Cannot Acquire A Managed Connection From The Run-time Connection Manager

Jul 26, 2006

How would one go about using an ODBC connection with SSIS. I'm trying to ETL some Sybase ASE data, but I get the error when I try it:

"cannot acquire a managed connection from the run-time connection manager"

This wasn't any help:

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Login Failed;0xC0202009; Cannot Acquire Connection From Connection Manager

Dec 17, 2007

hi all,
i got the error, when i run my package after deploy into the server machine;
i can able to run that package in my local machine, if i deploy it to the server or some remote machine, its not running, and rises error messages, that says cant accquire connection from the connection manager;

the problem might be with the login name and password; i could not see any password in any of my config file, or connection manager while running the package.
how to resolve this problem?? please help me!

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OlE DB Source - Cannot Acquire Connection From Connection Manager

Jul 13, 2007

My source files are in C:Process folder. File names are in the format proc*.csv

I am using foreach loop container to iterate over the files in folder "C:Process"

I have a user variable "filename"

The order of my tasks

ForEach - Data Flow task - File System Task

In Data Flow task, I have ole db source which should take the dynamic filename from user variable "filename". whats happening is when i give fixed filename, without foreach loop container the package is working fine.

with dynamic filename, I am not able to run the package because of ole db source Error - cannot aquire connection from connection manager.

Thanks for u'r help.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Get Managed Connection From Connection Manager Runtime

Apr 15, 2015

I use SQL Server 2012 and visual studio 2010.I created SSIS Project with task "Execute Package". Control flow view as: Package1 (execute package) -> Package2 (data flow).Data flow in Package2 view as: ADO.NET source -> ADO.NET destination.

When I started Package2, it's work. I havn't errors.But when I started Package 1 I have error "Unable to get managed connection from the Connection Manager runtime". In execution log I see that ADO.NET source produced this error on verification stage. Package failed on verification stage, not on execution stage.Why when I started Package 2 it work, but when I started Package1 (and Package1 started Package2) it failed?

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Maint Plan - Failed To Acquire Connection Local Server Connection

Feb 15, 2008

I created a single step plan that does integrity checks. It fails with the error below. I created a new connection using our clusters virtual sql name.

Executed as user: ACCTCOMsqlagent. ...n 9.00.3042.00 for 64-bit Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-2005. All rights reserved. Started: 1:10:06 PM Error: 2008-02-15 13:10:49.02 Code: 0xC00291EC Source: {0CF32F3D-A8D1-492A-9C0F-AD4E0FC67D14} Execute SQL Task Description: Failed to acquire connection "Local server connection". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection. End Error Warning: 2008-02-15 13:10:49.02 Code: 0x80019002 Source: OnPreExecute Description: SSIS Warning Code DTS_W_MAXIMUMERRORCOUNTREACHED. The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (1) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors. End Warning Error: 2008-02-15 13:11:31.26 Code: 0xC0024104 Source: Check Database Integrity Ta... The package execution fa... The step failed.

The agent and db are running under domain accounts and the job is owned by sa.

Thanks for your help.

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The AcquireConnection Method Call To The Connection Manager Excel Connection Manager Failed With Error Code 0xC0202009

Mar 24, 2008

I am using SSIS 2005 on Windows 2003 server. Using Excel Source to dump the data for staging database.
I am getting following error while I execute it through BI studio's execute button.

Please help.

- Sachin

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The AcquireConnection Method Call To The Connection Manager Excel Connection Manager Failed With Error Code 0xC0202009

Mar 11, 2008

I have deployed my packages into Sql Server and I am using Configuration File. As my Data Source is Excel, I have changed the connection string during deployment with Server Path. But I am getting the following errors. Actually the File Exist in Path. May I know What is cause of the issue? Do I need to give any permission to execute the package.

SSIS Error Code DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER. The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "Excel Connection Manager" failed with error code 0xC0202009. There may be error messages posted before this with more information on why the AcquireConnection method call failed.

component "Excel Source Service Contract Upload" (1) failed validation and returned error code 0xC020801C.

One or more component failed validation.

There were errors during task validation.

DTS_E_OLEDBERROR, Error Code: 0x80004005 Source: "MS JET DB Engine" Description : Path is not valid

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SQL Server 2008 :: Failed To Acquire Connection (Local Server Connection)

May 5, 2014

Occasionally I'm seeing the following error when tranlog or full backup maintenance plan is executing.

Failed-1073573396) Failed to acquire connection "Local server connection". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.

What is strange is that it goes away without any action from myself. We have a tranlog backup that is scheduled every hour. I had this error happen once in the middle of the night. It looks like the job was running fine because almost all the backups are there. I've searched and not found a resolution to this error. I checked the event log and don't see any issues and even tried rebuilding the maintenance plans.

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Failed OLEDB Connection: Cannot Aquire Connection From Connection Manager

Feb 6, 2008

I have a package that uses a for loop to iterate through an unknown amount of excel files and pull their data into a table. However, there will be cases when the file is corrupted or has some sort of problem so that either the transformation will fail or the excel data source will fail with an oledb connection error.
Could anyone suggest a clean way to trap these errors? Specifically, the "Cannot Aquire Connection from Connection Manager", which is the excel connection.


John T

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The Connection Type OLEDB Specified For Connection Manager Is Not Recognized As A Valid Connection Manager Type - Why?

Mar 17, 2008


I have an SSIS package that I need to modify. It was developed in Visual Studio 2005 and runs faithfully in production on SQL Server 2005. Suddenly, I can't open the package on my own workstation. I see a big red "X" image and a message stating "Microsoft Visual Studio is unable to load this document." The real reason the document can't be loaded appears to be:

Error loading DataWarehouseLoader.dtsx: The connection type "OLEDB" specified for connection manager "Warehouse Logging OLE DB" is not recognized as a valid connection manager type. This error is returned when an attempt is made to create a connection manager for an unknown connection type. Check the spelling in the connection type name.

Does anyone know what causes this and what I can do? The package has been in production for 9 months and I've never seen this problem before.


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Acquire Connection Execution

May 31, 2006

In the custome source Component

At the Runtime execution, Accquire Connection is getting called 3 times, why does that happen so many times, is there any way possible to restrict it to once?

thanks in advance

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Error: The AcquireConnection Method Call To The Connection Manager Excel Connection Manager Failed With Error Code 0xC0202009.

Dec 27, 2007


I am working on SQL Server 2005 (x64) with Windows Server 2003 (x64) operating system. I am having a major issue in SSIS. Here is the detailed explanation of the issue :

I have an EXCEL file in 2003 / 2007 version. It contains some data. I want to import the data using SSIS into SQL Server 2005 (x64) database table. I have taken "EXCEL FILE SOURCE" and "SQL Server DESTINATION". It was failed on importing data. Surprisingly it works fine in SQL Server 2005 (x32). Can you please explain why it is NOT woking on (x64) ?

Here is the error code i am getting:

[Excel Source [1]] Error: The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "Excel Connection Manager" failed with error code 0xC0202009.

Appreciate your time and patience !!


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Failed To Acquire Connection Tempdb

Jan 22, 2006

Hi, I have an SSIS project, has a connection to tempdb (local sql2k5 server), 3 tasks, creating a table, populating the table, then deleting the table. of course when I test the connection i GET TEST Succesfull (I amusing sa ...)

Whenever I run the package, all tasks become red colored indicating, I get the following error :
[Execute SQL Task] Error: Failed to acquire connection "tempdb".
connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.vance
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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SSIS Acquire Connection Error

Jul 3, 2006

Hi there,

We have an SSIS package, that when run though BIDS, runs to success.

However when running as a SQL Agent Job the following error is logged: "The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "Data Source" failed with error code 0xC0202009."

The package does use a configuration file as well as protection level of EncryptSensitiveWithPassword. The correct username and password are kept in the config file.

How do i fix this? The only thing i find in the KB is a solution telling me to use a config file and EncryptSensitiveWithPassword, both of which i already do.


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Log File Cant Acquire Connection While Working Offline

Dec 8, 2006


As I trun Work offline - true, my connection manager for log file says-it cant acquire connection while work offline is true.Where as other oledb connections work fine.

Even it tried to get around by putting DelayValidation as true, but didnt work.

Is there is anyother setting that has be set.

Thanks and Regards

Rahul Kumar

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Deployment - Cannot Acquire Connection In Production Machine

Nov 22, 2007

i can install and run my package in my development system work fine.

The same package when i was installing in the production system error

error: the acquire connection method call to the connection manager "con name" failed with error code

I used sql server authentication and

tried the protection level
both encrypted password protected and sensitive with user key


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Intermittent 'Cannot Acquire Connection' To MS Access Error

Sep 27, 2007

I'm getting an intermittent error 'DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER' when attempting to connect to an Access mdb. We have a weekly package that fails almost every other week. The package uses a FileSystem task to copy an Access mdb which we use as a template. It has a single table structure which is empty. The FileSystem copy task creates the 'clone' in a different folder with a new file name. The new file name has the current date embedded in it. The next task is a DataFlow task which fills the single Access table with data. It uses an OLE_DB connection to the Access mdb. Since the destination mdb is created at runtime in the FileSystem task, I have set the DelayValidation = True for the DataFlow task. The package is called from a 'master' package via an Execute Package Task. The master package is launched from a web application. Interestingly, when I use the 'restart from checkpoint' feature it restarts the package at the DataFlow task and runs it successfully. I have used the 'restart from checkpoint' after each failure and it has always worked. When I try to isolate the problem in a test package I am unable to reproduce the error. Our SqlServer version is Enterprise Edition (64-bit) with SP2.

Anyone have a similar experience? Thanks in advance.

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Oracle Acquire Connection For Ssis Return Null

May 16, 2007

Hi All!

I'm writing a custom component in c# for SSIS and I have a problem with AcquireConnection...

I wrote this code:

public override void AcquireConnections(object transaction)


if (ComponentMetaData.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManager != null)


ConnectionManager cm = DtsConvert.ToConnectionManager(ComponentMetaData.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManager);

ConnectionManagerAdoNet cmAdo = cm.InnerObject as ConnectionManagerAdoNet;

if (cmAdo == null)

throw new Exception("The ConnectionManager " + cm.Name + " is not an ADO connection.");

this.conn = cmAdo.AcquireConnection(transaction) as OracleConnection;


but the 'conn' is ALWAYS null...

I tried

this.conn = ((IDTSConnectionManagerDatabaseParameters90)cmAdo).GetConnectionForSchema() as OracleConnection;

too, but no result: the 'conn' is null again...

If I use oledbconnection or sqlconnection instead of oracleconnection the method works fine... I really don't understand

could you help me plz?

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SSIS Project Failing To Run Even Though I Verified Remote Sybase Connection Via Connection Manager

Apr 7, 2008

When running the project in debug mode or non-debug mode, I get the following error from MS Visual Studio:

TITLE: Package Validation Error
Package Validation Error
Error at Package [Connection manager "SYBASE_CONNECTION"]: The connection manager failed to defect from the transaction.

Any ideas???

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The AcquireConnection Method Call To The Connection Manager &&<Connection Name&&> Failed With Error Code 0xC020200

Feb 14, 2008

Hi All,
I am getting the following error if I am using the package "Transaction Option=Required" while running through Sql Job:
The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "<connection name>" failed with error code 0xC0202009.

while I running the SSIS package on BI environment, I am getting the following error:
[Connection manager "<connection name>"] Error: The SSIS Runtime has failed to enlist the OLE DB connection in a distributed transaction with error 0x8004D00A "Unable to enlist in the transaction.".

I know the alternative solution is to make the "Transaction Option=Supported", but in my case I have run the whole flow in a single transaction. I came to know that this has been fixed in the service pack1(ref. to FYI.. some time it was running successful.

I have taken all the necessary step to run the SSIS package in a distributed transaction(like the steps for MSDTC) and also created the package flow in a sequence.

I was going through the link - but all those didn't solve my problem.

If anyone can help me it will be great. or it is a bug in SSIS?


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Failed To Acquire Connection Message On SSIS Packs From Within Integration Services

Aug 20, 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to run eight SSIS packs from within Integration Services > Stored Packages > File System and seem to get an error like the following on all of them:

"Failed to acquire connection "MyConnection". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.

I can run the packages without error from within VS and from within that location in Integration Services on the machine containing the the databases, but when I attempt to run them remotely I get that error. I am attempting this with full admin access on both machines, but the purpose behind these packages is for our developers to run them on individual databases whenever they need to. So I'm concerned that I may run into further access errors after this, but so far I can't find a reason why this connection would fail. Any ideas?

If I can supply more information please let me know. Thanks in advance for any information!

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Rounding Error: Between Flat File Connection Manager Source &&amp; OLE DB Connection Destination (SQL Server 2005)

Jun 22, 2006

I have a Rounding error: Between flat file connection manager Source & OLE DB Connection Destination (SQL Server 2005) in my Dataflow.

File looks like this lets call column names Col A,B,C,D

70410000 RD1 1223631.92 196042.42
70329000 ICD 11025.84 3353.88
71167300 COL 104270.59 24676.96

flat file connection manager settings: first row Column names then Advanced tab Col A float , Col B float , Col C string ,Col D float ,

OLE DB Connection Destination (SQL Server 2005)


[PARTY_NO] [float] NULL,

[PARTY_NAME] [varchar](75) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,


[GENIABR] [float] NULL,

Problem: ColA (Source) Rounding error to PARTY_NO (Destination)
I have a field of text of in a flat file that the flat file connection manager Source picks up correctly 70000893?
However when it gets the OLE DB Connection Destination the data has changed to 70000896. Thats before its even Written to the database.
The only clue that something is wrong in the middle is the great Data viewer shows the number as 7.000009E+07
Other clues looking at the data it appears there is a rounding error on only the number that dont end in 00
ColA (Source) PARTY_NO (Destination)
71167300 71167296
70329000 70329000
70410000 70410000
Any ideas people?
Thanks in advance

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SQL Server 2008 :: Connection Manager Not Using Connection String Value

Feb 19, 2015

I have a child package where the ConnectionString property of a Connection Manager is set by a Parent Package Variable Configuration. I set up a script task that brings up a message box with the value of the ConnectionString property right before the dataflow task.

MessageBox.Show(Dts.Connections["CPU_*"].ConnectionString.ToString());When I run the parent package, the message box shows that the connection string is changing with every iteration, but in the dataflow it always draws the data from the same source.

The connection manager is an ADO.Net type, RetainSameConnection is set to False, and I've been researching this for days.

(Update 2/23/2015): To make this stranger, when I look at the diagnostic logs, they tell me that when the new connections are being opened they are using the new connection strings.

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Connection Manager Not Showing New Connection From Data Source...

Mar 30, 2007


I've created a SSIS Solution and have created Data Sources. I have two packages. One was created before the Data Sources, and one was created after. The package that was created after is using connections from the Data Sources. I want to change the package before the Data Soruces were created to use them, but when I right click in the Connection Managers pane "New Connection From Data Source.." is not an option.

Did I not add it to the Solution properly?

How do I get it to show?

Did I not refresh something?

Please provide the how if you figure it out.


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Edit Connection Manager Connection String At Runtime With C#

Jul 3, 2007

This is the first time I have used SSIS, so please bear with the ignorance.

I have a super simple package that inserts x000's of rows into a temporary table. The data source is a file that the user will upload. I need to be able to tell the package what file to upload. I'm thinking the simplest thing would be to edit the connectionString property of the SourceConnectionFlatFile at runtime. Is this possible? What form should the file path be in (UNC, other)? And, are there any other considerations I should be aware of?


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Using Oledb Connection From Connection Manager In Script Task

Aug 9, 2006

Is there anyone who tried to use a connection from connection manager to create a new connection in a script task? Including the password?

Now i passed the connection to the script task and called it in the vb script but then the password is not passed into the connect string.

Im searching for an example that works with passing the password in the connectstring?

Any help will be greatfull.

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Making The Connection In A Connection Manager Retry

Jan 16, 2008

Is there a way by which we can make the Connection in the connection manager retry for a certain amount of time?

I have a DataFlow Task which uses a OLE Source which is connected to a database. there are time when the connection to the database is not available due to some transport level error. so i wanted the connection manger to make a couple of tries before giving up and saying that it was not able to connect and it timed out..

i have the Connect TimeOut and the General Timeout properties set to 0, but is there a way to retry?

Thanks for any help in advance

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How To Re-use Connection Manager ADO.NET Connection In A Script Task?

Jun 1, 2007

I'm currently using:

Dts.Connections.Item("myADO.NET connection").AcquireConnection(Nothing)Dim conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(Dts.Connections.Item("myADO.NET connection").ConnectionString)

This seems silly, in that I'm not really using the same connection, but using the connection string of a connection that already exists. And, for my purposes, it's not working currently, because I've switched from Windows Authentication to SQL Auth... and the password isn't coming over in the ConnectionString property.How do I re-use the exact same ADO.NET connection I have in my connection manager in a script task? That's the recommended way to go, right?

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Problem With Deleting Connection From Connection Manager

Jul 19, 2007


I have deleted one of my file connection from Connection Manager (and

Executed ProcessTask which used it), however

trying to load the package I always get the error:

"Error loading MyPackage.dtsx: The connection "MyDeletedConnectionName" is not found.
This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found."

I tried to Clean, Rebulid my project, but it doesn't help.

Does anybody know, how to solve it? Where this reference is saved?

Thank you.


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Implementing Transaction In SSIS Package - [Execute SQL Task] Error: Failed To Acquire Connection &&<ConnectionName&&>.

Jun 30, 2006

I have a simple SSIS package with three "Execute SQL Tasks". I am using ADO.Net Connection to execute SPs on a DB server.

When I execute this package It works fine. So far so good.

Now, I need to implement transation on this package. And problem starts now onwards. When I try to execute package after setting TransationOption = Required for the Sequence container which contains all the tasks, I get following error.

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Failed to acquire connection "NYCDB0008.Export". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.

"NYCDB0008.Export" is the name of the ADO.Net connection. I have been hunting for any solution but all in vain. I have tried changing all DTC settings on the dev as well as Database server.

Please respond if anyone has any solution.



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Can Not Aquire Connection From Connection Manager

Dec 11, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some help, I have created a simple SSIS package that takes the contents of a view on the Server and outputs it to a delimited flat file. This flat file is moved from its location on the server to our file print server. This package uses a config file that contains the necessary passwords. When run in the visual studio it runs without error.

However when run in a SQL Server Agent Job it fails on this step -
Code: 0xC020801C Source: Data Flow Task GET DATA FROM LIVE [1] Description: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER. The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "ServerName.DBName.SQLServerAuth" fail.

I have researched the error and I have found that it doenst have the necessary permissions, however I have another package doing the same thing using the same config file that runs with error on a SQL Job. I do not get why it would differ when the jobs are identical?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Failed To Acquire Connection / The AcquireConnection Method Failed

Nov 11, 2005

I am running the Sept CTP.  I have created a SSIS package that pulls data from a text file and inserts into a database.  When I run the package on the DB server it runs fine.  I have moved the package the the web server (we are attempting to kick off the package from a web site) and we get connections errors. We are running the package using dtexec from the command line.

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Failed To Acquire Connection When Running A Package From Within Another Package.

Apr 26, 2006

I am receiving an error on my master package that executes a number of other packages. The individual packages work fine when executed by themselves. However, I am getting the following error when I attempt to execute it from another package:

Error: Failed to acquire connection "conneciton". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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