The Target Service Name Could Not Be Found.

Hi :

I am creating a queue application using Service broker. I was able to send and receieve messages between 2 databases in the same instance. Now I am trying to communicate b/w 2 different instances. I am getting the following error...

The target service name could not be found. Ensure that the service name is specified correctly and/or the routing information has been supplied..

The routing informations is as follows




BROKER_INSTANCE = 'D6F1721F-E7A2-4497-8890-FD4C2AAD98FE',




I also check the sys.routes and the entry is correct. I was also trying to debuggin using SQL profiler...but it didnt help much.

How do I fix this ? Your help is appreciated.



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How To Prevent The Hang On The Initator Service Broker If The Target Service Broker Is Not Started?

How to prevent the hang on the initator service broker if the target service broker is not started?

Our case has two service brokers (two databases), sometime, the target is need to turn off. But the sitation is the initator service broker (in fact, the message is sent from triggers) become hang, I want to prevent this case and continue to operation, and the messages should queue and will continue to send to target service broker when it startup. How should I do?

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XML Validation Error Detected On The Target Service. How To Keep And Save The Original Wrong XML Message?


I have a message that is validated using a schema.

If I send the message that is not compliant with the schema, the message is not enqueued on the target queue but it is send back to the Initiator queue and the message_body contains the description of the Error.

On the Initiator queue I have activated a SP that is I used to end the conversation and log the error.

One of the information that I need to log is the original XML message that causes the validation error so I can check it.

It seems that in the moment I'm on this SP, activated when there is something on the Initiator queue I have no memory of the original message or at least I'm not able to find it.

Any hints/helps??

Thank you very much!


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Service Broker Getting Error '10061(No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It.)'.

Hi All,

I have created an application using service broker.i have a source database which in a particular server say server A and want to send message to target database which is in another server say server B.

i have configured all the service broker objects and advanced service broker objects in correct way by reffering the site --

but when i am trying to send message from my source server to target server , i am getting the following error in sys.transmission_queue.

Connection attempt failed with error: '10061(No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.)'.

I have enabled the tcp port in both the server.

Note-My source server is an XP and Target Server is an windows server 2003.

can anybody please tell do i need to set any extra configuration in windows server 2003 or any thing do l need to do which i have left.

please do help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot in advance.....................................

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Service Manager In 2005 Not Found

I have uninstall MS SQL 2000 and installed MS SQL 2005, but i cant find nowhere the service manager to run the server

where is it ?
thank you

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Service Broker &&"TO Service Could Not Be Found&&" Message Origin: &&"Transport&&"

I am trying to send a message between to SQL Server 2005 instances on two different machines. I have checked all my routes and all my objects appear to be setup correctly. However, when running Profiler on the target machine, I receive the "This message has been dropped because the TO service could not be found. Service name: "[tcp://]". Message origin: "Transport". This is my activated stored procedure that is sending the message to the target service. I am using certificate security. Any help appreciated....

CREATE PROCEDURE [usp_ProcessMessage]




DECLARE @conversation_handle uniqueidentifier


WHILE (1=1)




@conversation_handle = conversation_handle,

@message_body = message_body

FROM [tcp://]

), TIMEOUT 1000;






END CONVERSATION @conversation_handle

IF @message_body IS NOT NULL


BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION @conversation_handle


TO SERVICE '[tcp://]'

ON CONTRACT [tcp://]


SEND ON CONVERSATION @conversation_handle








My endpoints are created like so:












And my routes like so:

GRANT SEND ON SERVICE::[tcp://] TO CertOwner



TO SERVICE '[tcp://]'

WITH USER = CertOwner,



WITH SERVICE_NAME = '[tcp://]',

BROKER_INSTANCE = N'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx',

ADDRESS = N'TCP://xxx.xx.xx.xx:4022'


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Excution 'rw5shff520eszz55eavmoeqe' Canot Be Found (rsExcution Not Be Found)

When user cliks on report link through website, user getting error "Excution 'rw5shff520eszz55eavmoeqe' canot be found (rsExcution not be found)" . this particular scenario was working correctly till one hour back( there is no database changes). This is happening only when the user clicks on the link through website.

it is not giving the problem, when he cliks the link from his mail or thorugh history in the same website. i have tested another reports are working fine except this report.

Please suggest me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!!!


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The Connection &&"&&" Is Not Found. This Error Is Thrown By Connections Collection When The Specific Connection Element Is Not Found

I've got a package which reads a text file into a table and updates another. I set up configurations so that I could import it into the SSIS store on both my dev and live servers. Now, I'm getting this error. I tried removing the configs and am still getting it.

I've been through each step and everything looks okay. Does anyone have any idea (a) what's wrong, (b) how to localise the error or (c) get any additional information? Or do I just have to recreate the package from scratch?

TITLE: Package Validation Error

Package Validation Error


Error at PartnerLinkFlatFileImporter: The connection "" is not found. This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found.

Error at PartnerLinkFlatFileImporter [Log provider "SSIS log provider for SQL Server"]: The connection manager "" is not found. A component failed to find the connection manager in the Connections collection.




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I am writing an insert stamenet that appears like:

INSERT INTO SppTarget (IndicatorNumber, Part, Years, Target, CompareMethod)
SELECT '8', 'B', '20052006', '0.682', '1' UNION ALL
SELECT '8', 'B', '20062007', '0.688', '1' UNION ALL
SELECT '8', 'B', '20072008', '0.692', '1'

What if I want to SET Target = NULL in this statement, how can i do that?

Thanks in advance !

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MSX Setup: Cannot See Target DBs?

Hi All

I have set up a MSX server for managing all of our backup jobs. However when I try and create a DB maintenence plan I can only see the system DBs not user created ones!

Is there anything I should do?



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MSX Setup: Cannot See Target DBs?

Hi All

I have set up a MSX server for managing all of our backup jobs. However when I try and create a DB maintenence plan I can only see the system DBs not user created ones!

Is there anything I should do?



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Backing Up All Target Servers

Has anyone created a script that, when run against the Master database, will back up all databases on target servers?


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Master / Target Server

Silly question, but why can you not setup a multi-server job and have that same server as a target? What's the rational behind this?

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I have several target servers defined, i have a job that needs to run in a serial fashion (ie.. 1 target at at time) if every target kicks off the job at the same time it's going to bog down the disk drives... can this be serialized? or do i need to write a special routine...

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Hyperlinks With A Target Frame

Does anyone know how to add a hyperlink with a target frame. In the navigation tab of reporting services I am having difficulites adding target="framename"


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The Target Is Not In The Current Database

Can someone please help me with the following error?

I am trying to create a trigger that copies data from a table in one database to another. However I am getting the error 'Cannot create trigger on databasename.dbo.tablename as the target is not in the current database.

Below is the SQL I am using to create the trigger:

create trigger addtotable1

on databasename.dbo.tablename

for insert


insert into anotherdatabase.dbo.tablename

select databasename.dbo.tablename.userid, databasename.dbo.tablename.username, biadatabasename.dbo.tablename.issuperuser

from databasename.dbo.tablename, inserted

where databasename.dbo.tablename.userid = inserted.userid

and inserted.roleid = 3

Andrew Ling

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How To Split Three-value Column Into The Same Target?

Hi everyone,

We've got a source file which owns three different values: 'A','B','M'.

Where 'A' stands for "New Rows" and 'B' for "Delete rows" and 'M' for 'Update rows'

Using Conditional Split task we can redirect each subset into a OLEDB Destination but we are wondering how can we do the same using only one OLEDB? We've got only one table.

Thanks for your input and time,

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What Do I Need To Use SSIS API On A Target Machine?!


I've created an SSIS package to be loaded using my ASP .NET app. This package is kept within the application and loaded via Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.LoadPackage method.

My target machine does not have MS SQL Server 2005 installed. So what do I need at minimum to get this up and running? What components do I've to install or copy over?

I tried to copy just the class libraries across. I copied Microsoft.SQLServer.ManagedDTS.dll and Microsoft.SQLServer.DTSRuntimeWrap.dll into my bin directory but I got this error:

[COMException (0x80040154): Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E44847F1-FD8C-4251-B5DA-B04BB22E236E} failed due to the following error: 80040154.]
Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application..ctor() +25

[DtsPipelineException: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E44847F1-FD8C-4251-B5DA-B04BB22E236E} failed due to the following error: 80040154.]
Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application..ctor() +87

I can't find any information online so any insight or advice will be very much appreciated!

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Invalid Target Name - How Can It Be Determined?

Hi, I am sending a message to an invalid target name. The message eventually gets back to the initiator as an error type message. How can I determine the exact cause of the error - and determine that the target service name is invalid? I am using the ServiceBrokerInterface and the Message does not tell much - it seems. Also, in the sys.conversation_endpoints table, the record associated to the message only says 'Error', but no other indicator.

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Target Queue Disabled


I receive messages in my target queue but target queue continously become disabled even aften I enable and receive message it still says target queue is disabled?

Please Guide

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Source And Target - Both Behind Firewall Using NAT

In this situation do I need a proxy or forwarder at both ends to prevent connection issues? Are there plans to handle this in future SSSB upgrades. Thanks.

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Multiple Sources And One Target

I'm thinking aboug using Service Broker to aggregate transactions from 12 remote SQL Servers to a central SQL Server. Service Broker is new to me, so I don't know what the proper setup would be.

We have five different kinds of transactions that can be sent from any of the remote servers. These remote servers truly are remote, connecting to the central server over a WAN. We don't want problems with one server to interfere with any other server. We also don't want problems with one kind of transaction to interfere with the processing of any other kind of transaction.

If were only talking about one remote server, I'm guessing I'd want to create 5 different services - one for each kind of transaction. Does that mean I'd also need to create 5 different routes on both the remote server and the central server?

And how would I scale this out to a dozen remote servers? Can I stick with 5 services on the central server, or would I need to define 5 different services for each remote server, so 60 total? And would that be 60 different routes defined on the central server? Based on my limited knowledge of routes and how they're tied to services, I think that would mean 60 routes, but maybe I'm missing something.

Please let me know. Thanks.

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Jump To URL With A New Target Page

In Opening a display of invoices in Report Server I have a ULR link in the Jump to URL section under the navigation tab.

I have the URL with the invoice number in the expression. Is there something I can add to this expression that will force the interface to Open a new windows page instead of the existing window?

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Jump To URL With A New Target _blank

Hi all,

In Opening a display of invoices in Report Server I have a ULR link in the Jump to URL section under the navigation tab.

html code given : <a href="url" TARGET="_top">my value</a>

I would like have this code html : <a href="url" TARGET="_blank">my value</a>

How can I do it ?


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Changes To Master/Target Server Configurations

I've installed SQL Server 2000 and applied SP3a.  I see SP4 is available and fixes a lot of things.  The only bit I am unsure about is section '5.3.2 Changes to Master/Target Server Configurations'
"Before you apply SP4, you must complete several steps to upgrade your SQL Server 2000 master/target server configuration. The changes that are introduced with SP4 are not compatible with SQL Server 7.0 target servers, or with any servers not running SP3 or later. This is a change from the original SQL Server 2000 functionality. "
As I'm just starting out I don't even know what 'Master/Target Server' is.  I'm only installing to my PC which is XP Pro SP2. Can I ignore this step and apply the patch or do I need to do as it states?

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Replication Target Table Shrinks To Zero

I want to replicate a database to a subscriber that will be used as a readonly copy. The data has to be replicated as close to instantly as possible.To do this I set up a database export of objects and data to populate thesubscriber, then I set up transactional replication. To verify thatreplication is working successfully, I count the rows in each table, thereare 3 tables in total. For one of the tables, the replication completes butalmost immediately afterward, the table starts to shrink, and after severalhours the record count is zero. This isn't happening to the other twotables, and I can't figure out why.If you have no idea what might be causing this, perhaps you can suggestsome places to start looking. This is Win2k SP4 with SQL 2000 SP3.Thanks much.

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Backing Up All Target Servers (revised)

I am looking for a script that will do differential backups of all user databases on target servers. This script is run from the master server and must determine if new user databases have been added to the target servers and add those to the backups.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Master / Target Maintenance Plans

I have successfully set up a Master Server with Target Servers for nightly database backups. However, I am now attempting to add additional target
servers to an already existing "maintenance plan" on the Master server and I am having some problems.

Here are the steps I have used to ADD an additional Target Server:

Edited the "Database Maintenance Plan" on the master server to ADD an additional target server.

The "job" is successfully added to the new Target Server, but the corresponding "Database Maintenance Plan" is NOT added! Because the maintenance
plan does not exist on the Target server, the job fails!

Why doesn't the "maintenance plan" get created on the Target Server when ADDING an additional target server to the "Master Maintenance Plan"?

During the initial creation of the "maintenance plan" on the master server, all "Target servers" do receive the instructions to add the job and the maintenance plan.

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DTS Help - Identity Column In Target Table

Having an identity column in target table, how do I use SQL 7 DTS ?

In Import wizard, I chose 'ignore' in source, checked Enable Indenity Insert - DTS failed with a msg like - a column cannot have NULL...

In DTS package, had Fast load and Enable Indenity checked - no luck !

What would be the standard procs for this since this sounds like a very common

Appreciate your help very much !


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Data Transfer With Possible Duplicates In Target

I need to copy data from 3 tables in one database into another db. The destination db already contains some data and it is expected that there will be duplicates which we do not want to have copied across (I think there is a constraint that prevents duplicate email addresses which is our main search field)

The three tables are effectively a user table, an address table, and a [phone] numbers table, each of which has an auto generated id field. The user table also maintains a reference to the address and numbers tables.

We are using SQL Server 8 (SP3) and it has been suggested that I use the data transformation service (DTS) tool which I have used numerous times to copy entire databases, but I can't figure this bit out.

I am still learning t-sql using SQL Query Analyzer, but have been doing so for a while and think that I'm fairly competent in it. My main question is this: Is it possible to connect to two DBs at the same time in SQL QA? If so, I'm pretty sure that I could work out how to pass the data across, I'd just need to know how to connect to them both.

Any help would be much appreciated. If you need any more information to help, please let me know.



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Merge Replic: Different Tables On Src And Target

Is it possible to treat data while merging. For example my source table is different then my target table. (target table has additional columns). Merge replication should be done in two ways.

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