Group Footer On Same Page With Details

I want the detail rows of the group together with the group footer but because my group maybe contains only one or two detail rows I do not want a page break after each group.
E.g. I want to avoid that the group footer of january details with the monthly total followed by details of february. is on page two but all the details of january are on page one.

Is there any option/solution for that problem?

Thanks and regards

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Page Break Before Group Footer..

I am using RS 2005 with SP2. I am trying to print a table Group footer on a brand spanking new page. I have checked the "Page Break at Start" of the Group, However in the Report view the footer starts printing directly below the end of the group, and not on a new page. I have also tried to add a rectangle to the group footer and selected Page Breaks before rectangle but the group footer still doesnt print on a page of its own. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Page Break Before Group Footer

I have a report with a table. Inside the table I have a subreport in a group footer and I want to force a page break before the footer.

I've tried putting the subreport inside a rectangle and set the rectangle to have pages breaks but that doesn't work.

any ideas?


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Table Group Footer At Bottom Of Page: Possible?

I have a report (bills of lading for shipments) that uses a table to organize the data coming in and groups by customer. Each customer grouping has a header, body and footer in the table. A print run might generate 100 bills of lading, each between 1 and 4 pages long.

I have marked the group to force a new page when each new group occurs.

As it is the report runs beautifully EXCEPT that the footer prints wherever it happens to end up -- midway down the final page of the bill and looks quite goofy.

What I really need (and my client is really surprised that SSRS won't me) is to print the group footer at the bottom of the final page of each bill of lading.

Bills of lading may be several pages per customer, so until the group footer is hit, I don't want any footer info at all. As I said, it all works fine except for the final page of each bill, where the group footer occurs whereever it has ended up.



This post didn't get much of a response. So perhaps I should amend it -- If what I am trying to do is impossible, what would be the preferred way?

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I have a report that is grouped based on a field. There is no way to pre-determine the number of detail lines each group will have. Is there a way to set the print condition such that if any group details do not fit onto one page then the whole group should be printed on the next page. Something like this:


DetailLine1 -------------


DetailLine1 -------------


DetailLine1 -------------

If ALL Group2 details do not fit onto the same page print it on a new page. (I don't want each group on a separate page, I just want the group detail to start on a new page IF THEY DO NOT ALL fit on one page)

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Varrying Page Footer Size In Ssrs Or Dynamically Displaying Page Footer In Ssrs

In SSRS my problem is to "show the page footer only in the first page of the report" and not in the other pages.

That is if i am having 10 pages, the page footer should come only in the first page of the SSRS report and it should not shown in the remaining 9 pages.

I used the expression in the visibility property of the rectangle which is placed in the page footer. But i can able to hide only the rectangle which is in the page footer of the remaining 9 pages. But the space occupied by the page footer is not get reduced.

So i need to show the page footer dynamically, without occupying the space even a little. Is there any "tricks or techniques"?. Please let me inform, if so. It's very urgent.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Page Totals: Table Footer Or Page Footer?

I currently have an Ungrouped Dataset being displayed in a Table. One of the columns include AMOUNT.
This is an example of what my report looks like atm:
**Report Name**

No Name Amount

Signed By XXXX

I would like to display a SUBTOTAL of the Amounts for each page and, on the final page, a TOTAL of the Amounts.
Yes the Last Page's SubTotal and Total will be the same.
Looking like:

**Report Name**

No Name Amount
Sub Total Amount
Signed By XXXX

**Report Name**

No Name Amount

(<-----no huge spaces between Table/Subtotal)
Sub Total Amount

Total Amount

Signed By XXXX


I've found a way to get a Page's SubTotal, but the way I found requires this to be put in a field on the Page Footer Section.
This means that on the final page, the SubTotal will be at the top of the Page Footer and not neccessarily directly beneath the table.

1. Is there a way to move the Page Footer so that its printed DIRECTLY under neath the Page Body instead of at the bottom of the Page?
2. If not, is there a way to have the SubTotal of each Page and a Final Page Total in the Page Body section.

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How To Create A File With Header, Details & Footer

Hi All,

I need to create a query which gives me something like this

DDasb IT 3000

Where 'HH' is the header(followed by Date and time) and 'FF' is the footer (followed by Date, time and no of records)and 'DD' has some details (few fields) from database.I am using UNION to get this result but the problem is that if the count in the footer is 0 then query should not give any output.but If I am using the following query
select 'HH'+convert(varchar,getDATE(),112)+replace(convert(varchar,getdate(),8),':','') as filename,'' as name,'' as dept,'' as sal
union all
select 'DD'+'',filename,dept,sal from emp where empno like '%1%'
union all
select 'FF'+convert(varchar,getDATE(),112)+replace(convert(varchar,getdate(),8),':','')+ REPLICATE(0, 9-len(COUNT(*)))+''+convert(VARchar(10),COUNT(*)) as filename,'' as name,'' as dept,'' as sal from emp where empno like '%1%'

I am getting the result as

if the second select statement has no records

Please help

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Custom Code Only Works In Header &&amp; Footer But Not In Details?


I have a custom code that can gets string from an array:

Public Shared FormatArray() As Object
Public Shared Function GetFormat(ByVal _Col As Integer) As String
Return FormatArray(_Col)
End Function

However if I place the code in a Table details value expression =Code.GetFormat(0), It will give me #ERROR

But if I put in the Table Header row value, then it shows me the String correctly, same for in Footer of the table.
Its only within the details rows that is not working

Does anyone know what is the problem??

many thanks


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How To Force The Page Footer To Display At The *bottom* Of The Page

Is it possible to force the content of the page footer to always display at the bottom of a report? I have a report that shows customer orders. It has its interactive height set to 5 inches. There is one customer order per report page. Most of the reports don't require 5 vertical inches (but some do).

How can I make sure that the stuff in the page footer (date, page number, etc.) always gets rendered in the same position for each report? Currently, the page footer follows the last detail line so the footer information sometimes is only midway down the report page.



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Display Or Hide Page Footer Depending On The Page

Hi all

I have a problem which I am really struggling with. I have a report that normally spreads over three pages. We have a list setup so that for each customer it picks up fees and expenses and displays it in sections. We have a page break after FEES so that expenses start on a new page. FEES and expenses are tables.

We need to have a page footer set for the bottom of the report but to appear on the first page only per customer. I.e. we do not want it showing on the EXPENSE pages. We have played with the IIF command but can not seem to print htis per customer only by using global variables.

=IIf(Globals!PageNumber=1,"(Please note 30 day invoice period)

The example above however only prints on the first page of the entire report. So if three customers appear then this will only appear for the first customer and I have a feeling I may not be able to link this to list.

If I can not use a page break and enter this into the list then I have a problem with the text field moving up and down depending on the size of the FEE section. For example if 5 fees are brought back then the text field will be lower then a customer that has only 2 fees.

I after a solution that can either allow my page fotter to appear every time a new customer appears on a page and hiddern for the sub sheets. Or the ability to allow my text field to start at a fixed position on my report. Has anyone had a similar issue.

thank you


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Using Pagenumber Outside Of Page Header And Page Footer

can i use 'page number' and 'total pages' outside the page header and page footer?

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Blank Page &&amp; Page Footer Problem

hi i am very concerned about this problem in my report.

to solve this problem i increased the height of page footer,blank page vanishes but the page footer is not printing on every page,it is only printing on 1 st page .

i am having probelm because the records from the dataset are more than the page limit , page break is there but no footer is printing on the second page only blank space is there.

can u please help me out from this problem??

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Databound Page Footer For SSRS. How To Get It On Every Page?

I have seen some forums on SSRS page footer which is data bound.
The procedure is as follow:
a hidden text box is put into the body of the page...which can be data bound..
than a textbox is placed in the footer, which is linked to the hidden text box in
the body. This is a good solution to this problem.. but the is 1 major problem I am
facing. I render the report to PDF. But the result is that the databound footer
shows up only on the last page. I need it to be seen on all the pages..
Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

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Page Header And Page Footer Not Loading Report Items In The Main Report When Subreport Called?

Hi All,

I am having a main report having two subreports, say M1,S1 and S2 respectively.

The issue is S2 normally tend to go beyond one page, for all pages except first page of the of the subreport I am getting the page header and footer blank,

Actually this is not loading the ReportItems that are used in main report but it shows text boxes containing strings for eg . "My Name" and date functions eg Today()

Any Solution?

Thanks and Regards


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Display Page Footer On First Page Only

Is there anyway to set-up the page footer of a report to print on the first page only?

I was going to try an IIF statement, but realized there is no visibility style property associated with the Page Footer section.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

Thank you,


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Page Numbes Per Group And Total Page Per Group.


I need to be able to reset the page numbering of a report for each top-level group in a table, and I need to be able to show the total number of pages for each group. For example, if I'm printing invoices and each invoice is a table group, I need to be able to show "Page 1 of 5", Page 2 of 5" and then show "Page 1 of 3", "Page 2 of 3" for the next invoice. I've read the so-called workarounds. They don't work well. They really don't, not when you have more than one user running a report at the same time and not if you display the report and print at the same time. So, please don't refer me to What I'm really asking is whether Microsoft is currently working on a resolution or not, or if perhaps this has already been resolved in a new Service Pack or HotFix that I may have missed. People have been asking for this since Reporting Services came out. I'm just wondering what Microsoft is doing about it.


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Page Footer!

Hi everybody!
In my report i need to have one of my data set's fields in page footer! but i can't
Please help me.

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Page Footer Problem


I created a report with a page footer. In the properties of the pagefooter I did set PrintonFirstPage to FALSE en PrintOnLastPage to TRUE.

If I run my report which takes 5 pages then on the first page the pagefooter is not visible. So that is OK.

But from the 2nd page until the las one the PageFooter is visible and I want it only on the very last page.

What do I do wrong or how can I solve this?


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Report Footer To Appear At The End Of Page

Hi guys,

my report footer displays at after the last row of the table(can be middle of the table)

how do you get the footer to appear at the end of each page?



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Page Footer Print Twice.

I wote a report including body and pagefooter, On body I put a list & the list inside had a table. Now when I print out this report, printer will printout 2 pages. (correct report is 1 page) , and on the second page, it had page footer only. If I turn off this page footer on next page, printer still
printout a blank page that's i don't need. Does anybody can help me fix this problem?

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Row Number Of Group Footer

How would I get the rownumber() for a Group Footer in report designer not in my query?

I put the syntax rownumber(nothing), but it is giving me the row numbers for the detail section.

Any help would be appreciated.

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How Ti Get Concatinated Value In A Group Footer


I want to display a concatinated value of strings (DB field) having a "/" in between, for each group separately in the group footer.I tried using custome code.I was calling that code in detail.In detail it was showing correctly i.e running concatenated value for each record.But when i used the same global variable in group footer it's taking previous group's concatenated value and first groop footer shows a blank string.I guess its because groop footer thing is getting executed before the detail can you please give me any solution for this.

Thanks in advance


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Last Item In A Group Footer?

Is there any way to know you're at the last row in a group footer? I'd like to just hide all other rows except that one...


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Group Footer With Totals

I have a tabular report with grouping on the following fields:

Grouped rows: MDC, DrgDesc, ChronicOther
Detail row: Cases

The desired output follows:

Chronic 50
Other 25
Total cases for DrgDesc1= 75

Chronic 20
Other 33
Total cases for DrgDesc2 = 53


I have everything working up to the Total cases for each DrgDesc. I tried adding a group footer to the Cases row, however this sub-totals for Chronic and Other rather than summing them together. Example is below.

Chronic 50
Other 25
Chronic 20
Other 33


How can I achieve the desired result?

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Changing Footer Size On Last Page Only

Dear all,

I am having a problem with the footer in my SQL Reporting Services project. I am trying to print a disclaimer in a text box on the last page in the footer. I can get the text box in the footer just fine but as the disclaimer is quite a lengthly multi line text string the footer has to be enlarged in order to fit the whole text box in.

This causes a problem on all the other pages where even though the footer is not displayed on pages before the last page it still takes up space stopping other data from being displayed where the footer would normally be.

Is there a way for me to set the footer size to a default value all all pages except the last page? I just want to enlarge the footer to about 1.5" on the last page to print my disclaimer without effecting the other pages layout.

Many thanks in advance,

Trevor Keast

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I Want To Make Sure The Header/footer Is On Each Next Page

The problem I am running into is I want to make sure the header/footer is on each next page,if the grade report goes more than 1 page (so pages aren't separated from each other or mixed up).
I could put a textfield as a footer at the bottom the list control but that would just appear at whatever length page 2 ended up being (basically you could have a "footer" at mid-page if the whole list only took up 1.5 pages).

Thanks & Rgds
Neelesh Gour

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I Want Header/footer On Each Print Page.

I have one string which i want to print in html page as a report
This is containing the html tags as TD TR etc.,
now the problem is there can be multiple pages and all the pages should have a perticular header and footer.

I am not able to break the string during page break.

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How To Put Dataset Fields Into The Page Footer ... :(

Hello anyone!!!!

Anybody knows if exists some way to put a dataset field into the page footer???, or if not, tell me if there is a way to do a €œsimilar€? of footer, cuz I need put information in the bottom of the report, but just in the last page, and need to left the space of this information in the another pages.

Any suggest is welcome, tanks!!!!!

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How To Add A Group Header And Footer For A Report

I have a report that is being called via stored proc, and i want to group by contract. when report gets generated i get multiple contracts info. but will be grouped/sorted by contract.

please how can i have a group header and also a group footer to show a summary of each contract information with some calculated fields in it.

i may get 100 records related to 10 contracts , 10 rows for each contract.

as soon as the first contract info is shown on the report it has to show a summary related to the first contract in the group footer, and then continue populating the second contract info and so on.

Please i am totally new to reporting and help would be appreciated. thank you all.

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Sum Or RunningValue Incorrect From Group Footer

I've read a bunch of threads and can't seem to find an exact problem as what I'm having.

I believe my problem is simple enough to understand, but might not be that simple to solve. I'm hoping otherwise.

My report shows columns:

SummedInvoiceAmounts (summed from SQL query)

The problem is that we have the same CustomerNumber with multiple CustomerNames:

CustomerNumber CustomerName Sum Region
ABC advancedballoon 1000 East
ABC AdvancedBall. 1000 East

As you can see they are the same company but in our Accounting system they show up mulitple times (about 20 companies like this). This is from clerks adding in multiple ways or misspelling, etc. Can't fix, but have to work around.

Anyhow, I have my detail row that shows two lines for the companies like this and one line for the companies that are correct. I have this report I have added two groups "Region", "CustomerNumber".

If I put all the detail Fields down in the CustomerNumber footer and hide the detail row the report looks fine to the eye. When adding a Sum down in the Region footer field though; it pulls in the added amount and makes the total wrong.

I tried running value, but it's basically the same as the sum for what I need and it doesn't work. Is there a simple way to do this using the reporting tool? In Crystal this was very easy, but I haven't figured this out yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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How Do I Calculate A Sum From A Table Group With The Footer

I have a sum , which is filtered within its table group, and then i have a fields in the footer. How would i aggregate these too together and use the result in another row within the footer.

I tried entering this:

=SUM(Fields!Period_1.Value,"table2_Period") / Max(Fields!Goal_1.Value)

but i get an error:

[rsInvalidAggregateScope] The Value expression for the textbox €˜textbox129€™ has a scope parameter that is not valid for an aggregate function. The scope parameter must be set to a string constant that is equal to either the name of a containing group, the name of a containing data region, or the name of a data set.

Build complete -- 1 errors, 0 warnings

what am i doing wrong, please help!

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