Error 25115 Wrong Page (potential Database Corruption). Try Running The Repair Utility.


Please Help, I am very desparate for a solution to this one.

I have an error appearing

"Error 25115 Wrong Page (potential database corruption). Try Running the Repair Utility."

I have SQL Server Enterprise set up with Merge replication, it is being used to Sync with Windows Mobile Devices as the subscribers.

All the Windows Mobile subscribers have been synchronising fine up until recently, when 1 of the Subscribing Windows Mobile devices received this error.
The day after, another device Synchronised fine the first time (note that the Synchronisation was a long one and the SDF grew in size dramatically while the synchronisation occured, but the Sync worked fine and the SDF dropped back to its initial size) The 2nd sync 5 mins later failed however so this Mobile device has the same error also.

Any suggestions as to the below are much appreciated

a) Why this error occurs?
b)How do you resolve this error?
c)What is the Repair utility mentioned in the error, and is it of use to me?

Thanks in advance, I am very greatful for any advice.

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Error Message &&"Run Repair Utility&&" When Using

Hi there.

I have a corrupt .sdf database sat on a SD Card but i am unable to find a way to repair it.

So far I have tried a few different methods, most of which just tell me what i already know i.e. "the database is corrupt and needs repairing!!"

I am unable to open the file in SSMS object browser (see above message) which means i cant run repair / shrink utilites.
I am also unable to add the database to a vs2005 project (again see above message) meaning again i can't run any repair utilities.

I have also tried using the compact / Repair utility in Query analyser 3.0 on my Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA but once again i am greeted with an "error reading file - Run the Repair Utility" Message.

Lastly i've tried using the method and, depending on whether i do it on the PDA or on a desktop pc it throws the exceptions "Error occurred reading database file - run the repair utility"(PDA) or "invalid database type" (PC)

Can anyone shed any light as to whether there is another (easier???) way of doing this or if i just have to face it that this file is lost?


ps. the code i used for the .repair is as below:

Dim conn As SqlCeEngine

Dim strdb As String

strdb = "SD CardPathnameDatabase.sdf"

conn = New SqlCeEngine(String.Format("Data Source={0}", strdb))

If conn.Verify = False Then

conn.Repair(Nothing, RepairOption.RecoverCorruptedRows)

MsgBox("Successfully Repaired")

End If

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Get Error After Running SQL Database/Object Transfer Utility

After moving a database from one server to another using this utility, I get the error message

In file APPLIX7DEV.applix_database.PRV in statement on line 13
Transfer Status: Creating Permissions on destination database
Attempt to insert duplicate row in table 'sysprotects' with index 'sysprotects' in database
'applix_development_database'. Could drop and recreate
index with ignore duprow or allow duprow.

Should I be concerned?

Other then that it seemed to perform fine. Now I should note that this operation was performed after
issuing a checkpoint and truncate_only on the source database. Is there something else I should be concerned
about (i.e like matching fragment information - note the source database is on one device with its transaction log on a seperate
device and dido for the target database)?

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The Database File May Be Corrupted. Run The Repair Utility To Check The Database File. [ Database Name = SDMMC Storage Cardwinp

yes,I have an error, like 'The database file may be corrupted. Run the repair utility to check the database file. [ Database name = SDMMC Storage Cardwinpos_2005WINPOS2005.sdf ]' .I develope a program for Pocket Pcs and this program's database sometimes corrupt.what can i do?please help me

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Error While Running Bcp Utility

Hi all,

I m getting the following error while running the bcp utility.

Cannot insert null into column_name in table

something like this.

The value for that column is null in the input .csv file.

Instead of throwing error like this, i need those bad records should go in to the .BAD file and the remaining records should get uploaded into the database.

In my case the entire data upload is failing if any one bad record is there in the .csv file.

Can anybody help me. Its a bit urgent.

Thanks in advance,
Bharanidharan L

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Error Running SSIS Pkg From Dtexec Utility

Hi All,

I developed my package in BI studio and tested runnning it through BI. Now when i have to deploy the package to main server it will be executed via batch job. This package requires an input file name too.
Now when i am trying to run the package on my loacal box using following command on command prormpt i get error given below.

COMMAND USED BY ME: DTExec /FILE 'C:ProjectIntegrationServicesSFRIntegrationServicesinpkgSFRLocation.dtsx' /SET Package.Variables[InputParamFileName].Value;'C:DataDumpInputLOC00022'

Microsoft (R) SQL Server Execute Package Utility
Version 9.00.1399.06 for 32-bit
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-2005. All rights reserved.

Started: 1:29:54 PM
Error: 2008-02-22 13:29:54.96
Code: 0xC0011007
Source: {9B1FAA88-A6FA-44CF-A2E2-DB3F737FDA65}
Description: Unable to load the package as XML because of package does not ha
ve a valid XML format. A specific XML parser error will be posted.
End Error
Error: 2008-02-22 13:29:54.96
Code: 0xC0011002
Source: {9B1FAA88-A6FA-44CF-A2E2-DB3F737FDA65}
Description: Failed to open package file "'C:ProjectIntegrationServicesSFR
IntegrationServicesinpkgSFRLocation.dtsx'" due to error 0x800700A1 "The speci
fied path is invalid.". This happens when loading a package and the file cannot
be opened or loaded correctly into the XML document. This can be the result of
either providing an incorrect file name was specified when calling LoadPackage o
r the XML file was specified and has an incorrect format.
End Error
Could not load package "'C:ProjectIntegrationServicesSFRIntegrationServices
inpkgSFRLocation.dtsx'" because of error 0xC0011002.
Description: Failed to open package file "'C:ProjectIntegrationServicesSFRInt
egrationServicesinpkgSFRLocation.dtsx'" due to error 0x800700A1 "The specifie
d path is invalid.". This happens when loading a package and the file cannot be
opened or loaded correctly into the XML document. This can be the result of eit
her providing an incorrect file name was specified when calling LoadPackage or t
he XML file was specified and has an incorrect format.
Source: {9B1FAA88-A6FA-44CF-A2E2-DB3F737FDA65}
Started: 1:29:54 PM
Finished: 1:29:54 PM
Elapsed: 0.047 seconds

PLease let me know solution to creating batch job for executing this pkg with input param.

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Repair Torn Page?

I have inherited a poorly administered/maintained database thatcontains the following error:"I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x000018ee23e000in file 'F:Program FilesISSRealSecure SiteProtectorSiteDatabaseDataRealSecureDB.mdf"I do not have database backups and so therefore cannot restore fromthem. I want to move the database to a new platform and somehowrepair the torn page. Is this possible?

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How To Repair Torn Page On SQL Data File?

I got help from Dan Guzman on how to set single-user-mode.Thank you very much.After seting single-user-mode, I run DBCC CHECKDB('MYDATABASE',REPAIR_REBUILD)Tehre are error messages.How can I repair torn page problem?Thanks.*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Q About Running DBCC CHECKDB With Repair On MSDB

The DB I'm working with has some corruption in the msdb database, which is affecting job histories and logs (among other things). DBCC checkdb returns that all the other DBs are OK.

Q: Are there any issues or dangers I need to be aware of in running DBCC checkdb on the msdb database - in particular, can I run it with the repair_allow_data_loss option, and if I do, what are the likely ramifications?

Thanks for your help!

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Running A SQL File From OSQL Command Line Utility

Hi,I have dumped a very large database from mysql (using mysqldump program)as a raw sql file. The reason was, convert this database to a MSSQLdatabase. Since mysqldump creates the file as raw sql file with thedatabase-table structures and the data in it, I thought using OSQL commandline utilities should work to out this whole database in MSSQL server.I have run this command from command line:osql -u sa -i mysqldump.sqlIt is going since yesterday. It has been almost 36 hours that it'sstarted. And in the mssql server, I see no database created yet. On thescreen of the command line, I see bunch of numbers are going in order. Iassume they are row numbers of the tables processed. But, if it is doing it,then where is it saving all this data ? I have checked the tempdb, pub db,other dbs, and I see no tables related to the database I am inserting. Willit populate it at the and of the job ? Or, am I doing something wrong here?Regards.Murtix.

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Database Repair - Need Help Please!

I started getting errors everytime i try to access my webmail(horde), my zencart and my forum so i asked my website host and they say i need to repair the SQL database. I have no idea what this means, can someone help please?

The errors are:

Horde: A fatal error has occurred
Could not connect to database for SQL SessionHandler.
Details have been logged for the administrator.

[db_cache table]
If you were entering information, press the BACK button in your browser and re-check the information you had entered to be sure you left no blank fields.

SMF Forum: Connection Problems
Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

Please help, i am totally lost!

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Page 2 - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Quote: Originally Posted by mustangman So my next question is, how would you write the SQL for this? It's a simple INNER JOIN. Since you are currently learning all of this, I'm going to give you time to research that a bit and try it out for yourself Ask if you have questions.

More specifically, your homework is this

I want the first and last name of an employee and the first and last name of his boss

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Potential Image Problem -- Error

Hello guys,

I am trying to find a solution to this problem.


1. I start with a blank 2005 DB

2. Restore backup of 2000DB to blank 2005 db with overwrite.

3 Make some minor updates to schema of new 2005 db.

4 Configure Queue and Service for SQL Notifications.

5. Manually update compatibility to 90 (2005) because SQL Notifcation will not work properly when Compatibility set to 80(2000). note: Step 1 starts at 90, but restore resets it to 80.

6 Alter DB owner to SA

7. Run app with SQL notifications and get this error is the SQL log:

"Potential Image Problem at 07x801AD0: read 0xE9 instead of 0x8B"

An Exception is also thrown:

"A severe error occurred with the current command. The result set, if any, should be discarded."

Error level is 20.

Thanks for any help.


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How To Repair Sql Table - Error In DTS

I have schedule DTS to import every day few tables. It had been workinggreat and had no problem. All of a sudden I started getting this error.ERROR AT DESTINATION FOR ROW NUMBER 100. ERROR ENCOUNTERED SO FAR IN THETASK. 1 UNIDENTIFIED ERROR.Thanks.

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Compact And Repair Database

I'm an Access man moving towards SQL Server and I'm interested in knowing if there is a utility for my SQL Server version 7 database that is similar to Access' Compact and Repair utility? I'd like a recommendation from a guru on what Prevenatative Maintenance measures I should be running daily/weekly/monthly etc...

Thanks in advance.

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Repair Corrupted Database?

I am backing up SQL 6.5 DB using Backup Exec 7.2 on NT 4.0 server SP4 with SQL server agent. The backup job ends in Failed status and a warning that DBname is corrupt. I then try to run DBCC Checkdb, newalloc, and checkcatalog commands to repair the DB. No further ahead yet. Are there any other commands that I can perform on the DB so that the corruption can be repaired, or verified there indeed is corruption of DB?

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Compact And Repair Database ?

I want to use function "Compact and repair database" in SQL Server2000 which like function Access 2003.
How can i do ?
Thank you very much.

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Suspect Database - How To Retrieve And Repair

Running SQL 7, Standard version. I had a database marked 'suspect'. I copied the MDF and LDF files to another directory, then deleted the suspect database. I tried to create a new database and attach the MDF file to it. It did not work. Any other ideas? I have no other backups of the data. I am willing to pay for consulting over the phone if necessary.

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Repair Database And Delete Transaction Log

How can I repair the database (5 gb) and remove the transaction log (45 gb). Whenever I run the maintanence wizard, it corrupts the db and I have to restore the db. Whenever I try to shrink the transaction log, the query runs but it doesn't shrink it at all. Is there a manual method for either of these and if so, how?

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Error Using Verify/Repair Methods Of SqlCeEngine

I have a compact pc program that uses a sql server database (sdf file).
I want to check the database integrity when program starts so I added a call to veriy method of SqlCeEngine.

The verify function always returns false even the database is OK and I can work with it.

when I call repair it throws the exception : "The specified module could not be found"

The code is :

string connectionString = "Data Source = '" + m_dbFullName + "'";

SqlCeEngine engine = new SqlCeEngine(connectionString);

if(engine.Verify() == false)


 engine.Repair(null, RepairOption.RecoverCorruptedRows);


The database exists and the path to it is correct:

dbFullName  = "\program files\MyApp\MyDB.sdf"

I also tried out some different connection strings but it did not help:

"Data Source = ' MyDB.sdf  '"

"Data Source = 'MyDB.sdf  "

"Data Source=' MyDB.sdf  '"

"Data Source=MyDB.sdf"

Please any one can help me with this ???????????????????

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Potential Loss Of Data Error On Flat File Source

I'm getting a very strange potential loss of data error on my flat file source in the data flow. The flat file is fixed width and the column in question is defined as numeric [DT_NUMERIC]. The transform runs great if this column IS NOT A ZERO. As soon as a zero value is found, I get the error. It errors on the flat file source, so I haven't been able to use a data viewer to see what's going on.

Please Help!?

Scott Mescall

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Repair Northwind Database In SQL Server Management Studio Express

Hi all,

Long time ago, I downloaded the Northwind and pubs databases from the Microsoft website (I do not remember the details of it) and installed these two databases together into the SQL Server Management Studio Express of my PC (Microsoft Windows XP Pro). I tried to learn an example of using "User Instance" (source code was from a book) on the Northwind database located in my SQL Server Management Studio Express. I just find out that my Northwind database has the title only and no tables at all. If I click on the "+" in front of the "Northwind", I got the following error message:

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

Failed to retrieve data for this request.(Microsoft SqlServer.Express.SmoEnum)

Additional information:

One or more files do not match the primary file of the database. If you are attempting to attach a database, retry the operation with the correct files. If this is an existing database, the file may be corrupted and should be restored from backup. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5173)..

Please help and tell me how I can repair this Northwind database in my SQL Server Management Studio Express.

Scott Chang

P. S.

I deleted the name 'Northwind' in my SQL Server Management Studio Express, executed the "SQL2005DBScriptsInstnwind" program and I got the following error message: Msg 1802, Level 16, State 4, Line 1

CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file name listed could not be created. Checked related errors.

Msg 5170, Level 16, state 1, Line 1

Cannot create file 'c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1DATAorthwindorthwind.ldf' because it already exist. Change the file path or the file name, and retry the operation.

Msg 15100, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_dboption, Line 64

The database 'Northwind' does not exist. Use sp_helpdb to show available database.

Msg 911, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database 'Northwind'. No entry found with that name. Make sure that name is entered correctly

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DataAdapter.Update Is Running This Query... What Is Wrong With It?

My DataAdapter.Update() Method is running this query against my database and all the parameters and the formatting looks correct to me. I was wondering if anyone could identify obvious errors.... Thanks!

exec sp_executesql
N'@Name nvarchar(50),
@PriContactFName nvarchar(50),
@PriContactLName nvarchar(50),
@PriContactWork nvarchar(20),
@PriContactFax nvarchar(20),
@PriContactCell nvarchar(20),
@PriContactEmail nvarchar(50),
@MainOfficeLocationAddr1 nvarchar(50),
@MainOfficeLocationAddr2 nvarchar(50),
@MainOfficeLocationCity nvarchar(50),
@MainOfficeLocationState nvarchar(50),
@MainOfficeLocationZip nvarchar(15),
@Description nvarchar(50),
@Original_ClientID int,
@ClientID int',
@Name=N'Brinker International',
@MainOfficeLocationAddr1=N'1234 Burkwood',
@Description=N'This is a good client.',
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 15
Incorrect syntax near 'NewUpdateCommand'.

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Flat File -&&> Table: Error Using I/E Wiz, Date..could Not Be Converted..potential Loss Of Data

The following error is encountered when importing a delimited flat file with date of fomat ""

Error: 0xC02020A1 at Data Flow Task, Source - DCDtest_xpt [1]: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "value date" returned status value 2 and status text "The value could not be converted because of a potential loss of data.".

This was when I manually built the package.

I get the same error when using the Import/Export wizard

I am even using the "suggest types" button and have tried sampling the default number of rows (?200) and also 2000.

The type it suggests is DT_DATE.

But reading the BOL, this would appear to be the wrong type: (obviously the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing)

seems to indicate that


is the correct value

(I cannot believe that they have different datatypes in SSIS than in SQL. I can't believe for a minute this is for all the hundreds of thousands of Oracle users who obviously switched to SSIS when they saw what a high quality product it is.)

I tried other DT_... values but no dice.

Can anyone help?

I always thought that Classic ASP was the worst product I've ever worked with from the Microsoft stable, but I was wrong.

I am fed up of having to post on this board (no wonder it is so 'popular')

Talking to peers, reading books, googling nearly always enables me to figure out a problem with any application I have ever used, but SSIS breaks the mould in sheer crapness and the weirdnes and unfathomability of its cryptic errors,.

Rant over (for today)

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Running A Large Number Of SSIS Packages (with Dtexec Utility) In Parallel From A SQL Server Agent Job Produces Errors


I have stumbled on a problem with running a large number of SSIS packages in parallel, using the €œdtexec€? command from inside an SQL Server job.

I€™ve described the environment, the goal and the problem below. Sorry if it€™s a bit too long, but I tried to be as clear as possible.

The environment:
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition, SQL Server 2005 32bit Enterprise Edition SP2.

The goal:
We have a large number of text files that we€™re loading into a staging area of a data warehouse (based on SQL Server 2k5, as said above).

We have one €œmain€? SSIS package that takes a list of files to load from an XML file, loops through that list and for each file in the list starts an SSIS package by using €œdtexec€? command. The command is started asynchronously by using system.diagnostics.process.start() method. This means that a large number of SSIS packages are started in parallel. These packages perform the actual loading (with BULK insert).

I have successfully run the loading process from the command prompt (using the dtexec command to start the main package) a number of times.

In order to move the loading to a production environment and schedule it, we have set up an SQL Server Agent job. We€™ve created a proxy user with the necessary rights (the same user that runs the job from command prompt), created an the SQL Agent job (there is one step of type €œcmdexec€? that runs the €œmain€? SSIS package with the €œdtexec€? command).

If the input XML file for the main package contains a small number of files (for example 10), the SQL Server Agent job works fine €“ the SSIS packages are started in parallel and they finish work successfully.

The problem:
When the number of the concurrently started SSIS packages gets too big, the packages start to fail. When a large number of SSIS package executions are already taking place, the new dtexec commands fail after 0 seconds of work with an empty error message.

Please bear in mind that the same loading still works perfectly from command prompt on the same server with the same user. It only fails when run from the SQL Agent Job.

I€™ve tried to understand the limit, when do the packages start to fail, and I believe that the threshold is 80 parallel executions (I understand that it might not be desirable to start so many SSIS packages at once, but I€™d like to do it despite this).

Additional information:

The dtexec utility provides an error message where the package variables are shown and the fact that the package ran 0 seconds, but the €œMessage€? is empty (€œMessage: €œ).
Turning the logging on in all the packages does not provide an error message either, just a lot of run-time information.
The try-catch block around the process.start() script in the main package€™s script task also does not reveal any errors.
I€™ve increased the €œmax worker threads€? number for the cmdexec subsystem in the msdb.dbo.syssubsystems table to a safely high number and restarted the SQL Server, but this had no effect either.

The request:

Can anyone give ideas what could be the cause of the problem?
If you have any ideas about how to further debug the problem, they are also very welcome.
Thanks in advance!

Eero Ringmäe

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Help! Database Properties Page Error

I seem to have a problem with the HTML file that displays the properties on a database. Each time I select the database I receive the following error message: "Con_Menu Page is undefined. Do you want to continue running scripts on this page......"

Can anyone Help?

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May Be A Corruption Error ? Need Help.

This error message was thrown in a SQL server 7.0 database. Please let me know the cause and fix.

I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read of BUF pointer = 0x14682100, page ptr = 0x64ac8000, pageid = (0x1:0x33b0), dbid = 51, status = 0x801, file = E:xxxabcd.mdf

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Database Corruption

Hello, Everyone:

How to check if a database is corrupted, and how to fix the corruption? Thanks.


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Database Corruption (Please Help!!)

I created a nonclustered index on sysobjects table. After that, when I
create a new object and sysobjects is modified, the database does not work
properly. I used DBCC CHECKDB to repair it. It works but as soon as a new
object is created, again database get corrupted (CHECKDB reports error). I
cannot drop this index with DROP INDEX command.
I'm wondered if an index on system table cannot be dropped, why it can be
created? If it is allowed to create index, why it corrupts the database?
I found this link:
Although it mentions SP_FixIndex can drop such indexes but there are no description about it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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SQL 6.5 Database Corruption

Hi I'm new to SQL, and have a big problems that I need help with. I just hired on to as the Network Admin for the company, the company has an NT4.0 box with SQL 6.5 running. The previous administrator has never done a SQL backup of the dbase, so no import or restore can be done. Now the SQL application was corrupted, it would not regconize itself or can be register. After the reinstallation of the SQL 6.5, there are still a folder of data under Mssql. I assumed that this is the dbase but have no idea what the the dbase actually call, if browse through using explore you will see the files name VMData.dat 550 mb in size and VMLog.dat 25 mb in size. If anyone know how I can retrieved this dbase it would be great help, or if you know of a firm that I can contact that would work too. Thank you for your help in advance.

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