How To Set Table Header To Excel &&"Print Titles&&"?


I use RS2000 SP2.
I would like to set table header to Print titles option when export a report to excel.
I try to create text boxes in stead of table on Page header area. This way seems good, however, this way is difficult for preventing merged cell problem.

Does anyone know good solution?
Does it solve at RS2005?

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Excel Render - Print Header On Each Page

Hello Microsoft or Forum Members:

This seems like a simple Microsoft Based Reporting System 101 feature...But I can not find out how to do it (among other things that seem like it should work with Microsoft rendering to Microsoft).

How do I make the SSRS 2005 Header for the Report print on each of the pages in excel once it is rendered from SSRS?

All I want is an answer by MSFT that says "YES" it can be done and how or "No" it is not currently available.

I noticed I am not the only one with this type of simple question:
(see this unanswered post)

Thank You guys!

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Excel- Drop Table Only Deleting Header

Has anyone else had this issue? Let me explain...

NOTE: Excel 07' is installed on my machine, but saved file as Excel 97-03

SSIS package-
-Execute sql task with sql statement that drops table (drop table [sheet1])
-Execute sql task with sql statement to create table
-Data flow task to send some rows to excel sheet

Running this package over and over will keep appending rows to the excel sheet.
Upon further examination I'm noticing that the drop table excecute sql task is only deleting the header record.
I know this used to work when I only had the previous version of excel installed on my machine.

Any ideas?
Is this a problem when working with Excel 2007 in compatibility mode?
I'm about to just delete the file altogether and re-create it.

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SSRS 2005: Report Header Does Not Export To Excel As Page Header

I need some help. I am writing a report in SSRS 2005 that I then need to export to Excel. When I put a report header I would expect the header to not display in the Excel spreadsheet until the Print Preview or the Print. The report footer works just fine I put some text in the footer, and it shows up in the footer. The header though, shows up as a row in the Excel spreadsheet that then causes columns to merge. How do I get the report header to act like a page header?

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I Want Header/footer On Each Print Page.

I have one string which i want to print in html page as a report
This is containing the html tags as TD TR etc.,
now the problem is there can be multiple pages and all the pages should have a perticular header and footer.

I am not able to break the string during page break.

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PDF Format Print Extra Blank Page With Header


When I Preview my report then it's fine only 2 pages with no blank page with header in between.

I then deploy it & open via web.

But when i export to PDF & print it pints 3 pages with the first being a blank page with header.

Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?


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Excel Report Export Causes Excel 2000 To Crash On Print

When I open the spreadsheet in Excel 2000, it works fine. When I try to print, it crashes Excel. In testing, I narrowed it down to the Header/Footer, because it also crashes when I go to Page Setup and click on the header/footer tab.

However, I can print the same spreasheet from Excel 2007.

Am I just dealing with a "you need to upgrade all your clients" situation, or is there a known issue with certian formatting that is passed out with reports that is not supported by older versions of Excel?

I am using Reporting Services 2005 SP2 to serve up the report that is exported to Excel.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hidden Text Field In Body Will Show In Header And Footer, But Will Only Print On Last Page


Using a hidden text field called 'RUN_ID_CURRENT' to format a portion of selection criteria as follows:

="Current Pay Period " & First(Fields!RUN_ID_CURRENT.Value) & " " & First(Fields!PAY_BEGIN_DT_CURRENT.Value, "TE0025") & " - " & First(Fields!PAY_END_DT_CURRENT.Value, "TE0025") & vbCrLf &

"Next Pay Period " & First(Fields!RUN_ID_NEXT.Value) & " " & First(Fields!PAY_BEGIN_DT_NEXT.Value, "TE0025") & " - " & First(Fields!PAY_END_DT_NEXT.Value, "TE0025")

Referencing the field in the header and footer as ReportItems!RUN_ID_CURRENT.Value. I have the "RepeatWith" set to the table which spans multiple pages.

The report displays problem; field shows up on all pages in both header and footer.

Problem: when I print the report, the field prints in the header and footer of only the last page of the report?? All other pages do not print the value of the hidden textbox even though when viewing the output on the screen the values are displayed.

Any suggestions? thanks, gary

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Page Header And Table Header Display But Groups And Rows Do Not

I have a report that I created and the report was working until I added some fields to a group footer row in a table.

My table has 5 group levels. I had information displaying in the 5th level header group and detail. It was working fine. Then I added some fields to the 4th level group footer. Now it displays only the Page header, Table header, and the 4th level group footer data.

What happened to the rest of the data?

All the cells and rows I want to display have the Visibility Hidden set to false. I tried removing the objects I added (to the 4th level group footer) and it still does not work. Is this a bug or did I set something that is hiding the data.



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Report Export To Excel - Report Header Is Not Appearing In Each Page Of Excel.

I've built a fairly straight forward report in RS that looks normal in preview mode and in PDF format with out any issues.But when I export it to Excel report header is not appearing in each page.Any ideas as to why this is occurring?thanks in advance,Ramesh KS

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Excel Header

Is there a way for the rdl to make a header/title and make it to be displayed in the excel header when exported?

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Exporting To Excel To Print

I'm experiencing the following problem:
When I export my report to excel then open up the Print Preview in Excel, the table headers are not printed on each page, only on the first. I have ticked the "Repeat header rows on each page" in the table properties, but to no effect. For some reason this works for PDF but not for Excel.
Is this some kinda bug or am I doing something incorrectly? I've tried putting the report in in a table as a sub-report, but that doesn't work either.
Is there a work-around (besides putting the table header row in the page header)?
I'm really at my wits' end and quite frustrated.
Thanks in advance

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Page Header And Excel Export

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to keep from exporting a page header when rendering in Excel. We have a default header (title and logo) that I would like to suppress so that users don't need to delete the rows prior to sorting (to eliminate merged cells).



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Page Header + Export To Excel

Is there a way to avoid exporting the page header to Excel (or any other renderer). My reports seem to lose their charm without the headers (setting Print on First/Last Page to false), and at the same time, the users don't want the headers exported to Excel.

Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Format Print Range When Converted To Excel?

I have a report that the user can print right from the RS site on three pages (each page one page wide). However, when I have the server email the report as an attachment in Excel; Excel tries to print it on four pages with one of the pages spilling over into the fourth page.

How can I get Excel to format the print version just as I have on the RS site?

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Exporting To Excel With Certain Print Features Enabled

Hi, I am using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services to export several reports to Excel. I have been able to get around the column merging issue but there are still a few things I still need to do:

Add filters to the column header row. I haven't seen where this can be set in RS. Is there a way to do this?

Set up the spreadsheet to print a certain way. I have set the page orientation and size, along with margins and a header which repeats on each printed page. What I haven't been able to do is:

Repeat the column headers on each page

Shrink the table so it fits one page width. I have narrowed the column widths but there are too many columns to fit on one page so it needs to be shrunk down.

Add page numbers to the printed report. I tried adding it to the header and footer but I only get page 1 of 1 on each page.
Can anyone help me on any of these issues?

My alternative is to create a custom rendering extension but I would rather extend the existing one. Is that possible? How can it be done? I checked out OfficeWriter but I really didn't see anything for the printing side of things, unless I missed something.


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RS --&&> How To Exprot To Excel As One Page (print Mode)

Hi, This is because there are many columns need to display ,when users export to excel ,now they have to manually adjust the worksheet as one page(width and hight) . Therefore,as the title,can anyone help me?

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Export To Excel - Print Layout Problem


I have a report made on RS and is working fine with all the page headers and page footers displayed correctly both on the preview section and on the printouts. But when i try to export the same report in excel , the print layout is distorted (comes in multiple pages and some of the footer section gets eliminated. Please help me solve this problem.


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Dynamic Header Column Names In Excel


I am running into an issue while trying to export data to a spreadsheet. I actually don't know how to do it... Considering I only know the column names by the time I execute my procedure, I can't use the Excel Destination to export data.

With DTSs I would create an ActiveX script to execute the procedure which loads the results into a temp table. After that I would select everything from this temp table and load the results into a record set, looping through this record set to create the destination spreadsheet with the dynamic column names.

When it comes to SSIS we are advised to write scripts instead of ActiveX... These ones do not have records set's but dataset's, which at first glance are only applicable to xml and not xls files (when I try to define a variable as a dataset in my code, I face a message saying: Missing reference required to assembly System.Xml...).

How I would create this spreadsheet using a code in SSIS packages? Please, help...

Thank you.

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Export ReportItems In Header Different Btwn Excel And PDF

I have a sum on a reportitems cell in my header:

When I run the report, it looks excellent. My issue is when I export it. When I export to Excel, it looks just like it did.
When I export to PDF, it gives me a total per page, not for the report.

Does ReportItem behave differently when rendered between excel and PDF? Or is it because I am putting a SUM on a ReportItems cell?

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Excel Column Header Of Date Gets Lost In Translation

While trying to set up an unpivot transformation to load data from excel (2003) into sql server db, the dates as column headers get lost in the translation.

To simplify the problem I created a very simple package with an excel source and an excel destination.

The test Excel Source looks like

ID 1/1/2008 3/1/2008 5/1/2008
A 5 7 9
B 10 12 24

After running the package The destination looks like this:
ID F4 F5 F6
A 5 7 9
B 10 12 24

I need to keep the dates since I am loading a large volume of data often.
Any suggestions?

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Header/Footer Problem On Excel Exported Report


I have a report that was properly exported to PDF and HTML. However, when I exported it to Excel, I noticed when I checked the Header/Footer settings by selecting -->File-->Page Setup-->Header/Footer tab then click "Custom Header" or "Custom Footer" that it adds a space character as the first character of the contents in the Left, Center and Right sections of either header or footer. This is noticeable in the Print Preview when the header/footer contents were displayed in two(2) or more lines.

Is there someone out there who has the same problem with me? How did you solve it?

Please help me on this. I'm having a hard time to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Missing Data In Page Header When Exporting To Excel

Hello all,

I have a report that I need to reference data in my Page Header. I am referencing 2 data fields in my report body to do this. The report will render fine and the data is present in my Pager Header; however, when I export to Excel, the data is missing; only my labels are present. What's even stranger is that it works just fine if I export to a PDF file.

Below is the expression code from one of the fields in my Page Header :

="From: " & ReportItems!dtBegDate.Value

Again, the report will render fine and my data is present. It only comes up blank when I export to Excel. The only part of the data that makes it over is the text (i.e. "From:")

I'm at a loss on this. Any suggestions?



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Exporting To Excel Without Refreshing Distorts Image In Page Header


I have an RDL with a page header containing an image banner. When I render the report and try to export it to excel, the exported excel report is good <the image banner is correctly exported>. However, when I try to export it again without refreshing the page, the image banner does not export correctly (column sizings are different).

Has anyone encountered this before and does anyone have a solution?



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Performance Issue In Excel Export If Many Textboxes In Page Header


There was a requirement to have the table header as part of frozen rows in excel when exported because there are about 1000 rows in the report and the column header has to be retained during scrolling. Since only page headers will be frozen in excel export, the text boxes was copied from the table header row to the page header. After all text boxes were copied, the table header row was removed. After modifying the report, I noticed that the excel export report took more than half an hour for exporting the data. I tried to reproduce the problem in a sample and I was able to reproduce it using AdventureWorks data source. This report before modifying takes 1 minutes to export. After moving all the column headers to page header, it takes 25 minutes to export. Has anybody faced this issue and is there any solution for this performance problem? Thank you. Here are the steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new data source for AdventureWorks database
2. Create a new report with the AdventureWorks data source and with the query 'SELECT * FROM Person.Contact'
3. Run the report and export in excel format and note down the time taken for the same - Approx it will less than a minute.
4. Open the report layout and include a page header (Report->Page Header) and move the title from body to the page header.
5. Select each column header, copy the cell and paste in the page header and align it with the column in the body. Alternatively, a new textbox for each column can be created and arranged in the page header. (As a result, there are 16 textboxes in the page header).
6. Now, run the report and export in excel format and note down the time taken and please notice that it takes 25 minutes.
7. Delete some of the text boxes in the page header, the excel export takes less time and is dependent on the number of textboxes in the page header.

Version: SQL Server 2005 Reporting services SP2

Thanks and Regards,

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Export To Excel And Want To Set The Worksheet (print Mode) As One Page (width&&amp;hight) - Landscape

Hi, This is because there are many columns need to display ,when users export to excel ,now they have to manually adjust the worksheet as one page . Therefore,as the title,can anyone help me?

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Added Space Character On The Header/Footer Contents Of An Exported Report In Excel

A space was added as the first character of the contents in the Left, Center and Right section of the Report Header and Footer exported to Excel. Example :

In the RDL, Header values are:

Left = "Product Report" ; Center = "Confidential" ; Right = "Page n of n"

In the exported report to Excel, Header properties (-->File.-->Page Setup--> Header/Footer Tab) are:

Left = " Product Report" ; Center = " Confidential" ; Right = " Page n of n"

Is there a way to eliminate that space character?

Thanks in advance.

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Column &&amp; Row Titles

How to add titles for column & row in Matrix?

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Add Titles To Columns In A Matrix Report

I have a matrix report and it doesn't add titles to the different groupings. And when you try and add a text box it spans across all grouping columns. How do you add titles to these columns?


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Matrix Subtotals - Custom Subtotal Titles

I'm having an odd problem with subtotals in Matrix reports. I have multiple subtotals for the row groups, and each subtotal line, instead of just using "Total" for the text, I'm creating an expression to name the subtotal, such as =Fields!Carrier.Value & " Total". This works fine, so long as the column groups are sorted. If the column groups are not sorted, it appears the report can't figure out what the subtotal carrier is, and just displays " Total" instead of, say, "Verizon Total". Once the column is sorted, it displays properly.

I now have a problem where I have added a subtotal to the column groups, and my customized subtotal titles no longer function properly. In the preview window, in Visual Studio, the titles for the subtotals in the row groups appear perfectly. Once published to the report server, the subtotal titles no longer pull the correct Field!Carrier.Value, and instead repeat the same carrier name throughout the report, even though it's not the Carrier.Value for the specified row group.

Any ideas?

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Dynamic Column Titles In Tabular Report?

Is there a way to dynamically feed the Text of the Column titles into a report at run-time in Reporting Services?

In Access I could use DLookup to pull YTD Dates (e.g. "05/2008") from another view that kept track of the settings for the year being processed (Curr Year, Prior Year, Prior Year II, YTD I, YTD II, and etc. for each Year's data. YTD I and YTD II would read like '07/2008' and '09/2008'. The YTD II value could change as the next month's data became available ('10/2008'). As we switched from year to year (2007, 2008, etc.) all I had to do was update the [tbl Status Flags] table for the next year and all my many reports would reflect the correct headers for the periods in the data. The period could be switched back to prior years at any time by the user in order to view past data. When the year was changed the report headers would have to reflect that. The status flags table would give the setting for each year. Using hard coded titles was too confusing for the user and changing the titles manually was not feasible.

We have moved to SQL Server 2005 and Reporting Services 2005. Besides losing the ability to Change the Data at the top of every page as the Dept, VP Name, Director and etc. changed I also seem to have lost this dynamic column headers ability. I have found a cumbersome workaround for the data at the top of the page, but the only thing I have come up for the columns is to try to create queried parameters to feed those titles (they will be the same throught the report) and to fill those parameters with the queried defaults. I haven't tried it successfully yet, but so far it's looking like that is not how the defaults work.

Hopefully someone out there has a solution. I'd appreciate any help I can get.

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Print A Table

Is there an easy way to print off a sql table ? I wanted something along the lines of an Access query that you can print. Or is it easiest to link to the SQL table and use Access to display it ?

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