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How To Rotate Content On Webpage ?


I have a problem and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions;
We are building a website that has to rotate the content on a number of pages on a daily basis. The content is entered once every 2 weeks and it is up to the database and or webpages to know how to rotate through the content by itself.... Has anyone any similar experience or any advice they could share ??


Kevin Bunyan

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Rotate Single Row Into Two (key, Value) Columns


How can I convert this results :

col 1

col 2

col 3

col 4

col 5

col 6

col 7

val 1

val 2

val 3

val 4

val 5

val 6

val 7

into this

Col 1

val 1

Col 2

val 2

Col 3

val 3

Col 4

val 4

Col 5

val 5

Col 6

val 6

Col 7

val 7

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Rotate SQL Server Tables
Is there a way to rotate db tables - i.e. to pivot them?



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How To Rotate Or Flip Table.
I have a key value pair as listed below.

Key value
------ ----------
name rob
age 30
sex male
... ...
... ...

would like to see a result set like below.

name age sex ...
---- --- ---- -----
rob 30 male ...

Note: the number of key value pairs are unknown.

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Is There A Way To Rotate The Way A Report Can Print???
I created a shipping label for a client to print on a label printer.  The text on the label goes from left to right and was set up to print on a label 2" high and 4" long.  Easy enough...except for the label is 4" high and 2" long with the print printing from the top down, not left to primarily if I could make the report rotate 90 degrees it would print correctly.
(So for a visual, if you turn the text that you are reading 90 degrees, is what I am trying to accomplish).
I tried to setup a report to have the textboxes going from top to bottom but there does not seem to be a way to change the way the characters print.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Rotate Text To Flow Vertically Instead Of Horizontally
Is it possible in the SSRS Report Designer to rotate a textbox to run vertically, or simply to rotate the text in a textbox ? I have only seen this done within axes lables of charts, but not text boxes.

Thanks in advance,

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Ok I'm Making A Webpage But
with SQL desktop engine installed where do I even begin working with it?

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Can't Get Db To Show Up On Webpage???
husband built web site, hosted by 1and1, husband can't help right now and 1and 1 won't. I can't get the connection string correct and need some advise.
This is the info 1and1 gave me for my db.

Database Name db212583089
User Name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Password xxxxxxxxxxx
Host Name
Description jamm
My bd is uploaded to their server and should connect with the global.asa page, this is what I have as a connection right now and it's not working
Sub Application_OnStart
'==FrontPage Generated - startspan==
Dim FrontPage_UrlVars(1)
'--Project Data Connection
Application("Database1_ConnectionString" = "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;;DATABASE=db212583089;UID=dbo212583089;PWD=xDBXzNTt"
Application("Database1_ConnectionTimeout") = 15
Application("Database1_CommandTimeout") = 30

this is the error i get on my website when i try to access my db.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

/JAMMDatabase.asp, line 131

This is the code on line 131, some before and some after:

set objConn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.Open strProvider(line 131)

set cm = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
cm.ActiveConnection = objConn

right now I am totally lost with all this, if someone can help would really appreciate it, thanks, debi

if you need more info just let me know

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Data On Webpage
Hi i am new to SQL and have been asked to create a page with a SQL database that has got the employees names and numbers on it and i have got to display this on a webpage i have got the sql database on my local pc and have setup the fields and created the database i just need to know how to display the data on a webpage the database name is employees and i have then got fields like email, Name and Department is could someone give me an example using the database name that i have got and the fields or points me to some sites also i would like to place them in coulums how hard is this

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Webpage Access To SQL?
hey all.

Just wondering if there are any online recources on writing SQL in a website?
i have a database linked to an sql server, and from access etc. i can access it no problems.. just wanting to access it from a website.


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Refresh In WebPage

Hi all...
when i select the 1st parameter in the report(in webpage) ... then the complete page is getting auto refreshed...same is happening for all the parameter it not possible to stop it from refreshing....
simply to say i want to get data without refreshing...
few ppl suggested me to use AJAX control but as iam not much familliar with AJAY iam trying to find some other way...can u help me pls....
Roopesh Babu V

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Getting SQL Or Database Status On Webpage.
Hi is it possible to have a page of a website display the status of a database or MS SQL with .Net code ?, if so what code would i use. Any help would be appreciated.Thank You 

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SQL Server Images To Webpage
I am trying to put on a webpage a picture with a discription, however when I create an MxDataGrid and run the page all the info in the datagrid is correct except the image. All that is in the field is "System.Byte[]".
I am new to web programming but I have created many databases and using Access as a front end where this process is very straightforward.
Can anyone tell me how I can make this work?
I want to store images along with other info about the image in the database so that I can simply query the database and have the page fill from the query.

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Partially Update Webpage
How to dynamically and partially Update the webpage? The content ofthe part of the page is from the user's requerement and get data fromthe server side.The purpose is to speed up the page update. We have a page that mostof content are static, only small part is changed per user's selectand the replying data need to get from server side database. Thanksfor help. Gene

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Updating Database Via Webpage

I am happy with my mySQL install. I can quite happily created tables and fill them with initial data using mySQL Client

What I want to do now is via a web browser be able to add data to various tables etc. I need to make the web entering part of it as simple as possible for the users.


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Order Status Like Webpage
We are an accountanting firm who wants to upload tax returns in the .pdf form for our clients. We want them to be able to login, receive that status of their return, and if completed download the .pdf. But what we cannot have is everybody having access to everybody's returns, it has to be exclusive to that client and their username and password. It also has to be a simplified process where once a .pdf is made, one of the employees will have administration access to upload the file to the website corrolating with a clients information. I'm assuming that would be done by a web application?? I have already set up a a login control, on the login.aspx page, along with the ASPNETDB.MDF through the ASP.NET Configuration tool. Also, I'm assuming the file naming process of the tax returns would fall into play somewhere?? I some how need to take the login information from the ASPNETDB.MDF and relate it to their PDF's. What I have explained is the major purpose of the site and if I could find the right help I would greatly appreciate it because I've been stuck on this road block for awhile.


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Display A Webpage In Report
I would like to display an asp page in a Reporting Services report. However, I do not want to have to click a button and navigate to it. I just want to display it sort of like a subreport. Is this possible?

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Access Database And Webpage
I am a self taught computer person and I don't understand alot of the computer slang to A + B = C, a IT consultant set up our intranet and I need to change one part of it.
It is a one page access database which has about 10 columns, this is linked to the Website with asp files.
I have been using the copy of the file and have changed the database, and systematically went through all the files and changed the html on all, however the area on the website keeps coming up with error.
the only difference with the copy of the file and the original is that there is a backcopy - however this file is locked and I can't open it.
I need someone who can talk layman terms to walk me through all the links that I should be looking at and changing.


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Adding Image To The Webpage

i am a beginner of asp and want to add an image to the page ?

would u guide me?


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Backup Sql DataBase From Webpage By End User
hi this is raja sekar.k from bangalore,i need to know how to make a webform with the "BACKUP SQL DATABASE " from a user.. if it is possible.. please help me ..thanksregards Raja Sekar.kChola software consulting pvt ltd..Bangalore

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Speed Differences Between Webpage And Sql Studio
i have a search engine i have built for an online store. On the search page there are 6 or 7 queries that are run that return products, finishes, styles, rooms, and things like that.

If i go into SQL management studio and run all 6 of the queries at the same time it takes usually about 3 seconds to complete all of them consistently no matter what search parameters are sent.

now when i actually go and run a search on the website itself it takes the page more like 15 seconds to load. I have made sure there are no other queries running in the header/footer or anywhere else on the page to rule out other things slowing it down. I have even turned off all the images on the page and it doesnt seem to change.

im building new dataset objects and filling them with .NET then using a for each loop to output the items. Is this the preferred way to bring data back or could that be slowing things down?

are there any tools out there i could use to view whats slowing things down?

thanks everyone

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How To Access The Properties And Methods Of Rdl From Webpage.


I have created a report in reporting service 2005 and i have succesfully integrated the report in webpage.
But i want to know whether it is possible to access the methods and properties of (report)rdl file in the webpage.
If it is possible then please tell me how to implement it


Thanks and Regards
Altaf Hussain N

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How To Find Ip Address Of Webpage Through Javascript In IE
i need to find the ip address of the system requesting my web page through java script in internet explorer browser.can any one guide me how to get the ip address of the requesting system



abdul basith

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Report Manager IE Cannot Display Webpage
I've installed SQL Server Express Edition and Reporting Services on my
PC running Windows XP Pro SP2. When I point the browser to localhost

eports I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display web page" page.


At home I've been following the excellent video series on the msdn
website for SQL Server Express everything worked okay at home, this is
on my work PC.

I've checked reporting services service is running and that the
reports virtual directory is in my IIS configuration.
At work I had been following a Ms Visual Web Developer tutorial, I'm
still able to view this site, so my web server is running.

 I've also uninstalled SQL Server incl reports and tools and
reinstalled but still have problem.
I did notice that the report and reportserver virtual directories
security is set integrated windows autentication (as is my working
system at home) if I change to anonymous access the page loads but
only the 'SQL Server Reporting Services' title in the top left. No
menu options appear below?
I was  beginning to think it's something to do with my securiy setup
because of this so I compared the security groups generated by reporting services
with my home pc and my work pc both exactly the same:

user: ASP NET

user:NT AuthorityNetwork Service

I've also checked the problems listed on:

but I still have same problem?

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance



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Display Sql Data In Excel Froma Webpage
Does anyone know of a good resource for displaying data to an excel file from a SQL stored procedure. I'm working with VS 2005 and I have a webpage that will retrieve data from SQL 2000 and display it to an excel file. All examples I've found on the net was not exactly what I was looking for.

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Accessing External Webservice Or Webpage From SQL 2005
Is it possible to access a webservice from within SQL 2005?What I am looking to do is place  a trigger on a specific table, and detect if a specific column is being updated.  If it is, I want to launch a robust process that does x, y and z.  Something like this:1) record is updated indicating that an account is closed.2) SQL launched a webservice/ aspx page that builds an HTML email template and then mail it.thanks!

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Question About Uploading A File From Webpage To Database
Hi all, I want to upload a text file from a webpage and save the content to our SQL Server database, a BLOB image column.  I got an error on [myData] in the following sqlparameter: Dim parmBlob As New SqlParameter("@AppResume", SqlDbType.Image, myData, ParameterDirection.Input, False, 0, 0, Nothing, DataRowVersion.Current, myData) - Value of type '1-dimensional array of Byte' cannot be converted to 'Integer'  How to fix it? Also,Did I do the right code to upload a text file? Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub UploadResume_Click(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)     Dim ResumeFile = uploadResume.PostedFile     Dim contentType As String = ResumeFile.ContentType     Dim contentLength As Integer = ResumeFile.ContentLength     Dim myData(contentLength) As Byte     ResumeFile.InputStream.Read(myData, 0, contentLength)     If Not (uploadResume.PostedFile Is Nothing) Then       Try         'upload file to SQL Server         If Not conHRISDb.State = ConnectionState.Open Then           conHRISDb.Open()         End If         Dim strSQL As String         strSQL = "Insert into Mgmt_App_Resume_Table (Applicant_ID, App_Resume) Values (@AppID,@AppResume)"         Dim objComd = New SqlCommand(strSQL, conHRISDb)         Dim parmBlob As New SqlParameter("@AppResume", SqlDbType.Image, myData, ParameterDirection.Input, False, 0, 0, Nothing, DataRowVersion.Current, myData)         objComd.Parameters.add(parmBlob)         objComd.ExecuteNonquery()         conHRISDb.Close()       Catch exc As Exception         conHRISDb.Close()              End Try     End If   End Sub

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Cannot View Master.sysdatabase Names In Webpage
I have a webpage that should display the database names from the master.sysdatabases in a dropdownlist.
The code for the stored procedure works fine in Query Analyzer and returns the list of all database names under that instance of SQL-Server 2000.
The code:
   select name from master.dbo.sysdatabases   order by 1doesn't return the sysdatabase names to the ASP.NET webpage when executing the stored procedure. It returns:   System.Data.DataRowViewWhy does it do this and how can I fix it?Tx

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Update Multiple Records From A Single ASP.NET Webpage
Got a beginner question here...
Let's say I have a database table that houses server information with four columns: make, model, serial #, ip address. And assume there are ten rows with that information filled out. How could I display all the rows of information on a single webpage (ASP.NET), with all the fields being editable; and a single save button that would send any changes to the database (in reality I guess it would be sending all rows and fields to the database, and just overwrite the previous data).

Could a page such as that be created using FrontPage 2003 or Dreamweaver MX 2004?

This would be strictly for updating information. I would have a separate form for adding a new entry.

Thanks for your help.

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Access To TableAdapter Object In WebPage Class.
Hi, I'm using Reporting Services on my website and for some reports, i get the timeout error after 30 secs.

I declared my object using the Reporting tools and I am using ObjectDataSource.

My report is declared in my aspx page:

<rsweb:reportviewer id="ReportViewer1" runat="server" font-names="Verdana" font-size="8pt" Width="100%" Height="600px">

My ObjectDataSource is declared in my aspx page under my report tag:

<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource" runat="server" OldValuesParameterFormatString="original_{0}" SelectMethod="GetData" TypeName="ReportsTableAdapters.ViewingTotalsTableAdapter">

My TableAdapter is declare in my Reports.xsd file:

<TableAdapter BaseClass="System.ComponentModel.Component" DataAccessorModifier="AutoLayout, AnsiClass, Class, Public" DataAccessorName="ViewingTotalsTableAdapter" GeneratorDataComponentClassName="ViewingTotalsTableAdapter" Name="ViewingTotals" UserDataComponentName="ViewingTotalsTableAdapter">

I am trying to access the TableAdapter object from my WebPage Class on the Page_Load event , so I can modify the Command.CommandTimeout.  Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to have access to the TableAdater object.

Anyone has any suggestion ?





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Possible To Render Direct To PDF Instead Of Viewing The Report On A Webpage?
Is it possible to to render direct to PDF when viewing the report url?

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Specifying That Encryption Should Not '&&"rotate&&" The IV
There has been a great deal of discussion around searching on encrypted columns.
Is there a way to 'disable' the fact that IVs and other info are changed for each set of clear text to be encrypted?
This would introduce a certain level of weakness, I know. but in my mind, security is all abour risk assessment, which includes the cost of implementing security.
To me,  the cost of not being able to search on an encrypted string is higher than mitigating against the chance that someone could brute force decrypt AES 256 - if this makes sense.

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Running An SSIS Package After A Webpage Button Click
Hi all!
I'm a newbie when it comes to SSIS and web development (I'm currently in school for Mechanical Engineering).  I'm trying to develop a website in which I can upload an excel file and have the contents written to a SQL database.  I have been successful in creating a package in which I point to an excel file and it writes the contents to the desired database.  With this, I was hoping that I can modify my website to take the file which is being uploaded, change the name, and then have the SSIS package run, in which it will look for the named file in a certain directory and upload the contents to the SQL server. 

Ideally this would be the order of events:

User selects and uploads a file to the server (button click)
Server renames it and places it in a certain directory
SSIS package runs and extracts the data to SQL database

Thanks all!

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Beginner Question: Display User Name On Webpage (ASP VBScript)
I have a Login page which asks a user for a Password (just a Password - not a Username/Password combo).  The Password then is verified against my MS SQL table.  If the password (unique for each user)  is correct, the user is redirected to my Survey.asp page.
What is the proper code I need to display "Welcome Username" on my Survey.asp page?  My SQL table does have a column titled "Username".
I know this has to be fairly simple but I'm a marketing person and not a programmer.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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Create A Custom Webpage To Edit/update A Table In A SQL Database.
Hi everyone, this is is my first post, so please reply and help.
I'm working on a project right now that uses asp 2.0 and SQL server 2005 express edition. This is a general idea of the project. In our company some of us receive ECO notifications (engineering change orders) for our products and we need to implement these to the test scripts that are on the production floor.  So the project is about entering the new ECO into a database which will send an automatic notification to our test team. When they receive the notification they will have to sign in to the website and introduce their login and password to sign off the ECO (Following some checkpoints already defined by me, for example, Area ready, Test script modification necessary, new firmware introduction, comments, etc...) but I also need to record WHO and WHEN sign that ECO. We have 3 different test areas in our factory: Electrical, Functional and Systems, so all THREE areas must be signed off in order to the ECO go to a IMPLEMENTED state (at this point i need to send a new email saying that the eco has been implemented in all three areas).
 So far I've completed the following things:
-users validation (logins, areas)
-New custom entry form for the ECOs and automatic email notification (part of what I did is described below). Dim ECODataSource As New SqlDataSource()ECODataSource.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ECO_ICSConnectionString1").ToString()
ECODataSource.InsertCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.StoredProcedure
ECODataSource.InsertCommand = "EcoNew"
 ECODataSource.InsertParameters.Add("EcoNumber", EcoNumberTextBox.Text)
ECODataSource.InsertParameters.Add("EcoDescription", EcoDescriptionTextBox.Text)
ECODataSource.InsertParameters.Add("EcoMandatory", EcoMandatoryDropDownList.Text)
 -Depending on which test area is the the engineering from, I can filter the ECOs and just shows the ones that their test area is pending. (using GridView)
But I'm stuck right now when the engineers have to sign the ECO for their test areas. I was able to use the Gridview and DetailsView to EDIT most of the things that I need. But there are somethings that I don't like:
1. When using the EDIT option on Gridview or Detailsview, all fields can be edited including ECO number, description and mandatory, which I don't want them to change. If I set those columns to read only, when editing that row again. It gives me an error that says that the ECOnumber can't be  NULL, but if I remove these 3 columns the Engineer will not know which ECO they have sign. They are only going to be able to see the EcoId, which doesn't say much.
2. Also I saw that I wasn't able to do is to enter the USER login and CURRENT system date and time automatically. I don't want them to manually enter the date and their login manually.
3. Finally, when the last area signs the ECO, I want to update that record and set a flag that tells me that the ECO has been completed.
 So what I really want is to create some sort of form (textboxes, labels, checkboxes, etc.) that will UPDATE the selected ECO from the gridview for instance. So when I select the row from the GridView, It will show the data (Econumber, description and mandatory as READ ONLY) and use the rest of the things as INPUT for the engineer to complete. At the end an "update button" and when I click it, It will enter/update the data on that specific row, but including the time and user login as well.
Also to check if the other 2 areas have signed and if so, change the ECOReadiness flag to 1 and send the email.
Is there a code like the one I used above to do this ? Or if you think there a better way to do this, I'll be very glad to hear it.
 I'm new using sql and asp, so If i'm asking some dumb questions please forgive me. .
Here's my table definition for your reference:
EcoId - primary key.
EcoReadiness   <- Flag for the entire ECO, when ALL 3 areas have signed, this will be 1.
ATE < - Flag for Electrical area.
ATEscripts < - Just a Yes/no input.
ATEengineer <- user login
ATEdatetimestamp <- Date.Now()
FAT < - Flag for functional.
SYSTEMS < - Flag for systems.

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How To Get Webpage HTML Source In Server-site Or Client-side
If you are IE user, you can get your HTML source by click View|Souece.I want to convert this HTML file into PDF file in my server site. Thefirst thing I must do is to get this HTML in my variable of eitherserver site (asp variable) or client site (javascript varialbe). Howcan I do it ? Please help.

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Windows Control Library In A Webpage Accessing Sql Has A Security Error
I know this should be the easiest thing in the world but I cant seem to find out how to allow my windows control library dll which is loaded in a webpage to access sql.
It works perfectly from within visual studio though, what do I need to do allow my webpage dll to access sql without throwing a security exception?
Any links or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Using A Varchar Versus A Nvarchar Causes Hungarian Characters To Be Displayed Incorrectly On The Webpage.
I have a hungarian character which looks like a lower case o with two single quotes on top of it --> Å‘

I have this character stored in two table the datatype of the column where this is stored at is varchar in one table and nvarchar in the other.  When I try to view the field in enterprise manager the character appears as it should in the 2 tables, but when I use a jsp page deployed on weblogic to look at this character the one stored in the column of type varchar displays perfectly, but the table in which the column is nvarchar the character on the jsp page appears as a Q instead.

Any inputs on how to correct this issue will be much appreciated.  Any changes to the character set on the html / jsp pages has no affect on the result.



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SQL Server Reporting Services : The Website Declined To Show This Webpage (very Urgent)


Currently I am working on a web project that involes generation of reports. I am very new to SSRS. I tried creating a site which populates a query. When I execute th application get the following error. I use ASP.Net 2.0 & IIS 6.0.

Am I missing any setting.  Any one please help me



HTTP 403 Forbidden

The website declined to show this webpage

 HTTP 403


Most likely causes:

This website requires you to log in.


What you can try:


Go back to the previous page.


More information

This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.
For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.



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Strange Problem: SQL Insert Statement Does Not Insert All The Fields Into Table From C# Webpage
An insert statement was not inserting all the data into a table. Found it very strange as the other fields in the row were inserted. I ran SQL profiler and found that sql statement had all the fields in the insert statement but some of the fields were not inserted. Below is the sql statement which is created dyanmically by a C# class. The columns which are not inserted are 'totaltax' and 'totalamount' ...while the 'shipto_name' etc...were inserted.there were not errors thrown. The sql from the code cannot be shown here as it is dynamically built referencing C# class files.It works fine on another test database which uses the same dlls. The only difference i found was the difference in date formats..@totalamount=1625.62,@totaltax=125.62are not inserted into the database.Below is the statement copied from SQL profiler.exec sp_executesql N'INSERT INTO salesorder(billto_city, billto_country, billto_line1, billto_line2, billto_name,billto_postalcode, billto_stateorprovince, billto_telephone, contactid, CreatedOn, customerid, customeridtype,DeletionStateCode, discountamount, discountpercentage, ModifiedOn, name, ordernumber,pricelevelid, salesorderId, shipto_city, shipto_country,shipto_line1, shipto_line2, shipto_name, shipto_postalcode, shipto_stateorprovince,shipto_telephone, StateCode, submitdate, totalamount,totallineitemamount, totaltax ) VALUES(@billto_city, @billto_country, @billto_line1, @billto_line2,@billto_name, @billto_postalcode, @billto_stateorprovince, @billto_telephone, @contactid, @CreatedOn, @customerid,@customeridtype, @DeletionStateCode, @discountamount,@discountpercentage, @ModifiedOn, @name, @ordernumber, @pricelevelid, @salesorderId,@shipto_city, @shipto_country, @shipto_line1, @shipto_line2,@shipto_name, @shipto_postalcode, @shipto_stateorprovince, @shipto_telephone,@StateCode, @submitdate, @totalamount, @totallineitemamount, @totaltax)',N'@billto_city nvarchar(8),@billto_country nvarchar(13),@billto_line1 nvarchar(3),@billto_line2 nvarchar(4),@billto_name nvarchar(15),@billto_postalcode nvarchar(5),@billto_stateorprovince nvarchar(8),@billto_telephone nvarchar(3),@contactid uniqueidentifier,@CreatedOn datetime,@customerid uniqueidentifier,@customeridtype int,@DeletionStateCode int,@discountamount decimal(1,0),@discountpercentage decimal(1,0),@ModifiedOn datetime,@name nvarchar(33),@ordernumber nvarchar(18),@pricelevelid uniqueidentifier,@salesorderId uniqueidentifier,@shipto_city nvarchar(8),@shipto_country nvarchar(13),@shipto_line1 nvarchar(3),@shipto_line2 nvarchar(4),@shipto_name nvarchar(15),@shipto_postalcode nvarchar(5),@shipto_stateorprovince nvarchar(8),@shipto_telephone nvarchar(3),@StateCode int,@submitdate datetime,@totalamount decimal(6,2),@totallineitemamount decimal(6,2),@totaltax decimal(5,2)',@billto_city=N'New York',@billto_country=N'United States',@billto_line1=N'454',@billto_line2=N'Road',@billto_name=N'Hillary Clinton',@billto_postalcode=N'10001',@billto_stateorprovince=N'New York',@billto_telephone=N'124',@contactid='8DAFE298-3A25-42EE-B208-0B79DE653B61',@CreatedOn=''2008-04-18 13:37:12:013'',@customerid='8DAFE298-3A25-42EE-B208-0B79DE653B61',@customeridtype=2,@DeletionStateCode=0,@discountamount=0,@discountpercentage=0,@ModifiedOn=''2008-04-18 13:37:12:013'',@name=N'E-Commerce Order (Before billing)',@ordernumber=N'BRKV-CC-OKRW5764YS',@pricelevelid='B74DB28B-AA8F-DC11-B289-000423B63B71',@salesorderId='9CD0E11A-5A6D-4584-BC3E-4292EBA6ED24',@shipto_city=N'New York',@shipto_country=N'United States',@shipto_line1=N'454',@shipto_line2=N'Road',@shipto_name=N'Hillary Clinton',@shipto_postalcode=N'10001',@shipto_stateorprovince=N'New York',@shipto_telephone=N'124',@StateCode=0,@submitdate=''2008-04-18 14:37:10:140'',@totalamount=1625.62,@totallineitemamount=1500.00,@totaltax=125.62

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Published Report Not Showing Correctly In Report Manager Webpage

I have a report that in the designer in Visual Studio it displays correctly on the preview tab.
The report has 5 subreports and one of the subreports is a matrix.
On the report I have a parameter for the user to choose rather to see the matrix subreport or not.
When I view the report in the report manager web page and the user select to yes to view the matrix sub report, the main report is missing fields and formatted incorrectly, if you select no on the parameter for viewing the matrix sub report, the fields return on the main report but are still not alligned correctly. None of the missing fields have any expressions to control the visible property , only the matrix sub report. The matrix subreport is several inches away from any of the fields that end up missing. The fields that are missing are unbound textboxes used as labels.
I tried to delete the report from the report server and re-deploy but still the same effect.
Why is the report manager different than the Visual Studio preview and causing this bug?

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SQL Vs XML Page Content
I want to create the most effective way (google) to have content displayed on a web page. 
Currently, we are updating to SQL and populating to web via calling SQL statements hardcoded to page.  I want to know if this is ok to do, or should we be reading from a static XML file that is updated? 
 I think the XML is the way to go being that i may have answered my own question, but i was curious to what the experts on had to say.

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Moving Content From One Db To Another
an outside developer has sent us a mdf file that contains the need updates to a database.

here is where the problem comes in, how can i append the contents of the mdf file to an existing db?

there are about a dozen tables, 50 stored procs, and one new user.

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How To Modify Xml Content In SQL 2000
HiI have developed a sql procedure for updating some xml content using SQL 2005 xQuery features.For example:Declare @xmlContent = '<books><book name="asp"/>< book name = "sql"/></books>'--Now I want to add attribute "book_id" to the xml content.SET @xmlContent.modify('insert attribute book_id{"1" } into (/books/book[@name="asp"])[1] ')SET @xmlContent.modify('insert attribute book_id{"2" } into (/books/book[@name="sql"])[1] ')SELECT @xmlContent--OUTPUT will be<books><book name="asp" book_id="1"/><book name="sql" book_id="2"/></books>QUESTIONQ1. Do we have any extension or plugin such that this SQl 2005 xquery feature can be incorporated in SQL 2000?Q2. If the answer for Q1. is no (as I expect), then do we have any TSQL feature in SQL 2000 for modifying xml content?I found all examples in SQl 2000 related with "openxml" function which performs the select kind of operations only. Like selecting data in XML format OR converting xml data in to tabular format. But I couldn't find any xml modification TSQL in SQl 2000 which can add element/attributes or change workaround could be to consider xml content as string and use string functions to modify the content.But is there any more sensible approach available in SQL 2000?    

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Automatic Content Expiry
Hi All,I have a job coming up which involves me creating a  vacancy system for our website.I (think) I'll only need one table:ID (PK)JobTitleJobLocationSalaryHoursJobDescriptionValidFrom (Date/Time)ValidTo (Date/Time)I'll display this data using a C#.Net repeater but I was wondering how I can automatically strip the page of the jobs that have gone past their expiry date? Is is straightforward to achieve?Thanks in advance,Brett 

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How To Store A Content Into Database
Hi everyone,
I'm just using TEXTBOX control to save data into my DB. My question is, if I have multiple lines of sentences, it does not store as what it looks like. For example;
Hello, Mike
It stores into the database as "Hello, Mike" and if I read from the database, it does not have seperate lines and shows it like this;
Hello, Mike
How can I store the contents into database and make the contents as original? (Sorry for the poor English, but I hope you understand it.)

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SQL Server As Content Store
Okay, moving to developing a small site that will be storing articles - that is a site largely consisting of html marked up articles with images. We already have an SQL Server so it is becoming the back-end.

So, since I'm not an SQL Server expert, some general advice on this would be appreciated? The articles, as I say in HTML (largely just markup for titles, and general text) would be stored in the DB? As Text datatypes?

How about the images...on disk or in SQL?

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Merge Database Content
hi,i have a sqlserver CE and a sqlserver database.The tables are exactly the same on both databases.the sqlserver CE database Content will be synchronized with thesqlserver database with insert there a way to merge the two databases?this would be great cause different content will be inserted in bothdatabases. After a synchronisation both databases should have the samecontent..i hope you understood my problem. my english is not very well..christian

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Formatting Database Content
HiI have set up a SQL database to contain alist FAQ's for our company andthen plan to pull this info off using a web page.So far I have entered the data but I am unable to control how it isdisplayed inside SQL ie I cannot enter new blank lines I have triedusing lots of spaces but this does not work when I use the website todisplay the info.Is there a way of formatting and editing the data in the sql databaseas I am unable to do this, if I try to edit the data in the database Ihave to copy it to notepad delete what is in the database, edit thetext in notepad then paste it back in.There must be a better way.Please helpalamb200

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