How To Create A Database On Pendrive Using MSSQL 7.0??

Jul 20, 2005

Hey friends,
I want create a database on a usb pendrive and acess it my server is
MSSQL 7.0 when ever i plugin the pend drive.
Please let me know the the procedure .. this is a chellenging job..
Thank You

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Connecting DB On A Pendrive In MSSQL 7.0

Sep 12, 2004

I am developing an application in VB. I want to know whether we can keep the database file (.mdf) on the pendrive in MS SQL 7.0. If this can be done HOW CAN THIS BE DONE Please guide me. It should be that when i connect my pendrive to the machine / server then i should be able to acess the database. This is a chellenging job which i have taken. Please guide me if this is possible.
Hoping for you HELP
THank YOu
Vikram Jain

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Simply Create A Table In A MsSQL Express Database Through

May 27, 2008

Hello there,Now I'm really down, how do I simply create a Table in a database?It must be something likeCreate Table TableName
column_name data_type
But first how do I execute that string, so it create the table..And if we get that far, how do you then set a table to primarykey?
Hope really for help, because this is a importen thing, and I cant find the answer? :S

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Create Temp Table To Store Data From Database(mssql)

Jun 26, 2007

I am a starter of and trying to build a web application. Do anyone know how to create a temp table to store data from database? I need to extract data from 3 different tables (Profile,Family,Quali). Therefore, i need to use 3 different queries to extract from the 3 tables and then store it in the temp table. Then, i need to output the data from temp table to the screen. Do anyone can help me?

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Conversion Of MSSql 2000 Database To MSSQL 2005 Database

Jan 18, 2008

How to convert a database in MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005 database.Is there any tool or documentation available for this?

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Database Migration Plan - (mssql/msde To -&> Pgsql/mssql)

Feb 10, 2008


i was planning to create a database migration tool ..
its a certain database of a DMS (document management system) to
another DMS (two different DMS)... from DMS using msde 2000 server .. and tranfer to a DMS using a postgre sql or mssql .. depends ..

they have different table structures and names . . :D

i was thing of what language shall i use.. or what language is the best to work on this kind of project :)

hoping for your kind help guys. thanks :)


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Oct 31, 2005

Hi all,

I am writing an application that is required to create specific Databases on the fly.

I am coding with PHP and have no troubles in creating DB's, example code as follows:

//Create new DB
$create_db = "CREATE DATABASE " . $_POST['name'] . "
( NAME = " . $_POST['name'] . "_dat, FILENAME = 'c:program filesmicrosoft sql servermssqldata\" . $_POST['name'] . ".mdf SIZE = 10,MAXSIZE = 50,FILEGROWTH = 5 )
( NAME = " . $_POST['name'] . "_log, FILENAME = 'c:program filesmicrosoft sql servermssqldata\" . $_POST['name'] . ".ldf',

The problem occurs when I try to view the database through a third party application (MSSQL Manager), it wont appear until its registered.

Therein lies my problem, how to register the database via code or scripts.

Am I even on the right track here?



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Create Table In MSSQL

Apr 14, 2000

Hi anyone can tell me how to create a table from an existing table in MSSQL.
In oracle we issue " create table <tablea> as select * from <tableb>; " ?
Thanks in Advance.

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Cant Create New Database / CREATE DATABASE Permission Denied In Database Master (error 262)

Oct 2, 2007

 I am using SQL express and Visual web developer on windows Vista.
When I try to create a new database the following message appears.
CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database master (error 262)
I log on to my computer as an administrator.
Help appreciated

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How Do I Create A Ranking Query In MSSQL

Feb 17, 2007

I need to use mssql to create a ranking of some kind. This is the situation:
I need to assign position to a list of students based on thier scores. e.g
Student Score Position
StudentA 56 4
StudentB 78 1
StudentC 66 2
StudentD 56 4

I need to create the positions based on the scores of the ctudents.
I will appreciate any assistance.
Thank you.

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Create A View In MSSQL 2000

Oct 12, 2005

I have created a view in MS SQL2000 as followed:

Select order_NO, shiptoname, Shiptoaddress, Shiptocity,shiptostate, shiptozip,
FROM orders;

my question is: If the email exist in the EMAILaddress column then I need to have a Y show in another column called EMAILflag, if the EMAILaddress does not exist then I would need the EMAILflag to be a N.

Any HELP would be GREAT.
Thank You!!

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How To Create A Linked Server To MySQL From MsSQL?

Nov 7, 2005

I can create a linked server to another MsSQL from MsSQL,but encounter error when create a linked server to MySQL:
Error 7399:OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' reported an error.
Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

Anyone can help me?

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How To Run Mysql Create Table Script Into MsSQL

Aug 2, 2006

Dear All,

I have the table creation script and insret record script.
This is MySQl Format.
What changes I have to do so can I run this scripts into SQL Server 2000.
If any body has successfully done it then please tell me the procedure.

CREATE TABLE `activity` (
`id` bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`object_type` varchar(60) default NULL,
`object_id` varchar(20) default NULL,
`person_id` bigint(20) NOT NULL default '0',
`activity_dtm` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
`activity_type_cd` varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
`description_code` varchar(200) default NULL,
KEY `FK9D4BF30FB4715636` (`activity_type_cd`),
KEY `FK9D4BF30F270CDEE0` (`person_id`)

-- Dumping data for table `activity`

-- --------------------------------------------------------

-- Table structure for table `actv_type`

CREATE TABLE `actv_type` (
`code` varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
`description` varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
`void_ind` char(1) NOT NULL default '',
PRIMARY KEY (`code`)

-- Dumping data for table `actv_type`

INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_create', 'Created job', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_update', 'Changed job', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_void', 'Voided job', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_activate', 'Activated job', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_deactivate', 'Changed job to deactive', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_appl_create', 'Created application', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('job_appl_update', 'Updated application', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('intrv_create', 'Created interview', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('intrv_update', 'Updated interview', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('person_update', 'Update person', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('person_create', 'Create person', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('company_void', 'Voided company', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('company_create', 'Created company', 'F');
INSERT INTO `actv_type` VALUES ('company_update', 'Updated Company', 'F');

Thanks in Advance.

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How To Create VBActivex Script(scheduler) Mssql 2005

Mar 13, 2008

 hi all, Iam using Activex Script in mssql2000, now i want to run the same in msql 2005. i cant run that script. what can i do to run the script in 2005 

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Needful Parts Of MSSQL To Create Local Cube

Jan 16, 2004

I'm creating local cube with Delphi. On my server with MSSQL it work well, but i need to know, which parts of MSSQL is needful to create this local cube (on the server) if i will creat and instal new server with MS SQL.

Thanks for reply.

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MSSQL 2005 User Database Now Shows Up In System Database Folder

Dec 10, 2007

While attempting to set up sql replication in MSSQL 2005 one of my user databases is now in the systems database folder. I need to move it back to the user databases folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not All Database Failover To Mirrored Database Server When MSSQL Service Stopped

Sep 4, 2007

We have a Prinicipal, a Mirror and a Witness server. We have automatic failover configured between the Prinicipal and Mirrored server. When we stop MMSQL service on Prinicipal, not all the databases failover to the Mirrored instance.
Any suggestions would be welcomed as we have a tight deadline to get this in Production.

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Adding Data To Database Or Viewing Database In MsSQL

Jun 14, 1999

I am new to ms SQL. I only have the use of the Enterprise Manager.
Creating tables I understand. However I am confused on how to add data to
a table or view the data in a table. Can this be done through Enterprise Manager? If I am adding a large amount of data do I have to use the query window. This seems like a tedious method. In Access yo have a form basically pop up where you can type in the record sets. Any advice would be appreciated! Sincerely,
Bill Bequette

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Boolean: {[If [table With This Name] Already Exists In [this Sql Database] Then [ Don't Create Another One] Else [create It And Populate It With These Values]}

May 20, 2008

the subject pretty much says it all, I want to be able to do the following in in code):
{[If [table with this name] already exists [in this sql database] then [ don't create another one] else [create it and populate it with these values]}
How would I do this?

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Dynamic Create Table, Create Index Based Upon A Given Database

Jul 20, 2005

Can I dynamically (from a stored procedure) generatea create table script of all tables in a given database (with defaults etc)a create view script of all viewsa create function script of all functionsa create index script of all indexes.(The result will be 4 scripts)Arno de Jong,The Netherlands.

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Lotus Nsf File Database To MsSQL Database

Aug 9, 2005

Would any body be able to suggest the best way switch a Lotus .nsf file to Ms SQL database or even to an Access?

I have a .nsh file that I am able to see the contents of but not the database structure, and rather then rebuilding the database and manually inserting the content I would like to import all the information from an old .nsf file that appears to have restriction on it.

Any Suggestions

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Can CREATE DATABASE Or CREATE TABLE Be Wrapped In Transactions?

Jul 20, 2005

I have some code that dynamically creates a database (name is @FullName) andthen creates a table within that database. Is it possible to wrap thesethings into a transaction such that if any one of the following fails, thedatabase "creation" is rolledback. Otherwise, I would try deleting on errordetection, but it could get messy.IF @Error = 0BEGINSET @ExecString = 'CREATE DATABASE ' + @FullNameEXEC sp_executesql @ExecStringSET @Error = @@ErrorENDIF @Error = 0BEGINSET @ExecString = 'CREATE TABLE ' + @FullName + '.[dbo].[Image] ( [ID][int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, [Blob] [image] NULL , [DateAdded] [datetime]NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] TEXTIMAGE_ON [PRIMARY]'EXEC sp_executesql @ExecStringSET @Error = @@ErrorENDIF @Error = 0BEGINSET @ExecString = 'ALTER TABLE ' + @FullName + '.[dbo].[Image] WITHNOCHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [PK_Image] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [ID] ) ON[PRIMARY]'EXEC sp_executesql @ExecStringSET @Error = @@ErrorEND

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Create Script To Create/Refresh Identical Database

Mar 26, 2008

I'm new to using SSIS and have been reading and learning slowly how to use it. I'm trying to create an identical copy of our database for reporting. I've used the Import/Export wizard, but have had some issues with foreign keys and with sql_variant columns.

I've tried searching for anything but haven't had any luck as of yet. I guess I don't even know where to start or what to look for.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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How To Write To Mssql Database

Oct 23, 2006

I am very new to I really mainly use PHP but want to migrate to, but it doesn't seem that easy.I am creating a page for peson to pay a subscription page where they will enter personal information an credit card information.I created the form for this with validation controls.I don't know however how to write the form data to the mssql database.I am using mssql 2005, but i would need a work out for the 2000 version as well.

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Best Way To Connect To A MSSQL Database

Nov 6, 2007

 Hello,Is it better to use a DSN connection or using a connection string  Set Connection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")  Which is easier to use and more reliable? Also could I have all the connection info on one page and then just include it with a include statment everytime I need to query the database?? Thank you, Rich    

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Mssql Database Connection

Sep 8, 2005

I've come from the asp world into .NET and I have looked all over the web for the proper way to make a database connection to a MSSQL server and all I have found is samples of connections to Access databases. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to create a db connection for microsoft sql server.thanks

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Rename A Database Under Mssql 6.5?

Apr 17, 2000


I am supporting a mssql 6.5, sp 4 application.

We have set up an user acceptance server with a database that is the same as production. However, I have been told that this database and server may be used for applying fixes rather than user acceptance.

To avoid confusion over which database is on which server, it might be a good idea to rename the database. I am not sure if this can be done un der mssql 6.5?

1)Can I rename a database?

2)If so, how can I do so?

Which system tables would I use to update?

Any information you can furnish will be appreciated. THanks.

David Spaisman

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New To MSSQL - Creating A Database

May 14, 2008

Hello all,

I'm new to MS SQL server.

When using the "Management Studio" how do I create a database? When it starts up, I only seem to have the option of connecting to a database, while not actually creating one :S


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How Do I Log Into The MSSQL Express Database

Aug 25, 2006

David writes "Dear sir,
I've installed VS.NET 2005 Professional many times and find that the MS SQL Express 2005 is running.
My ambition is to log into this server so that I can convert my MySQL database into it. What is the default;

What tool is provided so that I might execute my schema to create a database in this server. This 'schema' will obviously have many tables inside. Most SQL products provide some type of utility program where one can create, edit, delete databases and an adminstration program. I see nothing of yours in my Programs -> MS SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Computer Manager.
Thank you,
David Kennedy"

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Security Of Mssql Database?

Jul 24, 2005

Hello, another question from a newbie to mssql.Is there a way of allowing access to database only by providing username andpassword (disabling trusted connection and preventing administrator toaccess database through enterprise manager or otherwise without supplyingusername and password)?What I would like is that my application upon instalation creates databasewith appropriate tables (already done this) and somehow solely creates andmanages user list and passwords so that there is no access to database otherthrough application. (Application would create a backdoor account shouldsomething go wrong)

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Export From Mssql Database

Jul 20, 2005

Hello,I try to export a mssql database into a csv-file.I tried this with asp, but it doesn't work.<%Dim objConnDim csv_pathSet objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") "database","username","passwd"csv_path =Server.MapPath("./") & "csv_test.csv"SQL ="SELECT * INTO OUTFILE 'C:inetpubwwwrootcsv_test.csv' FIELDSTERMINATED BY ';' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"' FROM GROUPS"objConn.Execute SQLobjConn.CloseSet objConn = Nothing%>There is a problem near 'C:inetpubwwwrootcsv_test.csv'Can anyone help? Thank you.Manuel

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Database Trigger In MSSQL

Jul 20, 2005

How can i create database level triggers in MS SQL? i m not talkingabout table trigger or view trigger.Khurram.

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MDF Database To MSSQL 2005

May 13, 2007

I'm pretty new at this so bear with med

I've made af site in Visual Web Developer. On that site i've made a database and it worked finde when I first uploaded it to my FTP as a database file on the server. But due to security problems, my web hotel host has deactivated that possibility. Så now I have to put my data and tables into the MSSQL 2005 Database the host uses. Now here's the problem.

1: How do I do that?

2: How do I get tha tables I've made i Visual Web Developer over in SQL Server Management Studio Express så that I can upload it?

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