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Linked Report Printing In Portrait Instead Of Landscape


We have a report that prints correctly (in landscape) in the folder that is deployed to but the linked report in a different folder prints in portrait?
can anyone shed some light on this.

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Printing A Linked Report In Landscape
I have a report that is setup to print landscape.

I deploy to Report Manager, print it, and everything works great.

If I create a linked report from the deployed report, the linked report prints portrait.

Does anyone know of a workaround or am I just doing something wrong?



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Adding Landscape And Portrait Subreports Into A Single Report
The goal is to produce a single PDF consisting of a number of subreports. Some are landscape, others are portrait. The subreports may also be run as independent reports. The master report defaults to the width of the widest subreport, which is landscape. This causes all portrait subreports to spill over. Your suggestions / comments are appreciated.


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Landscape Printing From Report Manager Not Printing All Displayed Columns On Each Page
I have deployed a report that is configured for landscape printing.  It does print in landscape, however, only the first seven columns appear on the first page and the other five columns appear on the next page.  Is there a method, like in print preview setup in MS Excel, where we can scale down the print (like to 80%) so all columns appear on each page?



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PDF Appears In Landscape But Prints In Portrait
All of my reports that are formatted 11x8.5 are outputting to PDF correctly.  When I open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, it appears in Landscape on the screen.  However, when I click the print button, by default it is printing it in portrait.  I can go to File-->Print Setup and change the orientation from Portrait to Landscape, but why doesn't it translate from the file orientation?  This may just be a bug in the Adobe Acrobat software, but I want to make sure there isn't something I can do.

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Portrait Or Landscape And Page Break After Group Yes/No

I'd like a parameter for the report layout: Portrait Or Landscape.  So is it possible to set the page high and width using an expression or in code based on my parameter?
Also on a similar note.  I want a parameter for 'Page Break After X'.  Is it possible to apply a page break after my table group X based on this parameter?  I know if I edit the group I can tick 'page break at end' but I can't apply an expression to this. 

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Report Printing In Landscape From SQL Reporting Services Designer Or Browser

I am trying to print a report in landscape mode from VS 2003 from designer preview or at run time. The users don't want to change a mode manually. I tried to make width 11 or 11.5 in and height 8.5in with zero margins and 0.5in (tried a lot of combinations) - doesn't work! still printing in portrait. Please help! Thank you

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Printing Blank Pages In Landscape
I ahve a report, that has 24 fields in the layout. When I tried to print the reprot, it prints BLANK pages, in between and at the start. I have confirmed that the width BODY of the report, < width of the report properties. It still prints blank pages.Pl advise.

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Landscape Printing Issue In SQL Reporting Services
I have reports, set to print on Landscape and Legal ie 14 * 8.5. However, when certain users try to print the report, it prints it in Letter, even though the report is set to print in legal /landscape.

The strange part is that for most users it prints correctly in legal, only for some it is on letter. Any idea why this would happen?

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Printing A Linked Report
Hi all,


I have a base-report that links me to another detailed report, this is my linked  

report. When I try to print the detailed-report I get the base-report out of the printer.

And if I click on the refresh-button of the reportviewer it jumps back to the base-

report. It seems that I can´t print the detailed report.

My reportviewer runs in a Sharepoint-environment, but when I use the reportviewer

on the preview in VisualStudio the detailed report gets printed ok.


Thanks in advance.



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Landscape Report 18 Columns Can't Fit In One Row
Hi, I need help please!

Apologies for the silly question.

I have a problem where i need to show 18 columns in 1 row but can get it in one row, the most the user wants is 2 rows but the first 4 columns cant be touched.
row1 Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 Col8 Col9 Col10 Col11
row2 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

I am kind of lost on how to show this in a nice format.

Does anyone have any creative idea, as i would like to capture the users.
The Fields are also lengthy so it makes it difficult.



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Print From Report Manager In Landscape
I've thrown together a homegrown Reporting Services viewer that is basically a wrapper for a browser control. It will reside in our app alongside the Crystal report viewer until we have phased out Crystal.

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Help With Auto Printing A Report From A Web Application - SSRS Report Manager Print Control
Hi all, I was looking at a previous post in this forum - Help with auto printing report...   
I did find the code that it points to -
Help with auto printing report...   
I did find the code that it points to -
I can get this to work fine as a console application and a Windows Service but not from a Web Application.  It dies when I get to the point of actually printing it.  I am thinking that this has something to do with the fact that Web applications have limited permissions.  However you can print from the Reporting Services report manager page just by pressing the print button and it is a web application.  I also know that it uses a print control, AKA plug-in. 
Do I need to write my own print control to get this to work with my web application or can I just re-use the one that is already being used by SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manger?
If I was to write my own print control how would I go about it?

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Printing Remote Ssrs Report From Report View Does Not Work
It appears to work fine on my end however on my clients end, whenever they try to print a report that displays perfectly within the report viewer to their printer by selecting the printer button in the report it never ends up printing.., however if they go into printer setup and change the page range to print from all pages to just maybe one page and then select the print button it seems to print fine..
The printer seems to receive the information as the light flashes but no page kick out when all pages is selected to print..
Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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Linked Reports Lose Original Layout For Printing
I have several reports that are set to landscape but then lose this layout when a linked report is created from the original report.  I found the link below describing Brian Welcker's workaround and my question is where do you place the code he provided?



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Report Header To Reflect Name Of Sub-report Currently Printing
I have a main report containing different subreports.  I want to be able to print the report and the header of the main report to reflect the name of the report currently being printed.  Is there a way to get the name (or some other property) of the current data region or subreport being executed? 

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Report Viewer Is Printing A Cached Report
Hi All

I have a reporting viewer in a windows form that behaves very strange. When I open the form and run the report it shows up nicely in the report viewer. If I print the report it only prints one page. When i print the report a second time the whole report is printed. Next I'll change the report parameters and run the report, then it shows up nicely in the viewer, but when I print the report the first report is printed.

Does anyone know what to do with this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Report Printing Issue
I am having problems printing a new table we added to an existing report. When I preview the report in Visual Studio everything looks good. But when I click the print layout view button the "header" portion of the report shows on one page and the detail shows up on another. Has anyone seen this happen before?

Jon Edwards

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Printing Report In One Page
hello there,

i have created a report now i want to have the report print on one page instead of two pages which is doing can i do that.i am using SSRS 2005.
please help


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Processing A New Report Before Printing
I am running SSRS 2005, rendering reports locally using a report viewer.  Rather than direct the viewer to an .rdlc file, I use an XMLDocument.  A few of my reports have a large image in the background that needs to be invisible when the report prints.  This was straightforward - I just use a report parameter and set the visible state of the image to the value of the parameter.  The hard part is getting the report to print without an error.
Initially, I render the report with the following code:
Private Sub ShowReport()
            With Me.ReportViewer1
                .ProcessingMode = Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ProcessingMode.Local
                .LocalReport.LoadReportDefinition(New System.IO.StringReader(_Doc.OuterXml))
            End With
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
End Sub
This code works fine.  I have hidden the print button on the report viewer, and to print, the user must press my button which runs the following code.
Private Sub PrintReport()
            _Param(0) = New Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("ImageVisible", "False")
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

End Sub
Resetting the parameter and re-displaying the report works fine on its own.  The PrintDialog method works fine on its own.  When combined in the same Sub like this, I get the following error:
"Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object".
Does anyone know how I could get it to print without an error?  I would be very grateful for any help.

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Problem When Printing Report From IIS

    I am rendering the report from remote server and I am displaying it. when I try to print the report from my application it is printin properly. but when I try to print it from IIS it is showing an error message that "No printers are Installed ".  I did not specify any printer name in my application. How can I resolve this problem.




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Printing Graph Report

I have a report with pie and bar graphs, I have the paper size 16.54 x 11.69 for landsacpe,  there are twelve graphs ,two placed side by side , and in the report manager, the appearence is perfect ,spread over six pages. I have Pagebreakatend True for all the graphs. The problem is with printing, on printing , the are tottaly misaligned,any tips are welcome




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#Error When Printing Report
I have a field on a Group Footer which is a Sum field based of an IIF statement.

Here it is.

=Sum(IIF(Fields!EXPR1.Value=2 and Fields!Type.Value=1,Fields!Quantity.Value,0))

If I do not use the AND, by by only checking on one field it works fine and it returns a result, however if I use the AND Operator I get the #Error when previewing the report.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening. Any suggestion would help/



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Printing Report.... Issue

I have developed report(SSRS 2005) using Matrix control and Chart,  on web in works good, but when user prints the report
it cuts matrix and prints it on separate pages.

my requirement is to print every thing in a single page, no matter how much data i has.
i tried landscape print (by changing width 11 and height to 8.5) but no result,
does any one know the solution....?

thank you...

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Printing Report In One Page
hello there,

i have created a report now i want to have the report print on one page instead of two pages which is doing can i do that.i am using SSRS 2005.
please help


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Report Printing Multiple Pages, Only Want One
I have a report that only has one page when previewed but when it's printed there are two pages. This is a problem because I get two printed pages to my report with "1 of 2 pages" on the first page and "2 of 2 pages" on the second but there is only data on the first page and the second has header and footer but no data.

Is there a way to force the report to fit everything on one page? Or some other setting I am missing?

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No Of Page In Report Viewer Is Not Same As The One When Printing
For example, In the report viewer, there are 3 pages, however, when I print the report, there are more pages, like 6 pages. I found that there are more records in a page in the report viewer.

Is there any way to set the number of pages in report viewer is same as the one when printing?

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Printing Report Directly Without Using Reportviewer

My Requirement is to dirctly Print the SSRS Report without using Reportviewer.
If anybody know How to Print Report without using Reportviewer, please let me know asap.
Thanks in advance.

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HTML Report Printing Problem.

Hello Every one,
we have reports, for that we are using Visual studio and report viewer.
In Report viewer ,I Enabled print Option.
While i tried to  Print on HTML report from report viewer; I set Properties Landscae but the output is coming like Potrait.
In my Rdl Interactive size Properties are width11 in and height 8.5 in
why it is coming like Potrait size.
can any one help me?

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Printing Drill Through Detail Report
I have created a drill through report (RS 2005).  After deploying the report and clicking on a link to drill through to the second report, I try and print the detail report and it prints the parent report instead.  Any ideas on this one?
I should also mention that we are using an AJAX solution to display the report in a pop-up window.
Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Problem With Printing Report Directly To Printer
I am trying to get a SSRS 2005 report to print from my Visual Studio 2005 C++ application without using the ReportViewer to preview it first.  What I have done is created a dll that I call into when I want to access a certain report and print it.  While searching around on the internet I found an MSDN article about printing a report without previewing and it had an example in C# code.  So I used that as a guide for my C++ code but I am still having problems with rendering the report properly so it can be printed.  When I try to render a report using the "Image" format, my streamid string is empty but the byte array that the render routine returns is not.  Here is the code I am using, what could be the problem here? 

Note: m_Streams is define elsewhere as
array<String^>^ m_Streams = gcnew array<String^>(10);

void Print::Export(LocalReport^ report)


array<Warning^>^ Warn = gcnew array<Warning^>(10);

String^ deviceinfo =

"<DeviceInfo>" +

" <OutputFormat>EMF</OutputFormat>" +

" <PageWidth>8.5in</PageWidth>" +

" <PageHeight>11in</PageHeight>" +

" <MarginTop>0.25in</MarginTop>" +

" <MarginLeft>0.25in</MarginLeft>" +

" <MarginRight>0.25in</MarginRight>" +

" <MarginBottom>0.25in</MarginBottom>" +


String^ mimeType;

String^ enc;

String^ FileExt;

array<Byte>^ bytes;

bytes = report->Render("Image",deviceinfo, mimeType, enc, FileExt, m_Streams,Warn); // m_Streams has a length of

return;                                                                                                            // 0 after the Render


void Print:: PrintPage(System:: Object^ sender, System:: Drawing:: Printing:: PrintPageEventArgs^ ev)


Metafile^ pageImage = gcnew Metafile(m_Streams[m_CurrentPage]);

ev->Graphics->DrawImage(pageImage, ev->PageBounds);


ev->HasMorePages = (m_CurrentPage < m_Streams->Length);



void Print:rintRpt()


String^ printerName = "Default";

if (m_Streams->Length < 0)


PrintDocument^ printDoc = gcnew PrintDocument();

if (!printDoc->PrinterSettings->IsValid) {



printDoc->PrintPage += gcnew PrintPageEventHandler(this, &Print:: PrintPage);




void Print::Run()


LocalReport^ report = gcnew LocalReport();

DataSet^ ds = gcnew DataSet();


report->ReportPath = "c:\bmi\bulrpt\Report1.rdlc";

ReportDataSource^ RDS = gcnew ReportDataSource();

RDS->Name = "DataSet1_Subject";

RDS->Value = ds->Tables["Subject"];






DataTable^ Print:: LoadData(DataSet^ ds)


System:: String ^ConnStr = "SELECT * FROM Subject";

SqlConnection^ conn = gcnew SqlConnection("Data Source=JOE-PC\BMIMSDESERVER; Initial Catalog=stx52013;Integrated Security = TRUE");

SqlCommand^ command = gcnew SqlCommand(ConnStr, conn);

SqlDataAdapter^ adapt = gcnew SqlDataAdapter(command);

adapt->TableMappings->Add("Table", "Subject");



return ds->Tables["Subject"];


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Different Font Size When Browsing And Printing A Report ?
Hi all,


Is it possible to setup different font size when a user is browsing or printing a report?


I have a lot of data to print on a report and i need tu use a font size of 7pt which is fine for printing but when the user is looking at the report on the browser a font size of 7pt is a bit too small and the bold doesn't work. 



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Printing SSRS Reports Using Report Manager
Hello all,
When I print the reports ( or export to PDF) in Report Manager, my every alternate page is blank? If the report is just  one page report, I get second page as blank when I print or export. The report prints in Landscape format( which should be fine given 8.5 inch height and 11 inch width).
I have played with the interactive Height and other height parameters but with no luck.
My current settings in the rdl file is:
I would highly appreciate any suggestions.
Phewa Taal

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Extra Blank Page Printing At The End Of The Report
I have report with a list and a table inside it.
I want each item of the list in a new page.
So I checked the "Insert page break after this table" of the table properties to make sure that the next table is rendered on the next page.
But printing or exporting the report, a blank page with just the header and the footer is printing.
Is  there a way to remove this last extra blank page?
Thanks for your time.

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Subreport - Concurrent Printing With Main Report.

Name                     ABC-12345
Address line 1           DEF-12345
Address line 2           GH1-12345
City, State Zipcode

The data is from one table and looks like this.  Both the main report and subreport use a shared data souce.

Name          Address line 1        City           State      Zipcode      License
------------- -------------------   -------------  ---------  ----------   ---------
Joe Schmoe    123 Maple Street      Clearwater     Florida    33777        ABC-12345
Joe Schmoe    123 Maple Street      Clearwater     Florida    33777        DEF-12345
Joe Schmoe    123 Maple Street      Clearwater     Florida    33777        GHI-12345

All lines are header lines.  Subreport has been placed in top header line.

Name                     ABC-12345
Address line 1          
Address line 2          
City, State Zipcode

ISSUE: I would like the subreport to PRINT ALONG WITH the address information to its left.  In Crystal Report a subreport could "Underlay Following Sections" - a wonderful feature Microsoft maybe should have copied.  Is there a way to duplicate "underlay" behavior in SQL Reporting ?  Thanks.

UPDATE:  Coworker found workaround.  Can concatenate Name, Adress line 1, Address line 2, City, State and Zipcode into one field.  Would still like to know a more straightforward way.



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Printing Table Header On Every Page Of Report
I have report with a table, that generates rows to more than  1 page. When the user prints the report, each page should show the table header.
 Presently or by default , the table header is shown(printed) only on the first page.
Please let me know, how can I achieve this.

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Report Add Line Breaks When Printing Or Exporting To .pdf/.tif

I have e-mails saved in a SQL database with all HTML formatting information.
To remove all HTML formatting I craeted a function on the RS report:
Public Shared Function removeHtmlChar(ss)
 Dim l as integer
 Dim i as integer
 Dim ch as string
 Dim x as integer
 Dim t as string
 t = ""
 for i=1 to l
  if(ch="<") then
   do while(mid(ss,x,1)<>">")
   t=t & ch 
  end if
 t = t.Replace("nbsp;"," ")
 removeHtmlChar = t
 removeHtmlChar = "" 
end try
End Function
When I look at the report on the screen the report is showed correct.
If I print or export the report it add a lot of line breaks in the e-mail text.
Why does it not print it as it looks at the screen?

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Printing Address Labels Using Report Builder

I need to create address labels from report builder. I can create the same from report designer using list box and text boxes. But not able to create the same from report builder as it is supporting only one layout - table (Columnar) for table type. Can any one help me to place the filelds in row wise rather than column wise.

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Background Image In Report Pixelated When Printing

I have a background image I'm using as a form within my report.  the problem is that I needed to reduce the resolution of the image to 96 dpi in order to work with it and line things up within the ssrs/vs2005 report editor.  However because the image is only 96 dpi, it looks awful when I go to print.  Is there a way I can make it use a different higher resolution version of this image for printing.. or what would someone suggest I do in order to get around this problem..

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Problem Printing Local Report In Sql Reporting Services
I have a local report for which i am binding the Dataset dynamically. I am trying to print this report using a seperate button on the page. I saw in the forums saying that the reportviewer can be converted to an EMF file, bind this to an image control and can Print this image using Javascript.

Can anyone help me with the sample code to print local report from the reportviewer (it may be in any approach.)

Thanks in advance.Sekhar T

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SQL Reporting Services 2005: Sizing Report For Printing
 I have a report that is a little wide, and when I export it to an Excel file it spans about 2 pages. I have it set to an 8.5 height and 11 width for printing in landscape on normal-sized paper. But is there a way to make sure that the report exports with the printing page break covering the entire width so that the report prints only one page across? The users don't want to resize in Excel before printing.

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Existing Report Started Printing Blank Pages
Hi there.
We have a report that has been working fine for almost a year and just recently we found a bug that when we print, the 1st 3 pages each have a single line from the table header and then the details of the table print.
The report table does have 2 subreports in detail rows. We have diligently checked to make sure that the sizes fit in both the main report and the subreports and we know that the report version did not change.
After a little digging we discovered that we recently patched RS to be version 9.2.3042. When we run the report on another RS server that is running 9.00.1406.00, it works fine. Do you know if this could be the cause? If so, is there another patch that addresses the issue?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike

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Suppress Report Printing If No Rows Retrieved From Database Server
In Crystal Reports, you could suppress the printing of a report if no rows were retrieved from the database server (ie: zero pages would be sent to the printer).  This was done by opening the Report Properties dialog in the report designer and setting the "Suppress Printing if No Records" to true. 
Is there a way I can reproduce this behavior in SQL 2005 Reports? 

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System Crashes While Printing A Report - Blue Screen Error
When I try to print a report ( report viewer control from ASP.NET application). The print dialog box opens, once I select the printer and click ok. It show €œprinting 1 page€? for 3-4 seconds and the System(computer)crashes and displays a blue screen error. This is happening for only two of my reports. And currently we have disabled the print button for these.

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Printing Reporting Services (2005) Report To 11x17 Paper.
I haven't seen this answered anywhere yet, but maybe I've missed it. The problem I'm having is that a report I've created in Reporting Services (2005) will not print to paper as the size I've intended, which is 11x17. It will, however, render as a pdf just fine. For some background, I have set the page width to 17in and the page height to 11in in the Report Properties dialog box on the Layout tab. It seems like I read about this being an issue in SQL Server 2000. Is this a bug that has yet to be resolved? Help me out and let me know what I'm missing.

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Reports Are When Printed SQL Server Report Is Printing Extra Pages

Hi ,
I have developed some report in Sql Server Reporting services my Page orientation is portrait that is report height and width  are 8.5 and 11 respectively and margins are set to 0.3 in when it is printed the pages are printed more that actually viewed Pages.
I need help from someone.

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Report Printing Issue Using The Browser Print Control After Deployment
I am having an issue with report printing.  I have used a specific font (Garamond) for all the report elements when creating the report in Bus Int. Dev. Studio.  While printing from the preview pane, the report prints with the Garamond font (as intended).

But the issue is that after deployment, printing the report (with browser print control) does not print it with the Garamond font (looks like it is using the Arial or a similar font).  This changes the whole look and feel of the report.  I have tried printing the report from the reportserver, report manager and through URL access.  All the 3 methods are giving similar results that the print output is not using the on-screen font.

Anybody else face similar issues?  Is there any workaround for this?  TIA.

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Printing Ratio/dimension Problem When Printing From Server.

I have an application that prints an .rdlc from my machine but when I promote the application to the test server, the reports do not print the same size.  The .rdlc has not been altered in any way.


The report on the Test server looks to be shrunk to about 60-70% both horizontally and vertically of the original.  I've hardcoded the page width and height in the Image Device Information Settings, even though they should default to the report's.  After doing so, the report still prints fine on my (or any other development machine), but remains shrunken when printed from the server.


Any suggestions?  Thanks. G

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Report Printing With Blank Pages When Large Amount Of Text In Column Values. Urgent
Hi every one,
I am facing problem in printing the reports from browser and also when i export it to pdf,the problem i am facing is blank pages are coming when report column getting the large amount of text around 2500 characters into column value.
can any one help me in this issue?. if the report is getting acceptable amout of data it is printing in proper way i.e no balnk pages at all.i maintained all properties like margins+body size < page size.

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Report Builder Using Report Model Based On Linked Server (Excel) - Primary Key?
I've created a linked server with a pretty basic Excel spreadsheet, and used this command to create a linked server to it:

sp_addlinkedserver ''XL_SPS_1', 'Excel', 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0', 'c:MyExcel.xls', null, 'Excel 8.0'


I want to use this as the data from which to build a report model.  As linked servers don't show up in the Data Source View wizard, I created a view in SQL Server:

create view MyExcel
select * from XL_SPS_1...Sheet1$

Okay, great, now the view shows up in the DSV wizard and I can create the data source view.  However, when I create a new report model based on this data source view, the Report Model Wizard tells me at "Create entities for all tables" that I've got an error when it processes dbo_MyExcel that "Table does not have a primary key."
I assume this is where the identifying attributes for the entities in the report model are taken from, so I really can't go further.  Does anyone have an idea as to how to add a primary key to a linked server (Excel) in SQL 2005?  Can this be done?  Other than importing spreadsheet data to a SQL table, how can I get around this?


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Hide &&"Collapse All/Expand All&&" Textbox For Groups When Printing Report
Hello all,

I have a report with some groups which can all be expanded/collapsed by clicking on a textbox with an action attached to it.
The example I used can be found here:

But I want to hide the row containing this textbox (or the textbox itself) on the actual printed report.
Is there any report item that can tell me if the report is in preview phase, or can it be solved in any other way?

Kind regards,
Dirk Holland

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Single Page Report In SSRS Is Printing With The Second Page Blank....URGENT

Hi All,
          In my SSRS report. I have a report which has only one page. In preview it is showing as only 1 page but when I am printing the report. I am getting two printouts with the second page as a blank.. Please help me in printing the page that contains report. Intially I used a Page header, at that it used to print the blank page with a header only. Now as I removed the header it is printing the page without header i.e Blank Page.. So please help me in prinitng a single page that has the report. It is urgent,..

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Setting &&"no Count&&" Connection Option On Hangs Report Manager Printing
I've recently encountered the exact same problem described in this thread:
The problem is that printing from Report Manager hangs IE with a print error message that appears after waiting for something like an hour.
After breaking my head with this and hours of digging the forums I found the solution using the above thread.
"BlackStallion" has geaniously found the cause of the problem by looking at the profiler trace output, which was exactly like mine at the time of printing. He suggested to set "no count" server option to off (what sould be by deafault) and solved the problem.
What if I would want to use the no count option in the furure?
Can someone please tell me the cause of this behaviour, I don't see the connection between this option and printing.
Is this a reasonnable behaviour or a bug, and where should I report this to fix the problem?

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