Conditional Control Flow Element


A branching element is critical to any process flow. Currently, as far as I know, there;s only a Conditional Split Data Flow Element. There is no direct way I can branch out in a control flow.

In some cases, I could branch by using a conditional operator ?: to either create a dynamic sql string for each patch, or a package name for a Package Execution task and so on.

This approach is not always good enough.

Are there others out there who want a Conditional Control Flow element?


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Conditional Execution In The Control Flow Via Script Task


I'm trying to conditionally execute a dataflow based on the presence of a data file. If the data file isn't present, I'd like to execute gracefully without error.

Logic is as follows:

If FileExists Then
execute dataflow
exit w/o error
End If

I've got the code ready to go, but I'm not sure how to do this conditional branch logic. Right now, the code calls the Dts.Results.Success / Failure. The problem, however, is Failure is exactly that... which doesn't result in the graceful exit I'm looking for.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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SSIS Variables Between Data Flow And Control Flow... How To????

Hi everyone,

Primary platform is 64 bit cluster.

How to move information allocated in SSIS variables from Data Flow to Control Flow layers??

We've got a SSIS package which load a value into a variable inside a Data Flow. Going back to Control Flow how could we retrive that value again????

Thanks in advance and regards,

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How Can I Check Variables Comes From Data Flow In Predence Constraints And Conditional Transformation?


I have Variable , data source and conditional transformation which checks the count(*) if the count == 0 then I connect an script component and change variable to false(initial it is True) and write into a log file...

Then I check that variable on predence constarint at workflow if variable==True then success. BUT
Whenever I run the package my dataflow gets green even the condition does not meet like count==0 . So
my variable's value is "False". Actually if the condition doesnt meet then my script shouldnt work.
Am I missing something???

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Conditional Checks In SSIS.

I have two connections in a package pointing to two different databases
on the same server. I have to insert records from 'DB1' table 'Gender1'
to 'DB2' table 'Gender2'. Before I do that though, I have to make sure
the minimum value (of all the Gender Keys that are going to be
inserted) of 'DB1' 'GenderKey' (which is an identity field) is greater than the
maximum value of DB2-GenderKey (which is a primary key but not an
identity field). How can I do this simple check? I have to do this process for many different tables ....... Gender table is just an example. If someone can give an detailed explanation on which tasks to use and how to use them (as I am relatively new to SSIS) that'd be great.

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Checking Conditional In SSIS

I am converting a DTS package to SSIS.

DTS has the following steps:

1. SQL task that returns a variable ( a count ).

2. ActiveX script:

Function Main()

If DTSGlobalVariables("gsPrevProcessCount").Value > 0 Then
MsgBox "The data for one or more of your members has already been processed. Please review your data files and remove the processed files from the data directory."
Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Failure
Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success
End If

End Function

In SSIS, I have an Execute SQL Task that returns a variable PrevProcessedCount. Now, I am stuck. How do I display a message to the user (or maybe just put it in the audit log) and how to I check the variable and stop processing my package?


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SSIS- Doing Conditional Duplicate Removals


First post here. Anyway, I have a question regarding SSIS. I'm currently given a task that requires reading a flat file, applying duplicate removal as well as invalid data removal, processing it, and finally writing it to a SQL Server 2005 DB.

Part of the processing requires checking for partial duplicates in the batches of records provided in the text file. For example, the record contains a a phone number, status, timestamp of creation and various other entries. If a phone number is repeated (meaning, duplicate entry), a column called 'Status' must be checked, and only entries with the status of 'C' is allowed through.

Another part of the processing requires that if the phone number is repeated along with various other entries including status, the timestamp of creation is checked and only the entry with the most recent timestamp is accepted.

I would like to know how to implement this in SSIS without using table objects and scripts, as my experience tells me that doing this in a script can really take a hit on system performance. The task is expected to handle tens of thousands of records in a day.

Any help will be appriciated.


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SSIS Conditional Column Mapping

I have a condition where if column5 is equal to 1 then put column6 into the destination column "dest6", if it is not equal to 1 then put column6 in destination column "dest7"

What is the best way to do this in SSIS?

If I have to use the conditional split then do I have to copy my complete mappings, exact change this one column?

Thank for the help this mapping will take me a long time!

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Conditional Insertion && Updation In Destination Table (SSIS)

How to create package in SSIS by applying the business Logic like if the record already exist it should be and update else it should be an insert in the destination table. how to achive this funcality in SQL SERVER 2005 (Business Intelligence studion).

Thanks & Regards


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How To Write Condition In The Conditional Split Control In SSIS

HI i need to write the Condition for Insert and Update Reccord depending upon the Prod_ID. How to write the Follwing condtion in the Condition Split? pls Anyone give me the Solution?


 "  if   Prod_ID  Exist then  UPDATE  Records

    if Prod_ID   Not EXIST then INSERT Records "


 how to write the above conditon in the Condional Split?

Thanks  &  Regards,





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SSIS - Conditional Split, Date Compare Problem!! Please Help

Right the answer is probably simple but the Internet and books and everything has been no joy to me whatsoever.

I want to split my data stream based on the date. So I want to use a conditional split object to do this.

I entered the following as my case date_created > (DT_DBTIMESTAMP)"01/10/2000"

When I move off the line it stays black so appears to be okay, yet when I run my package it says it is not a boolean result and fails. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Also I cannot filter in the source call due to the sheer amount of work being done on the data before the split.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Help With SSIS Data Flow

To keep this simple, I have a control flow that loops through files in a folder. Within that loop I have a data flow. In my data flow I read in the file as a whole to get some counts of header rows, data rows, and total file size and store that in a db using various components. The last component in my data flow so far is a script component which I use to validate something so that I have set up 2 output paths, 1 if the validation passes and 1 if it errors out. For the error, I store the info in the db. For the row that passes, what I need to do is now go back to the origional file and instead of loading it as a whole, I need to now load it separating the data into columns. I cannot figure out how to do this. I was going to use another file source to reload but it will not let me connect the output of the script component to it. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can now go back to the orig file on disk and reload the data? or is there another suggestion?
 Thanks a bunch in advance!!!

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Flow Control In SSIS

I am having a hard time with what appears to be something simple. I want to import an excel spreadsheet into a table on a daily basis from a command line. I created a package from the Import Wizzard in the SQL Management Studio and saved it. Since I want a clean table each day, my process needs to be create a temp table, import from the Excel file into the temp table. If that is successful, delete the original table and rename the temp table the original name. The point of this process is to provide for a fail-safe if there is some unforseen problem downloading the data on a particular day.

When I run the package, the first thing it does is delete the original table. I know this because the process shows the time that it finished is before anything else has started or finished. The time shown for the completion of the data flow task is about 2 minutes after that time.

This is maddening!!! The one thing I do not want to happen I can not seem to prevent. I have my control flow set on success. Why does it do this?

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Cursor, Conditional Split Task, Nested Joins In SSIS


Can anybody help me out in
1) implementing cursors in SSIS. I want to process each row at a time from a dataset. I was trying to use Foreachloop container but in vain. Can you please answer in detail.

my few other questions are:
1) Can i do nested inner join in SSIS. If yes, how? ( I have three table i need to join Tab1 to table 2 and get join the table 3 to get the respective data)
2) I have a resultsets. I want to split the data according to data in a col.
Say for instance:
Col1 Col2
A 1
A 2
B 3
C 4
C 5
i want to split the data according A, B and C . i.e., if Col1= A then do this, if Col1= B then do this..etc. How can i do this using conditional split task in SSIS

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Using Wild Card Filter Character In Conditional Splits In SSIS

I am using Conditinal split in my package. I need to remove certain rows which are matching my criteria. The criteria requires using wild card characters like, first_name = '%john%'.

How do I achieve this?
Please help


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Execution Flow Of SSIS Package


I want to know detail execution flow of SSIS package (like Validation -> Expression evaluation -> Execution etc.)

Where can I get detail information, any reference (links)?

Thanks in advance.


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SSIS Ate My Data Flow Task!

I was working all day making changes to my 3MB package. I was adding a large number of transforms that were copied-and-pasted from elsewhere in the same data flow task.

All was going well. I even took the time to have SSIS lay out the task again (1/2 hour). Suddenly I started receiving some strange errors:

After the layout, I noticed two stray components 'way off in the upper right corner. I found that one of them had a duplicate name to a component which had been added hours ago. Even after deleting it, I got "duplicate name" errors.

I copied three components in one selection, and when I tried to paste them, got the error "can't initialize component on paste". I tried them one at a time, but got the same error.

I got errors about COM failures due to marshalling to another thread
I then exited Visual Studio and started it again. To my great surprise, the data flow task I was working on was still there, but was completely empty.

Comparing what I'm left with to my last version in source control, I find that the entire pipeline element is missing from the DTS: ObjectData element!

I'm developing a real love/hate relationship with SSIS. It varies from one day to the next. Guess what kind of day this is!

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Xml Ssis Data Flow Component?

There is a table with a column that contains Xml documents. For each record from my Data Flow Source, I want to pass in the Xml document and the node to interrogate, and return the value contained in the node. Like the Crm component, this is probably one I will have to write from scratch in C#, but I would like to avoid having to create the custom component if it already exists in the public arena.

Does anyone know of any Xml Ssis Data Flow Components that are downloadable for free?

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SSIS Data Flow Parameterize Query


I am using SSIS in SQL Server 2005 and want to have a query like this in my data flow task

Select a.*
from abc as a
inner join (Select max( as ID from xyz as b inner join pqr as c on = and > ?) as t1
on =

SSIS fails to detect the parameter (?) for the inner query and gives message.

Parameters cannot be extracted from the SQL command. The provider might not help to parse parameter information from the command. In that case, use the "SQL command from variable" access mode, in which the entire SQL command is stored in a variable.", so assuming this is your problem, then you can workaround.


The idea is to parameterize the inner query ,,,
(so if the above query doesnt make sense ignore it )

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SSIS Data Flow Batch Question

I am loading a lot of Excel and CSV files to SQL Server. Some loading may fail for various reasons. I want a file either be load as a whole or nothing. Currently I keep a list of failed filename and remove it at the end (I add a column for source file name).

Any better way to make sure a file is loaded as a whole or nothing?


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SSIS Data Flow Task Is Hanging


I have a derived column works fine on following expression with a delimiter "~" in the string, but it hangs when the delimiter "~" is missing.

(DT_STR,15,1252)(FINDSTRING([Column 0],"~",1) == 0 ? (DT_STR,15,1252)NULL(DT_STR,15,1252) : (SUBSTRING([Column 0],1,(FINDSTRING([Column 0],"~",1) - 1) <= 15 ? (FINDSTRING([Column 0],"~",1) - 1) : 15)))

example data 1: "xxx~12/07/06 12:00PM~yyy", it works fine with the expression;

example data 2: "xxx yyy", it causes expression hanging;

How can I fix my expression?


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SSIS Data Flow Task Problem

Hi, there,

I am having some problems with the loading of tab delimited text file (source) to a SQL Server table (destination) using the SSIS data flow task. Package has been executed successfully with no error msg. The number of rows in the text file also matches the number of rows in the SQL table. But, when I check the content of the table, I noticed some of the columns contain NULL which supposed to have value. This happens not to all the rows but only to some rows. I did some testing by removing some rows from the beginning, middle and end of the text file and re-run the package but the result is quite inconsistent. Sometimes, the field got filled, but sometimes, it just contains NULL where it supposed to have value.

What will be the possible causes to this?

Thanks in advance.


Yong Hwee

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SSIS DATA Flow Task Freezing


I am experiencing an error where the ssis data flow task would freeze and stop data export from a oledb source to a text file. It doesn't generate any errors the ssis package would just hang. This only happens when I run it in 64 bit mode. When I change the mode to 32 bit the ssis never freezes and runs fine. Has anyone experience this? Is there a fix so I can run my jobs in 64 bit mode?


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SSIS Error With Data Flow Task


When I add a Data Flow Task to a package, save it and then close. When I open it again, I get 3 errors and the detail of the Data Flow Task is empty.

I had try to uninstall and install my SQL Server 2005, but the problem continues.

Can some one help me on this?

Sérgio Cardoso

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How To Disconnect Data Flow's Components Using SSIS API?


I have a SSIS Package which I would like to modify using SSIS API. I need to put new component between some two existing data flow's components. During this process I need to disconnect two data flow's components using SSIS API. How can I do that?


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SSIS Data Flow Script Compoment

Hi ,
Is there any option to use OLE DB Source in Script Component?


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How To Use Same Variable Between The Control Flow Tasks In SSIS 2005?

I want to get the start time of data load and end time after data load and store it in a table which has mapping_id , mapping_name,start_time,end_time.

i use ActiveXScript task to get the start time before data load and store the mapping_id in a global variable,then data flow transformation occurs.

i want to use a global variable to store the mapping id ,so that i can update the end time after data load with that to do this?

is there any other way, i can get the start and end time of data load (other than the logging information)?

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SSIS Data Flow Task Execution Priority

I have a package that loads staging tables from an Oracle source DB. In the data flow tab I have 30+ read table/write table task combinations. When I run the package 3-4 of the read/write combos execute at a time. What I'm trying to control is the priority order of the combo execution. My goal is to minimize to total load time by having the larger table transfers run first and the smaller table transfers fill in until they are all complete. Currently, the largest table (16 million) transfers last (because it was the last combo that I created?).



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