SQL Email Trigger

Jun 29, 2004

I am looking for a SQL trigger that will send email notification to a mailing list whenever a folders contents have been changed.
Can anyone help on this as I have little to no experience with SQL??

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Email Trigger

Apr 14, 2006

Can you setup a trigger to mail some one when a record is updated in SQL server 2005?
If you can, can anyone help me?

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Can A Job Trigger Itself Upon Receipt Of An Email?

Jan 5, 2006

Hi all,

I have a SQL Server Job that I would like to run when I receive an email saying "Data is now ready to be imported to SQL Server" ?

Is there a way to accomplish this.

- Vivek

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SQL Trigger And Auto Email

Oct 16, 2006


I have a trigger for a table which stores email information generated from an ACCESS form. The trigger should send an auto email response to users who submitted an email to request for their password (we have forgetful users!). There is something wrong with my trigger because the auto email is sent out with a blank body... I will appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

My trigger:
CREATE TRIGGER tr_SendPassword ON PIPEmail
DECLARE @Password varchar(100)
DECLARE @EmailAddress varchar(100)
DECLARE @message varchar(100)
IF (select count(*) from inserted) = 1
IF exists (SELECT * FROM inserted
WHERE Subject = 'Forgot my password')
select @Password = 'We received an email request from you for your password. Your password for SAR Search is: ' + UserRole.Password,
@EmailAddress = [User].Email
from UserRole
join inserted on UserRole.WindowsUser = inserted.WindowsUser
join [User] on [User].WindowsUser = UserRole.WindowsUser

exec master.dbo.xp_sendmail @recipients=@EmailAddress,
@subject='SAR Search password request',

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Email Trigger In SQL 2005

Jun 2, 2006

I am new to developing as will be evident from this post. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I am developing an intranet for our company using ASP.NET with a SQL backend. I am currently working on a suggestion box form.

I would like to have an email sent to specific persons when a new entry is made in the suggestion table. I have been able to configure the trigger and generate the email (This was easy). Formatting the email has proven more difficult to resolve.

The format I would like is somewhat as follows:

F_NAME L_NAME submitted the following suggestion:




The items in RED are columns in the table and the Blue Underlines are hyperlinks to change the Status column in the table.

How can I generate the email to contain the data from the inserted record and in the above format.

Being new at this I only now how to send a static email advising that the entry has been made.

Any help creating the dynamic email form for this trigger will be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, what books are most helpful for SQL, ASP.NET, and VBScript referencing and examples?


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Create A Trigger To Send Email

Aug 18, 2005

I have a basic trigger that populated an audit table, but I want to add logic to that to send an email everytime the trigger is called,Is there a easy way to add code to my basic trigger to send an email to me everytime the data changes.Thanks

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Creating A Trigger That Sends An Email

Jul 26, 2000

Can anyone assist me?
I am trying to create a trigger within our local database that will allow me submit an email to a local exchange server. Its an internal email that our company has created for responses by candidates when the original stored procedure meets a condition of TRUE.

Is SQL 7.0 capable of sending emails to a specified address through a Trigger? I was told it could but have yet to come across any documentation backing this up.

Would anyone know the generic syntax I can use to create such a trigger?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Claude Johnson

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Date Driven Email Trigger?

May 2, 2008

Hello to a new forum. I am very impressed with the level of ability I have been seeing on this forum and all the helpful posts that are going on.

I am hoping someone can help me solve my problem. I know enough SQL to be very dangerous how to create, delete, insert, update etc... and how to build queries. Here is my dilemma I need to have a piece of scheduling software send out reminder emails based on a DATETIME field. I am running SQL Server 2005, and the database mail is already configured and can successfully send out email from the management studio interface.

Does anyone know of a tutorial or can point me in the right direction to accomplish this task. I am well versed in PHP, and am hoping I might be able to get the server to trigger a PHP script or something to this extent.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Trigger And Email Notification

Oct 17, 2015

I have created a trigger like this below:

DECLARE @SERVICE varchar(40)
DECLARE @STATUS varchar(3)


[Code] ....

When I added some a new record to Table_Name with Status='X' nothing happened. I have tried to exec only script below:

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @recipients=N'moj_adres', @body= 'test', @subject = 'Subject!!!!', @profile_name = 'profil'

and I received email notification.

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Query Trigger Email To User

Aug 6, 2013

I need to trigger an email to user when a work order due date is approaching 1 day prior to the due date. Also I need to trigger when a user adds, delete, or modify work order to check on work order due.

Not sure how to query it in SQL.

Due Date = NeedByDate
user = AssignedTo

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Try To Make A Clr Trigger To Send Email

Oct 9, 2007


I'm tryng to set up a CLR Trigger, when executing i get this error:

Msg 6522, Niveau 16, État 1, Procédure Trigger_EnvoiEmail, Ligne 1
Une erreur .NET Framework s'est produite au cours de l'exécution de la routine ou de la fonction d'agrégation définie par l'utilisateur 'Trigger_EnvoiEmail' :
System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Net.Mail.SmtpPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.
at System.Security.CodeAccessSecurityEngine.Check(Object demand, StackCrawlMark& stackMark, Boolean isPermSet)
at System.Security.CodeAccessPermission.Demand()
at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Initialize()
at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient..ctor(String host)
at AffYEmailQueue.MailHelper.SendMailMessage(String from, String destinataire, String bcc, String cc, String subject, String Htmlbody, String Textbody, Int32 idAFFY)
at AffYEmailQueue.Triggers.EnvoiEmail()

Can anybody help me ? thanks

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Insert Trigger Not Getting Row Data For Email Body

Oct 18, 2007

need help with a simple trigger i have been working on. the trigger automatically sends me an email out when a record is inserted, how ever i can't seem to get the row column data into the email. The part i do not understand is that I get the row column data  information in the email if I update the row.
This is for 2005 SQL
Any direction would be greatly appreaciated

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SP Or Trigger For Email Of New Record Insert To Table

Apr 14, 2004

Does anyone have a stored procedure for sending an email (using SQLMail) when a new record is added to a database table?

I have SQLMail all setup, I just need a good example of a stored procedure or trigger that will sending an email with the details for a new record entry into a table.


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Transact SQL :: Trigger - Want To Get Email If Someone Rename Database

Nov 10, 2015

Trying to find tsql for TRIGGER which will send me email, if someone rename database in test/dev environment. I found it for CREATE and DROP database trigger but could not find for RENAME database.

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SQL Server 2014 :: Trigger A Report By Sending Email

Oct 18, 2015

I have a report that gets a Customer_Number parameter and sends a mail with that customer's data.I want my users to be able to get this report's results by sending an email to a certain email address with a customer number in the topic.

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SQL Trigger - Email Data Based On Date Field

Aug 21, 2007

I need to send an email when my 'LastRunDate' field is 30 days old (i.e. It should send an email if the LastRunField = 7/21/2007).

I would need to include the matching fields in the database (i.e. MachineID, Description, etc.) then update that field to todays date.

I have a few values in the 'Frequency' field such as Daily, Monthly, Yearly. Daily would be 24 hrs, monthly 30 days, yearly 365 days from the lastrundate.

I am new to T-SQL & need a good p[lace to start.

Any sugesstions.


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Sending A Report Via Email Triggered From A Trigger On A Sql Table

Oct 24, 2006

My question is it possible to send a report developed in reporting services via email as either a attachment or imbedded in the email, from an insert trigger placed on a table in sql.
If so could you please help with the string that would be need to achieve this.
The report will need to have one or two parameters passed to it from the table.
The report is built and working through reporting services already. I was impressed with the subscription services that reporting services has in place and would like to utilise the reports further by auto emailing out when a new record is placed in the table. To be sent out either as an attachment or imbedded in the email it self.
Thanks for any assistance in advance

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Reporting Services :: Way To Subscribe SSRS Report Using Dynamic Parameters For Email And Trigger Report

Feb 8, 2015

Is there a way to subscribe SSRS report using dynamic parameters for email and trigger the report from autosys job so that report should generate the exact time the job is triggered.Let me describe, my SSRS report should be triggered on success of one autosys job. i need to send email parameter and time of report schedule from this autosys job.

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Reporting Services :: Data Driven Email Subscription With Different Email Per Report Page

Jul 6, 2015

I have a report that gets sends out through a subscription and sometimes the report has multiple pages and all those pages appear within one email.Is it possible to set the subscription in such a way that an email is sent per page when the subscription executes.

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Dbmail Doesn't Rely On IIS SMTP, How To Set Bounced Email Redirect Email Etc.? Thanks

May 4, 2007

Under IIS SMTP I can set bounced email redirect etc. how to do that with dbmail, the idea is I can get the list of bounced emails somewhere so I can create a report.

Any idea?


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Help Split List Of Email Add Comma For Evry Email

May 12, 2008

need help
split list of email add comma for evry email
i have tabe "tblLogin" and in this table i have field emall
like this


need to do ilke this

Code Snippet
@list_email = (SELECT emall FROM tblLogin)

--------------------------i get this
-----------------------@list_email=aaa@hhhh.mm ; nnn@hhhh.mm ; mmm@hhhh.mm

@recipients = @list_email

Code Snippet

IF EXISTS( SELECT * FROM [db_all].[dbo].[taliB] )




FirstName AS 'td','',

LastName AS 'td','' ,

Date_born AS 'td','' ,

Age AS 'td','' ,

BirthdayToday AS 'td','' ,

BirthdayThisWeek AS 'td'

FROM [Bakra_all].[dbo].[taliB] ORDER BY LastName FOR XML PATH('tr'), ELEMENTS ) AS NVARCHAR(MAX))

SET @body ='<html><H1 align=center>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</H1><body ><table border = 1 align=center dir=rtl>









SET @body = @body + @xml +'</table></body></html>'

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail

@recipients =N'rrr@iec.co.il',


@body = @body,

@body_format ='HTML',

@subject ='ggggggggggggggggggggg',

@profile_name ='ilan'



print 'no email today'

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Load A Text File With Email Addresses And Compare Against A Database Table That Has Email Addresses And User_id

Jul 12, 2007

Hello ALL

what I want to achieve is to load a text file that has email addreses from disk and using the email addresses in the text file look it up against the email addresses in the database table then once matched delete all the users in the table whose email address were in the text file.

I also want to update some users using a different text file.

Please help me with the best way to do this

Thanks in advance

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CLR-Based Trigger? Recursive Trigger? Common Table Expression?

Nov 14, 2006


I'm new to this whole SQL Server 2005 thing as well as database design and I've read up on various ways I can integrate business constraints into my database. I'm not sure which way applies to me, but I could use a helping hand in the right direction.

A quick explanation of the various tables I'm dealing with:
WBS - the Work Breakdown Structure, for example: A - Widget 1, AA - Widget 1 Subsystem 1, and etc.
Impacts - the Risk or Opportunity impacts for the weights of a part/assembly. (See Assemblies have Impacts below)
Allocations - the review of the product in question, say Widget 1, in terms of various weight totals, including all parts. Example - September allocation, Initial Demo allocation, etc. Mostly used for weight history and trending
Parts - There are hundreds of Parts which will eventually lead to thousands. Each part has a WBS element. [Seems redundant, but parts are managed in-house, and WBS elements are cross-company and issued by the Government]
Parts have Allocations - For weight history and trending (see Allocations). Example, Nut 17 can have a September 1st allocation, a September 5th allocation, etc.
Assemblies - Parts are assemblies by themselves and can belong to multiple assemblies. Now, there can be multiple parts on a product, say, an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), and so those parts can belong to a higher "assembly" [For example, there can be 3 Nut 17's (lower assembly) on Widget 1 Subsystem 2 (higher assembly) and 4 more on Widget 1 Subsystem 5, etc.]. What I'm concerned about is ensuring that the weight roll-ups are accurate for all of the assemblies.
Assemblies have Impacts - There is a risk and opportunity impact setup modeled into this design to allow for a risk or opportunity to be marked on a per-assembly level. That's all this table represents.

A part is allocated a weight and then assigned to an assembly. The Assemblies table holds this hierarchical information - the lower assembly and the higher one, both of which are Parts entries in the [Parts have Allocations] table.

Therefore, to ensure proper weight roll ups in the [Parts have Allocations] table on a per part-basis, I would like to check for any inserts, updates, deletes on both the [Parts have Allocations] table as well as the [Assemblies] table and then re-calculate the weight roll up for every assembly. Now, I'm not sure if this is a huge performance hog, but I do need to keep all the information as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. As such, I'm not sure which method is even correct, although it seems an AFTER DML trigger is in order (from what I've gathered thus far). Keep in mind, this trigger needs to go through and check every WBS or Part and then go through and check all of it's associated assemblies and then ensure the weights are correct by re-summing the weights listed.

If you need the design or create script (table layout), please let me know.


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Trouble With Update Trigger Modifying Table Which Fired Trigger

Jul 20, 2005

Are there any limitations or gotchas to updating the same table whichfired a trigger from within the trigger?Some example code below. Hmmm.... This example seems to be workingfine so it must be something with my specific schema/code. We'reworking on running a SQL trace but if anybody has any input, fireaway.Thanks!create table x(Id int,Account varchar(25),Info int)GOinsert into x values ( 1, 'Smith', 15);insert into x values ( 2, 'SmithX', 25);/* Update trigger tu_x for table x */create trigger tu_xon xfor updateasbegindeclare @TriggerRowCount intset @TriggerRowCount = @@ROWCOUNTif ( @TriggerRowCount = 0 )returnif ( @TriggerRowCount > 1 )beginraiserror( 'tu_x: @@ROWCOUNT[%d] Trigger does not handle @@ROWCOUNT[color=blue]> 1 !', 17, 127, @TriggerRowCount) with seterror, nowait[/color]returnendupdate xsetAccount = left( i.Account, 24) + 'X',Info = i.Infofrom deleted, inserted iwhere x.Account = left( deleted.Account, 24) + 'X'endupdate x set Account = 'Blair', Info = 999 where Account = 'Smith'

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Generic Audit Trigger CLR C#(Works When The Trigger Is Attached To Any Table)

Dec 5, 2006

This Audit Trigger is Generic (i.e. non-"Table Specific") attach it to any tabel and it should work. Be sure and create the 'Audit' table first though.

The following code write audit entries to a Table called
with columns
'ActionType' //varchar
'TableName' //varchar
'PK' //varchar
'FieldName' //varchar
'OldValue' //varchar
'NewValue' //varchar
'ChangeDateTime' //datetime
'ChangeBy' //varchar

using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Server;

public partial class Triggers
//A Generic Trigger for Insert, Update and Delete Actions on any Table
[Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlTrigger(Name = "AuditTrigger", Event = "FOR INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE")]

public static void AuditTrigger()
SqlTriggerContext tcontext = SqlContext.TriggerContext; //Trigger Context
string TName; //Where we store the Altered Table's Name
string User; //Where we will store the Database Username
DataRow iRow; //DataRow to hold the inserted values
DataRow dRow; //DataRow to how the deleted/overwritten values
DataRow aRow; //Audit DataRow to build our Audit entry with
string PKString; //Will temporarily store the Primary Key Column Names and Values here
using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("context connection=true"))//Our Connection
conn.Open();//Open the Connection
//Build the AuditAdapter and Mathcing Table
SqlDataAdapter AuditAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM Audit WHERE 1=0", conn);
DataTable AuditTable = new DataTable();
AuditAdapter.FillSchema(AuditTable, SchemaType.Source);
SqlCommandBuilder AuditCommandBuilder = new SqlCommandBuilder(AuditAdapter);//Populates the Insert command for us
//Get the inserted values
SqlDataAdapter Loader = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * from INSERTED", conn);
DataTable inserted = new DataTable();
//Get the deleted and/or overwritten values
Loader.SelectCommand.CommandText = "SELECT * from DELETED";
DataTable deleted = new DataTable();
//Retrieve the Name of the Table that currently has a lock from the executing command(i.e. the one that caused this trigger to fire)
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT object_name(resource_associated_entity_id) FROM
ys.dm_tran_locks WHERE request_session_id = @@spid and resource_type = 'OBJECT'", conn);
TName = cmd.ExecuteScalar().ToString();
//Retrieve the UserName of the current Database User
SqlCommand curUserCommand = new SqlCommand("SELECT system_user", conn);
User = curUserCommand.ExecuteScalar().ToString();
//Adapted the following command from a T-SQL audit trigger by Nigel Rivett
SqlDataAdapter PKTableAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(@"SELECT c.COLUMN_NAME
where pk.TABLE_NAME = '" + TName + @"'
DataTable PKTable = new DataTable();

switch (tcontext.TriggerAction)//Switch on the Action occuring on the Table
case TriggerAction.Update:
iRow = inserted.Rows[0];//Get the inserted values in row form
dRow = deleted.Rows[0];//Get the overwritten values in row form
PKString = PKStringBuilder(PKTable, iRow);//the the Primary Keys and There values as a string
foreach (DataColumn column in inserted.Columns)//Walk through all possible Table Columns
if (!iRow[column.Ordinal].Equals(dRow[column.Ordinal]))//If value changed
//Build an Audit Entry
aRow = AuditTable.NewRow();
aRow["ActionType"] = "U";//U for Update
aRow["TableName"] = TName;
aRow["PK"] = PKString;
aRow["FieldName"] = column.ColumnName;
aRow["OldValue"] = dRow[column.Ordinal].ToString();
aRow["NewValue"] = iRow[column.Ordinal].ToString();
aRow["ChangeDateTime"] = DateTime.Now.ToString();
aRow["ChangedBy"] = User;
AuditTable.Rows.InsertAt(aRow, 0);//Insert the entry
case TriggerAction.Insert:
iRow = inserted.Rows[0];
PKString = PKStringBuilder(PKTable, iRow);
foreach (DataColumn column in inserted.Columns)
//Build an Audit Entry
aRow = AuditTable.NewRow();
aRow["ActionType"] = "I";//I for Insert
aRow["TableName"] = TName;
aRow["PK"] = PKString;
aRow["FieldName"] = column.ColumnName;
aRow["OldValue"] = null;
aRow["NewValue"] = iRow[column.Ordinal].ToString();
aRow["ChangeDateTime"] = DateTime.Now.ToString();
aRow["ChangedBy"] = User;
AuditTable.Rows.InsertAt(aRow, 0);//Insert the Entry
case TriggerAction.Delete:
dRow = deleted.Rows[0];
PKString = PKStringBuilder(PKTable, dRow);
foreach (DataColumn column in inserted.Columns)
//Build and Audit Entry
aRow = AuditTable.NewRow();
aRow["ActionType"] = "D";//D for Delete
aRow["TableName"] = TName;
aRow["PK"] = PKString;
aRow["FieldName"] = column.ColumnName;
aRow["OldValue"] = dRow[column.Ordinal].ToString();
aRow["NewValue"] = null;
aRow["ChangeDateTime"] = DateTime.Now.ToString();
aRow["ChangedBy"] = User;
AuditTable.Rows.InsertAt(aRow, 0);//Insert the Entry
//Do Nothing
AuditAdapter.Update(AuditTable);//Write all Audit Entries back to AuditTable
conn.Close(); //Close the Connection

//Helper function that takes a Table of the Primary Key Column Names and the modified rows Values
//and builds a string of the form "<PKColumn1Name=Value1>,PKColumn2Name=Value2>,......"
public static string PKStringBuilder(DataTable primaryKeysTable, DataRow valuesDataRow)
string temp = String.Empty;
foreach (DataRow kColumn in primaryKeysTable.Rows)//for all Primary Keys of the Table that is being changed
temp = String.Concat(temp, String.Concat("<", kColumn[0].ToString(), "=", valuesDataRow[kColumn[0].ToString)].ToString(), ">,"));
return temp;

The trick was getting the Table Name and the Primary Key Columns.
I hope this code is found useful.

Comments and Suggestion will be much appreciated.

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Trigger - Require Help For Updating A Trigger Following An INSERT On Another Table

Oct 30, 2007

Table 1













Table 2































I want to be able to create a trigger that updates table 2 when a row is inserted into table 1. However Im not sure how to increment the ID in table 2 or to update only the row that has been inserted.

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Trigger - Require Help For Updating A Trigger Following An INSERT On Another Table

Feb 5, 2008
















I want to be able to create a trigger so that when a row is inserted into table A by a specific user then the ID will appear in table B. Is it possible to find out the login id of the user inserting a row?

I believe the trigger should look something like this:

create trigger test_trigger
on a
for insert
insert into b(ID)

select i.id
from inserted i
--specific USER

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How To Create New CLR Trigger From Existing T-Sql Trigger

Mar 18, 2008

how to create new CLR trigger from existing T-Sql Trigger Thanks  in advance

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Modifing The Row That Invokes A Trigger From Within That Trigger

Jul 23, 2005

When a row gets modified and it invokes a trigger, we would like to beable to update the row that was modified inside the trigger. This is(basically) how we are doing it now:CREATE TRIGGER trTBL ON TBLFOR UPDATE, INSERT, DELETEasupdate TBLset fld = 'value'from inserted, TBLwhere inserted.id= TBL.id....This work fine but it seems like it could be optimized. Clearly we arehaving to scan the entire table again to update the row. But shouldn'tthe trigger already know which row invoked it. Do we have to scan thetable again for this row or is their some syntax that allows us toupdate the row that invoked the trigger. If not, why. It seems likethis would be a fairly common task. Thanks.

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Disabilitazione Trigger [DISABLE TRIGGER]

Jul 20, 2005

Salve, non riesco a disabilitare un trigger su sqlserver n da queryanalyzer, n da enterprise manager.In pratica tal cosa riuscivo a farla in Oracle con TOAD, mentre qui nonriesco.Mi interessa disattivarlo senza cancellarlo per poi riattivarlo al bisognosenza rilanciare lo script di creazione.Grazie a tuttiHi I need to disable a DB trigger and I'm not able to do this neither withquery analyzer, neither with enterprise manager.I remeber this job was quite simple using TOAd in Oracle.I'm interested in making it disabled not delete it, without run creationscript.Thanks a lot to everybody.

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Update Trigger Behaviour W/o A Trigger.

May 30, 2008

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this question.
I run an update statement like "Update mytable set status='S' " on the SQL 2005 management Studio.
When I run "select * from mytable" for a few seconds all status = "S". After a few seconds all status turn to "H".
This is a behaviour when you have an update trigger for the table. But I don't see any triggers under this table.
What else would cause the database automatically change my update?
Could there be any other place I should look for an update trigger on this table?

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Drop Trigger With A Variable Trigger Name

Sep 20, 2007

Hi all in .net I've created an application that allows creation of triggers, i also want to allow the deletion of triggers.
The trigger name is kept in a table, and apon deleting the record i want to use the field name to delete the trigger

I have the following Trigger

the error is at

DROP TRIGGER @DeleteTrigger

I'm guessing it dosen't like the trigger name being a variable instead of a static name
how do i get around this?

thanks in advance

-- ================================================

-- Template generated from Template Explorer using:

-- Create Trigger (New Menu).SQL


-- Use the Specify Values for Template Parameters

-- command (Ctrl-Shift-M) to fill in the parameter

-- values below.


-- See additional Create Trigger templates for more

-- examples of different Trigger statements.


-- This block of comments will not be included in

-- the definition of the function.

-- ================================================





-- =============================================

-- Author: <Author,,Name>

-- Create date: <Create Date,,>

-- Description: <Description,,>

-- =============================================


ON tblTriggers




-- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from

-- interfering with SELECT statements.


Declare @DeleteTrigger as nvarchar(max)

select @DeleteTrigger = TableName FROM DELETED

IF OBJECT_ID (@DeleteTrigger,'TR') IS NOT NULL

DROP TRIGGER @DeleteTrigger




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Trigger Doesn't Log Into The Audit Table If The Column Of Table Has Trigger On Is Null

Jan 23, 2008


I have a trigger set on TABLE1 so that any update to this column should set off trigger to write to the AUDIT log table, it works fine otherwise but not the very first time when table1 has null in the column. if i comment out

and i.req_fname <> d.req_fname from the where clause then it works fine the first time too. Seems like null value of the column is messing things up

Any thoughts?

Here is my t-sql

Insert into dbo.AUDIT (audit_req, audit_new_value, audit_field, audit_user)

select i.req_guid, i.req_fname, 'req_fname', IsNull(i.req_last_update_user,@default_user) as username from inserted i, deleted d

where i.req_guid = d.req_guid

and i.req_fname <> d.req_fname


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