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SSRS Dynamic Header


In a crosstab, how do I make a  header increase/decrease dynamically when the columns chosen increase/decrease?
 Please reply ASAP

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SSRS 2005: Report Header Does Not Export To Excel As Page Header
I need some help. I am writing a report in SSRS 2005 that I then need to export to Excel. When I put a report header I would expect the header to not display in the Excel spreadsheet until the Print Preview or the Print. The report footer works just fine I put some text in the footer, and it shows up in the footer. The header though, shows up as a row in the Excel spreadsheet that then causes columns to merge. How do I get the report header to act like a page header?

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SSRS 2005 - Email Report On Execution To Dynamic List With Dynamic Parameters = No Schedule
   I have a need to display on screen AND email a pdf report to email addresses specified at run time, executing the report with a parameter specified by the user. I have looked into data driven subscriptions, but it seems this is based on scheduling. Unfortunately for the majority of the project I will only have access to SQL 2005 Standard Edition (Production system is Enterprise), so I cannot investigate thoroughly.

So, is this possible using data driven subscriptions? Scenario is:

1. User enters parameter used for query, as well as email addresses.
2. Report is generated and displayed on screen.
3. Report is emailed to addresses specified by user.

Any tips on how to get this working?


Mark Smith

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Fixed Header Issue In SSRS 2005
I am tryign to keep the headers fixed, on a 2005 report.

Hence In the Layout section for table settings properties,I  Set the FixedHeader setting to True to keep the headers visible as you scroll down .

However, when I scroll down the report, the headers stay fixed, BUT IT OVERLAPS With the rows of data.

Any idea why this would happen?

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Weird Problem In SSRS Page Header
Hi All,
     I have created a report. In page header of this report, I have added Ver#, ID# and Page number on the top right corner. But when I view the report, it comes correctly in the first page and in all remaining pages, it is shifted towards left. I can€™t figure out why it is coming so. It looks very weird for me.
S Suresh

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Date/time In Page Header -SSRS Layout

I am new to SSRS
I would like to place time /date in page header

I have like '="Report Time: " & Globals!ExecutionTime'
and also page title

How can i do that


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Dynamic Header Column Names In Excel

I am running into an issue while trying to export data to a spreadsheet. I actually don't know how to do it... Considering I only know the column names by the time I execute my procedure, I can't use the Excel Destination to export data.

With DTSs I would create an ActiveX script to execute the procedure which loads the results into a temp table. After that I would select everything from this temp table and load the results into a record set, looping through this record set to create the destination spreadsheet with the dynamic column names.

When it comes to SSIS we are advised to write scripts instead of ActiveX... These ones do not have records set's but dataset's, which at first glance are only applicable to xml and not xls files (when I try to define a variable as a dataset in my code, I face a message saying: Missing reference required to assembly System.Xml...).

How I would create this spreadsheet using a code in SSIS packages? Please, help...

Thank you.


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Matrix Data Rigion - Dynamic Header
Hi there,


I'm using the dynamic data header of the Matrix data region... My data source return a dataset with 2 months, e.g. May and July, that should be used as dynamic header. And some amounts fields that should be the rows associated to its header.


But the report just displays 1 month, the first one (May).


Does anyone know why it doesn't work correctly?


I guess that it should expand right the headers. I'm correct?





Luis Antonio

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Dynamic Grouping Group Header Problem
Hi, I am currently trying to create a report the dynamicaly groups from parameters. The grouping part works fine but I need to show the parameter label name or the field referenced by a parameter.


This is the expression I have written to do this. The problem seems to be is with the true part of the iif statement. The false displays fine in the group header. The Parameters!Param2.Label also displays if used on its own.

This is the error that is fires back when I run the report.

The Value expression for the textbox €˜textbox4€™ contains an error: The expression referenced a non-existing field in the fields collection.

I am quite new to SSRS and I am using VS2005 pro.




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PIVOT TABLE Dynamic Column Header?
I am trying to work on a database with 3 tables. To make it easier I have created a couple of temp tables to work out the syntax.

[NameId] tinyint IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Name] varchar(50) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO #owner VALUES ('Other');

CREATE TABLE #propertyType
[TypeId] tinyint IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Name] varchar(50) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO #propertyType VALUES ('Home');
INSERT INTO #propertyType VALUES ('Car');

CREATE TABLE #property
[NameId] tinyint NOT NULL,
[TypeId] tinyint NOT NULL,
[Value] varchar(50) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO #property VALUES (1,1, 'Blue');
INSERT INTO #property VALUES (1,2, 'Black');
INSERT INTO #property VALUES (2,1, 'Red');
INSERT INTO #property VALUES (2,2, 'Black');

DROP TABLE #owner;
DROP TABLE #propertyType;
DROP TABLE #property

| NameId | Name |
| 1 | ME|
| 2 | other |

| TypeId | Name |
| 1 | Home |
| 2 | Car |

| NameId | TypeId | Value |
| 1 | 1 | Blue |
| 1 | 2 | Black |
| 2 | 1 | Red |
| 2 | 2 | Black |

Where property value is some arbitrary detail. The real propertyType has 50 or 60 rows and not every property has all of the values. I am trying to create a pivot table that would look like so that I can present the data in an easier to understand format:

[Owner | Home | Car ]
[ME | Blue | Black ]
[Other| Red | Black ]

The propertyTypes are added often, and I don't really have the ability to change them. There is a unique constrant on property on nameid and typeid so there will never be two of the same property with the same owner. Any help would be very helpful.

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Displaying An Database Image In SSRS Report Page Header
How to display an database image in the Report page header of sql server reporting service?

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Adding A Link To A Child Report In The Page Header In SSRS 2005
How to add a link to the child report in the page header section of a  report in SSRS 2005 ?Basically I want a link to the child report which should appear on all the pages of the report if the report has multiple pages.

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Dynamic Sorting In SSRS

I needed a way to sort dynamically in a Reporting Services report by selecting a Column Name dynamically from a dropdown list.

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Dynamic Graphs In SSRS

Im building a horizontal bar graph, but according to the parameters it could have a different number of bars, how can i make the SSRS resize the graph?

Or how can i make ssrs to give the same size as a table right next to it?

Thank you

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SSRS 2005 - Dynamic Fields In Table
How is it possible to populate a table with fields dynamically?
For example, the stored procedure knows which and how many fields to retrieve based on the parameters passed.
At present I can drag and drop fields into the details section of the table. But this is when you know for sure which fields to retrieve. Not sure what to do if you do not know in advance which fields the stored procedure retrieves to display on the report.

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SSRS Dynamic Chart Type Selection?
Does anyone know if there is a way to dynamically set the chart type (i.e. pie, line, column, etc.) for your report in SSRS?  I want the customer to be able to chose which type of chart they'd like to see.
I've looked all over the Internet and can't find anything. 
Any help would be appreciated.
I guess I should clarify a little.  I am using an ASP.NET 2.0 page written in C# and using a ReportViewer control.
More Clarification:
The ReportViewer displays an rdlc.

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Creating Dynamic Columns In Ssrs 2005
Hi there,

I have one table which holds all the information for the forms and i have another table which holds  list of all the form fields. Now these two tables are mapped and that table give me list of all the fields in any forms.

To get the information about the users who filled different forms first i need to query the tblFormsToFormFields and get the list of all the fields for that form and then use that fields list in the select query to get the result.

In my report i need to provide the drop down with the list of all the forms and then display the information for all the customers for that particular form with the list of the form fields.

Is there in SSRS 2005 i can use C# or any programming language to create Columns in the report dynamically as there will be different fields for each form.

Please advice.



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SSRS : Populate Dynamic Column In Table
I am having hard time to populate dynamic column based on parameters.For eg.
Parameter-->Dates : Date(1) ,Date(2),Date(3)....Date (n)
(Multiple-Parameters is selected by drop down list )
Report format:
Id   |  Currency |Country   |District    |Date(1)- transaction       |Date(2)-transaction    |Date(n)
 1   |     $$            |USA        |123        |523238                             |643763573               |62376264

Now requirement is If user enter 1 date then only single column date(1) populate if enter (n) dates then n column  Date(1) ,Date(2),Date(3)....Date (n) populate.
kindly suggest me any solution requirement.
I tried to bind Visibility property of column with Parameters passed.So that user can see only those column for which they pass values.I am getting error "Index was outside the bounds of the array"
I write this expression under Column(Date)-->Property-->visibility --> hidden--> expression
=iif(len(Parameters!VALUEDATE.Value(1)) > "0",false,true)
Kindly suggest any working solution .Thank you

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SSRS -- Data Driven Subscription And Pivoting For Dynamic Parameter Mapping

For the Data Driven Subscription in SSRS  we are using the following stored procedure

In Step 3 - Create a data-driven subscription


create procedure spRSGetReportSettings


@ReportID as integer

) as


set nocount on

declare @t as table(y int not null primary key)


@cols as nvarchar(max),

@y as int,

@sql as nvarchar(max)

set @cols=stuff(

(select N',' + quotename(y) as [text()]

from (select ParameterName as y from Reportsettings where reportid=1) as Y

order by y

For XML Path('')),1,1,N'');

set @sql=N'select * from

(select reportid,parametername, parametervalue from ReportSettings where reportid= ' + Cast(@ReportID as varchar(5)) +' ) as D

pivot(min(parametervalue) for parametername in(' + @cols +N')) as p'

exec sp_executesql @sql



Basically the idea is to maintain a single report parameter setting table for multiple reports.

Structure of the table is as given below

ReportID, ParameterName, ParameterValue.

Using Pivot we can generate the ParameterName/ParameterValue combinations for each report. This stored procedure is working fine in query editors(Management Studio)

But, in SSRS it is giving any results.

In Step 4 - Create a data-driven subscription,

Get the value from the database drop down, I am not getting any database columns.

Please help.



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Report Header Alignment In Dynamic Report


I have a report that grows horizontally as it contains a matrix. In the header section of the report, I have items such as Title and time stamp in text boxes. How can I make these items align in the center if the report grows horizontally, it looks kinda odd with report title not being in the center? Any input will be appreciated.



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Page Header And Table Header Display But Groups And Rows Do Not
I have a report that I created and the report was working until I added some fields to a group footer row in a table. 
My table has 5 group levels.  I had information displaying in the 5th level header group and detail.  It was working fine.  Then I added some fields to the 4th level group footer.  Now it displays only the Page header, Table header, and the 4th level group footer data. 
What happened to the rest of the data? 
All the cells and rows I want to display have the Visibility Hidden set to false.  I tried removing the objects I added (to the 4th level group footer) and it still does not work.  Is this a bug or did I set something that is hiding the data.

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Accessing Values In A DataTable Grouping Header From Outside The Header

I have a DataTable on my report, in that datatable I have a group with a header, which has a value in one of the cells. What I want to do is access the values and sum them, but only the values that show up in the report header, not the values that are in the table. My value is from a field called call_center_deduction, it is placed in a textbox with a name of "textbox65" in the header of the group called "table1_Group1".

Hopefully that makes sense,

Thanks in advance

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Report Header Pagination: On Next Page(2) The Header Is Disappearing In IE
Hi Friends,

There is a one header in the report, when I publish and hit the report in IE(internet explor) the header appears fine on first page when I go to next page this header does not appear.

But in mozilla the header is visible on every page of the report. so it is working fine in mozilla.

I donot why it is happening?

Your help is highly appreciated.


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Can I Write SSRS 2008 Reports To Run On SQL 2005 SSRS?
Is it possible to write SSRS 2008 reports to run on an existing SSRS 2005 server?
If yes, what do I need to do to be able to write SSRS 2008 reports on my developer PC that will run on the SQL 2005 Server (which also has SSRS 2005 installed on it)?
I installed Visual Studio 2008 beta on the development PC and it appears that it needs SSRS installed on it too.  So I installed SQL 2008 SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) and SQL 2008 Workstation Components onto the developer PC.  Next I run the SQL 2008 "Reporting Services Configuration" tool.  When I click on the "Web Service URL" section it hangs indefinitely and I have to force it closed.
The developer PC is Windows Vista Business.
Any suggestions on making this work, or any other information that you can think of that would allow me to use Visual Studio 2008 and the SQL 2008 "Report Designer Preview" tool to develop SSRS reports that will run on the SQL 2005 SSRS server?

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SSRS 2005 - Migrating SSRS Subscriptions

   We are in need of migrating SSRS subscriptions along with the reports. Could you please let me know the process ?
I really appreciate your help on this.

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Importing Excel Sheet Which Have Dynamic Column Name And Dynamic Number Of Columns
Hi Craig/Kamal,
I got your email address from your web cast. I really enjoyed the web cast and found it to be
very informative.
Our company is planning to use SSIS (VS 2005 / SQL Server 2005). I have a quick question
regarding the product. I have looked for the information on the web, but was not able to find
relevant information.
We are getting Source data from two of our client in the form of Excel Sheet. These Excel sheets
Are generated using reporting services. On examining the excel sheet, I found out that the name
Of the columns contain data itself, so the names are not static such as Jan 2007 Sales, Feb 2007 Sales etc etc.
And even the number of columns are not static. It depends upon the range of date selected by the user.
I wanted to know, if there is a way to import Excel sheet using Integration Services by defining the position
Of column, instead of column name and I am not sure if there is a way for me to import excel with dynamic
Number of columns.
Your help in this respect is highly appreciated!
Hi Anthony, I am glad the Web cast was helpful.
Kamal and I have both moved on to other teams in MSFT and I am a little rusty in that area, though in general dynamic numbers of columns in any format is always tricky.  I am just assuming its not feasible for you to try and get the source for SSIS a little closer to home, e.g. rather than using Excel output from Reporting Services, use the same/some form of the query/data source that RS is using.
I suggest you post a question on the SSIS forum on MSDN and you should get some good answers.

Craig Guyer
SQL Server Reporting Services

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Merge Replication W/ Dynamic Row Filter - Not 'dynamic' After First Initial Sync?
If anyone could confirm...

SQL Server 2000 SP4 to multiple SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition on PDAs. My DB on SQL2k is published with a single dynamic row filter using host_name() on my 'parent' table and also join filters from parent to child tables. The row filter uses joins to other tables elsewhere that are not published to evaluate what data is allowed through the filter.

E.g. Published parent table that contains suppliers names, etc. while child table is suppliers' products. The filter queries host_name(s) linked to suppliers in unpublished table elsewhere.

First initial sync with snapshot is correct and as I expected - PDA receives only the data from parent (and thus child tables) that matches the row filter for the host_name provided.

However - in my scenario host_name <--> suppliers may later be updated E.g. more suppliers assigned to a PDA for use or vice versa. But when I merge the mobile DB, the new data is not downloaded? Tried re-running snapshot, etc., no change.

Question: I thought the filters would remain dynamic and be applied on each sync?

I run a 'harmless' update on parent table using TSQL e.g. "update table set 'X' = 'X'" and re-sync. Now the new parent records are downloaded - but the child records are not!

Question: I wonder why if parent records are supplied, why not child records?

If I delete existing DB and sync new, I get the updated snapshot and all is well - until more data added back at server...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible (or not) to have dynamic filters run during second or subsequent merge?

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SSRS 64Bit And SSRS 32Bit
I did a quick Google for this but found nada...
If I develop a report in SSRS 64 bit, can it be ported to a 32 bit installation?  Any issues? 
I will do my own testing, but I was curious if anyone else had experience doing this.

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Mixing Dynamic SQL With Non-Dynamic In Stored Proc
I have a Stored Procedure for processing a Bill of Material.

One column on the Assembly Table is a Function Name that contains some busniess rules.

OK, now I'm doing a Proof of Concept and I'm stumped.


I will ultimately have about 100 of these things. My plan was using Dynamic SQL to go execute the function.

Note: The function just returns a bit.

So; here's what I had in mind ...

if isnull(@FnNameYN,'') <> ''
exec spinb_CheckYN @FnNameYN, @InvLineID, @FnBit = @FnBit output

@FnNameYN varchar(50),
@InvLineID int,
@FnBit bit output

declare @SQL varchar(8000)

set @SQL = '
if dbo.' + @FnNameYN + ' (' + convert(varchar(31),@InvLineID) + ')) = 1
set @FnBit = 1
set @FnBit = 0'

exec (@SQL)

Obviously; @FnBit is not defined in @SQL so that execution will not work.
Server: Msg 137, Level 15, State 1, Line 4
Must declare the variable '@FnBit'.
Server: Msg 137, Level 15, State 1, Line 5
Must declare the variable '@FnBit'.

So; is there a way to get a value out of a Dynamic SQL piece of code and get that value INTO my OUTPUT variable?

My many thanks to anyone who can solve this riddle for me.
Thank You!

Sigh: For now, it looks like I'll have a huge string of "IF" statements for each business rule function, as follows:
Hopefully a better solution comes to light.

------ Vertical Build1 - Std Vanes -----------
if @FnNameYN = 'fnb_YN_B1_14'
if dbo.fnb_YN_B1_14 (convert(varchar(31),@InvLineID) ) = 1
set @FnBit = 1
set @FnBit = 0

------ Vertical Build1 - Scissor Vanes -----------
if @FnNameYN = 'fnb_YN_B1_15'
if dbo.fnb_YN_B1_15 (convert(varchar(31),@InvLineID) ) = 1
set @FnBit = 1
set @FnBit = 0

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List Of Parameters Used Together With &&"rs:&&" Parameter In SSRS 2000 And SSRS 2005

Does anyone know of a link or list that has all the parameters for the "rs:" section of the URL access parameter, except for the ones in the Microsoft books?


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Dynamic Cursor/ Dynamic SQL Statement
I've looked up Books Online on Dynamic Cursor/ Dynamic SQL Statement.

Using the examples given in Books Online returns compilation errors. See below.

Does anyone know how to use Dynamic Cursor/ Dynamic SQL Statement?


-- SQL ---------------

char szCommand[] = "SELECT au_fname FROM authors WHERE au_lname = ?";
char szLastName[] = "White";
char szFirstName[30];

DECLARE author_cursor CURSOR FOR select_statement;

PREPARE select_statement FROM :szCommand;

EXEC SQL OPEN author_cursor USING :szLastName;
EXEC SQL FETCH author_cursor INTO :szFirstName;

Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 23
Line 23: Incorrect syntax near ';'.
Server: Msg 1038, Level 15, State 1, Line 24
Cannot use empty object or column names. Use a single space if necessary.
Server: Msg 1038, Level 15, State 1, Line 25
Cannot use empty object or column names. Use a single space if necessary.
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 27
Line 27: Incorrect syntax near ';'.
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 30
Line 30: Incorrect syntax near 'select_statement'.
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 33
Line 33: Incorrect syntax near 'select_statement'.
Server: Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 35
Incorrect syntax near 'author_cursor'.
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 36
Line 36: Incorrect syntax near ':'.

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Dynamic Source And Dynamic Destination
I have a requirment which i have partly accomplished , but could not get through completely
i have a file which comes in a standard format ending with date and seq number ,
suppose , the file name is abc_yyyymmdd_01 , for first copy , if it is copied more then once the sequence number changes to 02 and 03 and keep going on .
then i need to transform those in to new file comma delimited destination file with a name abc_yyyymmdd,txt and others counting file counting record abc_count_yyyymmdd.txt.  and move it to a designated folder. and the source file is then moved to archived folder
what i have taken apprach is
script task select source file --------------------> data flow task------------------------------------------> script task to destination file
dataflow task -------------------------> does count and copy in delimited format
what is happening here is  i can accomlish a regular source file convert it to delimited destination file --------> and move it to destination folder with script task .  
but cannot  work the dynamic pick of a source file.
please advise with your comments or solution you have

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Varrying Page Footer Size In Ssrs Or Dynamically Displaying Page Footer In Ssrs
In SSRS my problem is to "show the page footer only in the first page of the report" and not in the other pages.


That is if i am having 10 pages, the page footer should come only in the first page of the SSRS report and it should not shown in the remaining 9 pages.


I used the expression in the visibility property of the rectangle which is placed in the page footer. But i can able to hide only the rectangle which is in the page footer of the remaining 9 pages. But the space occupied by the page footer is not get reduced.


So i need to show the page footer dynamically, without occupying the space even a little. Is there any "tricks or techniques"?. Please let me inform, if so. It's very urgent.


Thanks a lot in advance.






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Bcp Header
Is there any way of including headers when we export a table using bcp? Can't find the argument in bcp utility books online ?Thanks for the help

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BCP Out With A Header Row
hi, how can
I want to export data from author table into a text file inlcuding the header for the fields, I usually use this code:
Exec master..xp_cmdshell "bcp pubs..authors out d:dataauthors.txt /c /Snameofserver /Usa /Ppassword"

This only gives me a text file with NO header, how can I get atext file with a header.


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Help With Sql Header
i have this script here..


spool $text;
item || '|' ||
ord_no || '|' ||
price || '|' ||
from order_table

The output header of this spooled data will be

However now i want the header to be like this and the output remains the there a way to do it?


thanks for great help!

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T-SQL To Supress Header
Hi All,

Please let me know the T-sql (Set Command) to supress the header information from the result set of a query .

Example: To supress the the number of rows affected I use Set NoCount Off

Thanks for you help

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No Header Display

I don't want to show the header when I using SQL in MSSQL7. For example, if I execute

"select id from student"

Then I expect the output will be


instead of


Please let me know if someone have solution.(Not using bcp or sp_execmd etc .. just using T-SQL)


Best Regards,
Raymond Kong.

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Add A Header Row To Record Set
I am using SQL Query Analizer and i am creating a statement like

select id, product, image, price
from products

and then taking the resulting set and doing a save to tab delemited file that i use for uploading to a third party site...

Problem is that i need row 1 to have the column names so they will be included on the tab delemited file?

How would i write that into the select statement?

any help would be great!!!

~ Moe

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Exporting Header
Hi Guys,
In Sql Server Management Studio, when I have run a query and I want to export to file, how do I include the headers (field Names) in the first row to be exported also.

Thanks for your help,



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CSV Header Rows

I am seeing some behaviour I don't understand. I can't believe it hasn't been discussed here before, but my searches have returned nothing.

Here it is.

I have a CSV file. Its first rows look like this:

# 3_results/ABC.csv
# Created from data/clean/
# OS Unix, host smac.local, user ge
38, 2008-05-05 14:35:05, 92,0,0,FFF,1,0,1,0,1,0,0
41, 2008-05-05 14:35:10, 4,1,0,GGG,1,0,0,1,0,0,0
75, 2008-05-05 14:35:26, 2,1,0,HHH,1,0,0,1,0,0,0
183, 2008-05-05 14:35:26, 4,1,0,III,0,0,0,0,0,1,0
347, 2008-05-05 14:35:28, 11,0,0,JJJ,0,0,0,0,0,1,0
365, 2008-05-05 14:35:28, 0,1,0,KKK,0,0,0,1,0,0,0
41, 2008-05-05 14:35:29, 18,0,0,LLL,1,0,0,1,0,0,0
286, 2008-05-05 14:35:30, 3,1,0,MMM,0,0,0,0,1,0,0

So, there are three lines of miscellaneous information, one line of column names, and the data to be imported begins on row 5.

So I import with this:

BULK INSERT tableName FROM 'file.csv'

And the first line to be imported is the one beginning with 183!

This does what I want:

BULK INSERT tableName FROM 'file.csv'

I can insert as many lines starting with # as I want and it works fine.

What is going on?


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Header Template
Hi all. How to make a template header for reports please? So that everytime I make a report, ill just call the template in the header.

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Set 2nd Row As Column Header
I am using DTS SQL Server 2000. I am trying to push an excel sheet data in DB, but I want to set the second row as column header.
Can anyone please tell me, how can that be done. Is there some entry in package properties or extended properties that needs to be done?
Will much appreciate your help

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Log File With Header Row Only.
I have a parent a package which contains a bunch of Execute Package tasks.  The parent package sets a variable which contains the directory for writing logs to. Each child is configured to write logs to a text file, and uses a connection manager for doing so.  The connection manager uses an expression for setting the connection string, and in this expression the log directory varaible is used (e.g. @[User::LogDir] + "\FileName.log").
Now the problem is this, when I run the ETL, I'm getting 2 set of log files for each package: one log file is created in C: and the other in the correct dirctory.  Each log in C: just contains a single header row, and the corresponding log file in the logging dir contains the log data (including the header row).  Even though the filename is specified in an expression, a value for the connection string appears in the properties for the connection manager ("Filename" which probably where the C: log files are coming from).  I can't seem to remove this value, and I don't want to hard-code it to a fixed path.  I've also set DelayValidation to True, with no luck.  I feel I must be missing something obvious, any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Gap Between Header And Body
Hello every body,

I am facing a smal formatting issue. the issue i have 7 text boxes attached with each other in the header to show the week days ,i.e Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursay,Friday and Saturday

In Body,i have a matrix which will extend to have 7 columns for the weekdays.

Every thing is fine,Except a small gap between header and footer where i want the 7 text boxes to act as column header names.

I tried with various options like removing the header and placing the text boxes in Body followed by the matrix. 2) placing the seven column headers in a dummy table and attaching that with matrix,


But i am unable to remove the gap between them. if any one of you had experienced the same problem or knows how to's really a great help


Thank you,


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Report Header
Can any one tell me what to use to substitute Table in report Header?Or is there any other way?Because when i am using Textboxes align horizontally as replace to table,to align to my table in the body,when i exported it to excel,ive got problems in alignment in cell,Thanks

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Report Header
     I need to create a report header that will only be shown on the first page. And I want to use the built in header system that is included with report. I can't create a custom header on the body part because I am using multiple columns for report rendering. Currently the header system either displays the header on all pages or it shows in all pages except the first or last page.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Using A Model In Header
I have another question (again), does it possible to prepare a header for all my report as a model, with specidif color for my table ang chart (as it is define in a css file).
And after when I create a report I just told to put this model, and all I need was inserted... And more, if I do a change in my 'model' all the report which already import this 'model' have the modification... without opening each of them (and doing the modification it self)!

I hope my question is comprehensive...

I have a second question, how insert a header in a report via ReportBuilder ?
It is look like it is impossible, but why ?

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Navigation From The Header

I have a link on the header to jump to another report. It was working fine on test server but when deployed to production, is giving the followin error. Any suggestions


The path of the item "(null)" is not valid. The path must be less than 260 characters long and must start with slash. Other restrictions apply. (rsInvalidItemPath)

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Fixed Header

I have a report that the users reach from an url. In the url I have rc:parameters = false. That part works fine.  But when I use rc:parameters = false, the property fixed header doesn't seem to work. If I run the report from the report server it works fine, but not from the url.

Any ideas?





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