SQL Server 2008 :: Full-text Search Suddenly Returning Error

Jul 8, 2015

This morning, when I look at my error logs, the following appears;

Msg 0, Level 11, State 0, Line 0

A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded.

Msg 0, Level 20, State 0, Line 0

A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded.

If I remove the contains() part from the SQL Stored Procedure, it stills runs. So, in other words, suddenly contains() started making the query crash.

I'm running SQL Server 2008 R2.

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SQL Search :: Full Text Indexing Returning Error

Oct 28, 2015

We have an iFilter to extract text on emails and their attached files. I have encountered 5 emails that receive the following error code, but I cannot find anything on the error code: Error '0x80fc7586' occurred during full-text index population for table or indexed view '[RIA_Unindexed].[dbo].[Emails]' (table or indexed view ID '485576768', database ID '31'), full-text key value 'E11264A2-A17D-E511-80E0-005056B240B1'. Attempt will be made to reindex it.After a number of retry attempts they will fail to index.what does error code  '0x80fc7586' refer to, I have not found it.

Since the first two bytes of the error code are the severity and facility reporting the error, I stripped off that information and looked for error 0x7586 or 30086. That error reported "Too Many products".Theses emails being indexed contain attachments with large attachments that then the attachment chunks are being called for from the fdhost may result in too many chunk segments, or more likely there are some repeating words in the extracts like 4 million occurrences so right now I am testing that condition. To see if the word breaker is throwing the error.

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Full Text Search Not Returning Certain Results?

Oct 28, 2015

We are running SQL 2014 SP1. We are using defined Full text indexes on several tables in the database. However, on one specific set of servers, a certain search will not return any data. This exact same search works on another set of servers built identically. The first responses I'm sure will be stop list, but I have dropped and recreated the FTI multiple times with different stop lists or no stop list at all and get the same results.

The specific word being searched on is YUM. If I change the value to YUMk, it actually returns, and if I change the data to TUM it returns, but YUM does not. This exact query is working on multiple other systems, so it seems to be something environmental, but I haven't been able to pinpoint it.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Full Text Search On Indexed View

Mar 25, 2015

I'm creating Indexed view by JOINING multiple tables and trying to create FULL TEXT search index. Unique column is generated by concatenating to ID columns from different table. I can successfully able to create unique index however when trying to create FULLTEXT INDEX getting below error.

"A full-text search key must be a unique, non-nullable, single-column index which is not offline, is not defined on a non-deterministic or imprecise nonpersisted computed column, does not have a filter, and has maximum size of 900 bytes. Choose another index for the full-text key."

The message clearly says the column should be single-column index, non-deterministic.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Full Text Search - Searching For Keyword

Apr 8, 2015

I am searching for the key word 'Platform Customer Support' using full text search. My code is as below

Set @KeywordSearch = 'Platform Customer Support'

Select AA, BB, CC, DD from SM9..TableName A Right Outer Join SM9_Experiment..TableName C
On A.IncdTouchedGSF like '%' + C.SM9GroupName + '%'
Contains(A.[Description], @KeyWordSearch)
And A.OpenTime Between @StartDate and @EndDate
And C.Classification = @GroupNameClassification

The code is throwing:

Msg 7630, Level 15, State 3, Line 46
Syntax error near 'Customer' in the full-text search condition 'Platform Customer Support.

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Full-text Index Search Not Returning Expected Results

Apr 11, 2007


My full-text search isn't working at all! I have a temporary table with full-text indexing enabled where files are scanned for social security numbers. If it has one, the user will see a message that it believes it's found a SSN and won't upload it. There is only ever one row in this table, as we overwrite the contents upon each upload.

I'm testing this search, and it doesn't work. The table has the following columns:
attachemtId (int) - primary key
fileContent (image) - contents of the file
fileExtension (varchar) - extension of the file (this is always either ".pdf" or ".doc")

I created a .doc file that simply says "ssn", and then run the following query:

SELECT * FROM TempAttachment
WHERE CONTAINS(fileContent,'ssn')

and nothing is returned! I tried the same thing with a .pdf file, and same results.

I'm not sure if this is related, but earlier I had this issue where I had to reset permissions for the directory. I've tried removing the full-text index and adding it again, but that didn't do anything. I also checked error logs on the server, and there were no messages. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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FullText Search Not Returning Results After Rebuilding Full Text Index

Aug 6, 2012

We have a table that is Full Text Search index enabled on one column.This table has 200 lakhs of rows(20000000) . ContainsTable() function is searching data with in these 200 lakhs of rows(20000000), if any new rows are inserted then the ContainsTable is not going to search in these recent inserted rows.

We observed when we try for a data to search. it is returning the rows till the rows that are inserted date is less than 30th of march 2012. but not searching in the records that are created after April month , if even the data we are searching is available .

TableFulltextItemCount is around 2.2 crores.

Then we done rebuilt the FT catalog Index. then the TableFulltextItemCount became 0.Again we run the containstable query ,but still it is not getting results.

As the no of rows are very more . so i am not able to show the actual rows from which the data is not coming.

the below query gives 2 results that are from actual base table

HTML Code:
select * from g_case_action_log where cas_details like '%235355%' and product_id = 38810

To search for the same above word using FTS,I have used the query as below

HTML Code:
SELECT Distinct top 50 cal.case_id,cal.cas_details From g_case_action_log cal (READUNCOMMITTED)inner join containstable(es.g_case_action_log, cas_details, ' ("235355" OR "<br>235355" OR "235355<br> ") ') as key_tbl on cal.log_id = key_tbl.[key] Where cal.product_id = 38810 ORDER By cal.case_id DESC

I have attached one sql script file for your ref that contains create logic and index schema properties

Why it is not returning results all the time.

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Transact SQL :: Server Text Field Not Returning Full Text

Apr 21, 2015

I have a column in a table that has a type TEXT,when I pull the length of a row it returns 88222 but when I select from that column it dows not show all the text in the result set.

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SQL Server 2014 :: Semantic Search Not Finding Keywords Identified By Full-Text Search?

Nov 6, 2014

I have a scenario of where the standard Full-Text search identifies keywords but Semantic Search does not recognize them as keywords. I'm hoping to understand why Semantic Search might not recognize them. The context this is being used in medical terminology and the specific key words I noticed missing right off the bat were medications.

For instance, if I put the following string into a FT indexed table

'J9355 - Trastuzumab (Herceptin)'
'J9355 - Trastuzumab emtansine'

The Semantic Search recognized 'Herceptin' and 'Emtansine' but not 'Trastuzumab'

Nor in

'J8999 - Everolimus (Afinitor)'

It did not recognize 'Afinitor' as a keyword.

In all cases the Base of Full-Text did find those keywords and were identifiable using the dmvsys.dm_fts_index_keywords_by_document.It does show the index as having completed.

why certain words might not be picked up while others would be? Could it be a language/dictionary issue? I am using English and accent insensitive settings?

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Create Site Search Using Sql Server Full Text Search

Jul 24, 2007

would you use sql server "full text search" feature as your site index?  from some reason i can't make index server my site search catalog, and i wonder if the full text is the solution. i think that i wll have to you create new table called some thing like "site text" and i will need to write every text twice- one the the table (let's say "articles table") and one to the text. other wise- there is problems finding the right urlof the text, searching different tables with different columns name and so on...
so i thought create site search table, with the columns:
id, text, url
and to write every thing to this table.
but some how ot look the wrong way, that every forum post, every article, album picture or joke will insert twice to the sqr server...
what do you think? 

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How Can I Search Throught DOCX (MS Word 2007) Documents By SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search Engine?

Dec 11, 2006

How can I search throught DOCX (MS Word 2007) documents by SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search engine?

Should I something download?

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Full Text Search Error Message?

Jul 27, 2001

I am pulling my hair out trying to resolve this issue. I have placed several messages on different message boards and have not received any response to this issue. Can anyone here please help me?

I have installed 'full text index' on a server, initialized it and created a job to full text two fields in a table. I can see that the last refresh was a day ago. I am calling a stored procedure: (the server is version 7 of SQL Server with sp3)

@pSearchString varchar(200)


SELECTfaqID, FaqQuestion, FaqText, Status, InputDate
WHEREContains(*, @pSearchString) and Status = 1

All I get is this error message, whether I call this from an asp page or run it directly from query analyzer:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'
Search on full-text catalog 'etr_fts' for database ID 10, table ID 1429580131 with search condition 'faq' failed with unknown result (324bd27c).

Please HELP!!

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Full Text Search Know Which Row Has Error In Indexing

May 15, 2007

Hello everybody,

I have installed SQLServer 2005 for take advantage of full text seach features.

When I start full population, there are some rows that cause error and not are indexed.

I see the log in C:ProgrammiMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLLOGSQLFT0000700005.LOG. In this file there are seven rows that have error and for everyone a line that say:

"Error '0x8004fd01: The IFilter::Init() function call failed.' ... full-text key value 0x495532303045594154504B55. Attempt will be made to reindex it. The component 'pdffilt.dll' reported error while indexing. Component path 'C:ProgrammiFoxit SoftwareFoxit PDF IFilterpdffilt.dll'."

With different full-text key value for every line.

My question is:

1) Start from a full-text key (ie. 0x495532303045594154504B55), how I arrive to the record in the source table for understand which is the problem?Otherwise how can I examine the problem if I don't know the row that cause the error?

2) What is the error 0x8004fd01?

3) Could be that the PDF filter of Foxit is better than Adobe? With Adobe filter (version 6) my full pupulation is endless!


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SQL Server 2000 Full Text Search (extract Pieces Of Text)

Sep 12, 2007

Hello everyone !
I want to perform Full Text Search with SQL Server 2000. My documents (.doc, .xls, .txt, .pdf) are stored in a SQL Server field which is binary (the type of the column is image).
I would like to know, how you can extract pieces of text from the documents.
I have a ASPX page with codebehind in C# making the search in a table in SQL server that is full text indexed.
I make a search looking for the word "peace", than SQL server will take care about the search and return it to me the rows that match with that. But also I'd like to extract the 50 characters before and after where sql server found the word "peace" to show in the result page.
Does anyone has any idea how to work around it ?
 Best regards.

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Full Text Search Error - Catalogue Does Not Exist

Mar 26, 2007

Hi guys, I sent the following queries to my DB and they seem to work with success messages after each line but when I try to test it I get the message at the bottom. Any ideas? there's a good chance my test sql is all wrong!

sp_fulltext_database 'enable'

sp_fulltext_catalog 'Fulltextcatalog1','create'

sp_fulltext_table 'test','create','Fulltextcatalog1','PK_test'

sp_fulltext_column 'test','text','add'

sp_fulltext_table 'test','activate'

sp_fulltext_table 'test','start_full'

sp_fulltext_table test, 'Start_change_tracking'

sp_fulltext_table test, 'Start_background_updateindex'

---- now test it ---

SELECT * FROM test WHERE FREETEXT(*,'spotless')

gets this result:
Error -2147217900
Execution of a full-text operation failed. The catalog does not exist or is currently unavailable. Please retry the action again later and if this symptom persists, contact the system administrator.

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Error Installing Full-text Search Engine

Dec 19, 2006

Hi, though i've been using sql server 2000 developer edition for awhile, I guess i overlooked the fact that the full-text search tool was never installed and i never needed it until now. Anyway, tried installing it today and get this error:

Installation of Microsoft Full-Text Search Engine Package Failed (-2147220991) 0x80040201
An event was unable to invoke any of the subsribers

I have no idea what this means - can you help me to get this installed correctly? I did just install service pack 4, and i tried reinstalling the components, tried rebuilding the registery of the current instance, and even tried creating a new instance with hopes that the new instance would install the full-text component - which it did not.

Any suggestions? Maybe I have to unistall the entire Software and reinstall it? Would I lose any of my data in doing this? I should note that all other tools seem to function fine.

Thanks ahead!


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Pls Help With Installing Full-text Search On Sql2000 - Get Error

Dec 20, 2006

Hi, though i've been using sql server 2000 developer edition for awhile, I guess i overlooked the fact that the full-text search tool was never installed and i never needed it until now. Anyway, tried installing it today and get this error:

Installation of Microsoft Full-Text Search Engine Package Failed (-2147220991) 0x80040201
An event was unable to invoke any of the subsribers

I have no idea what this means - can you help me to get this installed correctly? I did just install service pack 4, and i tried reinstalling the components, tried rebuilding the registery of the current instance, and even tried creating a new instance with hopes that the new instance would install the full-text component - which it did not.

Any suggestions? I just completely uninstalled sql2000 and did a full-reinstallation and still it wont let me install the full-text search engine component - i check the checkbox in the installation wizard and then it gives me the same error as above.
Thanks ahead!


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Full-Text Search Gets Syntax Error And Kills The Transaction

Oct 26, 2006

I am having problems with syntax errors being generated from the search clause of a full-text search. When the syntax error is raised, the batch and transaction are stopped. Placing the search within a SQL Try/Catch allows the batch to continue, but the transaction is uncommitable.

I need to trap and handle the full-text search syntax error then control the commit or rollback of the transaction based on other transactions.

Below is a simplified version of the type of logic I am working with. The XACT_STATE goes to -1 because of the syntax error generated by the full-text search. This forces a rollback of the whole transaction.

Declare @sSearch NVarChar(50)
/* @sSearch is passed by a web page and could come back empty or with an invalid Full-Text search clause*/

Begin Transaction
Begin Try
Select *
/*The table 'KnowledgeBase' is a table with a populated Full-Text Search*/
From Containstable(KnowledgeBase,*,@sSearch)
End Try
Begin Catch
Print 'Number- ' + Convert(VarChar,ERROR_NUMBER()) + ', ' +
'Severity- ' + Convert(VarChar,ERROR_SEVERITY()) + ', ' +
'State- ' + Convert(VarChar,ERROR_STATE()) + ', ' +
'Message- "' + ERROR_MESSAGE() + '"'
End Catch

/*Some other logic would be here*/

Commit Transaction

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SQL Server DB Full Text Search

Nov 6, 2004

Where do I find and enable full text search in sql server db?

I have hunted, and hunted, and stumbled, and looked with no luck.

Should it have been installed during set up?

Thanks all,


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SQl Server Full Text Search

Jul 19, 2005

I have a server that has windows 2000 with Sql Server Enterprise edition sp3 installed and we are currently using the full text catalogs. I have another server that we have are trying to use the full text catalogs and it does not populate the catalog. I have check the microsoft search service to make sure it is logged in the same. I have gone through and recreated the catalogs twice and they will not populate. Can anyone give me any suggestion of things I can look for, Please ??

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Sql Server: Msg 7607 - Full Text Search

May 30, 2006


i am getting the above error message when trying to do full text search with containstable on a single table.

i am dynamically creating the search querry condition and some times its even having 18 times "AND" OR "AND NOT" in the search condition.

i have read in MS bug list that there is a limitation of length of the search string while doing FTsearch. it said that its been fixed in SP3 of sql server 2000.

But i am still getting the error 7607 even after installing SP3 on my server.

need advise on resolving this issue..


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Full-Text Search In SQL Server 2005 Express

Feb 8, 2007

I installed SQL Server 2005 express with advanced services which is supposed to include full-text search capability but I can't get it to work.  When I try to create a full-text catalog it gives me an error because it does not think the full-text service is installed or loaded.  I can't seem to find a reference to the full-text search feature to enable or install it.  any ideas?

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Full Text Search - Wildcards (SQL Server 2005)

Feb 5, 2008

the sql server documentation states that the use of wildcards is allowed by placing an '*' at the end of the search term.  I can get this to work OK in the SQL Server 2005 query window, heres an example
select ID, SUBSTRING(Title, 1, 100) AS Title, Implemented, Published from Table1 where contains(title,'"Therap*"') ORDER BY Title
this works OK and returns a list ot titles with the word Therapy in the title
  Im trying to implelemnt this functionalty in a web app with C#.  The string is passed to a stored procedure.  How on earth do I pass in the quotes ??
Ive tried building the string as normal then adding single quotes on the end, so I get something like
retval = txt + "*";    //txt contains the partial word im searching for, then add the wildcard
then  retval = "'" + retval + "'";  // add the single quotes
and pass txt as a string parameter to my stored procedure.  It doesnt work.  Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ??
the same query works fine in the SQL query window.

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Full Text Search On Clustered SQL Server 2000

Jun 21, 2005

I am using SQL Server Enterprise 2000 and have created a full text search on the pubs database as per the instructions below:-


However, when I verify the search :-

SELECT title, notes
FROM titles
WHERE CONTAINS (notes, ' "quick easy" ')

no rows are returned.

In the full text tab under the pubs database, my demo catalog is listed, but the Item count and unique key count are both 1. There are 18 records in my titles table.

The full text files location is on my H drive which is set up as a dependency of SQL Server in cluster admin.

In SQL EM->Support Services->Full Text Search->properties, the location of my temporary files was set to C:winnt empgthrsvc. As nothing in cluster admin can see this directory, I changed it to H: emp but still no data is returned by the query. There is no default error log file listed and I can't work out how to change this.

I have checked the Search service is running under the local system account.

I can't find any error messages which may indicate a problem apart from the fact that the T-SQL query doesn't return any data.

Anyone any ideas? Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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SQL 2012 :: Full Text Search On Production Server?

Jan 29, 2014

Full Text Searches are working on my test server, but not on my production server. My test scenario is as follows:


KEY INDEX PK_FtsTest ON FTC_TestI wait briefly and then check to see if the index has been populated:
SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_indexescrawl_end_date is not null,

So I'm assuming I don't have to wait anymore before I try some FTS searches. Right? I can't get any queries to return anything, though.

The following tells me the full text item count for the table is zero:

SELECT @TableId = id FROM sys.sysobjects WHERE [Name] = 'FtsTest'
SELECT OBJECTPROPERTYEX(@TableId, 'TableFulltextItemCount') AS TableFulltextItemCount

As mentioned, the full text search works on my test server. Both of them are SQL 20012 SP1 (11.0.3000) x64 running on WinServer 2008 R2 SP1.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Full-Text Search On FileTable

Apr 11, 2014

I am new to Full-Text Searches and FileTables. I am working on a resume search system. I created a FileTable and the Share which contains about 51,000 resumes in Word (DOC/DOCX), PDF and TXT formats that were copied over from our main file server. I followed the instructions on adding the Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0, and all searchable file types are listed in sys.fulltext.document_types.

I have a program that searches resumes by First and Last Name and/or E-mail Address. For a while, we thought it was working fine because we were getting hits, but then we noticed some Names and E-mail Addresses we new existed were not showing up in my CONTAINS queries -- but we verified the documents do exist and the Names exist in the File Name and inside the document along with the E-Mail address.

One example I'm working on now cannot find the First/Last Name with CONTAINS(name,"lastname") in a Word DOC file, but I can find the document using LEFT(name,5) = 'Smith'. It's a Word DOC file. For testing purposes, I opened the DOC file in Word, then used Save As to create a TXT and DOCX file within the same folder. Now, both of those are showing up in the CONTAINS but not the original DOC file.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Using Full Text Search In Standardization

Aug 11, 2014

I'm standardizing street addresses and i think full text search, maybe, work fine with my problem. My problem is that I have 2 millon of errors and using "LIKE" dont work correctly. This is what i have now:

UPDATE addresses
SET standarAddress = REPLACE (addresses.streetAddress, errors.streetAddress, corrects.streetAddress)
FROM corrects
ON corrects.id = errors.idCorrects

[Code] ....

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PDF Filter For MS SQL Server 2005 Full Text Search

Jan 23, 2008

Hello, I have read on the multiple places that filter for full text search of PDF files using FTS2005 is included in the Reader 8 etc. However, I have not found any document or instruction etc on adobe documents, microsoft documents or web that details on how to actually configure the filter. Please help. thanks

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Full Text Search In SQL Server 2005 Express?

May 24, 2006

Newbie questions.

1. Can SQL Server 20005 Express do full text searches?

2. If not, is there a way to use SQL Server 20005 Express to search a database column containing text data type?

Using Visual Basic 2005 Express, I would like to do a simple search with a search textbox and button that will return the entire contents of a field of database text when one or more words in the search text box are in the field of text in the database.

I have been playing in Visual Basic 2005 Express and using SQL queries (SELECT, FROM, WHERE) to output to DataGridView controls by using ID columns as filters in the query, etc. This I can do. But I have not been able to use a word or phrase in the search textbox as a filtered query to output the entire database field of text which contains the search word or phrase in the search textbox.

Thanks for any help in getting me started with this.

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Distribution Of SQL Server 2005 DB With Full-Text Search

Sep 8, 2007

Using SQL Server 2005 Express (Advanced SP2) I have created a Full-Text Search application in VB for distribution on CD for single PCs. Works fine on my local machine during development.

Although the SQL Server 2005 Express edition can be distributed freely, it does not seem to support Full-Text searches in the distributed version. Is this true? Or am I missing something with my deployment?

If I need another version of Sql Server for distribution of a Full-Text Search app, how do I go about obtaining the proper DB and permission for distribution? The DB size is about 600 MB.

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Help W/ Stored Procedure? - Full-text Search: Search Query Of Normalized Data

Mar 29, 2008

 Hi -  I'm short of SQL experience and hacking my way through creating a simple search feature for a personal project. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out with writing a stored procedure. Problem: I have two tables with three columns indexed for full-text search. So far I have been able to successfully execute the following query returning matching row ids:  dbo.Search_Articles        @searchText varchar(150)        AS    SELECT ArticleID     FROM articles    WHERE CONTAINS(Description, @searchText) OR CONTAINS(Title, @searchText)    UNION    SELECT ArticleID     FROM article_pages    WHERE CONTAINS(Text, @searchText);        RETURN This returns the ArticleID for any articles or article_pages records where there is a text match. I ultimately need the stored procedure to return all columns from the articles table for matches and not just the StoryID. Seems like maybe I should try using some kind of JOIN on the result of the UNION above and the articles table? But I have so far been unable to figure out how to do this as I can't seem to declare a name for the result table of the UNION above. Perhaps there is another more eloquent solution? Thanks! Peter 

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SQL Search :: Full Text Search With Single Character Returns All Rows

Jul 21, 2015

Our clients want to be able to do full text search with a single letter. (Is the name Newton, Nathan, Nick?, Is the ID N1, N2...). Doing a single character full text search on a table work 25 out of 26 times. The letter that doesn't work is 'n'. the WHERE clause CONTAINS(full_text_field, ' "n*" ') returns all rows, even rows that have no 'n' in them anywhere. Adding a second letter after the "n" works as expected.

Here is an example

create table TestFullTextSearch (
Id int not null,
AllText nvarchar(400)
create unique index test_tfts on TestFullTextSearch(Id);
create fulltext catalog ftcat_tfts;

[Code] ....

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SQL Search :: Full Text Search Of PDF Files In A File Table

Mar 30, 2013

I have installed the Adobe iFilter 11 64 bit and set the path to the bin folder. I still cannot find any text from the pdf files. I suspect I am missing something trivial because I don't find much when I Bing for this so it must not be a common problem.Here is the code.

--Adobe iFilter 11 64 bit is installed
--The Path variable is set to the bin folder for the Adobe iFilter.
--SQL Developer version 64 bit on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.
USE master;


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