Tracking Change History, By Column...

This one is giving me quite a bit more difficulty then I ever imagined it would...

Essentially I would like to use one table to store the change history for multiple tables. I would like to use an update trigger to check which fields have changed in each record, and write a single record for each field that changed containing the table name, field name, previous value and new value to a history table.

I can't seem to find a good way to do this.

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Tracking The History Of Changes.

Hi all,

I have several transaction tables on which I need to track the changes. That is I need to maitain
the history of changes. Only few column values are changed often.

Which is the best way for tracking the changes.

1.Store the whole record after the change ?


2.Store the ColumnName & its respective old & new value ?

Or any other better.

Note : UI part & SP's will take care of the tracking & no plans for triggers.

Thanks in advance,


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Change Tracking For SQL Server

Has anyone come across a change tracking tool for SQL Server. Specificallythe scenario I want is the following :A Production DB needs some modifications to its content.This tool will copy the DB to a dev environment.The Dev environment will be 2 copies of the DB, 1 as a control set and theother the change DB.The developer makes their changes in the Change DB. They test them out andthen when they decide the changes are ready to pushto production they hitthe "go" button on the tool.The tool calculates the delta between the Control and the Change DB and thenpushes the changes to producitonAny ideasThankss

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Database Change Tracking Software

Does anyone know of software that tracks changes to a database? Forexample, it would track anytime an SP or view was recompiled, or ifyou added or deleted a column to a database?

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Tracking Object Change Dates

Is there a table where last DDL change date exists? For instance, if I have added a column to a table is there anywhere I can find when this occurred? Auditors are askng about this.

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Tracking History Using &"Effective Dating&"

Can anyone provide me with some insight on tracking the history of my data using "Effective Dating"? I would like to keep track of an infinite history for many of the tables in my database and am trying to avoid duplicating data structures if possible. 
Any advice on this topic would be appreciated, I am most interested in any links to tutorials or support articles on subject that you may know about.  I have searched the web and the forums section and have not come across much.

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Problem With Full Text Search - Change Tracking

I'm running Sql Server 2000 sp4 with full text catalog on a Windows 2003 server. When testing with a restored large customer database, we've noticed that the change tracking isn't working properly. We have a tool that reads from some text files and adds/updates records in the database. After this tool is run, I see rows in the sysfulltextnotify table. However, they just sit there and are never cleaned out unless I rebuild the catalog. Once I do that, I get results when running a search. If I don't rebuild the catalog, I get no results when searching on the new data.

Now, when I use a much smaller database, change tracking works just fine. Any ideas? Some researching suggested that I should have at least 15% free disk space on the drive where the FT Catalog files reside, which I definitely do not have. If it's a space issue, will I see errors in the event log? I currently do not see any errors there. Any other ideas about things I can check?

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FullText Change-tracking And Update-index Were Disabled

How can i enable my fulltex change-tracking and update-index in my table?
I recreated my fulltext catalog and start the full population, but although my fulltext index status shows active, my full-text change-tracking and the update index were disabled. - and I don't know how to enable them.
Thanks in advance

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SQL Login Password Change History


Is it possible to find out a complete history of when the passwords for any SQL Server logins were changed and by what/whom in 2005 standard edition?


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Schema Change History Report

There is a report when you click servername, report and run SCHEMA CHANGE HISTORY
I had my SQL 2005 running for a few weeks and this is many listed from day started is there a way to recycle this and clean it up on a weekly basic

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History/Data Change File Approach

I need to record in a table:
Who, When, What Field and New Value of Fields
When changes occur to an existing record.

The purpose is for users to occassionally view the changes. They'll want to be able to see the history of the record - who changed what and when.

I figured I'd add the needed code to the stored procedure that's doing the update for the record.

When the stored procedure is called to do the update, the PK and parameters are sent.

The SP could first retain the current state of the record from the disk,
then do the update, then "spin" thru the fields comparing the record state prior to the update and after. Differences could be parsed to a "Changes string" and in the end, this string is saved in a history record along with a few other fields:

Name, DateTime, Changes

FK to Changed Record: some int value
Name: Joe Blow
Date: 1/1/05 12:02pm
Changes: Severity: 23 Project: Everest Assigned Lab: 204

How does the above approach sound?

Is there a better way you'd suggest?

Any sample code for a system that spins thru the fields comparing 1 temporary record with another looking for changes?



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How Do I Get The Latest Column Value From History?


I am using SQL 2000. I have the foll commad and the result set is as follows. I need to get data for 2/22/06 rather than the other dates.

Thanks in advance

select * from dbArchive..EMSecurityModelValSaveD where ModelID = 1 AND SecurityID = 60952

200602171NULL23559455660952-1.8737706198803314E-22006-02-16 00:00:00.0002006-02-17 04:34:07.213
200602201NULL23559455660952-1.8824870098869399E-22006-02-17 00:00:00.0002006-02-18 04:42:49.737
200602211NULL23559455660952-1.8973066282962407E-22006-02-20 00:00:00.0002006-02-21 03:10:07.203
200602221NULL23559455660952-1.9135545221188051E-22006-02-21 00:00:00.0002006-02-22 04:25:07.217

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Change An Int Column To Identity Column

Hi, I want to change an int column (not null) to identity column. I tried
the following:

alter table myTable alter column ID int identity(10, 1) not null

But it failed with the error message:

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'identity'.

Can someone please show me the correct statement (if it exists)>

Many thanks.

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How To Change A Column Name

I have created a table and found that i miss named a column. All i want to do is change the column name. But I don't see anything in ALTER TABLE to do that.

How do I simply change a column name?

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Change Column Length

Can you alter a column and make it longer without dropping the column

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Change Value In A Identity Column

How can I change the value in a identity column? I cannot use update to change its value.

Thank you

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Change Row To Column In A Table

Hi, guru,

How can I Change all rows into columns from one table? what method can make it easy?

Thank you very much


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Change Column Name Dynamically

Hi All,
I have a series of tables need to import to server. When creating the target tables, I want to change the columns name as well, for example:
Source table column Target table column

Name FN_Name
Age FN_Age

The problem is I suppose I don't know the columns name in source table, I want to the tasks scan the source table and make the change programmlly.

Which tasks or approaches can be used to implement this?


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Change Column Size


I am using one Publisher with many subscribers for Merge replication of a database.
I wanted to change size one column in a table. So I added a dummy column (through Filter column).
Copied data, dropped old column (through Filter column), added new column, copied data, and dropped dummy column.
On subscriber A, replication is OK. On subscriber B, I get the following message.
Connecting to Publisher 'REPLIC'
Retrieving publication information
Retrieving subscription information
A column was added to or dropped from the replicated table.
The schema script 'exec sp_repladdcolumn '[dbo].[Items]','C1',[NVARCHAR(1000) NULL], '%', 1' could not be propagated to the subscriber.
The schema script 'exec sp_repladdcolumn '[dbo].[Items]','C1',[NVARCHAR(1000) NULL], '%', 1' could not be propagated to the subscriber.
A column was added to or dropped from the replicated table.

I made a new snapshot, reintialized subscription with upload, and tried to sychronize again.
But same message.

Question 1. Is there anyway to make replication?
Question 2. If not, can I at least upload data changes before dropping and making new publication?


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How To Change Column Data As Row


I have a table like this




















need to change the table like this




















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Change A Column Name In A View

I am going to change a column name YYZ in a VIEW because of typo. It should be named as YYY.
What is best scenario?


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Change Column Names

i am trying to change column names in a bunch of tables.

why is this not right?

is there any sp that i can use as i have to change this in a lot of tables across two databases?

Alter Table Answers

Change Product NewProduct varchar(35)

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SQL Change Column Data Type

How do I programatically  change a column (say username) in a table (say tblusers) from varchar(25) to varchar(100)I am looking for something likealter tblusers set username as  varchar(100) I know the above statement in nonsensical but it conveys the idea. 

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Change Capitalization In Sql Table Column

I have some data that was entered in the DB in ALL CAPS. I would like to reformat all the rows so that it follows the normal "Capitalization". What is the best way to do this? Shoud I create a console application to accomplish this or is there some way to do it natively in sql server 2005.

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TSQL Change The Position Of A Column?

We have a little app to help us move applications from developent --> stage --> production. It uploads the files, runs the new stored procedures etc.

One of the things it does is create new columns in existing tables. In EM you can create a new column in any position, but ALTER TABLE seems to only add columns to the end of the table. Is there a way in TSQL to create columns in arbitrary positions in the table? Or do I have to recreate the whole table?

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Column Update Structure Change

hiI want to increase a varchar(5000)to varchar(8000) on a table thathas approximately million rows.....What is the impact on the serveror any good recomendations of a action to accomplish this in the best andfastest way.thanks davep

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Change Results In Column To Display Different

I have a column in the following select startement called displayvalue. Displayvalue is a varchar column. Primary everything entered into this column is numeric, but there are times when NR is entered. In the select query if it sees NR, I would like to have NR changed in the resultset to NULL or blank. NR doesn't come up all of the time, but I have not idea how to do this in the select statment.

Here goes..


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Change Table Column Width

I know we could change the data type or width of a table column in SQl 7 database, but I am not certain if this column is a primary key. Can we change a primary key column width? If we can, how about this column as a foreign key in another table? Will it be automatically updated to the same width? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Change Column Data In All Tables At Once

I would like to change column data in all tables in a single database at once.

For instance, i have many tables in a database, and about 30% of the tables has the column "orderplace".
And all the data in orderplace (every tables in the database) are "houston". instead of going to each table and
"update table set orderplace = 'dallas' " .... is there anyway that i could run a sql statement and it will update all the tables in database that has the orderplace column to "orderplace = 'dallas' " ?

any ideas ? thanks.

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How To Change Forumula For Computed Column

create table mytable
id int,
num int,
comp as id/num

now i want to change column comp to formula id/100.
please help me out.

Raghu sunkara.

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Identify Change Points In A Column

DECLARE @EffLevels TABLE (ChangePoint int, Value Int)

SELECT'1000', '767' UNION ALL--Changed
SELECT'1000', '675' UNION ALL
SELECT'1001', '600' UNION ALL--Changed
SELECT'1001', '545' UNION ALL
SELECT'1001', '765' UNION ALL
SELECT'1000', '673' UNION ALL--Changed
SELECT'1002', '343' UNION ALL--Changed
SELECT'1002', '413' UNION ALL
SELECT'1002', '334' UNION ALL
SELECT'1001', '823'--Changed

-- My Result should be
-- ChangePointPrevChangePointValue
-- 1000Null767
-- 1001 1000 675
-- 1000 1001 765
-- 1002 1000 343
-- 1001 1002 823

Any suggestion ?

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