File System Watcher Can Not Read Excel From SharePoint

I used file system watcher to read excel on my pc it worked fine, but when I tried to read the excel from SharePoint it did't work. The FileWatcher box showing the yellow color for long time that I had to stop the ssis.

So my question what is the cause of this. Do i need to set something or am i missing something? Please help.

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File System Watcher


I have to make a application using filesystemwatcher which watches the file on the remote server. If that file is changed then I have to fetch that file from ftp location to the server. I have made the SSIS job to fetch the file but not able to set a file system watcher on remote server that watches the file. If the file is changed then I need to insert a row in the SQL server database and then fetch the file.

I have made the application. the code is below:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


// Create a new FileSystemWatcher and set its properties

FileSystemWatcher watcher = new FileSystemWatcher();

watcher.Path = "C:\";

watcher.IncludeSubdirectories = true;

/* Watch for changes in LastAccess and LastWrite times, and the renaming of files or directories.*/

watcher.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.FileName | NotifyFilters.Attributes | NotifyFilters.LastAccess | NotifyFilters.LastWrite | NotifyFilters.Security | NotifyFilters.Size;

//watcher.WaitForChanged(WatcherChangeTypes.All );

// Add event handlers.

watcher.Changed += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);

watcher.Created += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnCreated);

watcher.Deleted += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);

watcher.Renamed += new RenamedEventHandler(OnRenamed);

watcher.EnableRaisingEvents = true;


public static void OnChanged(object source, FileSystemEventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(e.FullPath + e.ChangeType.ToString("G") + "" );


public static void OnCreated(object source, FileSystemEventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(e.FullPath + e.ChangeType + "");


public static void OnRenamed(Object source, RenamedEventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(e.OldFullPath + e.FullPath + "" + e.OldName);


Now how can I give the ftp details such as IP address, User name and password in the above code.


Deepesh Verma



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Certain Numeric Fields Not Read From The Excel File When Using A Excel File Source.

I have the Excel Connection Manager and Source to read the contents from an Excel file. For some reason couple of numeric fields from the Excel worksheet are brought over as nulls even though they have a value of 300 and 150. I am not sure why this is happening. I looked into the format of the fields and they are set to General in Excel, I tried setting them to numeric and that did not help.

All the other content from the excel file is coming thru except for the 2 numeric fields.

I tried to bring the contents from the excel source to a text file in csv format and for some reason the 2 numeric fields came out as blank.

Any inputs on getting this addressed will be much appreciated.



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Is There A Way To Read A Excel File

into the sql query analyzer?


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Read XML File From File System?

Anyone reading XML disk-files into SQL Server?

I have a process that I may want to do this with.

It would be a stored procedure that would read the XML attributes into 2 tables, the number of attributes could be 1-N, so I thought XML would be a good choice. Also, one of the attributes could be up to 4000 characters. I think this may limit our options, can 100-150 4000 character strings be passed in a standard call to a query/proc in SQL?

Currently the client application makes round-trip network calls to save upwards of 100 pairs of data. 1 header row, and many detail rows. All within a transaction.

I think If we move an XML file to the SQL box, then do all the import/save work on the "Server" side it would be much better. Cutting the transaction time down a lot by not doing so many round-trips at network speed...


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File Watcher Task Doesnt Wait For The Entire File To Be Completely Finish Before It Completes

Hey there

Ive built an SSIS package which generates a file from a legacy system and then downloads the file into a designated folder on the server. I need the file watcher task to wait for a the file to completely finish loading before it says it is complete. Currently, as soon as the file is created, the WMI step finishes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards


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File Watcher Task, Where???

Where the earth is this task??? I am not be able to see it anywhere!!

Thanks for any input,

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File Watcher Task

Installed File watcher task, then created a new SSIS package by adding the file watcher task in the control flow, below are my setting's inside the file watcher task editor:
2. Options
Filter - *.*
Find Existing Files - True
Timeout warning - False
3. Path
Path input type: Direct imput
Path - \server1Sourcefolder
Include subdirectories - False
Actually my understanding about this task is:
This file watcher task will constantly check for the file and then will execute the SSIS package.
If my understanding is correct, then where do we specify the name of the SSIS package?? And also do we need this SSIS package which has the File watcher task to run every 5 minutes or so, so that it can keep checking for the file existence.
Please help, thanks!!

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File Watcher Task

In the file watcher task in the filter section does it look for exsiting file name which we have mentioned or is it possible to give first few letters of the file name like

Please let me know

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HELP: How To Avoid Ridiculous System Resource Issues When Connecting To A Huge Excel File

Hi all,

I have a 400MB Excel file that I consume from another automated process (don't ask). I copy this file down locally to my server, and I am attempting to create an SSIS package that points to this file via a connection manager. My computer starts gobbling up massive amounts of memory (devenv.exe gets up to about 800MB or so, then drops back down to 100MB) even when I attempt to rename the connection in the connection managers tab.

I have set all BypassPrepare to TRUE and ValidateExternalMetadata properties to FALSE, and still it can take up to 3 to 6 minutes for BI Dev Studio to respond. My specs:

Intel Centrino Duo 2.00 GHz
XP Pro SP2

There MUST be a way for me to work effectively on a file of this size. Please help! Thanks much for any assistance.


Brian Pulliam

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Konesans File Watcher Tasks

Hello All

Just curious if there are any tutorials/help files/forums on using this and other Konesans control Flow and data flow task? most import the flow watcher task.



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Passing Variables Through File Watcher Task

Grettings All

Since I am a novice still with ssis this may seem like a simple task to most. What I want to do is use an sql task that executes a view and stores the results is some varaible (var1). Next I use the konesans File watcher to look for the existence of a file (testfile.txt). If the file exists the data currently stored in var1 is appended to the bottom of the existing file, if the file does not currently exists it is created based on var1 data. With all this out in the open what is the best method for doing this? I appreaciate any help I can get on this



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Anytime I Connect To An Excel File From SSIS05, I Start Getting Endemic System.outofmemoryexception Errors And Cannot Save

This is my error text... how do I get this nonsense to stop?!


Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. (Microsoft Visual Studio)

Program Location:

at System.String.GetStringForStringBuilder(String value, Int32 startIndex, Int32 length, Int32 capacity)
at System.Text.StringBuilder.GetNewString(String currentString, Int32 requiredLength)
at System.Text.StringBuilder.Append(Char value)
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Designer.Serialization.BufferTextWriter.Write(Char ch)
at System.IO.TextWriter.Write(Char[] buffer, Int32 index, Int32 count)
at System.IO.TextWriter.Write(Char[] buffer)
at System.IO.TextWriter.Write(String value)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.Serialization.DtrDesignerSerializer.SerializePackage(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, Package package, TextWriter textWriter)
at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design.Serialization.DtrDesignerSerializer.SerializeComponent(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, IComponent component, Object serializationStream)
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Serialization.DesignerComponentSerializer.Serialize(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, Object value)
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Designer.Serialization.DataWarehouseDesignerLoader.Serialize()
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Designer.Serialization.BaseDesignerLoader.Flush(Boolean forceful)
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Designer.Serialization.BaseDesignerLoader.Flush()
at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Designer.Serialization.DataWarehouseContainerManager.OnBeforeSave(UInt32 docCookie)

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SSIS File Watcher Multi-Threaded Task?

Hi All,

I have a problem in which I want the run an SSIS based on a file being dropped in a directory. I've tried the WMI event watcher as well as the File Task Watcher component. The problem that I'm seeing is that if the process is currently processing in the pipeline while another file dropped, the newly dropped file doesn't get picked up. Is there a way to create a FileWatcher Task in SSIS which will spawn a SSIS job and return immediately for watching files?

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Reports Exported As Excel Cannot Be Read By Mac Version Of Excel

I searched the list but did not see anything related.

I cannot open a file directly exported from RS in the Excel format. If I open the file in the Windows version and then close it, no need to even save it, I can then open it with the Mac version of Excel. The file size after closing is about 2K less so the RS program is adding something onto the file that the Mac version does not like. It will crash Excel when trying to open.

I cannot export the report as CSV as it will not correctly import into Excel on the Mac.

Is there a work around for this?



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Read Text File From SQL Server, Read Its Content, And Load It In RichTextBox (Related Component: Context.Response.BinaryWrite(), And StreamReader)

OBJECTIVE: I would like to read a text file from SQL Server 2000, read the text file content, and load its conntents in a RichTextBoxTHINGS I'VE DONE AND HAVE WORKING:1) I've successfully load a text file (ex: textFile.txt) in sql server database table column (with datatype Image) 2) I've also able to load the file using a Handler as below: using System;using System.Web;using System.Data.SqlClient;public class HandlerImage : IHttpHandler {string connectionString;public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {connectionString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["NWS_ScheduleSQL2000"].ConnectionString;int ImageID = Convert.ToInt32(context.Request.QueryString["id"]);SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);string Command = "SELECT [Image], Image_Type FROM Images WHERE Image_Id=@Image_Id";SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(Command, myConnection);cmd.Parameters.Add("@Image_Id", System.Data.SqlDbType.Int).Value = ImageID;SqlDataReader dr;myConnection.Open(); cmd.Prepare(); dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();if (dr.Read()){ //WRITE IMAGE TO THE BROWSERcontext.Response.ContentType = dr["Image_Type"].ToString();context.Response.BinaryWrite((byte[])dr["Image"]);}myConnection.Close();}public bool IsReusable {get {return false;}}}'>'>
<a href='<%# "HandlerDocument.ashx?id=" + Eval("Doc_ID") %>'>File
</a>- Click on this link, I'll be able to download or view the file WHAT I WANT TO DO, BUT HAVE PROBLEM:- I would like to be able to read CONTENT of this file and load it in a string as belowStreamReader SR = new StreamReader()SR = File.Open("File.txt");String contentText = SR.Readline();txtBox.text = contentText;BUT THIS ONLY WORK FOR files in the server.I would like to be able to read FILE CONTENTS from SQL Server.PLEASE HELP. I really appreciate it.

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Beginning SSIS - Sharepoint And Excel

Hi all, I have never used SSIS before, but am looking to use it in this aspect:

1) A user uploads an Excel file into Sharepoint. This will be through a Document Library in a Sharepoint page.

2) When this file is uploaded, I'd like SSIS to notice there is a new file and process it - it will pull information from the Excel file, put it into a database, and - if this is possible - delete the new file.

3) This is iffy. Can SSIS then generate an InfoPath document  from the information stored in the database? If not, I can just have a InfoPath query form.

I'd just like to know if this is possible. If you have any helpful links, please let me know - I would greatly appreciate it!



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WMI File Watcher In Control Flow Issues &&"Quota Violation&&" Error

My SSIS control flow includes a standard "textbook" WMI Event Watcher Task that monitors a folder for incoming files. Generally it works fine, but now I regularly see the error message:

"Watching for the Wql Query caused the following system exception: "Quota Violation." Check the query for errors or WMI connection for access rights/permissions"

I do not see any indication of trouble in the event logs. The SSIS log simply states that it failed.

Is there any magic about WMI Event Watcher?

When I restart, it runs fine for hours.

SQL05 is 9.0.3054 on W2003 with all microsoft updates applied. It is basically a bare machine with SQL Server, SSIS running and a service that kicks in occasionally.

Thanks for reading!

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File Watcher Task (Konessans) Vs For Each Loop Task

HI, I need to trigger some packages upon existance of specific files in a particular directory. Sound lkike the file watcher task (from SQLIS) would do the job but I am wondering what is the difference of using this tool instead of a for each loop container. I mean, If a file exists in a directory, the for each loop container will detect it. Since the file watcher is not a service, the package containing it needs to ne scheduled on a regular basis for the filewatcher to detect the file, right? So, a for each loop container would do the job? So, waht wouldbe the advantage of using the file watcher task?

Thank you,

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Excel - Read-only

I created a system DSN for an Excel file and I have been using it for awhile. I can read from it as well as update it. (The Excel fileincludes weekly updates to some records.)Then I tried to create the same connection with an explicit connectionstring. It opens the file fine, I can read from it and all. But whenI try to update it, it complains that the database is read-only. I amusing the connection string: "Driver=Microsoft Excel Driver(*.xls);DBQ=excel-fle-path;Uid=;Pwd="Is there a switch to include to say that I would like to open the Excelfile as a read/write database just like via the ODBC set up?

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How Tro Read Excel Through Variable

Hi Team,
I have created on SSIS package which export data from excel to SQL server 2005.It's working fine.Now I am trying to make it dynamic using variable. It means I wil just change the path or name of the excel file
How to access excel file using variables ?
Need help any link,suggestion .....

Yogesh V. Desai. | SQLDBA|

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Read Each Excel Sheet

I have an excel spreadsheet with several sheets.
These sheets get populated with data from an external source database i.e. a third party application.
I would like to create a SSIS package to read the data in each sheet.
Please note that I do know how to create SSIS package to read an excel file with only one sheet.
Is there a functionality in SSIS to loop though each sheet in one excel file?

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Export To Excel: Read-Only Columns?

When exporting a report to excel is there any way of marking certain columns as being readonly in the excel file?


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Read Text File From Flat File Connection Manager SSIS

Hello Experts,
I am createing one task (user control) in SSIS. I have property grid in my GUI and 2 buttons (OK & Cancle).
PropertyGrid has Properties like SourceConnection, OutputConnection etc....right now I am able to populate Connections in list box next to Source and Output Property.

Now my question to you guys is depending on Source Connection it should read that text file associated with connection manager. After validation it should pick header (first line of text file bases on record type) and write it into new file when task is executed. I have following code for your reference. Please let me know I am going in right direction or not..
What should go here ?
->Under Class A

public override DTSExecResult Execute(Connections connections, VariableDispenser variableDispenser, IDTSComponentEvents componentEvents, IDTSLogging log, object transaction)


//Some code to read file and write it into new file

return DTSExecResult.Success;


public const string Property_Task = "CustomErrorControl";

public const string Property_SourceConnection = "SourceConnection";

public void LoadFromXML(XmlElement node, IDTSInfoEvents infoEvents)


if (node.Name != Property_Task)


throw new Exception(String.Format("Invalid task element '{0}' in LoadFromXML.", node.Name));






_sourceConnectionId = node.Attributes.GetNamedItem(Property_SourceConnection).Value;


catch (Exception ex)


infoEvents.FireError(0, "LoadFromXML", ex.Message, "", 0);




public void SaveToXML(XmlDocument doc, IDTSInfoEvents infoEvents)




// // Create Task Element

XmlElement taskElement = doc.CreateElement("", Property_Task, "");


// // Save source FileConnection

XmlAttribute sourcefileAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute(Property_SourceConnection);

sourcefileAttribute.Value = _sourceConnectionId;



catch (Exception ex)


infoEvents.FireError(0, "SaveXML", ex.Message, "", 0);



In UI Class there is OK Click event.

private void btnOK_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




_taskHost.Properties[CustomErrorControl.Property_SourceConnection].SetValue(_taskHost, propertyGrid1.Text);

btnOK.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;


catch (Exception ex)






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Can One Remotely Access And Read Messages From A System Dead Letter Queue (MSMQ)?

I want to read messages from a system dead letter queue remotely. is this possible?

I tried using


as the queue path but the CanRead property of the message queue returns false.

Please help.



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How?-- SQL Read/import Excel Worksheets Within One Workbook???

Hi all,
I have a huge data set captured in excel file which contains 90 worksheets.
There are total 3 worksheets I need to work on.

I need to load/transfer them into a table. How do I import them into SQL?
Can SQL read/load excel by reading each worksheet (sheet1, sheet2...sheet90)?

Any suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated!


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Excel: Read Column As Text (IMXE=1 Does Not Seem To Help)


We currently have a problem while reading Excel files. The file has one column we want to read as DT_(W)STR which Jet delivers to us only as DT_R8 as there are plenty of numerical entries in that column before one alphanumerical appears.

We first tried with IMEX=1 but as described in will only parse the first eigth characters as "TypeGuessRows" is set to 8 and can't be edited.

Is there any way to read a column in Excel in a way typed by the SSIS designer (DT_(w)STR in our case)?

With best regards,

Hauke Schlichting

PS: Designing a "decoy" Excel file with column headers and first columns set is not really considered an option ;-)

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SSIS Excel Source Read Problem

I have a problem with reading data from an Excel file in SSIS. I'm trying to read a column that mostly consists of decimal values, but there are couple places where column entry is 2 numbers separated by a slash (e.g. "100/6.0"). SSIS tries to be smart and identifies the column data type as decimal and when it reads the cell with the slash in it, it reads as NULL. I tried to make my excel source reader component to read that cell as a string, but it gives me an error. If anybody has come across something like this, I would highly appreciate some help


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Read From Multiple Excel Sheets Using SSIS

How can I read from the multiple excel (sheets) file using SSIS? I want to read it using C# - desktop application.

Please let me know.


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How To Read A Cell Of Excel In Script Task?

BTW, I cannot use Office automation because MS office is not installed on the machine.


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Excel Type Report Not In 'Read Only' Format


When we export our tabular report in EXCEL format, we can change the values of the report data.
How can I export the report data in read-only EXCEL?

Awaiting some reply.

Thanks in advance!

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How Read File CSV File In Remote Server Using Bulk

Hi All,

I need to read a csv file, which is in remote server using SQl Bulk Insert Command.

Can I read a file Which is in remote server using BULK INSERT.

Thank you.......

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