Trim() In T-sql?

is there a function trimming string such as Trim in vb?

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Hi I have the below paragraph in my datacolum called 'Description'

Ansmann Powerline 5 Super Fast Charger, Microprocessor controlled desktop charger with discharge function for up to 5 NiCd/NiMH cells, For all NiCd and NiMH rechargable batteries including AA/AAA/C/D/9V, Negative Delta V control, faulty cell detection, defined predischarge, trickle charge, separate status indicator for every charging slot, ultra rapid charging, 230V AC. For UK use. Price for 1 Charger.

How do I take only the sentence upto the first comma in my STORED procedure

(ex:Ansmann Powerline 5 Super Fast Charger)

Advance thanks


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Okay basic question from the village idiot. How do I return only the date and not the time from a datetime column and also can I return only a set number of digits in a float column?

Thanks in advance peter

The Yak Village Idiot

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Help Trim Or Len


Have a small problem I have received a load of data in a flat file format and each column has dividend up with a comma. I have stuck the whole row in to its own column.

What I want to do is take the first 12 characters of the row and put them in there own column.

I think I need to use the Len function or the trim function, so can some body point me in the right direction on how to do this.

Regards Lee

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UPDATE 14_Together_final_ICNs INNER JOIN 14_Together_UniqueSKUs ON [14_Together_final_ICNs].SKU = [14_Together_UniqueSKUs].SKU SET [14_Together_final_ICNs].sku_desc = [14_Together_UniqueSKUs].NewDesc
WHERE (((Trim(Nz([NewDesc])))<>""));


UPDATE [14_Together_final_ICNs]
SET sku_desc = [14_Together_UniqueSKUs].NewDesc
FROM [14_Together_final_ICNs] INNER JOIN
[14_Together_UniqueSKUs] ON [14_Together_final_ICNs].SKU = [14_Together_UniqueSKUs].SKU
WHERE (RTRIM(LTRIM([14_Together_final_ICNs].sku_desc))<> N'')

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Trim To Space

What is the best way to trim a string to the space in a select statement? An example string would be:
'asdf and hjkl'

The result would be:

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Left Trim

What is the syntax of left triming characters seperated by space.

e.g elsie reed
and i want elsie to go to one field and reed in another field i do not want to use numbers because they don't all have the same numbers but are all seperated by spaces

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Trim An Apostrophe Off Of A Last Name

we need to cut the aprostrophe out of a name (ie...o'brien, o'leary) to create userid's... can this be done....thanks!

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Trim Character

OK, the problem is like this; say the table is sumthing like this

i have a table 't3' has 3 fields

eg. id date text
01 05-jul-07 abcdefghijkl (i want to get rid of the first 6 characters i.e. abcdef)

i want to display 'text' field from t3 table but with the first 6 characters trimmed/removed (i want to get rid of the 6 first characters)

so i did:

select LTRIM(text,6) from t3

but the above code didn't work because LTRIM only trims spaces NOT characters... Is there any way that i can trim off the first 6 characters from every record in the 'text' field?

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hi guys,

i need to update a column by trimming the right end. i tried many things but its not working. can anyone tell me?


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How To Trim A Field Value In Rss

can any one explain how to trim a value on bothside in rss

for eg:

'asd '

' asd'

i wanna this output 'asd'............

can i give this command


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Trim String

In my report, i have a TextBox which retrieve the result from the database.I am using this code :

=Fields!Category.Value.ToString().Trim(" ").TrimEnd(",").TrimStart(",")

But i am encountering a problem,wherein,when the value contains '&' (ex. Jog & Hop)
the result became Jog&amp;Hop.
What could be wrong with my trim???

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T-SQL TRIM() Error

Whan using the TRIM() function in a SELECT we are getting an invalid function error. What gives? I thought TRIM() was T-SQL & not one of Microsoft's SQL "extras".


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TRIM Question?

"select RTrim(columName) from tableName"

it can change the stirng " abc" to "abc". But I want change the string "a bc" to "abc".

Why the TRIM cannot work ?

How do I do ?Thanks.

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Trim Space From Some Fields

I have a table with a keyword field. In this keyword field some of the entries have a space before the word and some don't.
How can I remove all of the spaces from the fields that have them and not trim from the ones that don't.

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Trim Zero Out (007500,190000)

hi I have this field


I need to run a query to trim the left zeros out and have the following output


how can I do that in sql select ... or with update table set invoice#=..??
Thanks for your help

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Optimize & Trim Query

Iím trying to optimize the following view so that it runs faster and to trim the code where possible. It runs for 1:57mins. Is that good or it can run much faster than that? Where do l start? Itís a view for a report. Please help lím running on SQL 2000

CREATE View SalesTest AS
SELECT dbo.Loan.loan_No AS [Loan No], dbo.Customer.customer_No AS [Customer No], dbo.Customer.first_Name + ' ' + dbo.Customer.surname AS Customer,
dbo.Employer.employer_Name AS [Employer Name], AS [Store No], dbo.Store.store_Name AS Store,
dbo.Region.region_Description AS Region, dbo.Financier.financier_Short + dbo.Term.term_Description AS Product,
dbo.Loan.date_Issued AS [Transaction Date], dbo.Loan.capital_Amount AS [Capital Amount], dbo.Loan.interest_Amount AS [Interest Amount],
dbo.Loan.interim_Interest_Amount AS [Interim Interest Amount], dbo.Loan.interest_Amount + dbo.Loan.interim_Interest_Amount AS [Interest2 Amount],
dbo.Loan.insurance_Amount AS [Insurance Amount], dbo.Loan.admin_Fee AS [Admin Fee], dbo.Loan.total_Amount AS [Total Amount],
dbo.Loan_Type.loan_Type_Description AS [Loan Type Description], dbo.Loan.user_Changed AS [User], dbo.Loan.first_Payment AS [First Payment],
dbo.Loan.monthly_Payment AS [Monthly Payment], dbo.Loan.repayment_Period AS [Repayment Period],
dbo.Loan.outstanding_Amount AS [Outstanding Amount], dbo.Loan.last_Payment_Date AS [Last Payment Date],
dbo.Status.status_Description AS Status, CONVERT(Char(3), dbo.Loan.loan_No, 1) AS Company, dbo.Customer.physical_Address1 AS Mine1,
dbo.Customer.physical_Address2 AS Mine2, dbo.Customer.physical_Address3 AS Mine3, dbo.Loan.maturity_Date AS [Maturity Date],
dbo.Agent.agent_Short AS Agent, dbo.Financier.financier_Short AS Financier, dbo.Loan.product AS [Loan Product],
dbo.Deduction_Detail.teba_Account_No AS [Teba Account No]
dbo.Customer ON dbo.Customer.customer_No = dbo.Loan.customer_No INNER JOIN
dbo.Status ON dbo.Status.status = dbo.Loan.status INNER JOIN
dbo.Store ON = INNER JOIN
dbo.Product ON dbo.Product.product = dbo.Loan.product INNER JOIN
dbo.Product_Type ON dbo.Product_Type.product_Type = dbo.Product.product_Type INNER JOIN
dbo.Financier ON dbo.Financier.financier = dbo.Product_Type.financier INNER JOIN
dbo.Term ON dbo.Term.term = dbo.Product.term INNER JOIN
dbo.Employer ON dbo.Employer.employer = dbo.Customer.employer INNER JOIN
dbo.Region ON dbo.Region.region = dbo.Store.region INNER JOIN
dbo.Loan_Type ON dbo.Loan_Type.loan_Type = dbo.Product_Type.loan_Type INNER JOIN
dbo.Agent ON dbo.Agent.agent = dbo.Product_Type.agent INNER JOIN
dbo.Deduction_Detail ON dbo.Loan.customer_No = dbo.Deduction_Detail.customer_No AND
dbo.Loan.deduction_No = dbo.Deduction_Detail.deduction_No
WHERE (dbo.Loan.outstanding_Amount <> 0)

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Trim Blanks From Name Field

Can someone help me with this little problem ?

I have a table that has first & last name fields. They're each 20 bytes long. I would like to remove the trailing blanks from the fields and have just null following the data .. Is that possible ? Then when I send the file to someone, they won't have to strip out blanks when combining the names together.

OR 2nd choice ... Create a temporary work file and copy the data without trailing blanks to the new work file.

I've looked at RTRIM, but can't seem to get it right.

Thanks for any help.

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Replace And Trim Statement

I have a SQL table which has field data like below

field a field b
123 KB 246 kb

How can I strip out just the numbers(there will always be a space between the number and KB?

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Can You Trim In The Middle Of A Join?

Is it possible to use a TRIM(){or similar} function when JOINing 2 tables via a NVARCHAR field in T-SQL?

I need to trim the field first because some of the data contains trailing spaces (GRRR) and so might future data...

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How To Trim Off Space In A String

str1 has some space in front of it and after it.
trim(str1) does not seem to work.
what is the right syntax for that?

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Trim Spaces In Middle

In a table I have a coulmn of postal-codes where there is a space in the middle of the postcode. How do I do to trim them away?

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Trim Data From Left And Right

I need to cleanup a query on Item Numbers.
I don't want to edit the data... just display it clean.

I want to show ItemNumbers without any 'S' on the left, and without any '501' or '601' on the right.

What do you think is my best bet fot getting this?
I was thinking about using TRIM, but maybe that's just for whitespace.

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Trim On Bulk Insert

For a bulk insert is there a way to trim the data that comes in with a fixed length of say 45 characters but only 14 used and the rest is all spaces?

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TRIM + Dynamic Expression

This is a very weird issue, and I can't seem to pinpoint the actual cause. I have a dynamic expression for Excel files that gets evaluated at run-time. One of the parameters for creating this path is pulled from the database - the column is nvarchar(10) and most of the values are only 2-characters long. I have tried LTRIM(RTRIM()) inside SQL Server as well as TRIM() in SSIS's Expression Editor, but nothing seems to work. At run-time the package fails, and the error I receive is because the value that gets pulled from the DB has trailing spaces. What's even annoying is the package runs fine on my XP machine, but fails on a W2K3 box - both setups are using the same back-end database.

Is this is a bug, or am I just screwing up something unknowingly? Thanks.

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No TRIM Function In 2005 - Are You Serious!?

I cannot believe that there is yet another version of SQL Server without a TRIM function.  So for SQL 2005 (like I've done in 7.0 and 2000) my T-SQL will look like dog poo because I will have to write LTRIM(RTRIM(MyValue)) anytime I want to remove whitespace from both ends of character values instead of just writing TRIM(MyValue).

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EASY! Trim String?

I have values in a matrix takin too much space. Since they are just used as the matrix column header, cant i trim it or something. To display just the first 3 letters of the the attribute, and not the whole string? Whats the code for that?

=Fields!Collision_Type.Value thats my field right now.

Please help! thanks!

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Trim Leading Zeros

My records are like this.

I want to remove the zeros on the left and the answer should be like this.


How to trim the leading zeros.

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