Date/time In Page Header -SSRS Layout


I am new to SSRS
I would like to place time /date in page header

I have like '="Report Time: " & Globals!ExecutionTime'
and also page title

How can i do that


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SSRS 2005: Report Header Does Not Export To Excel As Page Header

I need some help. I am writing a report in SSRS 2005 that I then need to export to Excel. When I put a report header I would expect the header to not display in the Excel spreadsheet until the Print Preview or the Print. The report footer works just fine I put some text in the footer, and it shows up in the footer. The header though, shows up as a row in the Excel spreadsheet that then causes columns to merge. How do I get the report header to act like a page header?

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Weird Problem In SSRS Page Header

Hi All,
I have created a report. In page header of this report, I have added Ver#, ID# and Page number on the top right corner. But when I view the report, it comes correctly in the first page and in all remaining pages, it is shifted towards left. I can€™t figure out why it is coming so. It looks very weird for me.

S Suresh

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Displaying An Database Image In SSRS Report Page Header

How to display an database image in the Report page header of sql server reporting service?

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Adding A Link To A Child Report In The Page Header In SSRS 2005

How to add a link to the child report in the page header section of a report in SSRS 2005 ?Basically I want a link to the child report which should appear on all the pages of the report if the report has multiple pages.

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Data Fields In Page Header - An Answer That Works ALL The Time (Not Resolved)


I need data fields in the page header. The report is multiple pages. I have multiple fields I need in the page header. These fields will change on each page.

I've tried everything I can find suggested on this forum. They all either don't work or work for a while. Then, as is the case today, we get a problem with a report that renders perfectly in the RS browser but when it's output to a PDF, a couple of the page headers become confused.

Why can't Microsoft provide a hack that actually works somewhere (Maybe I just can't find it)? A sticky at the top of the forum?

I'm currently using the answer supplied by NB at AeM here As I said it works very nicely, thanks , except for when it doesn't export properly to a PDF which is an MS issue I presume not the solutions issue.

I really need to be able to make this work before I start throwing my toys from my pram and so my boss doesn't think I'm a complete idiot. I'm sure he doesn't believe me when I say I can't put data in a report header, after all it's only the most basic of reporting functions.

Can anyone please help with a 100% solution?


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How To Render One Page At A Time Using SSRS Webservices

I developed a java proxy application for SSRS(Sql Server Reporting services) and able to render the reports by making webservice calls to SSRS webservices. But I am getting the data for the complete report. How can I get only a partial report( like page by page as we get in the Report Manager)? Which parameters should I pass.
As some of the reports are too big, the java application is getting memory issues and I want to limi the data that I get from SSRS.

Appreciate your suggestions.

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Page Header And Table Header Display But Groups And Rows Do Not

I have a report that I created and the report was working until I added some fields to a group footer row in a table.

My table has 5 group levels. I had information displaying in the 5th level header group and detail. It was working fine. Then I added some fields to the 4th level group footer. Now it displays only the Page header, Table header, and the 4th level group footer data.

What happened to the rest of the data?

All the cells and rows I want to display have the Visibility Hidden set to false. I tried removing the objects I added (to the 4th level group footer) and it still does not work. Is this a bug or did I set something that is hiding the data.



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Small Layout Problem With Header


i'm having a small header layout issue.

I've a report that shows data in the header as a carry over of a referenced report item.

Above of the report item is some infomation that should only appear on the first page. On the other

pages i set the Hidden-Property to true. As expected, all reportitems in the header below the

information text will move up. But i expected that the header border which separates the header

from the detailarea will also move up too, but it has the same height as on page one.


first page:


[A text]

[This is my information text that

should only appear on the first page.]

[Another report item with some data.]


second page:


[A text]

[Another report item with some data.]

{this gab of two lines will appear}


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Report Header Pagination: On Next Page(2) The Header Is Disappearing In IE

Hi Friends,

There is a one header in the report, when I publish and hit the report in IE(internet explor) the header appears fine on first page when I go to next page this header does not appear.

But in mozilla the header is visible on every page of the report. so it is working fine in mozilla.

I donot why it is happening?

Your help is highly appreciated.


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Format Date/time Field In Ssrs

hi all

I have two date/time fields as below:


result can sometimes look like this 14:01:42.3840000

how do I format this

I have tried

=FormatDateTime((Fields!ClosedDate.Value)-(Fields!CreatedDate.Value), 2)

but this gives an error

I want the result to look like this



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Local - Including Page Header Forces Viewer To Expand To Page Size

If I have a report that includes a page header, the report viewer will render the report at the full width, but if I hide the page header and show only the body it will use the absolute width of the report.

I have a 7" wide report, with .75" borders set on each side.

Interactive & Print size are set to 8.5x11
Changing these sizes has no effect on the behavior of the viewer, which appears to ignore them.

When I view this report in the local viewer the contents fill the window if there is no page header.
If I enable the page header then the report is drawn at 8.5" wide, leaving a _big_ white border on the right side.
Any comments or workarounds that anyone knows? I know the local viewer is not a standard configuration (at least it seems) but it is what we need to use.Thanks,//Andrew

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Removing The White Space In Between The Image And Page Border Of The Page Header

Hi Team,

When i view the Report from SSRS Report preview Tab it's working fine, But when i deploy that and try to view in the IE
I am seeing the Body background color in between the image and page border of the page footer how to solve that?

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Page Header Taking Up Blank Space On 1st Page Even If Not Printing

In SRSS 2005 (SP2) my page header seems to take up the same amount of space on the
1st page it would take if it were to print; I have PRINT ON FIRST PAGE set to
false - the header doesn't print - it just leaves the same amount of space.
How do you get the report to ignore that. I do have a report header built
into the body of my report. I have tested this by increasing the size of my
page header and it does move the report up or down on the 1st page by that

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Varrying Page Footer Size In Ssrs Or Dynamically Displaying Page Footer In Ssrs

In SSRS my problem is to "show the page footer only in the first page of the report" and not in the other pages.

That is if i am having 10 pages, the page footer should come only in the first page of the SSRS report and it should not shown in the remaining 9 pages.

I used the expression in the visibility property of the rectangle which is placed in the page footer. But i can able to hide only the rectangle which is in the page footer of the remaining 9 pages. But the space occupied by the page footer is not get reduced.

So i need to show the page footer dynamically, without occupying the space even a little. Is there any "tricks or techniques"?. Please let me inform, if so. It's very urgent.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Using Pagenumber Outside Of Page Header And Page Footer

can i use 'page number' and 'total pages' outside the page header and page footer?

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Page Header Being Truncated When Page Size Changes

I think I know the answer but I have a report that is supposed to print in Ledger. It has a header that has report information on the left and on the right has page count and date run. When the user resizes the page to letter, only the first part of the header shows (left piece with report information). Instead of resizing the header it seems it truncates it. Is there a way to resize it. If I move the right side over it looks centered on the Ledger size.

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Layout With Two Tables In One Page


we are trying to create a printed invoice for our system using SQL Reporting service 2000.

the problem that we have is that the invoice items are seperated into two tables, each one with its own columns and layout and database query. we tried many things but got no success.

the invoice lay out should be like following:




table 1

PO no




table 2





(total of prices)

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Report Layout Page Size

I am trying to change the Page size of the layout dynamically. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so can you point me in the right direction to find resources for this.

Thank you for any help.

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Render PDF With Custom Page Layout


I'm using an URL to render a pdf.

- URL: //reportserver/...&Filename&...&Format=PDF (with this URL, it renders the pdf just fine)

However, if I want to pass some parameters to define the page layout, it seems this has no effect on the pdf.

--> URL: //reportserver/...&Filename&...&Format=PDF&rs: Command=Render&rc: StartPage=0&rc: PageWidth=16,54in&rc: PageHeight=11,7in

(I've added some spacing between ": P", ": C" and ": S"; otherwise it displays an emoticon)

Is there anyone who can see what the problem seems to be?

Hope to get an answer soon.

Thanks in advance...


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Page Header And Page Footer Not Loading Report Items In The Main Report When Subreport Called?

Hi All,

I am having a main report having two subreports, say M1,S1 and S2 respectively.

The issue is S2 normally tend to go beyond one page, for all pages except first page of the of the subreport I am getting the page header and footer blank,

Actually this is not loading the ReportItems that are used in main report but it shows text boxes containing strings for eg . "My Name" and date functions eg Today()

Any Solution?

Thanks and Regards


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Report Layout:- Inconsistencies Between Page Height And HTML Rendered

I'm having problems with what is displayed in the browser being different to what is defined in the RDL and what is exported to PDF.

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Single Page Report In SSRS Is Printing With The Second Page Blank....URGENT

Hi All,
In my SSRS report. I have a report which has only one page. In preview it is showing as only 1 page but when I am printing the report. I am getting two printouts with the second page as a blank.. Please help me in printing the page that contains report. Intially I used a Page header, at that it used to print the blank page with a header only. Now as I removed the header it is printing the page without header i.e Blank Page.. So please help me in prinitng a single page that has the report. It is urgent,..


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Report Layout Issue - Textboxes, Long Text And Page Breaks

I have a report based on one record.
There are several fields that can be extremely long (ntext).
The report itself basically has a heading next to a textbox so that the output looks like

heading text |fields to display
5. Client Name Joe Client

6. Business Background Background Text Bla Bla Bla
Family History Family History Text Bla Bla Bla

7. Question bla bla bla Yes
Explanation bla bla bla
For each section, I used a ListBox with textboxes inside.

With small text blocks to display all is good.
During the initial screen render, all looks excellent. When I switch to the page view or print the report, the large text blocks mess things up.

Just after the end of section 5, I'll see section 6. heading text, then the extremely long bla bla bla is on the next page.
At the end of section 6. I'll see the section 7. heading text with the extremely long bla bla bla on the following page. This happens for all large text blocks.

The simple observation is to turn off the 'Keep Together' property of the text box. But there isn't one. All I want is the textbox contents to flow from page to page.

I hope my explanation is acceptable, if you need more let me know. I really do appreciate any guidance or suggestions.


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Databound Page Footer For SSRS. How To Get It On Every Page?

I have seen some forums on SSRS page footer which is data bound.
The procedure is as follow:
a hidden text box is put into the body of the page...which can be data bound..
than a textbox is placed in the footer, which is linked to the hidden text box in
the body. This is a good solution to this problem.. but the is 1 major problem I am
facing. I render the report to PDF. But the result is that the databound footer
shows up only on the last page. I need it to be seen on all the pages..
Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

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SSRS Dynamic Header

In a crosstab, how do I make a header increase/decrease dynamically when the columns chosen increase/decrease?
Please reply ASAP

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Conversion Of Oracle Date Time To Sql Server Date Time In SSIS

This is driving me nuts..

I'm trying to extract some data from a table in oracle. The oracle table stores date and time seperately in 2 different columns. I need to merge these two columns and import to sql server database.

I'm struggling with this for a quite a while and I'm not able to get it working.

I tried the oracle query something like this,



this gives me an output of 20070511 23:06:30:000

the space in MM : SS is intentional here, since without that space it appread as smiley

I'm trying to map this to datetime field in sql server 2005. It keeps failing with this error

The value could not be converted because of a potential loss of data

I'm struck with error for hours now. Any pointers would be helpful.


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Fields In Page Header

Hi guys,

I'm doing a local report which requires me to have a data field on page header(company name & address particularly). Since it is not possible to place a data field on page header, what I did was placed the field instead on the body, and then I placed a text box on the page header and then reference the data fields in the body to the textbox.

Everything looks ok, but I found out that when I try to move to another page, all the values on the header will be empty. It seems that it requires that the same data fields should exist in the body of report.

Are there any other workaround here? I just need the values on the page header persist all through out the report. BTW I'm doing a report that contains combination of fields and table, to be specific, I'm creating a resume / bio data.

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Parameters In Page Header

I am trying to put my parameters in my page header.It do works fine.I am using a textbox to hold the value of my parameters.I use

= Join(Parameters!resourceParams.Label, ", ")

in my textbox expression.But my problem is,when there are too many values specified(because i am using a dropdown with multi select) the page header,overlaps the body of my report. The page header's text overlap the contents of my report body.What could be the reason or work around for this?? Thanks guys

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Problem With PAGE HEADER

Dear All

I am Sundaraguru from India.

I have problem with Reporting services header showing time..

I designed the one report. That report Size is 8inch x 41 inches..

What are problems i having in this reports:

1. Report header is not coming in second pages. ( For report header i am not using the report header area, Because the header informations will varying based on the data's. That's Why I placed in the detail sections)

2. While Seeing the preview time it is showing only 11 page ( for 2 record) after exporting to PDF format it showing 32 pages.

How i can solve the above problem.. I have to get is all the page's i have to show report header in all the pages.

I am using SQL Server 2005 , & VS.Net 2005 With November 2006 CTP

And Send your valuable suggestions to following mail id's and

Advance Thanks

Kind Regards
Sundaraguru S

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Page Header Problems

Hi There

Im experincing some problems with the Report builder under VB2005 on an XP box with SQL Server 2005 on a 2003 Server Box.

Im finding that when I build a report with a page header, the space allocated to the page header contiues to "Print" even if I set the page header NOT to display on the first page. That is... the text in the page header does not print but the report "Displays or Prints" the space the page header would normally occupy if it did print. All subsquent pages print with the page header as expected.
Any lines I place in rectangle box do not size if the rectangle size is increased by an expanding text field. Is there a way to make them resize?
The Page Setup dialog box changes the margins by some weird calculation every time its opened and closed. (work around is to set report margins to 0.00)
The page setup dialog does not read the default printers page info, it just defaults to letter ...I need it to take the page settings from the printer or any saved values for the report. That brings me to the topic of ...can page setup be saved in each report. EG: Report A prints in A4 Landscape , report B prints in A4 Protrait etc. I have not come close to getting this reqirement to work.
Is there any problem with PCL 6 drivers

Many Thanks


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ReportItems In Page Header

I've added a hidden field to my report so I can show the value in the page header using ReportItems. However it only works for the first page - the value is blank on subsequent pages. Does the hidden field need to appear on all pages of the report? Would I need to make it a hidden field in a repeated list or table?

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Subreport On Page Header

Hai Guys,

How do i use Subreport on Page Header in Sql Server Reporting Serive? I have many reports in my windows application. I want to show subreport on page header like letter head. That subreport also contains Image. The image path is from the database. If i set the image (placed on page header) path it shows one error message. Please anyone help me. Thanks in advance.

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