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Using Crystal Reports With SQL Server Everywhere Edition

I have been evaluating the Microsoft SQL Server Everywhere Edition and have been trying to create a Crystal Report from it. When creating the connection from Crystal I have selected the OLE DB provider supplied by Microsoft with the product and then been presented with the 'Data Source' screen. On entering the path to my .sdf file I get an error reading :-

Opening a database as read only requires a temp path to be specified. [,,,Db name,,]

Can you tell me what is required to be entered here?

Also - I only have the Express Edition of SQL Server 2005 which won't open an Anywhere Edition database - is there a way of getting the mobile tools for use on the desktop?

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URGENT: REPORTS Not Working In SQL Report Srvr && Crystal Reports (moved Server)
Reports not working at all:
Need to move full ASp.Net application(VS.Net 2003) /SQL Server 2000 DB to another machine. The Web application & its SQL Database is successfully moved and functioning but am unable to access any of the reports from within it. The
reports are in: A) SQL server report server & B) Crystal reports
For A)-SQL SRVR-RPT SRVR: Installed SQL Server2005  Express version- with reporting srvr (advance mgt). The report server is working well- from IIS i can open both http://..reports and http://...reportserver links without error.
But when i click on a link in the ASP.Net application it gives error: /HRNE_REPORTS/rpt_employees does not exist( rsitemnotfound) .
1.In http://..reports configration I have made a folder HRNET_REPORTS. But how do i put the individual reports? There is no .RDL file in the application folder only .aspx files for the reports exist.
2.Do i need to restore the two reporting server databases from the old machine to the new one and have this new 2005 reporting server use these 2 databases instead? If YES  - then i hope sql express' reporting server will be able to point to the OLD (sql 2000) database (restored with replace option)??
For B)- CRYSTAL REPORTS: Have not installed anything special on the new machine.
The reports give some key problem (Crystal decisions...key..)- I can tell u later the exact error.
Since i dont have VS.Net and crystal reports 9 softwares but i think i can have 'Busines Objects XI software' - Will installing the latest 'Business Objects- Crystal reports' solve this??NEW MACHINE: windows XP-professional(so could'nt install sql 2000).; SQL express 2005

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Comparison Of SQL Server Reporting Services To Access Reports, Crystal Reports, Cognos Or Other Options
Hello SQL Server Experts, Data Analysts, and Report Writers et al:

re: Reporting Options with SQL Server

I wanted to propose an offshoot to the pryor thread:

Would anyone take a stab at comparing Access Reports, Crystal Reports,
Cognos or other options to all the Reporting Services and its components offered as part ofSQL Server, especially as to extracting data from SQL Server into a report format?

I guess this is a far as capabilites, ease of use, limitations, and especially formatting
or presentation of the end report product?

Thank you to all, and I hope this is a beneficial discussion to others.



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Sql Server && Crystal Reports
Hi,I'm semi-new to crystal reports & sql server and what i want is toextract data from a sql server file. I've been able to connect to sqlserver directly and get the info. i need but is there a way to just openthe data file (in crystal reports) without making a server connection?TIA

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Crystal Reports And Sql Server 2k
Has anyone had any luck getting Crystal Reports 8.5 to work with theSql Server 2000?I keep getting a "Unable to open Database" error. I've tried openingwith either the .Connect property and the LogOnServer method and getthe same message from either approach.I am using the OCX control.Does this version work with Ms Sql?Any thoughts and suggestions would be most appreciated.Thanks.-Dave

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Sql Server 7.0 With Crystal Reports 7.0
i'm designing reports in crystal reports 7.0 using sql server 7.0 in crystal reports design environment( without using any type of DSN). Front end is VB 6.0.

on installation of VB package and running reports, it produces error 'pdssql.dll not found' and 'Database dll not found'.

dll required for 32 bit, 'p2ssql.dll' is registered on the system.

please help

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Analysis Server And Crystal Reports
Anybody ever done any Crystal Reports based off an Analysis Services database?

I got tasked with what I thought was a simple job of developing some crystal reports from a sql server database, only to find out that the data source is actually an OLAP cube.

Crystal appears to be very limited in its ability to create and format reports from OLAP datasources. Is it possible to treat this like a regular datasource in order to get more reporting functionality? I am really not interested in the pivot functionality, since these will just be canned reports.


P.S. If you want to know why the data is in a cube rather than a reporting database, the answer is "Nobody asked me". :rolleyes:

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SQL Server & Crystal Reports - Won't Open
Hi there!

I am trying to print a Crystal Report, using VB5 and SQL Server 6.5.
Below is the code. I've put asteriks next to the line of code that fails.
The odd thing is that it works perfectly on my manager's workstation, but fails on mine.
The error message is "20599 Cannot open SQL Server"
And, I've tested my password and it works fine.

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!

The code....

With CrystalReport1
.ReportFileName = txtReportPath
.StoredProcParam(0) = Trim(txtYear)
.StoredProcParam(1) = intQuarter
.StoredProcParam(2) = strLevelType
.StoredProcParam(3) = strAccountType
If chkSingleAccount = 0 Then
.StoredProcParam(4) = 0
.StoredProcParam(4) = cboShortName.ItemData(cboShortName.ListIndex)
End If
If chkSnapshot = 0 Then
.StoredProcParam(5) = 0
.StoredProcParam(5) = txtSnapshotNbr

.Destination = crptToWindow
.Connect = "PWD=" & mobjDBComm.Password

.Action = 1 '******* THIS IS WHERE IT FAILS!!!

End With

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SQL SERVER EXPRESS With Crystal Reports XI R2


i have a strange problem ..., with crystal reports for Visual Studio 2005.

With same report i have this problem.

i make an upgrade from MSDE to Express and with the same app i have this beaver

The report is faster with data insert with MSDE (5 to 10 sec)

The report is very slow with data insert with Express (1,30 min to 2:20 min)

The same app, the same server the same report ...


This is strange ...


Any ideas

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SQL Server Stored Procedure With Crystal Reports

I have a stored procedure in SQL Server that I am trying to attach to a Crystal Report. When I try to attach the procedure, I get the attached error message. I have few more procedure that are working correctly. The only difference between those and this one is a procedure call... in this procedure, I call another procedure.

Any help you could provide is appreciated. E-mail me if you need further information.

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Date Problem Crystal Reports 6 And SQL Server 7
I 'm having a problem running Crystal Reports 6 with SQL Server 7.
When I enter in a date it gives me an error.
(using the format for 6.5) yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fff
Wne I run a report using 6.5 , it shows me how to write the dates
but in SQL Server 7 there is no guidelines on how to write the dats,

Can anyone help,!!

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SQL Server, Access, VB6, ADO, Crystal Reports Integration
Hello everyone,

I need to create a Crystal Report based on a SQL Server database. However, life is never that easy…

The report needs data to be taken from the database, manipulated and reported upon. Doing this manipulation within CR will make the report take far too long to produce so I thought I would create a temporary table within SQL Server and manipulate that.

Cannot get Create Table permission!

Plan B is to use VB / ADO to extract the data (about 1 million rows) from SQL Server and write it to a local Access database that I can manipulate as much as I want. Crystal Reports can then report on the Access data.

•Is this the best way to go?
•I know how to use ADO to connect to n Access database but how do I connect to a SQL Server database?
•I think I will need to write a single Select to build the SQL Server recordset but will I need to write each row individually, using a Do Unitl loop, to get the data into the Access recordset?

Many thanks in advance.



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Microsoft SQL Server Express And Crystal Reports 8.5
Hi,  Simple question really - Can I use Crystal Reports v8.5 to attach to databases in SQL Server Express and generate reports?  I have done a lot of searches in these forums and using Google and I believe it is possible but if someone could confirm this it would help a lot - I'm in the specification stage of a project and would like to use SQL Sever Express for it.

Pete Thompson, UK.

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How To Do You Link Crystal Reports To SQL Server Compact 3.5 SQLServerCe

Hi All
I have a problem when trying to create reports using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Compact 3.5. The report displays the Column Headers but no information. Is there any good walk throughs for creating reports from SQL Server Compact 3.5 using Crystal Reports.

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Login Failure Issue With Crystal Reports Connecting To SQL Server 2005
Hi All,

My  application  uses  "crystal reports" control to integrate some reports that can be viewed from within the application.
I'm getting a login failed (due to bad password SQL State 8) error when I bring up the report from within the application. The report runs fine outside the application with the same username password.
- I've checked several times to make sure that I'm passing the correct username/password from the application.
-  All letters in the password are lower case. There is not case-sensitive issue.
- I printed the username and password on a pop-up to see what values are passed , and they are correct.
- A single test page that uses the same version of "Crystal Reports" control , using the same username/password, brings up the same report works fine.
I guess , my question is:
   Is there a way to trace the login failure event on the SQL Server side to see what is the value of the password that is being sent by crystal reports control?
I'm using Crystal Reports XI with sp2.
SQL Server 2005.
I appreciate the help.

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Converting Crystal Reports To SSRS Reports
My issue is with converting multi-value parameters:
In Crystal Reports, you can set a parameter to accept multiple vales (Discrete, Range or Discrete and Range).
As an example:
I have a database table with a column called ID.
I can create a parameter called param_id and set the options of the parameter to "Allow multiple range values".
With this setup, I can limit the result set of the report by comparing the param_id parameter to the ID column in the database. Because param_id is a multi-value range parameter, I can pass it the following data:
1 - 50
60 - 80
150 - 127
This will only return results within those ranges.

Does anyone know if SSRS provides this kind of functionality?
Patrick Conway

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Crystal Reports
I am working on creating Crystal Reports from a SQL database.

In CR you can define a multiple range parameter i.e. 1-10, 100-200, 300-400 and Cr will filer records that satisfy this criteria.

How can I transfer this functionality using a stored procedure?

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Crystal Reports
Can any one tell me where can I find good online help for Crystal Reports for learning?

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Crystal Reports/SQL 7
A long shot but someone may have experienced same problem. We are using Crystal Info to run reports against a SQL 7 database. Reports that usually take 1 or 2 minutes to run are taking up to 15 minutes to run. The database is fine ie you run the query through the query analyser and it runs in 1 or 2 minutes. Any ideas... I've spoken to Seagate but not making much progress.
Thanks in advance..

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SQL In Crystal Reports
I'm new to SQL but have quite happily been using Crystal Reports without it until now.

I am creating a letter template and it has the name at the top then the address



There is always an address 1, but maybe not a 3 or a 4, and aparently we dont want any line gaps to show, so I figured i should use an isnull to eliminate the line and to move the other address line up?

Not sure what to put though, any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help :o)

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Crystal Reports
I am new to crystal reports.

I need to change the database connection in the reports to different sql server database and use the same report layout.

Any help is appreciated.

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Crystal Reports
I am using c#(Asp.Net),Vs 2005,Crystal reports for VS2005

i Have a stored procedure SPxx which accepts two parameters datefrom,  dateto
i want to display the out put of the stored procedure as a BAR graph in crystal reports
pls help me

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Crystal Reports &&amp; Pdf


I have a question. How can i fill a report made in CrystalReports in .net


Thanks in advance

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CLR And Crystal Reports


I do a CLR with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that returns a sql with one resultset and I  do a report with Crystal  Reports.


Now I wish fill the report with the results of the query


How can i do??

Thanks in advance


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Crystal Reports
what are the good resources for crystal reports.
Also is it something which is difficult to work with ?   Suggestion, experiences and notes please.

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Numbers And Crystal Reports 9
I exported a column of type float to SQL Server using DTS. In Crystalreports, it 'sees' the column as a string! Is 'float' the best type touse? Must I create a formula field in CR to 'correct' for this?

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Help Needed In Crystal Reports
Hai ,Please forgive me for asking about Crystal reports in Database groups(I also sent a post to cLIENT SERVER)My clients have system with the windows 95 & 95.If i install thecrystal reports 8.0 , the CDO IS NOT installed. But all the basiccrystal report control is installed and working .What is the problemthat the Active data driver not working , is it due to Windows 95/98With ThanksRaghu

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Urgent: Crystal Reports
How can I pass a Query from Visual Basic 6 to a Blank Crystal Report and Get the report of the Query results? Shall I have to create the Page Header fields manually or will they be automatically created? I have used crptSample.SQLQuery = "Select......." and crptSample.Action=1 in my vb application . But I am getting a blank report? Can anybody help me? Its urgent..


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Need Help Getting Crystal Reports 10 Working
Hi all-

I am trying to get Crystal Reports 10 to work with SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 server. I can get the software installed. However when I attempt to access either the user web interface or the admin web interface I get cannot access page error messages and nothing appears on the webpage. We have MS IIS 5 as our web server/intranet. I checked the settings for IIS and made sure that Crystal can use the different types of web content pages. I even tried to setup the virtual directory according to Crystal support. However it still does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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MS OLAP & Crystal Reports
Okay, this is a weird one, and Crystal tech support has been unhelpful.

I've got an OLAP cube that I'm trying to access via crystal reports. Wouldn't be my first choice, but it's a licensing thing. Anyway, the data source dialog for crystal keeps coming back with "Failed to open OLAP cube", and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. If anyone is familiar with doing this, I'd love some tips on the proper syntax of the options on that dialog, specifically the 'server type' section of the dialog.

Thanks in advance..

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UNION ALL In Crystal Reports 8.5 - Pls Help

I need to use UNION ALL in CRystak 8.5 between 2 tables. I need to select 3 columns in total from both the tables. one of them is same in both the tables, other 2 are different and will have to come one from each table.

I could use UNION ALL for common fields, but when I select the extra fields,it gives me error. I could run the run on SQL server without any problem.

Table A :-

Co_No Xy_Nm

------------- -------------------------


204 W


(3 row(s) affected)

Table B:-

Co_No Yz_Nm

---------- -------

(1 row(s) affected)

SQL Query:--

A."Co_No", "-" Yz_Nm, A."Xy_Nm"
A UNION ALL SELECT B."Co_No", B."Yz_Nm", "-" Xy_Nm FROM B


Co_No Xy_Nm Yz_Nm
------ ------ ---------
204 DAVID -

204 W -

204 KELLY -

204 - BARRY

But This query does not run on Crystal "Show SQL Query". Its not allowing me to select additional rows. Whats the alternate way?? Can somebody suggest me. Appreciate your help in this. Thanks.

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SQL2000 RS Vs Crystal Reports 9
Hello everybody! I have a SQL2000 with 25CAL. For reporting, I currently use Crystal Reports 9, and I need to create the same reports every week. I'd rather asked the end-use to refresh the report but the company does not want to buy multiple Crystal Reports CAL.

The company has no funds for a major reporting solution.
I have read that RS 2000 is free, provided I already have the licences.

Please help me to know:
1. Is RS 2000 is free, provided I already have the licences.
If yes, how can I get it (MSDN?)
2. Will I be able to use Visual Studio Express edition (the free one) to create the reports?
If not, is there any cost-effective alternative.
Are there any links/helps/guides on this?

Crystal Repors is a very good tool but I do not want to run the same reports every single week. I'd rather have the end-users run it.

Thank you for all the suggestions and comments!

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Connecting With Crystal Reports
I'm very new to SQL Server, I'm coming from an Oracle background.
I've set up a server with windows authentication but I'm having no luck connectiong to it with Crystal Reports XI.
Can anybody go through the basics with me?

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Crystal Reports Conversion


Im new to reporting services but experianced in crystal reports

Im trying to convert some crystal reports into sql 2005 reporting services.

I have this formula in crystal reports which I cannot seem to replicate in Reporting services


if {TABLE1.TYPEID} = 1 then (0 - (


({TABLE3.TOTALVALUE})-{@line total}))
{@Gross Profit} / {TABLE4.EXCHANGERATE} else {@Gross Profit}


I have already created the formulas for @line total and @gross profit


Can any one please put me into the right direction


Thanks for your help

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SSRS Vs. Crystal Reports
Hi, all. Does Microsoft provide a document comparing SSRS against Crystal Reports? Thanks.

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Comparison With Crystal Reports
I showed my boss the functionality of ad hoc reporting in SRSS and he likes it. He asked me if we could completely move away from Crystal Reports (CR) to SRSS.

Does anyone have any issues with SRSS that didnt exist in CR.

One question i have is programmability capabilities. Some time back i had to make a very complex report in CR. I create a table in the dataset. Designed the report to pull data from that table and the table was being populated through some VB.NET code. So the users will open a GUI and hit RUN, which is when i will populate the table and show the report. You can assume that populating the table required complex programming and couldnt have been done through user defined functions in a report.

I dont suppose stuff like this can be done in SRSS?

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SSRS Or Crystal Reports
Hello all ...
I want to know which would be the best for reporting in either of the above two. I am working on with SSRS but don't have any idea about crystal reports. So you all please suggest the best one would be for me espcially for web based reporting.

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Problem In Crystal Reports

i have a problem in crystal report, i want to dispaly data from MYSql data base to crystal report through my application
I have'nt work on crystall report before this
please help me.....
thanks in advance

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MSSql And Crystal Reports
I am just exploring options for setting up online databases to permit input by clients and output in the form of Crystal reports. Am I barking up the wrong tree or on the right track?

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Crystal Reports Running Slow ??

I have been tapped to help with fixing a reporting tool. We have a Sql Server database/crystal reports(10) setup. I havent had the chance to look at the tables in the DB yet, but I was told that aggregate tables were used. In my past experience with crystal reports, we used database views to feed crystal reports (in Oracle). I was thinking that I could somehow use views instead of tables and then try to re-index the base tables and compile satitics (if theres such a thing with Sql Server). I was also going to look into bottlenecking and locking (table locking as opposed to row or page locking for the lookup reduce overhead on the main tables) but, I'm not sure if it'll make a difference since this is just a demo server with no major traffic hitting it yet.

The question is, does anyone have any experience with crystal reports running slow with Sql Server, what should I look out for??


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SQL Stored Procedure And Crystal Reports 8.5
Hi guys!

I am new in Crystal reports so please help me on this one.

I have to create a report that will bring back the TOP 20 customers per Sales Rep. My SQL stored procedure needs a parameter @SalesRep to execute. My stored procedure links between 2 tables. How do I get this stored procedure executed in Crysal Reports to give me results. The SP works fine.


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Urgent: Crystal Reports In .NET 2003
Hi all,

I have been trying to create an application for Pocket PC. I want to provide some report writer to the database in SQL Server CE. But, whenI select smart device application, the Crystal Report component is not available in the Tool Box. Even when I try to add the component, Crystal Report viewer component is not seen. How can I add Crystal Reports in my application? Can anybody help me?


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MS Reporting Services And Crystal Reports
Can anyone tell me if MS Reporting Services can import/read a Crystal Reports file as it can an Access report file?

I've seen a few posts out on other boards that there are some companies charging fees for converting Crystal Reports over to MS Reporting Services.

Is there any easier way? Are there any tools out there that can do it?

Perhaps Microsoft should produce such a tool for converting...

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Crystal Reports - Drill Down Lost
I've been able to insert a graph in my reports which automatically allow drill down (into the graph). This has stopped working on new reports and I can't see why, or how to allow drill down (in graphs) again. Anyone help? I'm using Crystal Developer Ver9.2. Thanks

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SQL 2005 Connection To Crystal Reports
I have created a "read only" login on the SQL 2005 database server with rights to the public role with grant connection rights. When I use the "read only" username in Crystal Reports, the database does not show in the dropdown box. When I give "read only" sysadmin rights, all databases appear. I do not want "read only" to have sysadmin rights, is there another way around this that would truly give "read only" read-only rights?


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Crystal Reports .NET Using Several Related Datatables
Hi,  I am new to Crystal Reports.  I have a dataset with three datatables that are related.  How can I do a subquery on these tables and display its result on my Crystal report ?

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Crystal Reports To Reporting Services
Crystal reports to Reporting Services
Is there any way I can convert Crystal reports to Reporting Services instead of creating reports again in Reporting Services?

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