Headers Overlapping When Scrolling Down The Report

I have set the option 'Headers should remain Visible while scrolling', in order to freeze the headers. However, on some reports, when I scroll down the report , the headers overlap each other .

Any ideas why this would happen?

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Matrix Scrolling Headers

Could someone describe to me how to have headers remain visible while scrolling in a matrix? I can do this in a table without a problem but can't seem to find this option for a matrix.

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Design Prob:parent/child W Different Headers: Sorting, Non Scrolling Header Etc

Report needs to display as follows


expandable section



Am currently implementing this as nested list controls with textboxes due to the fact that the headers for the parent and child differ. (By header I mean the column labels)

1. is there a better way of doing this as I much prefer working with tables/matrix controls?
2. how can I stop the header from scrolling - this is possible with tab/mtx controls. The alternative is to repeat the headers all down the page which wastes space and looks messy
3. How can I apply 'interactive sorting' to the parent columns?


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Report Headers Vs Page Headers

Hi, this is probably a simple question but I just can't figure it out. I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 sp1.

I'm trying to design a report that displays a particular embedded image on the first page, and then a different one on every subsequent page. I.e full, fancy company logo on the first page, and a trimmed down version on every other. In Crystal, I would have simply used the Report Header and Page Header sections to achieve this - easy.

However, in SQL Reporting Services, there is only a Page Header section - therefore whatever I place in the Page Header shows on every page. Now, I know how to stop it displaying on the first page, but I don't know how to display the other image instead.

I read in a support forum that it is possible to do this by "placing report items above or below your data regions" but I can't get it to work.

Grateful for any assistance.


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Report Scrolling Vs. Pages In Report

I have two separate reports, and they work fine. But I noticed that in one report, regardless of length, it will show up in the Report Manager as one page that you just scroll down through. The second report always shows up as more than one page, and you have to click through the pages to see everything. Is this some setting that I am unaware of? I have tried finding a difference between the two reports, but can't see why one would show up as a long continuous report and the other is divided into pages. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Overlapping Of Report Items In Renderers(HTML And Excel)


We have created a report chart, a simple bar graph, and need to put 2 vertical lines (target limits) on this chart, At the end we need to export this charts in excel and html, but it says that the overlapping of reports items is not supported in all renderers.

It seems that HTML and Excel donot support the overlapping of this 2 items.

Can anyone please help me in this issue? or is their any other alternative to get the chart and the static lines placed on this charts.



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While Exporting A SSRS 2005 Report In CSV Format ,can We Include The Report Headers And Footers Also To Be Exported

While exporting a SSRS 2005 report in CSV format ,can we include the report headers and footers also to be exported .
Thanks .

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Headers On A Report

I wanted to show header titles for each group of accounts. Ho would I be able to do that. The query that I have right now is:

select * from apcopah
where substring(ap_control_acct, 1, 4) = '1624'
and date_vendor_inv >= '2001-08-01'
or substring(ap_control_acct, 1, 4) = '1631'
and date_vendor_inv >= '2001-08-01'
or substring(ap_control_acct, 1, 4) = '1632'
and date_vendor_inv >= '2001-08-01'

I would like it to look like this:


Ap_control_acct date_vendor_inv
1624 2001-10-01
1624 2001-12-01

Audit Fees

Ap_control_acct date_vendor_inv
1631 2002-09-01
1631 2002-10-01

Is this possible?

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Report Headers

I'm new to Reporting Services, but am familiar with other reporting tools. My question is, is there really no way to reference a field in a page header? If so, I suppose you could repeat some header information on subsequent pages from the detail section of the report using a text box, but how is that done because when I check the property box "Repeat report item with data region on every page" nothing happens. What is the best way to repeat header information on every page that needs to contain field values/information?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Report Headers && Footers

I see the Page Header and Page footer, but what about Report Header and Report Footers??? Doesn't look like ssrs has this ability, am I wrong??

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Report And Page Headers

All I can find is Page Headers. Is there a report header like there is in Access?

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Images (in Dataset) In Report Headers/Footers

I have an image stored in a dataset that I would like to place in the page header and footer. Unfortunately dataset fields can not be placed in headers/footers.

Embedded pics in the project and/or report are NOT an option as the report must pull the image from the database. UNLESS there is a way to embed it FROM the dataset.

Normally I use =ReportItems!FieldName, but this doesn't seem to work when dealing with images.

I put the image in the header row the table holding the report information, but there are some pitfalls. Consider the following: put the Image in the top left cell of the header rows (A1) , put my Report Title in Cell (A2) and finally put =Now() in cell (B2).

When the report renders Cell (A1) has grown to accomodate the size of the image, Cell (A2) is fine, but cell (A3 - the date-) is pushed down...as expected (boooo!)

I used the following function =Fields!ReportTitle.Value & chr(10) & chr(13) & Fields!ReportDate.Value in (A2) a slick solution, but the padding is different and I need different font sizes and weights. (...almost)

I moved the image in (a1) and the rest of the fields following respecfully (B1, C1, D1...) but with parameters the header is now practically half the page (...ok so that was a bit of an stretch)

I tried the RepeatsWith property and couldn't get it to work???? Am I using it correctly? I have a table in the body of a report (table1). Above it, I place the image. In the image properties, I choose RepeatWith and select table1, I expect to see the image repeat on each page, but that is not the case. I'm probably missing a simple explanation.

I even tried to pass the image as a parameter. URRRNT! At least with my experience.

Have I exhausted all possibilities without extensive code?

All I'm trying to do is line up the Image with the report Title/date/parameter values in the HEADER making the report look pretty.

Thanks for the help...

SSRS 2005 User

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How To Change Report Headers And Footers Dynamically From ASP.NET

Hello All,

I have designed some reports and kept these reports in the report server.

My question is: I want to change report header and footer values dynamically and save the new values in the report template, when the user enters new velues in ASP.NET GUI.

Next time if the user opens the same file the report should display the recent values.

Please help me in passing the parameters from ASP.NET app to SQL Reports and saving the parameters in the report template.


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How To Add Or Use Muliple Page Headers For A Report In SSRS 2005

Hi ,

Can we add multiple Page headers for a report in SSRS 2005. If we can add can any one tell me how to add multile page headers for report in SSRS 2005. IF not is thier any solution for this issues.

Anyone please reply back

Thanks and Regards

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Invisible Column Headers When Export Report To Excel ?

Hi All,

I want to invisible those column headers when export the report to excel, how can i achieve that?



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Matrix Report Column Headers Are Not Sorting Properly


When I build a matrix report, based on a cube, the Month Numbers are the column header and the sorting is incorrect. It sorts it as 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3... So the report looks kinda like this:
1 10 11 12 2 3 4

However, when I build off the same cube, using a model in Report Builder, the header for those same Month Numbers sort correctly.

I checked that the Order By, for the Dimension, is set to Key.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make the colum headers sort correctly in a Matrix Report?

Thank you for the help.

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Report Design Question Two Horizontal Column Headers One Below Other

I have a report requirement, i am new to reports.

I want to have two lines of column headers.( with 7 columns in parent columns header)

and 7 columns in child column header.

The first column header will show a parent record.

And after the parent record i want to show the next child related horizontal column headers and will show all child record related to the above parent record.

its a one to many: 1 parent record and below all child records for that parent record.

can i use subreports controls to show all child records of the parent.

Thank you very much for the information.



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Parameters In Report Headers Not Displaying After Upgrade To SQL 2005

I just recently upgraded my server to SQL 2005 from 2000. When I open any RDL file, I am prompted to convert the file. Ok, fine. The problem I am having is that in my reports, the headers are filled with parameters based on the various datasets returned when the report is generated. When I preview the report - I get no data where the parameters should be. Just blank space. However, when I run the queries only, the data is there, so the problem seems to be with displaying the data. Is there some kind of trick about parameters in headers in this version? I have looked and looked, so any help would be great!


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Problem With SRS (2003) Using A Matrix Report Headers Missing Info

I have a matrix report with three cols of data in the header I have the following text boxes
textbox 1 expression =(fields!dateval.value) + " SC"
textbox 2 expression =(fields!dateval.value) + " OT"
textbox 3 expression =(fields!dateval.value) + " NCR"

when the report runs the first set of data the headers are correct
07/01/2007 SC 07/01/2007 OT 07/01/2007 NCR

but the next set shows this

08/01/2007 SC OT NCR

and the next

09/01/2007 SC OT NCR

all col past the first are droping the date from the header???

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Scrolling Group Header

I am using table to display data.

I want to have group with group header.Group header needs to remain fix while scrolling down.

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Scrolling Column Headings


I have generated a report that requires the user to scroll down the page since it is fairly long. I want to be able to show the column headings as the report is being scrolled. Much like excel locking the column headings as you would scroll down the spreadsheet so you know what values correspond to what heading. How do I configure this report to do this? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Scrolling VERY Jumpy When Using FixedHeader=True

I have a simple report with one Table in the Body of the report. I have the table property FixedHeader=True. This works as expected when I run the report, but when you scroll the table's header shakes up and down and you can see the table's detail rows above the top of the header. The shaking (obviously) stops once you stop scrolling but it is something that would be very distracting to the end user. Anyone else gotten this problem?

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How To Keep Header Remain Visible While Scrolling


I have matrix which has many rows. Is there any way to keep header remain visible while scrolling?

I tried to set "Group header should remain visible while scrolling" in my columngroup property but got the error:

[rsFixedHeadersInInnerDataRegion] The matrix €˜matrix1€™ includes a table header or column with FixedHeader set to true. This is not allowed on data regions inside other data regions.

I have matrix inside a table which I set table property FixedHeaderto False but still got the same error. I can't find other places who set fixedheader properties. Any suggestion would be very appraciate!

Thanks in advance!

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Columns In FixedHeader Section Grow Taller During Scrolling - Why?


I have a wide report. The leftmost two columns have the FixedHeader property set true so they remain visible when I do horizontal scrolling. My problem is that the height of the 1st two rows in the fixed header section increases as soon as I scroll the report to the right. The height of the 1st two rows in the fixed header section roughly doubles while the height of the scrollable section remains the same. The upshot is that the fixed part of the report is misaligned with the scrollable part (because the rows in the two sections don't have the same height). Only the 1st two rows in the fixed header grow taller - the other rows in the fixed header retain their original height.

Has anyone seen this problem or have an idea what is happening?


This is the style that is generated for one of the fixed header columns:


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Date Overlapping

i have a table containing following dataeffdate termdate uid----------- ----------- -----------1 2 13 4 25 8 37 9 411 12 512 13 63 6 75 9 8i need to replace all the overlapping records with one recordsuch that resultant table shud look likeeffdate termdate uid1 2 111 13 23 9 3Thanks

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Overlapping Sets

I have the following table structure

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[QDisc](
[Id] [int] NOT NULL,
[MinVal] [int] NOT NULL,
[MaxVal] [int] NOT NULL,
[PerVal] [int] NOT NULL,
[Id] ASC

I need to be able to select unique overlapping sets of data based on the minval and maxval.

Simple Example
minval maxval
5 15
16 25
10 20

query would produce
minval maxval
5 10
11 15
16 20
21 25

More Complex example
minval maxval
5 15
16 25
10 20
7 7
1 100

query would produce
minval maxval
1 5
6 6
7 7
8 10
11 15
16 20
21 25
26 100

Extra points if anyone can do this without SP and cursor but I'd be satisfied if someone supplied it that way.

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T-SQL Overlapping Time

I have a table with following fields


1 1899-12-20 09:00:00.000 1899-12-20 10:00:00.000

1 1899-12-20 09:50:00.000 1899-12-20 11:00:00.000

1 1899-12-20 12:00:00.000 1899-12-20 02:00:00.000

I need the count of records that overlap with each other. [OR]

1 if there is overlap, 0 if there is no overlap.

I am new to sql, thanks for any help.


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Overlapping Integer Ranges ??

:confused: Dont know if this will be tough for the rest of you but for someone who is fairly new to SQL...I cannot figure it out...

I have a table:

Rownumber starttime endtime
1 l 30 l 240
2 l 40 l 120
3 l 50 l 260
4 l 1300 l 1400

Rows 1, 2, and 3 over lap with one another and I am trying to obtain the starttime and endtime values which can cover them all.

I would like to find the overlapping (starttime - endtime) ranges and accept the lowest starttime value and the highest endtime value.

Row 1: 30--------------------240
Row 2: 40--------------120
Row 3: 50----------------------260
Row 4: ...1300---------1440

I would like to include starttime-endtime ranges that do not overlap with any other integer range.

which in this case would be:

Rownumber starttime endtime
1 l 30 l 260
2 l 1330 l 1400

I was thinking of using a cursor and comparing each row to all of the other rows in the table and then setting a boolean in that row if it overlaps with another row in the table...is there a better way of doing this?

Thank you for the help!

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Date Ranges Overlapping

I've gone cold here. Dunno if I've had too little coffee - as I'm currently drinking some seriously wicked green tea - or whether my brain has locked down from yesterdays "bad eggs for lunch" experience.

Anyway... I have database with a customer, for each customer is a related history table with assigned consultant.

The assigned consultant table has information on consultant id, name, the start date of his assignment and the end date.

I need to find all customers that currently have (or have had) two or more consultants actively assigned. In other words, I need to see if the start/end times overlap.

At my current state, I'm just done.. i can't maintain the perspective... how do I do this?

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Backup Jobs Overlapping

I have 3 seperate jobs to backup my database. 1 for a full backup, 1 for differentials, and the 3rd for the transaction log. Each is on its own schedule. The problem I have is that sometimes the transaction log job will try to start while one of the other two are in process. When this happens, an error is generated and I get paged (which is very anoying at midnight) Is there any way to block the transaction job until the other two are complete? It should still run, just not at the same time.

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Finding Overlapping Dates

Hi all, I'm having some real problems with this little problem.

Basically I have a booking system. I enter a booking which runs between these two dates:

27/03/2007 10:00:00
27/03/2007 18:00:00

Now, I need to search for people in the db who aren't already booked within this time frame so if someone has a booking of say:
27/03/2007 05:00:00
27/03/2007 13:00:00

they will not be eligable as the dates overlap.

I was thinking of having a function which I pass the 2 new booking dates to and then make sure the candidates existing bookings don't overlap...so basically a function checking that 2 date ranges don't overlap.

Can anyone shed any light on this!?! It's driving me round the bend.

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Pull Overlapping Fields

How can I create a query that pulls all records for a given ID (road) where the distances (based on start & end fields) overlap?

Eg. RoadNm Start End
Road 1 0 500
Road 1 300 800
Road 2 0 500
Road 2 500 800

I need to write SQL that flags Road 1 as a road with overlapping sections (whereas Road 2 is fine).


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Overlapping Images And Rectangles

I am trying to create a report where I want overlapping images and rectangles... but when I upload it to report manager it seems to push them all seperate??? How do I stop doinh this... it does print okay! Just looks wrong on screen?


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