Print Table Format

I want to print the format of a table. You can view the format from enterprise manager under properties, but I was wondering if there is some command that you can use in query analyser to view the stucture of a table?

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Print Format Of Linked Reports

Having just discovered that linked reports do not retain any print formating applied to the original report I thought I'd check out the forum and see if it was just me having a senile moment or if Microsoft had in fact dropped a clanger of massive proportion.

After reading one or two questions from other RS users it does seem as if Microsoft have stuck again and completely diminished a useful feature by stripping it of anything, well....... useful. Well done MS, you once again have my applause for mind-boggling ineptitude of what should be impossible magnitude. Ah, you've got to laugh.

Maybe this and other bugs with RS2005 will be ironed out in Microsoft Reporting Services 2008 - The Search for More Money.

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Format Print Range When Converted To Excel?

I have a report that the user can print right from the RS site on three pages (each page one page wide). However, when I have the server email the report as an attachment in Excel; Excel tries to print it on four pages with one of the pages spilling over into the fourth page.

How can I get Excel to format the print version just as I have on the RS site?

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Open A Report In A Print Friendly Format

Hi experts,

What I am trying to do is to open an existing report in a Print Friendly format .
What is the simplest way to do this using Visual Studio?

Here's the sort of thing I hope is feasible:

I can open my Report on a web page , then on that page can be a button / link for the user in case they want to open
that report in a separate window.
So I'd like to jump to that page by jumping to an URL and sending all parameters

something like :

http://Dev_Server/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fMy+Reports%2fTest+Report&rsaramOne=Parameters!paramOne.value + paramTwo=Parameters!paramTwo.value + etc all other parameters , I have on that report

Any suggestions would be really appreciated .


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PDF Format Print Extra Blank Page With Header


When I Preview my report then it's fine only 2 pages with no blank page with header in between.

I then deploy it & open via web.

But when i export to PDF & print it pints 3 pages with the first being a blank page with header.

Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?


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Print A Table

Is there an easy way to print off a sql table ? I wanted something along the lines of an Access query that you can print. Or is it easiest to link to the SQL table and use Access to display it ?

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How To Print The Table Layout

Hello to everyoneI am using SQL Server Enterprise Manager and I would like to print thestructure of each table of a database, with the purpose to see the wholerecord layout. (In Access there is Analyzer which does that) butapparently I acnnot find anything similar in EM.Who Could help me?Thank you to everyone!RegardsFabio*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Print The Table Structure

Hello to everyone!How can I print the structure of a table from the SQL SERVER ENTERPRISEMANAGER?Thank YouFabio*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Just Want To Print Out Table Structure

This has to be a very simple think to do, but, I`m new....

Have NT4.0, SQL6.5, and existing database with about 30-40 tables.

Just want to be able to print out each table structure with record info. Don`t need the actual data printed, just the table/record structure.

Thanks, and again, I`m new to SQL/Query so go easy on me.... ;-)


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How To Print A Table Design

How can I print a table design. I know that I can display the design by right clicking on a table and selecting DESIGN. However, there are no options in this screen to print the design.

I also tried creating a diagram for a table. I can print the design from the diagram window as long as it fits in the window. However, when I have more columns than can fit on my screen, the print command will only print what is displayed.

Is there an easy way to print the design of a table in SQL 2000?


Joel Isaacson

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How To Print Out Table Structure For SQL 7

I just started with SQL 7 and I would like to know how to print
out the structure of a table in SQL 7.

thanks in advance.

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Print Table Contents


I want to have a print of table records in sql server express.

I went several locations, but File|Print item didn't on.

How can i print table contents in sql express environment ?

Thank you for helping me.

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How Can I Print Table Structures In SQLExpress

I need to get a print out of column names, types, and properties for each of the tables. We just started using SQL Express from Access. I cannot find any reference to printing the structures in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.


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Print Hardcopy Of Table Structure

I've just started working with SQL Server Express, and would like
to print out a report listing the properties (Ie. field names, data
ttypes, length, field description, etc.) of each of the tables in my

How do I do this?

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Table Footer Does Not Print On A Separate Page

I'm using SSRS SP2. I have a table with 1 group defined. I have a group footer that includes sub totals for each group. I have a table footer that includes my grand totals, but this footer will NOT print on a separate page even though I have 'Page Break At End' checked for the group. My groups correctly start on a new page, but when I get to my Grand Total footer line, it prints just after the last group sub-total line.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Dawn J

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Print Barcodes With The Active X Print Control

We are having problems printing Reports (when printing by clicking on the AcitiveX print control), where the font for the fields are set to "C39HrP24DhTt" (barcode).

While viewing the report it displays as Barcodes but while printing, the Barcode does not get printed, but the string gets printed.

Environment: SSRS 2005

Using the ReportViewer Control in a .Net 2.0 Web App to render the reports.

BarCodes print fine in the following situations:

1. When the Report is exported to Excel and when printed from there

2. When you click on the print button on Internet Explorer

3. When saving as html (from view source) and opening that html document and printing.

BarCodes do NOT get printed in the following situation:

1. When printing by clicking on the "Print" (Active X Control) icon. Even the "Print Preview" does not show the Barcode.

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Print Problems, Deadlocks & Inconsistency's In The Temse Table


We are running SAP 3.1H on MS SQL server 6.5.
We are having serius problems with printing.
Here are some error messages from the system log.

Deadlock occurred
DB error 1205 at UPD access to table TSP02
SEVERITY 13 Your server
command (process id 92) was
deadlocked with another
process and has been chosen
as deadlock victim. Re-run
your commandsrvname SAPPROD :
YR200000015BKH4037TSP02 :
line 2
Spool: RT_UPDATE error 1 for table TSP02
DB error 0 at UPD access to table TSP02

Spool: RT_UPDATE error 1 for table TSP02
DB error 0 at DEL access to table TST01

Database error: TemSe->XRTAB(5)->1 for table TST01
key [005]SPOOL25171 ,1
Database error: TemSe->XRTAB(5)->1 for table TST01
key [005]SPOOL25171 ,1
Some error in TemSe management
DB error 0 at DEL access to table TSP01

The system log is full of these errors, we have a lot of inconsistency's in the temse objects.
Can you tell me wat the solution is or cult be for this problem??

Kind regards,

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Display Table Columns But Not Print Them Based On Input Parameter Value

To anyone's knowledge is there a property or other setting for either a table or matrix column that can be set beforehand that will ensure that the column displays but does not print?


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Selecting From A Table, When I Only Have The Table Name As A String Format

is there some way to allow this to execute, using a function or something?:

select * from 'cusomer'

you see i have a list of about 300 table name in string format, and i want to use a cursor to itterate through each table, but as all the table names are in string format i cant get it done. any ideas??

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Reporting Services From WebBrowser Control - Print = &&"unable To Load Client Print Control&&"

UPDATE #2: When it said "Do you want to install Microsoft SQL Server" I said "yes" and that caused it to work. I exited and re-ran and now the print runs w/o the "install SQL Server" (If the prompt had said "Do you want to install the print dialog" we wouldn't be having this discussion...) 

UPDATE: After posting this i discovered that the same thing occurs when attempting to print the report direct from IE6: First a dialog pops up "Do you want to install this software?" Name: Microsoft SQL Server. When I click "Don't Install" I get the dialog "unable to load client print control." Since this happens direct from IE6 I suspect it's browser settings. I'll resume tomorrow and post a followup.

My WinForm C# app integrates Reporting Services by calling them from WebBrowser controls. The problem is attempts to print cause a dialog: "unable to load client print control."

I've read prior posts that say "enable Active-X in your browser" - I don't know how to do that from a WebBrowser control.

Any ideas how to support Reporting Services "Print" from within a WebBrowser control?




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How Can I Print A Field That Is In The Dataset On Each Page And Show The Table Hearder On Each Page?

How can I print a field that is in the dataset on each page? I added a textbox in the Page Header and use =Fields!ProjectName.value in the value property. I got an error "Fields cannot used in page header and footer."

How can I have the table header shows on each page? Currently if the data goes to the second page, there is no table header.



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How To Set Table Header To Excel &&"Print Titles&&"?


I use RS2000 SP2.
I would like to set table header to Print titles option when export a report to excel.
I try to create text boxes in stead of table on Page header area. This way seems good, however, this way is difficult for preventing merged cell problem.

Does anyone know good solution?
Does it solve at RS2005?

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Changing Table Format

Hi there,

Its probably easier to draw this problem than describe it, so here goes:

I have a sales forecast table (A,B,C are products [PRODUCT], the dates refer to the month for which the forecast is [FORECAST_DATE], and the integer is the forecast sales qty [FORECAST_QTY])

A 01/03/2004 30
B 01/03/2004 28
C 01/03/2004 24
A 01/04/2004 11
B 01/04/2004 09
C 01/04/2004 41

I need to convert the table into a more sensible format, like this:

(NB ...Dots are just there to help with formatting - basically I'm talking about a field for FORECAST_03_2004, FORECAST_04_2004 etc etc)

........ 01/03/2004....01/04/2004

I'm really no t-SQL guru, and I can't seem to get any joy out of BOL. It must only be a tiny bit of code. Can anyone help?

Thanks very much


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Exporting A Table In CSV Format


i wanted to export a table with all the results in it into a csv file...

is there any script that i can use to achieve this?

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Change Format Of Table


I imported data into a fact table in sql with SSIS.
The fact table looks like this:

Question Answer Type
q1 a1 t1
q2 a2 t2
q3 a3 t3

The problem is that i have to insert the data from the fact table into another table that looks like this:

art_id template_id Body
23 1 q1
23 2 a1
23 3 t1
25 1 q2
25 2 a2
25 3 t2

How can i insert the data correctly?


Whisky-my beloved dog who died suddenly on the 29/06/06-I miss u so much.

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Sql 2000 Table Format

There is a table with the following fields:
Usercode is a varchar fields whereas the other fields are integrers.

Let's say this is what the table contains at present:

id year Usercode A2 A3 B2 B3

1 2005 2BM 12 7 9 11
2 2002 BB1 87 98 4 32
3 1999 3NS 45 32 88 12

The question is, how can I produce something like the following table using the above table:
The idea is to show the final table (at the very bottom) on a web page. So I am thinking if I get the table right in sql server then the rest is fine.


A2 12 87 45
A3 7 98 32
B2 9 4 88
B3 11 32 12

Since I am using sql server 2000, I do not think I can use something like the pivot sql functionality as sql 2005 allows.
In addition to the above I would like to go one step further to have a sql to produce the following result (Notice the extra texts):


user info
positive nums
A2 12 87 45
yesterdays info
negative values
A3 7 98 32
contact manage
B2 9 4 88
contact method
B3 11 32 12


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Create New Table Format

Im new / novice user to writing SQL scripting. I have two tables and table1 has two columns

uslid and groupid,

uslid1, group1

uslid1, group2

uslid1, group3

uslid3, group1

uslid3, group3          etc

the second table2 has three columns

uslid, name, and location

uslid1, john, bldg 4

uslid2, jane, accounting

uslid3, joe, mail room

. I am trying to do a inner join but not working and not sure if this will work to create new temp table.  

example of what i am trying to get in new temp table on one row:

uslid, name, location, groupid1, groupid2, groupid3

uslid1, john, bldg 4, group1, group2, group3

uslid3, joe, mail room, goup1,          , group3

Hope i explained this ok. Im using 2003 server sql 2000 ver 7,  thank you in advance.


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External Table Is Not In The Expected Format

   I am trying to import an excel spreadsheet to the sql server database, I have 7 spreadsheets. in that 6 of them work fine, but when i try to import the 7th i am getting and error called
External Table is not in the expected format
System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: External table is not in the expected format
Any help will be appreciated.

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How To Insert/format A Date In My DB Table?

Hi. I am sitting here as a newbie programming my first web application.I have in my tables a column ‘Birthday’ declared as a  smalldatetime (I only want to store year, month and day).Where Year, Month ans Days are dropdownlist. 
Inserting the data I use this code:
Dim Birthday As New DateTime(Int32.Parse(Year.SelectedValue), Int32.Parse(Month.SelectedValue), Int32.Parse(Days.SelectedValue))-and then I use Birthday in my stored procedures.
 Whan I look into my tabel is ses the value is stored like this: 12.01.1996 00:00:00
This is also the result if I change the column declaration from smalldatetime to DateTime.Is 12.01.1996 00:00:00 (mm.dd.yyyy) the correct value in my DB. I whould have expecetd or ?
Please avise.

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Creation Of Table That Type Of Format........

hello alli want to create a phone table and it contains two fields empid ,ph.the phone table following format:Phone table------------------------------------------empid ph----- ---------------------------------office Mobile home--------- -------- --------100 9380768532 98455555 98822213--------------------------------------------i want above type of format and then how to insert into values thatphone table . please help me.

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Exporting Sql Table Data To Csv Format

I am trying to export an table data to csv format. The problem here is the table columns are dynamic. The DTS exports only the columns available during the DTS design time and it ignores if any new columns are added after the design. I need solution for this asap.

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Convert SQL Table Data To XML Format


I need to convert a SQL table or SQL table data to XML format. I tried using the Import Export Wizard in SQL 2005 (used SQLXMLOLEDB and SQLXMLOLEDB 4.0 as the source). However, it didn't work. Any way you know how I can convert and obtain data in XML format?

Thanks all in advance,

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