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ODBC Connection Thru Firewall Port


I would like to check with anyone if there are any other ports needed to be opened on the Firewall except port 1433?

What I am trying to do here is to create an ODBC connection from the IIS5.0 server to the SQL server behind a firewall.

Any help is greatly apprecaited.


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ODBC Connection TCP/IP Port Problem

We have ODBC connection problems with some client installation.
Some of them need to have the port number given in the client connect part of the ODBC setup while other (with
the same client version) can use the "dynamically determine port" option, even when the port number is not SqlServer default (1433).

Has someone an idee why this happens and what to change so every connecition can use the dynamic option ?


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Firewall Port Forwarding To SQL Server

Is there any concerns or problems with forward a port to SQL server
from our internet firewall so that you can access the databases over the internet? Is it a standard practice to do this in order to remotely access the SQL server. Or is there a better way to do this? Also, if it is ok to do this are any things you need to do to enhance your security from vulnerabilities being open to the internet.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated on this subject.


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Security - Port - Firewall - Conection - Acessibility
Now I really need you help. I have an application that needs to conect to a server
over the internet and I have change the MSQL port to 2015 cos the server even with a
firewall it has been attempt to be hacked. So I needed to change the port but my application
cannot conect to the server if I change it. If I left in the firewall 1433 and SQL it works fine
but once I change it to 2015 it doesn´t work.

I´m using ADO conection as folow:

Variables string parameters:
04=server IP adress

"Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password='+01+';Persist Security Info=True;User ID='+02+';Initial Catalog='+03+';Data Source='+04;"

Using this conection string I can conect to the server using 1433 port but if I change the port I get the folow message:

"[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied."

I´d try to add the new port number to IP adress but it doesn´t work as ( and it return the folow message:

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (ParseConnectParams()).]Invalid connection.

What I need to know or to do? Please somebody help me cos I don´t know more what to do and my superiors need awnsers.
Thanks for attetion.

Leonardo Almeida.

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Windows Firewall Port Needed For Reporting Services 2005
Leon writes "I am trying to connect to a W2K3 Server's 2005 Reporting Server through my laptop's (WXP Pro SP2) SQL Server Management Studio.

I turned Port 1433 on in the server's Windows Firewall and was able to connect to the server's database engine from my laptop, but I have to turn Windows Firewall on the server off completely to be able to connect to the Reporting Server.

I have tried all the ports listed for SQL Server in the Microsoft documentation (TCP and UDP), but they seem to have no effect.

Can anyone tell me which port or ports I need to turn on in the server's firewall so that I can access Reporting Services through my laptop's SSMS?

Thanks in advance.


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ODBC Tries To Connect Through The Wrong Port


I've been running some tests with a 3rd party application during the last few days, but the ODBC doesn´t seem to be working well.


The ODBCs are configured to go through specific ports, since there's a firewall between the server (production area) and the database (which is located in the dev area). If i press the TEST CONFIGURATION button after i configured the ODBCs, the test is successful, and the log file of the firewall monitor shows that the server is connecting through the designated ports.


But when i run the 3rd party application, the queries fail, showing an error that says "The server cannot be found or you don´t have access", after this error, another one appears, saying something like "Connection().opened..." - unfortunately I don't have the actual text, I'll try to post it as soon as i get them .


Just to make sure that the 3rd party app is doing its job, dev team wrote a simple VB6 app to query the database, and it shows the same error.


Both apps are running well in the dev environment, since dev machines don't have to go through the firewall, and both apps are using the ODBC configured in the same way as the server. I could think that the problem is the firewall, but the firewall logs show that the production server is trying to use ports 1433, 1434, 445 and 139, and there isn´t a single entry showing activity for the ports specified on the ODBCs configuration.




The database server is running SQL Server 2000, the dev pcs are running Windows 2000, and the ODBC driver version is 2000.85.1117.00.


On the Production environment the server that is trying to access the database is running Windows 2003 Server Ent Ed. SP 1 , and the ODBC driver version is 2000.86.1830.00


I hope some one outthere has any ideas to solve this problem, or at least any idea of what is causing this error, because i´m running out of them.


Thanks in advance.


Efrain Morales

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ODBC TCP/IP Dynamically Determine Port Check Box
Hopefully a simple answer:

*editted for clarity*

Where does the "Dynamically determine port" check box come from when creating a ODBC connection using TCP/IP in the client configuration? Only shows up in the control panel/adminstrative tools/Data Sources (ODBC) when it is installed. I have 3 computers here that have it (they are for development) but I am finding my users desktops do not have the box and so I am getting errors trying to connect from their desktops.

I am using Excel and Microsoft Access 2000 to connect to the server using the ODBC connection.

I need my users to connect to SQL Server 2005 so I need the "Dynamically determine port" box checked to find the port. Tried typing in the port but that isn't solving the problem or answering my question. So far I have tried MDAC and .NET 2.0 platform installs with no luck.

Thanks for the help,

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Data Connection Behind Firewall
I am trying to connect a web app to a SQL 2005 that is behind a firewall.
The challenge is this, the SQL is behind a firewall and the webserver is at a different location.  From my desktop development environment, I connect through a VPN first and then can point to the internal IP of the DB server.  This works fine as long as the VPN is connected.
But how do I do this from a hosted web application that is not on my local machine or using my VPN?
Is there some sort of tunneling Connection that I can use within code?

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Sql Server Connection Over Internet && No Firewall

Trying to connect sqlserver client wiht sql server desktop engine over internet. Here is the connection string

conString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=" & dbName & ";Network Address=" & IPAddress & ";Data Source=" & DataSource & " ;User ID=" & UserId & " ; Password=" & Password

there is no firewall. Because i m trying in one room with two computers connected directly with the internet. I want this to be confirmed that any window operating system like win98 or win 2000 would do the work or there is any restriction.

i must also put here that the ping is not even working. this could be the main problem. i m not a master of network. so plz guide me out of this scene.

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Remote Database Connection Through Firewall
I'm trying to adminster a remote MS SQL server from inside my company's firewall. I have the correct permissions to pass traffic through the firewall, but I need to authenticate to it first. When I try to register this remote SQL server through Enterpise Manager, it of course does not let me because of the firewall. Is there any way I can pass the firewall ID and password during the server registration process, and then pass the SQL server ID and password? I'm no SQL server expert by any means, but it doesn't look like it's possible. Are there any third party utilities that may accomplish this?

Thanks for the help!


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Remote SqlExpress Connection And Firewall
I am running SqlExpress on a Vista machine as a server and accessing it from machines running XP.  I could not connect with the Vista server until I turned off the firewall, despite creating exceptions for both the sqlexpress and sqlbrowser services in the firewall setup.  Obviously, I don't want to run on a wireless network without a firewall for any length of time.  What else to I need to enable in order to run with my firewall up?  In SMSS, I could 'see' the Vista server on the network with the firewall up, but I could not 'see' the SERVERSQLEXPRESS service or connect to it .

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Connection TCP/IP Through The Port 1433
Witam!Mam problem z polaczeniem sie z baza danych po TCP/IP przez port domyslny1433, nie mozna sie telnetowac ani nic z nim zrobic, poprostu niezyje. Portjest zamkniety i nijak nie moge go zmusic do jakiejkolwiek komunikacji nawetpo localhoscie. Skaner portów wykrywa go jako zamkniety. Czy wiecie moze jakten port otworzyc i zmusic go do komunikacji z baza danych? OS win2k3,MSSQL2000 Server.PozdrawiamHello!I have a problem with a TCP/IP connection to Data Base through the 1433port. I cannot telnet on this port even on localhost. My firewalls aredisabled but port scanner see the port as closed. Protocol TCP/IP on theMSSQL Server is enabled and it's not hidden, so I don't know what I shouldto do. My configurations: Win2k3 Server, MSSQL Server 2000Thx for answers.

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How To Specify The Port In Connection String

my application connect a sql server which was name instanced.
And the sql server browser was stopped, so i need to specify the port  in connection manually .
i try this:
  server=xx.xx.xx.xx,1433mssqlserver2;database=master;uid=xxx;pwd=xxx;  it always return a error message:
An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server.  When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that
under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.)

any suggestions?

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Can't Find SQL Native Client In ODBC Connection Manager In SQL Server Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this posting. Looking at the descriptions, it appeared to be the best choice.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP2. I have installed the SQL Native Client for 
XP. However, when I try to add a new data source through ODBC Connection 
Manager, SQL Native Client is not listed as an option. I have followed this procedure on three other systems with no problems. What would be causing the
SQL Native Client to not show up in the list of available ODBC data sources?

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Setting The Port For The Database Connection In Vs 2005 And Also In Web.xml
I've mapped a sqlserver machine within vs2005, but when I attempt to set the database connection, I dont see place to stick the port number (even in the advanced area)... it continues to fail when I test the connection.. I can telnet into the machine on the sql server port, so I know its open to me...
Also - when I publish this to an IIS server, what is the syntax for placing the connection and port number in web.config?  I've tried various settings, cant get it to work. <appSettings><add key="con" value="Server=;PORT=1234;UID=*****;PWD=*****;database=mydb" /></appSettings>
Thanks in advance for the help,

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How To Set Port Number On Smtp Connection Manager Send Mail Task

We have an SSIS job that runs once a day and sends emails.
For security reasons, IT switched the send-mail porton the smtp server from 25 to a different number (let's say 1234).

So, I changed the SSIS SMTP Connection Manager's smtpServer string to smptserver:1234

However, this does not seem to be working. I keep getting 'Send Mail Failure' error.

Any ideas how to set the port number for sending emails using SSIS?

thanks much,
Cobalt Group

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Remote Connection Refused When Creating ODBC Connection To SQL Server 2005
When I create a new odbc connection to a SQL server 2005 Db I get a failure telling me dat de SQL server does not allow remote connections.

How can I allow the server to allow this.


Any help appreciated



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Lost Connection To MySQL During Query In My ODBC Connection
I am trying to connect Visual Studio 2005 here in the Philippines to a MySQL server in CA, USA using the Connector/ODBC using the following parameters:


DSN = mysqlodbc

Server =

userid = myuid

password = mypassword


when i used the port 3036  i got the  can't connect to MySQL on server blabla(10060)


when i used the port 8087 i got the "Lost connection to MySQL during query.


How do i connect successfully?





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&#34;ODBC--Call Failed&#34; And &#34;ODBC--connection To &#39;SQLServerMYSERVER&#39; Failed&#34;
We are using Access as a front end to a DB we house on a SQL 2000 SP2 box. I have 2 users utilizing this front end and they keep recieving these two errors
"ODBC--Call Failed" and "ODBC--connection to 'SQLServerMYSERVER' failed"
when trying to run a query window. They get the called failed message 99% of the time. I on the other hand, have no problems doing any of this without a File DSN defined. I verified all the file permissions to rule that out. And I also verified how their permissions were setup in Enterprise Manager and they are set the same as mine. The other users get the errors with or without the File DSN defined. After relinking the tables in the front end, it seems to go away for awhile, but then reappears. The only other way I could get the errors to disappear was to make them a domain admin like myself. When I did that, everything seemed to work fine. Now obviously I can't leave them like that, so I was hoping someone would be able to kindly point me in the right direction on how to resolve this. Please help, I am completely out of ideas here. Thanks in advance. Mike

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T-SQL ODBC Connection
Would someone provide a code snip example of a T-SQL script using an ODCB connection against a non-SQL2K database. I can hit the outside database using DTS (so I know it is possible) but I'm having trouble with the parameters using a script.


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ODBC Connection
I am currently running a application and a database server they are connected via ethernet. Only the application is connected to our network. Is there a way to connect MS Access to the database server without connecting the database server to the network? I've tried several different approaches and it still dosent work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ODBC - ASP Connection
We are upgrading from Access to SQL 2000 for our Intranet backend database. This is on a separate server. I have installed Server 2000 ODBC drivers on the IIS machine. I get the following error message which I can't sort out:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error 80040e4d
[Microsoft[ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON'

The ODBC is set up on the IIS server to use NT Authentication. The account logged on has administrative rights for the domain.

The only solution I can think of is to publish to the MSDE I have installed on the IIS machine.

Anyone out there able to help?


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ODBC DSN Connection
By defining a System DSN I can specify a simple ODBC connection string like DSN=SomeDSNname. With some repeated testing I've found that using a trusted connection (NT) in the DSN, I can set up either named pipes or TCP/IP and the connection works fine. When I try to set up SQl server authentication I can only get named pipes to work and not TCP/IP. Any ideas?

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ODBC Connection
Hi everyone

I installed the MS SQL server 7.0 on a Windows NT 4.0 SP 4 server. The network runs with TCP/IP.
I want to connect the SQL server by a ODBC-connection. Only a connection on the server (local) was successful.

The odbcping-utility reports following:

SQLState: 08001 Native Error: 6
Info. Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNMPNTW]Selected SQL server not found.

SQLState: 01000 Native Error: 53
Info. Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNMPNTW]ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).

Do I forget to install a SQL server component? Or a network service?

Thank you for your help.


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ODBC Connection
I have DSN setup on IIS 4.0 server that is configure using TCP/IP connection to talk to SQL Server to retrieve data for one of our web site.

The problem I am having is that the DSN cofiguration connection changes automatically to Named Pipe on the IIS 4.0 server, causing web site to generate ODBC connection failure. This happends at least once a week.

To resolve the issue I have to reconfigure the DSN to TCP/IP connection.

Does any one have any idea how to resolve this issue.

Thank You,
Piyush Patel

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ODBC Connection
Has anyone had an issue with the ODBC data source that when you set it up for SQL, it does not retain the username and password you entered and keeps defaulting back to the NT windows verification instead of using the SQL verification that you choose?

I add a datasource, select validation based off of SQL profile/password assigned, enter the user and password I assigned on SQL, go through the setup and test successfully. Then I try to connect using that datasource with my VB application and it says connection failure. When I go back to the datasource, it has changed back to NT verification and removes the user/password I entered for SQL verification. Maybe there is an service pack from MS on this?

any help is appreciated. At the very least, I can just hard code into my VB app, but that is my last resort. Thanks!

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ODBC Connection
Hello - I'm trying to creat an ODBC connection and the db I created is not showing up in the dropdown for 'Change the default database to:' option. I'm logged into SQL using Windows Authentication, create the db, restored it w/ a backup and then added a user w/ no problems. Any ideas?

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Can't See ODBC Connection
I am connecting to Informix via ODBC.  When I go to the ODBC manager, I can create a connection DSN and it tests OK.
When I look at the list of available drivers, there are only 3 in the list
When I try to run a report & set up the data source, it can't find the DSN but it shows a lsit of dozens of drivers...none of which are Informix
Any insight?

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ODBC Connection
I have front-end visual basic program that use an ODBC connection to connect with SQL server, and my questions is there any automated procedure to configure this ODBC connection instead of configure it manually specially of the user profiles was changed I have to configure it again.

Please advise

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Odbc Connection
We have three users that access a particular sqlserver database via microsoft access, two of the users have no problem, the third user used to be able to use the access database but is now getting  a sql server error 18452 followed by an error message 'login failed for user '(null)' reason: not associated with a trusted sql server connection. When reviewing the odbc setup that the user that is having problems has, we find  two sqlserver entries  when it asks 'which sqlserver do you want'.  How do i go about finding out where that entry comes from so i can look into removing one of them. None of the other users have two sqlserver entries. The othere users have no problem accessing this sqlserver database via  ms access, I'm trying to find out why all of a sudden this one user is having problems

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ODBC Connection

I just start working on SQL Server 2005, could someone help me to make link of few tables through ODBC.




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ODBC Connection
I am trying to connect to SQL Server using a 3rd party report generating software (dbextra).  Everything is located on my local box.  I am trying to establish connection through ODBC.  Is this installed during setup or is this a function I have to manually set up and configure?

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Creating ODBC Connection
In my project, I have added a database called aspnetdb.mdf and I store all the required information here. Now I want to write a seperate Cryatl Report for my manager, that accesses this database and display required data. This report is not a part of the project. This is only for my manager. My database is not attached to any server. I just use the attachdb in the coonection string of my project to attach this database. no I want my crystal report to access this database. If I can create an ODBC connection to this database, it will solve my problem. Dows any body know how to access this database from Crystal with or without ODBC?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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ODBC Connection Failing
First of all i apologise if this is in the wrong area.  My problem is as follows.  I had set up a couple of aspx pages on our webserver which accessed a sql database on another server.  These pages were set up using frontpage 2003 and everything worked fine.  A week ago the pages stopped working giving the error "Server Error in '/' Application". As far as I know nothing has been changed on the servers.  On top of this frontpage has started having connection problems.  Frontpage will connect to the database but is unable to access the fields giving the following error.
Server error: Unable to retrieve schema information from the record source ' NAME' in a database using the connection string:
'DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=servername;DATABASE=live;UID=********;PWD=********'.
The following error message comes from the database driver software; it may appear in a different language depending on how the driver is configured.-------------------------------------------------------[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'NAME'.
Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC DriversNumber: -2147467259 (0x80004005)
I have been trying for the past few days to solve this one, but am reasonable new to SQL, so this may be an easy one.
Hope someone can help me

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ODBC Connection Fails
I am attempting to connect to Altiris Deployment Server through ODBC and this is the error I get:

Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Version 03.70.1146

Running connectivity tests...

Attempting connection
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]General network error. Check your network documentation.


I am connecting through a workstation shortcut. Funny thing is when I log onto the server that is actually running DS the ODBC connection connects immediately. Soemthing tells me it is a rights issue but I can not seem to isolate the problem.

Any help with this problem is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again! griedel :(

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ODBC -Connection Failed
I create a Test database in SQL server, also I add new user in security folder. Also I add this user in Test database, the permission are: Public, and db_owner. But when I let the user try to open the database, it is ODBC – Connection failed. I add another user a few months ago, she works fine. But the new user I added in didn’t work, did you know why. I am sure I add the same permission as the later user. Thanks.

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ODBC Connection To SQL Server DB
I'm writing a VB app to read and write data to an SQL server database.

I have successfully done so using ADO however I now need to do it using ODBC.

I have set up the appropriate DSN and have no trouble reading data from the database but when I try to write to it I get a message indicating that the database is open for read only access.

I'm no sure whether the restriction is and the VB, ODBC, or database level.

Here's the code which opens the database and recordset.

Set dbsWarehouseServer = OpenDatabase(ODBCDSName, _
dbDriverNoPrompt, False, _
"DSN=" & ODBCDSName)

Set rstRailSet = dbsWarehouseServer.OpenRecordset("Select Store_date, SLN From " & TBName & " where Rail_set_ID = '" & RailID & "'", dbOpenDynaset)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Loosing ODBC Connection
Hi all,

We recently converted an application from accecc97 to access2003.
We used to have 2 databases : 1 with all and only the data (axelD.mbd), 1 with all the forms, query's, ... (axelP.mdb)

We replaced the data (axelD.mdb) with an MSDE database, through UPSIZE and so on. That all worked fine.
This database is placed on the dataserver (DATA1), the converted programm is on the FRONT2 server (FRONT1 stil usess access97 until conversion is totally ready).

We are able to connect to the MSDE by using ADODB recordsets.
We are also perfect able to link the MSDEtables in our axelP.mbd database

We started to test some heavier parts of our application and started to get the following error:

"ERROR 3151"
"ODBC--connection to 'JOROSOFT' failed"

Nothing more.

This happened in a quite complex routine, whitch updates a lot of records, several times and so on.
We could reproduce the same error when executing the following code:

Public Function TestBestellingen()
Dim sql As String
Dim intervalset As DAO.Recordset
Dim planset As DAO.Recordset
Dim tellerke

x = Opendatabases()
tellerke = 0
sql = "Select bestelnummer from vkpbestellijn where bestelnummer > 100000"
Set planset = Db_AxelP.OpenRecordset(sql, dbOpenDynaset)
Do While Not planset.EOF
tellerke = tellerke + 1
Debug.Print tellerke & " - " & planset!Bestelnummer & " --> " & IsKlantStof(planset!Bestelnummer)
End Function

Function IsKlantStof(p_bestelnummer)
Dim sql As String, rst As DAO.Recordset
Dim hulp_klantstof As Boolean

hulp_klantstof = False
x = Opendatabases()
sql = "select klantstof from vkpbestellijn where bestelnummer = " & p_bestelnummer
Set rst = Db_AxelP.OpenRecordset(sql, dbOpenSnapshot)

With rst
Do While Not .EOF
If !KlantStof = True Then
hulp_klantstof = True
End If
End With
Set rst = Nothing
IsKlantStof = hulp_klantstof
End Function

Function Opendatabases()
If Db_AxelP Is Nothing Then
Set Db_AxelP = DBEngine(0)(0)
End If
End Function
I know this code makes no sence in a real-time environment, but it was to reproduce the error.
This code basically runs trough a 30.000 records and does a little check for certain fields
After 1981 records we get the above error.
(sometimes after 1979 or 1980 or 1982 records)

1977 - 100859 --> True
1978 - 100860 --> True
1979 - 100860 --> False
1980 - 100861 --> True
1981 - 100861 --> True

"vkpbestellijn" is a table that is linked in the AxelP.mdb trough an ODBC connection.
We get the same error (and after 1981 times) if I change the where to a totally other range of "bestelnummer"

I have installed the latest patches of Jet 4.0, MSDE-server, ...

I've been searching the internet for abour 3 days now, and just cant even find the smallest clue what could make this happen.

I hope someone here has an idea.
If you need more details, just ask.


P.S. I'm from Belgium, so my english aint "correct to the point".

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ODBC Connection Is Not Working
I have these two workstation in same domain.

PC A is running on Windows 2000 Professional, with MSSQL 7.0 installed.

PC B is on Windows XP, in which I try to create an ODBC connection to one database in the above MSSQL server.

When I add a system DSN from the ODBC Data Source Administrator, I couldn't connect with the following message:

Connection failed:
SQLState: '28000'
SQL Server Error: 18456
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'Auserabc'.

I have created the userabc in PC A, both as system adminstrator and as an user permitted to use the database.

I tried both "With windows NT authentication using the network login ID" and "With SQL Server authentication", but both were not working.

Any hint about what may go wrong? Thanks.

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ODBC Connection In UNIX
Hi Folks,

I need to access the MSSQL data in Oracle.

For that i need to first create the data source (ODBC Connection) to the MSSQL server on UNIX. Can anybody help me in creating the ODBC connection.


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How To Get ODBC Connection Attributes?
I'm using SQLDriverConnect(Driver=SQL Server) to connect to MS SQL Server 2000/2005.

I want to get the value of the following ODBC connection attributes:


1. Which ODBC API functions should I use to get those attributes?
2. Which constants do I pass to the ODBC API functions for those attributes?
3. Which header file (.h) contains the constants?


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ODBC Connection Error
I'm new to SQL Server, but regularly connect to Oracle via ODBC. I'm trying to a) connect to our SQL Server over an ISP and b) Run Enterprise Manager over the ISP. Both actions work fine over our campus network but fail across an ISP.

The first returns the message: Connection failed:SQLState: '01000' SQL server Error: 1326 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]ConnectionOpen[CreateFile()]. Connection failed:SQLState:'08001' SQLServer Error 1326 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Client unable to establish connection

The second returns the message: Unable to connect to server [reason:[DB-Library]Unable to connect. SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist. Register anyway.

I had previously received a different error (in case 1) and, through the knowledge Base discovered I needed MDAC drivers for named pipes. I installed them but get a new error. I can find nothing in the KB or previous SWYNK messages.

Please help..... TIA

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Connection ODBC Closed
That is an app ACCESS 2000 wih Named Pipe ODBC to SQL Server 6.5.

After 10 minutes without use this app, the connection closed !

Have-you idea for correct this probleme ?

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Slow ODBC Connection.
Hi All

We have a web server using iss4.0 and coldfusion. Connection to the database server SQL 7.0 is thru odbc. Would appreciate if some one could explain how to increase the performace web server performace. Any special setting required on iss orcold fusion or SQL


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ODBC Connection Using MS Excel
I have a database named ET4.2. This is vendor software and the vendor requested that name and like a fool I let them use that. Now I am stuck with the consequences. Most of the time it is just irritating and wrapping it in double quotes does the trick like use "ET4.2" in SQL Query Analyzer.

Now I am trying to connect to this database using an ODBC connection with the SQL Server driver through Microsoft Excel. No matter what I do it tells me "Could not find server 'ET4' in sysservers". Does anyone have any suggestions how to get around this? This is a production database so renaming it isn't really an option.

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ODBC Connection Error
One of my user is having trouble connecting to the database,i have already reset his pwd bt when she is trying to connect trhough application , he keeps getting this error

"Unable to connect to database

Sytem Error codes:[microsoft][ODBC SQL Server driver] SQL Server Log in failed for user 'Username'.
[microsoft]ODBC SQL Driver] Invalid connection string attribute
Data provider could not be initialized.
please try again or contact adminstrator!

i am sure it is not psw issue because i have reset his psw
Please help me out.

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Trying To Set Up Sybase ODBC Connection In DTS
Hi everyone,

I have a Windows 2000 server and have installed the ODBC driver that comes with Sybase open Client 12.

I can create a data source (to a remote Sybase database) but when I try and use this data source in DTS I get the following error message (which isn't very helpful)

"HResult of 0x80004005 (-2147467259) returned
Unexpected Error Occurred. An error result was returned without an error message"

Can anyone help?



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ODBC Connection Failing. Help!
We recently install SQL Server 7 and we are testing things to get it up to speed so we can use it for our clients. We are having difficulty calling the database from a ASP page. Here is the error it gives in the browser:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user ''.

/asptest.asp, line 11

Now here is the ASP code:

set conntemp=server.createobject("adodb.connection") "DSN=Northwind;uid=dbuser;pwd=dbuser"
set rstemp=conntemp.execute("select * from customers")
howmanyfields=rstemp.fields.count -1

I have created a System DSN name Northwind, and a user 'dbuser' on the PDC (running IIS as well). I have gone into SQL Server and added the user dbuser and specified to authenticate it from the PDC. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?
Could someone please point it out to me.



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