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Programatically Show/hide Group Headers/footers In Reports

 I have a report that has three levels of grouping including headers (containing titles) and footers (containing summary values). I would like to programatically show/hide these header/footer sections based on a Show/Hide paramter. Is that possible? Currently I work around the problem by just having two physical reports (one with the header/footers, one without)

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Show/Hide Details And Sub-Reports
We were having a standards meeting today at my company and we talked about the show/hide details button in the UI.  We hide reports all the time because they are sub-reports and aren't meant to be run on their own.  If we can't hide the "Show Details" button and we can't ban the user with security from running the sub-report because they need to run the Main report which runs the sub-report, then what do we do?


I'd think we have the have the ability to to hide things, or least a creative way to hide them; but I don't want to deploy sub-reports to wierd places just to get around this.


The following posts reference this topic, but didn't address it; yet raise this question.






p.s.  Just my own two cents, it would seem like a nice feature to be able to hide the "show details" button because there are advantages to hiding things.

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Programatically Control &&"show/hide Parameters&&" (chevron Symbol Function)
I'd like the state of the function bars to stay at whatever it was as the user moves from one report to the next rather than opening to full each time a new report is opened. Can this be done through a setting or programatically at teh report level? Is there a <default_toolbars_OpenState> tag or something?

Thanks in advance.

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Show/hide A Field Based On The Logged In User In Reports


I have some sensitive and non-sensitive info/fields in one of my reports. Is there a way to hide/show the info based on the logged in user? or do I have to create separte reports for each type of info like one for sensitive and another one for non-sensitive info.


Thanks inadvace for your help!



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Headers And Footers
Hi all,

I am sure this is an easy question but I cant work it out.

I need to output the results of a table to file. I have set up a job to do this, as it needs to be updated every night.

I just do a select * from table

Howerver I dont want the coloum names at the top or the -------'s or the (1) rows bla bla


Any ideas?


Dave Dunckley says there is a law for the rich and a law for the poor and a law for
Dirty Davey.

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Report Headers &&amp; Footers
I see the Page Header and Page footer, but what about Report Header and Report Footers??? Doesn't look like ssrs has this ability, am I wrong??

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Repeating Headers And Footers In All Pages
I used ReportItems!textbox4.Value for displaying a data field in the header and footer.

But it is not getting repeated in the subsequent pages...

It is getting displayed only in the first page...

Kindly provide me with a solution to get it repeated in all the pages asap!!!........



Aravind RJ

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BCP To Csv (that Part Is Ok) WITH Dynamic File Headers And Footers (NOT Ok)

Hi All.
I am building an SSIS job that will export some data to a csv then ftp it to a remote site. 
I have been able to create the csv alright, but I need to add header and footer lines to the csv.
The header must be:

Filename+ crlf (will not change)
File type+ crlf (will not change)

Create date+ crlf (obviously changes) -- format is mmddyyyy as text

And the footer is:

Filename+ crlf (will not change)
File type+ crlf (will not change)

Create date+ crlf (obviously changes) -- format is mmddyyyy as text

Total rows+ crlf (obviously changes)
So I need to first open the file, count the number of rows, then add the header and footer lines.
I would like to do this as a step in ssis, as a function (not by calling a compiled assembly or anything like that).  I have no experience with, and haven't been able to find any snippets on the web that seem to work.  Can anybody lend a hand?  thx.  David

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Images (in Dataset) In Report Headers/Footers

I have an image stored in a dataset that I would like to place in the page header and footer.  Unfortunately dataset fields can not be placed in headers/footers.
Embedded pics in the project and/or report are NOT an option as the report must pull the image from the database.   UNLESS there is a way to embed it FROM the dataset.
Normally I use =ReportItems!FieldName, but this doesn't seem to work when dealing with images. 
I put the image in the header row the table holding the report information, but there are some pitfalls. Consider the following: put the Image in the top left cell of the header rows (A1) , put my Report Title in Cell (A2) and finally put =Now() in cell (B2).

When the report renders Cell (A1) has grown to accomodate the size of the image, Cell (A2) is fine, but cell (A3 - the date-) is pushed expected (boooo!) 
I used the following function =Fields!ReportTitle.Value & chr(10) & chr(13) & Fields!ReportDate.Value in (A2) a slick solution, but the padding is different and I need different font sizes and weights. (...almost) 
I moved the image in (a1) and the rest of the fields following respecfully (B1, C1, D1...) but with parameters the header is now practically half the page (...ok so that was a bit of an stretch)
I tried the RepeatsWith property and couldn't get it to work????  Am I using it correctly?  I have a table in the body of a report (table1).  Above it, I place the image.  In the image properties, I choose RepeatWith and select table1, I expect to see the image repeat on each page, but that is not the case.  I'm probably missing a simple explanation.
I even tried to pass the image as a parameter.  URRRNT!  At least with my experience. 
Have I exhausted all possibilities without extensive code?
All I'm trying to do is line up the Image with the report Title/date/parameter values in the HEADER making the report look pretty.
Thanks for the help...
SSRS 2005 User

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How To Change Report Headers And Footers Dynamically From ASP.NET

Hello All,
I have designed some reports and kept these reports in the report server.
My question is: I want to change report header and footer values dynamically and save the new values in the report template, when the user enters new velues in ASP.NET GUI.
Next time if the user opens the same file the report should display the recent values.
Please help me in passing the parameters from ASP.NET app to SQL Reports and saving the parameters in the report template.

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Reporting Services - Fields Cannot Be Used In Page Headers Or Footers
Hello all,

I am creating a report in SSRS and the data is obtained through a stored procedure. One of the parameters is Begin_Date. This is simply a date field. I need to have it on the Page Header section. However, when I placed it there and ran the report, I received the following error -

Error2[rsFieldInPageSectionExpression] The Value expression for the textbox ‘begindate’ refers to a field. Fields cannot be used in page headers or footers.

Is there a way around? I have never faced such a problem when I created reports in Crystal or ActiveReports. Please let me know whether I am missing anything.

Thanks in advance,

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How To Show ChartFX Reports In ReportServer And How To Show Tooltips For Reports Using Chart Properties

Hi all,
I have two problems.
1. I downloaded ChartFXRSTrial  and created one chart, and able to deploy it in ReportServer, but the problem is the reports are not showing there, i checked the configuration of .dll files in the help provided by chartFX, but couldn't get anything, so could help me on this.
2. How to give Tooltip for the X- axis or Y- axis values in the ReportServer , i tried using chartproperties of .rdl file, but didnt understand it. can help me on this, and one more i tried with Dundas too, If im giving tooltip as #valy then, it is showing samething in reportserver instead the values of 'Y-axis'.
Mahesh Manthena

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While Exporting A SSRS 2005 Report In CSV Format ,can We Include The Report Headers And Footers Also To Be Exported

While exporting a SSRS 2005 report in CSV format ,can we include the report headers and footers also to be exported .
Thanks .

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Column Group Footers In A Horizontal Report
Hi all.

I've created a horizontal report using a matrix according to the quite useful article Horizontal Tables, but there's one thing I'm trying to do that I'm not having any luck figuring out how to do, and that is creating a footer column for a column group that contains a sum of the values in some of its columns.

In other words, here's how I would like to have it look...

Quarter 1 Total
Quarter 2 Total

Tier 1

Tier 2

The fields in the dataset are Month, Tier1, Tier2, Year and Quarter. I've created a group on Year & Quarter, tried right clicking and selecting Subtotal, but that seems to add a subtotal column after every month, not at the end of the quarter group as I want.

Any ideas on what I need to do? Is this even possible?


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How To Show A Line Between Table Column Headers And The Details
I am using table object to present report.

table row1 has all the column names and table row2 has the data.

How can i put a horizontal line between column names and the data rows.

Thank you very much.


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Hide And Show Parameters In SSRS
I am doing report development against OLAP. I have Parameter1 and then my second parameter is a boolean (True/False). I want to show Parameter 3/Paramater 4 based on selection of Param2 (So, if true, show Param3, if false, show Param 4) and please remember we are doing this in a sequence.

Is this even possible in SSRS 2005? If yes, how the hell do I achieve it.

PS: Sorry for cursing, but I am about to lose my mind. Any help is much much appreciated.

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Show/hide Report Columns

I'm currently investigating whether SQL Reporting Services might be the right solution to some reporting requirements I have been given (web reports).

There is a requirement that some of the columns are hidden to begin with and can be shown by clicking on the header of one of the other columns. E.g. There is a list of clients and a "Total Revenue" column, clicking on the "Total Revenue" column header would show an additional 5 or so columns which show a breakdown of different figures that make up the total revenue.

So my question is this: Is it possible to show/hide columns by clicking on the headers of other columns in the report?



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Show (or Hide) Only 1 Subtotal Column Ssrs 2k


I have a simple SSRS 2k Matrix report that has the following format:



                              SomeCampaign1                     SomeCampaign2 .......

                              Reward Points | Next Level      Reward Points | Next Level 

EmpName1                   5                       10                         1                    2

EmpName2                   1                         5                          2                    5



I basically want a single Grand total column at the end of the report making the report look like this:


                              SomeCampaign1                     SomeCampaign2

                              Reward Points | Next Level      Reward Points | Next Level             Total Points

EmpName1                   5                       10                         1                    2                               6

EmpName2                   1                         5                          2                    5                               3


I have these groups set up:








[Static Group]


The rewardspoints and nextlevel are the details i am showing.


I created the FakeColumn group above the Campaign group as I read somewhere on the web that you needed to use this and then use InScope function to set the totals column??. I havent really got this to work.  All i seem to get is a Reward Point AND Next Level totals columns when i only want the Reward Point total.  I created a subtotal against the FakeColumnGroup


Has anybody got suggestions on how I simply hide the Next Level column or simply display a sinlge total column?  What I've found so far doesnt go into enough depth.


Thanks in advance,





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Any Way To Show A Group Detail Header Row Once For Each Group In A Table?
I have a need to show a row inside a table group to simulate a header row for the data rows inside the group.  The table will not have a real header or footer.  Thanks for the help.

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Show/Hide Extra Column Without Running Report Again
Hi all,

Is it possible to show or hide columns in a report on the fly, i.e. without having to run the report again?

I have a report in with a parameter to let the user choose between the data to show. However the customer doesn't like it that he has to rerun the report. Any help would be appreciated!



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Hide/Show Table Based On Parameter Selection!!!???
I'd like to hide/show a table based on selected parameters. In the current setup I have a matrix and two tables underneath that need to be displayed from time to time. First of I use a multi-value parameter called "Lieferart". Depending on the parameter I have set the visibility of the two tables with the following expression:

=iif(Parameters!lieferart.Value(0) like "Nagel%", False, True)
This expression doesn't work though, any ideas??? I am also unsure about what I have to do If multiple values from the parameter list are selected as Parameters!lieferart.value(0) doesn't necessarily need to have a label like "Nagel" included...

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Displaying Group Headers Even When No Data?
I have a table where I need to display groupings of information.  If there isn't any data for a given group, I still need to include that group and say "no applicable data" or somesuch underneath it.  Any way of doing this?

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How Do You Display Headers In The Row Group In A Matrix??
Hi, I am creating a matrix and adding multiple row groups. The problem is that I am unable to display headers for each of these groups - can anyone help??

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Placing Textboxes In Headers Of Reports
    After exporting the report the column headers in the rreport should not scroll, it has to fix with report headers. If i move the column headers to report header the columns are merging in excel, some columns are hiding.
For ex: I have 10 columns, it has to take from A to K but it is taking A to P. one column is occupying two columns. how to avoid this merging and how to place the column headers in the report header.

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Hide Calculated Column In Matrix Report And Show Only In Total

Hi All,
I need to show the Cumulative calculated value only in Total by year/Group. I could not use Visibility expression using

InScope, as it creates *Blank column. Please go thru details below.

Month01    02       03           Total    
Salary       Salary  Salary     Salary   Cumulative (Calc)
Employee01    20             5                       25            25
Employee02    10             10                     20            45
How can i achieve this?. Any suggestion on this would be appreciated.

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Programatically Deploying Reports
Hi All,

I want to programatically deploy the report in VS2005 environment,ie.from an page if i click deploy report Button ,the report should be deployed into the report server automatically.So that i can view the report in report server.
the input to the asp page would be the.rdl file...
   If anyone could help then it would be good.



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How Can I Show A Row Inside A Table Group Just Once After The Group Row?
I have a need to show a row inside a table group to simulate a header row for the data rows inside the group.  The table will not have a real header or footer.  Thanks for the help.

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Show/Hide Report Parameters Based On Selected Values In Different Parameter
Hi All,

I have requirement where first I need to show only one report
parameter. Based on user selection I need to prompt or show  the user
another report parameter.

Say suppose I have 3 parameters. User selects first value in first
parameter I should not show the other 2 parameters. If user selects
second value in first parameter I should show second parameter and
hide third parameter. There is no relationship between these 2
parameters except user selection. Similarly if user third value in
first parameter then I should show third parameter and hide second

Is this possible? I can not see any Visible property for report

If yes, how to achieve this functionality?

Appreciate your help.


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Printing Reports Programatically With CR2005?
Hello guys/girls:


I am new at reporting services, and would like to know I it is possible to print a reporting service report via code.  I have done this with Crystal reports and would like to do it here.  I even considered creating a ReportViewer object and setup the report, but not actually bind it to a control on a form.  They will not see this report and I really dont want to put it in a report viewer.  Any help is appreciated.




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Modifying Repeating Group Headers So That They Are Different On Subsequent Pages
It is using a table to display a very large amount of data (a basic list of information) with groups. Each of the groups can span multiple pages, so the user may not realize where the grouping actually began (I am repeating the group headers). Therefore, I would like to modify the group header when it is repeated across multiple pages by simply adding the text, "(cont.)" to the header so the reader can easily see that the group started on a prior page. There does not appear to be any standard test function for this condition. Using Previous() for this case does not work. This cannot be a new issue and must have been solved; any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search the forum but could not find an answer to this question...

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Different Behavior Between VS And IE In Rendering Reports With Fixed Headers And A Document Map
I apologize in advance if this is something already addressed elsewhere (if so - please point me in that direction).

I have created a really simple report that allows 'drill-down' at the group level. To this report I also selected the 'Repeat header rows on each page' and 'Header should remain visible while scrolling' features and all worked as expected after deploying.

I then added a Document Map referencing the group level and that too worked within the VS environment. VS displayed a page that contained the requested group in plain view  and I could 'drill down' as expected.

But when I deployed the report and subsequently pulled it up in IE I noticed a slightly different behavior in that when selecting an entry from the document map, the start of that group got hidden behind the fixed header such that what was visible was perhaps 1 or 2 group records down. I had to scroll up to see the start of the group I had selected from the document map and then drill down from there.

Removing both the "Repeat header..." and "Header should remain ...." allows me to select a group from the document map (which is always at the top) - but in doing so I lose the fixed header feature.

Does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?


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Newbie Question Regarding Data Reports And Detail Headers.
Good morning,

I am working on a data report in visual studio (to reporting server).

the report shows product sales by date and groups by date with a toggle to aggregate sales up by date.

my question is this .... is it possible to get the report to show the header value for the toggle items INSIDE the group itself as a header rather than outside the group as a group header.

i guess it would be called a detail header.


i hope this makes sense.




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How To Programatically Add A Group/User To Report Server...
Does anyone know how to programatically add a group/user to Report Server and assign it a role.

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How Can I Hide A Table Column Based On A Group ?
I am using Reporting Services 2000. If you find out that Reporting Services 2005 would resolve this issue, please lemme know also. But I want to mention that I would prefer a way to fix this without changing Reporting Services versions.

I have a table that has a group on ProductTypes. This group is set to PageBreak at end.
What I need to do is to conditionally hide an entire column based on the current group's ProductType.

Page 1 = Product 1 = Column 1 is visible
Page 1 = Product 1 = Column 2 is visible
Page 2 = Product 2 = Column 1 is hidden
Page 2 = Product 2 = Column 1 is visible

Can you help me figure this one out ? I've tried everything I found on the net, especially everything on this page :

Thank you in advance.

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How To Hide URL When Display Reports In Reporting Services
Hi ,
How can I hide the URL information when I open a report, some with parameters and some do not have
parameters. Is there anyway or properties in RS that I can set to have it hide all the important information,
like datasource, credentials, parameters, and display the report like a aspx page instead?
Or does this need to have special programming to make this happen? and if so, what do I need to do?
thanks very much

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Hide [+]/[-] Toggle Sign When Group Doesnot Have Any Member

I need help to hide [+]/[-] sign when a group doesnot have any item in it. Currently, I have a table with a group header where I put the companyName and in the detail section I put the users for that company. I want that, if a company doesnot have any users then there should not be any [+]/[-] sign next to it. Please help!!



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JavaScript Section Missing From HTML/MHTML Reports When Accessed Programatically From Java Servlet
I'm trying to hook some existing SSRS reports into a Java-based web application we have. I was going to use URL access to the reports, save the output, and send that back to the user. There's no direct Internet access to the machine that has the database and reporting services running on it.
As part of my testing, I've run some reporting using URL access through IE7. Works great. But then I took that same URL, popped it in a test program (in Java) that makes a call to that URL and saves the result, and then spews it to the console. Redirect to a file and open the result in IE7 - the report isn't the same. Basically, there's a small <script></script> section that shows up when I run through the browser, but is missing from the programatically captured output. Since part of the problem manifested itself with respect to some image handling, I tried generating output at MHTML. My image came through, but there's still no <script>.
I've tried adding  rc:JavaScript=True to the URL, but that doesn't help in my program either.
Is there something simple I'm overlooking? It's very likely - I started playing with this 2 days ago, and I've not done the reports side. I'm just putting some "glue" together, basically.
The URL I'm trying to use is (wrapped deliberately and the protocol munged for editing purposes):

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Is There A Way To Have A &&"Hide All/Show All&&" In Drill-down Report ?
Hi all,


I was wondering whether there was a way to implement a "Hide all/show all" option in the report. are there any examples that I could refer to ?


Thanks !


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How Do You Hide The &&"show Details&&" Button??
How do you hide the "show details" button? i don't want users to be able to click on it and find all the reports we've hidden from them.

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How To Show Only Month Name In Reports
Hi I want to show only the month names in user selection criteria.
If we create a report parameter of type datetime it will let user to select day too.
I want only month and year to be selelected from dateteim control...


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How To Show Duplicates In Reports
I'm trying to create a report in Sql Server 2005 Reporting Services where it will display duplicates rows in the reports. I'm unable to find the property that enables this. I would need something like HideDuplicates = false, but that is not the way it is intended to be used. If HideDuplicates is left blank, it seems to still hide duplicate values if the preceding row matches.

The report is a crosstab type, so we are using a Matrix for the report item. I'll illustrate with a simple example:

 This is what we currently get:


Type 1
Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Type 2
Item 4

Item 5


This is what we want:


Type 1
Item 1

Type 1
Item 2

Type 1
Item 3

Type 2
Item 4

Type 2
Item 5

I'm sure its something simple, but we just cant seem to find the solution,



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Is It Possible To Show The Reports Those Who Don't Have Rights On ReportServer Also

   Is it possible to show the reports those who don't have the rights on ReportServer also. Is  it visible to view the reports from the web appliation who don't have rights????

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Show More Than Two Reports In Report Viewer

Hello Reporting Gurus:

I am viewing 3 reports on one report viewer every report has different size .it is showing all right on printer but one report displays two report pages on report viewer from 2nd page.i am adjusting the report sizes on selection of reports.

Select Case str_CallReportOption

Case "PrivacyLegislation" ''Calling Privacy Legislation Report 

Me.rptClientCompliance.Width = New Unit(21.5, UnitType.Cm)

Me.rptClientCompliance.Height = New Unit(29, UnitType.Cm)

rptClientCompliance.ServerReport.ReportPath = "/WinfundReport/PrivacyLeg"

Case "Person" ''Calling Persons Only Report

Me.rptClientCompliance.Width = New Unit(21.5, UnitType.Cm)

Me.rptClientCompliance.Height = New Unit(57, UnitType.Cm)

rptClientCompliance.ServerReport.ReportPath = "/WinfundReport/KYC_Person"

Case "Company" ''Calling Companies Only Report

Me.rptClientCompliance.Width = New Unit(21.5, UnitType.Cm)

Me.rptClientCompliance.Height = New Unit(57, UnitType.Cm)

rptClientCompliance.ServerReport.ReportPath = "/WinfundReport/KYC_Company"

End Select


I apreciate ur respone.


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Tool Tips Do Not Show On Reports
What could be the reason that tool tips do not show when they are moused over on a report.  I have checked the HTML (IE 6 & 7) and Report Viewer.  We are running SP2 on the reporting service server.  I am using the tool tips in the details of a report and in the table headings.

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How To Show 2 Or More Multy Row Reports On In One Report
I have two seperate reports that have parameter clientkey in common.  I want to show on one report these 2..first the one, then the 2nd below it.  I've tried jsut using 2 tables but they overlap.  I'm now trying a subreport, but I'm not sure how to do this or even if it is the right method.

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Report To Show Last Time All SQL Reports Were Run
I was curious to know if there is a way to create a report that will show when the last time all reports on our server were run. We have a lot of reports on our server made by multiple people that may or may not be in use anymore and we're trying to clean this up a bit. I am currently running SQL Server 2000. I realize there is a history that each report has and I'm wondering if it's possible to pull from that if it is stored somewhere that is accessible. Any help or direction would be much appreciated as I am not even sure where to start.....

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Can I Show History In Reports Via Previous Snapshots Of The Same Report?
 I have a report that runs monthly and they want to see the previous 2 months of data.  This data is stored no place other than the snapshot of the same report for the previous 2 months.  Is there any way I can display the last 2 snapshots/history withing my report?  Thanks.

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Make Tablix Column Group Show When Filter Returns No Rows
I'm running SQL Server 2008 Feb08 CTP and I've got a tablix with column groupings and row groupings which works nicely, I'm a becomming a big fan of the tablix.
However sometimes the filter I have on a column group returns no records and the whole column group disappears.
Is there any way to make this column appear with but with empty cells as I have another tablix down the page with the same columns and I want the columns to all line up on the multiple tablix.
In Version 2005 I used to achieve the equivalent of a column group within a table by adding a list with filter to the cell, this meant the column always was shown, the tablix allows does this much more elegantly but I'll have to go back to the old method if I can't make the column remain.
Am I just missing a simple option?

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Report Headers Vs Page Headers
Hi, this is probably a simple question but I just can't figure it out. I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 sp1.

I'm trying to design a report that displays a particular embedded image on the first page, and then a different one on every subsequent page. I.e full, fancy company logo on the first page, and a trimmed down version on every other. In Crystal, I would have simply used the Report Header and Page Header sections to achieve this - easy.

However, in SQL Reporting Services, there is only a Page Header section - therefore whatever I place in the Page Header shows on every page. Now, I know how to stop it displaying on the first page, but I don't know how to display the other image instead.

I read in a support forum that it is possible to do this by "placing report items above or below your data regions" but I can't get it to work.

Grateful for any assistance.


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Crystal Reports - Maximum Group Total??
I am running CR 8.5 from a (large) SQL Server db. My aim is to usecrystal enterprise so end users in our sales team can access reports ondemand for a given date range and client so I am trying to keep contactwith the database to a minimum. IE currently processign a report takesabout 10 minutes and involves manually running stored procs in sqlserver to produce smaller, client specific temporary tables that CR caneasily cope with. The proposed new system won't rely on knowledge ofSQL server and will take about 10 secs to run a report.My problem is - as part of a sector analysis for a client (say Oil &Gas sector for BP) i need to normalise the values returned from a sumof various fields in the summary as we can't provide the client with'real' figures on their compatitors. So what i need to do is dividethe summary field by the maximum value for any entry in that summary.ieStock ValueBp 5Royal Dutch 10BG Group 2Total 6so for BP i need to 5/10 to give me 0.5.In this case, the above are all grouped, and then divided by the numberof sectors the stock is associaated with (to avoid double counting).these are then to be associated to the market cap of the stock, whichis a simple calc and irrelevant to this in CR i have the formula applied to the each grouped stock:Count ({log.LOGID},{log.stock})/{sector.sector_count}this works fine, but i dont seem to be able to then divide this by themaximum value for all stocks in that sector without returning an error(summary / running total field could not be created)ie (Count ({log.LOGID},{log.stock})/{sector.sector_count}) /maximum(Count ({log.LOGID},{log.stock})/{sector.sector_count})I can (and have in the existing process) do this in the details sectionof CR via grouping the data in SQL server and linking in anothertable/SP fo that data, but that involves having to run a seperatestored proc on SQL Server for each report/sector which obviouslyremoves any benefit of automation, so i need to be able to run thisfrom a grouped summary, not the details section.It all seems far too obvious so hopefully i am just making a smallerror or not finding a simple function within CR!!I know CR can't cope with charting 2 levels of formula within aformula, but this only uses one so cant see how that could be theproblem.apologies if this is long winded, thanks in advance for any help.Matt

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Please Tell To Communicate With Crystal Reports Group && Solution To Me
Hai , I have designed a report which involved 2 tables thru DSN.Fromvb i am connecting the report thru the Crystal report control . Thething is the name of the database and the table would differ in runtime . I made it. MY CODINGS ARECONTROL.reportfilename="xx.rpt"control.datafiles(0)=db.dbo.table1control.datafiles(1=db.dbo.table2if i give control.action =1 it displays all the records as i desiredfrom the tables.But if i use the control.sqlquery property it gives the error like "database dll error"PLEASE tell the way to use the sqlquery property to my situation.With thanksRaghu

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&&"reports&&" Option Does Not Show Up In The Context Menu

I have a a microsoft sql server installed on my xp::
9.00.3042.00 SP2 Developer Edition
not being able to get the "reports" option (for customer reports) in the context menu (rightclicking on a database name) does it have to do with the version of the sql server I am running?
I have been told otherwise and I have reinstalled sp2 twice..
any help will be appreciated.
I do have bunch of report definition language files that I would like to use in custom reports, but... story goes on.

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Server Error In '/Reports' Application Due To Forced Page Break In Group
Thought this was interesting, I got this error when trying to export a report into excel, other formats worked fine and it wasn€™t a large chunk of data (only 2882 records).  I took out the forced new page start between my groups & it worked perfectly. It looks like it doesn€™t matter what size the data is since I dwindled my data down to only 2 pages for testing but exporting to excel with a forced page break by group in Report Manager will not work.  Anyone see something similar?
Server Error in '/Reports' Application.

For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Exception: For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

Stack Trace:

[Exception: For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors] [Exception: An error occurred during rendering of the report.]   Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.ServerUrlRequest(Boolean isAbortable, String url, Stream outputStream, String& mimeType, String& fileNameExtension) +489   Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.InternalRender(Boolean isAbortable, String format, String deviceInfo, NameValueCollection urlAccessParameters, Stream reportStream, String& mimeType, String& fileNameExtension) +958   Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReportControlSource.RenderReport(String format, String deviceInfo, NameValueCollection additionalParams, String& mimeType, String& fileExtension) +84   Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ExportOperation.PerformOperation(NameValueCollection urlQuery, HttpResponse response) +143   Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) +75   System.Web.CallHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute() +303   System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +64


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