Transact SQL :: How To Set Case Sensitivity Of A Column In Design Time

Aug 3, 2015

With Sql Server Management Studio, while creating/modifying a table I want to specify one of its columns to store values in lower case only. Can it be done through the designer or by some other means?

N.B.: Using SQL Server 2005.

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Case Sensitivity When A User Enters Data Into The Database. How To Deal With Case Sensitivity.

Sep 6, 2007

I am working on a C#/ web application. The application has a text box that allows a user to enter a name. The name is then saved to the database.
Before the name is saved to the database, I need to be able to check if the name already exists in the database. The problem  here is that what if the name is in the database as "JoE ScMedLap" and somoene enters the name as "Joe Schmedlap" which already exists in the database,but just differs in case.
In other words how do deal with case sensitiviy issues.

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Case Sensitivity

May 3, 2007

I am wondering if T SQL in SQL Server 2005 is case sensitive.

I running am running a query in a stored procedure whchi compares a passed in value with that in a field in the database, as such, is their a need to do thisSELECT * FROM table WHERE UPPER(column_name) = UPPER(@var) or will this return the same resultsSELECT * FROM table WHERE column_name = @var

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Case Sensitivity

Oct 3, 2000

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable case sensitivity without having to reinstall SQL Server?

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Case Sensitivity

Apr 16, 2006

When I do
select * from mytable where somecolumn='a'

I get rows for data with the value 'a' and rows for data with value 'A'

How to control cases sensitivity?

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Case Sensitivity

May 6, 2007

Hello !

I have two questions:

1) is it possible to make case sensetive researche in SQL-Server?
like : SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE myColumn = "This" [and not "this"]

2) is it possible to make case sensetive unique indexes? Allowing to add "This" and "this" in the same indexed column?

Thanks a lot for any feedback!


my favorit hoster is ASPnix : !

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Case Sensitivity

Jul 7, 2007

Hi I have two questions about case sensitivity;
1. Do most people write their queries with UPPERCASE keywords or is that only for the textbooks. Personally I find it a hassle, My little finger aches because it is always on and off the SHIFT key
2. I noticed that when I did the following query
use AdventureWorks
Select * employee
I get an 'invalid object' message
But if I use;
use AdventureWorks
Select * Employee
It works. SO obviously the query is case sensitive.
Did this use to be the case with SQL 2000. I don't seem to remember having to be careful about case.


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Case Sensitivity

Nov 13, 2006

Is SQL server defaults to case insensitive? I am sure there are ways toinstall case sensitive SQL server instance but coming from Sybase(which is always case sensitive) case insensitivity is something new tome (it requires coding change etc).Besides, is there any option I can set to turn on case sensitivity or Iam stuck with it? (I can not reinstall SQL server).Thanks.

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Case Sensitivity

Apr 3, 2008

I scripted a function to a sql file, transferred the file to a different machine and when I run it it fails. It turns out that it thinks @result does not exist because I delcared @Result. Changing it to uppercase R resolves the problem. I usually keep my case sensitivity but missed this one. This is the first time I've ever seen sql care about the casing though! Is it a setting?

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How To Create Key Time Column And Key Column For A Case Table And A Nested Table For Time Series Algorithm?

Jun 18, 2007

Hi, all experts here,

Thanks for your kind attention.

I want to use time series algorithm to mine data from my case table and nested table. Case table is Date table, while nested table is the fact table. E.g, I want to predict the monthly sales amount for different region (I have region table related to the fact table), how can I achieve this?

Thanks a lot and I hope it is clear for your help and I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

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Questions On Key Column In Case Table And Key Time Column In Nested Table Using Time Series Algorithm

Jun 4, 2007

Hi, all experts here,

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

I am confused on key column of case table and key time column of nested table by using Time Series algorithm.

In my case, the case table structure is as below:

Territory key text (the ID is actually dimrisk_key, in this case, I use the name column binding to combine the Territory column of case table Dimrisks),

While the nested table structure is as below:

Cal_month key time (in this case, actually the ID is dimdate_key, again, I used name column bining property to bind the Cal_month to the ID)

So my question is, as the key column of case table has been set to be Territory, as a result, does the model training still cover all the cases (rows) based on the ID of the table?

Also, in the nested table, as the key time column has been set to Cal_month rather than Dimdate_key of the nested table, as a result, would the single series based on the cal_month?

Hope it is clear for your advices and help.

And I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

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SQL Case Sensitivity In SQL2005

May 15, 2007

Hello all,
I've come across a bit of an issue, I'm testing software delivered by another company that includes an SQL2005 database. I've rolled back their live database on my developer database, but my server has a binary collation set as default server collation.
Because of this (or so I think) all variable/table/etc names in any SQL code are case sensitive, even when called in the context of a database with a case insensitive collation. As an example, when I run the following code on my developer computer I get an error, on their live server I don't.DECLARE @number INT
SET @Number = 1

Because of this I am getting alot of errors from their code, since their entire application has differing capitalization usage from page to page. Is there any way around this or do I need to reinstall the SQL Server on my computer to set a different collation?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Case Sensitivity In SQL -- Ignore

Mar 15, 2007

Hi,I believe my SQL server was configured as Case sensitivity. I have anumber of stored procedures which were moved from a non-Casesensitivity SQL server. Because of the Case sensitivity, I have to doa lot of editing in those stored procedures. Is there a quick way toavoid the editing?Something like ignoring the case in one statement?Thanks in advance, your advice will be greatly appreciated.

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How To Remove Case Sensitivity In Database

Mar 2, 2008

Hi All,
How to remove case sensitity from database like table names,column names etc.
 If we type either select * from AUTHORS" or "select * from authors" should result the same value.

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How To Change Case Sensitivity Of A Server?

Mar 4, 2002

I require to change the case sensitivity of a server. If I run rebuildm (changing the sensitivity to the desired value) will that not mean that I won't be able to reattach the databases?

Can anyone advise please.



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Sort Order/case-sensitivity

Aug 30, 2000

I have a case-insensitive sort order on my SQL7, NT4, SP1,2 installation. However, there are times when I want to do case-sensitive search ciriteria.

Is there something like the pseudo code:
SELECT * FROM table WHERE name = 'Black'

..that doesn't return 'BLACK'

thanks in advance for your time

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Enable And Disable Case Sensitivity

Feb 20, 2004


I use a SQL Server 2000.

Is there a chance to change the case sensitivity option for a running instance of sql server?

I know, during the install process, i can activate the case sensitivity. But can I change this option on an already installed server (to case sensitiv or back)?


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Change Case Sensitivity After Database Set Up

Jul 20, 2005

I have a SQL Server database hosted with a web hosting company. TheSQL Server was clearly set up to be case sensitive, however, I wantthis particular database to be case-insensitive.I have searched high and low, the best suggestion I can find is toreinstall SQL Server and select case-insensitive. But since this isthe web host's SQL, that isn't an option here.With default language I can use the sp_defaultlanguage to change toBritish settings (for example). Is there something similar I can useto make just this database case insensitive?--Popular uprising? know what)com

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Sort Order And Case Sensitivity

Jul 20, 2005

I have a query which filters records containing uppercase andLowercase i.e.Smith and SMITH, Henderson and HENDERSON etc.Is there a way that I can filter only those records that contain thefirst uppercase letter and the remaining lowercase letters for myquery i.e. Smith , HENDERSON etc.Thanks

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OpenXML Elements Case Sensitivity Problem

Mar 19, 2007

Hi All - I am using OpenXML to insert data into SQL Server 2005. All works okay except for the fact that in my XML I have an attribute tag and elements as follows.<Location>    <Place City = "LA" State = "CA">    <Place city = "NY" State = "NY">    <Place City = "St. Louis" state = "MO"></Location>  If you notice in the above code,  the 2nd city NY has element tag "city" in lower case and others are "City" with a Upper Case "C" same for state in case of MO which is lower case and others are Upper Cases..Now I understand that XML is case sensitive. What should I do if I have XML files in the above format with inconsistent element tags? Because if I run the below code.. using OpenXML...Insert Into TableXSelect *FROM OPENXML (@DocHandle, '/Location/Place', 1)                             WITH (City varchar(255) '@City', State varchar(255) '@State') ox Then in the above scenario it won't insert values for city "NY" and state "MO" since both have lower case elements tags and in my OpenXML I have specified as @City and @State with Upper Case "C" and "S" respectively.  Now in such a scenario what can one do? Any thoughts is to how I can also grab value for lower case "city" and "state" in the above XML.  Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks a billion.Regards- web

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Latin1_General_BIN Case Sensitivity When Inserting Into Tables

Feb 27, 2008

So I have been unfortunate enough to inherit a whole estate of sql servers running a collation of Latin1_General_BIN.
I have a batch of maintenance and monitoring scripts that I want to implement on these servers. However I seem to have problems compiling the stored procs as the case of the column names varies throughout the script and table definitions.

Ok I know I could recode them, but is there way to overide the case sensitivity in insert and update statements so they dont have to be recoded?

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Transact SQL :: Defaulting A Column To Be Upper Case

Aug 11, 2015

While creating a table, can we default a column to be UPPER. So that even if we insert a lower case, it should be converted to UPPER case.

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Transact SQL :: Calculate DateTime Column By Merging Values From Date Column And Only Time Part Of DateTime Column?

Aug 3, 2015

How can I calculate a DateTime column by merging values from a Date column and only the time part of a DateTime column?

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Transact SQL :: Case In Where Clause With Column Comparison With Greater Than Or No Filter

Sep 24, 2015

For Below example when @x=1 to retrieve col>0 rows or all rows.

With out another if else blocks or Dynamic sql to solve only in where clause.

select 0 col into #x
select 1 col
select 2 col

declare @x INT =1
where col>CASE WHEN @x=1 THEN 0 ELSE (col=col) END

--here in case i want to compare only when @x=1 then col>0 other wise select all rows with out filter

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Transact SQL :: Case Statement For A New Column Based On Date And Username Columns

Sep 2, 2015

Below is the SQL Query i am currently having

SELECT IG_FinancialTransactionSummary.ClaimNum,IG_FinancialTransactionSummary.TransactionCode,

[Code] ....

And here is the result dataset

ClaimNumTransactionDateUsername ClaimNum TransactionAmountUserName
2000074 20150209jerry.witt 2000074 -10000DATAFIX INSERTED ON 20150626 AT 162152493 LOCAL
2000074 20150626DATAFIX INSERTED ON 20150626 AT 162152493 LOCAL 2000074 -10000DATAFIX INSERTED ON 20150626 AT 162152493 LOCAL

[Code] .....

So,if we look at the result set, we notice 2 conditions where the IG_FinancialTransactionSummary.Username is like 'Data' and if we see the transaction date then sometimes that is the max transaction date or sometimes there are transactions that happened after but that doesn't have like '%data%' in username . So, i need to add a new column to my sql query which should basically verify if the username is like '%data%' and if that is the max(transaction date) or even if there are any transactions after that doesn't have like '%data%' then YES else No.

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Transact SQL :: Time Column With Order Wise

Nov 17, 2015

I have a table like below

CREATE table #TempTable (ID integer,CTime time(7),CType Varchar(1))
insert into #TempTable VALUES (1001,'16:50:05.0000000','I')
insert into #TempTable VALUES (1001,'13:27:49.0000000','O')
insert into #TempTable VALUES (1001,'20:44:00.0000000','O')
insert into #TempTable VALUES (1001,'21:12:00.0000000','O')

I need result like below screen shot 

here 'I' stands for In,and 'O' for Out, in this example first In time not available

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Transact SQL :: Total Difference Time In Last Column?

May 23, 2015

I have the below query

DECLARE @GivenDate DATE='2015-05-13'
create table #table (LedgerID int,AttDate Date, checkedtime time,checkedtype varchar(1))
insert into #table (LedgerID,AttDate,checkedtime,checkedtype) values (1232,'2015-05-13','09:01:48.0000000','I')
insert into #table (LedgerID,AttDate,checkedtime,checkedtype) values (1232,'2015-05-13','13:05:52.0000000','O')
insert into #table (LedgerID,AttDate,checkedtime,checkedtype) values (1232,'2015-05-13','14:10:25.0000000','I')


the result is like below

i need 'TotalDiffernceTime' column as new column (OUT1-IN1)+(OUT2-IN2).

i am using SQLServer 2008 R2

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Transact SQL :: Getting Time Difference Between Same Column In Different Rows

Jun 21, 2015

I have a table data like below

id         type      timestamp
1001    start1    10:34:23:545
1001    start2    10:34:24:545
1001    end2     10:34:24:845
1001    end1     10:34:25:545
1002    start1    10:34:25:645
1002    start2    10:34:25:745
1002    end2     10:34:25:945
1002    end1     10:34:25:965

I need the result as follows

id              millisecond diff start1end1                 millisecond diff start2end2
1001    end1 timestamp-start1 timestamp    end2 timestamp-start2 timestamp
1002    end1 timestamp-start1 timestamp    end2 timestamp-start2 timestamp

SQL Server 2008 R2

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Transact SQL :: Sum Time Column After Pivot Query

May 18, 2015

i have a table like below,

Name VARCHAR(20),
AttDate DATE,
PresntTime TIME


and then i pivot table by date as column wise using the below query and also displays total time by rowswise

SELECT t1.*, t2.Total
SELECT  name,[2015-08-01],[2015-08-02]
SELECT  name, AttDate,PresentTime 


now what i need is to display sum of time at last row as well, means total time of against date

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Case Sensitivity...Sellect * From Table1 Or Table1... Which One?

Feb 1, 2008

Hi everybodyI'm a newbie to SQL-Server 2005 so please excuse me for my silly questionsRecently i wrote a simple web-Page in which i select data from a table and then bind them to a GridView on the formevery thing was simple as follows:
        SqlConnection Con = new SqlConnection("Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=Test;Integrated Security=True");        Con.Open();
        SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT [ID], [Name], [Date] FROM [Table1] ORDER BY [Date]", Con);        DataSet ds = new DataSet();        da.Fill(ds,"MyTable");
        GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables["MyTable"];        GridView1.DataBind();
But I have a question , when i change the [Table1] to [table1] (With lowercase T) , i receive the following errormessage:
 Invalid object name 'table1'.
why is that? could anyone help me? even i tried to test this issue in [Microsoft Management Studio] and i got thesame result . realy what's the reason? before and with sql server 2000 i didn't have these issue.
Thanks in advance.Regards.

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Transact SQL :: Upper Case To Lower Case Conversion

May 4, 2015

I have column with value of all upper case, for example, FIELD SERVICE, is there anyway, I can convert into Field Service?

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DB Design :: Case Sensitive Database

Jun 19, 2015

I have attached a database to my server.

I just found out that it is case sensitive.

The model database is case insensitive.

Is this setting set when I attached the database?

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Transact SQL :: Update Time Portion Of DateTime Field With Time Parameter

Oct 3, 2015

I hope to update a DateTime column value with a Time input parameter.  Poor attempt below but it looks like the @ApptTime param is coming in as 10:45:00.0000000 and I might have an existing @SendOnDate as: 2015-10-05 07:00:00.000...I hope to end up with 2015-10-05 10:45:00.000

@QuePoolID int=null
,@ApptTime time(7)
,@SendOnDate datetime


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