Integration Services :: Run For Each Loop Container If File Exist?

Aug 25, 2015

In my SSIS Package I am using For each loop container to load the data from csv file to SQL Table.

my file will be like abc_120554.csv

I want to places one script task before the foreach loop container to check if the file exist in the folder which start with abc_.what to do for same.

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Integration Services :: For Each Loop Container Is Not Picking Up CSV Source File

Jul 2, 2015

My package is having .csv file as a source and I kept OLEDB destination to load it.

Stored the .csv file in a shared folder and the exact path is given in Enumerator configuration of the foreach loop container. When I execute my package, it is giving the warning as below:

It is saying that file is not there in the specified path and directory is empty. I am running the SSIS package from TFS. I am sure that I have read and write access for the shared folder for my userID. Is there any access there to pick up this file from path.

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Integration Services :: Foreach Loop Container To Load File Which Contains The String

Aug 26, 2015

In my SSIS package I am using Foreach loopcontainer to load multiple flat files.

Now my requirement is that I want to load only those file which contains %vendor%.In source folder I have many files but I am interested in to load only those file which contains the string %vendor% in file name.

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Integration Services :: Exit For Each Loop Container

Apr 22, 2015

Is there a way in a foreach loop container to exit if the foreach loop container has been executing for a certain amount of time?

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Integration Services :: For-each Loop Container For Loading Excel Sheet

Aug 10, 2015

I have used for-each loop container for loading excel sheet contains multiple sheets with same structure. It is loading data into SQL table even there is no data in sheets.

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Integration Services :: ForEach Loop Container Finds No Files But There Are Some

Sep 17, 2015

I use a ForEach Loop Container in a ssis Package. The package has to look up in the directory 'f:ackups' for backupfiles and copy them into another folder.In my development environment it works fine. But if I run it on the SQL-Server with the SQL-Server Agent, the package logs always that the folder ist empty.Unfortunately the message is always 'empty folder' even if I define 'f:labla' as folder that actually not exists!

As filespecification I tried both *.* and *.bak .My assumption is, that the SQL-Server agent has not enough rights for that folder. But on the other side the agent is able to create backup-files in this folder.The SQL-Server Agent works under netservice control.

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Integration Services :: Load Multiple Files From Table Using For Each Loop Container

Oct 28, 2015

I have a requirement to load multiple flat files in target table .

I have created the package which used to load files into target table using For each loop container.

But now requirement has been changed now I have to take only those files from table where status="Success" and max JobId. By the query I am to get those records which need to load into table.

Below query I am using to get the files which need to load.

select [JobLogKey],[SrcNm],[DestNm]
FROM [ConfigRep].[dbo].[JobLog]
Where [JobId]=
(Select Max(cast([JobId] as Int)) Jobid
FROM [ConfigRep].[dbo].[JobLog]
Where [JobStat]='Success')


JobLogKey SrcNm   DestNm
268 H:Data PlatformSource FileClient2LocHGSSpecLocation.txt Location.txt
269 H:Data PlatformSource FileClient1LocHGSSpecLocation.txt Location.txt

I have to load using above 2 files which are under SrcNm. I have created one variable called FileToLoad as Object and mapping to result set of above query. I have create JobId,SrcNm and DestNm variable to catch the record at every loop. I have  created 2 For each Loop container 

Below screen shot of outer Foreach loop. Till here Its working fine. Inner for each loop container not executing any task under that. How to get it done.

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Integration Services :: Create Excel Sheet Dynamically In For Each Loop Container

Jun 4, 2014

I have a for each loop(ADO Enumerator) container which executes for each Advertiserid which is coming from database. In for each loop I have to create a new excel file with the advertiser name. So if the loop executes 7 times there should be seven excel spreadsheets with seven advertiser names.

How can i create an excel dynamically in the foreach loop container.

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Integration Services :: Can Drag And Drop Existing SSIS Package Into For Each Loop Container?

May 18, 2015

Can we drag and drop Existing SSIS package into for each loop container ?

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Integration Services :: Multiple Data Flow Tasks Within Foreach Loop Container

Nov 3, 2015

Suppose if I have a “Foreach Loop Container” that iterates over a list. Is it possible to execute different data flow tasks based on the input?

Example : List contains elements L1, L2 & L3.

ForEach Loop Container checks the input. If its L1 then it should execute DF Task1, If L2 then execute

DF Task2 and similarly for L3.

Is it possible to achieve this?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Foreach Loop Container Passing Variables To Store Procedure

Sep 8, 2015

I am having a challenge to pass the filename variable from SSIS Foreach Loop Container to SQL store procedure.  I have an "Execute SQL Task" inside "Foreach Loop Container" which will receive the input filename parameter passed by the Foreach Loop Container.  The store procedure command line is defined as "EXEC sp_mySQLStoreProcedure  ?" within the "Execute SQL Task".  The Foreach loop container will gather the filenames from File System then put it in the filename variable one by one.  I would like to pass the filename variable as the input parameter to the sp_mySQLStoreProcedure in the "Execute SQL Task".  How can I connect the variable and the store procedure so that it will process all the input files gathered by the Foreach Loop Container?

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Integration Services :: Using Foreach Loop Container To Elaborate A Table With Two Columns - SSIS 2012

May 6, 2015

In order to update an Oracle table target from a SQL Server table source I need to use a Foreach Loop Container, so I can loop on the rows of the SQL Server table source. This source table has two columns: the old identifier to update and the new identifier to apply. I must use the value of the old identifier to filter the Oracle rows to update, while the new identifier is the new value to assign to the filtered old identifier.

I already know how to use the Foreach Loop Container when it is necessary to loop on an unique column of a table/view (using an object variable, using a Foreach ADO enumerator, etc.), but I need to loop on two columns.

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How To Loop Through Several Excel Sheets In A File In Integration Services

Oct 12, 2006

Hello, I'm new at Integration services and I have an excel file with information in several worksheets. I want to loop through some specific sheets to retrieve the data and save it in a database table. I know how to retrieve the data from one sheet, but I don't know how to do it for several sheets. Any ideas?...I would appreciate any help.

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Integration Services :: Looping Through Destination Folder And Checking If File Exist

May 29, 2015

How to design ta SSIS package which loops through DESTINATION folder files and checks whether that file is there in the SOURCE or not.

If the file exists then I have to check the modified date on DESTINATION file if it is greater than 1 day delete that file. If the modified date is less than that SOURCE file then I have to copy that

file to DESTINATION<o:p></o:p>

If there are files which exists in SOURCE and not in DESTINATION, then how shall we copy all the files to the DESTINATION that are created on the day of execution of package.<o:p></o:p>

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Integration Services :: SSIS - Import Date From File CSV Into Table If It Doesn't Exist

May 6, 2015

I created a simple SSIS package that takes a Flat File Source (CSV file) and Imports it into a OLE DB Destination ([TestCSVImport].dbo.Table1). I have other CSV files I'd like to import, but I don't want to import entries where column "ordereID" (PK) are the equal. Just want to import the new data found in the CSV files. I tried adding a Lookup in-between the Flat File Source and the OLE DB Destination, but I'm not sure how to accomplish only importing new data.

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For Each Loop Container File Enumeration

Feb 27, 2008

I am trying to move files from one directory to anonther using the For Each Loop Container and a File System Task. However, on the FIRST iteration of the ForEach Loop the variable that I am setting to the 0 index of the For Each Loop is returning me a valid directory with no file ( path only ) from who knows where ????

On the second iteration of the For Each Loop everything works as expected and I get the full path and file name and it iterates through all the files in the directory o.k.

So I have had to put a Hack to skip the fist iteration of the loop and then execute the File Task on the second iteration but I dont see anyone else doing this.

Where in the heck is it getting this odd directory from on the fist iteration ( its not my User varible because I am initializing it to \nowhereofile ). What am I doing wrong?

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File Metadata And The Foreach Loop Container

Jan 4, 2007


I want to set up a Foreach loop container to loop through several flat files. I have a connection manager set up for individual flat files. The metadata for the files is all the same. They are fixed width files, and contain sixty five columns.

I didn't see a place in the container properties to configure the metadata of the files. How can a Foreach Loop Container 'know' the metadata of the flat files that I want to loop through?

Thank you for your help!


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Multiple Masks In A For Each File Loop Container

Aug 7, 2007


Is it possible to use multiple masks in a For Each File Loop container?

I need to process "*.txt" and "*.csv" and tried to separate them with all the usual characters("," ";" etc.) but it does not seem to work. I don't want to create 2 or more containers for each mask.


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For Loop Container And File System Task

Oct 4, 2007

I am trying to write a SSIS to distribute files to our client directories. In my source directory ( C:ClientPending ) i have a variable amount of file with variable file names and extensions. I need to sort these and place then in to different cient direcories. Each file name will contain the clients Referance Number ( ie Q123456.007 , A123456.exe, S123456.523 etc ). this clients directory would be C:ClientOutbound123456

Im presuming that i need a for loop container and a system file task, and a variable that i can parm in the ClientRef, i just dont know how to configure it.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Integration Services :: Precedence Constraint For Sequence Container

May 16, 2015

I have (6) sequence containers, each with a data flow task and script task. The script task renames the file and the data flow uses an OLE DB Source connection to export to a flat file using the Flat File Destination connection.For sI have been unable to move from the 1st sequence container to the 2nd (and the next and so on...). I am trying to do this "on success" (on failure I generate an email notification within each container), but am apparently missing a piece to this because after the sequence container executes, which it does successfully, nothing happens.

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Integration Services :: Setting A Condition Inside For Each Container

May 15, 2015

I am having a sql query task to fetch a maximun number. Example output : 102. After that I have a for each container to return files from a particular location. Files in the location are for example KAS.JN.101, KAS.JN:102, KAS.JN.103, KAS.JN.104. I want to lpop over only the files which have the ending greater than the maximum number returned from the sql query. In this case, the for each container must only loop over 103, 104. Chow to pass this condition to the container ?

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Integration Services :: Can Sequence Container Have Multiple Checkpoints

Sep 21, 2015

I have a sequence container in my Package and this sequence has more than one control flow tasks.

Can I create the checkpoints such that only the failed component inside the sequence container runs again and not the other successful components/tasks in the sequence container?

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Loop Container Inside A Sequence Container

Jul 25, 2007

Has anyone ever seen this issue?

If i place a loop container inside a sequence container the connectors within the loop container disappear.... is this a bug - will the loop tasks still run in the correct order?? or will they fire off willy nilly??

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Getting Access Denied To FileName Error When Using The Execute Sql Task (With File Connection) Into A Foreach Loop Container.

Jan 18, 2007


Getting Access Denied To FileName Error When Using the Execute Sql Task (With File Connection) into a Foreach Loop Container.

Please Note :

I have a folder containing .sql files. I have to dynamically loop through the files and send them as a File connection Folder to the Execute Sql Task.

When I run this Package I am getting the follwoing error :

[Execute SQL Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "Access to the path 'C:ProjectsFuzzy Lookup DataFlow ExampleScripts' is denied.".

Also I have logged in to the machine as Administrator and to Sql Server with sa.

Please help.




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Integration Services :: Expressions Not Working After Exiting A Sequence Container?

Sep 21, 2015

I have an SSIS package that is pretty simple.

An Execute SQL task returns one row with two values that are correctly stored into variables.

Based off those two variables, a sequence container is chosen to execute.

That sequence container then does magic. The last step of the container has an execute SQL task that runs and stores the result in a variable - let's call this[User::result] with type Int32.

Based off the value in [User::result] one of two final tasks run. A non zero value executes one task; a zero value executes another. Basically,SOMETHING runs after this.

Simple? I thought so... except Step 4 doesn't work. If I set a post-execute breakpoint on the sequence container, the variables are populated as expected, but nothing else runs. If I add another task to run (without a conditional expression) to run after the sequence container completes, the pre-execute breakpoint shows the data looking exactly as I expect.

Those script tasks are just MessageBox.Show calls and the expression, as you can see, doesn't use variables at all.

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Integration Services :: Sequence Container Doesn't Alert Failures

Aug 19, 2015

I have a sequence container with 2 task into. If one of the tasks alert a failure then the sequence container should alert a failure too, but it doesn't. For testing I forced the error with setting the attribute ForceExecutionResult to Failure for one of the tasks. The task fails, but the sequence container succeeds.

I tried:

- changed the Precedence Constraints from AND to OR between the 2 tasks into the sequence container
- changed the attribute FailPackageOnFailure setting True
- changed the attribute FailParentOnFailure setting True

but nothing happened.

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Integration Services :: SSIS 2012 - Managing The Failure Of A Foreach ADO Enumerator Container

Jul 9, 2015

in a my SSIS 2012 pkg I'm using a Foreach ADO Enumerator container that reads an object variable in order to get an id value.This identifier is passed as an input parameter to an Execute SQL task to update an Oracle table: if this task fails the id is written on a SQL Server table. After the Execute SQL task execution, with success or failure, the flow go to another task in the container.

When an error occurs for the update on Oracle table, each tasks inside the container are executed but the container fails and the loop ends.I'd like to complete the entire loop respect to the identifiers present in the object variable also if the update operation on Oracle table goes in error.

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Foreach Loop Container Foreach File Enumerator Sort Files

Apr 4, 2007

How do you sort files from the Foreach loop container?

I love this component, except I can't get it to sort by filename.

Nice to know how to sort by timestamps also.


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SSIS Package Foreach Loop Container - For Each File Enumerator - Ger Enumerator Configuration From Variable

Apr 21, 2008


I am trying to use Foreach loop container - Foreach File Enumerator

Is there easy way to retrieve enumerator configuration folder from variable - so I can easily move package from server to server?

I would like to have name of the folder we getting files from retrieved from variable by using this control

Thank you in advance
Armine Bell

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Integration Services :: FOR EACH LOOP Traversing Folders But Don't Want It To

Jun 17, 2015

I have a simple FOR EACH loop who's task is to go to a folder, find all .zip files and then extract them to a directory of my choosing. I only want this step to extract files in a particular (root) directory.

What is happening is after the step extracts the main file to the specified output directory, it then goes to the next directory and extracts the files in THAT directory - even though I do NOT have "traverse subfolders" selected.

What is going on here? This has never happened before - at least when I was developing these packages with SQL 2008 R2...

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Integration Services :: Variable (Excel Tab Name) In Foreach Loop

Oct 3, 2013

I have to import a number of excel spreadsheets. I'm using the classic Foreach Loop inside another Foreach loop approach. The outside loop (Foreach File Enumerator) cycles through the Excel files, while the inside loop (Foreach ADO.NET Schema Rowset Enumerator - ExcelSchema - Tables) to cycle through the individual Excel sheets in each file.

Nothing special there; however, for some reason these excel files have some "phantom" tabs that should not be imported. I call them phanton because they show up as an importable tab in a SSSIS import wizard but actually are not listed in the excel file structure (no, they are not hidden tabs, I checked).

My idea is to use a constraint to NOT import those phanton tabs. The name convention should allow me to do that because the normal tabs have the name 'AAAAAAyyyymmdd$' and the phantom tabs show up as 'AAAAAAyyyymmdd$'_xlnm#_FilterDatabase (the line below was captured from the Local Variable window and show one of the phantom tabs name).

+ User::WorksheetName {'AAAAAAyyyymmdd$'_xlnm#_FilterDatabase} String

I tried using Len (@[User::WorksheetName]) == 17, which corresponds to the length of the normal tabs name ('AAAAAAyyyymmdd$'). However, it does not work. For some reason the portion of the phantom tab name after the ending single quote (_xlnm#_FilterDatabase)  appears to be ignored.

I tested with a number of different expressions, including reversing the variable, to no avail. It seems that internally just the standard name between quotes is what the constraint sees.

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Integration Services :: For Each Loop To Import Files With Missing Columns

Aug 17, 2015

I have to load on SS2012 hundeds of excel files produced by an application over the last five years, during time few columns have been added to the initial set.I created on SS2012 a table to match with the full set of columns and want to load all the files inside the table leaving the missing cells to NULL. I think SSIS can do the job but every trial failed do far.

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Integration Services :: For Each Loop - Place Full Set Of Values For Every Date In The Year

Jun 15, 2015

I have a table with 3000 values and What I need to do is place a full set of these values for every date in the year 2015. How to achieve this through SSIS?I know we can achieve through SQL using while loop.

EG: 1-1-2015  a b c d 
       1-2-2015 a b c d  like wise 12-31-2015 a b c d .

How to create the package.

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