Format Date/time Field In Ssrs

Jan 9, 2008

hi all

I have two date/time fields as below:


result can sometimes look like this 14:01:42.3840000

how do I format this

I have tried

=FormatDateTime((Fields!ClosedDate.Value)-(Fields!CreatedDate.Value), 2)

but this gives an error

I want the result to look like this



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SSRS Date Parameter - Showing Date Format On Right Hand Side

Jul 24, 2007

I am having report parameter end date I am showing the default value "5/21/2007 11:59:59 PM" in the end date paramter. And also I want to show date time format "(MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMS)" in the right hand side of the parameter. How to do this?

Thank You

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Sharepoint Integration With Erroneous Date Format In Date Time Picker

Sep 5, 2007

Dear Expert!

A server with SQL 2005 sp2, Reporting Services and Sharepoint services (ver 3.0) (in integrated mode) gives an odd error. When viewing a Reporting Services report with a Date Time Picker, the date chosen is wrong. The preferred setting is Danish with the date format dd-mm-yyyy. The date picker shows the months in Danish but when selecting a date, and clicking on the Apply-button, the date reformats to US (mm-dd-yyyy).

When choosing 5th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows in the picker, 9th of May 2007.
When choosing 26th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows, again in US format, the RIGHT date but adds a timestamp Äú12:00 AMÄ? in the end, making further enquiries to fail.

The report itself receives the right date and shows correctly. The only case it fails is, when the time stamp appears.

The server is a 32-bit one with 4 GB RAM. A testserver with identical collation on the Reportserver database cannot recreate the error. The site containing the reports has been set to Danish in the regional settings. To Reinstall is not an option.

The test report has no database connection whatsoever.

When setting the site to US, the timestamp wonÄôt appear at all.

The server has been restarted and the installation procedure was of the simple kind. No special tweaks at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Johan Rastenberger

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Date Format In Ssrs

Mar 28, 2007

i just want to get a date format like this 'dd-mmm-yyyy'

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SSRS Date Format

Oct 8, 2007


I am new to using Business Intelligence Development Studio. I have ' FROM' and 'TO' parameters set using DATETIME, when I select the dates I wish to use so I can generate a report it is displaying in the American format being mm/dd/yy, however the server only recognises dd/mm/yy, the server has SP2 installed.

Is there any way of formatting the calendar control so that dd/mm/yy is recognised instead of the American format.


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How To Add Date Field And Time Field (not Datetime Field )

May 4, 2006

Good morning...

I begin with SQL, I would like to add a field that will be date like 21/01/2000.

Actually i find just "datetime" format but give me the format 21/01/2000 01:01:20.

How to do for having date and time in two different field.

Sorry for my english....


A newbie

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Date Time Format For Date Parameter

Jan 24, 2008


I am using the calender parameter and I need to convert my data date format to the one that matched that is returned on selecting a date from this calender. Can you show me what this format is.

how can I convert my existing date format to this format. The existing date format is 2007-07-26 21:27:13.000

thank you

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Reporting Services :: How To Convert Int Datatype To Time Format In SSRS

Aug 20, 2015

How do we convert int datatype to "time format" like hh:mm:ss

ex:    123092   ( this 12  + 30 min + 92 sec)
       131137   ( 13 + 11 min + 37 sec)
       111747 ( 11 + 17 min + 47 sec)

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How Do I Convert A Unix Date/Time Field To A Date When The The SQL DB Stores That Data As Char 11?

Nov 13, 2007

Hi there.
I'm trying to extract data from my SQL server & everything in the script I've got is working (extracting correct data) except for one field - which is for the most part it's off by +2 days (on a few occasions - I see it off by just +1 day or even +3, but it's usually the +2 days).

I'm told that it's due to the conversion formula - but - since SQL is not my native language, I'm at a bit of a loss.

The DB table has the date field stored as a type: CHAR (as opposed to 'DATE')
Can anyone out there help?

Please advise. Thanks.


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Displayed Date Format In SSRS?

Jan 29, 2008

My regional settings are set to the UK on the server and local machine. Does anyone know how to get SSRS displaying dates in DD/MM/YYYY format?

I have googled it, but just can not seem to find the answer.

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Date Format SSRS Stores In DB

Feb 25, 2008

I have report scheduled in a SSRS. SSRS creates a job and from MSDB.DBO.SysJobActivity the

Next_Scheduled_Run_Date column provides the next execution date of the report.

Can any one tell me what is the date format that SSRS stores is it a getdate() or a UTC Date??

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Update Time In Date-time Field?

Nov 11, 2013

I want to update the time in a datetime field with the current time.

Fields current value is:

2013-11-11 00:00:00.000

I want to insert this into another table and when I do I want to grab the current time and update that field.

field name: picked_dt
Table: oeordlin

or is there a way through sql to update the time when the picked_dt is updated?

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Date Time Format

Jul 22, 2006

In a select statement a date field contains 1/1/2004 3:00:00 AM.In my select statement how do I get the field to show as 1/1/04?

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Date Time Format

Jun 21, 2006

I want to retrieve a date time field from SQL server. The format I want it to be retrieved is:

YYYY/MM/DD-hh:mm:ss:lll (l = millisec)

example '2006/06/21-15:26:39:994'.

Can somebody please tell me how to do it. I know how to do it in Oracle, but not in SQL server.

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Display Only The Date Part Of A Date And Time Field?

Mar 16, 2014

I want to display only the date part of a date field which contains both date & time information.

For example I have the value '2013-11-14 00:00:00.000' in my result set, and ideally I would like to show only '2013-11-14'.

I have looked up the datepart() command, however I can't work out how to return all parts of the date, rather than just the year, month, or day.

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How To Convert Date-field To Date With Time Zone

Jul 4, 2014

I have passed createdDate from UI to Stored procedure.createdDate field declared with is having value 2014-07-01.I need to fetch records from the database based upon the created field.but Create_TM in database having value Date with how would i change the createdfield in stored procedure.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[ByDateRange]

@Feed VARCHAR(50),

@CreatedDate DATETIME

select * from Date_table where Create_TM = @CreatedDate

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Problem With Current Date For Date & Time Field

Dec 29, 2005

I have a table named "shift" and I need to setup my query to return only data where the field "startime" = today. The problem I am running into is the starttime field it laid out like "2005-12-29 14:00:00" with different time values. I need to ruturn everything that has todays date regardless of the time value. I tried using GetDate() but that is returning data for other days as well or just data before or after the current time. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is driving me crazy! Thanks, Garrett

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How To Format A Date Field

Dec 9, 2006

Hi,comming from php/mysql some things here on this side are great - but some seems to be solved in a way I can not figure out.What I need is a way to get a string in the format "yyyy-mm" out of a date-time field like:09/05/2006 23:12:36 ¬ ¬ should produce ¬ ¬ ¬ 2006-09 ¬ ¬ ¬ as one stringWhat I figured out by my own is: SELECT { fn CONCAT({ fn CONCAT(DATENAME(yyyy, dateField), '-') }, STR(DATEPART(mm, dateField))) }, ...but this returns "2006- ¬ ¬ ¬ 9" with blanks in it. Or I could use 2 times the DATENAME but this would give 2006-September.Would it help to use a stored procedure?Thanks,Klaus

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Date Format With Time Stamps

Feb 5, 2015

I have a table where the date and time stamp are logged together and I want to only show the date in a 10 character output. Also I want to return as blank some dates in the field that are 01/01/1800.

The current table format is 2013-06-28 00:00:00:000..I just want the date. I was using RTRIM function but it keeps erroring out.

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Date Time Format Change

May 19, 2008

Would it be possible to change the date time from varchar to datetime. it currently showing as varchar in the following format 20080401 0845
can it be changed to date/time format into something like this 01/04/2008 08:45. If someone could help that would be great. Many thanks

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Need Date As Yyyymmdd Format And Time

Oct 30, 2014

I am using below query to get the data and time+2 hrs

selectdateadd(hour, datediff(hour, 0, getdate()) + 2, 0)

getting results as like this

2014-10-30 13:00:00.000

but i don't need any dashes between dates i mean i am expecting results as shown below

20141030 13:00:00.000

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Need To Convert A Date And Time To A Different Format

Jul 20, 2005

Precisely, here's what I need:When I run getdate(), I get, for example:August 9 2004 5:17 P.M.I want to turn the date portion into:8/9/2004 format and update one column with itI want to turn 5:17 P.M. into:hhmmss and update another column with it.I've been playing around with datepart, with substr, with you name it,and I'm stumped.Any code samples, other help most appreciated.Thanks,Google Jenny*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Date Format Auto Going To 12:00:00 PM

Jul 30, 2015

Below is list of Date/Time which is my output in SQL Management Studio. When I move this into SSRS and use the DateTime custom function it shows the the Date/Time correctly if there is a time element. However it's defaulting the 00:00:00.000 to 12:00:00 PM which is incorrect.

I would like the SSRS to show as Format dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm but still show the 00:00 element.

2015-05-15 00:00:00.000
2015-05-13 00:00:00.000
2015-05-28 09:30:00.000
2015-06-04 00:00:00.000
2015-05-19 00:00:00.000
2015-01-12 00:00:00.000

[Code] ....

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Reporting Services :: Changing Date Format In SSRS

Nov 5, 2015

Fields!TaskStartDate.Value &  Fields!TaskName.Value & Fields!StatusForExecutiveReporting.Value & Fields!NotesForExecutiveReport.Value

This is my expression in a cell.when i run my report  task start date value is something like the:

01/25/2015 8:00:00AM.

I want this date to be in this form: jan 2015

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Reporting Services :: Date Format In SSRS Using Expression

Oct 29, 2015

I have  @for_dte parameter(date data type) in a ssrs report

using below expression 
=Format(Parameters!for_dte.Value, "dd/MMM/yyyy") -i got Output:10/Oct/2015

but i need Output:10/OCT/2015(ie OCT in capitals).

How can i achieve that using expression.

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Change Date Format Of Field Value

Apr 29, 2005

What is the best way of converting datatime field value 29/03/2005 08:58:27 to 29/03/2005.
I only want to remove Time from date and I am using Sql Server 2000.

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Format Expression For Date Field

Dec 20, 2007

Hi All,

Can anyone advise me if I can enter an expression into the format property of a field, so the date is displayed as dd/mm/yyyy ?

It is currently mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

I have been trying with convert and FormatDateTime, but can't seem to get this to work in the Report layout editor. I would like to know how to do it here, rather than changing my query.

Thanks in advance

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Date Format In A Merged Field

Jan 4, 2007

In the footer from a report I want to print the UserID and the Date. I added a textbox with de following code: =User!UserID & " " & Globals!ExecutionTime

Now I want to change the date format in dd-MM-yyy uu:mm. This is not possible in the textbox properties because I added the UserID to the same textbox. Is there a way to change the format?

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Date Format - Parameter/Field

Jan 24, 2007


I have some difficulties to format a Date value in my reporting service.

As you know you can use this kind of expression:


But it does not work, and when I just want to use the format property of the textbox content such as "dd/MM/yyyy", it displays "dd/MM/yyyy", not the real formatted data, this property works for "=Today()" but not for parameters and fields. What is the diffrence?

Have you an idea to format a Parameter/Field of Date type such as dd/MM/yyyy?

Many thanks!

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Stored Procedures-date Time Format

Apr 25, 2001

I have many existing tables within my db with the date format mm/dd/yyyy
Is it possible to run a stored procedure in order to convert the EXISTING records to the date format dd/mm/yyyy?

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Date/Time Format For Webservice API Calls

Feb 5, 2008


I want to retrieve some parameter values from Reporting Services using GetReportParameters from

It works fine unless the parameter types are date/time. In such a case it seems as if the format of the parameter depends on the ReportServices installation:

On a German installation the date/time format is "" but on an English installation the format is different (mm/dd/yyyy) (and of course the time part is also different).

Is there a way to determine the format to be expected? (... even in the case I've no knowledge about the server ReportingServices is running.)

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How To Format A Date Field In Select Query

Oct 4, 2004

Is it possible to format the date field create_date (mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy)
I use the following query in stored proc. will be called in the page for population the datagrid.

select id, name, create_date from actionstable;

Please help, Thank you.

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Reporting Services :: Converting Date Format To Decimal In SSRS Expression

Apr 21, 2015

I have a decimal data type column with a record in the following format 20150219 --> yyyyMMdd. And I am trying to convert the return value from SSRS date/time parameter to a decimal value.

The TMDTOP column is the decimal data type with date records in yyyyMMdd format.

My return parameter is the following:


When I try to run the report I get the following error:

Failed to evaluate the FilterValue of the DataSet ‚ÄėDataSet1‚Äô. (rsFilterEvaluationError)

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