Winforms ReportViewer VS2005 - Report Margin Problems


This link describes my problem exactly:

It says the solution is in VS2008 but does anyone know if any of the updated ReportViewer redists include a fix for this problem?

As a workaround I am using the webforms version to PDF but it is not ideal.


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Multiple Rdlc Files In One Winforms ReportViewer Control

How can I add multiple rdlc report definitions to a single Winforms ReportViewer control? I would like to start with the first rdlc and concatenate subsequent rdlc files after that. I want the user to be able to scroll through several different rdlc report definitions as if they were all just one report.

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Invalid/blank PDF Created On Export From WinForms ReportViewer

I have a VS2005 C# winforms application that reads a SSRS request from a table and using the ReportViewer control produces a report and then exports in one of a number of formats via a specified path to a share on another server. This normally works without issue, however today I have had three instances of invalid or blank PDF's being produced. A sample error from the Acrobat Viewer is "There was an error processing the page. There was a problem reading this document (109)."

The software version are as follows:

Host Server: Windows Server 2003 with Sp1.

SQL 2005 with Sp1.

Acrobat reader: Version 7.0

By deleting the PDF file, resetting the processed flag to un-processed, the report was run again, and this time a perfectly readable PDF file was produced. As neither the source data nor the report definition file was updated during this time period, how it works at one time but not previously is currently inexplicable. I have run the report manually with the same input parameters using Internet Explorer and exported it successfully to another location.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

A fix to the winforms application will be to delete any existing file before exporting a new one.

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Problem Using Visual Studio 2008 Winforms ReportViewer

I have an application built using VS 2008 (3.5 fx). I build a series of
reports (using VS 2005 (sigh)) and am now tryiing to render them using a
Windows form and the ReportViewer control in the VS 2008 app. However I
always get the error message "The source of the report definition has not
been specified" when I execute the line


When I try to view the very same report in a VS 2005 app it renders without
error. I can also view the report using Report Manager and preview it in the
VS 2005 app I use to build it. Any suggestions?


Helen Warn, PhD
Agile Software Inc.

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Really Weird Problem: WinForms.ReportViewer Slow Down The Whole Application


I'm developing a desktop application using CAB and DevExpress 6.3 controls. I use ReportViewer control to render .rdlc reports under local mode.
I loaded data source from a dataset, template definition from a string, called the Refresh method of ReportViewer.LocalReport, so far, all are OK. But once I call the RefreshReport method of ReportViewer, the whole Application slows down, even after I closed the report viewer form. Operations like switch between menu items, open a new form and resize the main form become double or triple slow, CPU usage is keeping in 100% while doing those operations... I've no clue how refreshing report affects all those UI drawing...
However, if I break down and jump over the RefreshReport method, an empty report form shows and every thing keeps OK.
After all, all the reports can be rendered and shown correctly finally...

And seems there is nothing to do with the templates and data source, the templates are very simple, and event if I render the reports with empty data tables, it also slows down my application.
I tried to create and run the form in a new thread, tried to upgrade to ReportViewer 9.0, but both seem useless.

Could any body help me on this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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Localization Web ReportViewer Control In VS2005

Hi everyone,I followed the steps below to localize the report viewer control accoring to"
Deploying Localized Versions of ReportViewer ControlsThe ReportViewer control includes language packs for eight languages: Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. To use a localized version of the control, you must do the following:1. Run ReportViewer.exe.2. Navigate to the folder that contains the language pack you want to use. Language pack folders are located at <drive>:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8SDKv2.0BootStrapperPackagesReportViewer<lang>.3. Run ReportViewerLP.exe."
But I could not find the ReportViewerLP.exe in the step 3. Could anyone please tell me why?Thanks a lot.Danny

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VS2005 ReportViewer HTTP ERROR 401 Unauthorized

Hi, can anyone help with this pls - it's getting very fustrating! there seems to be some messages and text on this issue (looks like a common problem that MS haven't published anything about yet!) but nothing I could make heads or tails off... so any help here would be very useful!

I'm using VS2005 (release, NOT beta), the new reportviewer web control and an ASP.NET page - really basic, nothing fancy. I've set the reportviewer properties to:

ReportServerURL= http://mytestserver/reportserver

ReportPath = /AdventureWorks Sample Reports/Company Sales

I'm testing the ASP.NET page is on my local machine - and the reportviewer is connecting to a remote test server (W2k3 SP1). When I view the page, then I get

HTTP ERROR 401 Unauthorized

Directory Security on the report server is Windows Authentication - W2K3 with SP1 and Reporting Services 2005 (release, NOT beta)

Directory Security on my local machine is Windows Authentication - XP SP2 and VS2005 (release, NOT beta)

Any ideas pls?

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VS2005 Reportviewer - Documentmap - Collapse/Expand All Items

Is there a way to expand/collapse all items in the documentmap ?

I know there is an option DocumentMapCollapsed but this is to collapse/expand the documentmap panel. I would like to control the collapse state of the items into the document map ...

thanks in advane

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Localize Web ReportViewer Control In VS2005 / SSRS 2005 / 2.0???

Is it possible to translate the web report viewer control to another language (german, french...)? I need to integrate the control in a multilingula website.

I need also to change the messages from the report during the rendering "Report is being created".

And is it possible to change the little green animated icon during the process of creating a report?


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The Margin Width Between A Report And Subreport


I have a report which includes a subreport. I would like to position them in a vertical position so that they like like just one report.

I have placed them within a rectangle but there is still quite a vertical distance between them and I cannot find any margin properities to fix this.

Would appreciate any hints,tip & advice.


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2005 Report - Margin Issue

When working on this report on my local machine, the left and right margins are set to .25. The fields and fieldheaders were not wrapping. After I deploy it, the margins are increased or the tables are resized and this causes the fields and field headers to wrap again.

What could be causing this. Is it Setting on the server?

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1 Inch Added To Bottom Margin Of Report

I'm having a relatively big issue with printing my check report. The report continues, time after time, and regardless of the margins I choose for the report, to be displaced an additional 1" up from the bottom of the page. The printing method is through our newly designed application which sends the emf rendering to the printer. We have gone through the liberty of modifying the actual print document in VB with margins set at 0,0,0,0 (L, R, T, B) and have paid close attention to the printer's maximum printing area. We have come to the conclusion that the problem is coming from reporting services. In addition to the extra margin space on the bottom of the page, there is also a slight yet noticeable shrinking of the page. Despite the fact that those are trade symptoms of another issue after the emf rendering we have modified every possible function of the printdocument and printer settings. So we continue to push the question, is this reporting services? We are fairly certain. I'm asssuming this is a bug in SSRS 2005, yet, I have yet to hear of any similiar case. This is our VS version info just incase:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Version 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600)
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0.50727
Installed Edition: Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual C# 2005
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Microsoft Visual J# 2005 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual J# 2005
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Developers 77642-113-3000004-41917
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers
Crystal Reports AAC60-G0CSA4B-V7000AY
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition - ENU Service Pack 1 (KB926601)
This service pack is for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition - ENU.
If you later install a more recent service pack, this service pack will be uninstalled automatically.
For more information, visit
SQL Server Analysis Services
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Designer
Version 9.00.1399.00
SQL Server Integration Services
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Designer
Version 9.00.1399.00
SQL Server Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Designers
Version 9.00.1399.00

I'm planning to talk to MS if nobody recognizes these symptoms. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

UPDATE (12/20/2007 1:43:07 pm):
We have made a small break-through discovery. We found that that if we convert our report using a pdf rendering that the additional 1 inch added to the bottom margin is no longer there. So, pdf rendering would be an option if we became more desperate. However, this is too time consuming and we would much rather have the report directly sent to the print spooler instead of loading then spooling. Does anybody know what is going on with this apparent conflict between SSRS 2005 and our emf renderer?

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Best Way To Launch Report From A C# Winforms App?

I'm new to SSRS. I would like to launch a report from a C# desktop application, supplying parameters programatically. I was able to do this using System.Diagnostics.Process p ... then p.Start(@"(path)iexplore.exe","(reportURL)"); I'm betting there's a much better way to do this.

Ideally I would like to create an IE window that shows only the report, that is, only the report viewer toolbar is visible, the IE toolbars and menus are hidden. I want to specify IE as the browser in case some other browser is installed as the default web browser.

Can anyone link me to a tutorial or provide a code snip? Thanks.

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'Dynamic Time(year,month,date)' Report Template (rdl) Using Report Designer VS2005

I have three types of specific reports that i have to create with the input parameters (range) either

1: By date (rdl 1)

2.By Month (rdl 2)

3.By Year (rdl 3)

Is it possible ( or how do I ) to create just one report template ( one rdl) with the three sets of parameters ( hiding/invisible which ever two sets base on user selection) and the output of the report will display the desired type( either by year, month or date).

I ask this because its possible to create a drill down report from year down to date etc in report designer (vs 2005). Not sure if I can create one instead of three rdls and with the 'logic' built within that template.




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SSRS Report Rendering Different In VS2005 And In Report Viewer Via URL Access

I'm using Reporting Services to render a text (stored in sql as varchar(max)). The text is all plain text, with some lines having trailing spaces.

Source text file i've imported to SQL via SSIS:
CLIENT: 10055

*Note the trailing spaces on the line before 'STATEMENT 2007'.

I've designed a report using the Report Project in VS2005 to retrieve this text via a stored procedure. When I test the report using the 'Preview' tab in the IDE, it looks good
CLIENT: 10055

But when I deploy the report and run it using URL Access:

CLIENT: 10055



On all lines with trailing spaces, they (the trailing spaces) have been removed. This is affecting my formatting of some reports and statements. We really want to use the report viewer as it has built in paging, print and export capabilities.

Why does it look okay in VS2005 but different in Report Viewer via URL Access and Report Manager?

Note: When I export as PDF, it looks okay.

The stored procedure I use to return the data is a CLR Hosted assembly as below:

Code Snippet
Partial Public Class StoredProcedures
<Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlProcedure()> _

Public Shared Sub GetPagedDocument(ByVal inText As SqlString)
Dim dr As SqlDataReader
Dim row As New SqlDataRecord(New SqlMetaData("RowText", SqlDbType.Text))
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("select cast(doc as varchar(max)) as 'DOCTEXT' from testdoc WHERE id='" + inText + "'")
Dim cn As New SqlConnection("context connection=true")
cmd.Connection = cn
SqlContext.Pipe.SendResultsStart(row) 'initialise the resultset to be returned
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader
'If no records in result set, return.
If Not dr.HasRows Then

row.SetString(0, "There is no document to display or you do not have permission to view the document.")
' SqlContext.Pipe.Send("There is no document to display.")
End If
'Read rows in the result set

'Get the entire text
Dim docText As String = dr.Item("DOCTEXT")
row.SetString(0, docText)
'end debug

End Sub
End Class

Any help will be appreciated.

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Require Help In Reportviewer ....My Report Is More Thn 10 Mb Unable To Export Report


Im displaying reports in reportviewer.This is a Webapplication.My report consists of 100 grpahs.Total size of report .rdl is 15mb.ZSince it is 15 mb.Im Unable to export to PDf format r download report.Even it is not wrking in report manager.Possibly any solution for this..

With regards,


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Using Report Viewer With VS2005

I'm using the report viewer control in visual studio to display my report.

When running the program locally it look good but when I deploy it to my server I got an error "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Ynauthorized".

How can I add my program to the security of my RS?


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Report Template In The VS2005 Is Gone!

I have installed VS2005 professional with SP1 and SQL Server 2005. Also installed are Web Application Projects 2005 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005. Somewhere along the line I lost my Report Templates. There is no Report template in the New Item choices for the project and clicking the New Report in report viewer control smart tag does nothing. They are nowhere to be found. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to resolve it. How. Thanks Zulu

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Calling RS Report From VS2005 C#


From a web application written in Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005, C#, is there any way to send a SQL 2005 report directly to a local printer, while bypassing the standard Windows Print dialog box and printing 3 copies of the report(we could just loop the call 3 times if specifying a number is not possible)?

Perhaps there is some kind of api we can use??



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Report Viewer Control In VS2005

I'm using the report viewer control in visual studio to display my report.

When running the program locally it look good but when I deploy it to my server I got an error "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Ynauthorized".

How can I add my program to the security of my RS?


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Report In MemeoryStream And ReportViewer

Hi All,

Is it possible to display a rdlc file stored in MemoryStream using Report Viewer control?



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Report Render In VS2005 Slower Than Stored Proc

I have searched many forums and found some cases of people also reporting slower rendering in RS than in Management Studio / Query Analyzer. However, none of the other solution suggestions seem to make a difference for me.

I'm a VS/VB developer and have got multiple reports built -- all using stored procedures on the backend -- that all take many times longer to run than if executed via Management Studio (SSMS). My simplest proc takes a couple of parameters (no defaults included) and does a simple select against one table with a few joins. Nothing complicated. It runs in 8 secs for 6867 rows via SSMS. Through RS (running locally through Visual Studio 2005 at this point) it takes around 25-28 secs. Yet, when I'm in the report on the DATA tab (not the PREVIEW tab) the run takes the expected 8 secs ?!?!

All reports are behaving this way.

I am not using cursors.
I have no default values on parameters.
I have added the "WITH RECOMPILE" to the proc statement.
I have "SET NOCOUNT ON" as the first line of the proc.
I hate to say this, but I even connected the proc to Crystal Reports to see how it behaved. It ran in the expected 8 secs.

I've seen some mention by someone that perhaps this is a known issue of RS that it reads the proc twice. Any truth to this?

Also a couple posts have traced and demonstrated that the report is generating significantly more data "reads" via RS than through SSMS.

We're a shop that is considering a switch from Crystal to RS, but we do everything through stored procedures. I need to clear up this issue before I can go forward recommending a switch. I'm including a copy of a typical proc below for review... What am I missing? What's the deal here with RS?

IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.rpt_InactiveAccounts') IS NOT NULL

DROP PROCEDURE dbo.rpt_InactiveAccounts


CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.rpt_InactiveAccounts

(@pRunDate datetime

,@pSalesperson varchar(5000)

,@pIncludeOpen char(1)








DECLARE @intLoopCounter INT

SELECT @intLoopCounter =0

WHILE @intLoopCounter <=4999 BEGIN

INSERT INTO @NumberPivot

VALUES (@intLoopCounter)

SELECT @intLoopCounter = @intLoopCounter +1



DECLARE @SalespersonTable TABLE

(tmpSalesperson varchar(30))


INSERT INTO @SalespersonTable

SELECT SUBSTRING(',' + @pSalesperson + ',', NumberID + 1,

CHARINDEX(',', ',' + @pSalesperson + ',', NumberID + 1) - NumberID -1)

FROM @NumberPivot

WHERE NumberID <= LEN(',' + @pSalesperson + ',') - 1

AND SUBSTRING(',' + @pSalesperson + ',', NumberID, 1) = ','




ELSE s.Name

END As SalespersonName










WHEN Len(c.Zip) = 9 And CharIndex(' ', c.Zip, 0) = 0 THEN Left(c.Zip, 5) + '-' + Right(c.Zip, 4)

ELSE c.Zip

END As Zip

,ac1.descr As Terms

,ac2.descr As Status


ACTCustomer c (NOLOCK)

LEFT OUTER JOIN CustSales cs ON c.CustId = cs.CustId

LEFT OUTER JOIN ACTSalesperson s ON cs.SlsId = s.SalesId

INNER JOIN @SalespersonTable st ON s.Name = st.tmpSalesperson OR (s.Name IS NULL AND @pIncludeOpen = 'Y')

INNER JOIN ACTCode ac1 ON ac1.Code = c.Terms And ac1.FieldId = 'CustTerms'

INNER JOIN ACTCode ac2 ON ac2.Code = c.Status And ac2.FieldId = 'Status'


c.LastInvcDate <= @pRunDate

And c.ClassId <> 'TR'


SalespersonName, Name, CustId

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Accessing RS2000 Report URL From VS2005 Aspx File

Hi Friends,

We have developed one report in RS2000 which is developed in VS2003 environment.

When we are accessing the hosted report URL from an aspx page of a project created in VS2005, it says incompatible version. Is it possible to access reports this way? Please help.

Thanks in Advance,

Ravi Kota

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Multi-table DataSets In VS2005 SRS Report Designer

Hi all,

I need to use a multi-table dataset as a datasource for my report items in a SRS2005 report.

But from designer, I can only see the first table.

Can any one tell me if it is possible to use multiple tables in a dataset for SRS report?



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Change Query Of Report In Reportviewer


I have a reporting services report that i show in an page by a reportviewer control.

Is there a property that i can set in my page, to change the query for changing the data in my report.

The number and names of the columns will be the same.

I should work with parameters, but the query changes more than just a few where-clauses. So i think working with parameters looks impossible.



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ReportViewer Not Correctly Rendering Report


I have a report viewer control within a web user control which i am using to display the report. The report has been designed within a Visual Studio Report Server project and it looks fine when previewed here but when i deploy the report to the reporting server the table rows within my report become stretched and there are other formatting issues, the formatting issues occur when the report is viewed from both reporting services server and my webpage. When the report is exported to a pdf from my website it looks fine why is the report not rendering correctly.

Has anyone else had this issue?

NOTE: I am using IE7

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Fields Of Form In The ReportViewer Report


I have a report (rdlc) in my WinForm project that the data are filtered in accordance with two dates: Initial and End. These two dates, the user inform in a Form of the project. Well, what I need I am to inform in the report these two dates. How that I make to pass these two dates of form for the report?

Thank you!

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Printing Report Directly Without Using Reportviewer


My Requirement is to dirctly Print the SSRS Report without using Reportviewer.
If anybody know How to Print Report without using Reportviewer, please let me know asap.

Thanks in advance.

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Exporting A Drillthrough Report Via The ReportViewer

Hi All,

I am working with a report that is viewed on the web via the ReportViewer web control. The report contains a drillthrough field (A "Jump To" report) so that when a field is clicked a new report is run in the reportviewer. This works wonderfully, however when I click the Export button (the bulit in ReportViewer export) the original report is exported instead of the new drilled to report.

Is this normal?
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Please let me know if there is any information I have left out!

Thank you all in advance!

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Probleam With ReportViewer Jumping To Report


We have an ASP.NET application using a ReportViewer to show reports. I have two reports (both with logo - image - in yours headers):

- Report A: with action to jump to Report B.

- Report B: with action to jump to Report A.

This work fine into BID and into Report Manager, but into our application, when I click in first link into Report A, show me the Report B, but our logo isn't visible. If I try to return to Report B (clicking in action), show me this error:

The path of the item "(null)" is not valid. The path must be less than 260 characters long and must start with slash. Other restrictions apply. (rsInvalidItemPath)

May I need to configure something into my web.config to work fine too?


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VS2005/SSR2005 Report Controlling Field Visibility By Code

VS2005/SSR2005 Reporting: How can one control an individual report fields visibility (toggle on/off) at run time, based on data values (of the same field or another field) in the report. Without user having to sit there and "Click".



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Deleting More Then 1 Column At A Time (in Report Builder) Crashes VS2005

fairly simple, just look at the title.

Create a table with several columns. shift click to select more then one. right click press delete, and watch VS crash.

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Open Reporting Services Report Using ReportViewer

I tried to open a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service report in ASP.Net 2.0 using ReportViewer. The following is my code.

Dim param(2) As Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter
param(0) = New Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter("ProjectID", Me.cboProject.SelectedValue)
param(1) = New Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter("RunBy", Session("strEmployeeName"))

Me.ReportViewer1.ServerReport.ReportServerCredentials = New _
clsReportServerCredential(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("strReportViewUser"), _

Me.ReportViewer1.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = New Uri(http://SQL2005/ReportServer/)
Me.ReportViewer1.ServerReport.ReportPath = "/nsPortalReports/rptIssuesByRole"

I need help with passing multiple parameters. I got an erron on the second parameter (parm(1)). The error was

"Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' can be called without a narrowing conversion:
'Public Sub New(name As String, values() As String)': Argument matching parameter 'values' narrows from 'Object' to '1-dimensional array of String'.
'Public sub New(name As String, value As String)': Argument matching parameter 'value' narrow from 'Object' to 'String' "

How can I pass the parameters?


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