How To Execute The .rdl File In Asp Dotnet With C# 2005

Aug 7, 2007

hi friends,

i want to run the .rdl file(report file) in asp dotnet 2005 with c#

so please send me the coding


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How To Execute A Batch File Using SQL Server 2005?

Dec 23, 2005

Hi all,As the topic describes, I'd like to run a batch file using sql server.How do i do it?Thanks in advance

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About Building International Applications In Dotnet

Apr 24, 2007


I am developing an application using C#.NET that accesses a remote database that that contains japanese characters.

My sample querry is strCommand = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE prodname = 'CR新海物語スペシャルM8'";

The result of querry displayed in the binded datagrid also contains other rows that has this prodname:



Thanks in advance for your help.

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Dotnet 3.5 Runtime For Synchronisation Of Sql Server

Jun 1, 2007


I downloaded orcas and created an application which also has sql server synchronisation, now if i wish to run it on another m/c, where can i get the runtime for 3.5, I searched but could not find it.



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Invoking SSIS Packages From DotNet

Sep 8, 2006


How can we invoke SSIS Packages from an Windows or ASP.NET Application (using C# ).



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How To Call A DotNet Assembly In SSIS Script Component

Jan 16, 2006

I tried to access a dot net assembly (.dll) file in ssis script component using following steps.

Create new Script Task in Data Flow Task
Edit Design Script button-> Loads script Project in MS VSA
Locate Object Browser
Select Custom Component Set from the dropdown and hit browse button
Browse and place the custom component dll (This Custom component dll has to be in GAC - Global assembly cache before browsing)
Select the namespace from the Component list of the object browser and click on Add to references to Selected project in the solution explorer? button
Write Imports <namespace> in the script code to invoke class methods from the .NET custom component
The following steps worked properly with June CTP version of yukon.In september CTP version of Yukon in SSIS  when i browse the dot net assembly with the same above steps i get a error stating " The file could not be browsed ".Can anybody help me in the same.
Prashant Utekar

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Stored Procedures On SQL 2000 Compared To Dotnet's

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,Has any one ever compared the performance of calling a DataTable'sSelect method with a stored procedure doing the same thing?My point is:dataRows = DataTable.Select(filter) is better orPassing paramters to stored procedure?The datatable holds about 500-700 rows at any given time.If I select one of the approaches the business logic will go intorespective layers.With dotnet in picture what would be a good approach- Have the data in Datatable and do a filter on the data or callstored procedures which has been the convention.Can some one pl. suggest?

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Need Help!Can Grow Does Not Works Properly.Pictures In Crystal Reports And VB Dotnet

Apr 3, 2006

Dear All,

I am new to dot not. I'm using vbdot net 2003 with crystal reports that bundled with vs2003 for creating catalogues for our company. We have furniture pictures in access db. In design time I have added picture field to the crystal reports and ticked the cangrow property so the picture can fit into its true aspect ratio. but some pictures grow into full page of the report. unticking 'cangrow' property also makes trouble as the picture does't streches well. I want 6 pictures to appear in each page by 2 column wise(how to add 2 columns in a report?). We want to automate printing catalogues of chosen furnitures by our customers. I'm struck with this problem for past few days.
can anyone help with sample code please?

Thanks a lot in advance

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VBS File To Execute SQL Job

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if anyone out there has any code to automate the execution of a SQL Job? The purpose of this is to run the vbs file locally (on local machine), connect to SQL server and run the SQL Job. I would appreciate this help. While I can run DTS packages, I am unable to "find" the SQL object to run the SQL Job. Again thanks.

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Using Rs.exe To Execute .rss File

Aug 27, 2007


I am calling xp_cmdshell from inside a stored procedure to generate reports dynamically.

EXEC master.dbo.xp_cmdshell 'rs.exe -i "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90SamplesReporting ServicesScript SamplesSample1.rss" -s http://localhost/reportserver -v param1="10" -l 0 -e mgmt2000 -t -b'

In the .rss file, i use the following :

Dim parameters(1) As ParameterValue
parameters(0) = New ParameterValue()
parameters(0).Name = "s_no"
parameters(0).Value = param1

My question is how do I pass dynamic values in param1. I have a variable in my stored proc called @s_no which i try to pass like this, however it is not working.

EXEC master.dbo.xp_cmdshell 'rs.exe -i "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90SamplesReporting ServicesScript SamplesSample1.rss" -s http://localhost/reportserver -v param1=@s_no -l 0 -e mgmt2000 -t -b'

Can anyone suggest how to do this? Over here, I want to pass the value of param1 dynamically.


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Execute SQL From .sql File

Jan 22, 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to get an SSIS package to execute some sql in a .sql file or ideally all .sql files in a folder. Is there any way to do that? Thanks

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Execute Batch File

Mar 31, 2000

I would like to ask someone who could help me with one small problem:

I would like to run SQL server task on one of my servers, that will connect
to all other servers (including ones that are not SQL servers, ie: Exchange,
Test Server etc) one at the time, and that will execute one batch file (update.bat) that is residing on each server under C: drive.

Batch file will copy some things from all of the servers to one server.

Thanks, in advance.


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How Can I Execute The .SQL File In SQL Server

Jun 13, 2002

i have some couple of .sql files. each file contains some tables creation and some stored procedures creation, i don't want to go to Query Analyzer open each SQL file and Execute, i want to execute all .SQL files at a time, how can i do this one.

Thanks in Advance..


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How To Execute An Excel File Within DTS?

Oct 28, 2005

Hello All.

I need to execute an excel file (built with macro) whenever a date change is detected between 2 fields in my sql table.

if @Date1<>@Date2
DECLARE @command varchar(1000)
SET @command='d:Refresh_ABC.bat'
exec xp_cmdshell @command

In my Refresh_ABC.bat, I have the following line
Start Excel.exe "D:ABC.xls"

When I tested the above script (from Declare... to @command) in query analyzer, nothing seems to happen. It shows The command(s) completed successfully. But my excel file was not refreshed at all. When I ran the batch file Refresh_ABC.bat on it's own, ABC.xls was refreshed so the batch file is working.

Next test, I placed the line Start Excel.exe "D:ABC.xls" on SET @command = ......... line. Same problem, nothing happened.

Any idea what went wrong. Please advise. Thank you.

Best regards
Teck Boon

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Execute Batch File As Sql Job

Apr 5, 2006

I'm trying schedule a batch file to run as a job from sql server agent. The batch file copies files from one server directory to a directory on another server. The batch file works properly when executed directly. The job is being executed under the sql service account login. I've given the service account access to both the source and destination directories.

When I try to run the job it fails with an "Access is denied" error on both the source and destination directories (as read from job history).

Any ideas?

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Open More Than 1 .sql File Then Execute It Once

May 17, 2008

I'm using SQL Server 2005
I'm made 4 stored procedure and save it as
sp_process1.sql, sp_process2.sql, sp_process3.sql and sp_process4.sql

i want to deploy all above SP to another machine. So far, i open it 1 by 1 and click execute in SQL Query windows 1 by 1.

How to open all .sql files but execute it once. Is it possible? Anybody know the way?

What the best way to deploy stored procedure into another machine?

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Execute A Batch File

Jul 25, 2007

Hi All,
I would like to embed some stored procedures in a batch file and execute it from the command prompt on windows.
I have no idea of how to embed a stored proc in a .bat file.
Can you please redirect me to the solution to this?

Thanks in advance

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Execute Script From A File

Mar 14, 2008

This script shows how to load a SQL script file into a nvarchar(max) local variable and then execute it.

-- Execute_Script_From_File.sql
Load a script from a text file and execute it.
The script must not contain a GO Statement
Runs in SQL Server 2005

set nocount on
if object_id('tempdb..#FileData','U') is not null
begin drop table #FileData end

create table #FileData ( FileData nvarchar(max) )

declare @FileName varchar(255)
declare @SQLLoad nvarchar(max)
declare @Script nvarchar(max)

-- Set the file to load SQL Script from
set @FileName = 'C:MyDirMyScriptFile.sql'

-- Create command to load the file into temp table #FileData
set @SQLLoad =
N'insert into #FileData
select fd.*
from openrowset(bulk ''' + @FileName + ''',SINGLE_CLOB ) as FD'

-- Load file data into temp table #FileData
exec sp_executesql @SQLLoad

-- Load SQL into a local variable from temp table #FileData
select top 1 @Script = FileData from #FileData

-- Execute the script
exec sp_executesql @Script


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Using Sql To Execute A Batch File

Aug 9, 2007

Is it possible to use sql to execute a batch file? I would like toexecute the following "C:BTWartend.exe /f=C:BTWToolboxFormatscarnum.btw /p", 6Thanks,Matt

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Execute SQL Outputting To A File

Apr 25, 2007

I continue to try and find "easy" solutions to what should be a straightforward problem of outputting the results from a stored procedure to a file.

I tried using both XML task and file system task with the thought that one of those would actually be able to output a file from a variable, but both of those tasks threw fits when I tried using different variable types (file system required a string, but the XML result set never seemed to throw anything but an object) so I decided to just try a script task and do everything "manually".

So my latest gyrations have been thus:

1) Set execute sql task to output XML and push to a script task to write a file

2) Set execute sql task to output a full result set and push to a script task to write a file

Number 1 was the only one I could get working, because I kept getting this error with Number 2 that said the variable wasn't a recordset (maybe it was null?)

I can actually create files now via the script task, but it seems like the variable that should get the results from the stored procedure isn't getting anything. I tried using a MsgBox to see what was actually being passed to the script task, and all I got was the number 0 which I'm assuming is the default for the object type.

What's the best way to debug this? The package runs without errors, and I'm not familiar with debugging in SSIS. How can I tell if the stored procedure is returning results into the result set variable?

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How To Execute Script (.sql) File?

Feb 12, 2008


I have published a database on a client computer.

Now, I have generated a script file to make some changes to the database (like adding new columns etc)

How do I instruct my program to execute the script file ? The script file is a .sql file

Please provide the code in Visual Basic Language


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Execute A File When I Make Some Changes In A Table

Mar 7, 2007

I want to execute a 

When I make some changes in a table.


How can I handle this situation?

 I am using sql server
2005 express edition sujith 


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Execute A *.sql File From One Aspx Page

Mar 12, 2004

like subject, is it possible?


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How Can I Execute A N Exe File From Stored Procedure?

Aug 24, 2004

hi to all,

i have a stored procedure and i want to run a program from it..
i think that i need use api functions but how can i do that..
if there is a nother ways please tell me..


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How Do I Create A SQL Server Job To Execute A .exe File?

Jun 10, 1999

I am having trouble getting a job step to execute an executable file. One of the options for a job step is to enter an operating system command. I have tried entering the following operating system command to execute a file:

'start c:myfile.exe'

For some reason this doesn't work. How can I get SQL Server to execute an executable file?

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Execute A Batch File From Within Sql Server

Jul 25, 2001

Hi, and thanks for your help. I have created a simple batch that xcopy files from one directory to another shared directory (in another server). Here is the code:

the E:BACKUP_CESWEB is in another server where I mapped the BACKP_CESWEB folder and make it shared.

the location of the batch file is in c:code .
When I double click the batch, the files are moved into E:BACKUP_CESWEB But when I use the window 2000 schedule or try to run the batch code from within sql server analyser, I get no results.

Any idea how to solve this.
The bottom line is that I want to copy files from one server to another server.Thanks for your help


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Create BAT File And Execute Same In Trigger?

May 9, 2013

I am situation, where we have a table named as Project, columns for the table as follows:

ID | ClientCode | ProjectName
1 | AAA | Dubai Airport Phase I
2 | AAA | Dubai Airport Phase II
3 | ARC | Salala
4 | MIZ | UMBC Building

Now my task was, whenever a project name and other details being created, then a Folder will be created in a server itself in the path E:ProjectFolder in following way:


You can see here Folder and sub-folder is being created with that following project - client code & ID

I used following trigger to do the same:

CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[CreateFolderName]
ON [dbo].[Project]
after INSERT
declare @chkdirectory as nvarchar(4000), @folderName varchar(100), @mainfolderName varchar(100)
declare @folder_exists as int
SET @mainfolderName = (SELECT ClientCode AS Project FROM INSERTED)
SET @folderName = (SELECT (ClientCode + cast(ID as varchar(10))) AS Project FROM INSERTED)
set @chkdirectory = 'E:ProjectFolder' + @mainfolderName + '' + @folderName


This worked like a charm, now my next task is using same trigger, I have to create a BAT file inside that SubFolder - T-SQL for creation of BAT File as follows:

DECLARE @FileName varchar(50),
@bcpCommand varchar(2000)
SET @FileName = REPLACE('E:ProjectFolder[red](select ClientCode from INSERTED)[/red][red](select ClientCode + cast(ID as varchar(10)) from INSERTED)[/red]xcopy_'+ (SELECT cast(ID as varchar(10)) FROM INSERTED) +'.bat','/','-')
SET @bcpCommand = 'bcp "[red]SELECT 'xcopy "E:ProjectFolder' + clientCode + '" "" /T /E /I' FROM INSERTED[/red]" queryout "'
SET @bcpCommand = @bcpCommand + @FileName + '" -U SQLServerUsername -P SQLServerPassword -c'
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @bcpCommand

Here I am not understanding how to insert the above T-SQL in the Trigger as well as the above T-SQL is not right, what's wrong in this?

Last query that will be included in the trigger is to execute the newly created bat file.

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How Do I Use Execute Process Task To Zip A File/fo

Mar 12, 2008


i have designed DTS packages, I have a script component that picks up the 'Path' of a file stored.
The Path is a column in database and that obtained from OLEDB source.

now i need to zip the files in the path given above and than store it in some location. How do I do that?

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How To Execute SQL Scripts Using Batch File?

Oct 10, 2007

Hi,How can we execute SQL Scripts using Batch file???i think Batch file should contain Username,Password,Database andScripts...Using that file scripts should run...How can i give UserName,Password,Database and all those things?Plz send me details how to do that...if possible with example...Thanx in advance,RR...

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Is It Possible To Execute A Container Regardless Of The Checkpoint File?

Feb 23, 2006

I have a situation where I need to make sure a task executes regardless of whether the package starts from a checkpoint or not. Is this possible?

Here's the scenario:

I have a package with 3 tasks {TaskA, TaskB, TaskC} that execute serially using OnSuccess precedence constraints.
The package is setup to use checkpoints so that if a task fails the package will restart from that failed task
TaskA is insignificant here.
TaskB fetches some data and puts it in a raw file
TaskC inserts that raw file data into a table.

Problem is that the insertion violates an integrity constraint in the database - so it fails. The problem is easily fixed but it needs to be fixed in TaskB because that is where the data is sourced.

So, I need to be able to execute TaskB again, even though it was TaskC that failed. Currently the package restarts from TaskC which reuses the raw file (which has the bad data in it) so the package continues to fail even though the cause of the problem has been fixed.

How do I configure the package in order to execute TaskB again? Is it even possible?



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Execute SSIS Package From .vbs File

May 24, 2006

I need to execute a SSIS package from a ".vbs" file on a computer that don't have SSIS installed on it.

Thank You

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File Exists Then Execute Package

Jun 23, 2006

I want execute my package when a set of files exists in a
directory. What is the best way of doing this?

I have been successful in creating a WMI Event Watcher Task
that executes when any file (the first file) is added to a directory. But
I can not figure out the WQL for a specific file or set files.

What have you done with in SSIS to trigger the package?


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Execute Stored Procedure From Code Behind File

Mar 15, 2008

hi all
I have to execute the stored procedure from code file
string constr = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["ConnectionString"];SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(constr);con.Open();SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("GetTax",con);cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;SqlParameter paramFrom = new SqlParameter("@from", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50);paramFrom.Value = "JFK";SqlParameter paramTo = new SqlParameter("@To", SqlDbType.VarChar,50);paramTo.Value = "HOU";SqlParameter paramAirline = new SqlParameter("@Airline", SqlDbType.VarChar,50);paramAirline.Value = "US";SqlParameter rpTax = new SqlParameter("@Tax",SqlDbType.Int);rpTax.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;cmd.Parameters.Add(rpTax);
insted of this way can i execute stored procedure any other way
exec MystoredProc "param1"."param2","param3"
 i appreciate u r help

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