help me in prinitng a single page that has the report. It is urgent,..

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Page Header Taking Up Blank Space On 1st Page Even If Not Printing
 In SRSS 2005 (SP2) my page header seems to take up the same amount of space on the
1st page it would take if it were to print; I have PRINT ON FIRST PAGE set to
false - the header doesn't print - it just leaves the same amount of space.
How do you get the report to ignore that. I do have a report header built
into the body of my report.  I have tested this by increasing the size of my
page header and it does move the report up or down on the 1st page by that

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Blank Page When Printing/Exporting Prior To Every Report Page
I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this for me...  I'm using SSRS SP2 and I have a basic report using a single list object which, at the moment, should print only two pages based on the results of the underlying query.  When previewing the report, it shows the two pages.  But when the report is printed or exported, there is a blank page before each report page. 
What I've done so far:
1) Verified the properties of the list object and made sure that 'Insert a page break before this list' is not checked

2) Ensured that there are no hidden objects that could be causing this behavior
3) Ensured that the report size + margins are within the boudaries of an standard 8.5x11 paper size 

Any suggestions on something that would solve this issue?

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Hyperlink Opens In ReportViewer IFrame When On Any Page Other Than First Page
I have a hyperlink in my report that when clicked navigates to a new page as expected.
If the report contains more than one page however and I click on a link from one of those pages, it opens the page from within the report viewer IFrame.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Does anyone have a solution?


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How Can A Table To Fill Up An Entire Page Before Begining A New Page?
Let say I have a table with only one column (employee name) of data. How can I emulate the "columns" function in MS Word in a report. In other words I would like to begin a new column ON THE SAME PAGE when the report reaches the bottom of the page instead of beginning a new page. Here is an example of what I want the report to do:



EmpName1     EmpName8

EmpName2     EmpName9

EmpName3     EmpName10

EmpName4     EmpName11

EmpName5     EmpName12

EmpName6     EmpName13

EmpName7     EmpName14

----------------------------------------------------page 2

EmpName15     EmpName22

EmpName16     EmpName23

EmpName17     EmpName24

EmpName18     EmpName25

EmpName19     EmpName26

EmpName20     EmpName27

EmpName21     EmpName28


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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One Page Report - One Result Row In SQL = One Full Page Of Data
Hi - I am pretty new to Reporting Services.   I need to create a report where a single result row from the Select Statement populates an entire page of data.   The regular grid or Matrix reports don't fit this need.  Is there a simple way to do this?
Thanks - Dave

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How To Force The Page Footer To Display At The *bottom* Of The Page
Is it possible to force the content of the page footer to always display at the bottom of a report?  I have a report that shows customer orders.  It has its interactive height set to 5 inches.  There is one customer order per report page.  Most of the reports don't require 5 vertical inches (but some do).

How can I make sure that the stuff in the page footer (date, page number, etc.) always gets rendered in the same position for each report?  Currently, the page footer follows the last detail line so the footer information sometimes is only midway down the report page.



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Make Multip Page Report To Be Shown In One Page
I made a report that is 10 pages long. I like to show all the data in one page (after deployment). Any idea if this is possible?

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Display Or Hide Page Footer Depending On The Page
Hi all

I have a problem which I am really struggling with.  I have a report that normally spreads over three pages.  We have a list setup so that for each customer it picks up fees and expenses and displays it in sections.  We have a page break after FEES so that expenses start on a new page.  FEES and expenses are tables.
We need to have a page footer set for the bottom of the report but to appear on the first page only per customer.  I.e. we do not want it showing on the EXPENSE pages.  We have played with the IIF command but can not seem to print htis per customer only by using global variables.

=IIf(Globals!PageNumber=1,"(Please note 30 day invoice period)
The example above however only prints on the first page of the entire report.  So if three customers appear then this will only appear for the first customer and I have a feeling I may not be able to link this to list.
If I can not use a page break and enter this into the list then I have a problem with the text field moving up and down depending on the size of the FEE section.  For example if 5 fees are brought back then the text field will be lower then a customer that has only 2 fees.
I after a solution that can either allow my page fotter to appear every time a new customer appears on a page and hiddern for the sub sheets.  Or the ability to allow my text field to start at a fixed position on my report.  Has anyone had a similar issue.
thank you

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How To Find A Row By (file#:page#:slot On Page)

I would like to know if there is some way to find a row in a table by the RID that sp_lock returns :

for example

"SELECT * FROM Authors (UPDLOCK) WHERE name = 'John'"

sp_lock returns the locked row id :
2:328:11 (file#page#slot on page)

How do i get this row???



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Using Pagenumber Outside Of Page Header And Page Footer
 can i use 'page number' and 'total pages' outside the page header and page footer?

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