SQL 2012 :: Change SERVER Log On Password

Aug 14, 2014

What issues will I encounter if I change the MSSQLSERVER password?

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Change 'SA' Password At Sql Server

Mar 11, 2008

Hi All,

we plan to change SA password and there are 2 servers running on replication.

what are the precautions that i have to consider?

what is the fallback plan should changing SA password causing other error/ bugs?

can somebody tell me the exact steps to change SA password for this kind of environment?

thanks in advance.



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Can I Change A SQL Server Everywhere Database's Password?

Jun 20, 2006

Hi, I'm using the SQL Server Everywhere CTP on the desktop and haven't used SQL Server Mobile in the past.

I'm having some difficulty determining whether it's possible to change a SQL Server Everywhere database's password. Obviously authentication on a file-based SQL Server Everywhere database differs from that of server-based SQL Server database. Is it possible to change a SQL Server Everywhere database's password?

That said, I feel like I've made a decent search of the to change a SQL Server Everywhere books online. If it's not possible to change the password in place (i.e., without copying all data to a new file with a different password), please count this as a vote to add that functionality. Making a database password "permanent" lessens its effectiveness. Thanks,


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Sql Server Services Account Password Change.

Sep 21, 2000

A former Network Manager setup the Sql Server Services NT Domain account. I need the password to set it up on our MS Exchange server, should I change the password or create a new domain account.
How can I find out if there is no other applications using the service account in our domain, since the new Network manager doesn't know the password.
What happens if I change the password.

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Using 'Alter Login' To Change Password In SQL Server 2005

Sep 26, 2006

Please Help!!

We have an application using SQLOLEDB connection to a SQL Server 2005 database. Per domain policy, the users are required to change their password every 60 days.

The accounts are established to 'Enforce password policy'.

When we try to execute the 'ALTER LOGIN' command to change the password, locks are being established and will not free the account without bouncing the instance.

After issuing the command, any interaction with the server using this UserID results in a "lock request time out" error 1222.

I have tried issuing this command using both the application and through SQLServer Mgmt Studio Express and the results are the same.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

Rusty Rickmon

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Lost Server Registrations When Change Domain Password

Aug 4, 2006

I am using the Management Sudio Express and after I changed my domain password, I lost all of my SQL Server registrations.

I remember this was an old problem with SQL 2000 until a SP fixed it.

Any ideas?


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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Can't Stand Up After Change Administrator Password?!?!

Jul 20, 2005

HI!I have a little problem:I have change the administrator password (Windows 2003 Server) which MSSQL 2000 use to login.And now the SQL server can't stand up.What should I do?thx!gicio--Posted via http://dbforums.com

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I Can't Change My Sql Login User's Password In SQL Server 2005 Express

Jan 13, 2006

SQL Server 2005 Express keeps putting in a different password than the one I chose.  I would check the properties on the login I want to change.  Then I change the password and it gets accepted.  When I try my web application, I get the dreaded "login failed for <loginname>".  I look at the properties again and see my password never change.  Is this a bug?  I ever tried this syntax to no avail:


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Server Authentication - How To Let User Change Password In Advance Of Expiration Date

Jul 22, 2015

We need to use SQL Server Authentication for some reason and would like to enforce Password Policy with 90-day expiration period. I found "Change password" dialogue appears when I first logged in with the new user, but don't know

(1)what happens when the user failed to change the password before it's expired or
(2)how a user can change his password in advance of the expiration date with no particular server-level permission.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Password History Table

May 7, 2014

I have a table of users including: UserName, Password (comuted col), FirstName, LastName, Address and other details....

I have to keep 10 Recent passwords , so I created another table "ut_Password " (Table2)

This table contains the following columns : Username, Password , and Password_Date.

I searched a lot but could not find something similar in my opinion need SP for it.

- 10 row Max for Password History in table 2
- when user change password it's need to be uniqe and it should not appear last 10 passwords
- Each user can have a maximum of 10 lines containing history password table
- Most old password deleted and replaced with a new password will enter the correct date (FIFO method first in first out).

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Create Password On Stored Procedure

Jun 27, 2014

is it possible to create PW on Stored Procedure? No one can execute or Alter any Store Procedure with Password?

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SQL 2012 :: Linked Server And Remote Login Password

Oct 7, 2014

Is there any way to find out the password for the remote login of the Linked server

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SQL 2012 :: Reset Admin Password Without Reinstalling Server

Jun 17, 2015

I have a local instance of SQL 2012 express,

Somehow my admin privileges have been lost, and the sa password is not Password123.

Is there anyway to reset this password without re-installing SQL server.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Hardcoded Login And Password In Proc

Jul 22, 2015

I have a procedure where Login and Password of the database are to be used and right now i have given a valid hardcoded value for them.

How can I get these values from the actual login (I mean sql server authentication value or windows authentication).

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SQL 2012 :: Change Minimum Permissions To Allow Read Access To Change Tracking Functions

May 12, 2015

Trying to determine what the minimum permissions i can grant to a user so they can see the change tracking data

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Get Row Of First Change

May 12, 2015

I would like to get extract the first row of some time based data where any of the other values changes. For example, in the following 10 rows


I want to remove the rows where A and B are the same as on the previous row. So rows 2, 3, 7 and 9 should be eliminated. Note that A and B can have the same values multiple times, just not in succession in the extract. I've tried ranking but I can't figure out how to keep it from lumping all the values of A and B in the same group. The following incorrectly eliminates rows 5 and 8:

;with data as (
select 1 as A, 1 as B, '2015-01-01' as DTE union
select 1 as A, 1 as B, '2015-01-02' as DTE union
select 1 as A, 1 as B, '2015-01-03' as DTE union
select 2 as A, 1 as B, '2015-01-04' as DTE union

[Code] .....

Of course the real data has many columns and multiple data types that can have nulls. I just want get the row when anything changes. Is there a slick way to do this in SQL?

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Can&#39;t Change SA Password

Apr 20, 2001

I have one server out of 6 that lets me logon as SA with the default password
of null.
If I run this command to change the password I get password changed, but it
did not change it, I still can logon as SA with the NULL password.

exec sp_password NULL, abc123, 'sa'

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Password Change (I Think)

May 4, 2000

The old administrator left and I am learning slowly. Since his password was changed, SQL cannot start. I get an error 1069 login failed. Maybe you have a good idead I haven't thought of?

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Change Sa Password

May 7, 2001

I changed the sa password now all my jobs fail, if
I change the password back to what it was they run.
Any insight is appreciated.

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Change SA's Password

Sep 20, 2005

I've searched this forum and was surprised to not find this asked before - Is there any way to change SA's password (we have managed to lose it somehow)? And we do have physical access to our SQL Server of course...if that helps.

thanks in advance,

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How To Change Password

Jul 17, 2006

We have change administrator password. How can i change the sql server job password, so that the maintain plan work fine as before. Thanks.

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Where Should I Change Password

Aug 28, 2006

Dear experts,
i'm getting problem with sql server 2000. actually i changed the service from automatic to manual, right from that day,sql server is not working on my machine.when i checkd in the properties of sql server registration, it is showing some around 8 letter password. actually i will connect with sa and password sa.

where should i change the password? is there any other solution?

or is it better to uninstall and install again? if so what about my databases?

please help me in this regard

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Change Password

Jan 11, 2007

ikram writes "i have to changed the password of sql server and after password change it is not assassable form the network. some of my friend tell me that you will have to change some configuration form server side file. he dont know that file exactly. please tell me the soloution.


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Change SA Password

Dec 17, 2007

Hi All,

I am newbie at SQL server, we have sql 7.0, sql2000 and sql2005. we need to change SA password but developers claim they have hardcode the SA password.

anyone can tell me where developers hardcode this SA password? what are the files i need to look up? if they hardcode it, impossible to change?

any ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance



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Jan 9, 2008

Any way to change the password on QA without knowing the old password?


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FTP Password Change

Apr 15, 2008

I have a SQL JOB that I inherited that uses FTP to xmit some data. When I attempt to change the password within the FTP job a window warns me that files will be deleted. My question is are these files just sytem buffers or will any important files get the axe ? Thx in advance. Lou

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SQL 2012 :: Change Name Of FILEGROUP Of DB In Server

Dec 5, 2014

I create a db by following code. Now I want to change name of FILEGROUP. How can I do it?

FILENAME = 'c:datamydat.mdf'),
FILENAME = 'c:datamy1')

[Code] .....

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SQL Server 2012 :: Change Name Of FILEGROUP Of DB

Dec 5, 2014

I create a db by following code. now i want to change name of FILEGROUP. how can i do it?

FILENAME = 'c:datamydat.mdf'),

[Code] .....

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Change Database Password

Sep 8, 2007

I have a SQL database hosted on a server. This server supports SQL Sever 2000. How do I change the password to the password?Thanks in advance, 

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Change Password On Sql 2000?

Apr 4, 2008

I am trying to change password, using the code below.. The code below is in a stored proc and I am passing these parameters from a web application.....
 sp_password [ [ @old = ] 'old_password' , ]     { [ @new =] 'new_password' }     [ , [ @loginame = ] 'login' ]
sp_password 'cust1','cust2','cust1'
Server: Msg 15210, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_password, Line 20Only members of the sysadmin role can use the loginame option. The password was not changed.
I made my user part of the db_securityadmin role, but that does not help...
How can I give the above mentioned permissions, so that when user cust1 logs on then he can chnage his own password from the web application as long he has given his old password correctly?

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Osql -- Change Password

Apr 3, 2001

When using osql from a command prompt the following script was run:
EXEC sp_password 'Current Password', '', 'TestLogin'

We were trying to set a password for a login to blank, but now cannot access login into the application because the application was looking a blank password for this user but the password would not work for blank.

Note ---This client only has MSDE installed, not SQL Enterprise.

If the script is run from Query Analyzer it works fine.

The script should have been this:
EXEC sp_password 'Current Password', Null, 'TestLogin'

It should have explictly stated NULL for the new password but it wasn't done.

Is there anyway to reset the password without knowing the existing password.
No other logins exist. They tried logging into the system with no password, '',"".
I am not sure what the password was set to.

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How Do I Change (multiple) &#39;sa&#39; Password.

May 24, 2001

Howdy - I am using SQL 7.0. I have done some research using the Books On Line and I do not find any documentation on how to change the sa password using a SQL Script. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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How To Change Sa Password After Installation?

May 27, 2004

I just installed MS SQL SERVER2000, but seems the password I was setting didn't look good. So I want to change it, but how? Thanks!

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