&&"No Such Interface Supported&&" Exception 0x80004002 - HELP!


I finally figure out why I can't connect to the SQLEXPRESS on this computer (technically, I was a remote connection), get everything installed (Advanced edition), and then...

It keeps telling me that "No Such Interface is Supported" and "Unable to cast COM object of type "System._ComObject" to Interface type..."

I grabbed it in a screen capture and will try to get it to a server tonight when I get home.

Any ideas on this problem?


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Interface Not Supported

I have the following VB function. The stored proc that is being called
("GetList") inside the function does a simple SQL Select statement against
an SQL Server 7 database using OLE DB. I'd like to store the result of the
SQL Select statement in the "Rs" parameter to pass back to the calling
function. Whenever I call this function, I get an error message stating "No
Such Interface Supported". Does anyone know why I cannot do this?

Also, this function is being called from ASP code. That's why the "Rs" is
passed as a variant. It's created in the ASP code before this function is


Function GetAddressDropDownList(Rs As Variant, CustomerId As Long)

Dim ProcComm
Dim Parameter

Set ProcComm = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
ProcComm.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
ProcComm.CommandText = "GetList"

Set Parameter = ProcComm.CreateParameter("CustomerId", adInteger,
Parameter.Value = CustomerId
ProcComm.Parameters.Append Parameter
Set Parameter = Nothing

ProcComm.ActiveConnection = BuildConnectionString()

Rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Rs.Open ProcComm, , adOpenForwardOnly

Set Parameter = Nothing
Set ProcComm = Nothing

End Function

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No Such Interface Supported

Hi ,

I am calling a package though c# from the sql server which calls another package. The package is located on the SQL server.

I successfully connect to the server and execute the first package but when the second package is called (execute package task) I receive the following error:

"Error 0x800040002 while preparing to load the package. No such interface supported"

However, when I run the package from Integration services visual studio and not from the application it works fine.

How i can i resolve this error?



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Execution Of A Full-text Operation Failed. 'No Such Interface Supported'


I am getting the following error while creating the Full Text catalogs.

Execution of a full-text operation failed. 'No such interface supported' (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 7689)

The Full Text Search service is running and had no problems earlier.

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The Script Threw An Exception : Keyword Not Supported: 'network Port'.

Hi All,

I need to refresh my cube daily and once this processed is done, i will update in ETL table with lastcubeprocessedtime in my timestamp column. Actually i am using IBM db2 provider since my ETL table resides in IBM DB2 source.

In my first task i am using script task where i will check whether my timestamp column value is NULL or not.

I am getting error like "The script threw an exception : keyword not supported: 'network port'." when this script task executes.

Moreover i am getting another error like "The execution succeeded, but the number of error raised(1) reached the maximum allowed(1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number of specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix this errors." For this error i have changed MaximumErrorCount value from 1 to 100 in dataflow task.

Can anyone tell me what might be the problem for these two errors?

Thanks in advance
Anand Rajagopal

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Maintenance Plan Error &&"no Such Interface Supported&&"

Using the full SQL Server 2005 patched up to build 9.0.3054.

Creating a simple maintenance plan to backup specific databases.

As soon as i try to save the plan i get the popup error :"no such interface supported". It won't allow me to save any plan at all regardless of what I put in there.

I need someone's help!!!!

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'((System.Exception)($exception)).Message' Threw An Exception Of Type 'System.NotSupportedException'

Greetings everyone, I am attempting to build my first application using Microsofts Sql databases. It is a Windows Mobile application so I am using Sql Server Compact 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. When I try and insert a new row into one of my tables, the app throws the error message shown in the title of this topic.
'((System.Exception)($exception)).Message' threw an exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException'

My table has 4 columns (i have since changed my FavoriteAccount datatype from bit to Integer)

Account type will either be "Checking" or "Savings" when a new row is added, the user will select what they want from a combo box.

Next is a snap shot of my startup form.

Where it says "Favorite Account: None" in the top panel, I am using a link label. When a user clicks "None" it will go to a account creation wizard, and set the first account as it's primary/favorite. As more accounts are added the user can select which will be his/her primary/favorite. For now I am just creating a sample account when the label is clicked in an attempt to get something working. Below is the code used.

private void lnkFavoriteAccount_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


FinancesDataSet.BankAccountRow account = this.financesDataSet.BankAccount.NewBankAccountRow();

account.Name = "MyBank Checking Account";

account.AccountType = "Checking";

account.Balance = Convert.ToDecimal("15.03");

account.FavoriteAccount = 1;//datatype is an integer, I have changed it since I took the screenshot.

//The next three lines where added while I was trying to get this to work.
//I don't know if I really need them or not, I receive the error regardless if these are here or not.





the refreshDatabase() code is here:

private void refreshDatabase()



//Aquire a count of accounts the user has

int numAccounts = financesDataSet.BankAccount.Count;

//Loop through each account and see which one is the primary.

for (int num = 0; num != numAccounts; num++)

//Works ok in frmMain_Load, but when my lnkFavoriteAccount_click calls this, it throws the error.

if (this.financesDataSet.BankAccount[num].FavoriteAccount == 1)

//Display the primary account on our home page. User can click the link label & be taken to their account register.

this.lnkFavoriteAccount.Text = this.financesDataSet.BankAccount[num].Name.ToString();

this.lnkFavoriteFunds.Text = this.financesDataSet.BankAccount[num].Balance.ToString();





and my form_load code

private void frmMain_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)




So, when I click on the lnkFavoriteAccount label, and my new row gets added, the app stops at the following line in my DataSet.Designer


public byte FavoriteAccount {

get {

try {

return ((byte)(this[this.tableBankAccount.FavoriteAccountColumn]));


catch (global:ystem.InvalidCastException e) {
//Stops at the following line, this error was caused by 'if (this.financesDataSet.BankAccount[num].FavoriteAccount == 1)'

throw new global:ystem.Data.StrongTypingException("The value for column 'FavoriteAccount' in table 'BankAccount' is DBNull.", e);



set {

this[this.tableBankAccount.FavoriteAccountColumn] = value;



I have no idea what I am doing wrong, all of the code I used I retreived from Microsofts help documentation included with VS2008. I have tried used my TableAdapter.Insert() method and it still failed when it got to

if (this.financesDataSet.BankAccount[num].FavoriteAccount == 1)

in my refreshDatabase() method it still failed.

When I look, the data has been added into the database, it's just when I try to retreive it now, it bails on me. Am I retreiving the information wrong?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


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The Script Threw An Exception: Exception Of Type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' Was Thrown.


I got an strange problem with one of my packages.

When running the package in VisualStudio it runs properly, but if I let this package run as part of an SQL-Server Agent job, I got the message "The script threw an exception: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown." on my log and the package ends up with an error.

Both times it is exactly the same package on the same server, so I don't know how the debug or even if there is anything I need to debug?



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Whats the best to do my interface for my SQL servet 2000 db?? thinking of mayb ASP or ASP.net (got to be accessible on net)


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Need A Web Interface

Hi all. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, so my apologies if it should be in another section.

I need to build a simple QA (quality assurance) DB for my company (a small physician group). I have the DB built in Access, but would much prefer to put it in SQL Server for reasons of stability, security, and access control.

What I would like to do is build a web interface to this DB so the users can just click an IE shortcut on their desktop, and be able to enter information via the browser like they would in a form in MS Access.

What would be the best way of going about building something like this? My background is as an analyst, so I'm unsure when it comes to actually building a front-end.

Sorry if this question is simplistic or if it has already been answered, and thank you in advance for any assistance you may lend.

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how can i down load interfaceor fix the problem?

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HL7 Interface

I am working on the project for Health Care Provider. They use HL7 interface to data sources. Any other interface is not an option. I need to address following scenarios for daily ETL jobs:

Pull analyses results for patients based on certain criteria to my database (SQL2005). Hundreds of results per day.
Verify list of patients against master list thru HL7 and update data elements that has changed. There are millions of patients
I am considering using WEB Services task in SSIS for scenario 1. Scenario 2 is more complicated because of the volume of data. I am considering using BizTalk for this one. Can BizTalk handle this scenario? Is there is more efficient way?

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Log-file For Interface-use

Dear All,SQL-SERVER-DBAccess interface25 usersI want to know how the users are working with the interface:* What forms the use* What routines the run ( commandbuttons)* How long they use the interface* etc.I'll use a public function to add the information.Where should i store the information ? :* in a table in the SQL-DB: 1 table for all users on the server* a text-file for each user on the users computer.What solutions is the quickest?Thanks,Filip

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Best Way To Interface With Oracle

Hi, I am needing a way to query information from an Oracle Database andthen save the information in SQL. What is the best option? Doing thisinside MS SQL (if so, how would I go about doing this--commands, etc)or by an outside source (scripts--vbscript, javascript, perl)?Thanks in advanced,Mike

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Oracle/MS SQL Interface

Hi everyone. I need to be able to query a database in Oracle and thenactually save the data in an MS SQL database, does anyone know what isthe best way to do this? Would it be best to do everything internal(inside MS SQL) or external (with some script: javascript, vbscript,perl)?Thanks in advanced,Mike

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Run A Sql-sript From Interface

Dear All,I'm looking for a VBA-code to run a sql-sript from the Access.adp-interface.I want to send scripts so my client can add sql-server-objects from theinterface.Thanks,Filip

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What Do I Need To Create A GUI Interface?

I have a simple table with 11 fields, and I want to create a GUI interface. Where should I start?

Thank you in advance.

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Query Interface

Is there an interface that I could use in SQL Server to create queries or tables instead of typing codes in query analyzer? Any help would be appreciated.

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ETL Vs Export Interface

Dear Friends,

I'm having a problem...

I need to export all the work that I have done in SSIS, but I dont know the option to do it... If I do a printscreen of the ETLs, I dont have all the layout of the ETL... Do you know how can I get it better to create my document?


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Interface Not Registered

I was just wondering why when i go to burn a cd it says Interface not registered. If somone could help i thank you.. cause i really want to burn cds again. thanks

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Interface Not Register

Hi I'm having trouble burning a cd using windows media player, I ripped one of my cds and i want to make a copy and its not letting me do it. When I press burn, it gives me an error message which says: "INTERFACE NOT REGISTER" and i dont know how to fix it. Can someone help me please!

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ASP.NET 2.0 Interface For SSIS

Hi there,

we have several DWH Load processes running in SSIS, however I want to enable the enduser to have more control and information about the status of these processes. Therefore I plan to write a monitoring interface based on ASP.NET 2.0. However I hardly could find good docu or samples on what is available from within ASP.NET 2.0 to read out or control SSIS.

Anybody having me some good pointers to start with ?

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Interface Not Registered

I was trying to burn cds when I got thisfda error message stating Interface not Registered what does this mean and can someone tell me how to fix it 

   -thanks Lequeta

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The IDMClusteringAlgorithm Interface

Good morning,

Well... I'm implementing a clustering algorithm following the examples given on the Managed Plugin Algorithms tutorial. As the samples are in C# and I'm implementing it on C++, I'm facing some problems, but nothing really significant.

But I've some conceptual questions about the implementation:

1) It necessary to implement the IDMClusteringAlgorithm interface in order to implement the ClusterMembership() and the CaseLikelihood() methods, right ?

2) The changes needed to be done on the Navigation class have nothing to do specifically with clustering. These changes are only to set calculated statistics to be shown, and if I want, I can simply don't implement them. Is this correct ?

3) Is there any documentation on the parameters received by the ClusterMembership and CaseLikelihood methods ? What's its inputs and outputs ?

Any clues are wellcome.

Thanks a lot again.

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User Interface For SQL

I downloaded SQL Server Express 5.0 and would like to know - must I open SQLServer through a studio like SQL Server Management Studio Express, or can it open on its own? Does it come with a GUI inside it?

I clicked Start/All Programs/Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and only submenues were displayed, not the server itself. The submenues were

Configuration Tools
SQL Server Management Studio Express.


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Direct Interface To SQL Server

I did a little bit of looking in the forums for something like this, but I wasn't able to find anything.  In essence, I am looking to create a web form in ASP.NET which will emulate the SQL Server Query Analyzer Tool... eventually what I'd like to see:
- A dropdown of different connection strings, to connect to different databases
-A multi-line textbox where a user could type in a query (be it a SELECT, CREATE, UPDATE, or multiple queries at once)
-A gridview object for results
-A multiline textbox to contain server output ("the command completed successfully", "xxx rows returned", "syntax at line 3 not recognized", etc)
 I can do the first 3 without any difficulty, but I have absolutely no idea where to start with the server output.  Anyone have any ideas?  It does not need to be secure, as the only databases they'll have access to will be "test" databases and the pages will not be publicly hosted (LAN only)

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Auditing Tool With Web-interface

does anyone know of a full-featured sql-svr auditing tool with a web-interface ?

by "full featured" , i mean queryable column-level audit histories showing before/after values , date of change , user who made change ...

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Interface For SQL Server Database

Comments and ideas for software tools (ActiveX components)to make a user interface for database.

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PHP / ASP Interface To Local SQL Server

I have access to a Microsoft SQL server, but can only access it from thesame local webserver. I need ideally to be able to access it, for bothreading and writing, from a different webserver / computer application,which isn't directly possible. The local webserver which has access to theSQL server has both PHP and ASP on it, so I was wandering if its going to bepossible for me to put together a page in one of PHP or ASP that will act asa translator between the two. I know it will be fairly easy to send thequery from the remote website to the database, just using a post/get stringand sending that to the SQL server, but i'm not sure how I could get all ofthe results back to the remote server for processing and usage of theresults. Ideally i'd like to have just one script on the local webserverthat will interpret everything and return whatever is needed, without havingto be reprogrammed to cope with specific queries. Is this going to bereasonably possible, just to take the result of the query that is run andsend the whole lot to the remote website either as a mssql result set or asan array of values I can access as normal arrays?Any help greatly appreciatedAnd I can't change the SQL server since its provided by my university, andapart from this limitation is very powerful, very fast on the campusnetwork, and with unlimited free storage space and tables.ThanksDavid

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Sql Server Wait Interface?

Oracle has a 'wait interface' for monitoring bottlenecks, etc... does SQLServer have utilities like this?

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MS Access Interface With MS SQL Server

I am getting "writing conflict" or "Update or Cancel Update Without AddNew or Edit" errors even though there is nobody else updating the same record. I use Access Form as interface, the DBMS is MS SQL Server 2000 Standart Edition. I did not write any code for the form and its AllowEdits property is set to Yes.

Can anybody tell me what is the problem and how I can fix it?

Thanks... :

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What Happened To Nice BCP Interface In SQL 6.5

In the SQL Object manager tools for sql server 4.21 there was a gui interface for running BCP where you could select tables and fields etc.

I haven't beem able to find abnything equivalent in sql 6.5 enterprise manager. Am I missing someting, or was this dropped?

Jerry Dunn

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