Third-party Tools For DBA


what are some good db managements tools that are available? I installed Toad from Quest and the Red Gate's toolbelt but I haven't play with them yet. I would like to know what is the most useful tool to invest time in.


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Backup Strategy - SQL2005 Tools Versus 3rd Party Tools

I am running SQL Server 2005 x64 Enterprise under Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise. My current backup strategy uses T-SQL jobs run by SQL Agent (writes out *.bak files) and then I have an Integration Services job that copies the *.bak files to our NAS device. I have performed a restore without issue. The jobs are all automated every four hours via SQL Agent. Is this a sound strategy or are there additional benefits to using 3rd party tools? If so, what are the advantages and which tool provides them?

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3rd Party Tools For Job Scheduling

I am looking for a better way to schedule jobs in SQL Server. I foundthis tool called SQLschedule at and am using the 30 daytrial. This tool really has a cool GUI, and seems to work well. Doesanyone else have any experience with their tools?

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SQL Trace Tools, MS Or Third Party

Looking for a tool to help organize the results from the SQL Trace, short
of dumping the results into a table and doing it myself. Any suggestion
would be much appreciated.

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3rd Party Monitoring Tools

I have been using the built-in tools of SQL Server (email and netsend) to monitor and alert me about some basic issues (like severity errors and job failures) with our SQL servers. We are now approaching a level and number of servers where I think we need to get a more global and more stable solution to monitoring and alerting.

So what third party tools are you are using to monitor your SQL Servers?



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3rd Party Replication Tools..

Does anyone know of any 3rd party replication tools that are REALLY GOOD and DO NOT require NT DOMAIN authentication. I need a reliable tool to replicate a SQL SERVER 2000 DATABASE.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Third Party Tools That Add Sp Debugging

The only way I know of to debug a Sql 2005 stored proc is to create a VS2005 Database Project and step into it from there. Does anyone know of any third party tools that adds functionality to Sql Management Studio to step into stored procs?

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Third-party Log Analysis Tools?

We're looking for a sql server log analysis tool. Currently we often need to identify which users execued DML in the database. But I can see other uses for a product from this tool category. I'm looking at APEXSQL Log and Lumigent Log Explorer.

Can anyone make recommendations for other tools?


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Design Tools / Sql Server Mgt Tools Cause Login Fail

Login failed for user 'TOSHIBA-USERASPNET'
I know that the file persmission for the web application have to include aspnet, so i keep resetting the folder permission for aspnet in file manager, but the login failed keeps coming back every day or two
problem is after working with VS05 Pro, SQL Server Management Studio CTP, somehow the aspnet persmission get changed, use alot of sqldatasource wizards and often there is a conflict/hang between the datasource wizard and the need to have the mdf in a dettached state within VS server explorer,
not sure but the procedure to fix this seems to be to reboot, detach and re-attach the mdf in the Sql server Studio tool, re-apply the aspnet file permission on the web app folders (wonder should i be doing this in IIS instead), make sure the mdf within server explorer is detached, the it works
anyway, getting real tired of the resulting delays and design time derailment, clues greatly appreciated, thanks
 sometimes i can use View in Browser when in VS05 form view and i wont get the aspnet folder permission error and other times i do.
last thing, is it a bad idea to give aspnet full permission for the entire web applicaiton??

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Server Tools Or Client Tools?

Dear All,
how can we know that wether we had server tools or client tools on my machine?

Even you learn 1%, Learn it with 100% confidence.

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Tools Tools Tools For Performance ???

Know any good performance monitoring and analysis tools for SQL server.

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Third Party Sql Tool

I prefer to write SQL code, without graphical tools.Have third party Query Analyzer that has filter and sort abilities?Also I looking for SQL editor with Completion ability (like we know forprogramming lang),for assist me write more quickly.

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3rd Party Software

Does anyone know any software to backup single tables ? i recall one software that extracts the data into a text file called SQLinsert or something but wondering if they are others around ?

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Third Party Software


Could anybody tell me a best third party tools for sql server database for the data security pupose.


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Third Party Tool

Could anyone suggest good third party performance monitor tools to replace NT Performance Monitor? Anything which works with 6.5&7&2000.


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3rd Party Indexing

Anyone know of any 3rd party indexing software available for SQL Server 2000 and are they worth the money? I am aware of Omnidex and I thought there was a company called Verio, but cannot find Verio anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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Third Party Tool

Hi All,

I have to load data from from a text file ( approx 3-5 million rows) into a table .

I can use straight bcp with the format file , but the loading of data has to follow some business logic

Let me know if there are any third party tool to load the data instead of regular bcp

I have SqlServer 7.0 on Windows NT 4.0

Thanks in advance

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Third Party Software

Hey guys I really need your help.

We've outsourced our software last year, and it really a big mess for us since that company has been clashed. Then it so happened that the system failed to function well. Our batch transactions was working about 56 mins.. that is 24 records. Then it happened that this time 28 records was finished for about an hour. Our business hour is 8 hours only. That's why we have a back log now. We also failed to validate transaction since it takes a lot of effort before we update the database. It's working before but as our database becomes larger there are many errors occur in our application. Majority is runtime error. Then it happened that now we cannot move on anymore. We are using SQL server 2000 with VB6.0 application. our server memory is 1GB. Do you think adding additional memory will solve our problem?


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Using Third Party ADO .net In Script

I am working on a SSIS package to move data between SQL2005 and DB2. I currently have the DB2 ADO .Net connector from DataDirect which works fine for connecting to the AS400. My question is that I am working on a script transformation and I want to be able to use the Connection already created in the package their.

I can set it up just fine using the properties for the script, but there appears to be no way to create SQLCommands and connections unless I reference the DataDirector DLL in the script, which requires adding it to the GAC and the Framework folder.

I am just wondering if this is the correct way to go about this or if there are any other recommendations. Please let me know if I need to supply more information.


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Third Party Reindexing Utilities

Folks,I work on a system which is growing rapidly, with the number oftransactions we process growing on a daily basis. While this is goodnews or the business, maintenance is starting to become an issue as thedatabase is the backend for a website which cannot be down for alengthy period of time.While I do defrag the indexes, periodically the indexes do need to berebuilt. When this happens, the process locks pages and transactionsstart getting bounced out.Are their any third party utilities which will rebuild an indexwithout this locking occuring? Any help in pointing me in the rightdirection would be appreciated.

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Third Party Backup Programs

Currently we are using SQL Servers Backup utility to backup our databases to disk and then the files to backup tape during a nightly backup.
The time it takes for the backups to disk to complete for the databases is becoming prohibitively long and performance problems on the DB server are manifesting.
I am interested in other solutions. However, the propaganda listed at the various companies sites are less than insightful.
I was wondering if anyone used a third party Agent like Brightstor Enterprise SQL Server backup agent, or Veritas NetBackup for SQL Server, that would be willing to give some recommendations. If you use something that isn't listed here and it works well, I would be interested in hearing about it.
Do these backup agents significantly slow down the database performance? Do they create any locking issues? Some insight into your backup hardware configuration would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Third Party Backup Software

Are there any issues in using third party backup software with SQL7??? Our idea is to use one tape to run all back ups at night, and to use UltraBac to manage all the back ups

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3rd Party Search Engine Web To SQL?

Hi All,
I am pretty new to SQL and would like a bit of friendly help, please. Am trying to set up a .Net web site that will have dynamic content supplied by a true SQL server (am using MSDE to build this first).

My issue is in building a search engine on my web site that will return hits from the content of the pages which are loaded in MSDE.

Is there a third party or open source search engine available?

Any clues for how to build (or beg, borrow or steal) a workable search engine to do this?

Many thanks,

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CLR Procedure Error With Third Party .dll

I have a CLR procedure with the below code calling a third party .dll in the system32 directory of the SQL server:

using System;

using System.Collections;

using System.Data;

using System.Data.SqlTypes;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

using System.Text;

using Microsoft.SqlServer.Server;

public class CorrectAddressProcedures


[DllImport(@"C:WINDOWSsystem32CorrectA.dll", EntryPoint = "FindCityCounty")]

public static extern int FindCityCounty(StringBuilder zip, StringBuilder cityname, StringBuilder state, StringBuilder countyname, StringBuilder countynum);

public static String Space(int len)


StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder("");

str.Append(' ', len);

return str.ToString();



public static void spFindCityCounty(SqlString _zip, out SqlString _cityname, out SqlString _state, out SqlString _countyname, out SqlString _countynum)


int rc;

StringBuilder zip = new StringBuilder(5);

StringBuilder cityname = new StringBuilder(28);

StringBuilder state = new StringBuilder(2);

StringBuilder countyname = new StringBuilder(25);

StringBuilder countynum = new StringBuilder(3);








rc = FindCityCounty(zip, cityname, state, countyname, countynum);

_cityname = cityname.ToString();

_state = state.ToString();

_countyname = countyname.ToString();

_countynum = countynum.ToString();


catch (Exception ex)


throw (ex);




I am getting the error

Msg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Procedure spFindCityCounty, Line 0

A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user defined routine or aggregate 'spFindCityCounty':

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'C:WINDOWSsystem32CorrectA.dll': Not enough storage is available to process this command. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070008)


at CorrectAddressProcedures.spFindCityCounty(SqlString _zip, SqlString& _cityname, SqlString& _state, SqlString& _countyname, SqlString& _countynum)


I have restarted the service with memory allocation settings -g512 and -g1024 but still receive the error. The SQL server is an Intel Xeon 2.8GHZ with 2GB of RAM. Any thoughts of how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.


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Help Reading From 3 Party Source


I have a commercial data source 3 party one for me to extract data from , i have been provided the exe and the DLL how i can use this in SSIS as a datasource please let me know.


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Third Party Components For SSIS?

hello all -- I'm an SSIS newbie who is exploring (custom) programming functionality through third party components, to be plugged into SSIS, for SMTP, FTP, PGP, TAR, WinZIP, basically for a scheduling & automation utility.

Is there such a concept of third party components (and marketplace for this?) or is VB a much better choice for this vis-a-vis components variety, $$ and robustness ?

thanks much,

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Third Party Supplier Access To SQL

We have a hosted SQL server with various internal applications on it. It has been decided by on high that the same server will also have a database from a third party on the server. The third party have asked for full system admin rights on the SQL server.

Obviously I am not going to grant that access level as it gives them full control on the box. From my viewpoint read and write access to the data can be tolerated but anything else will be denied. Would you consider this standard and is there any documentation with recommendations for control of external suppliers ?

I am sure that they shouldn`t be doing any work on tables structure, sp`s etc on a live database. That work should be tested, scripted etc and then run on in a controlled environment by my company.

Anyone have any advice ?



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Third Party Installs With Sql 2005

I completed an install of SQL 2005 SP2 on Windows Server 2003. Everything worked fine I can connect while logged into the box, while connected thru RDP. I can create databases add users without any issue. Until!!!!

I have a third party application (Tririga) which I run the install and indicate the SQL database (in this case local) The application begins to install but when I get to the point of adding the SA password the install fails.
"login fails for sa) 18456 sev 8 (wrong password) but it is the same password I use to connect to the DB. So I change the sa assword and try again and it still fails.
any suggestions would be nice. by the way on machines on which I have run an upgrade from 2000 (sql) to 2005 (sql) the install does not fail.

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