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Same Order Doesn't Work - Invalid Descriptor Index

Hi all,

I'm getting this "invalid descriptor index" exception while trying to fetch a record from the table.
The query is "select * from <tablename> where <columnname> = 'xyz'". The column name is correct and indeed a record with 'xyz' value exists. The record is getting fetched too...! But I'm having this particular error while trying to retrieve a couple of fields with rs.getString().
The order of columns in the table is same as the order in which I'm retrieving them. And I'm not facing any problem retrieving another field which has width of 200 characters.
I'll be very grateful indeed if someone can help me out of this particular problem...

Cheers, mates!

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SQLDescribeParam With Subselect: Invalid Parameter Number/Invalid Descriptor Index

I've got the following query:

, zA."TEXT" AS fA_B
, (
  FROM Test."Booking" AS zC
  ) AS fA_E
FROM  Test."Stack" AS zA
WHERE zA."ID" = ?

With this query I call:
- SQLPrepare -> SQL_SUCCESS=0
- SQLNumParams -> SQL_SUCCESS=0, pcpar = 1
- SQLDescribeParam( 1 ) -> SQL_ERROR=-1, [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid parameter number", "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid Descriptor Index"

Is there a problem with this calling sequence or this query? Or is this a problem of SQL Server?


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Invalid Descriptor Index Error
I'm testing db to db transactional replication on a box ( all on the same box ) and the distribution agent fails with the above error. I know it's something to do with the physical server as this test works on other servers fine. SQL2k Ent  sp4 on w2k3 ent sp1. ( clustered )

Server and Agent accounts are in local admins, tried push and pull, named and anonymous. Replication also fails if I use the default snapshot location. I suspect policy restrictions ( maybe on the sql service accounts ) Any pointers would be helpful - there are no errors other than above, sadly.

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Invalid Descriptor Index (and ODBC Questions)
We recently upgraded a SQL 7.0 SP2 database to SQL 2000 SP2. The web server that connects to both databases (we have 2 up that we can switch back and forth) is Win2K with the SQL Server ODBC driver of 2000.80.194.00 (I'm thinking this came w/ W2K) But I think I installed the 7.0 client connectivity on the web server.

I have a few questions:
1. Any reason why this would happen with the SQL upgrade?
2. What is the ideal situation for client/server ODBC drivers / MDAC client.. If I have a SQL 2000 SP2 server do I install SQL 2000 client on the web server and also the service pack on the web server?

Thanks and please ask if you need more info..

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Invalid Descriptor Index Calling SQLGetData
In previous versions of MSSQL and on every other SQL engine I've tried the following pseudo-code works.


SQLExecDirect('select employeeid, photo, notes from employees where employeeid = 1')


SQLGetData(for column 3)

SQLGetData(for column 2)

With the Native Client I get an error 07009 "[Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Invalid Descriptor Index"

Is this a bug in the Native Client or am I making an incorrect assumption that I can get data in any order?

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SQLDescribeParam Returning &&"Invalid Descriptor Index&&"
We've run into a problem using SQLDescribeParam with the SQL Server ODBC driver (or SQL Native Client driver).  The basic sequence that shows the issue is this:

SQLPrepare(select * from foo where col1 = ?)
SQLPrepare(select * from foo where col1 = ? and col2 = ?)
SQLDescribeParam(2) ==> returns "Invalid Descriptor Index"

If I leave out the SQLBindParameter, then the last SQLDescribeParam works just fine.  Also, if I make the SQLFreeStmt use SQL_RESET_PARAMS then it works fine.  However, I don't have direct control over the ODBC code being used, so I wanted to see if this known behavior.  I've tried a couple of other ODBC drivers that support SQLDescribeParam and they work fine with the above sequence.





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Parameterized Order By Clause: Doesn't Work
Can someone tell me why SQL seems to ignore my order by clause?I tried to run through the debugger, but the debugger stops at theselect statement line and then returns the result set; so, I have noidea how it is evaluating the order by clause.THANK YOU!CREATE proc sprAllBooks@SortAscend varchar(4),@SortColumn varchar(10)asIf @SortAscend = 'DESC'Select titles.title_id, title, au_lname, au_fname,Convert(varchar(12), pubdate, 101) as PubDatefrom authorsinner jointitleauthoronauthors.au_id = titleauthor.au_idinner jointitlesontitleauthor.title_id = Titles.title_idORDER BY au_lnameCASE @SortColumn WHEN 'title' THEN title END,CASE @SortColumn WHEN 'au_lname' THEN au_lname END,CASE @SortColumn WHEN 'PubDate' THEN PubDate ENDDESCELSESelect titles.title_id, title, au_lname, au_fname,Convert(varchar(12), pubdate, 101) as PubDatefrom authorsinner jointitleauthoronauthors.au_id = titleauthor.au_idinner jointitlesontitleauthor.title_id = Titles.title_idORDER BYCASE @SortColumn WHEN 'title' THEN title END,CASE @SortColumn WHEN 'au_lname' THEN au_lname END,CASE @SortColumn WHEN 'PubDate' THEN PubDate ENDGO

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Order By Doesn't Work Properly When There Are Null Values?
Hello all,The followinq qurey returns sometimes values of null to some of this columns, byK,byT,byD. the column F wil not contains any nulls, and 0 will be populated in it at any case of .Now, the problem is that when sorting out F the sort will not work when there is null parameters in byK because teh fact that a 0 values is greater then NULL value, and the sort of F will not take in considiration. So I guess the question is how can I sort NULL values and 0 values to be the same weight in the sort by command? SELECT A.gym_id as gym,s_id, week, gym_name, boxer, league, sum(points)
points,sum(byK)as byK, sum(byT) as byT,sum(byPoints) as byPoints ,
sum(byD) as byD, count(C.gym) as F
FROM A inner JOIN B ON A.gym_id = B.gym_id
left JOIN C ON A.gym_id = C.gym
WHERE (B.l_id = ?text
group by A.gym_id
order by points DESC,byK DESC,byT DESC, byPoints DESC, byD DESC,F ASC   

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Order By Clause In View Doesn't Order.
I have created view by jaoining two table and have order by clause.

The sql generated is as follows

SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.UWYearDetail.*,  dbo.UWYearGroup.*
FROM         dbo.UWYearDetail INNER JOIN
                      dbo.UWYearGroup ON dbo.UWYearDetail.UWYearGroupId = dbo.UWYearGroup.UWYearGroupId
ORDER BY dbo.UWYearDetail.PlanVersionId, dbo.UWYearGroup.UWFinancialPlanSegmentId, dbo.UWYearGroup.UWYear, dbo.UWYearGroup.MandDFlag,
                      dbo.UWYearGroup.EarningsMethod, dbo.UWYearGroup.EffectiveMonth


If I run sql the results are displayed in proper order but the view only order by first item in order by clause.

Has somebody experience same thing? How to fix this issue?



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Why Doesn't This Work
When I run the select its fine but I cannot delete..... i have done this many times and it has worked.... I cannot see the error what am i missing

inner join eqnow_names
on eqnow.empnumber = eqnow_names.empnumber
eqnow_names.names is null

i get this error
Server: Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 4
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'inner'.

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DTS Doesn't Work Through Job
I'm pretty new to DTS, so forgive me if this is basic. I created a simple DTS package to run a query and export it to a text file. I can execute the package fine from my workstation through EM, but when I try to execute the job to run the package I get this error:
Error = -2147467259 (80004005) Error string: Error opening datafile: Access is denied.

I think that maybe SQL Agent doesn't have the right permissions to write to that network drive. What should the permissions be?

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IIF Doesn't Work
This is probably very simple, but I can't get passed this problem.

I have a report in MS Access that uses info generated by a query. One of the text fields in the query contains either the word 'Select' or the name of a course.
The report should display a space if the value is 'Select', or the actual value of the field in any other case. The field can never contain a null value.

I've used:
in the text box on the report, but this only returns #error regardless of the actual content of the field.

What am I doing wrong?



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Sql Job Doesn't Work
Hi all,

I create and schedule a SQL job to run every minute to update a table base on certain condition but it doesn't work. Job history says successful every time but the table doesn't get updated.

However if I move it to Query Analyzer and run it under dba, it will work. Thinking that it may have to do with the user the job run as, I then change run as user from self to dba. But still SQL job won't update my table.

Anything about user permission or security that I can check? Or it there any other possibility?


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Doesn't Work

Msg 15123, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_configure, Line 78

The configuration option 'user instances enabled' does not exist, or it may be an advanced option.

Valid configuration options are

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Help! LIKE Doesn't Work!!!
Hi to all, I'm building (and learn) an application with VB Express. In "edit dataset with designer" I've build this sql query:
SELECT     tbl_soggetto.[ID Soggetto], tbl_soggetto_tipo.Tipo, tbl_soggetto.[Cognome/Denominazione], tbl_soggetto.Nome, tbl_soggetto.Indirizzo, tbl_soggetto.CAP, tbl_soggetto.CittĂ , tbl_soggetto.Provincia, tbl_soggetto.[Telefono 1], tbl_soggetto.[Telefono 2], tbl_soggetto.[Telefono 3], tbl_soggetto.[Telefono 4], tbl_soggetto.[eM@il 1], tbl_soggetto.[eM@il 2], tbl_soggetto.Note
FROM         tbl_soggetto INNER JOIN tbl_soggetto_tipo ON tbl_soggetto.[ID Tipo] = tbl_soggetto_tipo.[ID Tipo]
WHERE     (tbl_soggetto.[Cognome/Denominazione] LIKE '%' + @Testo + '%')

The   LIKE   doesn't work!
I call the query with   Me.griglia.DataSource = Me.TA_tbl_soggetto_ricerca.Search_Cognome(Me.txt_trova.Text.Trim)
But with   LIKE '%ABC%'   work!

Me.griglia.DataSource = Me.TA_tbl_soggetto_ricerca.Search_Cognome()
Someone can help me? Thanks...

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SET Doesn't Work
When I  try to install the problem I get the following error.

The SQL Server service failed to start. For more information, see the SQL Server Books Online topics, "How to: View SQL Server 2005 Setup Log Files" and "Starting SQL Server Manually."

The log tells me nothing useful. I can't start the thing manually because after clicking cancel on the error message, the installer proceeds to roll back the installation.

How do I fix this problem?





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Sum In Subquery Doesn't Work Well
This is the autogenerated code from the SelectCommand of my DataAdapter, except the red text. This DataAdapter is used to fill a DataGrid. What I want to do, is to calculate the total memory (4 slots) / PC.This code makes the sum of all memory of all PC's together.I'm not sure if the group by clause is needed here ...Me.OleDbSelectCommand1.CommandText = "SELECT PC.ID, PC.Nummer, PC.Netwerknaam, Case_Type.Type AS Case_Type, Processor_T" & _"ype.Type AS Processor_Type, Processor_Snelheid.Snelheid AS Processor_Snelheid, " & _"(SELECT SUM(Memory) FROM Memory, PC, RAM WHERE RAM.PcID = PC.ID AND RAM.GrootteID = Memory.ID)" & _"AS Memory, OS.Naam AS OS, OS_SP.Nummer AS OS_SP, Gebru" & _"iker.Naam AS Gebruiker_Naam, Status.Status, PC.Tagged FROM (Status RIGHT OUTER J" & _"OIN ((((((((PC LEFT OUTER JOIN (RAM LEFT OUTER JOIN Geheugen ON RAM.GrootteID = " & _"Geheugen.ID) ON PC.ID = RAM.PcID) LEFT OUTER JOIN Case_Type ON PC.Case_TypeID = " & _"Case_Type.ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN OS_SP ON PC.OS_SpID = OS_SP.ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN Ge" & _"bruiker ON PC.GebruikersID = Gebruiker.ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN Processor_Snelheid ON" & _" PC.Processor_SnelheidID = Processor_Snelheid.ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN Processor_Type" & _" ON PC.Processor_TypeID = Processor_Type.ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN OS ON PC.OsID = OS." & _"ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN Switchbox_Details ON PC.ID = Switchbox_Details.PcID) ON Stat" & _"us.ID = PC.StatusID) GROUP BY PC.ID, PC.Nummer, PC.Netwerknaam, Case_Type.Type, " & _"Processor_Type.Type, Processor_Snelheid.Snelheid, OS.Naam, OS_" & _"SP.Nummer, Gebruiker.Naam, Status.Status, PC.Tagged"I would like to know how to calculate the total memory for each separate PC.Hope you can help me.

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Osql Doesn't Work
Dear GroupI'd be grateful if you can help me with the following. I'm trying toconnect to an instance of MSDE called BALTD.The instance has SQL authentication enabled and the service is running.Somehow it doesn't what it should do according to MSDN.When I try connectiong with the following (and variations of it) itjust doesn't do anything. Any ideas why?osql -u sa -s localMSSQL$BALTDC:Documents and SettingsMartin>osql -u sa -s localMSSQL$BALTDusage: osql [-U login id] [-P password][-S server] [-H hostname] [-E trusted connection][-d use database name] [-l login timeout] [-t query timeout][-h headers] [-s colseparator] [-w columnwidth][-a packetsize] [-e echo input] [-I Enable QuotedIdentifiers][-L list servers] [-c cmdend] [-D ODBC DSN name][-q "cmdline query"] [-Q "cmdline query" and exit][-n remove numbering] [-m errorlevel][-r msgs to stderr] [-V severitylevel][-i inputfile] [-o outputfile][-p print statistics] [-b On error batch abort][-X[1] disable commands [and exit with warning]][-O use Old ISQL behavior disables the following]<EOF> batch processingAuto console width scalingWide messagesdefault errorlevel is -1 vs 1[-? show syntax summary]C:Documents and SettingsMartin>Thanks very much for your help and efforts!Martin

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Identity Doesn&#39;t Work
I'm working with mssql 6.5

I have an primary key column with Identity property.
And at the moment server doesn't insert the proper value to this column.

Error message is following

Msg 2601, Level 14, State 3
Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'Spot' with unique index 'XPKSpot'
Command has been aborted.

The datatype of this column is int, and number of rows ~17000.
If I execute select @@identity it returns null.

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Trigger - This One Doesn't Work - Why?

I wanted to create a new trigger, but Enterprise Manager tells me about an "Incorrect syntax near @UpdatedByID, line 28". I double-checked everything, but it still does not work :mad: .

Any hints :confused: ?



Here is the statement (line 28 is marked with ***):

CREATE TRIGGER TransferToABII ON [dbo].[CALGeneral]
DECLARE @Event varchar(255),
@BBaseUID int,
@StartDate smalldatetime,
@EndDate smalldatetime,
@Details varchar(255),
@AddressID int,
@ProjectID int,
@UpdatedByID int,
@ActID int,
@EventID int

SELECT @Event = Event,
@BBaseUID = BBaseUID,
@StartDate = StartDate,
@EndDate = EndDate,
@Details = Details,
@AddressID = AddressID,
@UpdatedByID = UpdatedBy,
@ProjectID = ProjectID

EXEC BrainBase.dbo.BB_NEW_CREATE_NoteTask_Ret *** (@UpdatedByID,
@Details text,
@EventID = @EventID OUTPUT)

IF @@ERROR <> 0
RAISERROR('Error occured',16,1)

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Query Doesn&#39;t Work
I created query which should update first 100 rows in the table.
When I run it I have the message:The command(s) completed successfully.
But when I run select*from sales I can see that nothing have been changed.
Where is my mistake in this query:

update sales
set qty = '2'
where convert (varchar(4),qty)in (select top 3 ord_num
from sales
where stor_id = '8042' and payterms = 'net 30')

Thank you,

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Good DTS Doesn&#39;t Work As Job
Anyone have a clue how to fix this error. The dts package works fine when run outside the job but fails when run as a job. The job is run by the sql server admisistrator. Everything is local(sql agent, database, etc.). We are sure it is a permission problem but where?

DTSRun: Loading... Error: -2147008507 (80074005); Provider Error: 0 (0) Error string: Unspecified error Error source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package Help file: sqldts.hlp Help context: 713 Error: -2147467259 (80004005); Provider Error: 6 (6) Error string: [DBNMPNTW]Specified SQL server not found. Error source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Help file: Help context: 0. Process Exit Code 1. The step failed.ob. Everything is local and being run by the administrator. We are sure it is a permission problem but where?

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HELP! Sp_attach_db Doesn&#39;t Work!
I had a SQL Server falure. I rebiuld Master and tried to attach my database
with sp_attach_db? but get an error

Location: pageref.cpp:3931
Expression: rowLog.RowCount () == 1 || pPage->IsEmpty ()
SPID: 10
Process ID: 119

Connection Broken

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Attaching Db Doesn&#39;t Work
I try to copy a DB from one server to another. On the target server an older version of the DB has been deleted and I now try to attach the new version using "sp_attach_db DBname, Filelocation", but I always get an error "Device Activation error. The physical file name 'D:mssql7dataAgency_log.ldf' may be incorrect"
"Database 'Agency' cannot be Created"

To me it seems that the database is looking for the log files (now deleted).
I've tried forcing a new log file I created using the same locations for the mdfs. I've tried using create a new database and replace the mdf file, but nothing works.

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WHERE With An Alias Doesn't Work
I'm combining first name, last name, middle name, and an ID number together into an alias. Then I need to match that alias with a variable passed to the page (its a search results page). The problem is it claims that there is no table with the name of my alias. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

A mockup of the SQL looks like this:

SELECT UserID, Last_Name + ', ' + First_Name + ' ' + Middle_Name + '.' AS name
FROM Table
WHERE name LIKE 'variable%'

Everything looks right with the results, if I take out the WHERE clause it has name displayed properly and joined together with the rest of the data in the results properly.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

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Linkserver Doesn't Work.
I have a query that doesn't work when i use 4 name convention instead of a openquery. The msg is below. Anyone know what is going on?
Both queries are the same but one doesn't work.

-- works

-- doesnt work

Server: Msg 7399, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' reported an error.
[OLE/DB provider returned message: Unspecified error]
[OLE/DB provider returned message: [IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]CPF5715 - File ORDDET01 in library QTEMP not found.]
OLE DB error trace [OLE/DB Provider 'MSDASQL' IDBSchemaRowset::GetRowset returned 0x80004005: ].

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VbCode Why Doesn't It Work.
Why doesn't my code work. I am working with 2003 and I was following an example in .net 2005.The code is very short.  I am only having a problem with one line. If someone test this out on there 2003 version You must have an xml file in th same folder that you have you executable named cars.xml. This code was placed in a button click event.  The xml file looks like this. The word  Oldsmobole Should appear in the textbox. HEELLLLPPP!!! I keep having a problemn with line 4, of which I highlighted in red.

<? xml version="1.0" encoding ="utf-8" ?>








1      Dim sr As New System.IO.StreamReader("Cars.xml")

2      Dim xr AS New System.Xml.XmlTextReader(sr)

3      Dim CarLotDoc AS New System.Xml.XmlDocument

4      CarLotDoc.Load(xr)

5      Label1.Text = CarLotDoc.InnerText

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Why Doesn't This DecryptByKeyAutoCert Work?
This works:


-- authenticator

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[cc2_Helper]( @SecretData VARBINARY(256), @cId INT )





RETURN convert( NVARCHAR(50), decryptbykeyautocert( cert_id( 'cert_SecretTable_SecretData_Key' ), null, @SecretData, 1, convert(varbinary, @cId) ) )



CREATE VIEW [dbo].[cc2View2]


SELECT CardID as CardID, [dbo].[cc2_Helper](CardNumber, CardID) as CardNumber FROM [dbo].[cc2]


GRANT SELECT ON [dbo].[cc2View2] TO [user_low_priv]



This doesn't:


-- auth2/view3

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[cc2_Helper2]( @SecretData VARBINARY(256), @vBin VARBINARY )





RETURN convert( NVARCHAR(50), decryptbykeyautocert( cert_id( 'cert_SecretTable_SecretData_Key' ), null, @SecretData, 1, @vBin ) )



CREATE VIEW [dbo].[cc2View3]


SELECT CardID as CardID, [dbo].[cc2_Helper2](CardNumber, convert(varbinary, CardID)) as CardNumber FROM [dbo].[cc2]


GRANT SELECT ON [dbo].[cc2View3] TO [user_low_priv]


WHY?  Note that the conversion to VARBINARY was moved from the call to DecryptByKeyAutoCert to the call to cc2_Helper2.  That is the only change...


But if I declare @vBin as VARBINARY(256) then it does work!  Guess I'm a little confused on declaring vars...anyone can elucidate?  Thanks.

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Drill Through Doesn't Work.
I have a drill through that passes four parameters.  Three are passed from the current selections in that reports parameters and the fourth needs to be the customer name they click on in the body of the report so it's passed as Fields!fieldname.Value.  When I click on the customer name, the drillthough fires but the report simply doesn't load.  If I remove the parameter from the field clicked on and just pass the three parameters, it goes to the drill through correctly and that fourth parameter just sets to the default for that parameter in that report.

I can then simply check that parameter and select the value from the list that is exactly the same as the value I was attempting to pass it in the drill through and report refreshes correctly.

Whatever it is, is something in the manner that the value is passed in the drill through specifically.

Any ideas?

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Sp_send_dbmail Doesn't Work
hi all,
i made a stored procedure that uses the sp_send_dbmail to send mails. SQL server dislays the message "mail queued" but nothing is recieved
here is the code of the stored procedure i made
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@profile_name = 'Exams',
@recipients = '',
@Body_format = 'HTML' ,
@subject = 'Room Preparation' ,
@body='hi there';
so can anyone help with this issue
thanks in advance

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I've rescued a MDF and LDF files off a client's old server, and I wanted to attach it to our own, but I can't seem to get the command to work, basically I have these two files, which I've dropped on our server:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLDataMYCLIENTNAME_Data.MDF
C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLDataMYCLIENTNAME_Data.LDF

So when I do a
SP_ATTACH_SINGLE_FILE_DB 'somedb','C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLDataMYCLIENTNAME_Data.MDF'

It says the LDF path my be incorrect, and that there's two other files that are missing:
MYCLIENTNAME_LOG (no extension)
extra_log (no extension)

I thought the whole point of the command is that you only need a single file?
Its very hard to go back to the client's old server and try to find these two files, and it doesn't really matter if we loose a bit of data, so long as the bulk of it is available.

Update: I think I've found the answer...its not possible to do this, it really needs all the log files.
Any workarounds?

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Select * From Customers For XML... Doesn't Work !!!
Hi all
when i tried the following command on NorthWind database :
 Select * from Customers For XML Auto
I received error : Could not parse the query !!!
am i doing something wrong? or should i enable some services in order to tae advantage of XML capability in sql server?
By the way i'm using Sql Server 2005 Developer edition.
Could any one help me please.?
Kind Regards. 

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Why Sqldatasource Doesn't Work In WSS 3.0 Web Part
Hi, can anyone help me please!!... in fact I got stuck with this for a quite a long time....  I have created a webpart to embed into WSS 3.0 using VS 2005 If I have a gridview which is bind to a sqldatareader programmatically, it is working fine. Not a problem But If I embed a sqldatasource into the webpart which is then connected to the gridview using the design mode, it is giving an error in WSS after implementation saying: This control does not support connection string with the keywords “integrated securityâ€? or “trusted connectionâ€? Can anyone provide me a solution for this problem please. Thanks….

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SqlDataSource1.EnableCaching - Doesn't Work Right
I have a gridview that appears when I click the GO button.I set SqlDataSource1.EnableCaching=False when I hit the GO button.I set the datasourceid of the gridview.On the Sorting event of the gridview I set the datasourceid of the gridview.I set SqlDataSource1.EnableCaching=True, because I don't want to hit the db every time when I click on the links to have it sort.When hit the GO button again, it refreshes the sqldatasource and give me the new records.  BUT when I click on the columns to sort, it goes back to the old records.  It doesn't give me the new records.Seems like once caching is set to True it remains True when sorting.How do I reset the Caching back to NOTHING.  After SqlDataSource1.EnableCaching=False, is there another line I can put it to clean out the cache?

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SQLDS Doesn't Work Well With Uniqueidentifier ?
In the Data Source Wizard the "insert,delete,update" advanced options are greyed out.

The table's PK is not an identity, but a uniqueidentifier.

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STUMPED: Why Doesn't This Procedure Work?
I have been looking at this for over a day now. I cannot see why this procedure does not work, its so simple.
No matter what happens it always returns 0. If it locates a record, it doesnt update it, yet it still returns 0.
It should not be returning 0 if its not updating so I can't figure out why it does.
Why does this always return 0?
[pre]Create Procedure CreateNewCategory @title nvarchar(100), @description nvarchar(1000), @displayOrder intAS DECLARE @Result as int
IF EXISTS(SELECT categoryTitle FROM categories WHERE categoryTitle = @title) BEGIN  SELECT @Result = 1 ENDELSE BEGIN  INSERT INTO categories(categoryTitle, categoryDescription, displayOrder)  VALUES(@title, @description, @displayOrder)   /* If no error was encountered, 0 will be returned. */  SELECT @Result = @@Error ENDGO[/pre]

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Why Xp_sendmail Doesn't Work With Hotmail?
Using the Query Analyzer, I issued the statement "EXEC xp_sendmail', 'Test.'" and received 'email sent' confirmation.But, my email was never received.I used the same statement to send mail to a Yahoo account and it wasreceived.Is there a way to be able to send email using SQL xp_sendmail to aHotmail account?Thank you very muchmike

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Osql Doesn't Work - SOLVED
Sory for starting a new message, it won't let me reply to the original.Problem has been solved.osql -U sa -s localhostBALTDDoes the trick.Thanks for everyone who had a look at it anyway!Enjoy your weekend!

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Alert Doesn't Work On SQL 2005
Hi,I have trouble getting the alerts to work on SQL 2005.Below I define a custom message and a custom alert.When I raise the error though the alert never fires.Any ideas why that would be?Thanks,Patrick-------------------------------------------------------USE masterGOEXEC sp_addmessage 50001, 16, N'The version of SQL Server has beenrequested.'GO------------------------------------------------------USE [msdb]GOEXEC msdb.dbo.sp_add_alert @name=N'TEST Alert',@message_id=50001,@severity=0,@enabled=1,@delay_between_responses=5,@include_event_description_in=5,@notification_message=N'TEST',@category_name=N'[Uncategorized]',@job_id=N'00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'------------------------------------------------------RAISERROR (50001, 16, 1)------------------------------------------------------

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UNION Statement Doesn't Work
Hi,I have a database stored in MS SQL 2000 and an application written inVB5, which connects the database via JET/ODBC.I have a problem with the UNION statement.When I run a simple query like:"SELECT field1 FROM table1 UNION SELECT field2 FROM table2"I get the following error:"Runtime error 3078 - The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find theinput table or query 'select field1 from table1'. Make sure it existsand that its name is spelled correctly."I can run the queries separately "SELECT field1 FROM table1" and "SELECTfield1 FROM table2", so that I'm sure table and field names are correctand I have permission to access them.Both field1 and field2 are the same type (int).If I run the query in MS SQL Query Analyzer, it works fine.It doesn't work only when I run it from VB/JET/ODBC.Has anyone already had this kind of problem?Any help will be highly appreciated!Thank you so much for the attention.--Posted via

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A Simple Trigger That Doesn't Work
Hi all, I have a problem with this trigger. It seams to be very simple, but it doesn't work...

I created a trigger on a table and I would want that this one updates a field of a table on a diffrent DB (Intranet). When I test it normally (a real situation), it doesn't work, but when I do an explicit update ("UPDATE AccesCard SET LastMove = getDate();" by example) it works.

If anyone could help me, I would appreciate.

NB: Is there a special way, in a trigger, to update a table when the table to update is on another BD ?


This is the trigger:

ON AccesCard

DECLARE @noPerson int


UPDATE Intranet.dbo._Users SET Intranet.dbo._Users.status = 1 WHERE personNo = @noPerson;


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SQL Server 2000: TCP/IP Doesn't Seem To Work
I have the following situation: A webserver in a DMZ which connects to a DbServer in a Domain.

but when I try to make a ODBC connection on the webserver I get the well-known "Server does not exist or access denied" error.

I tried using IP address as well as FQDN. I turned off the firewall in the router (I'm able to access shares and what not from the webserver so the firewall is really turned off).

I think however i have narrowed down the problem to the TCP/IP connection of the SQL Server. Normally when you try from a command prompt
"telnet dbserver 1433" you get a connection. But when I try this to the specific DbServer I get an "unable to connect" error. Even when I try it on the dbserver itself (so telnet localhost 1433). This should work always?

In the network configuration of the sql server the Named Piped as well as the TCP/IP protocols are enabled. TCP/IP is offcourse configured on port 1433.

How can I fix this problem?

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An Ugly Self-join (oh, That Doesn't Work!!)
Hi again, I am again, trying to work on my CloseIndex thang again...Same subject, different tack...

Basically, I have two tables...for the sake of simplicity, let me define them as:

PortfolioID int
CreateDate smalldatetime
CloseIndex float

PortfolioID int
CreateDate smalldatetime
PrevDate smalldatetime
DailyPerChg float

UPDATE PortfolioIndex
SET CloseIndex = CASE
WHEN PPI.CloseIndex IS NULL THEN 100.00
ELSE (PPI.CloseIndex + (PPI.CloseIndex * PP.DailyPerChg / 100))
FROM PortfolioIndex AS P INNER JOIN PortfolioIndex AS PPI on (P.PortfolioID = PPI.PortfolioID), PortfolioPerformance AS PP
WHERE (P.PortfolioID = PP.PortfolioID) AND
((P.CreateDate = PP.CreateDate) AND
(P.CreateDate = @CreateDate) AND
(PPI.CreateDate = PP.PrevDate))

What I am trying to do is...get the previous day's portfolioIndex row's CloseIndex and create a new one for today's row.

As ugly as it is, it works when I execute it in the SQL Query Analyzer, but when I try to create the stored procedure, the syntax check complains that the PortfolioIndex reference at the UPDATE... part is AMBIGUOUS...yet when I define it in the SP as P.PortfolioIndex, it fails at run time saying there is no object named P.PortfolioIndex (well, of course there isn't!).

How can I make this work (and if possible, make it prettier too! *L* ;) )

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Truncating Logs Doesn`t Work
Hi everyone...

Using SQL Server 6.5 Enterprise Manager, I truncated the log with no success. The availability of the log is the same even after I click on the Recalculate button...Sometime if I click on the Truncate button, it goes down to zero.The database has "trun. log on checkpoint" option. Both the database and the log are in different devices. In the device view for the log, it shows a negative number and I cannot change it..I have applied Service pack 4 for SQL server already..and it still doesn`t work. Have anyone seen this?

Any suggestion is appreciated....

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