SQL 2012 :: Full Text Search - Neutral Language

Feb 11, 2014

I'm using the Full Text Search with the neutral language in the indexed columns. I have no stoplists so everything counts. We changed to neutral language because our customers don't have the need for language specific criteria. They just want raw text search.Everything was working great but then they found a term that they can't search and I can't figure out what's wrong. It comes down to this:

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_fts_parser('""', 1033, NULL, 0);
SELECT * FROM sys.dm_fts_parser('""', 0, NULL, 0);

In the neutral language, the parser will return "3.4", differently than the English language parsing.In the 1033 language, the parser will break all the numbers into words and the result will show correctly.I really don't want to change the language from neutral because it's working for every other query.

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Full Text Search Language Specification

Dec 5, 2007

I'm using FTS on on two columns (VARCHAR) of my database. The data is exported from a MySQL database to SQL Server. When populating the database the default language was set to English (or maybe neutral?), although 90% of the records are in Dutch. Now, when I change the FTS language specification to Dutch problems occur when querying the database. When I enter typical Dutch noise words in my query like "van" or "van der" the query does not return any results. When I set it back to Neutral the queries do return results, although a drawback is that I can't query for example plural forms of words. Could this be because, when populating the database, the correct language was not set? If so, is there a way to get the Full Text Index working with Dutch in a correct manner?
Thanks in advance for your replies! Would be great to get this working in Dutch!

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Full Text Search With Language Other Than English(ex Chinese, Japanese)

Feb 10, 2007

I have set up a full text search to handle multiple columns searching for chinese
But the result of the search isn't really what i have expected.
I have setup the catalog to have a chiense word break, and the columns in the tables are all nvachar
when i do something like
select * from dbo.Table_1 where contains(*, '"<chinese character>"',language 1082)
the search result is really inconsistent, especially with single characters.I have also checked that these characters are not in the noise filter file....
the search result is better when the input is more than a single characters, but still, somtimes it will not return any result at all.
so, I try to use the "like" statement instead of "contains" to do the search with the same inputs, and 100% of the time, it returns the correct result.
does anyone have any experience about things like that? coz I guess this is a more spcific issue with language. Is there any place that you guys know of, can offer me some help?
thank you in advance.

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SQL 2012 :: Full Text Search

Oct 12, 2015

How much overhead is incurred with a full text search? I am thinking of creating a "keyword" table and doing it by hand?

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SQL 2012 :: Full Text Search On Production Server?

Jan 29, 2014

Full Text Searches are working on my test server, but not on my production server. My test scenario is as follows:


KEY INDEX PK_FtsTest ON FTC_TestI wait briefly and then check to see if the index has been populated:
SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_indexescrawl_end_date is not null,

So I'm assuming I don't have to wait anymore before I try some FTS searches. Right? I can't get any queries to return anything, though.

The following tells me the full text item count for the table is zero:

SELECT @TableId = id FROM sys.sysobjects WHERE [Name] = 'FtsTest'
SELECT OBJECTPROPERTYEX(@TableId, 'TableFulltextItemCount') AS TableFulltextItemCount

As mentioned, the full text search works on my test server. Both of them are SQL 20012 SP1 (11.0.3000) x64 running on WinServer 2008 R2 SP1.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Full-Text Search On FileTable

Apr 11, 2014

I am new to Full-Text Searches and FileTables. I am working on a resume search system. I created a FileTable and the Share which contains about 51,000 resumes in Word (DOC/DOCX), PDF and TXT formats that were copied over from our main file server. I followed the instructions on adding the Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0, and all searchable file types are listed in sys.fulltext.document_types.

I have a program that searches resumes by First and Last Name and/or E-mail Address. For a while, we thought it was working fine because we were getting hits, but then we noticed some Names and E-mail Addresses we new existed were not showing up in my CONTAINS queries -- but we verified the documents do exist and the Names exist in the File Name and inside the document along with the E-Mail address.

One example I'm working on now cannot find the First/Last Name with CONTAINS(name,"lastname") in a Word DOC file, but I can find the document using LEFT(name,5) = 'Smith'. It's a Word DOC file. For testing purposes, I opened the DOC file in Word, then used Save As to create a TXT and DOCX file within the same folder. Now, both of those are showing up in the CONTAINS but not the original DOC file.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Using Full Text Search In Standardization

Aug 11, 2014

I'm standardizing street addresses and i think full text search, maybe, work fine with my problem. My problem is that I have 2 millon of errors and using "LIKE" dont work correctly. This is what i have now:

UPDATE addresses
SET standarAddress = REPLACE (addresses.streetAddress, errors.streetAddress, corrects.streetAddress)
FROM corrects
ON corrects.id = errors.idCorrects

[Code] ....

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SQL 2012 :: Full Text Search Select Statement

Feb 27, 2015

I am doing a web app on the full text search.My select statement using CONTAINS but it doesn't seem to return all the string that contains the search word I included in the query.For example:

Select CustomerID, customername,
from CustomerTable
where CONTAINS ((CustomerID), '"430*")

the query result only return all customer id which has space in front 430 or start with 430
ex: "xxx 430xxx" or "430 xxx" or "xxx 430 xxx"

but did not return customerID which doesn't has space in front of it
Ex: x430xxx

If I use LIKE '%430%', the result return are both have space in front and don't have space in front.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Full Text Search And Words With Symbols?

Feb 8, 2014

Is there a way to make full text search which supports search terms for words with symbols, like C#, C++ etc.?

I see that even this forum, if I try search for C++, it returns everything where letter c exists. So, it's not possible I guess?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Query To Search Full-text Indexed Table And Return Results

Apr 19, 2014

I have written this sample query to search a full-text indexed table and return the results. If the word occurs more than once I want it to return as a new record and the results show a short summary of the location. I was using 'like', but the full table scans were really slowing it down. Can performance be improved for the following (The results returned by my query are accurate)


DECLARE @searchString nvarchar(255);
DECLARE @searchStringWild nvarchar(275);

SET @searchString = 'first';
SET @searchStringWild = UPPER('"' +@searchString+ '*"');

SELECT id, '...' + SUBSTRING(searchResults.MatchedCell, searchResults.StartPosition, searchResults.EndPosition - searchResults.StartPosition) + '...' as Result

[Code] ....

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Help W/ Stored Procedure? - Full-text Search: Search Query Of Normalized Data

Mar 29, 2008

 Hi -  I'm short of SQL experience and hacking my way through creating a simple search feature for a personal project. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out with writing a stored procedure. Problem: I have two tables with three columns indexed for full-text search. So far I have been able to successfully execute the following query returning matching row ids:  dbo.Search_Articles        @searchText varchar(150)        AS    SELECT ArticleID     FROM articles    WHERE CONTAINS(Description, @searchText) OR CONTAINS(Title, @searchText)    UNION    SELECT ArticleID     FROM article_pages    WHERE CONTAINS(Text, @searchText);        RETURN This returns the ArticleID for any articles or article_pages records where there is a text match. I ultimately need the stored procedure to return all columns from the articles table for matches and not just the StoryID. Seems like maybe I should try using some kind of JOIN on the result of the UNION above and the articles table? But I have so far been unable to figure out how to do this as I can't seem to declare a name for the result table of the UNION above. Perhaps there is another more eloquent solution? Thanks! Peter 

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SQL Search :: Full Text Search With Single Character Returns All Rows

Jul 21, 2015

Our clients want to be able to do full text search with a single letter. (Is the name Newton, Nathan, Nick?, Is the ID N1, N2...). Doing a single character full text search on a table work 25 out of 26 times. The letter that doesn't work is 'n'. the WHERE clause CONTAINS(full_text_field, ' "n*" ') returns all rows, even rows that have no 'n' in them anywhere. Adding a second letter after the "n" works as expected.

Here is an example

create table TestFullTextSearch (
Id int not null,
AllText nvarchar(400)
create unique index test_tfts on TestFullTextSearch(Id);
create fulltext catalog ftcat_tfts;

[Code] ....

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SQL Server 2014 :: Semantic Search Not Finding Keywords Identified By Full-Text Search?

Nov 6, 2014

I have a scenario of where the standard Full-Text search identifies keywords but Semantic Search does not recognize them as keywords. I'm hoping to understand why Semantic Search might not recognize them. The context this is being used in medical terminology and the specific key words I noticed missing right off the bat were medications.

For instance, if I put the following string into a FT indexed table

'J9355 - Trastuzumab (Herceptin)'
'J9355 - Trastuzumab emtansine'

The Semantic Search recognized 'Herceptin' and 'Emtansine' but not 'Trastuzumab'

Nor in

'J8999 - Everolimus (Afinitor)'

It did not recognize 'Afinitor' as a keyword.

In all cases the Base of Full-Text did find those keywords and were identifiable using the dmvsys.dm_fts_index_keywords_by_document.It does show the index as having completed.

why certain words might not be picked up while others would be? Could it be a language/dictionary issue? I am using English and accent insensitive settings?

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Create Site Search Using Sql Server Full Text Search

Jul 24, 2007

would you use sql server "full text search" feature as your site index?  from some reason i can't make index server my site search catalog, and i wonder if the full text is the solution. i think that i wll have to you create new table called some thing like "site text" and i will need to write every text twice- one the the table (let's say "articles table") and one to the text. other wise- there is problems finding the right urlof the text, searching different tables with different columns name and so on...
so i thought create site search table, with the columns:
id, text, url
and to write every thing to this table.
but some how ot look the wrong way, that every forum post, every article, album picture or joke will insert twice to the sqr server...
what do you think? 

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SQL Search :: Full Text Search Of PDF Files In A File Table

Mar 30, 2013

I have installed the Adobe iFilter 11 64 bit and set the path to the bin folder. I still cannot find any text from the pdf files. I suspect I am missing something trivial because I don't find much when I Bing for this so it must not be a common problem.Here is the code.

--Adobe iFilter 11 64 bit is installed
--The Path variable is set to the bin folder for the Adobe iFilter.
--SQL Developer version 64 bit on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.
USE master;


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How Can I Search Throught DOCX (MS Word 2007) Documents By SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search Engine?

Dec 11, 2006

How can I search throught DOCX (MS Word 2007) documents by SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search engine?

Should I something download?

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Full-Text Search: Prefix / Suffix Search

Sep 14, 2004

Please help me to create an SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure for using prefix and suffix terms.


Say I want to find "Terminator" (1984).

I want to be able to use "Term" or "ator" as search results and still return the proper record.

Here is my Stored Procedure creation sql:

CREATE PROCEDURE sps_searchTitles(@searchTerm varchar(255)) AS
WHERE FREETEXT (Video.*, '"*@searchTerm*"')

--- The above does not appear to properly check both prefix ("Term---") and suffix ("---ator") terms.

I am trying to accomplish what is similarly done with LIKE '%term%'.

thanks, YM

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Full Text Search- Substring Search Not Working

Jul 6, 2007

I have Sql server 2005 SP2.
I enabled it for Full Text search. Substring search where i enter *word* doesn't return any row.
I have a table testtable where description has word Extinguisher.

If i run a query with *ting* it doesn't return any row.
select * from testtable where contains(description,'"*xting*"') ;

But it works if i do
select * from testtable where contains(description,'"Exting*"') ;

The Full text search document says it supports substring search.
Is it an issue with sql server 2005?Please help.

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SQL Search :: Can't Get Expected Results With Contains And Full Text Search?

Nov 1, 2015

I am using Sql Server 2014 Express edition.I have a table with a varchar(max) column. I have created a full text search that use the stoplist "system". column has this struct: xxx.yyy.zzz.... where xxx, yyy, zzz... are numbers, like 123.345.123123.366456...I can have rows like that:


I am trying this query:

select * from Mytable where
contains(MyColumn, '123.345.')

I gues the contains would return all the rows with column contains 123.345, but this does not return all the expected rows, only one row.I have tried to replace "." with "-" but the result is the same.I have also tried with '123.345.*. In this case I have got more results, but no all the exptected rows.If I use this query:

select * from MyTable where
MyCOlumn like '123.345.%';

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Adding A Full Text Search Across Multiple Tables (with Text Fields)

Sep 7, 2007

Hi, i'm trying to do a full text search on my site to add a weighting score to my results.  I have the following database structure:
Documents: - DocumentID (int, PK) - Title (varchar) - Content (text) - CategoryID (int, FK)
Categories: - CategoryID (int, PK) - CategoryName (varchar)
I need to create a full text index which searches the Title, Content and CategoryName fields.  I figured since i needed to search the CategoryName field i would create an indexed view.  I tried to execute the following query:
CREATE VIEW vw_DocumentsWITH SCHEMABINDING ASSELECT dbo.Documents.DocumentID, dbo.Documents.Title, dbo.Documents.[Content], dbo.Documents.CategoryID, dbo.Categories.CategoryNameFROM dbo.Categories INNER JOIN dbo.Documents ON dbo.Categories.CategoryID = dbo.Documents.CategoryID
GOCREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX vw_DocumentsIndexON vw_Documents(DocumentID)
But this gave me the error:
Cannot create index on view 'dbname.dbo.vw_Documents'. It contains text, ntext, image or xml columns.
I tried converting the Content to a varchar(max) within my view but it still didn't like.
Appreciate if someone can tell me how this can be done as surely what i'm trying to do is not ground breaking.

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SQL Server 2000 Full Text Search (extract Pieces Of Text)

Sep 12, 2007

Hello everyone !
I want to perform Full Text Search with SQL Server 2000. My documents (.doc, .xls, .txt, .pdf) are stored in a SQL Server field which is binary (the type of the column is image).
I would like to know, how you can extract pieces of text from the documents.
I have a ASPX page with codebehind in C# making the search in a table in SQL server that is full text indexed.
I make a search looking for the word "peace", than SQL server will take care about the search and return it to me the rows that match with that. But also I'd like to extract the 50 characters before and after where sql server found the word "peace" to show in the result page.
Does anyone has any idea how to work around it ?
 Best regards.

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Why I Always See That Full Text Search Is Always Slower Than LIKE Search?

Apr 2, 2004

for example:

SELECT * from [table1] WHERE CONTAINS([msgcomment], '"fast" NEAR "performance"')

would always slower than

SELECT * from [table1] WHERE [msgcomment] = '%fast%performance%'

Why? and how can it be solved? can you help me?


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SQL Search :: Full Text Search Anomaly

Jun 24, 2015

I'm experiencing an anomaly with my Full text index.

Setup : SQL Server 2005
Indexed Table:
ID - int (PK, auto increment)
Ref - varchar(50)


I have re-built the full-text index, no change.

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Full Text Search Vs LIKE Search

Jan 24, 2006

Are there any big differences between the two search techniques? It seems like they are both very similar.


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Full Text Search Help

Apr 23, 2007

 Hi I have a full text index on my product table. When I do a search for Record, it returns all values for Record and Records.Now If I do a search with a spelling mistake say Recod . it doen't return anything.How can I get the full text to return my query even if there is a spelling mistake ? Thanks  My query:SELECT *  From Product        WHERE FREETEXT (description, @SearchString)

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Search Text Full

Dec 10, 2007

hi all.i want to search, for example :"test string" in database :  table have column(name) , i want to search all rows with  column(name) is "test " or "string" or "test string"i don't want to use(full text search of sqlserver 2005 ) can i help me.thanks in advance 

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Full-Text Search

Apr 19, 2008

Hello !
With SQL Server Management Studio Express I have created a catalog and a index.Here is the code :
create fulltext catalog myfirstcatalogcreate unique index myfirstindex on northwind.dbo.customers(companyname)create fulltext index on northwind.dbo.customers(companyname)key index myfirstindex ON myfirstcatalogWITH CHANGE_TRACKING AUTO  
With SQL Server Management Studio Express and the following command the full text search is working fine.
select companynamefrom northwind.dbo.customerswhere contains(companyname, ' "blauer" ') 
I have a big problem :
When I try to use this database (NOTRHWIND.MDF) into my .aspx file with VWD 2008 I get an error :
Cannot use full-text search in user instance.
Can you tell me what can I do to make use of full-text search inside my aspx pages ?
Thank You !

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SQL Full Text Search

May 4, 2005

Does anyone know how to use SQL Full Test Search with ASP.NET?

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Mar 3, 2006

Hi friends
i work with sql server 2005 express(Management Studio)
can i use full text search service with that edition of sql server?
and how i can use that.
thank u.

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Full Text Search

Mar 24, 2006

I am asking about installing Microsoft Search service in SQL Server 2000 in Windows XP Professional
Is that possible?
And By the way it's not possible for me to switch to SQL Server 2005 that I know that full text indexing already exists in it

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Full Text Search

Jul 23, 2002

After following all of the steps in Swynk's Guide to Full Text Search, I still can't seem to retrieve any records from the full-text search. I get messages saying that I created the Index correctly and that I successfully populated the catalog. But when I View the Properties of the catalog, the Unique Word Count = 1 (but there are thousands of words in the table).
I know that there is a record with the word "help" in one of the full-text indexed columns, but when I call Contains(column-name, 'help'), I recieve an empty recordset.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what I can try next?

Thanks for any help,

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Full Text Search

Mar 20, 2001


My Prod. server is having SQL Server 7.0 with SP2 installed. I am planning to install Full Text Search component. I know I have to run setup and select Full Text Search from Server Components. But, Do I have to re-install service pack 2 after this ? What are the other concerns in, such modifications to the existing SQL installation ?


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SQL Full Text Search

Jul 19, 1999

Greetings ! Has anyone seen a problem in SQL 7 where you create a full text catalog, define an index on a table, and run 'populate', and end up with an empty catalog ? It runs for a while during the population, and there are no messages in the logs, but the 'item count' property of the catalog is 0.
Also you can run a query that uses the index (i.e. uses 'CONTAINS') and you receive no error, and no results.
I've set this up on other servers, so I know it works, but can find no mention of this problem anywhere.



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