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Permission To View Error Logs

How can a person view the error logs without being an sa?

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Cannot View Server Logs
I have SQL Server 2005 Express on a Windows XP SP2 machine.  Everything works fine and I have several dbs running.  How ever I was wanting to optimize some programs and needed to watch the server and see what it is processing.  I log into SQL Management Studio Express and when I go to Management->Server Logs I see the logs and the Activity Monitor.  If I right click on the log all I see is Refresh.  If I doule click nothing happens.  I can view the Activity Monitor and the processes going.


I am sure it is a permission thing or something along those lines.  I can not for the life of me figure it and have spent a couple days on google and these forums.  I have tried with the SA, my defined users, and the local windows administrator.  Is log viewing not allowed in SQL Server Express?




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View Performance Monitor Logs
How do I view the .LOG file output by the SQL Performance Monitor? When I try to "Load" the log file, it looks for a *.PML extension, but I believe this is a settings file from which desired counters to track are stored. I have created an output file which has the extension *.LOG (the only choice I could pick) and I want to view this.

The file is not a text file and would not load/translate into Word on-the-fly as I had hoped.

We'd like to load our log files periodically so as to parse for particular events. We want to analyse our server performance over time.

Is there a special viewer?



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Maintain Jobs, View Logs
I have a user who needs to check whether 2 jobs have run on a SQL Server 2000 instance, and be able to view logs.

Is there a way of doing this, and not allowing them access to anything else?

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SQL Server Logs (error Logs)
When looking at SQL Server error logs, I noticed that the current error
log had grown to 1MB whereas most of the files are only a few KB.

QUESTION 1: Can I set the max size for an error log file? If so, how?

QUESTION 2: If not, is there a workaround?


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Permission On View Not On Table
I am trying to create a set of "Reporting" views and grant Select permission on those views instead of the tables. I created the view in the same database but under a different schema from the tables. When the user tries to select from the views they get an error saying they do not have select privilege on the tables. Do I need to grant them select on the underlying tables?

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Any Tools Avail To View Transaction Logs?
Are there any tools out there where you can view the data in the transaction logs?


Randall Luce

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Granting Permission To Create View
What is the best way to grant a user permission to create a view?I first created a role using enterprise manager but for the role Icreated it doesn't seem to offer that permission. It offers the basicstuff such as insert, select, and update.I could go in and use a grant create view sql statement I suppose butI'd rather do it through enterprise manager where it would be visibleif I need to change it in the future.-David

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Giving Permission To View CERTAIN Records
I've been looking through permissions to see if it's possible to grant a user permission to see only certain records from a table.

For example:

I'm granting users to view records in the table 'Sales', but I only want the users to see their respective data.

User A should only be able to see Sales where Sales.Location = 1

User B should only be able to see Sales where Sales.Location = 2

... and so on.

I believe I've read this is possible, but in looking through the permissions you can define, I've only found where you can limit the columns a user sees, not records.

Anyone have any ideas or did I just remember something wrong?

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Permission To View The Posted Reports
This is regarding the SQL 2005 Report Manager (http://localhost/Reports) page. I have posted the reports, the reports run fine, buttons like new folder, new data source, etc... are visible (lets call this machine as A). The problem is when my machine is accessed from a nearby computer on the same network as http://machineA/Reports, the Report manager Home page appears with limited or no buttons. The reports are also not visible in the browser of machine B. How do I make the reports visible to users (grant permission) for them to run and view those reports?
In a nutshell, how the posted reports be accessed by users?

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View Button For Step Output Logs Greyed Out

My company has upgraded some of the database systems to SQL 2005 while other have a fresh install.

The problem we're seeing is that the view button located in the Advanced section of the steps in the Job properties windows is greyed out. The path is valid as we can copy the path and paste it at the run command and view the log.

Does anyone know how this problem can be resolved? If we select to log the results to a table; we have access to the corresponding view button but not the one for the file system logging.

We rely heavily on this feature since we used it often under SQL 2K. Can anyone provide any helpful details to resolve this or has anyone seen this problem before???

Any helpful replies would be highly appreciated.


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Backup And Restore Database Tat Able To View All The Transaction Logs

Hi guys, just wanna ask about the backup and restore database method. What's the best way for database and restore which able to view all the transaction logs after the database being restored. Currently I backup my database daily for recovery purposes. However, if I restore the backup file at another server and use SQL log application for viewing the prefer database's transaction log, it shows all the  previous log had been truncated.
Therefore, I want to know is there any way that able to get the transaction logs after restore from a database backup file? Hope able to get any assistance here as soon as possible. Thank you.
Best Regards,

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How To Grant Permission To View Stored Procedures?
On our production SQL 2005 servers I want to give developers readonly access to each user database and also give them the ability to see stored procedures. Readonly is handled through db_datareader, but how do I give them the ability to see stored procedures without granting permission to execute them?

Thanks, Dave

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SYSAdmin Users Do Not Have Permission To See Records In A View?
We have a third party application and wish to create a report based upon a view.

The strange thing is logged in to the server as a SQL SYSAdmin account, we cannot view the data via the view. SQL Admin accounts are setup correctly and there is nothing different on this particular server. No errors are returned just a blank view with no records.

Could this be a permissions problem or orphaned schemas in that particular database? I thought SYSAdmin could view and do just about anything and the people who use this particular database would not have the know how on denying permission to the SYSAdmin role.



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Permission On View. Is There Way To Avoid Granting Persmission On The Underlying Table?
I want to grant access on the below view for an end user so that he connect to our SQL server and retrieve data. The view looks like the below

CREATE VIEW DB1.[dbo].[View1]
-- For brevity, I made it as simple statement.
            From DB2.dbo.table2
For the above view, it looks like I have to grant select and connect permission for the DB1. [dbo].[View1] as well as DB2.dbo.table2.
1. Is my understanding correct?
2.  I want the user to access only DB1. [dbo].[View1]  and not the underlying tables. Is there a way to grant access only on the view and execute the statement on a different security context so that the user can€™t access DB2.dbo.table2 directly?
3. When the user uses SQL Server Management Studio to connect to SQL server, he is able to connect and select DB2.dbo.table2 directly. Is there any way to restrict user from viewing and executing select statement on DB2 database from SQL Server Management Studio
Thanks in advance for your help
With regards

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OLE DB Error: OLE DB Or ODBC Error: You Do Not Have Permission To Run 'SP_TRACE_CREATE'.; 42000
I keep getting this error:
OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: You do not have permission to run 'SP_TRACE_CREATE'.; 42000
I do not want to add the login account to sysadmin role on my production server and giving the logon account db_reader rights to my database is not working. Is there another way around it.

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DTS Error Logs.
I am currently trying to export from SQL to notes via NotesSQL.I have set up the necessary ODBC data sources & DTS job. I am encountering errors when I attempt to execute the DTS package . I.e "job failed"
- How do I drill down to aquire more detailed error logging on the package to find out exactly what's wrong with DTS?



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SQL Error Logs
Is there another way to restart the SQL Error Log without shutting down and restarting the MSSQLserver service?

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Error Logs
When I'm in EM, there is one log that when I click on it to view it hangs my EM. All other logs (current and others) I can click and view just fine. I'm on my way out to the server to see the log in the file directory but what could cause this?


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Error Logs For JOB
Hi ,

How can i create an error log txt file for the jobs at the sql2005? the same like it was in the 2000.

many thanks

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Error Logs
I created a package in SSIS, and used the SQL Server Agent to run the package.  I get an error 'Package Execution Failed' everytime I run it throught the SQL Server Agent.I don't get an error if I run the package from SSIS.

I right-clicked in 'Control Flow' and clicked Logging to add a new log.  After I re-run this again in the SQL Server Agent, where do I go to find the error log?


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Configure SSIS Logs (Providers && Logs And Details Tab)
The project I am currently working on has a requirement to do certain amount of logging within SSIS. Client has asked me to log only to event viewer if the package has failed. Everything else they want to log it to a text file.

I enabled the package container and added "SSIS log provider for Windows Event Log" on Providers and Logs tab and selected "OnError" on details tab. It works fine when I tested that.

Secondly I added another package level logging "SSIS log provider for Text files" and given a new text file connection. In the details tab I selected "OnInformation" and "OnProgress".

Now if I go back and look at "SSIS log provider for Windows Event Log", it has OnError, OnInformation and OnProgress selected. All three are selected against both logging methods.

It looks like that Providers and Log tab is not linked to Details Tab. Has anyone else had the same problem, if so how did you get around it?



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Msde And Error Logs ...

I know using EM you can configure SQL Server to have more than 6 ( default)
log files...
I am having an MSDE database with no front end tool.
Is it possible to acheive the same using some sql stmt...


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Analyzing Error Logs
Is there any software available to automatically analyze SQl error logs, or at least format it differently?

Thanks in advance.

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Out Of Control Error Logs
I have recently uncovered a problem we are experiencing with SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 4 (Don't ask) and wonder if anyone has seen this before, and maybe has a solution.

When viewing an errorlog either current or historic, via either enterprise manager of xp_readerrlog, occassionaly the network connection is dropped and the process runs out of control. The process is unkillable, as it is in a 'Critical Section' and does not respond to kill. The real problem is that the process is logging millions of errors of the form "...cannot send results to the front end..." at a rate of around 1GB / hour.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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So Confused Need Help Regarding Error Logs And SQL
I was under the impression or i always got following entries in SQL Agent error log when server restart and there are some entries in sql error log as well which confirms that server restarted. but today when i was checking error log i saw same entreis in SQL agent error log but there were no entries in server error log. now i got really confused whether my server is restarted or not........... because if it is restarted then there must be some messages in server error log.....
can some one please let me know when and why following messages appear in SQL Agent Error Log

Information,[171] There are 9 alert(s) in the alert cache
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (9) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (8) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (7) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (6) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (5) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (4) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (3) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (1) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Warning,[425] delay_between_response attribute (10 sec) of alert (2) is less than poll interval for this alert (20 sec)
Information,[170] Populating alert cache...
Information,[168] There are 3 job(s) [0 disabled] in the job cache
Information,[297] SQLServer Message: 0<c/> SQLServerAgent Monitor started successfully. [SQLSTATE 01000]
Information,[133] Support engine started
Information,[167] Populating job cache...
Information,[110] Starting SQLServerAgent Monitor using '' as the notification recipient...
Information,[193] Alert engine started (using Eventlog Events)
Information,[146] Request servicer engine started
Warning,[396] An idle CPU condition has not been defined - OnIdle job schedules will have no effect
Information,[174] Job scheduler engine started (maximum worker threads: 800)
Information,[129] SQLAgent$XYZ starting under Windows NT service control
Error,[364] The Messenger service has not been started - NetSend notifications will not be sent
Information,[124] Subsystem 'ANALYSISCOMMAND' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'ANALYSISQUERY' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'QueueReader' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'Merge' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'Distribution' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'LogReader' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 200)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'Snapshot' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 800)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'CmdExec' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 80)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'ActiveScripting' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 80)
Information,[124] Subsystem 'TSQL' successfully loaded (maximum concurrency: 160)
Information,[432] There are 10 subsystems in the subsystems cache
Information,[431] Populating subsystems cache...
Information,[339] Local computer is ABC running Windows NT 5.2 (3790) Service Pack 1
Information,[310] ** processor(s) and **** MB RAM detected
Information,[103] NetLib being used by driver is DBNETLIB.DLL; Local host server is ServerName
Information,[102] SQL Server ODBC driver version 9.00.2047
Information,[101] SQL Server ABC version 9.00.2047 (0 connection limit)
Information,[100] Microsoft SQLServerAgent version 9.00.2047.00 (x86 unicode retail build) : Process ID 8100
Error,[298] SQLServer Error: 2812<c/> Could not find stored procedure 'msdb.dbo.xp_sqlagent_notify'. [SQLSTATE 42000] (DisableAgentXPs)

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SSIS Error Logs

Hi Everyone,
I am very new to Integration Services and need some help on how to capture any errors generated in the SSIS package when executed.  Any idea how I can accomplish this?
Thank You

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SQL Error Logs - Changes To DB States And Detachements
Hi All,Hoping someone can assist with this. Is there an SQL trace flag, orother method, where I can get the SQL server error logs (2000 and2005) to log database detachements, and changes in DB status (eg toread only from online etc).I thought about a trigger on sysdatabases (sys.databases) but amhighly skeptical of triggers on system tables.Why am I doing this? I need to monitor the up time of individualdatabases on an instance, and third party tools are not an option.thanks in advance.

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SQLServer2000 - Error Logs Change Loc
The SqlServer2000 error logs go to Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMssqlLog directory by default.

How can I change their location. I could change SqlServerAgent logs but did not find any help or way to change the location of these. Would anyone please help?


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Executive Error Logs---very Urgent
I want to see my sql executive error log but it grown like anything.
How i have to trucate my error log. I cannot stop my server now.
i am getting following message. and also suggest me what i have to do not to grow like this means 56.01 mb size.
The sql executive error log is 56.01 mb in size and loading it will consume considerble memory and may take several minutes to complete.
Now i want to see my executive error log , pls tell me what i have to do.


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Permission Error
i have my sql server database set up but when i try to run my app i get this error: help you be grateful :)

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Permission Error
I have developer who is working With VB using COM objects for creating a webpage, and he is making a connection to SQL server using NT account. the NT account has datareader,datawriter and exec SP on the database that the COM objects is calling. But he get the following error 'Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON''when click on the webpage that was creted using VB.

Does anyone know why would this happend.

Thank You,

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Permission Error
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]You do not have permission to use the bulk load statement.

I am getting this error when running from an asp script and trying to execute my stored procedure that reads an xml file.

Please advise?

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Permission Error
Salam Friends:
I try to run ETL but i see this message
[OLE DB Destination [8408]] Error: An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available.  Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client"  Hresult: 0x80004005  Description: "Bulk copy failed. User does not have ALTER TABLE permission on table 'ResearchTable.RD7_JournalAuthor'. ALTER TABLE permission is required on the target table of a bulk copy operation if the table has triggers or  check constraints, but 'FIRE_TRIGGERS' or 'CHECK_CONSTRAINTS' bulk hints are not specified as options to the  bulk copy command.".
the use i use have select, insert, and delete permission

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Permission Error Again
I am using an ERP system with SQL Server as the back end. When our user tried to run a function in ERP system, they got the following error:

229,"42000",[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]SELECT permission denied on object 'Grant', database 'HEI', owner 'dbo'

I ran "sp_helprotect Grant" to check the permission, it looks okay.

When I used the administrator's User ID to login to the machine and ran the same function in ERP, it works fine.

Anyone knows how to fix it?

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Permission Error
I am using an ERP system with SQL Server as the back end. Yesterday, I tried to grant the access to myself on one table, but somehow it didn't work successfully.

I dunno if it is because of this, it affect other users's security. When they tried to login to the ERP system, the got the following error message:

229,"42000",[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]SELECT permission denied on object 'Grant', database 'HEI', owner 'dbo'

Anyone knows how to fix it?

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SSIS Logs Vs Custom Logs Components

In my case I have to log the errors raised by any task in a package to either windows event log, text file or SQL server. Also I need to send an email notifications to a group of people telling them about the error.

Now can I use SSIS package logging for logging the errors into the required destinations. I mean right clicking on the package and selecting Logging, then adding the required log providers and enabling the events for logging into those. I think I have to upfront select the log providers to log the error, I will not have the liberty to log the error to the destination, the name of which is passed as a variable to the package. This is okay with me though.

Now what will a custom log provider help me to do in this case. Also can I somehow configure my package to call the send mail task everytime an error is raised.

Also, one more option can be developing a package that only does the error handling. It will take in the paramters or the error codes and descriptions, the destination to write to and a flag to send mail or not for that particular type of error.

What do you think? Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance for your help and time.



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SQL Server - Permission Issues : Execute Permission Denied On Object 'SprocName'
I have an application that uses Integrated Windows authentication. My Web.config looks like below
<add key="dbconnection" value=" server=XXX;Initial Catalog=XXX;persist security info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;Pooling=true" />
When users try to access my application, they get the below error:
Execute permission denied on object 'SprocName', database 'DBNAME',Owner,'dbo'
The Only way I  could get rid off the error is if I set DBO permissions for the user group on the databse.
Can someone suggest how to set up a security group with the ‘necessary’ permissions on SQL SERVER (ie read,write execute Sproc etc) and not too many extra ones, like DBO.

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Trace Logs And Finding Error Source
Hi All! Looking for some help with SQL errors.
We are using SQL 2005. Our server has been failing (service just stops responding) several times a week. We don't have a DB admin, just me, the developer, so please be patient.
I can view all the errors in the existing trace through the Profiler, but not sure how to follow error to query source.
How do you use the trace logs to find the problem query?
I have two significant errors in my logs. One is Hash Warning and the other is Missing Join Operand. I'm not interested in the general causes of these types of errors, that info has been easy to find.
I don't know how to link or otherwise associate a particular instance of an error in the trace logs to the query that caused it to determine the query that is causing the trouble.
The traces are already on the server. I've never created a new trace. I believe they are generated automatically by the server...
Can someone shed some light on how these existing traces are being generated and how I can modify them to include the data I need? When I open an existing trace on the server and view the properties, events tab, there appears to be no way to select the column "TextData" (no checkboxes) for the two errors we are seeing (listed above).
If the TextData column for the errors will allow me to see the offending query, can someone please tell me how to enable that column in my traces that are currently being generated on the server?
Thank you!

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Timestamp Error While Restoring Transaction Logs
I have scheduled a database backup at 9 pm and 5 Transaction Log backups. The transaction Log backups happen at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm (device does not get initialized) and one at 11 pm where i initialize the backup device. now i have another server with the same database on it. I restore these backups on to this server by simple copying the files and then doing Restore ...From Device...Add file...option. I am able to restore the DB backup but when i try to restore the log backups it get the error msg -

'Specified file 'G:...' is out of sequence. current time stamp is Feb 9 2000 3:54 pm while dump was from Feb 9 2000 3 pm.'

When i am restoring the logs i start from the 1st backup buyt still i get this error. Can someone pls let me know what the problem is and how to resolve it. Thanks.

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Setup Failed For Error Logs And Cnfgsvr.out
I am trying to install the SQL7 server, at the end of the installation before
rebooting the server I got the following error:
"Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and cnfgsvr.out for more information". I have not seen that error before. I cannot install the SQL7 because I always get the same message. Your help would be very appreciate helping me to solve this problem.


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Default Number Of Error Logs=6 - What Is Best Practice?
What is best practise for what this number should be?


I have seen guidance saying set to a number greater than 25000, but not from any source I particularly know or trust. (I checked SANS, NIST-CIS and the NSA, but I couldn't find anything.

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