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Join Using A Substring Function

Hi All,
I am trying to achieve loading a fact table using my stage and dimesion data, I was planning to use a Lookup transformation to do this, however I am supposed to use a substring task to because the data in the stage table is in adifferent format from that in the dimensions, how do I incorporate this substring task within the data flow, any help is appreciated.


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Substring Function
it's early in the morning (well it is here anyway) and i need a shot of logic...

in the data base i'm currently working with i have a varchar field that holds either a number or a collection of numbers in square brackets. I need to extract the number or the first number in square brackets if it's a list. i know it's gonna be a simple one but my head just won't do it?? i'm trying with substring and charindex to determine the position of the '[' but just not getting it this morning

quick sample of what the data in this column may look like...

declare @t table (col varchar(30))
insert into @t
select '2' union all
select '[5] [4]' union all
select ' [12] [1]'

so i need to get...


OK, so i get this to work but only if there is actually square brackets

declare @t table (col varchar(30))
insert into @t
--select '2'union all
select '[5] [4]'union all
select ' [12] [1]'

select col
,substring(col, charindex('[',col)+1, charindex(']',col)-charindex('[',col)-1)
from @t


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SQL 2000 - Substring Function

I want to select the characters before "-" from Column A.
For example:

I'd would like to select it as:

Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused:

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What Is The Max Length Of Substring Function.
hi thanks for your help

update vendor_invoice
set de_ftpdownload= (select SUBSTRING(de_ftpdownload,1,CHARINDEX('.',de_ftpdow nload,0)-1)as de_ftpdownload from vendor_invoice)
where vendor_invoice_id =931

This get me this error.... so what is the max allowable length of substring function.

Server: Msg 536, Level 16, State 3, Line 1
Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function.
The statement has been terminated.

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Substring Function Error.....
select name, datalength(Name),
charindex('_2_', Name),
substring(name, 5, charindex('_2_', Name) - 0)
-------------------- ----------- ----------- -----------
Job_4927_2_7Sun 30 9 4927_2_7S
Job_250144_2_6Sat 34 11 250144_2_6S
Job_30197_2_1Mon 32 10 30197_2_1M

but when I use following - 3)
select name, datalength(Name),
charindex('_2_', Name),
substring(name, 5, charindex('_2_', Name) - 3)

I get the result I want (last column):
Job_4927_2_7Sun 30 9 4927_2
Job_250144_2_6Sat 34 11 250144_2
Job_30197_2_1Mon 32 10 30197_2

but also with an error:
Server: Msg 536, Level 16, State 3, Line 1
Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function.


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Substring Function Can't Figure Out
I have a SQL query in Visual Studio (SSRS). I have a GL Account field that is formatted such as 100-400-123-1234. I wanted to use the substring function to pull out the second set of numbers which I can assign a location:

CASE WHEN substring(GlAccount,5,3)= '400' THEN 'Gainesville'
CASE WHEN substring(GlAccount,5,3)= '401' THEN 'Aledo'

I tried this and it comes back with syntax errors. Can anyone tell me how to approach this as I have a list of about 35 locations that I need to do like this. Thanks.

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Problem In Substring Function
Harshi writes "Hello SQL Team!!

I have a problem in Substring function. There is a Text data type field in my Table and it has large no of characters. I want to get the whole text as the result. The problem is its just giving me 300 characters from a row, as the result.

My statement as follows;


SELECT a.L2Topic, a.TopicIndex, a.L1Topic,
Substring(b.Des, 1, 900), b.PriceGroup, b.Price,
b.L1TopicIndex, b.Qty, b.OtherPrice,
c.Customer, c.Address, c.Date, c.ChassyNo,
c.VehicleNo FROM wshpTopicIndex a

LEFT JOIN wshpEstimateDetails b ON (a.EstimateID = b.EstimateID)
INNER JOIN wshpEstimateIndex c ON (b.EstimateID = c.EstimateID)

WHERE (b.RandomNo = a.TopicIndex) AND (a.EstimateID = 54)

GROUP BY a.L2Topic, Substring(b.Des, 1, 900), c.Customer, a.TopicIndex, a.L1Topic, b.Qty,
b.PriceGroup, b.Price, b.L1TopicIndex, b.OtherPrice, c.Address, c.Date, c.ChassyNo, c.VehicleNo

ORDER BY b.PriceGroup, b.L1TopicIndex


Can some one please help me to get rid of this problem??

Thank you,

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Is There A Function Like SUBSTRING But For Integers?
I'm wondering if there is a function in SQL that works like SUBSTRING function but for integers. Like for example if I have a number like 20010112 and I want to cut it to the first for digits so that it reads 2001?

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Substring Function Requires 3 Arguments
Substring ('(' + left(@phone,3) + ')') + substring(@phone,4,3) + '-' + substring(@phone,7,4) + 'x' + right(@phone,4) getting an error on this code help please.

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Performance Issue Using Left Or Substring Function

I've tried the following query in SQL SERVER 2005, SQL Express and MACCESS.

select * from Table1 where drid in (SELECT DrID FROM Table2 WHERE (substring(PostalCode,1,3) IN ('B0E','B1P','B2H','B2Y','B3A','B3M','B4A','B4H','E1A','E1C','E1N','G0A', …)) and (substring(Telephone,1,3) IN ('204','250','306','403','416','418','450','506','514','519','604','613','705','780','807','819','902','905')))

The query is using two table. The first one Table1 is a table with user info. The second table Table2 has the info concerning a survey.

The Table1 containt approx. 6000 row and Table2 containt only 210 rows

The table structure from the different environment(MACCESS, SQL SERVER 2005, Sql Server Express 2005) are the same. The Table1 containt the field "PostalCode" and "Telephone".

When I execute this query on MACCESS and in SQL Server 2005 the result are approximately the same(Less than half second). But there a performance issue in Sql Express 2005. The query take an execution time between 7 and 9 secondes.

When I add a condition using a field from tblResponsePQ2Part1 ex: QA=1
like in the following query :
select * from Table1 where drid in (SELECT DrID FROM Table2
WHERE (QA = 1 substring(PostalCode,1,3) IN ('B0E','B1P','B2H','B2Y','B3A','B3M','B4A','B4H','E1A','E1C','E1N','G0A', …)) and (substring(Telephone,1,3) IN ('204','250','306','403','416','418','450','506','514','519','604','613','705','780','807','819','902','905')))
the query take an execution time of ~15 secondes!!!!

This issue only happen in Sql Server Express, on the others cases(mean MSAccess, Sql Server) the execution time is less than half second.

It’s weird because, Sql Express 2005 is supposed to be more performant
than MACCESS, and have the same performance than Sql Server Professional Edition. Please Help Me!!!!

Anyone have an idea why?

Mathieu Desbiens

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Substring And Patindex Having An User Defined Function
Hi All,
Can we use the SUBSTRING or PATINDEX function with a User Defined Function as one of the parameters? Something like this:

Code Block
Select SUBSTRING(Select * from DB.dbo.Function('Parameter'), PATINDEX('%\%', Select * from DB.dbo.Function('Parameter'), 8)


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SUBSTRING In User Defined Function - Invalid Column
I'm trying to create a function that splits up a column by spaces, andI thought creating a function that finds the spaces with CHARINDEX andthen SUBSTRING on those values would an approach. I get an errorsaying that the I have an Invalid column 'Course_Number'. Not surewhy but I am very new to User Defined Functions. Here is what I haveso far:CREATE FUNCTION CourseEvalBreakdown(@fskey int)RETURNS @CourseTable TABLE(Col CHAR(2),Area CHAR(4),Number CHAR(4),Section CHAR(4),Term CHAR(3))ASBEGINDECLARE@Ind1 tinyint,@Ind2 tinyint,@Rows intDECLARE @crstbl TABLE (FStaffKey int,Course_Number char(20),Term char(3),Col char(2),Area char(4),Number char(4),Section char(3))INSERT INTO @crstbl (FStaffKey, Course_Number, Term)SELECT FStaffKey, Course_Number, TermFROM EvalWHERE FStaffKey = @fskeySET @Rows = @@rowcountWHILE @Rows 0BEGINSET @Ind1 = CHARINDEX(' ', Course_Number, 4)SET @Ind2 = CHARINDEX(' ',Course_Number, (CHARINDEX(' ',Course_Number, 4)+1))UPDATE @crstblSET Col = SUBSTRING(Course_Number, 1, 2)WHERE FStaffKey = @fskeyUPDATE @crstblSET Area = UPPER(SUBSTRING(Course_Number, 4, @Ind1-4))WHERE FStaffKey = @fskeyUPDATE @crstblSET Number = UPPER(SUBSTRING(Course_Number, @Ind1+1, (@Ind2-@Ind1)-1))WHERE FStaffKey = @fskeyUPDATE @crstblSET Section = SUBSTRING(Course_Number, @Ind2+1, 3)WHERE FStaffKey = @fskeyENDINSERT @CourseTableSELECT Col, Area, Number, Section, Term FROM @crstblRETURNENDGO

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Invalied Length Parameter Passed The Substring Function
Does anyone know what the above error message means?

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Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The SUBSTRING Function




(CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue)), --expression

(CHARINDEX ('>', CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue)) + 1), --start

( (LEN (CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue))) -

(CHARINDEX ('>', CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue))*2) - 1


) AS Version


This does not work while



(CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue)) as expression, --expression

(CHARINDEX ('>', CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue)) + 1) as start, --start

( (LEN (CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue))) -

(CHARINDEX ('>', CONVERT (VARCHAR (255), D.CurrentXmlValue))*2) - 1

) as length --length

--) AS Version


I get

Msg 536, Level 16, State 5, Line 2

Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function.
Any idea why i am getting this??
I am trying to get rid of xml tags in the column.


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Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The SUBSTRING Function.

I was trying to execute the following query.

select substring(ISNULL(CAST(FullAdress AS NVARCHAR(MAX)),''),1,charindex(',',ISNULL(CAST(FullAdress AS NVARCHAR(MAX)),''))-1) from tbl_lrf_company_details_with_codes

but i am getting the error as "Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function."
Please advice
Thanks In advance

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Sql 2005 ... Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The SUBSTRING Function.
I am new at sql 2000 and 2005, I have created a package in 2005 which I am trying to execute on a daily bases by creating a job. At first because of security issues the job would not execute. Hence, I had to create a credential and a proxy to run the job with sa account. Now it is giving me this error,
SQLServer Error: 536, Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function.
Through research I have no clue as what I need to do, or where to look.
The package runs without error when I execute the package itself.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Error: Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The SUBSTRING Function.

I am using a simple procedure to pivot results (found in another forum and adapted it). It is done on SQL Server 2005 server with all service packs. Procedure:
ALTER Procedure [dbo].[EthnicityPivot] @StDate as Datetime, @EndDate as Datetime
DECLARE @Teams varchar(2000)

truncate table ForEthnicPivot

INSERT INTO ForEthnicPivot
FROM dbo._EthnicityByTeamEpisode
where Startdate between @StDate and @EndDate
GROUP BY Ethnicity, Team

SET @Teams = ''
--// Get a list of the pivot columns that are important to you.

SELECT @Teams = @Teams + '[' + Team + '],'
FROM (SELECT Distinct Team FROM ForEthnicPivot) Team
--// Remove the trailing comma

SET @Teams = LEFT(@Teams, LEN(@Teams)-1)
--// Now execute the Select with the PIVOT and dynamically add the list
--// of dates for the columns
EXEC( 'SELECT * FROM ForEthnicPivot PIVOT (SUM(countID) FOR Team IN (' + @Teams + ')) AS X' )

I can call the function:
exec EthnicityPivot '01/01/2007','09/09/2007'

and it works fine in SQL analyzer, but when I want to use it in Visual Studio in a new report I am getting this error

There is an error in the query. Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function. Incorrect syntax near ')'.

Anyone had similar error and sorted it?



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Error In Query; &"Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The Substring Function&"
i got errro mess "Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function" from this below. Anyone how can give me a hint what cause this, and how i can solve it? if i remove whats whitin thoose [] it works, i dont use [] in the code :)
VLF_InfectionDestination is nvarchar 254

SELECT TOP 10 tb_AVVirusLog.VLF_VirusName, COUNT(tb_AVVirusLog.VLF_VirusName) AS number
__CustomerMachines002 ON tb_AVVirusLog.CLF_ComputerName = __CustomerMachines002.FalseName
WHERE (CONVERT(varchar, tb_AVVirusLog.CLF_LogGenerationTime, 120) BETWEEN @fyear + @fmonth + @fday AND @tyear + @tmonth + @tday) AND
(__CustomerMachines002.folder_id = @folderId) [OR
(CONVERT(varchar, tb_AVVirusLog.CLF_LogGenerationTime, 120) BETWEEN @fyear + @fmonth + @fday AND @tyear + @tmonth + @tday) AND
(tb_AVVirusLog.VLF_InfectionDestination LIKE N'%@%')]
GROUP BY tb_AVVirusLog.VLF_VirusName
HAVING (NOT (tb_AVVirusLog.VLF_VirusName LIKE N'cookie'))

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Odd Error Upon SqlDataReader.Read() &"Invalid Length Parameter Passed To The Substring Function.&"
An application I developed normally works great, but it seems that when processing a certian record (and none of the others so far), SQL Server throws this error:
"Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function."

Here's the code in question:

orderReader = orderCommand.ExecuteReader()


Private Sub setControls(ByVal dr As SqlDataReader)
If (dr.Read()) Then '<--*******problem line*******

The SqlDataReader (orderReader) doesn't blow up or anything until I call .Read() (and, as mentioned, this problem only occurs for one order). What could be happening here?

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Syntax On A Join And RIGHT Function

Trying to join two tables together.

Select * from ...

inner join

on table1.ID = table2.ID;

this works fine, however i want to use the RIGHT function so that i get the last four digits of the ID. this causes a parse error:

inner join on table1.right([ID],4) = table2.right([ID],4);

searched a bit but couldn't find a way to do what im trying to accomplish. is there a proper syntax?


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Call Function For Inner Join

I have a procedure which has query
like Query 1.

Query 1

Select Clinetid
from clinet
inner join {

select centerid from GetChildCenter(@Centerid)
select centerid from getParentCenter(@Centerid)
} as Centerc

on c.Centerid = client.Centerid

Query 2

declare @Center table ( centerid int)
insert into @Center

select centerid from getchildCenter(@Centerid) union all select centerid from getparentcenter(@Centerid)

Select Clinetid
from clinet
inner join@Centercon c.Centerid = client.Centerid

I just want to know which one is better performance wise..
because thereis millions of rows for table center which is used by function getChildCenter() and GetparentCenter()

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Aggregate Function/Join Troubles

I am running into trouble performing a second join on a column while using aggregate functions over that table.

What I think is happening is that the aggregate values (sum, avg, count) are being multiplied because I am joining on the same table a second time, but I don't know how to fix or avoid this problem.

Here's the query:


CAST(ro.xing_tc_no AS INT) AS loc_id,
SUM(ro.total_fatal) AS tot_fatal,
SUM(ro.total_serious) AS tot_serious,
SUM(ro.total_minor) AS tot_minor,
COUNT(ro.report_no) AS tot_accidents,
AVG(ro.NO_OCCUPANTS) AS num_occupants

UserHotspots uh

LEFT JOIN rods_k_crossing AS rkc
ON rkc.location_id = uh.CrossingID

LEFT JOIN rods_occurrence AS ro
ON rkc.tc_location_nbr = ro.xing_tc_no



The second join is also performed on rods_k_crossing and that is when the sums, avgs, and counts get multiplied. If I take that second join out the numbers come out fine.

Thanks for any help!

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Join With Table Valued Function

I want to join a table valued function but function parameter should left joined table's primary key .... this is posible in oracle by pipeline method ..
SELECT A.Col1,A.Col2,B.Col1,B.Col2
FROM Tab As A LEFT OUTER JOIN TblFunction(A.Pkey) B
ON A.Col1 = B.Col1

any body help me ... thanx in advance..

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Join On Agragate Function Between Tables
A have a number of similar tables and what I want to do is to get the count of records grouped by day of week. All tables have date as an indexed unique column but the actual timestamps differs and have no relation. For one table I use this simple querry:

Select DatePart(dw,dato) AS DOW, Count(dato) AS NOR FROM AWP2
where dato > '2006-08-11'
Group By DatePart(dw,dato)

A typical result:

3           8934
6           22397
7           23328
1           23401
4           1938
2           24399
5          1112


Trying to join two or more tables in all sorts of variants of this:

Select datePart(dw,a1.dato) AS DOW1,Count(a1.dato) [Amount 1],
datePart(dw,a2.dato) AS DOW2, Count(a2.dato) [Amount 2]
FROM AWP1 A1 Inner Join AWP2 A2 on datePart(dw,a1.dato) = datePart(dw,a2.dato)
Where a1.dato > '2006-08-11' AND a2.dato > '2006-08-11'
Group By datePart(dw,a1.dato), datePart(dw,a2.dato)

Here I get this as a typical result:

DOW1   Amount 1     DOW2      Amount 2
6           332953802   6            332953802
3           42248886     3            42248886
1           330281714   1            330281714
7           335759904   7            335759904
4           1232568      4            1232568
5           210168        5            210168
2           366985359   2           366985359

Where the numbers are way off.

Any suggestions?

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How To Join Using A Table-valued Function?
Hi there. I've hit some gap in my SQL fundementals. I'm playing with table-valued functions but I can't figure out how to join those results with another table. I found another way to hit my immediate need with a scalar function, but ultimately I'm going to need to use some approach like this. What am I misunderstanding here?

The Given Objects:
function Split(stringToSplit, delimiter) returns table (column: token)
table Words (column: Words.word) -- table of predefined words
table Sentences (column: Sentences.sentence) -- table of sentences; tokens may not be in Words table, etc

The Problems:
1) how do I query a set of Sentences and their Tokens? (using Split)
2) how do I join tables Sentences and Words using the Split function?

The Attempts:
select word, sentence, token
from Words,
dbo.Split(sentence, ' ') -- implicitly joins Split result with Sentences?
where word = token

resulting error: "'sentence' is not a recognized OPTIMIZER LOCK HINTS option."

select word, sentence
from Words, Sentences
where word in (select token from dbo.Split(sentence, ' ')) -- correlated subquery?

resulting error: "'sentence' is not a recognized OPTIMIZER LOCK HINTS option."

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Passing Variable To Table Function In Join
Hello, thanks in advance for reading this. I am having difficulty trying to get a statement to work.

There is a MAIN table:
ItemNo int identity(1,0),
ItemType tinyint

There is a WETPAINT table:
ItemNo int,
Color varchar(20)

There is a DRYPAINT table:
ItemNo int,
Color varchar(20)

Now, what I want to do is JOIN the MAIN table to either the WETPAINT table or the DRYPAINT table depending on the value of MAIN.ItemType

So I created a table function called getTable:

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[gettable]
@ItemType int = 1
@thistable TABLE
Color varchar(20)

if @ItemType = 1
insert into @thistable (color) select color from WETPAINT
if @ItemType = 2
insert into @thistable (color) select color from DRYPAINT

This is all fine and dandy if I iterate through the MAIN table one row at a time, but how can I JOIN the tables, like:

SELECT MAIN.ItemNo, a.Color
INNER JOIN gettable(Main.ItemNo) as a
ON a.ItemNo = MAIN.ItemNo

Obviously, there is more than one field in the DRYPAINT and WETPAINT tables, and there is a need to have both tables instead of combining them into one.

Any help in how to create a table alias by passing a value from the select statement would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.

PS -- I am trying to create a view with this, so I can't use variables and iterate through the MAIN table one row at a time.

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Problem Performing A Join On A Function In A SQL Query

Can someone explain why this code contains the following error:

Msg 4104, Level 16, State 1, Line 2

The multi-part identifier "TheTable.StartValue" could not be bound.

CREATE FUNCTION MyFunction(@StartValue int)



NextValue int NOT NULL




INSERT INTO @MyTable(NextValue)

VALUES (@StartValue + 1)

INSERT INTO @MyTable(NextValue)

VALUES (@StartValue + 2)






StartValue int NOT NULL



INSERT INTO TheTable(StartValue)


INSERT INTO TheTable(StartValue)






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Can Any One Tell Me The Difference Between Cross Join, Inner Join And Outer Join In Laymans Language

Can any one tell me the difference between Cross Join, inner join and outer join in laymans language

by just taking examples of two tables such as Customers and Customer Addresses

Thank You

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Using Substring

Can anyone show me how to do the following:

I have this snippet of data


I want to return the id (the id may not always have the same number of numbers) after the last pipe (|) delimter.

So i want a rs like this :

Thanks in advance

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Substring Help
please help me in developing query to satisfy this...
i have table called test and the table data looks like this.


the query needs to return all rows data after . the result set should return this


appreciate your help..

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I have a field that contaings 15 characters. I want to just pull the first 6. So anything that matches these 6 will be returned.

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We have entries like below in a table. I need a query by which I can get the CustomerName from the below entries.



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I an trying gto devide this one field that contains city state and zip into 3 seperate columns. The Column right now looks like this:

GARDENA CA90249107

I tryed this:

use cimpro1
select substring(cust_shipto_addr_l3, 1, 19) as 'City',
substring(cust_shipto_addr_l3, 20, 21) as 'State',
substring (cust_shipto_addr_l3, 22, 31) as 'Zip'
from opcshto

For some reason, when I run the query I get this for State:


When I use the substring to only pull characters 20 and 21 it pulls everything startign at 20. I just want it to select character position 20 ans 21 for the state. As far as the substring for City and Zip, everything comes out fine. Its just State that I am having trouble with.

Any help is appreciated.

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Need to do something like SUBSSTRING in Access, any ideas?

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Hi all,
I have just started using SQL7 and quite dumb at it.
Here is my problem

i have tables ip_address and ip_subnets. both contains more than 20,000 records. Though ideally each subnet should correspond to only one ip address it is not so due to SMS inventory and remote clients configurations etc.

As an example If my ip address is I need to select only ( or atleast 141.151.128.*)as the valid subnet. In other words I need to compare upto 3rd octet and only if it matches with ip address then declare that as the valid subnet.
Pls note that ip addresses vary for each machine though there will 4 octets, I can't use character positions as the nos in each octet might vary from 1-255.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Pasted here under is the query script I am playing around with charcter poistions which are not working in my favor. Just added to explain my problems in more clearer way
select distinct system_data.name0, System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0, System_IP_subnets_Arr.ip_subnets0, system_disc.client0 from system_Data, System_IP_Address_ARR, system_ip_subnets_arr, system_disc where system_data.machineid = System_IP_Address_ARR.itemkey and system_data.machineid = system_ip_subnets_arr.itemkey and system_data.machineid = system_disc.itemkey and system_disc.client0 = 1 and substring(System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0,1,10 ) = substring(System_IP_subnets_ARR.ip_subnets0,1,10) and substring(System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0,10,1 ) = '.' and System_IP_subnets_ARR.ip_subnets0 not in ('11%.%.%.%','12%.%.%.%', '10%.%.%.%' , '10.%.%.%' , '1.%.%.%') order by System_DATA.name0


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Need Help On Substring
Hey you sql programming guru's

I need help seperating a name from first name and last name

The field is like this,

last name, first name
example Doe, John
I need to seperate the last name from the , to the first character
and the last name from the , to the last character.

I think I have to use a substring but not sure how tell it to stop and
start when it gets to the comma.

Can someone please help me.


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Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Help With Substring
i am trying to get the last name of the customer, but my db has the names stored as (first,middle, last) order in a single field. i am using the statment:
,RIGHT(ActCustName,LEN(ActCustName) - CHARINDEX(' ',ActCustName) ) AS LAST

but it only works if the customer does not have a middle name, otherwise it returs the middle+last as the last name. what should i do/ any ideas??? here is my code

select ActPrjMgr
,RIGHT(ActCustName,LEN(ActCustName) - CHARINDEX(' ',ActCustName) ) AS LAST
,left(ActPrjType,2) as Status
,left(ActBillingPeriod,11)as ppedate
,left(ActivityDate,11) as actdate
where ActBudCat = 'labor'
and ActBillingPeriod = '11/17/2006'
and actprjcode <> ' '
and actprjcode is not null
--and ActBillingPeriod = @StartDate
order by ActPrjMgr

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iam trying to write a string function which will give me the id part of a mail id
but iam geting the string along with @ and when iam trying to remove the last char (@) iam getting error

select substring(leadassignedtombemail,1,(CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail)))
from lead_details -----> Gives me id along with @

select substring(leadassignedtombemail,1,(CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail) - 1))
from lead_details ------------>gives me error "Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function."

select (CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail) - 1) from lead_details
works and gives me the length of id without counting @

where did i go wrong

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can anyone help me with the following report.

Create procedure Rpt_StaffDevelopmentReport
(@cmb1 as varchar(100),
@cmb2 as varchar(100) with encryption as

--@cmb1 is the site name (s.sitename), @cmb2 is the staffname in the form surname,forename

--@cmb2 will need to be split based on the , within the string
--tables needed are staffDevelopment , staffMember and Site

Three Tables.

Siteid, sitename, address1, address2

Staffed, surname, forename,sex, address1, address2, siteid

Staffed, development, personal

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i have a column that has "Full name" of an individual.

I want to create a new column with just the first name.

How do i populate this column with just the first it just takes the string until the space from the "full name" column.

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Updating A Substring
 Hi I am trying to update a part of a date string using the following sql statement. Alas, I'm having no joy.cmd.CommandText = "UPDATE tb_bookings SET SUBSTRING(startDate,12,5) = @newStartTime  WHERE requestPackID = @reqPackID";   The date has been saved  in the db in the following format:Fri May 23 17:30:00 GMT+0900 2008 Any idea why this isn't working. Any help much appreciated.Barry 

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Substring(very Very Urgent)
 hi frenz:
Can any one send me the code for
substring multiple cell values of same column and put it into one cell of that column.

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T-SQL SUBSTRING For RequestDateTime
I tried to mimic some code I found but on RequestDateTimeSUBSTRING(RequestDateTime,(charindex(':',RequestDateTime)+1),len(RequestDateTime)) AS 'Date Downloaded'I can only use SUBSTRING on char type strings.How would I get maybe only up to the first : character in the RequestDateTime? 

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Can You Use Substring In ASP.NET On A DropDownList ?
I'm using the GridView to display some accounting infromation. I have a project where I have a 14 character control number. I would like to have a dropdown list to select the account classification of records to be displayed. The accounting classification is the first two characters of the control number.  So the dropdown list needs to show unique first two characters and the GridView will be filtered on these two characters.  I have been trying to use "substring" in the ASP.NET code; not even sure you can.
Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.  See code below:
<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2"
DataTextField="control_num" DataValueField="control_num">
</asp:DropDownList><asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:GPCRReportsConnectionString %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT DISTINCT [substring(control_num,1,2)] FROM [Request]"></asp:SqlDataSource>
ERROR: Invalid column name 'substring(control_num,1,2)'.

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Substring Sql Statement
I have a SQL column that contains something like this:

ORLANDO        ,FL.    32803

COCOA       , FL. 32922-8617

SATELLITE BCH,FL  32937-3523

TAMPA       , FL. 33609-3105

EAU GALLIE      ,FL.   32935
I need only the name of the city, dont need FL or the zip code, how can I do a substring statement on sql to get only that?

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