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How To Deploy SSRS To Production Server ?

Hi All
I am having a problem with SSRS reports which I hope you can help with.
We have a web application which contains a couple dozen reports built using SSRS. In order to do a new release I first deploy the web application and the SSRS reports to our pre-production server for testing.
Whilst testing is going on, developers are making further changes to some of the reports and also the the database structure.
My problem is that when I want to move the new release from the pre-production server to the production server, I can copy the application but not the SSRS reports. So my only choice appears to be to deploy the SSRS reports from a devlopment machien directly to the production server.
This is clearly going to cause me problems as those reports may have been further developed and the database structure may have changed sine deploying the application to the pre-production server so I am effectly releasing untested reports directly to the production srever.
So my quesiton is:
How can I copy my SSRS reports from the pre-production server to the production server? Is there another way of dong this?

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Error In Message Box Display When Report Is Deploy In The Production Server
Hi All Experts,

I deployed a sample report in the production server with a date validation in it. The validation is working properly in the Report Designer with this code, that checks if the user inputs an incorrect date range.

Function CheckSignificantDate(StartDate as Date, EndDate as Date) as Integer
Dim msg as String
     msg = ""
     If (StartDate > EndDate)  Then
 msg="Period From should not be later than Period To"
     End If
     If msg <> "" Then
 MsgBox(msg, 16, "Report Validation") 
 Err.Raise(6,Report)                    'Raise an overflow
     End If
End Function

Now, the problem is when i access the report via URL and then put an incorrect date range.  The error message appeared in the other page instead of poping it up the message after the view button was click.

What should be the problem? and

What should i do?



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How To Deploy Reports To Production Server, Do I Need To Have Sql Server Reporting Services Installed Or Just Runtime Files Ok

I would like to deploy several reports to production server, Do i need to install reporting services entire software in order to run the reports or is it possible to just have runtime files installed on it to run the reports.
please help, i have almost 100 reports to be deployed on this server which is located in other country.
Thanks for the helpful information.
(i am using SQL server 2005 / reporting services 2005.)

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Cannot Deploy To A SSRS Sharepoint Integrated From A Desktop To The Server
I have a server with WSS and SQL Server 2005 with reporting services in Sharepoint Integrated Mode. When i develop Report on the server, i have no problem to deploy on a sharepoint library.
My user is a domain account and is in the group Administrators on the server.
when i develop Report on my desktop and i want to deploy, i have the following error


TITLE: Microsoft Report Designer
A connection could not be made to the report server http://cpm:81/.
Client found response content type of 'text/html; charset=utf-8', but expected 'text/xml'.
The request failed with the error message:
<HTML dir="ltr">
<HEAD><meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft SharePoint" /><meta name="progid" content="SharePoint.WebPartPage.Document" /><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" content="0" /><meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOHTMLINDEX" /><title>
</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/_layouts/1033/styles/core.css?rev=5msmprmeONfN6lJ3wtbAlA%3D%3D"/>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/_layouts/1033/init.js?rev=VhAxGc3rkK79RM90tibDzw%3D%3D"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/_layouts/1033/core.js?rev=F8pbQQxa4zefcW%2BW9E5g8w%3D%3D"></script>
 <meta name="Robots" content="NOINDEX " />
 <meta name="SharePointError" content=""/>
<BODY scroll="yes" onload="javascript:if (typeof(_spBodyOnLoadWrapper) != 'undefined') _spBodyOnLoadWrapper();">
  <form name="aspnetForm" method="post" action="_layouts/error.aspx" id="aspnetForm" onsubmit="return _spFormOnSubmitWrapper();">
<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUKLTU2NjkxODU3M2RkZWn6RQiD+YddpGkjbShF7sJByhw=" />
  <TABLE class="ms-main" CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 BORDER=0 WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%">
   <td colspan=4 class="ms-globalbreadcrumb" align="right">
      <a href="javascript:TopHelpButtonClick('NavBarHelpHome')" id="ctl00_PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation_TopHelpLink" AccessKey="6" title="Help (new window)"><img src="/_layouts/images/helpicon.gif" align="absmiddle" border="0" alt="Help (new window)" /></a>
  <td class="ms-globalTitleArea">
   <table width=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>
  <td id="GlobalTitleAreaImage" class="ms-titleimagearea"><img id="onetidHeadbnnr0" src="/_layouts/images/titlegraphic.gif"  alt="" /></td>
  <td class="ms-sitetitle" width=100%>
  <td style="padding-top:8px;" valign=top>
  <TD id="onetIdTopNavBarContainer" WIDTH=100% class="ms-bannerContainer">
 <TR height="100%"><TD><TABLE width="100%" height="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
  <td class="ms-titlearealeft" id="TitleAreaImageCell" valign="middle" nowrap><div style="height:100%" class="ms-titleareaframe"></div></td>
  <td class="ms-titleareaframe" id="TitleAreaFrameClass">
  <table cellpadding=0 height=100% width=100% cellspacing=0>
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  <td valign=top  id="onetidPageTitleAreaFrame" class='ms-areaseparator' nowrap width="100%">
   <table id="onetidPageTitleAreaTable" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100% border="0">
  <td valign="top" class="ms-titlearea">
    <a href="http://cpm:81" id="ctl00_PlaceHolderTitleBreadcrumb_idSimpleGoBackToHome">Go back to site</a>
  <td height=100% valign=top ID=onetidPageTitle class="ms-pagetitle">
    <h2 class="ms-pagetitle">
  <td class="ms-titlearearight">
<div class='ms-areaseparatorright'><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=8 height=100% alt=""></div>
   <TD class="ms-leftareacell" valign=top height=100% id="LeftNavigationAreaCell">
    <table class=ms-nav width=100% height=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
    <TABLE height="100%" class=ms-navframe CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 border="0">
     <tr valign="top">
   <td width="4px"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=4 height=1 alt=""></td>
   <td valign="top" width="100%">
     <tr><td colspan=2><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=138 height=1 alt=""></td></tr>
<div class='ms-areaseparatorleft'><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=8 height=100% alt=""></div>
   <td class='ms-formareaframe' valign="top">
  <TABLE width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="ms-propertysheet">
   <TR valign="top"  >
   <TD class="ms-descriptiontext" width="100%">
      <TD ID=onetidYPadding width="10px"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=10 height=1 alt=""></TD>
    <TR >
   <TD ID=onetidMainBodyPadding height="8px"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=1 height=8 alt=""></TD>
    <td valign="top" height="100%">
      <A name="mainContent"></A>
 <table width=100% border=0 class="ms-titleareaframe" cellpadding=0>
 <TD valign=top width="100%" style="padding-top: 10px" class="ms-descriptiontext">
    <span id="ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_LabelMessage">Le fichier que vous tentez d'enregistrer ou d'extraire a Ă©tĂ© bloquĂ© sur ce site Web par les administrateurs du serveur.</span>
    <P><span class="ms-descriptiontext">
  <span id="ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_helptopic_troubleshooting"><A Title="Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services. - Opens in new window" HREF="javascript:HelpWindowKey('troubleshooting')">Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.</A></span>
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
  var gearPage = document.getElementById('GearPage');
  if(null != gearPage)
   document.title = "Error";
   <td class="ms-rightareacell">
<div class='ms-areaseparatorright'><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=8 height=100% alt=""></div>
 <td class="ms-pagebottommarginleft"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=1 height=10 alt=""></td>
 <td class="ms-pagebottommargin"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=1 height=10 alt=""></td>
 <td class="ms-bodyareapagemargin"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=1 height=10 alt=""></td>
 <td class="ms-pagebottommarginright"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=1 height=10 alt=""></td>
   <input type="text" name="__spDummyText1" style="display:none;" size=1/>
   <input type="text" name="__spDummyText2" style="display:none;" size=1/>
--. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Designer)

Ty to help me
CĂ©dric Boulton

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Deploy To Production Using Configuration Properties


When you check out the project properties of a RS project, you can find the deployment attributes like targetdatasourcefolder, etc... There's also a button "Configuration Manager...". Here I can see a column "Platform" which is empty. I got the feeling I should be able to configure different platforms here, select an active environment and deploy to it some how. Is this correct; how does this work, and why not?


Regards, Jeroen

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Need Help To Deploy SSIS Package In Production And To Schedule It

Hi All,
I have created an SSIS package which will import data from EXCEL file to SQL server. I had assigned the excel file path using an expression which wil be a combination of the folder path where the excel file resides + file name + date+extension. I also assigned the connection string for the OLEDB using the Expression. I have also exported the Folder path and the eonnection string variables to the package configurations and i have created the deployment project, which contains the package, packagemanifest and the package config file.
Now i need to know the steps to install the package in the production server and the steps to schedule the job in the sql server.
any of you plz give me the link to find the steps or plz tel me the things that i have to do.
Thankz to all

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What Are To Be Installed At The Production Unit To Deploy A Package Created ?
 Hi friends,

                      Can anybody tell what all are required for the deployment of a package.

I read from some article that to deploy ur package SSIS runtime and .Net framework should be installed first

and 1)it is not necessary to install sql server 2005. if so Is it True .?

2)whether the ssis runtime is freely available as independent installation package like .Net framework




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Deploy SSIS Package To Production Which Has A Connection To Oracle Databse
Hi There,

In SSIS package development environment,  I was able to connect to an oracle database and pull data into my sql server database. I installed the client tools for oracle and I put an entry into the tnsnames.ora and I was able to connect. 

But in production environment, if I deploy the package on sql server, I was wondering if I had to do the same job of downloading the oracle client tools onto my production machine --which creates a tnsnames.ora file to it default location and then edit it with tthe tns entry-- or is there a better way to do this--avoiding the download?

Can somebody plzz help me ?


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Not Able To Install SSRS For SQL Server 2000 On Production Machine (Windows 2000 Advanced Server)
Hi, I am not able to install SSRS for SQL Server 2000 on our production server, which is Windows 2000 advanced server and it is giving error messages in the last minute and before completing the set up and the message is displayed in meesage box as "SQL Setup failed to execute a command for Server configuration. The error was: Line 1: Incorrect Syntax error near '[]'. Refer to Server logs and set up logs for detailed error information "


Please help on this at the earliest. Appreciate your help in advance.


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SSRS Deploy Error

i am trying to deploy my reports to reporting server

but i get

A connection could not be made to the report server

The attempt to connect to the report server failed. Check your connection information and that the report server is a compatible version. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Designer)


The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Designer)

i dont have http://localhost/ReportingServer running in my local system.

Is it necessary to deploy in localhost before to deploy to reportingserver? if not please let me know what is causing the above error?

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How To Deploy The Reports Automatically In SSRS?

I am creating a application to show reports for daily based information.

I have created the reports and i am changing the data source at run time.In order to view the updated reports, i have to deploy.

So i need to deploy the reports automatically.

can any one gave a idea to do this.


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Ssrs 2005 Status Of Report Production
I have a report that is made out of many subreports.
It takes a long time to produce this report.
Is there a away of knowing and displaying to the user which sub report is produced now?
Is there a way of making status info sent to the UI? Somthing like OnStartPage/OnStartReport (now send status to UI somehow)?

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Unable To Deploy SSRS Report Models
I am having mucho difficulties deploying Report Models from my box.

I create a brand new report model project, I add a data source, a datasource view, and a report model.  Everything builds fine.  I setup the project to point to a valid SSRS Server (and I tried this on another person's box, everything worked fine), click deploy- enter the credentials, and the logon box just keeps popping back up instead of deploying.

When the credential box pops up, it has a "" in it.  When I try this on another person's box, it works fine.

I just upgraded to SQL Server 2005 SP2, but I do not have Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

Could some of that be a problem?

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SSRS Report &&amp; .NET Assembly Problem After Deploy (Urgent)
I have created reports which access LDAP to get Employee Information.
If i remove LDAP code & only take fields from database report works.
If i use LDAP code which is in .NET assembly, It gives #error instead of showing employee name.

It works in development enviorment. but when i deploy it to reporting server it gives above error.
Development & server are in same network.
I am trying with following link also but no luck

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Reporting Services Login Box Appears When Trying To Deploy In SSRS 2005
Hi All,

I installed SQL Server 2005 SP2 recently. After that when I try to
deploy a solution in SSRS 2005, I get a dialog box with title:
"Reporting Services Login". It has my server listed as the first row:
"http://localhost/reportserver" and then it has two text boxes asking
for Username and Password.

I checked my IIS settings and only Integrated Security is checked for
the Reports Server folder (and for the entire website). I tried to
change that to Allow Anonymous Access = Checked, but still the same

Any ideas?

Thanks! GB

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User Login Box Appears On Trying To Deploy SSRS 2005 Project To Report Manager

I have picked up the same problem that quite a few folks have identified.
I have created a SSRS Solution and have a report which I am trying to deploy to the Report Manager.
The project 'builds' locally but when I try to deploy it, a User Login Box pops up.
Has any one been able to ascertain what causes the problem and how does one go about resolving the problem.
I am using Window Authentication on WIndows XP SP2 with SQL Server 2005 Developers Edition and Visual Studio  2005 Professional
I have not 'tinkered' with IIS,.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
regards Steve

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Unable To Deploy Package Using Deploy Wiz Or Mgmt Studio
Am getting errors trying to deploy a dtsx created by ms (the reporting services execution log one) to which I have made zero changes, but it is not working (2 errors shown below)

error from deployment wizard:

Could not save the package "H:SSISRSlogRSExecutionLog_UpdateinDeploymentRSExecutionLog_Update.dtsx" to SQL Server "xxxxxxxxxxx".  (Package Installation Wizard)


The SaveToSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x80004005 (Login timeout expired).  The SQL statement that was issued has failed.

Program Location:

   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application.SaveToSqlServer(Package package, IDTSEvents events, String serverName, String serverUserName, String serverPassword)
   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Deployment.DtsInstaller.SavePackageToSqlServer(WizardInputs wizardInputs, String packagePassword, Boolean bUseSeverEncryption, String serverName, String userName, String password, String packageFilePath, List`1 configFileNames)
   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Deployment.DtsInstaller.InstallPackagesToSqlServer(WizardInputs wizardInputs)


The SaveToSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x80004005 (Login timeout expired).  The SQL statement that was issued has failed.

Program Location:

   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Wrapper.ApplicationClass.SaveToSQLServer(IDTSPackage90 Package, IDTSEvents90 pEvents, String ServerName, String ServerUserName, String ServerPassword)
   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application.SaveToSqlServer(Package package, IDTSEvents events, String serverName, String serverUserName, String serverPassword)

error from sql management studio

Invalid access to memory location. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800703E6) (Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS)

Program Location:

   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application.SaveToDtsServer(Package pPackage, IDTSEvents pEvents, String sPackagePath, String sServerName)
   at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.ObjectExplorerUI.ImportPackageAsAction.ImportPackage(ImportPackageAsForm dlg)

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Deploy To Another Server
I do not have access to VS, but I hear it can do this... how can I do it without VS?


I am using CREATE ASSEMBLY to load dll form my server to SQLServer on my server (Same machine).  How can I load the dll to another server?  Do I have to write it on a directory on that server first?  I tried to run the command from my pc connected to the other server, and I get a "cannot find file" error.

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How To Deploy DSN On Server
Hi all,
        Ther is a DSN (fileDSN, SystemDSN, UerDSN) on the client machine. User of the client machine has created a DSN which is connecting to the MS-Access database of his own machine. When user deploy that DSN to the Local Server, Server getting problem to finding the DSN (which is made on client).
Please help me how to Deploy this DSN to server.


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Sql Server 2005 Full Text Search Not Working As Expected On Production Server
I have this simple full text search query that works perfectly on my own computer using sql server 2005 express, however, on the production server(shared hosting)when I added the first 50+ rows,  the full text search works perfect, but as the number of rows increases,  the full text search can only see the first50+ rows, but not the new ones. Is there any quick solution for this or it's just a common mistake for developers for not properly indexed columns?Is there a way to re-indexed all rows without loosing data on the live server? search query: SELECT TOP 50 *FROM li_BookmarksWHERE FREETEXT(Keywords,@Keywords)       

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How To Setup A Backup Server For SQL Server2005 For Production (in Case The Primary Server Fails)
I currently have a SQL Server cluster setup with a Primary DB Server SERVER1 and the Standby server SERVER2. SERVER1 has been failing more than normal is the past few weeks and its takes upto 5 mins for SERVER2 realize that SERVER1 is down. I am looking for a better way to implement a backup server on production with minimum downtime. Please adivse..

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How To Setup A Backup Server For SQL Server2005 For Production (in Case The Primary Server Fails)
I currently have a SQL Server cluster setup with a Primary DB Server SERVER1 and the Standby server SERVER2. SERVER1 has been failing more than normal is the past few weeks and its takes upto 5 mins for SERVER2 realize that SERVER1 is down. I am looking for a better way to implement a backup server on production with minimum downtime. Please adivse..

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Help Needed - How Can I Set Up A Backup SQL Server Machine As An Exact Copy Of My Production SQL Server
Any help would be greatly appreciated.My problem is that I need to set up a backup SQL Server 2000 machinewhich can be used in case of a failure to my primary. All databases(30 as of now) must be an up to the minute exact copy of productionand include most recent changes in data as well as any structurechanges (Tables, Views, SP's, Triggers, Users . . etc).When I tried this using Transactional Replication, the replicationprocess gets fouled up once I introduce any kind of structure changesto the DB. I've considered the idea of doing periodic backups andrestoring it to my backup SQL server, but this does not give me theconcurrency needed with 0 latency.I've seen articles that recommend using Transaction Replication with'Scheduled Table Refresh', and also doing database dumps to restore onthe backup machine, but I have not been able to find any documentationregarding this to try out. How can I implement this type of backupstrategy in SQL 2000?

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Auto Restore .bak From Production To Same Server's TEST Db With Other Dbs &&amp; .baks In Same Server.

I've tried this in the 'tools' area, but that didn't work too well.  I suspect, I will have to generate a T-SQL code then schedule it as a job.  Why I can't just drag and drop with basic desires, is beyond me, but THAT probably does exist.
anyway here is the problem
[this server has many databases, on SQL 2000 sp2]
1. User only wants me to use Monday morning's full backup, which is good in that it doesn't include transaction logs.
2. Restore that data overtop/into Developement db.  = good, no data to worry about damaging.
3. User does NOT want me to do this by hand, but schedule it.
a. must do a RESTORE WITH FILELISTONLY from [?] what ?, master?  and if I user the *.bak of the production, it has
a coded date field in the name entry SO, I would, I guess, have to generate all sorts of wonderful code to find the date and build a file name.  Why, because using the FROM DISK = 'F:MSSQLBACKUPDBPRODUCTION_yyyyddmm.BAK' is not going to work with a wild card.
Can I do a file lookup using a 'PRODUCTION' prefix into a variable, then use that or should I look for latest file date [remember there are several database backups here], or ????
then.   How does one schedule such a T-SQL.  Do I save it to some text file, and invoke it using a job scheduler.
any help appreciated.
IS there an easier way.

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Aspnetmdf And Production Server
Hello there;
I have developed an Application and I used the Login controls for authentication which created the aspnetmdf database. I also have another database for all my other data stuff.
What is the best practice to deploy this application?
Should I merge the databases together first then copy the resulting database to the production server?
If so, how do I copy the whole aspnetmdf database? And can I copy it to a SQL 2000 server?
Thank you for your time.

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SQL Server On Production Very Slow
Hi,I ran test data on my development machine and it took 1 minute toinsert the data. Ran the same set of data on the server and took 5minutes.Check both database and everything is the same. I even copied theproduction DB on my machine and it was taking still about 1 minute.Look at the fragmentation, and all the numbers are better on the serverthan my development machine so it should be faster.In the application I put some timer and discover that the insert istaking 0.015 ms on the server and 0 on the development. So the problemis on the insert.It is a Web application using ASP.NET.Here are the spec of the computers:Development: P4 HT 3.2GHz 1gig memory running WIN XPServer: Xeon 2.8GHz 1.5Gig memory running WIN 2000 serverAny idea how I to pinpoint the problem? I'm not at the point ofthinking that it can be the hardware, but how to verify that?ThanksFrank

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Problem On Production Server
Problem - stored procedure failing on Production Server.
Platform - NT Server with SP 4 and sql server 6.5

I have a process which locked up a few tables and was running for a few hours on my production server, i backed up the database and restored the same on my test server. the same process ran sucessfully in less than 3 minutes (which is the expected time frame).

I have checked the server configurations on both the production and test servers. they are the same. what could be going wrong ? any ideas ppl ?
would really appreciate the help.

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Copy Production Db To Another Server
I have a brand new database server with system databases.
I need to copy like four production database from another server to this new server. Can i do restore of the last production backups and restore them on the new server without creating the empty databases on the new server.If any one has better approach i will appreciate

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Moving The .LDF On A Production Server
ok ok, stop laughing. for real, is there any programatic way of doing this? whom ever created this database i inherited (SQL 2000) created the LDF and DATA files on the same drive and in the same folder for that matter. just trying to do a little disaster magament.


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Beta 3 On A Production Server.
This feels like a silly question, but I`m going to ask it anyway...

I have limited SQL Server experience, but have run into a wall with a client`s Web/Access combination. I need to upgrade to SQL Server. I have Beta3 installed on a development box and am very happy with it. Is anyone running this thing in a production environment? This isn`t going to be experience huge loads, so I`m tempted. Tell me if I`m crazy for wanting to try it.

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Replace A SQL 7 Production Server
Hi everybody,

I scribe you from France and I have to replace an old SQL 7.0 server by a new.
Is there anybody who can give me the proccess in details to do it (Audit, checking, installing new server, backup all on the old, restore and verify, etc..)
Thank you very much for your help.

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Production Server Issue
1.First issue
The port number already allocated was 2059. We have changed that into the default port 1433 in the node. Now we are able to connect the node from the client application. But we are not able to see the configuration manager in any of the environment now.

2. 2nd issue
Cluster Environment

Error while executing the Package The connection details are not loaded in the connection manager tag

The same error with advanced information.

Another error window


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Production Server Probs
I have production server 2000. The server gets disconnected sometime by itself and sometime it is working fine.Sometimes it even doesn't get restarted. Is there any problem with service packs and some performance issues.
Can you SQL guru give me best suggestion and how should i proceed.

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Usage Of CLR In Production SQL Server
Like most enterprise there is the database administrator (dba) and there are the developers(dev). The dba are conservative while the developers are also exploring their options.
One of the current usage I'm experimenting on is to provide data visualization - image for the data. Like most I needed to "create" the System.Drawing assembly in the database, marking it unsafe.
During my testing, my code had some exception and that brought down SQL Server.
I read that the CLR is better compare to the sp_OAs as well as the extended stored procedures written in C++ because it isolates the execution in a separate app domain and termination is clean - in case of any errors, it should not bring down SQL Server.
Also I read marking assembly unsafe void these benefits of isolation.
Instead of having to manage the situation where it involves code review by the dba and asking the dba to take some risk, is there a technique where all CLR code that runs in the production server does not pose stability issues.

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SP2 On Running Production Server?
How can I apply SP2 on running production server if SP resets all protocols (from TCP/IP enabled on production server to Shared Memory enabled) without disrupting its connections and thereafter its work?

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Acess On Production Server


Presently our Organisation is in process of Implementing SOX.

Under Compliance all the User have to be removed from the Production Server.


1.My Question is Do a DBA Should have Admin Privilages on the Production Server.

If yes then what are the Actitvies that a DBA has to perform only if DBA have admin privilages.







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Linking To Production Server
I developed an Access 2003 application that linked through to a server running SQL 2000 under MS Small business server 2003.  

The server has now gone to the clients site and is in production.  The application is running on a couple of work stations under MS Access runtime license.  It is accessing the customer's server.

I have made changes to the application on my development box running MS Visual studios Tools 2003 incl MS access 2003 developer extensions.  

I want to apply these changes to the Customers environment.  However the front end application is linked to the development server by three different methods:
1.  Visual basic connection coded, which can be changed to point to the correct occurrence.
   cnn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Access.OLEDB.10.0;" & _
         "Persist Security Info=False;" & _
         "Data Source=PHACT-PC;" & _           ' Production server is IMEXFX-SERVER
         "Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _
         "Initial Catalog=IMEX_HQ;" & _    
         "Data Provider=SQLOLEDB.1"
2.  qdf queries that are linked to development server
3.  Combo box lookups linked through linked table manager.

I can change the coding for (1) easily.  How can I change the link for (2) & (3) without having a full version of Access 2003 on one of the customer's workstations and configuring in situ?

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Versioning - Deploy Just The Changes To The Server
At ScottGu's Blog about "Database Publishing Wizard", AlexD from codeplex said:
"Regarding the multiple requests for versioning, backup/restore of remote database, and selection of individual objects - these are all things we are actively looking at for our next release in the first half of 2007."
After so many searches, I still don't know if this tool performs Versioning, i.e, when deploying the database, just update de diferences between the local and server database.
Did Visual Studio Express 2008 have somethingh like that? (I know that VS Team Edition 2005 had).
If this tool can't make it (versioning), which tool/method did you recomend me?
Thanks in advance.

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Deploy A CLR With VS 2005 Or From One Server To Another?
I'm a developer and not a DBA but have been asked to figure out how to do this. 
I have  CLR and have deployed it from VS 2005 to our development SQL Server, now I want to move the assembly from the dev server to our QA server.  do I have to deploy this from VS again to the server? or is there a way that a DBA can move the CLR assembly to the Qa server?
thanks for the help in advance!!

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Deploy SQL Server Express
Problem: ( 2.0)I x-copy from my development server a database named C:site_testsite.mdf to C:site.  When I attach the database with Server Management Studio Express, it list the name as: "C:site_testsite.mdf" eventhough on the live server the database is in the C:site directory and my connection string in my web.config is "C:sitesite.mdf".  But everything works until a week later when I need to make a field change to a table on the live site: I'm forced to re-attach the database, but this time it list the database as:C:sitesite.mdf".  When I re-attach I get a NT AUTHORITYSERVICE does not have permission.  So I give  NT AUTHORITYSERVICE permission on the directory and files and ownership with Server Management Stuidio Express, but I still get the error.What am I'm doing wrong? Thanks for the help--Dietrich 

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How Can I Deploy SQL Server Express ?
I am using a login control ( using SQL express) for my application. Everthing works fine in my local machine, but after I deploy the application to the production server, I am getting an error says: An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) I think it's becasue the SQL Express database which has the user login information has been set up correctly in the production server: Here is my connection string for SQL Express in my local box <add name="SQLExpress" connectionString="Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|ASPNETDB.MDF;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/> Any ideas what I should do to solve this issue

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How To Deploy SQL Server Application
Can someone tell me the easiest way to deploy a SQL/MSDE server database via an installation package.

I have developed an application using SQL server and VB .Net. I am now writing the deployment/setup.exe that will create the database in SQL server. I will have a seperate client installation that will install the program files for client computers

I thought it would be as simple as connecting to SQL server and then executing the script that I had created using Enterprise manager Generate scripts wizard. This script runs OK in the query analyzer but not using conn.execute script.

I know there must be a simple solution that everyone else knows. What is it? Your help is appreciated !

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Deploy Sql Server Express To ISP
To deploy sql server express to an ISP that supports Sql Server, I backed up the .mdf and .ldf files.

I can connect to the ISP database with Sql Server Mangement Studio Express. That connection requires a password.

When I try to execute 'restore', I get an error for no permission.

Any ideas why I have no permission after a password has already been entered?

I sure appreciate any help.

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Development Server Database Refresh From Production Server
Can we use BCP AND/OR BULK INSERT to do development server databse refresh from production server . I have to do this by following the rules below:

- no truncation of source table
- update of changed or new records only.

I know we can use replication, dts and other methods for this but I need information about this one.


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Moving Just Data Between A Production Server & Test Server
We have both a production SQL 7 server, QA, and Development. From time to time, I want to move just the data from the production server to the other 2 servers without modifing the objects that may have been changed such as stored procedures and rights. Is there a way using the SQL tools provided that we can just move the data. Becuase also what happens is that the rights to the objects change which means my developers no longer have access to the tables for selects in QA since the changes where overwritten by production where they do not have the rights.


Ricky Kelley

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SqlDatetime-Overflow On Production Server
Hey everybody!
I'm getting a pretty annoying error on my production server when i want to run an app ..
Error Msg (german): SqlDateTime-Überlauf; muss zwischen 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM und 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM liegen.
Funny thing is that on my client development machine i'm not getting an error at all. The DateTimes I use (C# and SQL Server) are dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss formatted. I also don't write to the databse - only read!
Anyone familiar with this issue?
Thanks in advance & best regards!

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Updating An ASPNETDB On The Production Server
 I have an ASP.NET web application using the default ASPNETDB that I did in VWD 2005, and deployed to a production server (IIS).
 I need to make a table addition to the production database (ASPNETDB).  I'm trying to use SQL Management Studio to attache the database, but it keeps saying the database is locked by a process.  I shut down all the services that would likely be using it, but it's still showing locked.  What do I need to shut down to attach the database to make the change?
 Or is there a better way to do it?

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Is SQL Server Express Designed For Production Use ?
Per the subject line :Is SQL Server Express designed for production use ?

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Lock Issue On Production Sql Server
I have a 3rd party app which gets the error below on my sql 2000 box. I can't change the app or the db, so I am going to need to tweak sql to make the plane fly. The box is a new dell quad attached to a SAN. Runs on Win 2003 with 16 gig of RAM. 450 concurrent users. Anyone think more memory would help? I have the locks set to default. Are locks more of a memory killer, or CPU?

Error: 1204, Severity: 19, State: 1
The SQL Server cannot obtain a LOCK resource at this time. Rerun your statement when there are fewer active users or ask the system administrator to check the SQL Server lock and memory configuration.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

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Production Server/Backup Fails
We have a production server on which backup is scheduled in night hours.The problem is when the backup fails it take up the memory and we end up rebooting the server to free up the memory resources the next day.I know this is not a feasible solution.
Any thoughts?

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Right Procedure For Shutdown Production Web Db Server

What is the right procedure for shutdown a production web sqlserver for maintenace purpose. Checking users by sp_who?
Any other monitoring for current connections? lockings?


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&#34;Production Support Experience&#34; In SQL Server

My Question is, what do we mean by "PRODUCTION SUPPORT IN SQL SERVER".

Can anyone give a good explantion on that, please?. Thanks in advance.


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