SQL 2000 - License Key


I have to audit a number of servers and tally with source installation CDs. How can I tell which CD license key has been used on a server , i.e. where (I assume in registry) is the license key held ??

Many thanks.

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License Requirements For MS-SQL 2000

We have a win2003 server box that is using MS-SQL 2000. We have a 20user license on this server at the present time. We have a need toallow up to 5 simultaneous additional users access to a subset of thisdata from our IIS server. How does this affect my current SQL ServerLicense? We can restrict access via connection pooling, etc. Can weuse a 30 user license or must we go to a CPU license? Does anyoneknow where to find Microsoft licensing information on this?

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SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition Licensing (How To Install Without A License, Then Require License On First Run)

I have a VERY Legitmate use to install sql 4 workgroups on a pc without licensing it. I am making a disk image for MANY pcs to be imaged and load licensing after the imaging is completed.

I have been able to do this with Windows XP Professional, MS Office 2003 and a couple non-Ms programs. The information for MS software even came from their KB, so I know what I am doing is legit. I just can't find any information on doing this for my sql app.

Any suggestions??




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SQL Server 2000 License Query

Hello.After searching Microsoft's website for hours and confusing myself morethan I was before I started...Can anyone explain to me what the current state of affairs is for SQL2000 licensing?In particular with a server that has multiple processors and multipleinstances of SQL Server 2000 running - for both Standard and EnterpriseEditions of SQL Server 2000.Please help!Regards,Taz

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SQL 2005 License Downgrade To 2000

Does anyone know more details about "downgrade rights". Do you need to askMS for this right? How do you get a CD key (a legit key) for SQL 2000 ifyou urchase SQL 2005.From MS Licensing FAQ at: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/howtobuy/faq.mspxQ.How do I downgrade to SQL Server 2000?A.If you require SQL Server 2000 for existing solutions, you can stillacquire additional licenses by taking advantage of the SQL Server 2005"downgrade rights." The downgrade rights enable you to purchase server plusdevice CALs, server plus user CALs, or processor licenses for SQL Server2005 and install and use the previous version for a reasonable period oftime.

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Sql 2000 Price && License Puzzle...

SQL 2000 pricing and licensing is quite confusing, and even more pain including the upgrading pricing from sql6.5/sql7.0.

I got very clear Windows2000 pricing and upgrading from one Microsoft web address. But just could not find a ONE Microsoft web sit explicitely describe the $ pricing for each of SQL2000 edition (per processor vs. CAL..., including upgrading from SQL 6.5, SQL 7.0). May be I missed that site?


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Sales Of SQL Enterprise Processor 2000 License

Hi all,I'm in the market to purchase 10 SQL 2000 Enterprise processorlicenses. Since License Agreement restrictions prevent the creation ofa secondary market I am turning to people who may know of a company whois offloading their licenses.This is a strictly legitimate, one-time transfer to one of my clientswho does not wish to pay $17K for each processor license.Please contact me at j o s h s a c k e t t _at_ g m a i l _dot_ c o m.Thanks.

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SQL Server 2000 To SS05 - License Upgrade


We have a product which uses SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition with Per Seat licensing option. Going forward with a new release of the product, we intend to upgrade to SQL Server 2005. Till now our product was being used in non web based scenarios so the Per Seat licensing option helped our case. In the upcoming release which would use SQL Server 2005 we need to break off from the non web based scenario as the product would use SQL Server over internet.
So isn't it correct to go for the Processor based licensing instead of the Per seat licensing ?

If so then what would be the ideal manner to upgrade the license from Per Seat (in SQL Server 2000) license type to Processor based (in SQL Server 2005) license type ?

I have heard of Software Assurance providing assistance in version upgrades. Would it help in case I need to upgrade from one license type to another ? Or is it applicable only in case of upgrade where the license type is fixed ?

Thanks in advance.


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License Information For Best Practice Analyser For SQL Server 2000

I have downloaed microsoft's Best Practice Analyser for SQL Server 2000. I would like to recomend this tool in our organisation. Before that i want to confirm that is there any restrictions to use this tool or it is an free ware tool.

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SQL Server 2005 License Backwards Compatible With 2000?

If my client has a SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition license, can they use that license for a SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition installation?

thanks for any help...

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Reporting Services 2005 In SQLServer 2000 License

I think this question may have arisen before but I'm not clear on the answer. We have customers using SQLServer 2000 with Reporting Services 2000. We want to upgrade them to Reporting Services 2005 but otherwise with identical setup. The question is, is there any cost involved in doing this from a license point of view?

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Sql License

I inherited a SQL 6.5 server and it appears no licensing
info has been input using License Mgr. I asked my mgr.
and he just gave me the cd rom. He thinks I just need
to punch in the cd key. I don`t think this is correct.
Server is set up for per seat licensing. Can someone
explain what a client access license is or looks like
and how do I go about getting them? I know this software
has been paid for. Thanks, Kat

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SQL 7.0 License

How do you increase the number of license? With 6.5 we were able to do this through the setup on the CD but it will not let me do this with 7.0? The specific error is SQL Server Error 18460. Logon Failed. The maximum simultaneous user count of 5 license s for this Standard Edition server has been exceeded. I have upgraded the licenses in the License manager for Windows NT but SQL 7.0 does not seem to recognize it.

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License On DTS

To all,

Can anyone give me the answer?

I want to use DTS to import some data from remote server to my local server.
Every time I get following error message "The license for the installation of Microsoft SQL Server on your source and destination connections does not permit the use DTS to transfer data".

Both my servers are on SP2. Why I have such error? What should I do?


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Which License?

Hello all,

I need to pick up a SQL Server 7 license, but I am a little confused as to what I need.

I'll be running SQL Server 7 on a web server. I'll be the only one logging to maintain SQL Server. There will be three different apps the run on the server that each will have one to ten databases.

So, what's the minimum license I need? Will the developer's license work?

Any one out there have a license they want to sell - cheap? :)



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SQL License


My company is developing their site with MS SQL which will then be transfered onto another server hosted by our ISP, do I need to purchase a SQL license for that machine - exactly what do I need to purchase.

Any help appreciated!



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New challenge!!!!

I have already installed a SQL Server 2005 cluster with several instances and I want to change the license key to another one.

How can I do this with out having to re-install?


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License Types

i want to check the price of sql server 2005 in my country as a consideration to take when deciding on wich db to build.i dont understand the licensing method. what 5 clt stands for ? whats the basic 64 bit 1 processor dual core license i need for a commercial website ? thanx, 

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License Requirement


Anyone aware of any license requirment for selling any application developed in ASP.NET (C#) using MSDE as backend?

Any response will be highly appreciated.


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Changing License Key

Is there a way to change the license key after installation of SQL7.0?

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Check License ....

Is there a way to check if a sql 2000 server was installed on the license of "per server" or "per # concurrent users"?

Can't find from server property.

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License Manager And SQL

Has anyone had problems with license manager with SQL7 on NT4. I've got several SQL servers on different networks, and some of the have this problem. It seems that for every client connection, even if it's from the same client PC, NT thinks that it's a new access. I had 6 PCs on one network and the SQL license usage showed as 83! What?

If anyone can help, I'll send them a live haggis.



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License Issue

hi I am using DTS Wizard to copy a full database from one sql server into another , I got this error message.

" The license for the installation of Ms sql server on your source and destination connections does not permit the use DTS to transform data. "

How can I work around this issue.



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License Mode

Hi all,

I want to know how I can do to change my SQL server licence mode (from per-ser to per-seat) without reinstall SQL Server.

Thanks in advance.

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License Change?

Hi all,
There is a guy in my company install a sql server himself, but he picked the per seat license rather then the per server (we got the per server license), is there a way to change it without re-install the whole sql server? or need to reinstall from start?

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OLAP License?

I can't find anything written about licensing for OLAP anywhere. Do I presume correctly that it doesn't require one of its own?

Thanks for any info.


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License Modes

Hi ,
I have two servers, One is with per seat mode
another with per license mode.
when i am registering one server which is having per seat mode at one of
my client machine , it is giving u dont have license permission.
Can anyone suggest me regarding license modes if u have two servers.


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